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Mr Sunshine Episode 13 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 13 Recap

As Eugene and Ae-shin ride across the countryside, her hat catches the wind and gets blown into the river. They dismount their horses and stand by the riverside while Ae-shin says now that her hat is lost, she can’t cover her hair. Eugene puts his hat on her head and says that there is always a way. he says that she looks like a man now and Ae-shin asks him if he even knows the way to the sea. Eugene shows her a map and says that he is following this to where the sun rises… into the flame. Ae-shin returns his smile. They continue their travel and finally reach the sea.


As they sit on the shore, Eugene hands her some food (canned food). He says that it might not suit her palate but it’ll help with the hunger. Ae-shin says that she is fascinated by the modern cuisine, the sound of the waves and the horizon. She says that her imagination has been feeble and asks if America lies beyond the horizon. He says it probably is and she asks if he misses America. Eugene says that he misses the books, music and hamburgers. Ae-shin eats the food he gave her and asks if hamburgers are tastier. Eugene starts laughing. She asks him who has been teaching him Korean and he tells her about Do mi being a strict teacher. She asks Eugene if Joseph had taught him English.

Eugene says that one must know the language to make a living. She asks if he had starved when he was in America. Eugene says that America wasn’t generous to Asian people. He says that he was terrified of the huge city and he followed Joseph everywhere. He says he would’ve died there if it weren’t for Joseph. Ae-shin returns Joseph’s letter to Eugene and asks him why his name sounds the same in English as well as Korean. Eugene explains that Eugene is an English name. Joseph had told him that Eugenius means “Great and Noble” in Greek and Hebrew Language.


Ae-shin says that the name suits him and he says that it wasn’t easy living up to that name. She laughs and says he has done well. She asks what he will write back to Joseph as he had asked how things were between Eugene and Ae-shin.

As they sit by the seashore, Eugene’s voiceover narrates, “I went to a beach today. However, instead of the sea, all I saw was a woman. She gazed at the water and ate canned food so I am upset that I couldn’t do the same.”

Eugene makes her a cup of coffee and hands it to her. Ae-shin says she had found coffee bitter when she had tasted it previously. He asks her how it tastes today and she says it tastes sweet today. As Ae-shin has her coffee, she comments that she thinks she is starting to have futile hopes. She says this is the first time she has travelled this far out. She smiles as she says that she wishes to travel further the next time. She says she is starting to hope she has more chances after that.


Eugene asks her where she wants to go and asks if he is there with her. Ae-shin smiles and says that he is. She says its what she wishes. She continues to drink her coffee and both of them watch the sea.

Back at Ae-shin’s house, Mr Haengrang and Ms Haman discuss that Ae-shin has chosen to take the most difficult path. Mr Haengrang says that he is nervous since Lady Ae-shin will only be back by dinner and wonders what would happen if Lady Cho comes by. Ms Haman says that Ae-shin had purposely chosen this day as Lady Cho would be on the archery field today.


A servant girl Jeong-seom comes along and asks if Lady Ae-shin is fine. Haman acts as if Ae-shin is inside and goes to give her the medicine. Haman has arranged pillows on Ae-shin’s bed to make it look like she is lying there. Mr Haengrang distracts the servant and sends her away. Once she is gone, Haengrang and Haman wink at each other for succeeding in their plan.


It’s afternoon as Choon-sik is drawing the sketch of Hina’s mother (flyers) and Hina Kudo walks into the store. She hands them a document (autopsy report) and asks them to forge the signature (Dr Yosuke Matsuyama’s signature) in it. When Choon-sik asks her Matsuyama is, Hina says that it is better if they don’t know. They say that they will hurry up and do the work as they feel bad for the man. They say that it will be expensive. Hina’s gaze rests on her mother’s sketch and Choon sik says that it will take 2 more days to complete the sketches. II-sik says that he hopes that she receives some news this year. Hina says, “I’m now older than you used to be, Mom.”

At night, Dong mae comes to the bar and is told that Hina has been drinking there from sundown. Dong mae comments that even Hina is coming by here now. He wonders what she is running from, to be in a place so bright and crowded.


Dong mae sits away from her facing the other side. They both drink and Hina doesn’t notice him. Her eyes well up as she drinks.

In a flashback, we see Hina telling Dong mae that she needs a personal bodyguard because he (Wan-ik) had already taken too much. When asked what he had taken, Hina replies, “My mother, my youth and my name- Lee Yang-Hwa.”

Dong mae sits in the bar as Hina cries as she drinks.


As Dong mae piggybacks Hina, he tells her that he knows she is awake. He asks if she is not going to hop off. She refuses and asks if she is heavy. He says she is and asks her just how heavy her heart is. She says that Dong mae drinks because time passes slowly and she drinks because time flies. She comments that it must be the reason bars don’t go out of business and Dong mae smiles. He piggybacks her down the street.

Back at the Hotel, Eugene tries to sneak up the stairs after spotting Kyle but Kyle waves at him. Eugene waves back and tries to go but Kyle calls him. As Eugene comes up to him, Kyle asks him where he had been. Eugene explains that he went for an East Coast Military Survey. When asked, Kyle says that nothing happened as there was no Eugene, no horse, no cans. Eugene feels he is in trouble and pours himself a drink as Kyle asks him if Eugene enjoys eating documents. Eugene says that its chewy and asks if Allen had given Kyle a hard time. Kyle says nothing happened. He says that he doesn’t respect a man with no honour (Allen). Eugene says that is the reason he respects Kyle. Eugene chokes on his drink as Kyle suggests doing a firearm care. He asks Kyle why he was asking this and Kyle says that it is a quarterly thing. Kyle asks if Eugene has a problem with it and Eugene says no (looks like he does have a problem)



At daybreak, Eugene visits Choon sik and II-sik who are still groggy from their sleep. He asks them if they have bullets and they look irritated. Eugene says that the boy inside the crate is shivering more than he was before. II-sik tells him that he should wear warmer clothes if he wants to stop shivering. Eugene is shocked to see that they have a whole lot of bullets filled in a huge pot. II-sik asks him how many he wants and Eugene slowly says 3.


At the firearm check, Eugene clears out his bullets and places the gun on Kyle’s table. Kyle asks him how many bullets he had fired at the Japanese soldier. Eugene says exactly 3 rounds and stops himself. Kyle asks why Eugene’s gun was fully loaded now. Kyle says that they were his favourite cans (Eugene had taken the canned food for the trip with Ae-shin) and orders Eugene to run laps. He smiles to himself as Eugene starts running.

As Eugene is running, Do mi joins him and asks why he was running again. Eugene says he had brought this upon himself due to miscalculation. Kyle and the soldiers laugh as Eugene asks Domi to stop talking to him and continues to run.

Meanwhile, Hui Seung’s father peeps out of a rickshaw and calls Hui Seung to come and sit with him in the corner of a street.


The rickshaw is cramped with Hui Seung and his father. His father covers his face with his hands as he talks. The father asks the rickshaw puller if he can spot ‘Him’ and the puller confirms it.

The rickshaw puller pulls the rickshaw and deliberately collides with Wan-ik’s rickshaw. Hui Seung’s father acts as if it was unintentional and apologises to Wan-ik. He tries to strike up a conversation and Hui Seung looks away. He introduces himself and Hui Seung. Wan-ik seems to recognise the Kim family name. Hui Seung’s father gives Wan-ik a gift despite being refused. He says Hui Seung was able to safely finish his studies in Japan while Wan-ik was the Korean minister in Japan. When Wan-ik asks Hui Seung if he had stayed in Tokyo, Hui Seung’s father speaks for him and says he did. Wan-ik asks Hui Seung how old he is and again Hui Seung’s father replies for him saying that he is 30 years old but doesn’t have a job yet. He continues to say that Hui Seung adapted to Western culture quiet fast and stays at Glory Hotel.


At the mention of Glory Hotel, Wan-ik asks him how his stay has been as the owner of Glory Hotel has quite a temper. Hui Seung says that both the owner and the Hotel are quite superb. Wan-ik says that he will come around sometime for coffee if that is the case. Hui Seung’s father is delighted to hear this. Wan-ik asks Hui Seung if he is married and Hui Seung’s father responds by saying he is engaged to Go-sa hong’s granddaughter. Wan-ik comments that an engagement doesn’t count as marriage. He eyes Hui Seung before leaving and Hui Seung’s father is puzzled.

Hui Seung and his father walk on the street. His father says that he had worked hard to get this opportunity. hui Seung says that he can do it on his own. His father says that he is intervening because Hui Seung can’t figure things out on his own and says that Wan-ik will soon take Hui Seung under his wing. His father says that he will be safe when he gets the title.

Hui Seung smiles as he remembers his grandfather saying that the title will keep Hui Seung safe. Hui Seung tells his father that both the grandfather and father have been saying the same thing. His father is happy with himself and walks off after saying that rickshaws are pricey too.

Hui Seung is grim as he hears the loud ticking of his pocket watch.

Ae-shin is at the fabric cloth and she says that she is shopping for someone else. She thinks that the sibling must be a boy (Do mi). She says that the elder sister (Su mi) must be 15 or 16 years old. She asks for popular ‘silk colours’ (in English) and Nam Jong asks her to ‘wait a minute’ (in English).


Ae-shin brings Su-mi (Do-mi’s sister) to the French Bakery and buys Castella. She asks Su-mi to help herself and Su-mi teaches Ae-shin how to hold the cutlery. Ae-shin then gives Su-mi the silk and asks her to make a coat for her brother using it. Su-mi says that she doesn’t deserve such a costly gift. Ae-shin says that Joseon is greatly indebted to Sumi. (Su-mi had refused to disclose that she had given the document to Eugene despite being threatened by Dong mae). Su-mi asks her if she helped protect something and Ae-shin says that it is something big. She says she is grateful that Sumi had kept it to herself (Eugene’s identity) She says this is nothing compared to what Su-mi has done for Joseon. Ae-shin then asks for her name. She says that her name is Son Su-mi. Ae-shin learns that Su-mi has four siblings and comments that she should have bought more fabric. Su-mi says that they can all share the vest and thanks Ae-shin. They continue to eat.

At night, Su-mi stitches the vest for Do-mi.


The next day Do-mi comes running to the legation wearing the vest. Gwan su is serving tea for Kyle and Eugene. Gwan su comments that Do mi has changed overnight (indicating the silk vest). Dom mi says that his sister gave him the silk vest. He says that his sister told him that someone very precious had given it to her as a gift. Kyle compliments him and Do mi thanks him in English. Eugene is surprised that Do mi has learnt English. Gwan su comments that Eugene’s Korean isn’t improving and asks Do mi to teach Eugene Korean. Eugene drinks his tea as Gwan su leaves.

At the school, the English teacher says that a new shipment of school supplies have arrived with the ammunition. She asks a volunteer to go the American Legation and deliver the list to Officer Robert. Ae-shin volunteers to go.


Ae-shin and Haman stand in the Legation and Ae-shin shouts, “Come here!” repeatedly. People give her glances and continue to do their jobs. She explains to Haman that “come here” means calling someone towards her. Eugene is there and he starts laughing hearing her shout.

Eugene walks up to her and she gives him the list saying she is running an errand for her teacher. He tells her to use “Excuse me” in situations like this instead of “come here”. Ae-shin clears her throat and tells him that she was chosen for this errand, as she is the best in class. Eugene suppresses his laughter. She asks him to pass the list to officer Roberts.


Eugene calls Do mi who comes running and gives him the list. Ae-shin recognises the vest and asks him if he is Su-mi’s brother Do mi. She says that Su-mi has deft hands. Do mi says that Sumi told him it was a gift from a young noble lady, who is very beautiful and kind. He asks her if she was the one and Ae-shin confirms it. Eugene (seems jealous) asks if Do mi’s sister had really said that. Ae-shin tells Do mi it must be difficult teaching Eugene Korean and Do mi agrees. Eugene tries to stop Do mi saying that it is rude to talk in front of him. Ae-shin smiles and tells Do mi that Eugene doesn’t know to write ‘Mountain’ or ‘sunset’ in Korean as they have too many consonants. Do mi says that Eugene is a slow learner. Eugene interrupts saying that though he can’t read and write Korean he can understand what they are talking. Ae-shin then starts laughing.

At Ae-shin’s house, Haman wonders why Ae-shin is head over heels for Eugene. She says that must be why she looks absolutely beautiful when she is there.


Lady Cho is drunk as she laments to Ms Haman. She says she has raised her niece as her own daughter. She says that people are blaming her for bringing misfortune to the Go family. She says people are blaming her for her husband’s death and for not giving the family an heir. She opens her drawer to find the jewellery box empty. She suspects that Ae sun had taken the rings on the day Ae-shin was sick (Ae-shin had gone to the sea with Eugene) and when she was at the archery field. She asks Haman to do everything she can to keep Ae sun from stealing her things.

At night, Ae-sun comes into her house and goes up to the child held in a maid’s arms. Another woman (looks like a second wife) comes up and tells her not to touch the child with the hands that play cards. Deok mun (Ae-sun’s husband) walks in just then and Ae sun moves away. The other wife sweet talks and Deok mun doesn’t seem pleased. Ae sun asks if she should ask the servants to ready hot water for his bath or get him dinner. He refuses both and says he has a lot on his mind.


In a flashback, we see Wan-ik asking him about Ae sun’s family and the Kim family. Deok-mun tells him that the engagement was 10 years old. He says that though they are the richest after the King, they don’t have tradition or reputation. He says that no one wanted to marry into the Kim family and Wan ik asks him the reason for the Go family entering the engagement. Deok mun explains that Ae-shin was born an orphan and that they are unsure of her origin. Wan-ik asks him if the engagement could be broken off. He tells Deok mun not to let his cousin-in-law (Ae-shin) be a roadblock to his career.


In the present, Deok mun asks Ae sun if she knows anything about Ae-shin’s wedding. She says that she doesn’t know anything other than Hui Seung being back in Joseon. The second wife says that Ae sun is always gambling instead of visiting her family. Deok mun slaps Ae sun and says that she is not able to bear a baby because she is out most of the time. After he leaves, Ae sun gives the child some food that she had bought from the bakery.


Meanwhile, Hina pays the rickshaw puller (Hui Seung and his father’s rickshaw) in exchange for information. He tells her that Hui Seung and his father had met Wan-ik. He mentions that Wan-ik had asked Hui Seung if he was married (he had asked Eugene the same thing). Hina seems bothered by this.


The Japanese interpreter brings Gwan-su to Hwawollu and takes him inside. Once inside, he is introduced to Deok mun. Gwan-su is nervous as the geishas start serving him food. He tells Deok mun that he can’t enjoy all this without knowing what the meeting is about. Deok mun asks Gwan-su to pass on information from the legation. Gwan-su asks if this is a formal request and Deok mun shows him a bag full of cash and says this will be in exchange for the information. He passes him some money and asks Gwan su to collect the bag later after he makes up his mind. Gwan su is shocked and he continues to drink.

At the King’s court, the King refuses to go to sleep. He says he wants to tire himself out so he can avoid getting nightmares while sleeping. Lee Jeong mun says that he can ask for medicinal tea. The King sends away the servants and says that he can’t trust the contents of the tea. He says he is suspicious of everyone. Lee Jeong mun says that the missionary has boarded the ship to Jemulpo and that everything is going according to plan. The King says that Japan is trying to buy goods with their currency and their aim is to stop Korea from building a railroad on their own. He says he wants to meet the American Minister in China and persuade them to sanction a loan to finish the railway line currently on hold.

Ae-shin is at the Apothecary and laughs as she reads Eugene’s letter which says, “Mountain, sunset” in Korean alphabets.

Eugene laughs as he reads Ae-shin’s letter which says, “Good job” in English.

Ae-shin reads Eugene’s letter which reads, “Do you need a wherryman? And there are 11 bottom consonants in this letter”


Ae-shin and Eugene visit the kiln site. Eugene seems to be friends with Ko, Eun San’s disciple. Eugene hands over the beer to Ko. Eun san takes the beer and Ko goes to bring the bowls. Eun san grumbles that Eugene never brings enough beer. He asks Eugene if he used one hand for paddling. Eugene says that the river is frozen and they came walking. Ae-shin is curious about the beer and Eun san says it’s bland and filling. She asks for a bottle but Eun san refuses. Eugene laughs as Eun san refuses to part with even a bowl of beer despite Ae-shin asking for it. She calls him petty and wonders why gunner Jang is friends with him. Eun san again says that he was friends with Seung gu’s father.

Ae-shin comments that Eun san mustn’t be a good potter as so many broken pots are lying around. Eugene keeps smiling at this and asks her if she really doesn’t know why Jang is friends with Eun San (they are actually comrades in the righteous army). Eugene tells her to watch what she is saying if she doesn’t know the real reason. As Eun san walks away Ae-shin tries to take a bottle. Eugene laughs as Eun san tells her that he has already counted 7 bottles. Ae-shin puts the bottle back. She comments that Eun san is petty and Eugene says that she is going to regret this.


As they walk back Eugene explains to Ae-shin that Eun san had helped him escape Joseon safely. He says he knows now, that he had survived because many people had helped him. He says that potter Eun San had asked Joseph to take Eugene to America. He says that the slave-hunters also had let him go free. Ae-shin comments that Eun san deserves to be treated well. She still comments that Eun san was petty and Eugene gives an empty laugh and says maybe he was.

Eun san wonders why Ae-shin brings a boatman though the river is frozen.

Ae-shin asks Eugene if the package (broken bowls) is heavy. Eugene says that it is his job as the boatman. Ae-shin says that his Korean is improved and she is impressed to see that he knows how to write mountain. She laughs as he says that she left out ‘sunset’. Eugene looks at her and she asks if she is too brazen. He says that he only wants to see her laugh but he might make her cry.


Eugene shows her the photograph that he had obtained from Yong Ju during interrogation. Ae-shin is curious as its her first time seeing a photograph. She says she doesn’t recognise anyone in the photo. Eugene says that he is investigating one of them. He says that one of them is called Go Sang-wan. Ae-shin is shocked to hear this and Eugene asks her if she hasn’t seen her father’s face. She is sad as she says that her father had met her mother in Japan. She says they had a simple wedding and Ae-shin was born. She says her parents died in some time after she was born. She is teary-eyed as she says that she was a newborn when she was sent to Joseon and her grandfather had raised her. She says that she was told that she has her father’s eyes. She runs her finger over her the photograph and says that she looks like her father. She says that even Haman doesn’t know how her mother looked like. She places her finger over Sang wan’s image and says that she can tell who her father is. Ae-shin starts to cry and Eugene brings up a hand to comfort her but stops himself.

Back home at night, Ae-shin asks Haman to tell her the story “I was married when I was 17”.As she combs Ae-shin’s hair, Haman says that she was married when she was 17. The young master (Sang wan) was 15 years old. He had a nice forehead and a nose. She says he was smart and perfect. She says all the servants adored Sang-wan as he was nice to them.

We cut to the flashback where Eugene tells her that he will have to keep the photograph while the investigation is ongoing. She asks him which one he was investigating and he says that he can’t tell her that. Eugene says that one of them attacked him and was caught. He says that the man probably is the one who had betrayed Ae-shin’s father and his friends. He says he will let her know when he finds out. She says that the man is the only person who can tell her about her parents.

Back in the present, Haman tells Ae-shin that Ae-shin’s eyes when she is stubborn and lips when she is upset are just like her father’s.

Ae-shin’s grandfather stands watching the night sky. Mr Haengrang asks him to go rest as the night is cold. Go sa hong says that he might not live long and Haengrang asks him not to think that way. Go sa hong orders Haengrang to go to the paper store. He also asks him to find out where Hui Seung is staying.

In the morning, a servant is at II-sik’s store and wants to exchange Japanese currency. They deny it saying that they don’t accept Japanese currency, as they are patriots. They ask the servant to get out. II-sik comments that he is seeing a lot of Japanese currency in Jingogae. He states that there might be a war soon. II-sik asks Choon-sik to check out how much the cost of gold is.


The servant runs up to Haengrang who scolds him for taking so long. Haengrang says that the person has been acting strange these days.

Two of Dong mae’s men watch the porter from the righteous army whom Dong mae allowed to flee. He seems to be selling fish.

Dong mae’s deputy comes up to Dong mae who is at the Judo training centre. He asks if the men at Ganghwon province should be left there. He says that the porter is lying low barely making a living. He doesn’t send or receive messages. Dong mae wonders if he should let him be.

Hui Seung returns to the hotel and learns that there is a guest waiting for him in his room.


Hui Seung enters his room to find Go sa hong seated there. He bows and offers his greetings. Go sa hong asks Hui Seung to be seated. Hui Seung sits across him and Go sa hong says that he knew Hui Seung had come by his house to meet Ae-shin. He says that he knew why Hui Seung had gone to study abroad and hadn’t returned. He says that Hui Seung had gone abroad to flee from his grandfather. Go sa hong says that Hui Seung’s determination is the reason he had arranged Ae-shin to be engaged to him and asks him to marry Ae-shin.

Hui Seung remembers asking Ae-shin if she likes another man. Ae-shin asks if that would be enough to break off the engagement.


Hui Seung refuses Go sa hong by saying that Ae-shin is not to his liking. He says, “her smile, her gait, her glance, her touch, everything. I dislike her”. Go sa hong says that she would’ve asked for the engagement to be broken and treated Hui Seung coldly. He requests Hui Seung to accept all of it. He adds that he wants Hui Seung to protect her if something happened to him. He says he feels he doesn’t have much time left. He asks Hui Seung if he will do that.

Eugene crosses Go sa hong’s palanquin on its way back. Mr Haengrang looks away as Eugene rides past him.

In his room, Eugene places his coat on the chair and the red pinwheel on his desk falls to the floor.


Lord Go sa hong writes a letter, “Japan is trying to take Joseon’s goods using their currency. Taking our goods equals taking from our people and that will threaten our sovereignty. As a nobleman of this country, how can we be silent in this dreadful circumstance? At the meeting on the last day of this month, I hope to gather our thoughts. Those of you who are living quiet in your homes, come to Hanseong and help me.”

Mr Haengrang posts all the copies of the letter and says that the postage will be paid by Lord Go. The chief of Post office reads the letter and brings it to Wan-ik. Wan-ik is vexed and he orders all the letters to be burned. Wan-ik says that he is sure to make Go sa hong a corpse under a pine tree.


Eugene is supervising his men who are working at the pier. He spots Dong mae and his men walking towards him. Dong mae comments that Eugene seems to be free when all others are working. Eugene says that his job is to command and asks why Dong mae is here. Dong mae says he is here for work. They are silent for a while and then Dong mae says that they usually meet at the bar or while he is searching a room. He says there is nothing to say now that they meet like this. Eugene agrees and says that he hopes Dong mae earns a lot. Dong mae asks him to take care and leaves. He wonders whether he should’ve mentioned the weather and Eugene comments that Dong mae didn’t seem concerned about Eugene’s health today.


Elsewhere, a man (Westerner) tells Dong mae that security should be tightened around the construction site. He says that the Joseon mob destroys the railroads every day and the Joseon labourers join them too.


Joseph is in Eugene’s office and he places the rice wine on Eugene’s desk (Eugene is absent). Do mi serves tea to Joseph. He politely refuses the tea and says that he has to be elsewhere. He asks Do mi to pass on the wine to Eugene and Do mi agrees. He smiles at Do mi.


In the train, Gwan su ( has leaves tucked on top of his ear) holds a stem of leaves in his hands and plucks out the leaves one by one saying, “Take it, Don’t take it, take it, don’t take it, take it” (the bribe that Deok mun offered). He ends up with, “Take it” and he starts all over with another stem. There is a pile of leaves at his feet. Eugene sits across Gwan su giving him an odd look.

Once they get off the train, Eugene asks Gwan-su why he is plucking leaves. Gwan su asks if Eugene has noticed that. Eugene says that he had picked them up after seeing them. He says that there was a pile in his office too and asks Gwan su if something is wrong. Gwan su then tells him that he was offered a large amount of money in exchange for passing information about Eugene and Minister Allen. Eugene recalls Deok-mun saying that Yong Ju will be in prison for attacking an American. Gwan-su says that it was a huge amount so they must want many reports. He says that after telling Eugene he feels a lot better though he lost a fortune. Eugene tells him to accept the money and Gwan-su is shocked. Eugene says that if Gwan-su didn’t take it then someone at the legation would. Gwan-su asks if he has to tell them everything and Eugene asks him to tell them the truth. Gwan-su looks puzzled and Eugene explains, “that I have a nice voice and that I am handsome. I am smart…”. Gwan su seriously completes the sentence saying, “and I can’t read Korean.” Eugene says he is learning.

At her home, Ae-shin remembers identifying her father in the photograph. Jeong-seom (a servant girl) brings her a letter from Jemulpo temple.

The letter (written by the old woman who Dong mae had spoken to at Jemulpo temple) says that a Japanese swordsman (Dong mae) in a kimono had come by her temple and he had stayed by her parents’ shrine for a long time.

Ae-shin thinks that Dng mae wanted to check on her.

Hina Kudo receives a letter from Ae-shin which says, “That day, that time, that place”


Hina meets Ae-shin at the French bakery. She says that after reading “That day, that time, that place” she thought that Ae-shin had wanted to meet at Wan-ik’s room. Ae-shin says that she has a favour to ask. She says that they can consider themselves allies and asks Hina to lend her some money. Hina says that they aren’t allies but Ae-shin is persistent. Hina asks her why a rich young lady would need money. Ae-shin says she has to pay a debt and she can’t think of anybody else to borrow money from. Hina asks Ae-shin what she would do if she refuses. Ae-shin says that she will have to threaten her. Hina says that it will be a big problem for Ae-shin if Hina goes to the police. Ae-shin says that she will tell Wan-ik that she had an ally that day. Ae-shin adds that she knows Hina had taken an autopsy report and those type of documents cause problems down the line.

Hina asks if Ae-shin if she is going to repay Gu Dong mae with that money. Seeing Ae-shin’s expression, Hina says that 9 out of 10 people in debt owe Gu Dong mae money. She says that she won’t be her ally but she will silence Ae-shin with money. She gives Ae-shin a coin. She tells Ae-shin that this will be enough as the amount will be meaningless to Dong mae.

Dong mae is at the Judo practising centre as Ae-shin walks in. He asks her how she came here and she says that Hina had directed her here. Ae-shin asks to send his men out and he does so. He smiles as he says that she must be interested in him. She corrects him saying it is caution since he is forcing her to pay him back. She accuses him of shooting her and he confirms it. She asks him if he is going to report her to the Japanese. He says that he won’t. She asks him why he had followed her to the temple.


He says that he had mistaken her for someone else that day and will continue doing so. He says that if anyone else sees her he will pluck their eyeballs out. He says he has to know about her in order to do so. Ae-shin asks him what if she didn’t need his help. Dong mae says that many years ago she had saved his life without asking for his consent.

He asks her if she had brought the money. Ae-shin holds out a pouch of coins and drops it on the floor. Dong mae takes one coin from the pouch and tells her that she can pay him once a month. He says he will keep this coin for this month. He says that he will keep quiet about the child and the person she was passing the thing to (Su-mi and Eugene). She asks if they have to meet forever and Dong mae confirms it. He says they will have to as long as she keeps him alive. She says that she doesn’t think he will get everything she owes him. He says that it really hurts to hear that. He tells her not to worry, as he will heal his wounds.

Eugene sits outside his office and smiles as he reads Joseph’s letter. Do mi runs over to him saying that Joseph had come by and hands him the wine. Eugene takes the wine and says that Joseph must have gone to the missionary-base camp. Do mi offers to read Joseph’s letter and Eugene smirks asking if Do mi can read English. Do mi is awkward as Eugene says that Do mi is slow in learning English. He asks Do mi to sit next to him as he reads the letter.


As Eugene starts to read the letter, he notices the postmark on the envelope from Hamgyeong Post office. He realises it is similar to the envelope found in Yong Ju’s room while Dong mae was searching. He starts to think about the postmark when Gwan su runs in calling his name.

Dong mae sits at the training centre looking at the coin.

Gwan-su says that the body of an American was found at the Japanese settlement in Jemulpo. He says that the body was sent to the Police Bureau and they suspect it is murder.

Eugene goes over to the police bureau and stops as he sees the cart concealing the body but a bloody hand protrudes out. Eugene recognises a wooden cross hanging from the hand. Eugene had carved the cross for Joseph when he was young. Eugene slowly uncovers the cart and sees Joseph. Eugene falls to his knees as tears fall from his eyes.


Eugene’s voiceover says (probably the letter), “Brushing your hair and putting ointment on your wound was all I could do as I prayed to God. Please give this foreign child freshly baked bread and clean water. Please keep this foreign child out of the cold and grant him the warm sun.”


Eugene holds Joseph’s hand as he cries and asks why he is like this.

The voiceover continues, “I shouldn’t say it was all I could do. To a missionary, ointment cost a lot. I miss you Eugene. I recently learned to make Takju. I plan to bring some when I come to see you. I’ll try not to drink it all before I reach Hanseong. Dear great and Noble one, my son. Wherever you are, I will pray for you. Even on the nights when I don’t pray, I hope that God is always with you. From Joseph.”

Eugene is sorrowful as he cries holding Joseph’s hand.


Image Courtesy-TVN


The opening scene at the beach was a lovely one where Eugene speaks about Joseph while Ae-shin speaks of her wishful thinking and says that Eugene is a part of it too.

It is intriguing how certain dialogues can be interpreted in two ways. One such scene is where Ae-shin seemed to be talking about the document while gifting the silk to Su-mi but as the scene progresses, we understand that she is actually rewarding Sumi for keeping Eugene’s identity a secret.

Ae-shin seems to care for the people who are good to Eugene. It is interesting to see the way Hina easily extracts information about people. It looks like Hui Seung got his first compliment when Go sa hong said he was a determined person. Hui Seung seems to be a man of his word as he refused (as he had promised Ae shin) when asked to marry Ae-shin. It is nice to see the civilians being patriotic towards Joseon in whichever way they can (Gwan-su, II-sik, Choon-sik).

Except for the last scene, this episode was the most hilarious one so far. For instance, Ae-shin standing at the legation and yelling “Come here” and Gwan-su plucking the leaves are scenes that really had me laughing out loud. The fact that Eugene tries to use “the boy inside the crate is shivering” whenever he wants something from the slave hunters is so funny.

All the OST’s have been really good but the latest one “Shine your star” by O3ohn Prod by Zico is one of my favourites so far.

With Joseph’s death, I expect some plot-twists in the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

Mr Sunshine Episode 14 Recap



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