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Killing Time

-By KK-

The earth hurtled around on its axis – rotation and revolution creating Time. Sigh!!

Leaving me with no choice but, to kill time – my spare time.

I am caught up in this relentless hurtle of the earth that explodes as tick tick of the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries….ah! Centuries is going beyond my capacity of efficiency in killing time. So I’m glad if, it ends in decades.

And these decades…comprise of moments and there are moments when I want more moments; then there are moments where I am momentarily lost with the moments. Some moments whirl past like the rotation and revolution with me in the grip as its axis. Some moments slow down to the crawl of eternity.

These eternal moments are the moments that I struggle to butcher them.

There are innumerable weapons with the modern technological advancements. I Pad, tablets, TV, cable, mobile games – lazy, wandering, dreamy moments are all but lost in the abyss of time.

And I butchered eternal Time relentlessly. For, I wanted to live to the fullest. Never be bored and never a moment lost. Happy to have one up with a detailed schedule every time it threw a 24hr challenge peppered with obstinate moments that stared uncompromising.

I mastered my moments… Learnt how to kill time and learnt to lounge back with glum satisfaction.

I lounged comfortably, in total control of my time clock for once, putting aside the weapons of the time-murderer. I allowed my mind to pull from the abyss of time; the freedom to laze around and wander around in the dreamy passages of mind which stored timely memories of gathered moments.

Smiling inwardly at the moments killed.

Moments framed.

And that’s when a moment – a moment of truth – stared at me squarely in the eye.

You have not killed time. Time is killing you!!

Startled, I stared at the revelation. So, true. Are we killing time or is time killing us!!

-By KK-








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