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-By Kalpana- Holi.. Mounds of colours, Colourful mounds, Fistful of colours, Raining colours, Dhol and rhythm, Dance and melody, Spirit of Holi, Spirits in Holi, Colourful mounds, mounds of colours Water guns abound, Colourful Balloons bursts  Solid colours, powders of colours Colourful mounds, mounds of colours  Sprayed on spotless white Stark and bright Laughter and… Continue reading Holi

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-By Kalpana- Part 1 And a change had crept in.. She kept aside the book to sleep early and a change had crept in.  She decided to wake early to tackle her chores and a change had crept in.  She stopped complaining about things denied and a change had crept in.  She began to silence… Continue reading Change

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I can hear the unspoken whispers…

I can hear the unspoken whispers -By KK- The universe whispers… Through the swish of the wind, Rustle of the leaf, swaying of the branches, It whispers through the cloud formations, Creaks of the earth, parched, wet, soggy, dry.   It whispers through the tide of oceans, Crashing of the waves, rise and fall of… Continue reading I can hear the unspoken whispers…

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She The Sea – Poem

-by Grey Husky At the first look so calming; That is the nature of her coloring. Blue and bright in the mighty sun. A glorious sight as dawn begun.   She searches the shore with a million waves. Looking for what she lost someday Meek and coy with her temptress ways, she grabs my mind… Continue reading She The Sea – Poem

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Love Isn’t. . .

By Soul Sword- Love isn’t an addiction Love isn’t a distraction Love isn’t an obstruction Love isn’t destruction Love isn’t monetary Love isn’t deceptive Love isn’t lust Love isn’t a bargain Love isn’t measured Love isn’t intentional Love isn’t offensive Love isn’t judgemental Love isn’t deserting Love isn’t denying Love isn’t ordinary Love isn’t interim.… Continue reading Love Isn’t. . .