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I want…

-By Kalpana- I want my softness to softly tread back I want what I lost to simply come back I want my liveliness to come alive I want my deathly stillness to stay dead  I want my naive self returned I want my trustful self restored I want my hardened self to melt away I… Continue reading I want…

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Ah! Youth

-By Kalpana- My large 3 storey house stood facing the Main Street. It was flanked on the opposite diagonal right by St. Joseph’s Boys’ School and on the left by St. Joseph’s Girls School. Behind our house but, about 350 meters behind, stood Sri Gujarathi Vidyalaya School which was accessible by the adjacent lane. All… Continue reading Ah! Youth

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-By Kalpana- Holi.. Mounds of colours, Colourful mounds, Fistful of colours, Raining colours, Dhol and rhythm, Dance and melody, Spirit of Holi, Spirits in Holi, Colourful mounds, mounds of colours Water guns abound, Colourful Balloons bursts  Solid colours, powders of colours Colourful mounds, mounds of colours  Sprayed on spotless white Stark and bright Laughter and… Continue reading Holi

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-By Kalpana- Part 1 And a change had crept in.. She kept aside the book to sleep early and a change had crept in.  She decided to wake early to tackle her chores and a change had crept in.  She stopped complaining about things denied and a change had crept in.  She began to silence… Continue reading Change

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-By Kalpana- Duryodhan walked in with a haughty gait in the palace built by Pandavas. Inwardly, seething at the opulence. He screeched to an awkward stop to what he perceived to be a body of water with in the palace. He skirted it carefully and proceeded. Congratulating himself for having averted a definite catastrophe .… Continue reading Surreal