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Mr Sunshine Episode 12 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 12 Recap

Seung gu’s voice-over narrates that Lee wan-ik is invited to the British minister’s birthday in 3 days (its raining and we see all the ministers gathered for a party at Hwawollu and Dong mae is outside). We see Ae shin breaking into Wan-ik’s house on that very day following Seung gu’s orders.


The British Minister thanks Hayashi for throwing the party. Hayashi speaks with a heavy Japanese accent and says that the British minister is a friend. The Russian minister comments that the island people have teamed up. Hayashi warns the Russian minister to withdraw his troops from Young Am-po or threatens to wipe them out. The Russian Minister says that they have already made an agreement with Qing (China) and that Japan doesn’t have a say in it. He also asks Hayashi about what he will do if Russia refuses to withdraw troops. He asks Hayashi if Japan could win a war against Russia and starts laughing. Hayashi bangs the table. Allen (American Minister) intervenes and asks about the death of the 2 foreign ministers.

Dong mae thinks about the guest in room 205 as he stands outside.


As Wan-ik comes out Dong mae approaches him and says that there is more to take from a party than a funeral (Wan-ik is carrying a bag). Wan-ik asks if a mercenary wants to turn a businessperson. Dong mae says that he is worried that his sword will get rusty as the peace talks are on. Wan-ik tells Dong mae to escort Allen to Wan-ik’s room and leave the Geisha outside. Dong mae agrees asks the Geisha to escort Wan-ik to the Red Room.

Dong mae thinks back to when Hina had asked him to keep the guards at Wan-ik’s house occupied for half an hour at night the next day. She asks this as repayment for what he owed her.

In the present, Dong mae calls his deputy and asks him to take the guards in Wan-ik’s house out to dinner for half an hour.

Meanwhile, Hina Kudo and Ae shin point their weapons at each other as they stand in Wan-ik’s house. The lightning lights up the room and Ae shin sees the Autopsy report on the floor near her foot. Hina Kudo says that the autopsy report is what she wants. Ae shin says that the document near Hina on the floor is what she had come for. They agree to exchange the documents and Hina pushes the documents towards Ae shin using the sword. Ae-shin lowers her gun and kicks the autopsy report towards Hina. Hina asks Ae shin to come by her hotel to finish this some other time. Ae shin asks Hina to meet her at the bakery at Jingogae in 3 days time.

Ae shin jumps over the wall and Hina leaves through the front gate. As she is leaving, she hears Deok mun’s voice asking her to identify herself. Hina takes out her sharp hairpin but Deok mun falls to the ground before that. She turns around to strike the attacker (who struck Deok mun) but it is Dong mae and he catches her before she strikes.


He pulls up her umbrella and walks her to a crowded and bright place saying its safer to walk away while being chased. Once they reach the street, Hina asks Dong mae why he was here at this hour. He says that he couldn’t stop thinking about the debt he owes her and the reason she was mad at him. He says that he is too handsome to be hated but that is the case with her. He tells her to consider the debt paid in double. He asks her to go alone from here as it is safer. She asks him if he wasn’t going to the Police Bureau and he laughs saying that he is going to the bar. He leaves after saying that two weeks is a long time to pass (refers to meeting Ae shin in 2 weeks). Hina watches Dong mae as he walks away and leaves.


Eugene is at the bar thinking about the red pinwheel (Ae shin had told Haman that red pinwheel would be a sign that she was out a mission) as he drinks. Dong mae asks if this is the only bar in Hanseong as he sits next to Eugene. Eugene says that this is the only bar that is open so late. Dong mae says that this is the only vacant seat and Eugene says that it is not. Dong mae says that it is the only corner seat.


Dong mae starts drinking and says that he had heard that Eugene had almost died when his hotel was ransacked. Eugene observes that Dong mae must have been disappointed that Eugene survived. Dong mae calls him lucky but Eugene corrects him by saying that he is skilled. Dong mae asks Eugene if he knows why the person had ransacked his room. When Eugene says he is figuring it out, Dong mae asks him to hurry as Allen is currently having drinks with Wan-ik. Dong mae also tells him not to associate himself with Wan-ik as Wan-ik is Japanese and not a Joseon man. Eugene says that since Dong mae is saying this, he can’t take it seriously.  Dong mae says that he changes nationality according to the currency in which he is paid. Eugene thanks him for the Intel. Eugene asks Dong mae to order a snack saying that it is on him. Dong mae orders a large plate but Eugene asks to make it a small plate. Dong mae glares at Eugene and Eugene explains that they give large portions here.

At Wan-ik’s home, Deok mun checks for missing items and Wan-ik says that whatever was in the drawers was gone. He wonders if there were 2 robbers as there is inconsistency in what is missing. Deok mun says that the guards weren’t there at the post. Wan –ik comments that Dong mae is digging his own grave. Deok mun asks what should be done with Kim Yong –Ju (the traitor) as he might let something slip once the drugs wear off. Wan-ik says that Yong-Ju will be out soon and tells Deuk mun to keep Yong ju in a prison cell in Joseon Police Bureau. After Deuk mun leaves, Wan-ik wonders why the letter was taken.

Eugene stands in the rain watching the red pinwheel. He remembers Ae shin saying that her life is vibrant too but the only difference is that she wants to be a flame. The pinwheel falls into a muddy puddle. He walks on the bridge and sees Ae shin in her male disguise. They both stop in their tracks seeing each other. Ae shin starts walking and as she crosses Eugene she notices the red pinwheel in his hand. Eugene stands as Ae shin walks past him.


Ae shin is in the apothecary wearing Eugene’s glove looking at the letter addressed to Eugene which she had obtained from wan-ik’s house.


The next day at the legation, Eugene asks Gwan su about Lee Wan-ik. Gwan su asks him if Lee Wan Ik was the one who tried to kill Eugene. Eugene asks how they went from Kim Yong-Ju to Lee Wan Ik. Gwan su explains that Deok mun who works for Wan ik takes care of Yong ju so he guesses that Wan ik tried to kill Eugene. Eugene comments that if that was the case then a sniper would’ve been hired. Eugene says that the goal was to scare him off. He says that he waiting for the person’s next move. Gwan su tells Eugene that Wan ik has Ito Hirobumi’s (Japanese ruler) support. He says that is the reason the Joseon court refused to let Wan ik become foreign minister. Gwan su states that the foreign ministers have been dying since then. He also tells Eugene that he had seen a missing person poster for Wan-ik’s first wife in Hamgyong province. He adds that Wan–ik had remarried a Japanese woman. Eugene deduces that someone else must be looking for the wife then. Gwan su says Hina Kudo has been looking for her for many years now.

II-sik and Choon-sik are giving out flyers (sketch of Hina’s mother) to people as Hina sits in the background.

Later, Hina is in her room with the autopsy report. She touches her chin and comments that it hurts. She comments that she is impressed to see a girl from a noble family wielding a gun.

Ae shin is by the riverside as she wonders why the owner of Glory Hotel would want an autopsy report. She has Eugene’s gloves in her hands. She touches her lip wound from confronting Hina.


At the tavern, Ae shin passes the documents (interpreter’s reports) to Seung gu. He asks her if she found something else. She replies quickly in the negative. He enquires about her injury but she says that its nothing and will heal fast. When he thanks her she says that she has made her choice and asks him to to be concerned. He asks her if she resents him and she says that he had helped her realise her true feelings. She says that she would have run to Eugene if Seung gu hadn’t stopped her that day.

Ae shin says that she had heard Eugene is leaving Joseon. She says she had thought back about every moment that they had met and their choices. She says that his choices were always quiet and heavy. She says his choices seemed selfish and sometimes cruel but he was always walking in the right direction. She tells him that is why she doesn’t regret having any feelings for him. She says she cannot go back to where she was before she had met him and that is the reason she should let him go. She says if she doesn’t, she might end up risking too much.

Eugene interrogates Yong Ju. He asks him the reason for searching the room and connection to Wan-ik but Yong Ju keeps asking for water or drugs. When Yong Ju asks Eugene how long it was since he was brought in, Eugene observes that Yong ju knew that he is going to be taken out of prison soon. He also gathers that Yong ju has been Wan-ik’s man for a long time. Eugene shows the photograph and Yong Ju lunges for it but can’t reach it. Eugene asks him the relation between Yong Ju and the people in the picture.


Yong Ju remembers Ae shin’s mother Hui Jin’s words, “They set off to kill you. Even if it takes time they will come for you.”Yong Ju says that he had killed one of them (Sang wan) and the other two will be the ones to kill him. Eugene asks Yong Ju to talk in Korean. A guard comes in and says that Allen is asking for Eugene.

Allen is at his office looking at the bag which Wan-ik was having (probably a bribe).

In the flashback, Wan- ik tells Allen that the American Legation has captured an innocent Joseon man and asks him to set Yong Ju free.  When Allen refuses to let Yong Ju go free, Wan-ik bribes him with cash.


In Allen’s office, Allen tells Eugene to set Yong Ju free, as holding a Joseon person prisoner doesn’t look good. Eugene says that the suspect is from Joseon but the victim is an American. Allen comments that Eugene isn’t even hurt. Allen talks about peace talks and quotes a Joseon proverb that says, “Blood is thicker than water”. Eugene asks if he was a Joseon man now.  Allen (in a blasting voice) tells Eugene not to ruin the diplomatic ties between the 2 countries. He says that as Eugene had applied for a transfer he will arrange for it as soon as possible. He tells Eugene to be quiet and leave.

Eugene hands over Yong Ju to Deok-mun (wearing a collar for his injury) and asks if he will stay in the hotel. Deok-mun says that he Yong-Ju will go to jail for attacking an American man. Eugene comments that whoever is behind this is very smart, as prison is the safest place. When they return the belongings, Yong Ju says that the photo is missing. Eugene acts as if he doesn’t know what Yong Ju is talking about. Eugene walks away as Yong Ju throws death threats at him. Deok mun stops him and asks the police to escort Yong Ju away.

Ae shin’s palanquin passes by and she sees Yong Ju escorted by the police. Yong Ju is terrified seeing her as he is reminded of Hui Jin (Ae shin probably looks similar to her mother). He immediately gets hysterical and starts screaming that he had no choice. Ms Haman closes the palanquin window and the guards drag Yong Ju away.


Eugene visits Hina Kudo and asks her why she was looking for Lee Wan-ik’s wife. This wipes the smile off her face. She tells him that she is Wan-ik’s daughter and that she is looking for her mother. Eugene asks her why she had given him the key. He says there is no evidence that she wasn’t on Wan-ik’s side. She says that the only evidence was her desperate wish at that moment to want Eugene to live. She says that some relatives are worse than strangers are. She adds that she would have given him the right key if she were on Wan-ik’s side. She says that there were many ways to go about it if she had wanted him dead.

Ae shin and Hina Kudo meet at the bakery. Hina suggests eating to make it look natural. They both compliment each other on their fighting skills. Ae shin says that she had just found a gun nearby. When asked why she was leaning sword skills, Hina replies that it is to protect herself. Ae shin asks Hina why she was at Wan-ik’s house and Hina again says that she was there to protect herself. Hina Kudo asks her why she was there but Ae shin responds by asking her to eat more cake.


Hina asks Ae shin how she explains the bruise on her lips and Ae shin says that no one dares to ask her. Hina says that now she is asking. Ae shin tells her not to think that she has Ae shin’s weakness. Hina says that both of them are holding a double-edged dagger. Ae shin suggests forgetting what happened that day. Hina agrees but Ae shin pauses eating and asks if it looked natural enough. Hina smiles and nods.

Ae shin asks Hina how she explains the bruise on her face. Hina says that even if she says it was from a lovers spat, she will earn more money as more men will come to look. Ae shin asks Hina where she spends all that money. Hina Kudo points to all the desserts and says that she buys them. Ae shin seems unconvinced as Hina continues to eat.

Eugene stands at the legation holding the red pinwheel. He sees Ae shin come into the legation with Ms Haman by her side.

In his office, she shows him the letter and asks him what it says. Eugene asks if she has been well and Ae shin asks him to read the letter. He asks her if he was hurt anywhere else. She still asks him to read the letter. She says that since it is addressed to him, he is the only person she can ask. He asks her how she got the letter but she says she won’t tell. She says she will take it back once he finishes reading it. He asks her what if he tells her a lie. She says that she has no choice but to trust him. Eugene smiles as he opens the letter.


He says that the letter is from his father figure, Joseph Stenson who is a missionary. Ae shin remembers Eugene mentioning a missionary who was his saviour. She asks him to read the contents of the letter. Eugene says that Joseph has enquired about Eugene’s well being. Joseph has mentioned he learnt to make rice wine. He has written that he misses Eugene and will be coming to Hanseong soon. Joseph has also asked if Eugene is getting along well with the woman he had mentioned in the previous letter.

Ae shin eyes well up hearing this and Eugene says that he deserves to ask Ae shin a question. He asks her how she got the letter but Ae shin just asks him to give the letter back. She says that she will return the letter to him once she has sorted things out with him if he is still in Hanseong. Ae shin starts to leave but turns and asks him why he had returned the bank certificate when he had wanted to ruin Joseon. Eugene says that it was to make her turn around once more, like how she had done just now. Ae shin walks out of the office.

Hui Seung is in his room and puts his pocket watch into his pocket. He then looks at a ledger and wonders if he should get back to business.


Hui Seung goes to the meet the Chief of police. The chief recognises Hui Seung and runs over to greet him. Hui Seung says that he is proud to see that the man is still in office since his grandfather’s time. The chief says that he owes a lot to Hui Seung’s grandfather. Hui Seung shows the ledger to the chief and says that his grandfather had given him the book and asked him to go to them if Hui Seung was in trouble. Hui Seung says that the chief’s name was in the ledger and asks the chief to lend him some money. The chief gives him an awkward laugh and says that he is busy. Hui Seung says that he will leave once he has some money and they both laugh artificially.


Hui Seung then visits the Chief of Post Office and asks him for money too.

Hui Seung goes to an eatery and orders soup. The weather is very cold and he pulls his coat closer. He comments that the ticking of the pocket watch is as loud as thunder. Just then, a man on the road carrying water seems to recognise him. He pours all the water over Hui Seung. In a low voice, Hui Seung asks the man why he had done it. The man asks Hui Seung if the stupid watch still works after all these years. Hui Seung remembers that its the same man who worked on the land that his grandfather had sold to buy the pocket watch. The owner of the eatery chases the man off and says that she will not buy water from him hereafter.


She rushes over to Hui Seung and apologises sincerely. Hui Seung asks her to do him a favour and tells her to continue buying water from that man. Hui Seung picks up the man’s water carrier and puts it on top of a table and leaves.

As he starts walking he sees Eugene standing there and asks him how long he has been there. Eugene just holds out his kerchief. Hui Seung tells him that he is used to it. Eugene remembers Hui Seung asking him whether it was his father or grandfather who had wronged him.


Eugene asks Hui Seung to dry himself as the weather is cold. Hui Seung says that the people feel better after they vent on him and 1 out of 3 people pity him. He smiles and says that pity is affection too. He moves Eugene’s hand away and says that he doesn’t want Eugene’s affection. He says that he will be glad if Eugene pretended as if he hadn’t seen what had happened. Eugene watches Hui Seung as he shivers and walks down the street. Hui Seung flirts cheerfully with the women before walking away.


Eugene comes back to the Hotel to find Dong mae searching room 205. Dong mae greets him and says that the only things in the room worthy of taking are drugs. Eugene asks why he was searching Yong ju’s room and Dong mae replies that he was bored. Eugene comments that Dong mae had searched thoroughly out of boredom and Dong mae laughs. Eugene offers to help Dong mae search but Dong mae refuses. He says that he doesn’t trust Eugene since the incident with the bank certificate. After Dong mae leaves, Eugene picks up an envelope with Hamgyong province written on it and places it back.


Elsewhere, a Japanese man throws the mute fortuneteller (who is always seen with Dong mae) out on the ground. She weeps as he holds her by her hair for refusing him. Dong mae’s deputy interferes and says that she is not a Geisha and asks the man to leave. The man insults the deputy by calling him a beggar and points a gun at the deputy’s forehead. He says that the Japanese had tamed Joseon and is on the way to become a great empire. He tells the deputy not to forget his place and he owes everything to the Japanese emperor. The man tells him to either get down on his knees or draw his sword. That way he says he can go after Dong mae. The deputy asks the man to shoot him.

The man lowers the gun as Dong mae walks in slowly and picks up the fortune teller’s book. Dong mae comments that the man had hit her and reads out the words in her book, “I am not a Geisha. I’m just here to read fortunes. Please don’t read me.” Dong mae asks the man why he didn’t allow her to read his fortune. The other man says that he didn’t ask her for the fortune and kicks the fortune-teller.

Dong mae’s men draw their swords and the Japanese man comments that now it would mean self-defence and pulls out his gun again. He says that he might forgive them all if Dong mae gets on his knees. He says that it’s time to teach them that they are of a different class. Dong mae walks over to the girl and helps her up. He turns her to face the other side and asks her not to look. He swiftly kills one of the Japanese men.  The Japanese man yells and Dong mae says that they are of a different class as they kill anyone.


Dong mae says that it is because they can die without regrets any day. The man mentions Hayashi’s name and Dong mae hits him. Dong mae says that Hayashi doesn’t interfere in Dong mae’s business as both he and Hayashi have a use for each other. He asks the man to get lost and walks into his house.


At the government office, the ministers tell Jeong-mun that Hayashi has stationed a battleship at Incheon harbour and is demanding the use of Japanese currency. They suggest agreeing to it so that they don’t create a further rift. Jeong-mun states that this is an infringement of sovereignty. Jeong -mun says that accepting bribes has made them forget that Joseon is an independent and autonomous country. He says that in an event of war, Joseon will face more damage. The ministers look at Wan-ik after mentioning the Foreign Affairs Minister position being vacant. They ask if Wan-ik wants to add anything. He says that he is just a minister of farming and trade so he has nothing to say.

Elsewhere, Eugene asks Gwan su about the Go family. He learns that Ae shin’s grandfather had 2 sons. The elder son Go Sang-Jin had died during the anti-catholic riots while helping the villagers. He says that the younger son Go Sang-wan (Lady Ae shin’s father), had died in Japan shortly after the Unyo incident. He says Sang wan was brought back in a cremation urn.


Eugene goes to the pawnshop and asks to buy a rifle. Choon –sik says that they don’t stock items like that. Eugene says that their shop name says that they can get anything the customer wants. He asks them if they can get a Mosin-Nagant model for him. II-sik says that there are laws and rules for pawnbrokers, as Joseon has become a dangerous place. Eugene asks if they can’t do it. II-sik says that it will be expensive and asks Eugene how much he thinks the price will be. Eugene comments that II-sik’s logic makes no sense.

Ae shin at the shooting range when she hears a sound and she points the gun in that direction. She sees Eugene walking towards her and she lowers her gun. She asks him if he has come for the letter. He hands over the new rifle and tells her that it’s a gift. He says that it is the Russian bolt action rifle that he spoke about earlier. She asks why he was giving her this. He says that he wants to see her moving forward with this rifle reaching somewhere, with whomever she may be with at the end of the road.


Ae shin asks him where he is headed. He says that this was his destination for today. He tells her to practise holding the rifle first. Eugene says that he could stay in Joseon until she masters the craft if she is willing to learn. He asks her if she is willing to learn. Her eyes well up as she says that she is not a fast learner. He says that it is even better. She says that till the moment she dies, she will be Lady Ae-shin. He tells her that she should be. Ae shin says that there is no future for both of them. Eugene says that up until yesterday, Ae shin wasn’t there in his life. He says that it is enough that she is in his life now. She asks him to teach her to use the rifle.


As Eugene teaches her, he tells her to get familiar with the weight of the gun. He says that people who are skilled like her are called ‘Sniper’ in America. He says it gets its name from hunters who shot down small birds called snipes. She says she likes the word ‘Sniper’. He corrects her posture and tells her to fire. After firing a shot she tells him that she got busted on the day they had first met on the rooftop because of her need for a rebellious romance. She asks him what his reason was and he says ‘incompetence’. Both of them smile and she aims for her next shot.

Eugene is smiling as he returns to the legation. He asks Kyle to remain silent and sneaks upto Domi (who is wiping the table) and tries to scare him. Do mi doesn’t get scared and he seems upset as he greets Eugene. After Do mi leaves, Kyle informs that Eugene’s transfer is sanctioned and shows him the paper. Eugene takes the transfer order and stuffs it in his mouth. As he starts chewing it, Kyle says that the paper is a copy. Eugene removes the paper from his mouth. Kyle gives him an unbelievable look and sends Eugene off to the training grounds as punishment.


Kyle watches as Eugene runs laps with a fully loaded backpack and gun. Eugene pauses for a while and continues to run with a smile on his face.

Hina Kudo is in her room trying to cover up her bruise. She hears Wan-ik’s cane as he approaches her room. Hina opens the door to see Wan-ik standing there and she immediately sounds the alarm, which rings in the lobby. A waiter hears this and comes running.


In her room, Wan-ik asks Hina if she was the one who took the autopsy report. Hina says that she has no idea what he is talking about. The waiter comes to the room and Hina asks him to stay outside. Wan ik tells her that she should have just taken the autopsy report and asks her why she took the other documents (the ones Ae shin had taken). Hina asks him to take it up with the Police. Wan-ik gives a sarcastic smile and says that she sure is his daughter. He tells her that she has a long way to go to beat him. Wan ik says that Hina’s deceased husband had a daughter around Hina’s age with his ex-wife. Wan ik says that he had paid a large amount of money to get the autopsy as Dr Matsuyama was planning on giving it to that daughter. Hina comments that he should have killed the man if he wanted to boast about it. She says that would have been his only chance to act like a decent father as a change. He says that men like the doctor become loyal hounds. He says he knows to handle it if Matsuyama threatens him. He asks her to steer clear of the doctor as he plans to make him the Royal Physician.  He looks at her bruise and tells her that her face is the only thing she has. He asks her to take care of it as she needs to get remarried. He walks out of the room.


Wan-ik runs into Eugene outside the hotel. Eugene comments that they had met while signing the contract for Taylor’s house. Wan-ik says that nothing is going his way since had moved into that house and even a thief had broken into it. Eugene says that his room was broken into as well. Wan-ik asks Eugene what kind of lunatic would break into an American soldier’s room. Eugene says that one of Wan-ik’s men took that lunatic a few days ago and they seemed close. Wan ik says that the guy must choose his friends wisely. He asks if Eugene got hurt and Eugene says that he is fine. Wan –ik asks Eugene if he is married. Eugene is surprised at this question.

Hina watches them from her window. Eugene and Wan-ik look at her. Wan ik smiles at Hina and tells Eugene to go inside. He leaves after asking Eugene to lock his door. Eugene comments that Wan-ik is worse than he thought.

Eugene is tired as he walks inside the Hotel. Hina asks him about the conversation with Wan ik. Eugene says that wan ik wanted to know if he was married. Hina gives an awkward pause and tells Eugene to say that he was a patriot if Wan-ik asks him again. She says that she will ask the staff to prepare warm water for Eugene and walks away (Eugene is perspiring a lot from the laps he ran).

Dong mae sits with his men surrounding him. He looks at the rooftop where he had shot Ae shin. He comments that it is quite high. When asked why they gathered here, Dong mae says that time is passing very slowly and he is going to visit the temple to kill some time. He leaves his men behind and heads to the temple.


Dong mae reaches the temple and an old lady wonders what a Japanese goon is doing here. Dong mae replies in Korean that each person has their reasons for visiting the temple. The lady speaks warmly as she sees that he is Korean. He asks her about Ae-shin’s visit to the temple. He learns that her parent’s memorial tablets are kept in this temple.

Dong mae goes to the place where the memorial tablets are kept and sits in front of Ae shin’s parents’ memorial. He says that he is here because he tailed Lady Ae shin. He says that he was not hoping to see this when he got here. He says that he wants to say hello, though he knows he wouldn’t be welcomed.


He asks if they know what their daughter is up to. He wonders if she tells them such things. He asks if they know why she is doing this as he can’t figure it out. He says he had used his sword because he had not known this. He says that he had called her a noble fool who lives in luxury and hurt her with his words. He says that sometimes he hopes she is still in pain and at times he hopes that she has forgotten the incident. He asks if he should give up. He says that even if he hides everything and act like he knows nothing it won’t go away because it is him.

Eugene smiles as he sits in the tavern room. Ae shin is in the next room and apologises saying that this is the only way to have lunch together. Eugene says that it is alright as they get to eat together. Ae shin says that to avoid a hassle of sending letters through others she suggests using a secret code.

She says that on every market day, she will leave a letter for Eugene inside the apothecary’s drawer used for chameleon plant leaves. She says that a red pinwheel under apothecary’s roof means she won’t be able to write to him for a while as something important came up. He connects her words to the red pinwheel he had found that day and she confirms saying that she will be a sniper on those days.

They stand by the riverside as Ae shin explains that she didn’t want to keep him waiting in the apothecary. Eugene asks her why she had returned the music box.  She says that she had wanted to let him know that she had been there. He asks her what she would have done if she had run into him. She asks him why he had returned the music box. Eugene says that he had given it so that she would think he had left. Ae shin gives him a scandalized look saying that it was cruel and Eugene laughs. Eugene asks her if she cried and she says that she had cursed him. She tells him that was not the only time she went there.


She complains that she couldn’t write to him because he couldn’t read or write Korean. Eugene writes her name “Go Ae shin” (in Korean) in the air. Ae shin is impressed that he writes Korean and Eugene says that he memorised it. Eugene says that he can read and write English, Chinese and Japanese. He says he doesn’t know to write Korean yet. Ae shin says that she is glad to hear that. She says that she will write in Chinese letters from now on. Eugene says that he had missed her (the same line Ae shin had written in her book asking him to read). He says that he even knows to write that sentence. She laughs as he traces out the words in the air.

Eugene asks her if she has seen the ocean. She says that she had seen it from Jemulpo harbour. He comments that she would’ve just got a glimpse of the ocean as she would’ve been busy shooting. Ae shin says that she has learnt all the words related to the sea and says “sea, sunlight, sunset, sunshine”. He asks her if she has seen the sunrise on the sea. She says that she would love to see it. She says that it won’t be easy but asks to see it together someday. Eugene smiles as he nods in agreement.


Eugene visits the apothecary and finds the drawer for chameleon plant leaves. He finds Ae shin’s letter inside it. She writes that she learnt a new word “Zebra” and asks if a horse with stripes really exists in America.

Ae shin comes to the apothecary to find the drawer filled with plum petals and Eugene’s letter. Eugene writes that a boy had shown up at the legation with a ton of plum petals saying they had fallen from trees overnight. He asks if she is smiling and writes that the wind must have made the flowers fall to put a smile on her face.


One day, Eugene eagerly comes inside apothecary and trips over something and falls. He finds Ae shin’s letter asking to go see the ocean. She asks him to show her the incredible ocean. She writes that she wants to see the amazing ocean that takes one month to get to. She asks that they see the sunrise over the ocean.


Eugene and Ae shin (in her suit) smile at each other as they ride their horses over the landscape that glows from the rays of the sunset.

Image Courtesy- TVN


It is nice to see Eugene, Dong mae and Hui Seung looking out for each other though they may have their differences. Dong mae tipped off Eugene about Allen associating with Wan-ik. Eugene offered his kerchief asking Hui Seung to dry himself when he saw Hui Seung drenched in water.

Hui Seung’s scene with the water bearer was a deep-seated one as he didn’t even raise his voice at the man. He accepts people’s reaction and tries to make them feel better despite them venting on him. Even Eugene (who was wronged by Hui Seung’s family) felt for Hui Seung after seeing him soaking wet in the freezing cold. It is sad that Hui Seung receives ‘pity’ as the only form of affection and he seems to have settled for it.

It was good that Hina Kudo and Ae shin sorted out the situation in a civilised manner. They seemed to have developed a bit of respect towards each other.

Dong mae’s chivalrous side was appealing to watch in his scenes with Hina and the tarot card reader. Dong mae’s scene at the temple was another deep-seated scene as he vented his emotions. It looks like he finally feels guilty for hurting her in the past after he learnt about her parents. He seemed miserable as he wondered if he should give up because the situation won’t change even if he tries to overlook things or conceal the facts.

I guess Ae shin is sure she won’t live to a ripe old age since she previously said that she wants to be bright as a flame and then wilt. It looks like she decided that she might as well hang out with Eugene as long as she lives. I wonder if this was how casual dating was invented. It was funny to know that Chinese was a common writing language between them all this time and they didn’t know about it. I really enjoyed all the scenes in the series with them trying to overcome the language barrier.

Ae shin is talented in coining secret codes. It was delightful to see the pinwheel and secret locker method that she devised, to use as a means of communication. I am glad that the pair sorted out the differences and it wasn’t prolonged into another week.

With regard to the plot, I am curious to know what Dong mae was looking for in Yong-ju’s room and the significance of the Hamgyong envelope that Eugene found. I also wonder who will be the first victim of the Russian Bolt action Rifle. On the other hand, it is highly risky for Joseon if Wan-ik succeeds in making Dr Matsuyama the Royal Physician.

With the series crossing it’s half-line mark it looks like things will get grimmer in the upcoming episodes next week.

-By Soul Sword-

Mr Sunshine Episode 13 Recap

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