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-By KK-   “If you cannot forgive, then forget it; If, you cannot forget then you deserve it.”   The above quote on forgiveness has puzzled me since I read it as a child. It implies forgiveness is the ultimate. However, if you are unable to forgive or forget (one should have enormous memory loss),… Continue reading Forgiveness…

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-By KK- A mother is born, not created. A crying, howling, bundle is placed in her hands And her old self is throttled in the joy of motherhood. In its place rises a new Avatar… Motherhood.   She awakens with a wonder. Tackling, unborn emotions, Loving someone more than self, Answering the demands of a… Continue reading Un-Mothering…

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Killing Time

-By KK- The earth hurtled around on its axis - rotation and revolution creating Time. Sigh!! Leaving me with no choice but, to kill time - my spare time. I am caught up in this relentless hurtle of the earth that explodes as tick tick of the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades,… Continue reading Killing Time

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France Vs Argentina – Fifa World Cup 2018

It was a goal fest when France faced Argentina at the Kazan Arena in the first knockout match of The FIFA World Cup 2018. Argentina started off with 5 players in their final line up already yellow carded from their previous matches. The game was an aggressive one with France earning a Penalty at 11’… Continue reading France Vs Argentina – Fifa World Cup 2018

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Man and Money

-By Brave Flower- The Earth ...The Earth is a wonderful and beautiful planet with its mountains, waterfalls, oceans, flowers and innumerable things that are there for us to enjoy, free of cost. The flora and fauna have their own territory to be free in. From the beginning, all living beings have been the same except… Continue reading Man and Money