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Moments of joy…

Moments of joy -By KK- Writing, Articulating, Reading, Long walks,   That fragrance of wet earth after first rain, Pitter-patter raindrops on the roof of my house, Watching ants scurrying around to store for a rainy day, Quiet moments under the stars, gazing up at the galaxies wondering if, there is some being out there… Continue reading Moments of joy…

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Killing Time

-By KK- The earth hurtled around on its axis - rotation and revolution creating Time. Sigh!! Leaving me with no choice but, to kill time - my spare time. I am caught up in this relentless hurtle of the earth that explodes as tick tick of the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades,… Continue reading Killing Time

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Why I took to social media

Why I took to social media - By KK- I, belong to an age where laughter was not LOL. We guffawed with gusto and flashed our likes with a smile, accompanied by eye contact and a Thumbs Up sign. Whispers, shouts, warm conversations, arguments, scuffles, coffee chats over a cup of tea filled our life… Continue reading Why I took to social media

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All I Need Is Moments of Joy. . .

-By Brave Flower- Taking a bullock cart ride, Enjoying a night drive, Cycling on the mountainside on a foggy morning, Shaking a tree branch for a dew drop shower, Arranging the flowers from the garden in a bouquet, Tickets to 1st day 1st show of a movie, The smell of new clothes, The smell of… Continue reading All I Need Is Moments of Joy. . .

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Argentina Vs Croatia – Fifa World Cup 2018

-By Soul Sword- Argentina Vs Croatia kicked off at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium. Argentina was looking for a victory after the last match ended in a draw but within 5’ it was Croatia (already on top of the table) who attempted a shot at goal but missed. At 12’ it was Argentina’s turn but it… Continue reading Argentina Vs Croatia – Fifa World Cup 2018