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-By Brave Flower- Laughing, talking, thinking, and worrying about the future are some of the special qualities that separate humans from other species. Conscience is also one such quality. It is connected with emotions. Each one of us is raised in a different family background with varying moral values. The atmosphere and environment in each… Continue reading Conscience

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All I Need Is Moments of Joy. . .

-By Brave Flower- Taking a bullock cart ride, Enjoying a night drive, Cycling on the mountainside on a foggy morning, Shaking a tree branch for a dew drop shower, Arranging the flowers from the garden in a bouquet, Tickets to 1st day 1st show of a movie, The smell of new clothes, The smell of… Continue reading All I Need Is Moments of Joy. . .

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Man and Money

-By Brave Flower- The Earth ...The Earth is a wonderful and beautiful planet with its mountains, waterfalls, oceans, flowers and innumerable things that are there for us to enjoy, free of cost. The flora and fauna have their own territory to be free in. From the beginning, all living beings have been the same except… Continue reading Man and Money

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The Office Picnic

-By Brave Flower- It was December, the time for our annual office picnic. It was customary for us to select one picnic spot and spend a day there with our families. Usually we go on this trip the weekend before Christmas and this time the manager had chosen a riverside. We split ourselves into two… Continue reading The Office Picnic

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Humane Animals or Animalistic Humans?

-By Brave Flower- Everything on this earth has its own life to live. There is a purpose for each and every living being’s existence based on its abilities and lifespan. Nature, on the other hand, is unswerving. Animals, insects and birds possess an animal instinct which helps them get through their lifespan. They have the… Continue reading Humane Animals or Animalistic Humans?