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Mr Sunshine Episode 7 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 7 Recap

Ae-shin stands on the bridge as Eugene walks up to her. She says that she is glad to meet him when the sun is out. He asks her if her offer is valid. She doesn’t understand and he refers to what she had asked to do with him. He says that he has made up his mind and says, “Let’s do it. Love… with me. Let’s do it together.” He takes a step towards her. Ae-shin smiles and says “Sure”. She says that she hopes its a wise decision as he took so long to decide. She then asks him what the next step is.

He pauses and then says that they should introduce themselves. She introduces herself as Ae-shin from the Go family and says that she knows him already as Eugene Choi. He corrects her by saying that he is Choi Yu-Jin. She asks him if that was his family name before leaving Joseon. He says that it was the same in America too but they just pronounce it differently. She asks him what is next and he asks for a handshake. She gives a questioning look and he explains it indicates that one is not holding weapons. She shakes his hand saying that she likes it and “Love” is not as difficult as she thought it to be. She says that the first step is the hardest and asks him when they should let go of the hands. He replies they let go when they wish to wield a weapon. She says that at least for now she doesn’t wish to.


Eun san’s disciple comes with the pottery and Ae-shin tells Eugene that she should go. He tells her not to study English too hard. Hong Pa (standing at the edge of the bridge) tells Eugene to wait as she will be back after escorting Lady Ae-shin. Eugene watches as Ae-shin leaves.

Ae-shin comes back in the boat and she places her hand over the other (imitating a handshake) and smiles at the memory.

Eugene is reminded of the handshake when he glances at his hand as he crosses the river in the boat.

Hui Seong is unable to open his room as Eugene walks past him without acknowledging him. As Eugene’s door doesn’t open too, Eugene notices that their keys have been swapped and lets Hui Seong know. Hui Seong comes over and opens Eugene’s door. Eugene asks him to open his door by himself and throws Hui Seong’s key to the floor. He says that he thought Hui Seong would catch it and enters his room. Hui Seong asks him if the reason for Eugene’s hatred is because he is from the Kim family. Eugene says that he just doesn’t like Hui Seong. Hui Seung laughs and says that he knows that. Eugene asks him why he is amused and smiling all the time. Hui Seong says that there are times when he doesn’t and Eugene hasn’t seen him then. Hui Seong again asks Eugene if it was his father or grandfather who had wronged him. Eugene says that Hui Seong should have asked his own parents that if he was so curious. When Hui Seong doesn’t reply, Eugene asks if Hui Seong’s parents scare him more than Eugene. Eugene asks Hui Seung if his parents are well and shuts his door when Hui Seong doesn’t reply. Hui Seong stands outside Eugene’s locked door with the key to Room 303 at his feet.

A dejected Hina Kudo is at the reception. She concludes that she is pathetic as even changing the keys did not make Eugene come to her. She hears the bell and becomes serious as Wan-ik walks in. He comments that the Hotel is bigger than he heard and enquires her well being. She says that she is a widow and refers to Wan Ik as Rinoie. She says that its been 10 years since they met. He says that he had seen flyers of Hina Kudo’s mother’s face at the Jemulpo train station (the one he had ripped off). He asks if she did that and she says that she hires men every 3 months to do it. He ushers her to concentrate on running the hotel and says that he doubts her mother would still be alive. He asks for a quiet room to spend the night. She says that her hotel is for pro-Japanese, pro-Americans, pro-Russian, patriots and even stray dogs but it is off limits to Rinoie. She tells him that she cant accommodate him in the hotel as she is from the Kudo family. She asks him to leave.


Wan-ik says that she wouldn’t have gotten these luxuries if he hadn’t married Hina Kudo off to that old man. He tells her that she owes everything to him. He asks her to have his room ready as he will come back in a while.  As he is about to leave, she tells him in a low voice that the cause of her husband’s death is still unknown. She warns that he will never know what he might end up eating in her Hotel.



In Hina’s room, Dong mae stops from taking a sip of his tea as he learns about the cause of her husband’s death. She asks him if he is worried that she will poison him. She sits at the dresser and asks if he has done her wrong. He says he will find out soon and brings the cup close to take a sip. When asked if he will drink it, he says that if he has survived everything just to dies by her hands then so be it. He drinks the tea.

Hina Kudo says she is upset and asks Dong mae why both he and Eugene like Ae-shin. She says that Dong mae is also to be blamed if she goes after Ae-shin. Dong mae tells her not to bring up Ae-shin’s name in the future. When asked about her relationship with Wan-Ik, she says that he is her father. She adds that she needs a bodyguard for this very reason as he taken a lot from her. When asked what Wan-ik had taken, she replies by saying, her mother, her youth and her name- Lee Yang-Hwa.

Dong-mae tells her that his men are already working as bodyguards for Wan-ik. She offers to pay more but he says she can’t match Japan’s wealth. She comments that her father Wan-ik will live a long life. He agrees and gets up to leave and Hina warns Dong-mae not to eat anything tasty (she means she might poison him). Dong-mae pauses for a moment and then smiles before walking away.


Dong-mae visits Wan-ik and they discuss the missing document. Don mae says that he has looked everywhere including the baby’s diapers but the document isn’t to be found. He explains that nobody has suddenly gotten rich or is claiming to be rich soon either. He says that the document is long gone or in the hands of someone who doesn’t know its value. Wan-ik says that the Emperor had bought a battleship worth 550,000 Yen from Japan. He says that document is worth 100,000 Yen (the money stashed in Russia-China account). Wan-ik explains that it would mean war if the document fell in hands of the Japanese. If the Righteous army got hold of it, they would use it for weapons and dynamites. Dong mae asks what will happen if it falls into Wan-ik’s hands. Wan-ik says that he can give the Emperor sleepless nights as he can be the one who decides whether Japan flourishes or fails. Dong mae laughs loudly and comments that he is in the company of the biggest traitor of the world. Wan-ik calls him a lowly butcher and Dong-mae bangs his cup on the table saying that Wan-ik has a poor choice of words. Dong mae gives Wan-ik a threatening look and wonders out loud if he can make Wan-ik lose his sleep if he finds the document. He adds that lowlifes like himself can behave recklessly if they don’t get their way. When Wan-ik struggles to understand, Dong- mae says that he was telling Wan-ik in a nice way that their deal is off. Dong mae walks out and Wan-ik throws a teacup to the floor furiously. He vows to make Dong mae regret his decision.


At the Japanese Consul, Hayashi reprimands Tsuda and Yamada. He says that everyone is talking about Japanese soldiers being humiliated by American soldiers. He asks them about whose decision it was to go to the American Legation without getting permission. Sergeant Yamada tells that it was Sergeant Tsuda’s decision to advance and he couldn’t stop it. Tsuda responds by declaring it was his fault entirely and that he will pay with his death. Hayashi walks forward with his sword as Tsuda points a dagger at himself. Just as Tsuda is about to stab himself Hayashi beheads Yamada. Hayashi says that would rather keep a madman than a person with a big mouth (Yamada). He warns Tsuda that he will be killed if he repeats what he had done. Hayashi asks Tsuda to get rid of the body and walks away. The Japanese interpreter watches as Tsueda searches Yamada’s pockets and pulls out an envelope. He then sits on top of Yamada’s limp form holding the envelope and tells the interpreter that they got their paychecks the day before. The interpreter is shaken as Tsuda asks him to clean the place up and leaves with the envelope.


The Japanese interpreter rushes over to Gwan su and starts narrating the incident only to realise that the man is not Gwan-su but II-sik (they look alike). He then joins Gwan su (eating nearby) who is displeased at everyone making the same mistake.  The Japanese interpreter tells Gwan su to warn Eugene to be careful as the Japanese ministers and soldiers are crazy. II-Sik and Choon-sik overhear their conversation. They freeze as they hear Gwan-su tell the interpreter not to worry as Eugene had said that he will get revenge by himself. They remember Eugene saying that He wants the Kim family dead.

Back at their shop, Choon-sik and II-sik try to put up a “closed” board. Choon-sik suggests running away as he is worried that Eugene will come to get his revenge. Just then Eugene comes by and they are terrified seeing him. He says that he has something to discuss and goes into the shop. He asks them to lock the door behind them. Both of them comment that they are going to die today.

In her home, Ae-shin takes out her English books and writes out “Eugene Choi”.  As she reads it she refers to him as Choi Yu-jin.

The next day Ae sin’s palanquin stops at the French Bakery. Ms Haman says that Ae sun had bought bingsu and had told them to put it on Ae-shin’s tab. Ae-shin sees the bingsu (Korean ice dessert served with sweet toppings) being made and she buys it for herself and Haman. As Ae shin enjoys the tasty bingsu, she recollects the English words that she remembers. Haman asks for two more bowls of bingsu as she finds it very tasty.


Ae shin is at English school and is revising the English alphabets with Nam Jong. Ae-shin says, “E for Eugene” and Nam Jong interrupts her. Ae-shin manages the error by saying “E for English”. Nam Jong then says that they will move on to the next set of letters from G-L. She says “L” is everyone’s favourite letter as it stands for “Love”. Ae-shin asks if it’s the same love that is more difficult than shooting guns and requires more passion.


Nam Jong confirms but says that it’s not the exact definition.  She goes on to say that she is envious of Ae shin as she has a fiancé and she could do “Love” with him. Ae shin says that she has promised someone else that she would do it with him. Nam Jong is shocked when Ae-shin says that she has found a perfect man for her and they had started “love” a few days back. She says that it is easy and not that hard. Nam Jong is edgy as she tells Ae-shin that she cannot do that since love is actually romantic affection between a man and woman. It takes a few moments for the words to sink in and then Ae-shin shrieks. She again exclaims at her discovery and this time the people outside jump up hearing her shout.

Later, Ae-shin is lying on her bed as she thinks back to Eugene’s agreeing to her offer. She is embarrassed as she remembers her agreeing to him. She remembers him saying that if he does anything, it will be for Joseon’s doom. She sits up at that thought and says that Eugene must want to destroy her.


Ae-shin hands an envelope to her male servant and asks him to deliver it to the American Legation secretly. She asks the servant to keep this between the two of them.

The servant reaches the legation and sees Do Mi entering the legation jumping over the back wall. He tries to do the same but is caught by the American guards. He is brought to Eugene, who asks the soldiers to get back to work as he will take care of it. The servant tells Eugene that he deliberately made it look like he was caught but it was his plan all along to see Eugene. He hands over the envelope which has “Eugene Choi” written on it. The servant warns Eugene by showing his sickle and says that he will behead Eugene if the word of the letter gets out. Eugene comments that Ae-shin must feel very safe and the servant is proud.


Eugene stands holding the letter when he is alone in his office and is unable to read it. Do mi enters the office asking why Eugene is holding the letter upside down and straightens it saying that he now knows Eugene’s secret. Eugene says that he knows how to read it but reading the letter requires a lot of courage. When Do mi offers to help with reading, Eugene shoos him away. Do mi away goes out smiling. Once he is gone, Eugene puts the letter back in the envelope and tries to keep it out of sight.


Ae shin is lost in her thoughts and Haman asks her to go inside as its cold. Ae-shin comments that she is always stuck in her room and it is nice being outside. Just then a servant girl comes in with a letter for Ae shin. Ae shin is excited as she stands up and then contains herself by asking how the man from American Legation dared to summon her again. The servant girl interrupts and says that the letter is from the maid of Glory Hotel and she has come with the palanquin. Haman smiles but Ae-shin becomes serious and asks the girl to refuse politely. Haman’s face falls hearing this and asks Ae-shin why she refusing to see Hui Seong. Ae-shin gets angry that she isn’t getting a response and Haman keeps quiet.


Hui Seong sits alone at Glory Hotel and Hina Kudo offers to fill his glass. He comments that Ae-shin is refusing flowers, floral palanquin and even his handsome face. He says that he has no idea what to do as he has never been rejected by a woman before. Hina Kudo says that a woman’s heart is not moved by flowers that will wilt but by showing sincerity. He wonders whether he should tell Ae-shin that he has had her in his heart since he left Joseon. Hina says that Ae-shin won’t buy that. She adds that as the couple is already engaged, a simple wedding would make her his and no one can separate them. She asks him why he wants to take a detour when there is an easy way. He says that he is worried that he will take the easy way with ill intentions.


Hina Kudo’s servant visits Dong-mae as he is having food. She tells him that she needs some money for treating her ill mother. He says that Hina Kudo would’ve given her the money if she had asked. She says that she will have to pay Hina back if she borrowed money from her. She says that with Dong-mae she can exchange the money with what she already has and avoid getting into debt. Dong-mae stops eating and asks her to tell him what it is that is as valuable as her mother’s life. She says that she saw a piece of paper with English writing in the American’s room when she was cleaning. She says she didn’t see the contents of the envelope as she was worried she might get caught. He pays her and warns her that it better be what he wants.

Eugene opens his room door and comes face to face with Dong mae and his men. Dong mae tells him that today is the day he searches Eugene’s room and orders his men in. As the men search Eugene’s room, Dong mae comments that the document must be hidden in a safe place as Eugene doesn’t seem to be flustered. Eugene asks Dong mae if he will search Hui Seong’s room too and asks if it is work-related or personally motivated. Dong mae says he uses his sword for both so it doesn’t make a difference. Eugene hears the music box fall to the floor and says that Dong mae’s underlings are careless. Dong-mae’s deputy brings an envelope (Ae-shin’s letter) and says that this is the only document with English letters

As he hands it to Dong-mae, Eugene explains that it is a personal letter which he hasn’t read yet.


Dong mae opens the letter and reads the letter out loud. The letter reads,”there has been a change of plans for what we had agreed to do together. It would be great if we could figure out where we each stand as soon as possible. Do not try to avoid me. Please write me back as you read this letter.”

As Dong mae folds the letter, Eugene asks him if he really read the letter. Dong mae comments that Eugene has made a new friend in the past few days. Dong mae says that change of plans leads to mishaps and avoiding something often ends in a bloody mess. Eugene now understands the real meaning of the letter. Dong mae tucks the letter back into Eugene’s belt and warns him that the next time he sees Eugene with a piece of paper, he will kill him no matter what the paper is about. Dong mae adds that it looks like there is someone else who despises Eugene too. He asks Eugene to be careful and not get killed before Dong mae gets his hands on Eugene. He leaves with his men.

Eugene stands rooted to the spot as Kyle comes by. Kyle asks him if he is okay, but Eugene responds by saying that he (Dong mae) could read Korean.

Hina comes after hearing the commotion and asks Eugene if he is alright. She says that usually if Musin society comes, people die. Eugene comments that she didn’t check on him despite knowing that and she asks if he wanted her to side with him. He asks for 3 staffs to clean his room. Eugene shows her the broken music box and asks her for a place to get it fixed. She says that the music box is called Orgel in Japan. Hina mentions a blacksmith who used to work at the weapon foundry and says that he might be able to fix it.


At the blacksmith’s, the blacksmith tells Eugene that the box has to be dismantled and put back together. He says he hasn’t seen a thing like it before.  He tells Eugene that it will take up to 3 days to fix it and Eugene agrees. As Eugene gets up to leave, he notices a small part of a gun on the floor. He picks it up and figures out that it is the missing part of the gun that was returned by Ae-shin. Eugene asks the blacksmith if he is sure that he can fix the music box. The blacksmith says that he usually intentionally leaves out a part or two but since he wants to hear the music from this box, he promises to do a good job.

At night, Eugene stands outside his office looking at Ae-shin’s letter. Just as he is about to walk away Ae-shin (in her disguise) springs up from behind and pushes him to the wall. She places her hand over his mouth to silence him as he stands facing her.


He relaxes his hand which is holding the gun as he recognises her. She asks him to come to the apothecary near the alleyway (where they had met first) in 30 minutes. Ae-shin’s letter and a book on Basic Korean lie at Eugene’s feet (looks like he was learning to read and write Korean) as he watches her jump over the legation’s back wall.


Eugene meets Ae-shin at the apothecary. She asks him why he hadn’t written back and he says that he hadn’t read it yet. She says that she saw him reading it and asks him if he is avoiding her. Eugene says that he isn’t. He explains that he couldn’t read it but she brushes it off saying that it is a terrible excuse. Eugene says that he thinks that she had figured out what “Love” means. Ae-shin says that she knew the meaning all along. He asks her why she had wanted to see him.  She says that she wanted to give him a warning as she might end up killing him. He asks if he was going to die because of love and she says it is not because of that. She says that she just wants to see him die. Eugene asks her why she hates him so much when she was the one who had suggested it in the first place.


Ae-shin grabs the gun from Eugene’s coat and points it at him. He doesn’t move and asks her if she knows how to use the gun. She says that she doesn’t but she learns quickly. He comments that is why she had quickly learnt up to the letter “L”. She loads the gun and this earns a reaction from him. He asks her how she knew to load it and she says that she just gave it a go. He tells her that they can talk it out.

She points the gun closer and asks him to answer truthfully. She asks him why he had suggested “Love” when he had intended to do nothing in Joseon. She asks if it was for the doom of Joseon. He smiles saying that he did not want to destroy Joseon. He says he wanted to destroy someone but ended up destroying himself. She asks him why he is destroying himself and he says that he doesn’t know. He says it may be the beginning of revenge or end of jealousy. She asks him if the revenge was against her and he asks her if she understood what he had meant by jealousy. She replies saying that she counted it as his second confession of love.

Seeing his expression she asks if it was the third. He asks her when she had started counting and she says since he had said he would protect her.  She asks him if there was anything before that. He says that she had claimed to know nothing except painting. He tries to leave but she points the gun at him and he raises his hands up.


Tsuda is at Hwawollu drinking and he catches sight of a Geisha sitting with other men.  Tsuda chases the men away and seats himself next to the Geisha. He strikes up a conversation with her and she says that she is an orphan from Japan. He asks the Geisha how many beans she will eat this year and she says 100. He laughs and asks her age. She says she is 25. He says that in Japan they eat beans according to their age and her answer should have been 25. He deduces that she is Korean and not Japanese. Tsuda immediately drags her by her hair and brings her out.


Tsuda strikes her and drags her on the street asking her to scream for help in Korean. He asks her why she was pretending to be Japanese. A man comes forward to talk but Tsuda shoots the man.

Ae shin and Eugene hear the shot in the apothecary. Ae-shin remembers her orders to shoot Taylor (the night when streetlights went on) when a Geisha dressed in red opens the window. She identifies the woman being beaten as the same Geisha. Ae-shin asks Eugene to lend her his gun. Eugene asks her to not do it as it’s risky going in unprepared. She says that every moment until now was preparation. He says that saving one woman won’t save Joseon.  She counters saying she must save her as one day the geisha could become like Ae-shin. Eugene loosens his grip on the gun. She asks him to wait here and he informs her that the gun has only 5 bullets. She says that she needs only 2 and walks out.


Ae shin walks out and shoots the streetlight above her, camouflaging her identity. She shoots Tsuda’s hand next and he falls down writhing in pain. The Geisha gets away from him and runs away. Ae shin walks out of his view and he starts firing furiously.

Ae-shin walks out aiming the gun at him. Eugene walks up behind her and grabs the gun from her and walks forward. Tsuda is firing wildly and Eugene shoots himself in his hand. Ae-shin is shocked seeing this.




Tsuda sees Eugene and fires at him but he is out of bullets. He says that Eugene isn’t the one who had shot him. Eugene says that Tsuda reeks of alcohol. He tells Tsuda that it doesn’t matter who shot him (Tsuda). What matters is Tsuda has shot an American. Eugene’s hand is bleeding from the bullet wound as the police surround them. Eugene drops his gun and raises his hands.

Ae shin is back in her house as Eugene’s words echo in her ears (I guess I destroyed myself). She remembers him shooting himself and tries to shake off the image.

Eugene spends the night in the prison cell and Tsuda is yelling in the adjacent cell.


The Geisha visits Eun san and tells him that Ae-shin had saved her. Seung gu/Jang and Hong Pa are also present. The Geisha says that she had seen Ae shin with the American consul (Eugene). She asks them to thank Ae shin on her behalf. Jang agrees and Eun san asks her to leave Hanseong for now and go to Shanghai. He says that he will contact her once they have the documents ready. Hong Pa gives her some money and asks her to spend it in Shanghai. The geisha thanks them and asks them to stay safe. Eun san remembers the battle of Ganghwa where Seung Gu is crying by his father’s grave. A small girl (the geisha) with her mother cries by her father’s grave. Eun san refers to the Geisha as So-a and says that they will meet again. He says that they will be more powerful next time.


Seung gu and Eun san walk to the riverside. Seung Gu expresses concern over Ae-sin and Eugene crossing paths often. He says Eugene might have a motive. Eun san says that he was at the kiln site too. Eun san says that if his guess was right regarding the man’s identity, the man would be holding a grudge against Joseon. Seung Gu says that they will have to visit the American legation as Eugene owes him money for the drinks.

Eun san wishes that Eugene gets out safely and wonders what the King will do. Seung gu says that he doesn’t trust the King. He says that both the country’s legation is involved so Eugene will get out safely. He remembers his past as he says that the King had abandoned his own people back in the Battle of Ghanghwa. He says that he abandoned the King. Eun san asks Seung gu why he was saving Joseon if he had abandoned the King. He says that he needs a country to be there to rebel against. Eun san smiles.


At the King’s court, both Kyle and Hayashi are present before the King. Hayashi claims that the Joseon mob colluded with the American soldier and injured a Japanese soldier. Kyle says that the Japanese soldier was the only assailant. Hayashi asks for a joint investigation but Kyle says that it is not necessary as there were numerous witnesses. Hayashi raises his voice but the King silences him. He asks Hayashi if a Japanese soldier’s injury is more worthy than the lives of 2 innocent Joseon civilians. Hayashi says that the soldier was drunk as he was on leave. The King asks why the soldier was armed if he was on leave. Hayashi tries to say that the King is siding with America as they are the rising power. The King reiterates that the Japanese are in his country and they have killed 2 innocent people. He says that instead of apologising, Hayashi is complaining about the soldier’s injury. The King orders the execution of the Japanese soldier for murder and release of the American soldier immediately. He says that as an act of mercy, he will allow Japan to carry out the execution and Joseon Police Bureau will observe.

Eugene is released and Kyle comes to take him to the hospital. Eugene refuses to go to the hospital and says that he wants to go back to the Hotel. He says that he needs to check something at the legation. On their way back, Kyle says that he fancies the King’s outfit and asks Eugene if he could get one for himself. Eugene asks him to give it a shot and see what happens.


Eugene notices Ae-shin’s palanquin on the street. Haman rushes and calls out to Ae-shin who is inside it. Eugene rides past slowly but Ae-shin doesn’t look out of her palanquin.

Dong mae tells his deputy that he recognises the handwriting in the letter. We cut to a flashback where Dong mae sits drinking across the shop from where Ae-shin buys stationery. Ae shin gives the list of materials to the shopkeeper. Once she leaves, Deong mae goes to the shopkeeper and asks for the paper (on which she had written the item list).


We cut to present as Dong mae goes back to his room and retrieves the paper (with the rest of the papers that he had obtained previously) in a drawer. He recites the contents of the letter from his memory and matches the handwriting with the paper in his hand. He puts the papers back as he confirms that it is Ae-shin’s handwriting.


Hui seong sits on a wall as he thinks back to his servant telling his parents about finding a servant from 30 years ago and his parents silencing the servant. The servant runs up to him in the present and Hui Seong asks him about the servant 30 years ago. The servant says that an American soldier barged into their house and caused a ruckus. After that incident, he says that Kim had ordered him to find the slave who had served them 30 years ago.  Hui Seung figures out that the soldier was Eugene and wonders why he was looking for a slave and not a nobleman.

Eugene is at his office looking at a pawn certificate.

We cut to flashback (when Eugene had visited II-sik and Choon-sik’s shop earlier). Eugene produces an envelope (the slush fund document) and asks them to pawn it. They try to reach for the envelope but Eugene asks them not to open the envelope. He requests them to take it. When he sees II-sik hesitating, Eugene says that the boy in the crate is shivering with fear again. II-sik agrees to pawn the document.



In his office, Eugene folds the pawn certificate and puts it back.

Ae shin comes to the apothecary and the lady there shakes her head as she sees ae-shin.

Hui Seong stands outside the Glory Hotel as Eugene comes. He inquires about Eugene’s injury and Eugene says that it happens to soldiers. Hui Seung says that Eugene must be tired of being here and there. Eugene asks if he would see Hui Seung’s face without a smile today. Hui Seung asks him how his face looks. Eugene says he looks like a young master.

Dong mae who was listening in on their conversation, walks into their sight. He ushers them to carry on, saying that he is there for some fresh air. Hui Seung tells that they had just run into each other. Dong mae smiles saying changes usually lead to mishaps and avoiding something gets you into a bloody mess. He observes that Eugene is shot and says he wishes for Eugene’s death. Eugene asks if he is on everyone’s agenda today. Dong mae says that Eugene cut in the line and Dong mae was never even given a chance. He warns Eugene to be an American soldier and nothing more. He says what Eugene has in his possession no longer matters and that Eugene already has something important. Eugene asks Dong mae as to what he is talking about.


Hui Seong says that he understands what Dong mae is talking about. He asks if the person by their (Dong mae and Eugene) side is the person by his (Hui Seong’s) side. Though not present here, the person was with them all along (montage of Ae-shin’s first meeting with Eugene and Dong mae). Hui Seong asks them if that person is his fiancé.

A worried Ae shin sits at the apothecary waiting. The image of Eugene’s injured hand flashes in her mind as she looks at the door with anticipation.

Hui Seung says that it better not be his fiancé. He says he would hate to start having ill intentions; at least not yet. We see a montage of Eugene smiling in an American surrounding, Dong mae giving Ae-shin a coin, Hui Seung lying on Ae-shin’s lap.


Image Courtesy-TVN


This was a very interesting episode.

Wan-Ik being Hina Kudo’s father was a great suspense and Kim Min Jung has done a great job in the scene. After seeing Wan-ik in her hotel, the hostility (towards Wan-ik) that she brings on screen makes us understand that there is no love lost between them (without them mentioning it).

Pawning the document with the slave hunters was a brilliant move from Eugene. Eugene showed his vulnerable side (which we have hardly seen) to make II-sik and Choon-sik accept the document. It was a significant scene as it has a connection to Eugene’s past and the plot.

Ae shin was embarrassed to find that she had misinterpreted the meaning of “Love”.  She wasn’t angry with Eugene for leading her on by not pointing out her mistake. She claims to have already figured out that he was interested in her from his previous confessions. She was angry at Eugene for proposing love with revenge as an ulterior motive. It looks like her anger has been replaced by guilt and worry after Eugene took a shot to his hand.

Dong mae calling off his deal with Wan-ik shows that he is not all about money but functions with ethics of his own.

The way King Gojong presided over the hearing of the shooting incident was impressive. He put Hayashi in his place for insulting the Joseon people and passed a fair judgement based on the facts presented to him.

This episode had a lot of scenes that I liked. One is where Ae-shin confronts Eugene. She is extremely serious as she questions him but he is amused at her behaviour.  Eugene’s reactions to the situations are hilarious at times. He has a good sense of humour which makes us laugh though he has a stone face. In the scene that followed, it was a quick thinking on Eugene’s part when he neutralised the situation by shooting himself in his hand. The situation would have become extremely complicated if he hadn’t done what he had.

There was aggression on both political and romantic tracks in this episode. The series has increased its pace and the story is starting to shape up. I am looking forward to the next episode.

-By Soul Sword-

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