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Mr Sunshine Episode 10 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 10 Recap

Eugene and Ae shin stand on the frozen river. Eugene quotes, “Kill him. It may be a waste of my property, but this will teach the other slaves a lesson, so I guess it is not all a loss.” Eugene (teary-eyed) tells Ae shin that was his last memory of Joseon. Ae shin asks who said those words and Eugene says that it was some nobleman. Eugene asks her was it the nobleman’s words that had shocked her or was it Eugene’s origin.

Eugene tells her that he was a slave when he was in Joseon. He says that Joseon is the country that killed his parents and the one he had escaped from. He had wanted to crush it, leave it and go back to America, his homeland. He says he had then met a woman who had made him waver. He says that he knew Ae shin would give him that look if he told her his story. He says that though he knew, it still hurts. Eugene asks her, “This country you are trying to protect. Who is it for? Is there a place for butchers? Is there a life for slaves?”


Ae shin is teary-eyed and Eugene tells her that he will take the bowl with him and asks her to head back first. He says that they can no longer walk side by side. As she starts to walk away Ae shin staggers and sits down. Eugene comes to her and offers his hand. She takes his hand and stands up. She then slowly lets go of his hand. She thanks him and walks away.

Ae shin’s hand shivers as she sits in her palanquin on the way back. She is still shocked at what she heard.

Outside the Glory Hotel, the rickshaw drivers discuss Lee se Hun’s death. They comment that they are earning extra’ as more foreigners are coming to the hotel since he died.

Dong mae and his men walk the streets of Jengogae. Dong mae comments that Lee se hun was a nobody who died as a traitor. He smiles and says it was an honourable death and history will remember him.

Choon-sik is at the French bakery and he comments that Lee se hun’s mistress has run away with all of the gold. The baker and he wonder where she must be as she couldn’t have gone far with that much gold.

The mistress meets Hina Kudo and asks for one of her dresses. She says she will be recognised if she travels in her own attire. Hina asks what makes her think that Hina won’t turn her in. The mistress says that there is nothing money can’t buy and puts a gold bar on the table. Hina notices that the bag is full of gold bars. Hina asks the mistress to choose a dress.


Hina shows the mistress her wardrobe and asks her to take 3 dresses for the golden bar. The mistress thanks her and Hina says that the mistress can repay her kindness with the bag. Hina holds up the gold bar and says that the bar is for the dresses and the rest of the gold is for letting the mistress live. When the mistress objects, Hina says the price that one must pay for being a traitor’s mistress should be death and not gold. She says that if the mistress doesn’t agree, she would lose both the gold and her life.


Wan ik is taking treatment for his leg and he talks to his subordinate. Wan-ik comments that Lee se hun is not smart enough to find the document. He says that Lee se hun had fallen in Lee Jeong mun’s trap. He asks the subordinate if he is worried because Lee Jeong mun is his cousin. The subordinate says that if Lee Jeong mun had the document all along, he wouldn’t have involved  Lee se hun. Wan-ik says that he can’t place who is behind the incident as Lee se hun had many enemies. He then asks for a coat and rifles to go hunting. The subordinate expresses concern over Wan ik’s leg but Wan ik brushes it off. He says that he regrets letting the boy (Seung gu at the battle of Ghanghwa) who shot his leg to walk away unpunished.

Seun gu/ Jang is lying down as he remembers Wan ik telling him that it is up to the foreigners to save their lives as Joseon has abandoned them. He also remembers seeing the King the day before.


Meanwhile, the King is having his coffee and Lee Jeong mun sits with him. The King asks him the most appropriate way to spend the deposit. Lee Jeung mun says that Britain is aiding Japan with money. He says that if a war breaks out between Japan and Russia, Joseon will face the highest loss. He suggests that they realign the Royal Military Academy. The King agrees and asks for a trustworthy man (referring to Eugene). Lee Jeong mun says that he isn’t sure as to where Eugene’s loyalties lie. He thinks back to Eugene tipping him off about the palace interpreter (who Lee Jeung mun killed) and talking about the document (resulted in Lee se hun getting killed). He asks for more time to look into Eugene’s motives and the King agrees.

Hina Kudo walks into Lee se hun’s house with the bag of gold. Lee Jeung mun meets her there. She says that a traitor’s house is usually taken by the government. She says that as Joseon has no money she would like to invest. She puts the bag of gold on the table and says that she wants to buy the house. He tells her that he will inform the Ministry of Finance. Lee Jeung mun asks her if she has met her father since he is back in Joseon. She says that she doesn’t have a father. He tells her that he is still looking for her mother. She says that he tells her that every time. He asks her if she doesn’t believe him. She says that she has to trust what he says. She says that her mother is as precious to her as the information that she passes to Lee Jeung mun.


He asks her what she thinks about Eugene. She says that as a guest, he is a long-term guest who pays his rent on time. She says he is an American man with black hair otherwise. She says that when things go south, America will say he is from Joseon while Joseon will say he is an American. She says he is nothing but a lonely foreigner. She says that he doesn’t seem to have any family and that his acquaintances are mostly American. She adds that his room was rummaged many times. Lee Jeung mun thinks about Eugene telling that he will pass on the document to him. He asks Hina if Eugene has any Joseon friends. Hina says that Hui Seung stays in the adjacent room but they are not on good terms. She says that he has had a few interactions with Go Ae-shin.

Ae shins is on the mountaintop tending to her wound as Eugene’s words echo in her ears (This country you are trying to protect. Who is it for? Is there a place for butchers? Is there a life for slaves?). She ties the bandage so tight that it bleeds. Her eyes well up as she remembers Dong mae’s words “You are just a noble fool who lives in luxury”.


Seung gu comes by and she asks him if he is the leader of her comrades. He says that he certainly is her leader. She then asks him who Seung gu’s leader is. She asks if the leader is a noble. She asks him who all can live in The Joseon that the boss wants to protect. Seung gu asks why is she suddenly asking these questions. She says that someone asked her the same question. She says it had hurt both of them though it is a simple question.

Seung gu says that Eugene had returned the bank certificate to Joseon. He says that Eugene had also gotten rid of Lee se hun and a found a safe land route for So-a (Geisha) to escape. She says that Seung gu always told her that it was better if she didn’t know things. She asks him why he was telling her this. Seung gu says that Ae-shin knowing this seems to be important to Eugene. Seung gu asks if it is important to her as well. Ae shin says that it is.


Seung gu asks her if she knew about Eugene’s low birth. Ae shin is surprised that Seung gu knew it already. He says that when Ae shin had started training, he had spoken down to her. He says he had done that so that she wouldn’t come back but Ae shin had persisted. He says that Ae shin had come for 10 years. Seung gu says that should answer all the questions that Eugene had asked her. Seung gu kneels down and tells her that if people find out how close he and Ae shin were, he will be killed for mistreating a noble.

Ae shin tears up as she starts to talk but Seung gu interrupts her. He says that it has nothing to do with how Ae shin feels since it’s the law. He tells her that time has come for her to part ways with Eugene. Ae shin cries silently.


Hina Kudo’s maid rummages through Eugene’s room as Dong mae had ordered her to. She runs into Hina while going out and tries to make excuses for being there. Hina doesn’t believe her and takes her to her room. Hina asks the maid as to what she was searching for. Hina wonders who is controlling a person as stupid as the maid. The maid apologises to Hina. She says that Hina was the one who had asked her not to cry but bite. Hina responds by saying that the maid should know where to bite the opponent. She tells the maid that it is important not to bite even though she can bite and that is called loyalty. The maid says that she was asked to find an English document and she had found it. she says that it was not the right document. She falls to her knees and begs for forgiveness. Hina Kudo says that forgiveness is for someone who you will meet again. She says that she knows who is controlling the maid. She asks the maid to get out.


Wan ik meets Hayashi at night and introduces himself. Wan Ik promises to see to it that Japanese currency circulation increases if he is made the Minister of Foreign affairs. Wan ik suggests using the Anglo-Japanese Alliance to make this happen. Hayashi says that Lee se hun was just a dog and he asks Wan-ik what he is. Wan ik laughs as he says that he will be the boss of other dogs.

Hayashi sees Joseon ministers wading through the water to get through them. Hayashi asks if this was a deliberate move by Wan ik to be seen with Hayashi. Wan-ik says that they are allies.

Once inside the tent, Wan-ik serves them meat and tells them that they need to serve the right person if they want to live. He tells them not to let him down.

Eugene reads the notice outside Glory Hotel which reads “Workers wanted”. Hina says that one of her maids quit. Eugene says that his room was searched again and asks her if that was the reason. She asks him if anything is missing and mentions the bank document. Eugene says that he doesn’t follow what she is saying. Hina comes near Eugene and whispers that an important document that was missing had suddenly surfaced at Lee se hun’s house. she says that the maid who was fired was looking for an English document in a guests room. She asks him if he still doesn’t follow and Eugene says that he doesn’t.


Eugene asks her shouldn’t she apologise to him for his room being searched and offer to switch his room. She in return asks him that shouldn’t he be the one complaining and asking for a change of room. He says that he is an understanding person. She asks him if he wants to change his room. He remembers that he had asked Ae shin to return the music box later on, so he refuses to shift his room.

Eugene reaches his office and Do mi greets him. Eugene asks Do mi how his sister was doing and informs him that the Glory Hotel is looking for a maid. He says that they provide food and lodging. Do mi is delighted at hearing this. He asks Do mi for a favour.


Eugene learns to write Korean as Do mi teaches him. Do mi asks him to sit straight as a good posture is important for good handwriting. He then writes out Eugene’s name in Korean and shows it to Eugene. Eugene writes out from his memory, the text which Ae shin had asked him to read. He asks Do mi to read it. Do mi reads it as “I Mssd You”. He then guesses that it was meant to be “I Missed You” and corrects the spelling. He gives it to Eugene. Eugene remembers Ae shin and says “Me too”.

At the King’s office, the people from Japanese and British ministry are present. They ask Wan ik to be named as the new Foreign Affairs Minister. The King summons Wan-ik and appoints Park Si Deok (Current Minister of Farming and Trade) as the Foreign Affairs Minister. He appoints Wan ik as Minister of Farming and Trade. Everyone is left with no choice but to agree.

Back in his room, Wan ik breaks everything in fury as he yells that the King had ordered him to take care of farms because Wan ik was a tenant farmer. He orders his subordinate to go to Manchuria to bring someone. He swears he will seek revenge.


At Opium Den, Manchuria, we see the traitor who had betrayed Sang wan (Ae-shin’s father). He puts a picture (with him and the members of the righteous Army) in his pocket and leaves.

Dong mae is in his room and asks the Tarot card reader for his fortune. She picks up a card and shows him his fortune which reads “Wishing for clouds and rainbow in a draught- Desperate wish for hope.” Dong mae reads the words and thinks back to when he had held Ae shin’s skirt. He comments that even silk cuts skin.


At Glory Hotel, Dong mae spots Do mi’s sister working as a maid. He recognises her as Taylor’s baby’s sitter. She gets worried as she sees him. He learns that she recently started working here. He says that he looks out for the people here. He notices the silk sheet hanging to dry and comments that its a nice silk (Taylor’s baby’s blanket). She says that she wants to make a vest out of it for Do mi. He suddenly stops in his tracks as he figures out that the document was in the blanket. He asks the girl as to whom she gave the document to. He threatens to take her away if she doesn’t tell.

The girl walks with Dong mae and his men in the street. She suddenly starts running and bangs a window of a shop asking for help. Dong mae’s deputy Pulls her away and throws her to the ground. Ae shin is inside the shop and sees this.

Ae shin comes out and demands to know what is going on. She states that Joseon people should help one another. She asks him why he was being harsh on a child. He says that its none of her business. She asks him why she always crosses path with him in times like this or if he was always like this. He asks her what times is talking about. The girl runs to Ae-shin asking for help but Dong mae drags her by the hair and pulls the girl away and asks if Ae shin was referring to times like this. Ae shin slaps Dong mae and curses that she hopes he will also live through times like this. She orders Haman to take the girl and Haman brings the girl by her side.


Ae-shin demands the reason for Dong mae’s behaviour. Dong mae says that he lost a large sum of money. He says that the girl turned over an object (that Dong mae was searching for) to someone else. Ae shin says that she will compensate Dong mae for it and asks him how much he had lost. He asks her to bring whatever she can and he will negotiate. He asks her to bring it by herself on the 15th of this month and he will tell her the price. He says that the girl will be safe till the 15th. He tells the girl to make a good vest for her brother using the good silk and leaves.


Dong mae smiles as he walks and his deputy notices this. Dong mae says that though a while ago she had wanted him dead (At Jemulpo, she had said she will kill him), now Ae-shin wants him to live (she said she hopes he will also live through times like this).

Ae shin and the servant girl walk on the road. The girl thanks her for helping her and apologises for causing trouble. Ae shin asks if the girl really had something important in her possession. The girl says that he had told that it was the ‘Fate of Joseon’. When Ae shin asks who had said that, the girl says that she can’t disclose the person’s identity. Ae shin smiles and says that the girl is protecting someone so she won’t press it. Ae shin remembers Eugene asking her if she was with the people who had searched his room. She also remembers Dong mae saying he was searching for something and also Seung gu saying that Eugene had returned the document for Joseon.


Ae shin asks the girl how she had come across something so important. The girl says that she had found in Taylor’s child’s quilt and had given it to a person whom she was indebted to. Ae-shin asks the girl to promise her that she won’t tell the person whom she is protecting (Eugene) that Ae shin had helped her. The girl agrees to keep it a secret.

Hui Seung is at the Tailor shop trying out the suit (looks like Ae shin’s disguise). He wonders who all would notice him in this outfit.


Dong mae and Eugene drag Hui Seung (whose face is covered) into Glory Hotel saying that they are helping him as he is limping. Hina is puzzled as she looks at them crossing her. She comments that it looks like Hui Seung is seriously injured or going to be soon.

Once inside the room, Dong mae says that he has to talk to Eugene. He tells Eugene that he had seen him at Jemulpo (Ae shin in disguise). Eugene says that he never asked. Hui Seung comments that Eugene is annoying and Dong mae agrees. Dong mae says that he could’ve killed Eugene if he had answered and it’s bad that he didn’t. Hui Seung asks if the story would be complete if he walks with a limp wearing that suit.


Both Eugene and Dong mae stare at Hui Seung. Hui Seung gives an empty laugh as he was the last one to know. Dong mae says that the 3 of them shouldn’t fight. Eugene doesn’t agree saying that all of them seem to have different information. Hui Seung suggests that they should drink since 3 men gathered together without drinks would look odd. Eugene says that they drinking together is even stranger. Dong mae says that he will end up killing one of them if he drinks today. Eugene says that Dong mae is referring to him. Hui Seung intervenes and says that since he wore the suit, in two weeks everyone will wear it and it’ll become a trend. Dong mae wonders if he should shred the suit to pieces.

Hina is sitting outside with a cigarette and wonders why 3 men worse than strangers are gathered in a room. She says, “Fool (Eugene), Moron (Dong mae), Loser (Hui Seung)”. She wonders why is the girl ( Ae-shin) such a big deal.

Eugene stands outside the legation lost in his thoughts. He smiles and waves as he spots Kyle and Gwan su who are back from their trip.


Inside the office, they share funny stories about their trip. Eugene notices that they have got a lot of gifts for Do mi but none for him. He asks Gwan su if the Geisha left safely and Gwan su confirms it. Eugene asks him if there was no gift for him. Gwan su and Kyle start telling cock and bull stories, which Eugene obviously doesn’t believe. Kyle suggests they go to have chicken soup.


Eugene and Kyle go to the tavern. Hong Pa serves them chicken soup. Kyle asks Eugene why she had served Eugene a bigger chicken. Eugene immediately thinks about Ae-shin buying bowls at the kiln site, gunner Jang being her master and Jang being potter Eun san’s friend. He thinks that the only way to get to Eun san is through the boat from the tavern. Hong Pa used to be cold towards Eugene but now she has given him a big chicken serving because he had saved the geisha. He deduces that they are all comrades. Eugene comments that they are a clumsy organisation. Kyle asks for rice wine.

Kyle gets drunk and starts sliding on the frozen river. Kyle says that Eugene must have had fun when he was young but Eugene corrects him saying he used to work all day. Kyle yells that he loves Joseon.

Eugene says in a low voice, “I wanted to remember this place for a long time but you ruined it all.”


Ae shin is at her home making a red pinwheel. She says that she wanted to come up with a signal that only Eugene and she would understand. A red pinwheel under the apothecary roof would mean that she had left for a mission. She says she didn’t want to keep him waiting at the apothecary unaware as to what was going on.  Haman asks to see if the pinwheel spins well. The both sit outside and blow on the pinwheel. After a while, Ae-shin is sad and leans on Haman’s shoulder.

Eugene and Kyle are drunk as they get to the Hotel. Kyle wonders what the sound is. Eugene recognises it as the sound from the music box and rushes into his room. He comes in to see his room empty with just the music box playing on the table and the wind blowing through the curtains of the open window. Kyle stumbles in asking what it was and Eugene slowly says, “I think I got my answer. Someone just said… Goodbye.”


Ae shin is in her disguise as she stands in the apothecary. She says, “I was saving this as an excuse. Please don’t be hurt.”

As Dong mae walks on the road eating the rock candy, a butcher woman and her child bow down to him. Dong mae remembers how he and his mother had bowed the same way in his past. He throws the packet of candy in the butcher woman’s basket saying that New Year is approaching. As he walks away, the child immediately starts eating the candy.


In her room, Hina looks at an old picture of her and her mother. She says that she might not recognise her mother if she saw her now and says that she is scared.

At the legation, Eugene requests a transfer to Shanghai or Japan. Kyle asks him the reason for the sudden decision but Eugene just asks Kyle to check if he can move as soon as possible. Kyle asks if something had happened while Kyle was gone. Eugene replies in Korean that he shouldn’t have come back to Joseon.


In a get-together at Ae shin’s house, the relatives try to persuade Ae shin’s grandfather to adopt a son to carry on his name. They say that the Kim family will not allow Hui Seung to stay here, as he is their only son. They say that its high time the grandfather came to terms with the death of his sons. The grandfather warns them not to say that his sons are dead and sends them away.

Ae shin is practising shooting. She has overheard her grandfather’s conversation earlier. She wonders about her parents whom she has never met. She wonders if they are happy together after leaving her to live all alone. She wishes that they visit her in her dreams and make her come to her senses.

Eugene rides through the forest as his voiceover narrates, “Dear Joseph, on the way back to Joseon, I may have had some hopes. I hoped that I had changed and I hoped that Joseon would have changed too. hence I hoped that I would stand next to the woman I met on this soil and walk side by side with her from the very first moment I saw her. (Eugene goes up to the graves and sprinkles alcohol over them) But it doesn’t seem like I have managed to get out of the small crate yet. Even though I knew that she would give me that look if I told her my long story. Because of her sincerity, I’ve decided to run away from Joseon again. I will leave Joseon. Joseph, I don’t think I will see you before I leave. Please stay healthy.”


Eugene returns to the hotel to see the guards there. Hina brings him in and he sees the King waiting for him. The king says that he used coffee as an excuse to stop by. He says he has a favour to ask Eugene. He asks Eugene to be a drill instructor for the Royal Military Academy. Eugene refuses but the King is persistent saying that Eugene doesn’t care about class or factions. Eugene corrects him by saying that he does care about class. He says that Joseon people helped him get his personal revenge. Hina walks in with some coffee and hears Eugene as he says that he will be leaving Joseon soon. When the King asks if something had caused him despair, Eugene says that he wants to leave because he doesn’t want to end up hurting someone. The King asks Eugene to leave as he cannot order Eugene to stay (as Eugene is an American).

Hina comments that the King wasn’t able to persuade Eugene. He says that even a King can’t get his way every time. As the king gets ready to leave, Hin Kudo says that even a King must pay for his coffee. The King laughs loudly and asks how much he owes her.


Hui Seung is having his meal with his parents. His father tells him to move back in and to expedite the wedding. His mother disagrees and starts yelling at the father. She says that she doesn’t want to draw attention. Hui Seung asks if something is going on and they both deny in unison. Hui Seung asks if this is about the two guys tailing him and grabbing him by the collar. His parents are shocked hearing this. Hui Seung then says that they were ugly jerks whom Hui Seung had let go after a talk. He then asks his father for Lucky money. His father says that though Hui Seung is 30, he still behaves like a kid. Hui Seung says that it has been 3 years since he had turned 30.


At sundown, Eugene visits Eun san at the kiln site. Eugene asks Eun san to let him stay the night (same words he had said as a child) as he is exhausted. Eun san behaves as if he didn’t understand what Eugene is saying. Eugene smiles as Eun san asks him to stay the night at the tavern. Eun san is tempted when Eugene offers him American Beer.


Eun san finishes all the beer and says he doesn’t like it. Eugene asks if he will be allowed to stay the night. Eun san asks Eugene to get lost. Eugene states that he had bought costly drinks and yet Eun san is kicking him out. He then says that he wants to at least take some broken bowls in exchange for the drinks.


Eugene gets up to leave as he isn’t allowed to stay the night. He tells Eun san to be the same cranky old man that he used to be but asks him not to get too old. Eugene says that he is glad that he got to meet Eun san again. He tells Eun san to not to act as if he knows nothing. He asks Eun san if he saw everything while searching Eugene’s room. Eun san immediately starts denying it and Eugene starts smiling. Eugene says that Eun san would’ve seen an ornament that is worth 3 mals of rice. Eun san says that if he had seen something like that he would have sold it a long time ago. Eugene tells him to keep acting like he knows nothing. Eugene says, “I survived, I made it to America safe and sound. I’m sorry I couldn’t do much to repay your kindness. That young slave boy was me. I know that this is very late but I wanted to thank you.” He bows to Eun san.


Eugene walks out and sits on the steps to put his shoes on. He hears Eun san’s voice, “You have done enough. You saved So-a’s life, returned the certificate to Joseon and got rid of Lee se hun. You’ve done more than enough to repay me. Eugene puts on his hat as Eun starts laughing. Eun san says, “You did repay my kindness but you are a stingy man, I must say.” Eugene lowers his head and starts to cry silently as Eun san says that Eugene should have brought 2 bags of drinks instead of one. Eun san asks him to stay the night. He gets up to go warm the room and Eugene wipes his tears.


Ae shin is at her school revising words with Nam Jong. Nam Jong says the words “Miss, Mister, Moonlight, Miracle” and notices that Aeshin’s mind is elsewhere. Ae shin tells her the meaning of all the words. Nam Jong says that next set of words are for S, U, V. Ae shin says that S is for sad ending. Nam Jong says that Ae shin knew about sad ending before she started learning English. Ae shin thinks that she had known from the beginning that it would end like this. Ae shin asks Nam Jong for the English equivalent to “A foreign man”. Nam Jong says “Stranger”. Ae shin comments that every word starting with “S” has a sad ending. Nam Jong disagrees and says that there are others words starting with S like “Snow, sunshine, star”. Ae shin says that they all sparkle in the sky. Nam Jong adds in “sky” and asks Ae shin which is her favourite out of them. Ae shin says that she is not sure.

It is a snowy night and Ae shin walks behind the palanquin at night as the streetlights lights flicker due to the approaching tram. Ae shin is thinking about the words as she walks, “Moonlight, miracle, mister, stranger (she remembers the first time she saw Eugene beneath the streetlights)”. She remembers his words, “I knew you would give me that look if I told you my story, but it still hurts.”


She stands in the snow as the tram passes by (the scene shifts from the first time they had met to the present).


Ae-shin’s eyes well up with tears as she thinks of the word “Sunshine” and she sees Eugene on the other side as the tram passes by. She says “Mister… Sunshine.”

Tears streak down Ae-shin’s cheeks the two of them stand facing each other on either side of the track.

Image Courtesy -TVN


This episode was really good and an emotional one.

Eugene meeting Eun-san at the kiln site is one of the best scenes in this series so far. It was extremely emotional when Eugene broke down in tears as Eun-san acknowledged knowing him. Eun-san is the only living person who Eugene associates to as a parental figure. He is the only good memory that Eugene has of Joseon. It is sad to see how Eugene, who is strong and majestic at any point in time, immediately takes a back-step when there is a mention of origin and caste.

It was intriguing to finally see Hina Kudo’s other side. She seems to be providing information (to the government) in exchange for finding her mother’s whereabouts. She has a ruthless side to her when it comes to traitors (the scene with Lee se hun’s mistress) which perhaps roots from her hatred towards her father Wan-ik. She is gutsy enough to ask the King to pay for his coffee.

The scene in which King Gojong didnt appoint Wan Ik as Foreign Affairs Minister despite pressure from Japan and Britain was admirable.

I liked the fact that Ae shin immediately came to know that Eugene had returned the document to Joseon and that her ignorance (to the issue) was not prolonged.

Apart from her family, most of the people that Ae-shin interacts with are of low origin. Despite fighting for the commoners, her reaction when she learnt of Eugene’s origin shows how the caste system is deeply set in the minds of even the most learned people. Her reaction took me by surprise, but it showed the impact the hierarchical society had on people during those times.

Living in the modern society, we can only imagine how tough a life the people of low birth would have led. The prevalence of the caste system was portrayed perfectly in this episode as even Ae shin, who is a kind and loving person could not overlook Eugene’s origin, though he is an American national. Her staunch upbringing in the Joseon society became a barrier against her free will.

On the other hand, Eugene’s, Dong mae’s and Seung gu’s words (their life in Joseon) seem to haunt her. It seems like she is feeling guilty for being a noble born. A seed of doubt (inequality in society) seems to arise in her mind with respect to the cause that she is fighting for.

It was interesting to see how the title was incorporated into the scene at the end of the episode. To Ae shin, Eugene is a ray of sunshine in the snowy and starry night sky, so she calls him “Mr Sunshine”.

Ae shin is strong-willed and usually gets her way. I am curious to see how her character evolves from here as it is the first time she is being faced with an internal conflict between her beliefs and her love.

-By Soul Sword-

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