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I can hear the unspoken whispers…

I can hear the unspoken whispers

-By KK-

The universe whispers…

Through the swish of the wind,

Rustle of the leaf, swaying of the branches,

It whispers through the cloud formations,

Creaks of the earth, parched, wet, soggy, dry.


It whispers through the tide of oceans,

Crashing of the waves, rise and fall of rhythmic waves.

It whispers through the still hills and snow capped mountains.

Through the timeless stillness, eerie silences, sunsets and sunrises…


It whispers through the blooms,

Through kaleidoscope of Colours,

Through vibrant, silent grassland growths

It utters silent sounds…


The conscious, the unconscious, sub conscience,

Are a constant whisper,

Alive, vibrant pulsating entity,

Like the calm uttered

As the earth spins into the void of space.


The silence of the universe

Whispering universe.

Loud, soundless voices of the cosmic.

You can hear them all…


If, you close your cosmic eye and open your spiritual ears.

Those silent unspoken whispers

Are tuned into the very vibrant silent pulse

Of our whispered entity.


-By KK-

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