Adults, Write Ups

Itsy-bitsy Moments of Joy . . .

-By Soul Sword-

Enjoying the breeze before the storm,

First rain of the monsoon,

Playing with molten wax from candles during power cuts,

Unexpected holidays,

Standing in the waves on a full moon day,

Receiving a Sony Walkman with cassettes as a gift for 16th birthday,

New song in the Mp3 playlist,

New earphones,

Taking the Nilgiris Mountain Railway Toy Train,

Sharing a large Ghee Roast Dosa among 6 friends,

Drawing finger rangoli,

Blowing bubbles,

Buying a newly released book before it gets sold out,

Reading the book under a cosy blanket,

Fresh blooms from plants in the home,

Home cooked food,

Bringing home a puppy,

Finding something new to learn,

When handiwork comes out better than imagined,

Being the reason behind someone’s smile…

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