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-By Brave Flower-

Laughing, talking, thinking, and worrying about the future are some of the special qualities that separate humans from other species.

Conscience is also one such quality. It is connected with emotions.

Each one of us is raised in a different family background with varying moral values. The atmosphere and environment in each household is different with respect to the house rules that are followed. When we go against the moral code that we grew up with, we have an uneasy feeling. We feel guilty about a particular action. A voice inside us that we call our ‘conscience’ questions us, “why did you do that?”Or “are you sure what you are doing is right?”Or “you shouldn’t be doing this”. This will rob one of their sleep, peace and even appetite.

Some people have a strict moral principle and they have full control over their actions. They are content and even proud when they say, “My conscience is very clear and I am happy.”

On the other hand, there are some people whose moral compass doesn’t point due north. They cheat, steal, lie, kill and involve in anti-social activities. How do these people react to their conscience? Do they even have a conscience? Do they believe what they are doing is right or do they believe what they are doing is necessary for the sake of their family (the requirement of money drives them to harm/kill others)? Perhaps they do it to take revenge or out of anger?

I wonder if they try to clear their conscience by seeking penance at their place of worship.

I believe the inner voice/ conscience is within everyone. It becomes weaker every time a person chooses to ignore it until it fades away one day.

The voice within us that questions us about something bad or wrong can be called conscience. It guides you to live a guilt-free life.

Conscience is the divinity in you.

Parents and teachers ought to teach children moral virtue. Children should be taught that even if they aren’t able to do good deeds for others, they should at least not stop something good that comes to others. If the seeds of righteousness are sown in their young hearts, then their voice of conscience will become stronger; making them choose good over evil very easily.

“We become what we repeatedly do”

As a person automatically continues choosing good; life becomes guilt-free and blissful.

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