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Mr Sunshine Episode 8 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 8 Recap

Hui Seung says that it better not be his fiancé. He says he would hate to start having ill intentions; at least not yet. Eugene says that Hui Seung is a young master after all. Eugene advises Hui Seung to be nothing more than a man in room 303. He tells him not to put Ae-shin in between them again. He warns that the next time Hui Seung speaks about endurance; he won’t stop with just advising.  Dong mae comments that he is wondering whom should he hate more (Eugene or Hui Seung). He says that it would be best if Eugene and Hui Seung fight each other and only one of them survives. He walks away with a smile.


As Eugene is about to leave Hui Seung says that now that a woman is between them, Eugene has answered his question. When Eugene asks what he is talking about, Hui Seung says that Eugene had said that he was enduring. Hui Seung asks him what exactly he was enduring. He also asks why Eugene was searching for a servant from 30 years ago. Eugene says that Hui Seung’s grandfather had told him that a child must bear it’s parent’s sin too. He tells Hui Seung that if he was told that when he was just 9 years old, then a baby inside its mother’s womb must bear it too. He refers to Hui Seung’s mother being pregnant that day. Eugene warns Hui Seung not to stand in between his parents and Eugene either; unless he wanted Eugene to make him pay too. Eugene says that Hui Seung shouldn’t say that he is hurt while being in the presence of a person (Eugene) whose heart has been torn out as it would be a shameful thing to do. He walks away leaving Hui Seung standing there.

Later in the evening, Eugene is dressing his wound while Hui Seung still stands outside where Eugene had left him. He watches the clothes on the clothesline and remembers a similar occasion where he had seen Ae-shin for the first time. Hui Seung’s voiceover says,” The one who was about to feel sorrow must’ve been me.”

Dong mae walks the streets of Jingogae and remembers the time when he had held Ae-shin’s skirt at the shop. Dong mae is absent-minded as he steps on a candy and the baker asks him if he wants some candy. Dong mae says that he doesn’t want to since it’s so sweet that it’s bitter. As he reaches his place, his deputy tells him that the owner of Hwawollu wants to meet Dong mae.


The owner tells Dong mae that Chieko (Geisha) was a Joseon woman who had faked her identity. He says that she was an informant for the Righteous Army. He says that he is innocent but Dong mae says that Hayashi won’t believe him. He says that he wants to sell the place as he values his life more than money. He says that Dong mae was the first person who had come to his mind. Dong mae says that a deal with him requires money. He tells the owner not to expect him to pay the full price as an American man and a Japanese soldier’s deaths were associated with the place.

The voiceover narrates that The Musin Society had taken over running of Hwawollu. Everything was run the usual way but everyone who worked there had to fill out a record of personal information. They had to report it to the HanSeung Manager of the Musin Society (Dong mae).

Dong mae sits in one of the rooms and comments (looking out of the window) that this is the perfect spot to get shot at while enjoying the night. He wonders who will die next.

Ae-shin is practising shooting and remembers Eugene shooting himself. She remembers watching his refection as he rode past her the day before.

She goes to Seung gu who is sitting nearby cooking rice. He comments that she seems distracted and she confirms it. She wonders what had happened to the woman. She says she had saved the woman because she recognised her as a comrade. Seung gu/Jang asks Ae-shin if the American man had helped her that day because he thought her to be his comrade. He says that Ae-shin had exposed herself that day and it could’ve been dangerous for both her and the woman. Ae-shin maintains that she had to save her. Seung gu tells her that the woman’s name was So-a and she is alive. He informs Ae-shin that So-a had asked him to thank Ae-shin on her behalf. He goes on to say everybody has only one name- The Righteous Army.  He says that they all live without names or faces. If Joseon manages to strive through the struggle, then they will be remembered. Ae-shin says that she understands.


At the Palace, the King is worried about how to tackle the situation. The vice chancellor suggests that they should meet with the American man (Eugene) and try to use him to their advantage. He informs the King of Eugene’s designation and adds that Eugene is from Joseon. The King is happy to hear this news. The chancellor suggests summoning Eugene before the American minister returns from his Shanghai tour. He says that there might be more information regarding deposit certificate at the American Legation and they can send a message to the other ministers with Eugene in the forefront.


A piece of paper is slipped underneath Hina’s door and she picks it up and reads it. She burns the letter after reading it. The seal on the letter reads “Aid The Emperor”.


Hina Kudo goes to Eugene’s office and informs him that she has received unofficial word from the Palace. She tells Eugene to change into a suit and asks him to leave his weapon behind. He asks her who wants to see him. She says that the emperor of Korea wants to meet him. When Eugene asks her the reason she says she doesn’t know. She tells him to speak only in English when he gets to the palace and to allow the interpreters to translate. When he asks where he should be. She says that a rickshaw puller with a red sash will be outside the Glory Hotel at 8pm tonight. She asks him to take the rickshaw and he will be taken to the palace.

Eugene stands looking at the sky and Do Mi asks him what he is looking at. Eugene says he is wondering whether he is the sky or the black bird (as a child he had wondered at how one blackbird can ruin the beauty of the sky).

Ae-shin’s grandfather Go Sa Hong stands looking at the sky as the servant informs him that Gunner Jang was here to see him. Go Sa Hong says that one blackbird can ruin the sky (as a child Eugene had said this line to him in the forest). He says that it was a great saying and wonders who the boy had grown up to be.

Jang/Seung gu informs Go Sa-hong that one of the comrades had been exposed. He needed to send her to Shanghai and it was becoming expensive as they can’t use the official route. He says he needs monetary help.

Go sa hong asks Seung gu how long he has been training Ae-shin and Seung gu replies that its been 10 years. Go sa hong asks if Ae shin can protect herself and Seung gu says that she is better than most men. Go sa hong asks him if she is already utilising her skills. Seung gu doesn’t reply and Go sa hong says that he had provided funding previously and it had resulted in his son Sang wan getting killed. He says that even though Ae-shin is skilled, he asks Seung gu to keep her in the dark and not use her that often. He gives Seung gu a bag of coins and asks him to save those who can. Seung gu says that he is always apologetic and grateful towards Lord Go sa hong.

Seung gu is about to leave but stops hearing Ae-shin call out to him. She tells him that she overheard his conversation with her grandfather and enquires about the woman. Despite seung gu’s misgivings, Ae-shin is adamant to help the woman she had saved. She promises that after this mission, she will sit out a few of them. He tells her that the location is Jemulpo harbour. He wonders whom Ae-shin takes after since she didn’t hesitate even once. He says that both she and the woman’s life will be at risk.


At the palace, the Emperor tells Eugene that it is magnificent to see that he had returned to his homeland holding a powerful post in America in order to stand against Japan. (The palace interpreter translates the conversation)The King asks Eugene’s advice regarding the relation between US and Korea. Eugene clarifies that he is a soldier and not a politician. He also says that he is American, not a Korean. He says that United States is his country. He says he helped that woman because she was a woman and not because she was from Joseon. He says that any advice from him would not benefit Joseon. To Eugene’s surprise, the interpreter (translating in Korean) falsely translates it as Korea is a weak country and it has to accept help from Japan and other powerful nations. He says that is the US’s opinion.


The Vice-Chancellor Lee Jeong mun interrupts saying that he knows Eugene is fluent in Korean and asks him the purpose of using an interpreter. To the interpreter’s shock, Eugene replies in Korean saying that he was unfamiliar with the palace etiquette, so he chose to use an interpreter. The King is impressed and orders the interpreter to leave.

Once outside, the interpreter is anxious as he runs out.

The King asks Eugene for his origin. Eugene explains that since his parents were slaves, his origin is unknown. He says that slaves take on their master’s names and since his father’s first owner was of Choi family, Eugene has the Choi surname. He says that his mother passed away with no surname at all. Lee Jeong mun tells the King that a meeting is due soon and advises him to dismiss Eugene.

After Eugene leaves, Lee Jeong mun apologises to the King as he had only known about Eugene’s status as an American and not of his lowly origin. The King says that it wouldn’t have made any difference as Eugene’s speech came across as cold and pessimistic reflecting his feelings for Joseon.

Outside the palace, Eugene takes a look at the pawn certificate before putting it in his pocket as he heads out.

Hui Seung’s mother searches for the tasselled ornament in the cupboard. Her husband comes along and says that he has sold it for a good bargain.  She is furious at him for selling it as it has a story attached to it. She asks him what would happen if Eugene comes back for it. She asks him who had bought it.


Hui Seung’s mother is at II-sik’s pawn shop and buys back the tasselled ornament. She spots a pocket watch and Choon-sik says that her son had asked them to hold on to it. She is angered as she learns of this and rushes to find him.

She bumps into Hui Seung as she leaves the shop. She hits him when he tells her that he was just passing by. He sees the tasselled ornament and asks her if his father was asking her to buy second-hand ornaments. She shows him the pocket watch and asks him how he could pawn something that was gifted by his grandfather. He asks her regarding the day he was born. His mother becomes uneasy hearing this. He asks about a tragic incident that happened to a 9-year-old slave. The images of Eugene’s parents’ death flash across her memory and she freezes. She then tries to change the subject by saying that she has to prepare lunch for her husband. She hands him the pocket watch and asks him to stay put at the hotel. As she leaves, Hui Seung stands looking at the pocket watch in his hand.

As he walks down the road he remembers the cries of the servant 10 years ago begging Hui Seung’s grandfather (who had sold the lands which the servant worked on for buying the pocket watch) for mercy.


A young man approaches Hui Seung and introduces himself as Sin Jong Min who works at Taera Tailor Shop. He asks Hui Seung if the suits that Ae-shin had sent him every year fitted him well. Hui Seung looks puzzled but says that it is a bit small but he wore it a lot while he was in Japan. Once Sin Jong Min leaves Hui Seoung wonders that though Ae-shin wanted to annul the engagement she still sent him a suit every year.

At the apothecary, Ae shin takes out her disguise (the suit) and realises that Eugene has the mask with him (the day he had walked her back when she had returned the missing gun).

Eugene comes to the legation to see Kyle typing while sitting under the morning sun. He suggests going on a trip before the minister gets back but Eugene refuses. Kyle asks him if he has been robbing people at night. Seeing Eugene’s puzzled look he explains that the black kerchief in Eugene’s room looks just like a mask. Eugene explains that it’s not his but a woman’s. Kyle asks with a smile if Eugene brought a girl into his room. Eugene smiles thinking about Ae-shin agreeing to his offer and tells “Into my heart” (he says it in Korean). Kyle says that he knows that word means “heart” and asks if Eugene means the noblewoman. Eugene is annoyed that everyone is studying so hard nowadays. Kyle asks him if he was right and Eugene suggests that they have tea as he has something to discuss.


As they have tea, Eugene shows Kyle the pawn certificate and tells him that even the American minister Horace Allen is looking for it. He tells Kyle that it has information on the King’s secret funds. Kyle asks him why Eugene has it and Eugene says that he is wondering the same. Kyle explains that Allen says the Joseon mining rights, Ginseng distribution rights and rail concession hang on this document. He says Allen will put his hands at least on one of these things if he finds the paper.

Eugene comments that he has two options; either to lead Joseon to its demise or prolong its demise a little more.  Kyle says that the US should not disturb a small and quiet country like Joseon. He says that the US will take control of Philippines soon and then they won’t be bothered about whose hands the fate of Joseon falls into. He then suggests that something which belongs to Joseon must be returned to Joseon. Eugene says that it an odd thing to say and Kyle says that he is a poet. Eugene comments that he has not even seen a single line of Kyle’s poetry. Kyle says he recited the first line just now. Eugene asks if it was the part where he spoke about America taking control of Philippines. Kyle becomes serious and says, “Eugene, don’t become a dangerous man. Yank”. He says he wants the last line of his poem to read, “Being deployed overseas really was like a picnic.” He gives Eugene a pat on his shoulder before leaving.

Eugene thinks back to the palace interpreter falsely translating Eugene’s words. He also remembers the vice chancellor’s expression when he found out that Eugene was a low born.


Eugene visits Lee Jeon mun at his home and is surprised to find him sweeping the yard. Eugene tells him that the interpreter had falsely translated his words in Japan’s favour. Lee Jeon mun asks Eugene why he was telling this information now. Eugene says that he had a change of heart. Lee jeon mun asks Eugene if he would believe a man who had left Joseon because he was born a slave. Eugene tells him that it is up to the Chancellor whether to trust him or not. Eugene says that visiting the Vice Chancellor in person like this is more difficult and dangerous than shooting guns. Before leaving, he says that it required more courage to do but it looks like he had wasted his time.

Its night as Eugene returns and Gwan su comes to him and says that he was worried about him. He indicates the Police inspectors and tells Eugene that Lee Se hun (Foreign affairs minister) had ordered every street in HanSeung to be blocked and to check every passerby. Gwan su whispers that they are searching for a Geisha who ran away from Hwawollu. Gwan su explains that Lee se hun is looking for her since he is on the Japanese side. He also adds that Geishas know every man’s secret and that the runaway Geisha was a spy planted in Hwawollu. Eugene says that he gets Gwan su’s point and asks him to stand away from him and stop whispering.


Eugene spots Ae-shins palanquin and asks Gwan su to go back on his own. Eugene watches from afar as the palanquin reaches the checkpoint. The servant tries to cross the checkpoint by saying that it was Go sa hong’s granddaughter but the police say that they have to inspect the palanquin. Ae shin comes out of the palanquin as they inspect it. As Eugene sees her, he remembers Hui seung asking if the person between them is his fiancée. They show So-a’s sketch and ask if anyone has seen her. They also say that she had abandoned Joseon and worked for Japan to earn money. Ae shin comments that it is sad and sits in the palanquin. Eugene watches as the palanquin goes on its way.


Ae shin is upset as she stands in the apothecary remembering the shooting incident. Haman tells her that the situation is chaotic and Ae-shin says that she shouldn’t waste time and figure out an excuse to go to Jemulpo.


Hayashi is furious as he tells Dong mae that he was belittled by the King and one of their soldiers had been executed because of that Joseon woman. He vows that he will catch the woman. Dong mae asks him to do so and asks him what is his business with Dong mae. Hayashi asks Dong mae to find her as the Japanese Legation cannot be involved directly. He says that the woman will try to escape to Shanghai with a fake identity. He tells Dong mae to go to Jemulpo port and block it. Hayashi shows a group travel certificate which has 5 Japanese, 9 Chinese and 6 Joseon people listed. Dong may smiles and asks for his payment first. He comments that Hayashi always wants him to find things that don’t exist and worried if he won’t pay up. Hayashi raises his voice but Dong mae throws the paper at Hayashi and says that he won’t take up the job without being paid.

Dong mae watches as his men thrash a stowaway broker who claims he doesn’t know anything. Dong mae threatens to kill the man if he doesn’t speak. Trembling with fear, the man says that he was asked to make sure a girl gets aboard the ship. He says that it will happen at noon, 3 days from now. Dong mae asks him about the meeting place.

Sueng gu/Jang is standing at the American Legation surrounded by soldiers pointing their guns at him. He says he is here to meet Eugene. As he stands waiting, he has a sense of Déjà vu. He remembers the battle of Ghanghwa where he was surrounded by the American soldiers in a similar fashion.

Once inside Eugene’s office, Jang says that Eugene owes him for the drinks. Eugene asks Jang if he is a gunner. Jang asks him in return if Eugene was the American soldier who had come by his hut. Eugene asks him if he was gunner Jang and Jang asks Eugene if he had got shot in his arm. Eugene smiles and asks if the Geisha is alright and Jang asks him who the Geisha is that he is asking about. Eugene asks Jang if he is the leader and Jang again asks him what he was talking about. Eugene asks him to forget about it as it was anyways a shot in the dark. He asks Jang how much he owes him for the drinks. Jang asks Eugene why he was hovering around Ae-shin. Eugene smiles and says that he was with a guy or at least the one he was with, looked like a guy.


Jang states that it seems Eugene knows everything and hence he can’t leave him alive. Jang picks up the rifle on Eugene’s desk and points it at him. He asks Eugene why he had saved the Geisha. Eugene comments that Jang is just like his pupil (refers to Ae shin asking him questions at gunpoint). Eugene informs Jang that though the gun is loaded with bullets it’s missing a part so it won’t work. He throws the missing part on the desk and Jang is astonished seeing this (he remembers giving the gun to the blacksmith). Eugene asks Jang why everyone around Ae Shin (Ae shin’s servant, Gong mae and Jang) wants to kill him while he has been helping them all along.

Jang explains that it’s because Eugene is an American soldier. Jang asks him why he hasn’t arrested any one of them despite knowing everything about them. When Jang asks Eugene why he was helping them, Eugene retorts by asking if Jang didn’t want his help. Jang says that Eugene must be having a hidden motive behind helping them. Eugene states that Jang is the one interrogating him now. He asks Jang to take his money and leave. Jang says that it’s going to cost him quite a bit.

Dong mae and his men are patrolling the train as it makes its way to Jemulpo.


At the Jemulpo harbour, Dong mae and his men check every one boarding the ship. Dong mae catches one of Hayashi’s men disguised as a passenger and chases him away. The stowaway is also standing nearby watching the crowd.

Its half past noon and there is still no sign of the girl. Dong mae notices that a group of merchants from the 3rd class compartment of the train aren’t to be seen in the harbour. Realisation dawns on him as he states that they have to catch the 1 o’clock train. He tells his deputy that if they miss the train they will miss the girl.

He starts walking hastily towards the train station and explains to his deputy that Hayashi was fooled with the wrong information. He says that the girl would be using a land route instead of the sea. His deputy calls for their men and suddenly they hear a gunshot.

Dong mae’s deputy spots the shooter and runs toward him brandishing his sword. Dong mae yells after his deputy saying that this is just a distraction to keep them here. He yells that the girl is not here but it falls on deaf ears.

Seeing the shooter, Hayashi’s men start shooting at him. There are more shooters who start firing from hidden locations. Dong mae tries to move but a bullet hits a crate next to him. He looks for the shooter but Ae shin (placed on top of a building) hides behind the wall. It is chaotic as Dong mae yells amidst the crossfire that they must contact people in Hanseong first. He realises that he can use the phone at the train station and he runs toward it. Ae shin watches him and figures out where he is heading. She follows his path scaling the rooftops.


From the rooftop, Ae shin shoots the phone in the station room.  Dong mae reaches the phone only to find that it has been broken by the shot. He spots the sniper (Ae shin in disguise) on the roof and follows the masked figure trying to get away.

Eugene is standing outside the Legation and we cut to flashback as he remembers his conversation with Jang.

Jang tells Eugene that the Geisha is not safe yet. Jang continues to say that they made it look like the Geisha was travelling from Jemulpo to Shanghai. He says that the Musin Society will search the land route the moment they figure out it’s a trap. He says that there only two trains today. If the Musin Society misses the 1 o’clock train, they will be stuck in Jemulpo. Jang’s plan is to get out of Hanseong using the land route while they are there. Eugene asks him why Jang is telling him all this. Jang explains that the Americans and their soldiers don’t get searched. Jang asks Eugene to help get the Geisha out of Hanseong safely.

Eugene asks why Jang trusts him now. Jang says that Eugene had shot himself in the arm to save the Geisha. Eugene corrects Jang saying that he did it to save Go Ae-shin. Eugene comments that it’s quite an expensive drink that he owes Jang. He wonders if he should save the Geisha.

Kyle is playing a game of billiards as Eugene asks him if he still wants to go on that trip. Kyle instantly says that he wants to.

Eugene walks into his office as Gwan-su asks Eugene why he was sending another interpreter instead of him. Eugene says that it’s a private trip and not part of Gwan-su’s duty. Gwan su says that he did some thinking. Eugene smiles and asks him what it is. Gwan su says that Kyle had decided to go on a trip with an unknown man at the exact time when all the roads out of Hanseong are blocked. Eugene becomes serious hearing this. Gwan su says that he is positive Kyle wanted to help that man. He says that it’s his duty to help that man too as he is from Joseon. He says that Eugene can trust him. Eugene acknowledges.


The Geisha is disguised as a man and ready to leave with Kyle. Eugene asks her to take care and be safe. She thanks him and apologises for searching his room. She says she was the one gave the tip-off to search Eugene’s room. She asks Eugene why he was helping her. He says that he wants to prolong Joseon’s demise a little more. Kyle rides in and the Geisha takes her leave.

Hui Seung sits in his room with the pocket watch in his hand. He wonders why it keeps coming back to him just like his karma. He lies on the bed as he remembers the man telling him that Ae-shin had stitched a suit for Hui Seung every year. He comments that there are too many uses for a suit and wonders why Ae shin would need it.

At Jumulpo, Ae shin stands on the rooftop and watches the 1 o’clock train pull out of the station. Dong mae gets hold of a rifle and runs chasing Ae shin who is running on the rooftops. He isn’t able to get a clear shot so he keeps pace with her as he runs on the ground.


He climbs on a rooftop aiming his gun at the masked figure. She gives him a sideways glance as she jumps from one building to another. Dong mae freezes as he recognises her eyes. After thinking for a moment, he lowers his gun and shoots her in the leg. Ae-shin falls from the roof over some crates, rolling to the ground.


Dong mae immediately runs to the spot where she had fallen but Ae-shin isn’t there. He throws the gun in frustration. Dong mae’s deputy informs him that the next train is at 7 am. Dong mae orders him to go on horseback to Hanseong. He says that the land route is being used to go to Shanghai. He tells his men to that he won’t be joining them. He says he will stay back in Jemulpo as he must check something. He looks down at the spot where Ae-shin’s blood has splattered on the ground.


At the checkpoint, Gwan su (accompanying Kyle) tells the officers that Kyle is an American officer and they (the Geisha in disguise and him) are interpreters aiding his travel. The man walks forward to inspect the Geisha but Kyle intervenes. He introduces himself and asks them why he was being stopped. Gwan su translates that Kyle is cursing the police. The Police officers get worried and allow them to pass. They cross the checkpoint.

Ae shin is in pain as a woman inspects her wound. Haman gives Ae shin a painkiller. The woman says that the wound is deep and requires stitches. As they do not have access to a physician Haman offers to do it herself as she used to be a seamstress for 30 years. Haman burns Ae shin’s bloodied clothes.

Kyle and Gwan su send off the Geisha by boat. Both Gwan su and Kyle are happy that they were of help.


Dong mae sits on the train track (at Gyeon seong) in the morning willing Ae-shin to not come. Ae shin walks in with Haman and Haengrang.  Ae shin walks without a limp towards him. Dong mae says in a low voice that he had asked her not to come. As she comes within earshot, he says that she is quite early at the train station. She tells him that she went to a temple. He blocks her way and she tells him that she is wearing clothes of a mourner (she claims she is returning after paying her respects to her parents). She asks him to step aside before she kills him. He gives a sarcastic smile and asks her if wouldn’t he be quicker (in killing her). She says that she doesn’t think he will be able to. She says that although she can do it, she doesn’t think he can.  As she walks past him, Dong mae murmurs, “I told you not to come and you did. On top of that, you already know.” Dong mae stands there with a poignant expression.


Once inside the train, Ae-shin places another bandage over her bleeding wound.

Hui Seung waits outside the Taera Tailor Shop.


Eugene comes to collect the music box. He is surprised to learn that it is actually repaired. The blacksmith comments that it plays a very sad tune. Dong mae walks up to Eugene and says that he broke a sword at work the day before. Eugene comments that it must have been a tough fight.  Dong mae venomously tells Eugene that he was up against a shooter. He says that as he is a sword fighter and not a shooter, he had shot the sniper in the leg. He asks Eugene to let him know if he comes across someone with a limp. Dong mae adds that he had tried to chase the man (shooter) but had lost him.

In his room, Eugene sits with the music box playing by his side.

Ae shin limps into the apothecary and feels that she is not alone. Eugene walks up to her and says that he was asked to wait here (referring to the last time they met here). Ae-shin is teary-eyed but does not respond. Eugene says that he thought he will miss her again. She says that she too thought the same. She asks him how his wound is and he asks her the same. Eugene says that Gu dong mae is looking for a man with a wounded leg and asks if it is her. Ae-shin says that it was true that she was shot but she isn’t a man. Eugene smiles at this and she asks him to keep this a secret. He asks her if she is asking for another favour. She smiles as she thanks him.

She says she wants to call it even for the boat ride. Eugene comments that he shouldn’t have taken the boat ride and adds that he was the one who did all the rowing. Ae shin says that it is too late for regrets. She adds that she thought love was easy but its quite hard.  She apologises for everything.

Eugene says that they can stop if it is too much. Ae shin says,” We can stop anytime, so let’s not stop today. Today, we shall take a step forward. Now tell me; an introduction, a handshake, what should we do next?” Eugene says “You won’t be able to do it. It’s called a ‘Hug’.” Eugene is stunned as Ae shin comes towards him and hugs him. Eugene brings his hand up to reciprocate but stops himself. She says, “I have learnt all the words starting with “H”. He stands still as Ae-shin hugs him.


Image Courtesy-TVN


This was the first time we got to see the Righteous Army in action and I was thrilled to watch how their plan unfolded. I would love to watch more of their missions in the upcoming episodes. Though Dong mae figured out that the Jemulpo port was just a distraction, he couldn’t get his men to follow his orders and provide proper back up during the shootout,. Even his deputy did not listen to Dong mae’s words though he was standing next to him . His men seem to be disorganised and just trained to attack on sighting aggression.

We have seen Gwan su previously changing few sentences while interpreting. It is usually hilarious as he does it for the betterment of the situation. However, it was shocking to see how smoothly the Palace interpreter tried to take advantage of fact that the King doesn’t know a foreign language. It signifies how dangerous an interpreter can be if he wants to.

Eugene’s favours for Joseon are increasing in number with every episode. Starting with Ae-shin, Do Mi, the Geisha, Jang and now even the King of Joseon (informed the chancellor regarding the interpreter) have sought his help so far. Though he keeps saying he is American, everyone seems to be treating him like he is a part of the Righteous Army.

The exchange between Eugene and Jang at the legation was awesome as they kept conversing with just questions without bothering to answer any of them.

The scene where Dong mae confronts Ae shin was intense as she bluntly told him that she will not hesitate to kill him while knowing that he couldn’t do the same. He did not go for the kill shot since he thought that the sniper could have been Ae shin. She, on the other hand, told him that she won’t hesitate to kill him if the roles were reversed, as she doesn’t have a soft corner for him.

It was also revealed that Ae shin had used Hui Seung’s name as a cover to stitch suits for herself. I guess that after Dong mae, its Hui Seong’s turn to figure out that there is more to Ae shin’s life than what meets the eye.

Though the scene at the apothecary had comparatively lesser dialogues than the previous ones, it was very emotive. Eugene and Ae-shin’s concern for each other’s safety was portrayed very well in the last scene.

From the preview, it looks like there is a lot of action waiting to unfold and am eagerly waiting to see them next week.

-By Soul Sword-

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