Adults, Write Ups

All I Need Is Moments of Joy. . .

-By Brave Flower-

Taking a bullock cart ride,

Enjoying a night drive,

Cycling on the mountainside on a foggy morning,

Shaking a tree branch for a dew drop shower,

Arranging the flowers from the garden in a bouquet,

Tickets to 1st day 1st show of a movie,

The smell of new clothes,

The smell of new books,

Making a handmade card for a loved one,

Cooking for a loved one,

Friends clicking pictures wearing identical outfits,

Waving to parents while riding the carousel,

Watching colourful musical fountains,

Clearing more than two coins in one shot in the a game of carom,

Finding figures in clouds and trying to get others to find it before it disappears,

Long distance broad gauge train travel,

Watching small towns pass by while taking the train,

Waving back to children who wave at the train,

Listening to the sound the train makes as it crosses bridges over rivers,

Counting the coaches as a train passes by,

Waving to the train driver and getting thrilled when he acknowledges with a horn,

Writing messages on misty windows,

Taking a hot shower after getting drenched in the rain,

Listening to your favourite song right before hitting the bed…

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