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Mr Sunshine Episode 9 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 9 Recap

Ae-shin says that she thought love was easy but it is quite hard.  She apologises for everything. Eugene says that they can stop if it is too much. Ae shin says,” We can stop anytime, so let’s not stop today. Today, we shall take a step forward. Now tell me; an introduction, a handshake, what should we do next?” Eugene says “You won’t be able to do it. It’s called a ‘Hug’.” Eugene is stunned as Ae shin comes towards him and hugs him. Eugene brings his hand up to reciprocate but stops himself. She says, “I have learnt all the words beginning with “H”. He stands still as Ae-shin hugs him.

Ae-shin steps back and asks if she did it (hug) correctly. Eugene smiles and says that he had told her not to study hard. She asks him to wait here for a moment and he asks her where she is off to this time. She says that they will be a nuisance if they stay here longer so she suggests going elsewhere.


She asks Mr Haengrang and Ms Haman to come in and introduces them to Eugene as her right-hand and left-hand men. He asks her if they are on the same side and she says it is better if he doesn’t know. Ae-shin leaves them to talk as she steps outside.

Haman and Haengrang look at Eugene menacingly. Mr Haengrang reiterates that he doesn’t fear anything and is ruthless. Ms Haman throws a package at Eugene. They tell him that he will need a pretext to come to the apothecary often (either he should know someone who is ill or he himself must be ill). Haman threatens to make him a patient if he tries to tell anyone about this. Just then Ae-shin peeps in wearing her male disguise and Eugene tells her that she is in safe hands. He tells her that the moment she stepped out Haman and Haengrang started threatening him. She doesn’t believe him and says that they might have given him a hard time and she understands why. She suggests they leave.


They travel by rickshaw and Eugene tries not to bump into her as there is very little seating space. Ae-shin catches him looking at her but he turns away. The rickshaw hits a pothole and Ae-shin puts her hand in front of Eugene and grasps the rickshaws side. Eugene catches her just in time and asks her what she was doing. She responds “Protecting you” and both of them start laughing. He asks her where they are going. She says that she hasn’t decided yet and she just wanted to sit side by side with him as they had walked side by side the other day. Eugene suggests going to Glory Hotel so that he can return her mask.

At Glory Hotel, Eugene asks Ae-shin to wait outside room 304. Ae-shin lowers her hat and walks upstairs as Eugene waits for Hina Kudo to give the key. Hina Kudo asks him if he would need another room and Eugene says that it was just a friend from New York who will leave in some time. Hina Kudo asks Eugene if she should brew the contents of Eugene’s packets (which Haman had given him) and send it to his room. He hands it over to her and goes upstairs. Hina wonders why Eugene was so distracted.


Meanwhile, at the Taera Tailoring shop, Hui Seung speaks to Sin Jong Min. Hui Seung asks to see the suit that Ae-shin had gotten made for him recently. He explains that he should wear it in perfect fit or his fiancée will be disappointed. Jong Min shows him the folded suit and Hui Seung runs his hand over the fabric contemplating.


Inside Eugene’s room, Ae shin comments that it’s her first time in a hotel room. Eugene says that its the first time he had brought someone to his room. Ae-shin comments that he must have a lot of valuables here. Eugene nods and says that now there is one more and they smile. Ae-shin spots the music box and Eugene explains that it plays a folk song called “Greensleeves”. He asks her if she wants to listen to it and she agrees. They sit down as the music starts to play.

Hina is walking in the corridor and she hears the music playing inside the room. She thinks it’s weird that Eugene is listening to a music box with his friend.


Eugene asks Ae-shin if she likes the music. Ae-shin says that she thought it would be a merry tune but it’s heartbreakingly sad. She asks him if there is a story behind it. Eugene says that when he had arrived in America he didn’t know the language (we see young Yu-jin in America). He was terrified of the streets. He was starving in the freezing cold and was in pain because he was beaten up (we see a beaten up young Yu-jin standing outside the music store looking at the music box). Eugene says that was the first time he heard this song (young Yu-jin cries as he hears the music) and he cried his eyes out.


Ae-shin asks if he listens to music often after he came back to Joseon. He says he didn’t until recently. She asks him if he was hurt and he says that it wasn’t him. he says it was when someone (Ae-shin) got injured and it scared him. He explains that Dong mae had recognised her that day at Jemulpo. She says that Dong mae had shot her after recognising it was her. He had even confirmed it at the train station the next day.

We cut to flashback as Dong mae blocks Ae-shin’s way at the train station. She asks him to step aside before she kills him. He gives a sarcastic smile and asks her if wouldn’t he be quicker (in killing her). She says that she doesn’t think he will be able to. She says that although she can do it, she doesn’t think he can.

At present, Dong mae is at the training centre. His deputy tells him that Hayashi wants to know what had happened at Jemulpo. He says that they had lost track of everyone. Dong mae claims that he had seen the face of one of them.

At the hotel, Ae-shin tells Eugene that Dong mae will never kill her because he didn’t kill her when he had the chance to. Eugene asks her if she trusts Dong mae. She tells him that she had saved Dong mae’s life once when they were young. She says that when she had offered a helping hand, he had bitten it like a wild animal. She says that he will spare her life at least once. Eugene again asks if she trusts Dong mae and she says that she thinks she does. She says that next time she sees Dong mae while in disguise, she will be the first one to fire.


She asks him not to worry and takes her mask back. He tells her that she need not do it. he says that Joseon will become more volatile day by day. Ae shin repeats Eugene’s words “Do not draw attention, do not come to the hut, do not study English so hard.” She comments that he always tells her not to do something. She asks him if he would allow her to at least do one thing. Eugene responds saying she wanted to do “Love” and Ae-shin laughs. He says that she could live her life in comfort like a vibrant flower just how other noble women do. Ae-shin stops smiling as she says that she is no different and her life is vibrant too. She says that the only difference is that she wants to be a flame.

Ae-shin says that when on the field she constantly feels the weight of death. She says she takes her shot carefully and retreats quickly. She says when they wear their disguise they become faceless and nameless. As “Righteous Army” they need one another. She says that she wants to burn brightly and then wilt, like a flame. She says that she does fear death but she has made up her mind.

Eugene’s voiceover says, “She‘s quite cruel. Where do I lie between her passion and cruelty? I thought I was close, but I have to go even further. One more step into the flame. Joseph, it seems like I am in big trouble.”

Ae-shin gets up to leave and Eugene warns her that she might bump into Hui Seung on her way out. She asks him if Hui Seung is still in the Hotel. Eugene smiles as he says he is glad that he is more acquainted with her than Hui Seung. She smiles and says that she will head out using the window. He tells her that its the third floor but she is gone before he gets to say more. He goes to the balcony to see her walking out. A man tries to catch a glimpse of her face but Eugene throws a coin at him and the man gets distracted.

Once out of view, Ae-shin pauses a moment to rest her injured leg. She smiles slightly and leaves.


A porter is stopped by Dong mae’s men. Dong mae comments that he wonders how a porter could afford a train ride (Dong mae recognises him as one of the men from the train). When Dong mae says that he recognises the porter as one of the shooters but the man maintains that Dong mae has the wrong person. Dong mae interrogates as his men hold their swords at the man’s neck. The man asks to be killed when Dong mae asks him for a name. Dong mae says that he would never risk his life for anything. Dong mae asks (with Ae-shin in his mind) the man the reason for putting his life on the line. He asks the man if the Righteous army pays him well and if so, he wants to join them. Dong mae smiles as the man calls him a piece of trash. The man says that Joseon doesn’t doesn’t have control over anything. He says Russia, Japan, France, America and Britain have taken control over Joseon’s rivers, mines electrical lines. He says he doesn’t want the country to be robbed and that is why he is doing this.

Dong mae asks him if there are many people better than him (Dong mae) in Joseon. The man tells Dong mae that he won’t give out any names and tries to kill himself with Dong mae’s sword. Dong mae stops him and the man says, “Run away if you cover is blown and die if you get caught.” He says all his comrades would do the same. Dong mae says that they will take the man along with them.


Dong mae brings the owner of Hwawollu to Hayashi. He says that they caught him in Busan while he tried to get to Nagasaki. Hayashi is furious as he asks about the Righteous Army. Dong mae says that the Righteous Army had gotten away using the land route because Hayashi had gotten wrong information. Dong mae claims that they call it even as two of his men got injured at Jemulpo. The owner of Hwawollu asks Dong mae why he was doing this and Dong mae says that the owner was the one who hired the Geisha. Dong mae leaves the owner (pleading for mercy) with Hayashi and walks out.

At night, Dong mae tells the porter (held captive by his men) to flee from Hanseong if he wants to live. The man asks Dong mae what he is up to. Dong mae says that he hasn’t decided whether to kill the man or not as of now. He sets the man free after warning him that he will rip the man to pieces if he sees him again. The man runs away once Dong mae and his men leave.

Hina Kudo is in the bath as she remembers Eugene bringing a friend to his room. She thinks it strange that she never saw the friend leaving. Dong mae walks in and says that he will come back later. She asks him to stay as she is done with her bath. He sits down and asks why she has more scars than a swordsman. As she wears her robe, she says it was not easy living in Japan as a Joseon girl. As she pours him a drink she asks him why he is here and Dong mae says that he is feeling down. He says that he set a man from the Righteous Army free because he thought the man’s comrade would be sad if they found out he was killed. Hina laughs and says that Dong mae would be shot to death soon and that it was a wrong decision.


Dong mae says that unlike other prisoners, this man wanted Dong mae to kill him. Dong mae says that he had already felt he had lost because the man had meant it. He says that he doesn’t understand why a porter would risk his life for his country. Hina says that there are things that even swords can’t destroy, like a passionate and righteous heart. He says he is a man of his word when she asks him to kill the porter. She asks Dong mae what he was risking his life for. The image of Ae-shin’s running across the rooftops as he was shooting at her flash across his mind. Dong mae says that he won’t risk his life for anything but will take the lives of others.

Hui Seung is at Glory Hotel telling Ae-sun that he remembers the days he was very rich.


Both of them wait outside the pawnshop (II sik has taken a restroom break). Hui Seung says that his grandfather’s land has been converted to this pawnshop. As he tells her that he is Hui Seung she is shocked and says that she is Go Ae-sun. He immediately throws away his cigarette and calls her future cousin in law.

In her room, Ae-shin is writing English words. Hearing Ae-sun’s footsteps both Haman and Ae shin hide the books. Ae-sun tells Ae-shin that Hui Seung gambles. Ae-shin observes that so does Ae-sun. Ae-sun says that Hui Seung will not have much wealth left as he frequents the pawnshop. Ae-shin comments that Ae-sun seems to know Hui Seung very well because she goes to the pawnshop frequently too. Ae-shin calls out to her aunt and Ae-sun gets up immediately to leave. She throws the books in Ae-shin’s hands to the floor and leaves.

A maid brings a brew to Eugene’s room saying that Hina had asked her to give this to him. She tells Eugene to drink it immediately and return the bowl. Eugene thinks for a moment at this odd request and starts drinking. It seems to taste bad but he drinks it anyway.


Hina Kudo is at the reception when Eugene walks up to her and says that he will take up her offer for the complimentary drink today. She comments that she gave him the right key and he approached her first.

Hina and Eugene are talking over drinks. She comments that he had heard the music box with his friend. Eugene says that the blacksmith she had suggested was good. He thanks her for the herbal decoction. He asks her how long she has been running the hotel. She says that the hotel took two years to build and has been open for 3 years now. She adds that she learnt hotel management in Japan because of her husband and that it is tough for a woman to survive in this industry.


She asks him why he was inquiring. Eugene remembers Ae shin saying that they are faceless nameless members of the righteous army. He asks her if she is working for the government. She says that she is just a businesswoman. He asks her why a businesswoman asked him to converse using an interpreter while meeting the king. She asks him if the interpreter translated his words in favour of Japan. He asks her if she used him to check it and she says that she got curious as she has abundant information. She asks him about the choice he had made. He asks her if any of the information happens to do with how he will be found dead in near future. She laughs and asks if that is the choice he has made. He says he is curious about the outcome of his choice.

The palace interpreter comes into the woods at night (to meet an employer) and finds Vice Chancellor Lee Jeong Mun there. Lee Jeong mun observes that the interpreter seems to be taking up personal interpreting jobs too and the man apologises. He mentions the mistranslation in front of the King and asks the interpreter the identity of the person who had put him up to it. The man says that it was Wan-ik. Lee Jeong mun asks if there are more men at the palace like this. The man offers to find it out for him if his life is spared. Lee Jeong mun refuses and says that he will do it on his own and kills the interpreter.


II-sik comes (dressed like Gwan su) to see Eugene at lunch. Eugene comments that II-sik looks a lot like Gwan-su when dressing like this. II-sik takes offence and Eugene smiles. When Eugene asks, II-sik tells him that they had followed Jeong mun. He says that Jeong mun had killed the palace interpreter. Eugene comments that it was the outcome of the choice he had made. Eugene says he will visit the shop soon. When II-sik mentions the pawn certificate, Eugene says that he is considering making a different choice.


Hina Kudo sees Ae-shin come inside Glory hotel. Ae-shin tells Hina that she is here to meet Hui Seung. Hina tells her that Hui Seung is still asleep and Ae shin says she will wait. Hina serves Ae-shin some coffee as they talk. Ae shin finds the coffee bitter and wonders why people drink it. Hina says that it takes a while for the taste to sink in. She says it is expensive and compares the drink to vain hope. Ae shin asks Hina if she sells vain hope for a heavy price. Hina says that vain things are always expensive and sweet. She says that people spend money on such fleeting illusions. She says the greedy hope for becoming wealthy after selling one’s country, the pathetic hope that they can stop people from selling the country and the wimps’ hope of calling of the engagements. Seeing Ae-shin’s expression, Hina says that a noble lady coming alone to a hotel means she was there to call off the engagement. Ae shin comments that Hina seems to be very interested in her. Hina says that it is because Ae shin is in the way of what Hina is interested in. She says she wonders whether she should cry or bite. She wonders if she will end up shedding tears because she accepted the handkerchief (Eugene had given her). Hui Seung walks in and asks if Ae shin is here to see him.


They go to the billiards room and Hui Seung says that he could teach her the game but Ae shin refuses. Hui Seung says that he knows why she is here. He deduces that it is to break off their engagement. Ae shin says that she has already suffered all sorts of rumours so she doesn’t bother even if she has to live alone for rest of her life. Hui Seung says that it is for the families to decide. Ae shin suggests that they should try talking to their families. Hui Seung asks her if there is another man. Ae shin asks him if that would be a good enough reason for breaking off the engagement. Hui Seung says that he won’t back off as he is at an advantage (over the other man). He says he will have to fight for it and she asks him not to. He tells her not to provoke him if she wants him not to fight.


She tells him not to waste his time on her, as he must have dreams of his own too. When he denies she asks him if he doesn’t have ambitions. Hui Seung says he hates to work for the government and hates to wake up in the morning. He says Joining anti-Japan movement is physically taxing while becoming pro-Japanese will agonise his heart. He says he likes things that are useless like the moon and stars, flowers, wind, laughter and jokes. He says he wants to go with the flow and die when his journey stops. He says that is his dream.

Ae shin says that she understands but cannot root for him as their journey will end in different places. Hui Seung says that its fine since no one is rooting for him anyways. He suggests that they not be harsh on each other as they cannot get married nor break off their engagement. He asks her to think of him as a friend. She asks him to teach her to play billiards as that’s what friends would do.


Once Hui Seung explains the rules, Ae shin starts to play. Hui Seung notices her limping when she walks. He places the white ball and asks her to strike it. Before he finishes the sentence Ae-shin strikes and pockets the ball. She asks if this is what she was supposed to do and he nods. He asks her to continue playing. She asks him what he will be doing if she continues to play (she strikes the next ball into the pocket). He whistles, claps and cheers her on.

Dong mae comes to the bar and notices that the only empty spot is the one near Hui Seung. He takes his drink and joins Hui Seung. When Hui Seung smiles at him, Dong mae explains that he is only joining him because there is no other seat. Hui Seung offers to pour him a drink and Dong mae asks him to pour his own. Hui Seung says that they should toast and Dong mae comments that he shouldn’t have spoken to Hui Seung. Hui Seung says that clinking glasses makes the drinks to swish and mix. He says it is proof that he had not poisoned the drink. Dong mae says that is why he doesn’t want to toast. Hui Seung clanks his drink with Dong mae’s and drinks it.


Hui Seung asks Dong mae if his job is going well. Dong mae asks if Hui Seung knew what Dong mae does. Hui Seung says that Dong mae catches people, beats them and sometimes kills them too. Dong mae says that his work isn’t going well. Hui Seung asks why Dong mae does it and Dong Mae asks Hui Seung why he does nothing. Hui Seung says that everyone is asking him that. He says that if he were to do something, he would become someone very great. He says that is the reason he does nothing. Dong mae comments that he should carry poison with him.

Just then, Eugene comes in and he is told that there are no seats. Dong mae pulls out a seat beside them and Eugene says he will take it. Hui Seung remembers Eugene telling his grandfather’s words (a child must bear its parents sins.) Hui Seung pours Eugene a drink and welcomes him to Joseon. Eugene says that it sounds like Hui Seung wants him gone. Dong mae comments that something must have happened between Eugene and Hui Seung and he is curious to know.


Eugene asks Dong mae if he found the man with a limp. Hui Seung remembers Ae shin walking with a limp. Eugene says that he saw a man limping and he is Wan-ik. He comments that Dong mae is close to wan-ik. Dong mae says that it has been long since he parted ways with Wan ik. He adds that the man he is looking for is young.

The bartender comes to them and comments that the 3 of them must be friends as the drinks have run out fast. The 3 of them say “NO” in unison. Hui Seung says that they had just happened to meet, an American Joseon man (Eugene), a Japanese Joseon man (Dong mae) and a handsome Joseon man (himself). Eugene and Dong mae smile as the bartender go away. Hui Seung says that the handsome Joseon man should leave.


He gets up and starts to limp as he walks away. Dong mae is amused as he sees this and tells Hui Seung that its the other leg. Hui Seung immediately corrects himself as he limps away. Dong mae smiles and asks if Hui Seung even knows what he is doing. Eugene says that he does since Hui Seung is always straightforward.

Dong mae comments that Eugene also seems to know and is straightforward. Eugene asks if Dong mae is hiding Lee Wan-ik. Dong mae is quiet as Eugene says that he is also hiding Wan-ik. He states that Wan-ik is the one who should be limping. Eugene tells Dong mae that should be the conclusion for the three of them (Eugene, Dong mae and Hui Seung).

At night, Ae shin waits for the others to sleep.

We cut to a flashback where Eugene says she can borrow the music box and give it back after she has heard it enough times. She tells him not to get sick in the meantime.

Ae shin sits listening to the music in her room.


In the morning, Eugene visits Jang/Seung gu at the marketplace. Eugene says that Jang never thanked him for the drinks. He says he wants payment this time. Seung gu refuses saying that he had stopped drinking. Eugene says Seung gu will like this and names the Foreign Affairs Minister, Lee se hun. Seung gu goes silent and Eugene asks if he will chip in.

Ae shin is outside the American Legation and tells Domi that she is here to see Eugene as he had called for her. Do mi asks Ae shin who she is and Ae shin says that this is the second man who doesn’t recognise her. Do mi notices Eugene standing there. Ae shin smiles at him and he returns her smile.


Inside Eugene’s office, Ae shin sits in Eugene’s chair. Eugene smiles as he tells her that he hadn’t called for her. She says she got smart and couldn’t wait till night falls. He asks her if she is here to return the music box. Eugene laughs as she answers in the negative and says that she is saving that excuse for another day. She shows him her name written in English and he says that it is correct. She shows him a sentence written in Korean (I missed you) and asks him how to write it in English.


Eugene tells her that he had asked her not to study so hard (Eugene cannot read Korean). He tells her that she should figure it out herself as it is very easy. Ae shin gets offended and starts to leave. He asks her when she will need a bowl (bowls from Eun san for shooting). When asked why he was asking, he says that he wants to be her boatman. Ae shin says that around lunchtime on the 5th. Ae shin remembers Eugene saying he hadn’t read her letter. She also remembers seeing a basic Korean conversation book next to him. She asks him to read the Korean sentence and he responds by saying that she should learn it by herself. She asks him if he can’t read Korean. He immediately speaks to the American soldiers in English to change the subject. She again asks the same question and he tells her that he will walk her out. Once he leaves, she laughs at this discovery.

Once outside, Ae shin smiles at Eugene and leaves in the Palanquin. Eugene asks Haengrang for the use of the herbs that he and Haman had given last time. Haengrang asks Eugene if had taken it already and Eugene says no. He says that it should be brewed in hot water and one’s legs must be placed in it. He says it removes toxins from the body. He says that it shouldn’t be ingested. He leaves after saying telling Eugene not to ever drink it. After Haengrang leaves, Eugene runs to throw up.

At night, the interpreters meet secretly in the palace. They discuss the death of the American interpreter. They refer to each other with the country names (Russia, France etc) instead of their own names. The French interpreter suggests that they inform Lee Se hun about this. They leave him to do that and go the other way.

The French interpreter goes to Lee se hun (Foreign affairs minister). He tells him that the rest of the interpreters have gone to meet Wan-ik as the rumours have it that Hayashi is displeased with Lee se hun. He says that in order to survive they will have to side with Wan-ik who is close to the Japanese emperor. He also mentions that Wan-ik had slapped Lee se hun.

Lee se hun is in his room thinking, as his mistress brings him food. She smiles at him and he looks at her.


Later that night, Lee se hun visits Wan ik at his house with his mistress. He says that he heard Wan ik is the right-hand man for the Japanese. He kneels to Wan ik and offers to be the left hand. Wan ik asks him if serving the low caste won’t bother him and Lee se hun says that hierarchy doesn’t matter while the country is in a mess. He tells Wan ik that he has brought a present. He calls his mistress and asks her to bow to Wan ik. His mistress realises what he has just said. Wan ik laughs loudly and angrily says that the man who asks for a favour should bow.

Eugene visits the pawnshop and retrieves the document after thanking Choon-sik and II-sik.

Lee se hun is travelling in his open palanquin and his men stop walking with a terrified look on their faces. Eugene stands facing them on his horse and they place the palanquin down and run away. Lee se hun refers to Eugene as the American soldier who had shot the Japanese soldier. Eugene says that its a great pity if that’s all Lee Se hun, knew about him. Lee se hun orders the men to bring Eugene down to his knees but Eugene gets off the horse before they react.

Eugene walks towards Lee se hun telling the men to stay away as he has nothing against them. Lee se hun orders them to make Eugene kneel and sits in his palanquin. The men start towards Eugene but Eugene fights them all. He gets out with just a slash on his cheek.


Eugene walks forward brandishing the sword and sticks it in the palanquin slashing the side of Lee se hun’s neck. Eugene tells him that he is going to kill Lee se hun today. Lee se hun says that an American man on Joseon soil is threatening to kill the Foreign Affairs Minister of Joseon. Eugene says that Lee se hun won’t die in the hands of an American but he will die at the hands of a Joseon man. Lee se hun asks him who would dare to do that and Eugene says that his mother had jumped in the well to get away from Lee se hun. Lee se hun remembers Eugene’s mother. Eugene says that his father was beaten to death. He says that he was a 9-year-old slave who ran away from Joseon as if he had committed a sin. Lee se hun laughs at first but then it dawns on him. He starts begging Eugene to spare his life. Eugene asks him not to beg as it just makes him want to kill him immediately. Eugene says that this is not where he will be taking Lee se hun’s life.

Lee se hun comes home to find that his mistress has run away with all of his gold. He comes out and a masked figure (Eugene) fires at him. He runs back inside and finds a gun. He calls his servants and asks them to call the police. He tries to figure out how to work the gun and shoots a servant girl by mistake. When asked, he says that it was the servant girl’s fault for standing there.

Inside the house, the masked figure (Eugene) places a paper inside a porcelain jar.


Lee se hun orders all his servants to stand around him and protect him. The girl’s father carries her to take her to the physician. Lee se hun orders him to go to the police bureau but the father refuses. Lee se hun points the gun at the father to shoot him but someone shoots Lee se hun in the hand.

Another masked figure (Seung gu) stands with his gun trained on Lee se hun after shooting him.



Lee se hun buckles in pain and asks for the physician. Just then, the doors open and Lee Jeon mun walks in with the police. He orders a thorough search of Lee se hun’s house. As the police make Lee se hun kneel, he starts threatening everyone.


We cut to the flashback when Eugene had visited Lee Jeong mun earlier in the day and told him that the missing document is at Lee Se hun’s residence. When asked how he knows that, Eugene says that he will place it there. He says he will return it but he wants it done his way. Lee Jeong mun asks Eugene for a reason to believe him. Eugene says that Lee Jeong mun had already believed him once before (by killing the palace interpreter). Eugene asks him about the sentencing for hiding the document. Lee Jeong mun says that Lee se hun will die a traitor. He says that treason is the highest crime a Joseon national can commit. Eugene says that he likes that.

In the present, Lee se hun yells that he was the one who complained and has no idea what is going on. The police bring the porcelain jar to Lee Jeong mun and he breaks it. He takes the document (which Eugene has placed inside it) which falls out. Lee se hun pleads innocent but Lee Jeong mun doesn’t give in. Just then, the King’s arrival is announced.


Seung gu/Jang watches (from the rooftop) the King walk in with his guards. He remembers how the King had abandoned Seung gu and the others after the battle of Ganghwa. Seung Gu aims the gun at the King and is about to take a shot but Eugene stops him. He tells Seung gu that though he doesn’t know Seung gu’s issue with the king but says one traitor was enough for the night.


Lee se hun pleads with the King saying he is being framed. After taking a look at the document, the King declares that Lee se hun is guilty of treason, and is a traitor. The King orders Lee se hun to be killed and Lee Jeong mun kills him immediately.

Eugene watches as the King walks out leaving the limp form of Lee se hun behind.

All the servants spit on Lee se hun’s corpse as they walk out.

The next day, Eugene waits by the frozen river and Ae shin comes up to him. She notices the slash on his cheek and he says that he got it while training. He tells her that she won’t be needing a boatman as the river is frozen. She says that they can walk side by side and they smile.


As they start walking on the frozen river, they discuss Lee se hun being a traitor and his death. Eugene says that he doesn’t know much about Lee se hun and asks if Ae shin knew him. She says that she always had an eye on Lee se hun. She says he was there the time Taylor died too and says that no one mourns his death.

Eugene tells her to be careful, as the ice is slippery. He ends up slipping and Ae shin holds him. He comments that Joseon Rivers are slippery, unlike the Hudson River. She asks him if he had moved to America before he had learned to read. She says that it is fascinating that he grew up somewhere so far away from his birthplace. He stops walking and asks her if she wants to know. She says that she is curious about his long story.

Eugene is serious as he says that when he is finished telling his long story, they will have to part ways. She smiles and asks him why he thinks so and Eugene doesn’t reply. Ae shin’s smile fades as she realises he is serious.

Eugene says that he ran far away from Joseon when he was 9 years old. He says he ran the farthest he could get. He says that a missionary showed up like his saviour and helped him board an American warship. He says that he thought the journey would take 7 days but it took a month.

Ae shin asks him why a 9-year-old boy left Joseon. Eugene says, “Kill him. It may be a waste of my property, but this will teach the other slaves a lesson, so I guess it is not all a loss.” Eugene (teary-eyed) tells Ae shin that was his last memory of Joseon. Ae shin asks who said those words and Eugene says that it was some nobleman. Eugene asks her was it the nobleman’s words that had shocked her or was it Eugene’s origin. Eugene tells her that he was a slave when he was in Joseon. He asks Ae shin if there is a life for butchers and slaves in the country that she is trying so hard to protect. They stand on the frozen river as the icy wind blows.


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It was a well-planned move to use the Joseon government to kill Lee Se hun. It was wise of Eugene to check Lee Jeong mun’s loyalty (using the palace interpreter) before handing the document over to him.Eugene has succeeded in the first step of his revenge plan. He managed to get Seung gu (who hates America) to side with him too. After the scene at the bar, Eugene hinted that the 3 of them ( Eugene, Dong mae and Hui Seung) must see Wan-ik as the real enemy and take him down. Now that, I would gladly look forward to, as it is always a great watch every time the 3 of them share screen space.

Dong mae is unpredictable when it comes to his actions. Instead of killing the porter, he allowed him to flee, just because he was Ae-shin’s comrade. Dong mae says that he doesn’t risk his life for anything but his actions prove otherwise.

Eugene feels that he is in big trouble as Ae-shin reciprocates his love, but it looks like Dong mae and Hui Seung aren’t better off either. Both Dong mae (saving the porter) and Hui Sueng (when he limps at the bar) are trying to protect Ae-shin though their love is unrequited. It seems like they are going to destroy themselves too.

At the hotel, Hina Kudo has hinted that she sees Ae shin as her romantic rival and Ae shin should watch herself around Hina.

I liked the scene where Hui Seung explains why he doesn’t have ambitions. Hui Seung says he wants to lead a simple life free from politics and hierarchy. It is sad that his life (in the future) was already complicated even before he was born.

All the scenes with Eugene and Ae-shin were a delight to watch. At the Hotel room, where Eugene told his story about the music box and Ae shin explained her life’s purpose was a strong scene. Eugene felt that Joseon is closer to Ae shin’s heart than he is. Eugene decided to tell Ae-shin about his origin but he seems to have already decided that she will cut ties with him once she hears it. On a lighter note it is funny how he doesn’t want Ae shin to find out his shortcomings (can’t read Korean.) it’s also funny to see how easily he lies to her (he said he doesn’t know Lee-se hun while he was the one who planned Se-hun’s death) while she always speaks the truth.

Favourite dialogue from Episode 9

“My life is also vibrant (like a flower). The only difference is that I wish to be a flame.”- Go Ae-shin

“Is there a place for butchers and a life for slaves in this country that you are trying so hard to protect?” – Eugene Choi

-By Soul Sword-

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