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Mr Sunshine Episode 11 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 11 Recap

Ae shin tells Nam Jong the meaning of the words “Miss, Mister, Moonlight, Miracle”. Nam Jong says that next set of words are for S, U, V. Ae shin says that S is for sad ending. Nam Jong says that Ae shin knew about the sad ending before she started learning English. Ae shin remembers Eugene’s words, “I knew you would give me that look if I told you my story, but it still hurts.”Ae shin murmurs that she had known from the beginning that it would end like this.

Ae shin asks Nam Jong for the English equivalent to “A foreign man”. Nam Jong says “Stranger”. Nam Jong writes other words starting with S like “Snow, sunshine, star”. Ae shin says that they all sparkle in the sky. Nam Jong adds in “sky” and asks Ae shin which one is her favourite out of them. Ae shin says that she is not sure.

It is a snowy night and Ae shin walks behind the palanquin at night as the streetlights lights flicker due to the approaching tram. Ae shin is thinking about the words as she walks, “Moonlight, stranger”. She remembers the first time she had seen Eugene (in his disguise after killing Taylor). She thinks the word “Music” and remembers him giving her the music box. She remembers him asking her if there was a place or life for butchers and slaves in the country that she is trying to protect.


She thinks of the word “Sunshine” and remembers the first time she had seen Eugene across the tram tracks. She stands in the snow as the tram passes by (the scene shifts from the first time they had met to the present).

In the present tears flow down her eyes as she sees Eugene standing across the tracks looking at her.

Hina Kudo is standing in the passing tram watching the two of them.


Eugene says that it is a bad day to go for a walk as it looks like it won’t stop snowing. Ae shin says that she will take her chances. She asks him to take her to a place where others can’t see them.

Hina Kudo puts out her hand feeling the snowflakes as she travels in the tram. A hand clasps her hand and pulls her off the tram. She falls into Dong mae’s arms as he comments that her hands seemed cold. He realises that she is holding her gun pointed to his side and moves away.


She warns him to be careful before taking a lady’s hand as they don’t always carry rainbows and sunshine. He comments that he has been encountering dangerous women these days and she says that women follow their kind. He says that he had been nice these days. She says that she got herself a new coat (strikes a pose). He compliments her by saying that it’s as pretty as her and offers to walk her back.

Eugene and Ae shin stand facing each other. Eugene notices Ae shin’s cold hands and holds out his gloves. She takes them and remembers him holding out his hand for her on the frozen river. Eugene comments that they (gloves) are not for her to just hold. Ae shin apologises to Eugene for her reaction the other day and for having hurt him.


Ae shin says that she wanted to live as a fighter. She says that she lied to her grandfather and became a burden to those loyal to her. She says she was encouraged because she was doing the right thing. She says that after she heard his story her world came crumbling down. She says that she never once had given a thought to his origin as she had assumed he was a nobleman. She says that she thought she was different from the nobles but she wasn’t. The cause that she had fought for was ironic. She says that she is only a spoilt noble girl who hasn’t been able to step out of her palanquin. She asks him not to get hurt.


Eugene steps forward and puts the gloves on for her. He then holds her hand and says that she has always been moving forward. He says that this was just a setback. He asks her to keep moving forward and says that he is taking a step back. He says that this is not because she is too high up. He says she could’ve either stayed silent or overlooked it but since she is here in tears, he is stepping back.

Eugene says in this world, differences exist like the difference in power, opinions and social status. He says that both of them are not to blame for that but the fact that they had met in this kind of world. He asks her to be a fighter as her Joseon is the home for Ms Haman, Mr Haengrang, potters, interpreters, slave hunters, etc. He tells her that being Lady Ae shin is the smarter and safer choice. He tells her to survive this mess. He asks her to live long and protect her Joseon. Eugene tells Ae shin to keep the gloves and asks her not to trip again. He tips his hat and leaves.


Dong mae and Hina Kudo walk on the street. She comments that his cheeks are still intact considering it was quite a slap. He says that it had somewhat hurt as he wasn’t used to being hit by someone. She asks him why he was slapped. He says that he shot a blackbird so that it wouldn’t fly again. He asks her to slap him too as he heard that Gui-dan (Hina’s maid) got caught too. Hina says that she will consider him in debt. He comments that the maid’s devotion to her ill mother is beautiful. She warns him to stay away from her people and Dong mae refuses. He says that the new girl has taken the opposition’s side. He says that he is hurt as he even used to worry about her brother (Do mi).


Hina returns to the hotel and turns around to greet a visitor but stops in recognition. She addresses him as Dr Matsuyama (speaks in Japanese). He tells her that Wan-ik had recommended him to the Hanseong Medical Center as their surgeon.  She asks him what had made Rinoie (Wan-ik) do that. Dr Matsuyama says that he has an autopsy report that states the real cause of Hina Kudo’s husband’s death. Hina comments that this won’t do her any favours.


At the hospital, Dr Matsuyama tells Choon-sik and II-sik that the patient (the servant girl who was shot by Lee se hun ) can be discharged in a week’s time. The girl asks the two of them where she is. They explain that a man has paid for her surgery, treatment and food. He says that the man asked them to take care of her. They tell her that she is at Joseon’s most advanced hospital. The girl is puzzled and asks them why the man is helping her. II-sik says that grownups should help children though they get nothing in return. He asks her to just focus on getting better. She persists and asks for the identity of the man.

In the street, Choon-sik and II-sik tell Eugene that the girl is bombarding them with questions regarding his identity but their lips are sealed. Eugene asks them why his identity is being kept a secret. Choon-sik says that good deeds must be done discreetly.  II-sik says that he had once saved a kid in a crate but Eugene cuts him off saying that he had done the favour only to make himself look cool. He asks them to help themselves to the rice taffy as he has already paid for it and walks away.

Choon-sik comments that a person who returns to their homeland after a rough childhood should be more decent. II-sik says that it is an American joke that will make sense later on.

At the legation, Do mi is sweeping and Eugene gives him the rice taffy that he had bought. He says that it is payment for the Korean lessons. Do mi is delighted and thanks him. Eugene pats Domi’s cheeks and walks away.

In his office, Eugene writes down the letters and asks Do mi how to write ‘Goodbye’. Do mi says that Eugene has not advanced enough to learn double consonants and asks Eugene to continue writing. When Do mi hears Gwan su’s footsteps approaching, he grabs the paper from Eugene’s hands and acts as if he is learning to write. Eugene smiles at this. Gwan su comes up to Eugene and asks him for a day off and Eugene agrees.


Gwan su tells off Do mi for being such a slow learner. He then goes on to say that he is past the age of learning alphabets and that he should learn words that would help write to his future lover. Eugene gets uneasy as it looks like Gwan-su is referring to him. Gwan su asks what would happen if a man doesn’t even know simple words. Eugene asks Gwan su if he thinks he was stupid. Gwan su tries to make it look like he didn’t understand what Eugene is saying. Eugene says that it was insulting and he is hurt. Gwan su apologises that Eugene figured out that he was mocking him. Gwan su comments that Hierarchy means nothing when it comes to teaching and asks Do mi to be strict with Eugene.

After Gwan-su leaves, Do mi apologises to Eugene for starting with consonants and not words. Eugene comments that Do mi is worse that Gwan su and that is probably why he would miss Do mi more than Gwan su. Do mi gets serious hearing this and Eugene doesn’t explain.

Lee se hun’s mistress is at Wan-ik’s house wearing Hina’s clothes. As Wan-ik walks in Deuk mun says that he is not sure whether to kick her out or not.  Wan-ik decides to hear her out and sends Deuk mun away. The mistress falls to her knees and begs him to take her in. She says she had given him everything before Lee Se hun became like this. She says that she used to be a desirable, top class Kisaeng and says she will spend the rest of her life by Wan-ik’s side.  He asks her how he can trust someone who had run away with the gold.  She assures him that it won’t happen again. She also complains that the owner of Glory Hotel had tricked her and taken away all the money.

Wan-ik says that he can’t spare her life and tells her that Hina is his daughter. She starts begging for mercy as he calls up the Police Bureau.


The Policemen bring the mistress. Hina Kudo is already standing there and she gives the policemen 2 bars of gold asking them to step out for a bowl of soup. After they leave, the mistress comments that Hina was wasting the gold.  Hina reminds her that the gold was the price for letting the mistress live. The mistress demands to know why Hina hadn’t said that Wan-ik was her father and that it had nearly got her killed. Hina comments that the mistress would have spoken ill of Hina Kudo. The mistress confirms it in a low tone. Hina asks about the number of servants or guards at Wan-ik’s house at this hour, as the mistress had promised to tell her before. She also asks for details regarding the room and its doors.

At the hotel, Do mi’s sister is burning the silk blanket and Hina Kudo watches this. Hina lights a smoke in the fire and asks the girl what she is doing. The girl says that she knows it is late but she still had to burn it. Hina Kudo says that she should have done the same but she has complicated the situation by not doing so.


Eugene is at the mountaintop and Seung gu comes by. He tells Seung gu that he is here to drop off something and shows him the broken bowls. Seung gu asks him if that was the only reason he had come and Eugene says that he wants to thank him in person. Seung gu says that Eugene has already settled it so he needn’t thank him. He also adds that she (Ae-shin) isn’t coming today. Eugene comments that it is a relief as he is trying to avoid her.

Seung gu says that if Lady Ae-shin wants to build a future with Eugene then he would help her. He also says that if she wants to kill Eugene, he would help her with that as well. When Eugene asks him what Ae shin said, Seung gu says he feels that she wants to do it herself. He says she is practising hard. Seung gu says that Ae shin can shoot 11 out of 10 bowls. He tells Eugene says that though she risks everything to go with Eugene, it cannot happen in Joseon. Eugene says that he knows that. He says that he does not want his presence to make her cry and rather see her smile in his absence.

Eugene asks to borrow the rifle which supposedly hit 11 out of 10 bowls. He says he hasn’t fired a rifle in a long time.

Eugene stands by the cliff-side as he holds Ae-shin’s rifle in his hand. He remembers Ae-shin’s words when he was rowing the boat, “Who knows? How you saw me that night could have been romance in and of itself.”  Eugene had said that a young noble lady should not be making that remark.  Ae shin had smiled and said that it is nice to meet him.

In the present, Eugene says, “It was a pleasure meeting you.” He fires a few shots into the distance, disturbing the birds on the mountains.


Eugene meets Haman and Mr Haengrang at the restaurant. Mr Haengrang says that they wouldn’t speak about Ae shin’s whereabouts even if he treated them to a meal. Haman tells Eugene that Ae shin cries under her blanket every night. Mr Haengrang says that Ae shin’s eyes are puffy from crying. Haengrang says that they came here to scold Eugene and not tell him anything. Eugene says that he is here just to share a meal with them. He asks them to eat before the noodles swell up. Both of them are tempted but they don’t eat. Eugene asks them if he should throw their share out and both of them grab their bowls. When Haman says that its more filling if the noodles are swollen Mr Haengrang says that Eugene will buy them another bowl. Eugene agrees to buy them another bowl and they both eat heartily.


Eugene gives them a small package and asks them to give it to Lady Ae shin saying she will understand once she sees it.

Once outside Ms Haman comments that it looks like Eugene is leaving. They wonder if they should give the package after he leaves as Ae shin is already upset. Mr Haengrang wonders if the package contains perishable items. He tells Ms Haman to place it in a cold place.

Ae shin is in her room looking at the works she had written, “I missed you”. Eugene’s words echo in her mind, “You should keep moving forward. I am taking a step back.” Ae shin runs her hand over the letters ‘I missed you’. She places her finger covering the letters, so that they read, ‘I miss you’.

Eugene stands on the balcony of Glory Hotel as the bell for the night curfew rings and Hanseong goes to sleep.


The next day, Ae shin is in school and she sits by herself holding Eugene’s gloves in her hand. She places her hand over the gloves and she hears Hui Seung’s voice. Ae shin rushes out to see Hui Seung wearing a suit similar to the one she uses as a disguise. Ae shin frowns at him and he asks her if she is welcoming the suit.


Ae shin says that this is the suit that she sent him every year and that she was hurt that he never wrote back if he had received it or not. Though it is late, she thanks him for letting her know. Hui Seung laughs and asks her if that is her plan. She maintains that she doesn’t understand what he is saying. Hui Seung says that he knows and asks her to come to the tram shop if she is curious to know what he is up to. As he walks away, she holds his arm and tells him not to walk around in this suit. He tells her that he has to and says that she will find out the reason on her way to the tram stop. He leaves her walks away hurriedly.

Ae shin is in her palanquin on the way to the tram stop as she sees every man on the street wearing a suit similar to the one Hui Seung was wearing (her disguise). Ae shin is grim as she wonders if this is a gift from her fiancé or a warning.

Dong mae is walking on the street as he overhears the ticket vendor saying that Hui Seung has bought all the tickets to the tram so that he could ride it alone with his special someone. Dong mae  (walking on the tram tracks) stops on the tram’s tracks after hearing this.



Just then, the tram comes in fast with its bell sounding loud. Dong mae doesn’t budge from the tracks and stands still. The tram finally comes to a halt just a few feet before him. Hui Seung yells at dong mae from the tram. Dong mae climbs in and sits down.

28.JPGDong mae warns Hui Seung that he might get shot if he continues to walk around in that suit. He also says that this time it won’t end in Hui Seung just walking with a limp. Hui Seung reiterates that this is where he comes in useful as almost every man in the street is walking in the suit. Dong mae says that he wants to punch Hui Seung despite him being useful. Hui Seung says that Dong mae has to either pay his fare or get out of the tram (since Hui Seung had bought all the tickets). Dong mae laughs saying that it is usually the line he uses.

Ae shin reaches the tram station and gets onto the tram. Hui Seung asks Ms Haman and Mr Haengrang to stay back and tells them that he will drop Ae shin back in the same spot.

As the tram departs, Ms Haman grumbles saying that Hui Seung is petty and draws a comparison to Eugene who had bought them 3 bowls of noodles. Haengrang asks her if she was siding with Eugene because of a bowl of noodles. Haman denies it unconvincingly.


Ae shin sits opposite Dong mae and Hui Seung in the tram. Hui Seung explains that Dong mae had got on without a ticket. He asks her to ignore Dong mae. Ae shin is shocked when she finds out that Hui Seung had bought all the tickets. Dong mae interrupts them and asks Ae shin if she has the money ready. She says that she always keeps her word but Dong mae says that all his debtors say the same. Hui Seung intervenes and tells Dong mae not to bother Ae shin for money. Hui Seung stands up and says that the mountains may belong to the king but most of the land belongs to him. Dong mae says that it means he can bury Hui Seung anywhere.

Dong mae gets up to leave and signals the tram to stop. As the tram hits the breaks, Hui Seung loses his balance and falls on Dong mae hugging him.


Ae shin gives them an odd look as Dong ma/e and Hui Seung stand frozen in the pose. Dong mae glares at Hui Seung who slowly steadies himself and takes a step back. Hui Seung asks Dong mae if he is alright and comments that Dong mae might have been injured. Ae shin suppresses her laugh and Dong mae asks Hui Seung if he should look for a burial spot nearby.

Dong mae gets off the train and watches as the tram goes on.

In the tram, Hui Seung asks Ae shin what she owed Dong mae. She says that she can sort it out by herself. She asks him the reason he wanted to meet her and he says that he wanted just the two of them to ride the tram. He says he wanted to ask her about things like how she had come to hurt her leg, where were the clothes that he had bought, if he could wear the suits that she wears etc. Ae shin says that she had sent all the suits to Japan and Hui Seung says this is he thanking her. He asks to go to the imported goods store but Ae shin refuses. He suggests a boat ride but she says that the river is frozen. She asks him if he enjoys hunting and he asks her if the mountains are advantageous to her. When she doesn’t reply he asks her if she will kill him.

Hui Seung suggests leaving him as her fiancé. He says she can wear his suits and save the country or sell the country and he will be her shadow. He tells her to run to him and hide if things get dangerous. He says it would be an honour if that’s the reason for returning to Joseon. Hui Seung smiles as Ae shin comments that it was a gift. He asks her if she will accept it. Ae shin says that it is better than going to the mountain, as she will be at an advantage if they go there. Hui Seung says that he is honoured.

At Jemulpo Port, the American minister Allen returns from Shanghai.


Deok mun informs Wan-ik of Allen’s return and informs him that the emperor had tried to meet Allen several times over a matter of loan. He says that the minister had avoided meeting the emperor by going to Shanghai. Wan ik comments that Allen has nothing to gain by turning against Japan. Deok mun provides wan ik with reports from interpreters of foreign countries.  Wan ik feels that the emperor might try to contact the American minister to China by himself. He puts the reports in his drawer, along with the autopsy report of Hina Kudo’s husband Shinichi Kudo.

Deok mun says that a few missionaries in Hamgyong province are helping the emperor. Wan ik asks for a name. He tells Deok mun to ask Yong ju to get the job done.

Hina Kudo pats her fingers on the guest register of Glory Hotel.  She remembers the mistress telling her that there were no servants at Wan ik’s house. She had said that there was also a guest as Lee deok mun was sent to book a room for him. Hina opens the register and sees that room 205 had been booked under Lee Deok mun’s name. Just then, the room 205’s key is thrown on the register and the guest walks out before she can see his face.

The minister of Foreign affairs- Park se Deok is travelling in a rickshaw and suddenly another rickshaw pulls up beside him. a gun is pointed at him and he is shot in the head and the rickshaw goes away. Park se deok’s rickshaw puller screams in shock. He runs away calling for attention.


At the office of Government Officials, the Korean Ministers discuss that the Foreign Affairs position is cursed as the appointed ministers keep dying. They decide to put someone whom they suspect (as the killer) on the position and watch if he lives or dies.


At the King’s court, the King asks if anyone is willing to stop Wan-ik. All the ministers bow to the King and plead to make Wan-ik the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The King gives an empty laugh and asks if he should give in. Lee Jeong mun volunteers to become the minister but the King flatly denies it.

Dong mae is practising Judo as a man tells him that he saw a suspicious man. He says that the man didn’t know Go-sa-hong’s house (everyone knew the house). The man says that he had again seen the suspicious man when he was taking a key in Glory Hotel. He asks Dong mae if it was worth something. Dong mae asks the man if he saw the suspicious man’s face, it would be worth something. The man says he had.


At night, the man points out the suspicious man (the traitor who killed Ae shin’s father Sang wan) who walks out of Glory Hotel. Dong mae pays the informer and his men follow the man while Dong mae goes into the hotel.


Inside the Hotel, Dong mae asks Hina Kudo as to which room the guest was staying in. He says that he knows who is staying in 303 and 304. So he asks her if the guest who had left just now stays in room 102 or 205. She comments that she will have to close her hotel if he tries to search the man’s room. He tries to take the register but she takes it saying that her policy is not to give out information on guests. He pushes her away and looks through the register. He sees Lee Deok mun’s name under room no 205. Dong mae asks her who is staying in room 205 and Hina says with contempt that Dong mae is like this usually when Ae shin is involved in it. She says that Ae shin is just a flower swathed in silk. She tells him not to create a weakness. He is serious as he comes up to her and places his hands on her shoulder. He is silent for a few moments and thanks her for the concern but says that it is too late. Hina watches as he leaves.


Wan-ik is having his food as Deok mun comes to him and says that the emperor wants to send a secret message using the missionaries in Hamgyong. He says that they have intercepted a letter from a missionary named Joseph. He gives the letter to Wan-ik. The letter is addressed to Eugene and Wan ik recognises Eugene as the one who had threatened Lee se hun’s carriage. Deok mun also informs him about the Emperor’s visit to the Glory Hotel. Wan ik reads the letter and orders Eugene’s room to be searched. He also orders to break Eugene’s limbs while they are at it.

Do-mi’s sister walks in the corridor of Glory Hotel giving out towels to some rooms. She is about to knock on Eugene’s door but stops herself as she remembers her promise to keep Ae shin helping her as a secret. She notices footsteps inside the room and she leaves.

Once downstairs she informs Hina that someone is inside room 304 but its odd that the key is still in the lobby. Hina gives Do-mi’s sister a complimentary drink and asks her to deliver it to room 205.

Eugene walks into the lobby and Hina sees Do mi’s sister returning with the complimentary drink (no response from room 205). She hands over the key and Eugene notices that he has room 303’s key. He asks Hina if she had deliberately given him the wrong key and Hina tensely nods.

Eugene walks into room 303 and hears an intruder in room 304. He jumps into room 304 from the balcony and holds a gun to the intruders head. He orders the intruder (the traitor who killed Sang wan and is guest in room 205) to turn around.


The man turns around and instantly pulls out his gun. Shots are fired as they try to disarm each other and the intruder runs out into the corridor. He turns around and shoots blindly. Eugene is unable to get a clear shot as the other guests are in the way.


The man gets hold of Do mi’s sister and holds a gun to her head. He dares Eugene to take a shot. Eugene speaks in English to Do mi’s sister (Su mi) and asks her to close her eyes while moving to the left. She immediately ducks to her left and Eugene shoots the man.

The American guards bring the man in for questioning and Eugene asks them to empty the man’s pockets. Eugene finds an old photograph (Sang wan is in the photo too) in the man’s belongings and asks who were the people in it. The man asks for drugs and yells that he will die without them. Eugene asks the guards to let him know when the man comes around.


At his office, Hina Kudo tells Eugene that the room was booked by Lee Deok mun who works for Wan-ik. She says that Deok mun is Vice Chancellor Lee Jeong mun’s cousin and Go Ae-sun’s husband. She says that Ae sun is Ae shin’s cousin. Eugene asks her if there was anything else. Hina thinks about Dong mae going through the record book but doesn’t tell Eugene.


Lee Deuk mun is in Eugene’s office along with Dr Matsuyama. Eugene asks Deuk mun about the guest in 205 being booked under his name. Deuk mun says that the man was an acquaintance. Eugene asks him to be more specific when Deuk mun says the man had helped him greatly. Eugene asks why Deuk mun had brought the doctor. Deuk mun says that it is because the man is unstable and shot. Eugene says that the man would have shot him if Eugene hadn’t done so. Deuk mun says that he doesn’t know who was ordering the man. Eugene allows only the doctor to see the man and says that the guards will be there. He says that the doctor won’t be allowed to speak to the man.

Hina is practising fencing and thinks about telling Wan-ik that her late husband’s cause of death was a mystery. She also remembers the doctor saying that he has the autopsy report. Her instructor (French) comments that she is extremely aggressive today. She says that she likes fencing because she can kill swiftly. He reminds her that the opponent will be armed too. He tells her that aggressiveness will expose her weakness. He asks her to stay elegant. She is pensive as she says that she wants to but the world isn’t letting her.


At night, Hina places a gun under her pillow before going to bed.

Vice Chancellor Lee Jeong mun is at Hong pa’s tavern and she serves him food. He tells her to send a message across the river. He says he wants to meet the missionary from Hamgyong Province sooner than he had planned. He says he wants to see the interpreters’ reports that given to Wan-ik too. Hong Pa agrees.

Hong Pa shoots an arrow with a yellow cloth tired to it across the river.


On the other side of the riverbank, Eun san sees the arrow on a tree trunk.

Seung gu tells Eun san that he hadn’t heard from Sang wok (the porter whom Dong mae had allowed to flee). He says that Sang muk might have been exposed and suspects the Musin Society. Eun san says that the Musin Society had never targeted the Righteous Army. He asks Seung gu to keep an eye on the Musin Society.


Eun san shows him the yellow band and tells him that they are low on men. Seung Gu remembers Ae shin’s grandfather asking him not to use her in too many missions. Seung gu offers to do it himself but Eun San refuses to allow him as he has a history with Wan-ik (Seung gu had shot Wan-ik in his leg). Eun san asks him to find someone else.

As Ae shin climbs up the mountains she remembers telling Eugene that it is nice to walk side by side with him. She remembers agreeing to “Love” and hugging him at the apothecary.

She walks to the mountaintop and stops walking as she hears the music from the music box playing from inside the hut. Ae shin rushes into the hut and sees Ms Haman meddling with the music box.


She is teary-eyed as she asks Haman how she got to have the music box. Haman is startled to see her and she tells her that Eugene had given it to her. Ae shin asks Haman if she had met her. Haman says that she had met him a while ago and it looked like he was leaving. When asked when he is leaving, Haman says that he might have already but is unsure. She hands over the music box to Ae shin saying that he gave this to Ae shin as payment for the boat ride.

Ae shin grabs the music box from Haman and runs out of the hut crying silently. She stops as she sees Seung gu approaching. Haman runs behind Ae shin with her change of clothes. Seung gu asks her where she was going without even changing her clothes. Ae shin doesn’t reply. Seung gu sees the music box in her hand and says that they need a pair of extra hands. He asks her if she will help. Ae shin agrees and Seung gu asks her to finish the bowls before going.


Eugene sees the photograph that he had obtained from the intruder. The words behind the photograph read, “Tokyo, spring, 1874 Go Sang wan”.


Eugene comes by the apothecary and sees a red pinwheel on the roof (similar to the one Ae shin had made previously. She had told Haman that it was a signal that she was off on a mission).


Its a rainy night as Ae shin in her disguise sneaks into a house jumping over the wall. Hina Kudo walks into a house (Wan-ik’s place). She picks the lock and goes into a room. Ae shin is in the next room going through things in Wan ik’s desk. She finds Joseph’s letter addressed to Eugene and wonders what it is doing here. Her gun falls down and Hina who is in the other room hears it. Hina walks down the stairs wearing a mask (she finds in the room) and holding out her sword.


Ae shin stands on the other side of the wall with her gun. Ae shin leaps out and they start fighting. Ae shin defends herself using the rifle in place of a sword. Hina’s sword catches Ae-shin’s scarf and it falls off. At the same time, Ae shin knocks off Hina’s mask. The documents fall to the floor and both of them are shocked at seeing each other’s identity.


Image Courtesy-TVN


This episode covered Eugene saying his goodbye to all his well-wishers in Joseon and Ae shin brooding over the choice that she had made.  It was thrilling towards the end of the episode as the plot thickened further.

The scenes where eugene meets his acquaintances shows that Ae shin wont be the only person who will miss him if he leaves Joseon.It is intriguing to see that Joseph has a bigger role to play in the plot. It also hints that Eugene may not be leaving Joseon as he had planned.

It was naive of Ae shin to have assumed that Eugene was a nobleman. Her actions are like those of an ordinary noblewoman with extra skills in combat. It is ironic that Ae shin still wants to meet Eugene despite her decision to cut ties with him.

It is funny to see that when everybody is trying to keep himself or herself alive, Lee se hun’s mistress seems to value her gold more than her life. She doesn’t seem to be grateful that she is alive and keeps worrying about Hina Kudo spending the gold.

Hina Kudo is impressive as she works independently. Recruiting the mistress to spy for her and her quick thinking in handling the intruder in Eugene’s room was admirable. Her sword skills are impressive as she managed to unmask Ae-shin who fights better than most men  (as Seung had said) and has trained diligently for 10 years.

Both the tram scenes were good but I enjoyed watching the scene with Dong mae and Hui Seung more than the one with Dong mae and Hina Kudo. Dong mae’s reaction when he found out that Hui Seung had booked all the tickets in the tram was awesome. The fact that Hui Seung is totally unaffected by Dong mae’s temper is really humorous. The highlight of the scene was when Hui Seung ended up hugging Dong mae and Dong mae just stood still probably stunned at what had just happened.

The scene with the intruder in Eugene’s room was mysterious and thrilling to watch. The last scene where Hina Kudo and Ae shin fought each other was well made as one had a gun and the other a sword.

I can’t wait for the next episode as I want to see what Hina and Ae shin’s next move would be as both their identities are now compromised.

-By Soul Sword-

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