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My safe “Haven”

-By KK-

A cool breeze began blowing as the sun wrapped up its day’s journey, allowing a respite for a few hours from the scorching heat that incessantly burnt throughout the day.

Inside homes, the lights began to illuminate homes to combat the dusk’s light that surely will spill into darkness.

I sighed softly, listening to the incessant whirring of a/c as it kept the temperatures bearable. In one corner of the room, the mosquito repellent quietly released the invisible toxic fragrance to save the family from mosquitoes and hence Dengue, Malaria, Chicken guinea and various other diseases.

The windows were tightly shut, curtains were drawn, each and every nook and corner was sealed to ensure a safe and healthy environment. The house boasted comfort and luxury of all the modern amenities, which as per the world survey put me in a slot which only 1/3 of the world’s population was lucky to have.

I peeped out, watching the rustle of leaves and the gentle swaying of the trees, few clothes merrily swinging on the clotheslines as nature slowly unleashed its coolness.

A deep longing to be out there rose sharply from within…

To let the wind play with my hair,

To let it flap my dress,

To let me soak up the natural coolness.

Fresh and natural air… The vast outdoors.


The half crescent moon and galaxy stars,

The North Star, the Time Star,

the Saptarishi as it quietly shone

in the blanket of darkness that would follow.


To switch off the street lights and garden lights,

To lie down and gaze up

Counting the little stars

In the eerie light of the night.

To just be outdoors…

I sighed as I quietly turned away from temptation as my inner voice warned alarm bells; pollution, disease, hazardous to health, unsafe and worst of all … mosquitoes.

I looked around my safe ‘haven’ that we had created in place of heaven.


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