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Mr Sunshine Episode 14 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 14 Recap


Ae-shin passes by the street in her palanquin and asks them to stop when she sees Eugene kneeling beside Joseph’s body. Ms Haman tells her that Ae-shin shouldn’t be here and that she won’t allow her to get out of the palanquin. Ms Haman orders the palanquin to move on.

Eugene holds Joseph’s hand as he cries and asks why he is like this.

Eugene’s voiceover says, “I miss you Eugene. I recently learned to make Takju. I plan to bring some when I come to see you. I’ll try not to drink it all before I reach Hanseong. Dear great and Noble one, my son. Wherever you are, I will pray for you. Even on the nights when I don’t pray, I hope that God is always with you. From Joseph.”

Eugene is sorrowful as he cries holding Joseph’s hand.

Kyle comes with American soldiers and orders them to take care of the body with respect. He asks them to move Joseph to Hanseong Hospital.

Ae-shin is at the apothecary and Haengrang tells her that an American missionary was shot dead in Jemulpo. Ae-shin’s eyes tear up as she understands that the dead missionary must be Joseph.

Dong mae sits in the training centre watching the coin. His deputy informs him that an American was found dead in their area. Dong mae asks if it was Eugene. The deputy says that it is a real American missionary and Dong mae is disappointed. Dong mae says that its troublesome that he died in the Japanese settlement. He orders his deputy to check if any of their men was behind this.


At the American legation, Eugene sits at his desk while Kyle and Gwan-su go through Joseph’s things. Kyle says that the suspect must’ve been looking for something. Gwan-su finds a ferry ticket to Shanghai from 3 days ago. He says it was when they had gone to bring supplies from Jemulpo harbour. Gwan su asks why the letters from Hamgyong were in Yong-ju’s room. He asks why the letters meant for Eugene were found in different places.

Eugene remembers Wan-ik saying that a thief had broken into his house. He recalls Ae shin giving him Joseph’s letter. Gwan su asks if Eugene was the intended target or was he used to get to Joseph.

A soldier comes and reports to Kyle that Yong–Ju was released from prison 4 days ago. Kyle says that it is one day before the murder took place. Eugene says that only one person has the answers to these questions.

Wan-ik holds a bloodied letter in his hands. Deok-mun says that he has paid Yong ju’s family and has a man tailing Yong-ju. Deok-mun says that Wan-ik now has the King’s secret letter and he can blackmail the King with it. Wan-ik tells him that he is going to say that the letter is a fake. The bell sounds and he sends Deok-mun to see who is visiting.


Eugene walks into Wan-ik’s house which is filled with American soldiers. Deok mun’s starts yelling at Eugene. Eugene says that this is the perfect place for the suspect to hide. He orders his men to search the house for Yong-Ju. Deok-mun holds Eugene by his coat and calls him a mere soldier. Eugene crushes Deok-mun’s wrist and twists it.


Wan-ik walks in and says that Eugene is bold. Eugene says that he suspects that Yong-Ju killed the American Missionary and Wan-ik is the mastermind. Wan-ik steps forward and says that half of the troubles in Joseon is instigated by him. He boasts that no one can hold him responsible.

Wan-ik says that 5 members of the righteous army (Sang-wan and his men) plotted to kill him. He says he had gathered all the farmers who had aided them and had them killed off as rioters. He says he had it done one day before he had left for Japan. Eugene calls Wan-ik a Son of a b***h. Wan-ik is shocked and Eugene says that being an American he had just spoken his mind.

Eugene warns Wan-ik to worry about his own life before he gives future orders. He says, “I am an American who has started to suspect you. No matter how long it takes, I’ll come for you.”

Wan-ik asks him if he wants Japan as an enemy. Eugene replies that he can’t do that but he could make them turn against Wan-ik. Wan-ik tells Eugene to come at him and adds that the culprit must have been caught already.


The Japanese man (who harassed the fortuneteller and threatened to kill Dong mae’s deputy) is at Dong mae’s place with his men. He accuses (in Japanese) Dong mae of killing the American Missionary. He shoots one of Dong mae’s men who come forward. Dong mae’s men draw out their swords. The man asks all of them as to who killed the American and all of Dong mae’s men own up to it. The man tries to shoot another of Dong-mae’s men but Dong mae deflects the gun using his sword. He tells his deputy (in Korean) that he will go with the Japanese men and asks his deputy to take care of the men while he is gone. The Japanese man orders his men to tie Dong mae up and take him.

Hui Seung is standing in the street as his servant runs up to him. He tells Hui Seung that a gunshot was heard in Jingogae and had also heard of an American missionary being killed. He asks Hui Seung to stay away from Jingogae.


Hui Seung notices Dong mae being escorted down the street. He stops the official and asks why Dong mae is arrested. Dong mae says that he is being framed for the murder in Jemulpo. He gives a sarcastic smile as Hui Seung tells the officer that Dong mae is innocent until proven guilty. He asks them to treat Dong mae with respect. Dong mae says he will be on his way if Hui Seung is not going to be of any help. As Dong mae walks away Hui Seung asks him to mention his name if they treat him poorly, as he knows the Chief of Police. He also adds that he will visit Dong mae in jail. Dong mae stops next to Hui Seung’s servant and tells him not to allow Hui Seung to visit him in jail. He walks on.

Gwan su informs Eugene about Dong mae’s arrest. Eugene says that Dong mae isn’t the real culprit. He says that Dong mae seemed to be genuinely glad to see him at the Jemulpo Harbour that day. He says Yong Ju is the real killer and they have to follow him. He says they have 5 days to catch him as the ferries to Shanghai and Japan leave in 5 days.

The American soldiers search Joseon for Yong Ju as the voiceover narrates the instructions given to them regarding Yong ju’s looks and his gunshot wound. They are asked to search opium dens, courtesan house and inns.


They inspect a man (Sang-wan’s friend who had brought back Sang-wan’s remains) and then let him go. In a flashback, we see that he was the one who had searched Eugene’s room along with Eun san. He was also the one who had rescued Ae shin when she was shot. He had seen Dong mae when he was on the way to the temple.


Dong mae is tied to the chair and being interrogated. He seems badly beaten up as he is bleeding but Dong mae hasn’t cracked. The Chief of Police, Jung is carrying out the interrogation. He says that Dong mae had been to Jemulpo twice. Dong mae spits out blood as he repeats himself saying he was there on business (he had visited the temple). Jung says that Dong mae had scouted the place first and then returned to murder Joseph. Dong mae says that if he had really killed the man, he would have mutilated him. They call in a witness and Dong mae laughs when he sees Hina’s maid Gui dan (she offered to spy for him and was fired by Hina) as the witness.


Hina bribes one of the Police officers with a gold bar and learns that the Hotel maid Gui-dan is a witness. Just then the fortune teller (Hotaru) comes running to Hina.


Hina takes her to her room and says that she will allow the fortuneteller (Hataru) to stay here but she isn’t responsible for her life. Hotaru asks Hina about Dong mae and if he is alright (she writes it out in her book). Hina says that the fortune teller can’t help Dong mae anyways. She asks her to get some sleep. Hina asks the girl to use the gun either on herself or on others. She tells her not to be a burden on Dong mae and walks away.

At Hayashi’s office, Wan-ik tells Hayashi that Dong mae’s men are loyal to Dong mae and not Japan. He says he wants to restructure the Hanseong branch of Musin Society. Hayashi agrees to this saying that people who are not loyal to Korea or Japan will be Japan’s weakness. Wan-ik wonders if it is him that Hayashi is talking about. Hayashi says he is talking about Dong mae. He asks what is Wan-ik’s reason for wanting Dong mae out.

In a flashback, we see that Wan-ik had seen Dong mae piggybacking Hina down the street.


At present, Wan-ik says that he is doing it for sake of Japan and Hayashi starts laughing.

Gui Dan says that she had seen Dong mae lead a group of men with swords and meet an American. Dong mae asks her how she was in Jemulpo Harbour and the Gui dan says that she was there with a man. Dong mae still says that he went there on business. They call in the American who Dong mae had met. Gui Dan says that he is not the man and says that Dong mae had met a missionary. Dong mae warns Gui Dan that he might make it out of here alive. Gui Dan says that Dong mae dragged the missionary into a dark alley. The American says that he hasn’t seen Dong mae in a month.


In the flashback, we see that Dong mae had refused to work for the American man as he called Joseon people a mob. He had asked the man to find someone else for the job.

In the present, the American says that Joseon people have trouble distinguishing between foreigners. Dong mae laughs loudly and wonders how he got himself into this mess.

Wan ik shows the secret letter written by the Korean Emperor to America asking for a loan. He says that the King had refused Japan’s offer for money and is begging America instead. Hayashi commends him on obtaining the paper. He says that now Wan-ik has control over Dong mae, Allen, the King. Hayashi says that Wan-ik can become the Minister of Foreign Affairs.


At the Police Station, Jung asks Dong mae who had given him the orders. He also implies that Dong mae does anything for money. Dong mae says that if there was a name they wanted him to say, they should have asked him before beating him up. He asks if he should say Lee Wan-ik’s name or Hayashi’s. The Japanese man hits Dong mae and threatens to shred his men and the fortune teller to pieces. Dong mae says that once he gets out he will come after the Japanese man first. He says that he will surely be the killer then and the man’s face will be torn beyond recognition. The man hits Dong mae across his face. Jung tells Dong mae to say that Go Sa-hong had given the orders to kill the missionary.

In a flashback, Wan-ik orders Chief of Police (Jung) to get Dong mae to name Go Sa-hong. He says he will appoint Jung as the head of royal guards if he gets it done.

In the present, the police take away all the members of the Musin Society.

Jung tells Dong mae that a man will die every day until Dong mae agrees to name Go sa Hong as the one who gave the orders. Dong mae is furious.

Eugene visits Hina at the Hotel lobby. She says that he hasn’t been around much. Eugene asks about the unopened letters found in Room 205. Hina says that they were most probably burnt. Eugene asks if she still has them with her. Hina starts to say that they were burnt but Eugene says that it sounded like a lie.

Hina says that she got busted before she could negotiate. She says she doesn’t discard belongings that easily because they could bring her a fortune. Eugene asks her to name her price. Hina says that Dong mae will pay her the price since it will help in saving his life. Eugene starts to thank her and Hina asks him what he will do if she purposely deceives him. Eugene says if he would be deceived now then let it be. She says she learnt it from her father and it is pretty useful.


Eugene places all the envelopes on his desk and they are postmarked ‘Hamgyong Province, Kyeongheung Post Office’. He finds a letter with Apothecary mentioned on it. He opens it to find a part of the map. He arranges them to show a part of the bigger map. The envelopes are named, ‘Isaiah, Peter, Lazarus,’. Eugene says that the pilgrims stayed at Hamgyong province.

Eugene visits Choon-sik and II-sik and asks them to find out the whereabouts of Joseph Stenson in Hamgyong. He says that there is a base in Mount Sina, Kyeonghung District. He says he will pay for how much ever it costs. II-sik instantly agrees to go, leaving the shop in Choon-sik’s care. Eugene asks him to send a telegram as soon as he finds something.

On his way back he sees the girls from the English school walk past. As he walks towards the apothecary, Eugene’s voiceover narrates his letter to Ae shin, “I’m not sure if you heard. If you have, you might be worried. I won’t do anything that might make you worried. So for a day at least, stop worrying about me and as always be beautiful.”

Ae shin crosses the Glory Hotel in the palanquin and sees the red pinwheel on Eugene’s balcony.


Eugene’s voiceover continues, “Exchange of names, handshake, hug. What comes next must be longing. In case you went by the hotel on your way to the market, I used to stand on the terrace for a long time. ‘I Miss You’. You’re a fast learner. You would’ve learnt by the time you read this.

Ae shin reads Eugene’s letter and says, “We missed each other”. She places Eugene’s gloves in the drawer in response.

At the palace, Lee Jeong mun informs the King of Joseph’s death and that the killers have the secret letter. The King says that the secret letter must be declared as a fake. Lee Jeong mun says that they must plan ahead and not give up. The King says that he keeps stepping back and Wan-Ik keeps coming towards him like water through a broken dam.


Wan-ik comes to the King and reads the contents of the letter, “I’m the King of the Korean Empire and I ask if America, our ally will be willing to offer us any economic respite or refuge. I ask through John Goodlaw, the American minister in China. I sent my earnest request through one of your own people. I sincerely hope it finds you.” Wan-ik says that this letter was found on the dead American with the King’s seal on it.

Wan-ik claims he had told the furious Japanese that the letter was a fake. He asks if this letter is really fake and says that if the letter falls in Japanese’ hands they will have something against Joseon. He says that Allen will feel betrayed too.


In a flashback we see the King telling Joseph that he is glad that an American citizen has decided to stand with Joseon. Lee Jeong mun is also present. Joseph says that God has given him the courage to stand by his belief. He says that one nation using force to persecute another is wrong. The King says that he will never forget this and hands over the letter to Joseph.


At present, Wan-ik implies that the missionary forged the King’s seal to try to make a profit. He says that the missionary deserved to die and the King agrees. The king says that the letter is a fake. Wan-ik asks the King to appoint him as The Minister of Foreign Affairs when he is free. He bows to the King.

Dong mae gets back to his conscious state and sees Hina in front of him. He laughs and asks if the Hotel has this much influence or was he beaten too much that he is starting to see things. Hina says that he is a worse sight than she had expected. Dong mae says that he has too many enemies and hence can’t place who was behind this. Hina says it is alright and he can say Lee Wan-ik’s name. He asks her if she will bring Wan-ik to him. Hina says that Eugene will do it faster as he was very close to the dead missionary.


Hina says that Eugene thinks someone else is the murderer. Dong mae says that he isn’t sure as a lot of unpleasant things have happened between Eugene and him. Dong mae says that Eugene doesn’t want to save him as he hasn’t visited him even once. Hina says that it means Eugene trusts Dong mae. Dong mae says that its bad if Eugene trusts him as he can’t hate Eugene. Hina says that the interrogation will be worse tomorrow as the autopsy report won’t be in Dong mae’s favour. She says that the medical examiner works for Lee Wan-ik.


At the medical examiner’s office, Dr Matsuyama tells Eugene that the cause of death is a gunshot wound. One shot in the left chest and one in the leg. He says it wasn’t a work of an expert as it had missed the heart and only grazed the leg. He says that the shooter was very tall and had fired from close range.

Eugene asks if it was true. Eugene says that the culprit had first shot the leg to prevent him from running away. After he had fallen, the culprit came close and shot the chest from above. Matsuyama gets tensed hearing this. Eugene says that the culprit had shot from close range to ensure accuracy because the shooter was also injured. Matsuyama asks how Eugene knew that the shooter was injured and Eugene says that it was because he had shot him (Yong Ju). Eugene adds that Matsuyama had treated him too (Matsuyama treated Yong Ju when he was held at the American Legation). Eugene warns Matsuyama that he better amend the autopsy report. He threatens that he might kill Matsuyama if he doesn’t do so. Eugene tells him to keep Joseph’s body here and not touch a single hair as he isn’t someone who should just be buried anywhere. Matsuyama is jittery after Eugene leaves.

At night, Hui Seung walks the streets thinking about Lord Go sa Hong asking him to protect Ae shin. He sees Yong-Ju standing outside Ae-shin’s house. He calls out and asks him why he was spying. Hui Seung recognises him and asks if they have met before at the Glory Hotel. Yong Ju tries to walk away saying that Hui Seung is mistaken but Hui Seung gets a hold of him. Yong Ju pushes him away and walks away. Hui Seung gets a strong scent from the man.


Hui Seung runs after Yong Ju yelling for him to stop. Yong Ju checks his pistols as he walks faster. A woman comes and blocks Hui Seung’s way. She holds on to him and doesn’t allow him to follow Yong Ju. She keeps talking to him though Hui Seung tries to get away and finally he loses sight of Yong-Ju. Hui Seung asks her if she is trained in something as she is so strong.

Eugene is worn out as he returns to his office. As he rests his eyes, Gwan su comes running in and reads out a notice from the Police Bureau. It says The Police Bureau concluded that the American forged the King’s seal and a letter in the King’s name to fulfil his own interests. They claim to have proof too. It says that Dong mae will be executed as an accomplice to murder and the investigation will be closed. Eugene walks out of his office as Gwan-su calls after him.

Eugene goes to Lee Jeong mun’s house and asks him why the investigation was closed. He asks who came up with the nonsense about American forging the King’s seal for his own interests. Eugene states that Gu Dong mae isn’t the killer. Jeong Mun says that it is Joseon’s business and the case is closed. He says that Dong mae will anyway die this way soon even if they say he is innocent. He asks Eugene to stay out of it and the missionary would want it that way too.


Eugene holds Jeong mun’s robe and tells him that he knows Joseph better. Eugene says he had seen the King pass through that day. He says that Joseph couldn’t meet Eugene because he wanted to be on time for an appointment with the King. Eugene concludes that the only reason a King meets a missionary in secret is because of a secret letter. He states that Joseph had died trying to help Joseon and they can’t let his death be a disgrace. Jeong mun says that nothing will change now. He says that Eugene will be killed too if he doesn’t stop here. Eugene says that his life has been in danger ever since he had left Joseon. He lets go of Jeong mun saying that the American Legation will take Gu Dong mae. He declares that the investigation will continue till Joseph’s name is cleared. Eugene says, “Let’s see if the powerless Joseon can stop me” and leaves.

At the hotel, Kyle answers the door and Eugene asks for his help saying it can be quite challenging. Kyle says it sounds like the third stanza of his poem. He asks about the situation.


At Allen’s office, Allen is furious at Kyle. Kyle says that the US legation has decided to continue the murder investigation of the American Missionary. Allen asks who else would dare to make the final decision and Kyle says that he would. Allen questions Kyle’s authority and Kyle says that even Japan is intervening in the murder case of an American in Joseon territory. Kyle gives Allen 2 choices; either to sign the document or become a better shooter than he is (places his gun on Allen’s table).


At the interrogation, Jung asks Dong mae to place his thumbprint on the document which says that Go Sa hong had ordered to kill the American. Dong mae glares at Jung and Jung moves away asking his men to untie the hand. The officer’s hand shivers as he comes to untie Dong mae’s hand. Dong mae tells that the officer will regret it the moment he unties the hand. Dong mae says that it is better to cut off his hand and even without that he will have an arm. He asks if the result will be the same. Jung orders all the officers to untie him.


As they move towards Dong mae, Eugene walks in with his soldiers. Dong mae smiles and says that he didn’t think Eugene’s entrance would be this dramatic. Eugene asks Dong mae if he can walk.

At the American legation’s interrogation room, Dong mae limps to the chair. Dong mae says that he thought Eugene would get him out and not lock him up again. Eugene asks Dong-mae why he was searching Yong-ju’s room and Dong mae asks if he is the killer. Eugene says that he can make Dong mae the culprit depending on his answer. Dong mae says that Eugene should’ve left him at the Police Bureau as he was starting to get fond of them. Eugene says that he can send him back and Dong mae says that Eugene is cold.


Dong mae says he had searched Yong-Ju’s room because he got a tip-off that Yong-Ju was loitering around Lady Ae-shin’s house. Eugene asks if someone from Ae-shin’s house is reporting to Dong mae and Dong mae asks if Eugene has caught Yong-Ju. Dong-mae said that when he was on the run in Japan he had a few hideouts of his own – A remote location where a woman lives alone, a place where men can walk in an out freely. He says in Joseon, the equivalent would be a tavern. Eugene says that Dong mae isn’t answering his questions. Dong mae tells Eugene to find him before his men do as they kill without asking questions. Eugene says that if Yong Ju is killed, Dong mae can’t go free. Dong mae says he is talking about Eugene and not Yong-Ju. He says that if he was in wan-ik’s place he would come after Eugene and not Yong-Ju. Eugene asks if he would consider stopping his men and Dong mae says he doesn’t mind if Eugene dies. Eugene says that armed Americans will be standing guard and asks him not to try anything stupid.

Deok mun rushes to Wan-ik and says that the American legation had taken Dong mae. He adds that Allen doesn’t want to meet Wan-ik. Deok mun suggests meeting Hayashi and Wan-ik is furious as he knows Hayashi won’t take his side.

Ae shin’s mother’s last words, “They set off to kill you” echo in Wan-ik’s mind. He says that he keeps seeing her face as if it is a curse. He remembers Eugene’s words, “I am an American who has started to suspect you. No matter how long it takes, I’ll come after you.” Ae shin’s mother had said, “They will come after you.”

Wan-ik says that he has messed with someone he shouldn’t have. He immediately orders Deok mun to find out any weaknesses that Dong may and Eugene have. He tells Deok mun to release Dong mae’s men and tell them that there is a way to save their boss.


American soldiers are outside Ae shin’s house and Eugene goes into the house. Mr Haengrang takes Eugene to Lord Go sa Hong. Eugene introduces himself and says that someone involved in the murder was loitering around the house. he says he is on patrol and offers to arrange for protection. Go sa hong sternly asks why an American is offering protection and Eugene says it’s because Joseon wouldn’t.  Go sa hong says that he will accept the fact that Joseon won’t protect him rather than accepting Eugene’s protection. He asks Eugene to leave along with the soldiers. Eugene apologises and asks Go Sa hong to strengthen the security around his property. He leaves with his soldiers.

Ae shin hears from Ms Haman that Eugene had been to see her grandfather. She runs to the gate despite Haman telling her that he was sent away. She stands seeing the empty street.

Elsewhere, Eugene stops his horse as if he senses Ae shin.

Ae shin turns to go back but stops when she hears the hooves of the horse. She turns around to see Eugene riding slowly past her. He puts his hand up to wave and she nods in acknowledgement as she sees that he is wearing the gloves she had left at the apothecary. They are both tearful, as they look at each other.


Eugene is back at his office and Do mi points out a man in Sang wan’s photograph and says that he has seen him. He points to Sang wan’s friend (who had brought back Sang Wan’s remains) whom the American army had checked earlier. Domi tells Eugene that the man comes many times to the legation. He says that the man had come even today and took care of all the plants before leaving.

Eugene checks his drawers and finds that the maps are missing. Do mi asks if he had done something wrong. Eugene answers in the negative and adds that he had been missing something the entire time.


It’s night as Sang-wan’s friend reports to Jeong mun and Eun san. He shows them the maps he had taken from Eugene’s office. He says that Eugene has sent a man to Hamgyong province. He says that Eugene will soon figure out what the maps mean.

We see a montage of the members of the Righteous army, the baker at the French bakery, Hong Pa, the blacksmith and the lady at the apothecary go about their routine. The curfew for the night sounds.

Jeong mun says that Eugene’s investigation is threatening them. He says that at this rate Eugene will find Song Yeong in Shanghai. Eun san says that Eugene was the one who had brought the document back to Joseon. Jeong mun says that it was because his personal interests had coincided with them. He says that Eugene had even rejected the king’s offer previously. Jeong mun says that they have just managed to deliver the King’s deposit to Song Yeong (one of Sang wan’s friends) and that they should purchase more weapons. He tells them that Eugene should be killed before he finds Song Yeong.


Eugene walks in the streets as he thinks about the tavern, the kiln site, the forge, the bakery and the apothecary. He sees a few Japanese thugs (Dong mae’s men) and doesn’t mind them but they run towards him with their weapons drawn. Eugene remembers Dong mae saying that Wan-ik will want to kill Eugene. Eugene points the gun up and fires a shot. He tells the men that killing him won’t save Dong mae’s life. When the men walk forward, Eugene fires another shot.


Just then Hui Seung comes and speaks in Japanese. Eugene complains that out of all people, it was Hui Seung who turned up after hearing the shots. Hui Seung asks Eugene to wait and tries to talk it out. He holds out some money and asks them to go have drinks but the man slashes his wallet and it falls to the ground.

Hui Seung comes and stands behind Eugene who is still pointing the gun at the men. Hui Seung says that he is a pretty good fighter and asks Eugene not to worry. Hui Seung takes a cane and walks towards the men. Eugene fires a shot and Hui Seung ducks. Eugene asks him to wait as the legation is just 5 minutes away. Hui Seung still goes at the men and one of the men slashes through the cane. Eugene also starts fighting and Dong mae’s deputy watches this and intervenes.


The deputy asks the men to step back and apologises to Eugene. He says that the men were fooled by Lee Wan-ik, but he knows that the situation won’t be solved. The deputy and the men kneel down and request Eugene to get Dong mae out. Hui Seung says that they can kill Eugene if he doesn’t get Dong mae out and Eugene glares at him. He then asks the deputy if he is Korean.

At Eugene’s office, Eugene treats Hui Seung’s wound and Hui Seung watches Eugene with puppy dog eyes. Eugene turns Hui seungs face away and continues to treat the wound. He asks Hui Seung to go see a doctor. Hui Seung asks Eugene if he will return to the Hotel only after catching Yong-Ju. He also says that he had seen Yong Ju the other day. Eugene shows him the photograph and Hui Seung identifies Yong ju in it. He says Yong Ju had a smell of incense on him. He asks if Yong Ju was a shaman. Eugene repeats Dong mae’s words “A remote place where a woman lives alone, a place where outsiders can freely come and go”. Eugene says, “A place that can make an opium addict reek of incense-a Shaman’s house.” Hui Seung concludes that Yong Ju must be a shaman.


Yong Ju is at a shaman’s house having food. The Shaman says that he is being tracked down now. She complains about being paid less and he throws her a wad of notes. She asks him why he is still in Joseon instead of fleeing abroad. He says that he has to tell his longtime friend’s daughter as to who had killed her parents.

Lady Cho is praying outside as Ae-shin speaks with Seung gu. They speak about American soldiers visiting earlier. He asks her why she had called for him. She asks him to get her out of the house. He asks if it is to see that man (Eugene). Ae-shin says that the farthest she has been is to the sea. She says that next time she wants to go even further. She says now is the time as that place is farther than the sea. She says Seung gu can worry and scold her all he wants but she must go see Eugene now. She asks Seung gu to say yes this one time instead of asking questions.

At the Hotel, Eugene walks into his room and senses that he is not alone. He turns around and pins Ae-shin to the wall.


He apologises after seeing that its her and says that he had thought its another intruder. She asks him if he isn’t glad to see her. He says that he is. She says that she is here to answer two of his questions and Eugene says that he knows what one of it is. He guesses she is here to say where she got Josephs letter from and she says its from Wan-ik’s house. She asks him not to ask why she was there. He asks her what the other answer is and she says “I missed you too”. She says that he had written “I miss you” in the letter. Eugene’s eyes well up as he acknowledges.

Ae-shin says that she had seen him that day from the palanquin but she couldn’t stop. She apologises but Eugene says that she had done the wise thing. She says that she wanted to console him and he says that she already did. He says that it is more than enough. Ae shin says that she can do this and steps forward.


She places her hand on the side of his face and says, “Dear great and noble one, my son. Wherever you are, I will pray for you. Even on nights when I don’t pray, I hope that God is always with you.” Eugene cries softly as he places his hand over hers.

Ae shin says that she had worked hard to translate it to tell it to Eugene in his place. She says she will pray for Eugene and console him.


Just then a shot is fired through the window. Eugene grabs Ae shin and they hide behind the sofa. Eugene says that the shot was fired from the building across the street. He says he has to go to the rooftop. Ae-shin tells him not to worry about her as she can sneak out. She says it will be disastrous if her cover is blown. He says she can sneak out when all the people come out hearing the gunshot.

As they head towards the door they hear Hina’s voice asking if everything is alright. Eugene says that he will make up an excuse but Ae shin puts on her hat and says that she will handle it.

Ae shin goes to open the door. Seeing Ae-shin open the door, Hina comments that Eugene’s friend is here again. Ae shin asks Hina to walk her to the rear door. Hina agrees and asks Ae –shin to cover her face with the glove. She suggests saying that its a nose-bleed and that Hina punched her. Ae shin thanks her and looks at Eugene before heading out.

Hina gathers all the guests and tells them not to panic. She asks them to have some coffee.  She nods at Ae shin who stands behind all of them. Ae-shin tips her hat and walks towards the rear door.

As Hina watches Ae shin walk away, a gun is pointed at Hina’s head. The Japanese man demands to know if she is protecting Hotaru (Fortuneteller). He asks her to take him where Hotaru is. Hina leads the way.


Eugene is at the rooftop and he shoots the man who is running from the rooftop. The man falls to the ground. Eugene unmasks the man and he is Sang wan’s friend who had taken the maps.

Inside the hotel, Su mi and Hotaru are hiding while the man walks Hina at gunpoint. Hina brings him to her room and swiftly takes her sword. She disarms him and kicks the gun away. She points the tip of the sword at his neck. He walks backwards and stops when the back of his head comes into contact with his gun that Ae shin is holding. The man starts cursing Hina. Hina asks Ae shin not to kill him as someone wants to teach him a lesson. Ae shin hits his head with a vase and he falls to the ground. Ae shin then walks out of the hotel.


Eugene sits across the man who stole the maps at the legation. He says that the man had a lot of opportunities to kill him previously but hadn’t. Eugene asks him why the man is striking him now. He asks if he is with Yong-Ju or working for Lee Jeong mun. The man asks him about Eugene’s relationship with Ae-shin. Eugene asks him who is Ae shin and the man explains that she is his friend’s daughter. When Eugene asks why the man tried to kill him the man asks Eugene to kill him.


Eugene shows him the photograph and says that according to a telegram from Hamgyong, Song Yeong is speculated to be in Shanghai. He says Sang wan is dead and he knows Yong ju’s face. He asks the man if he was Jeon Seung Jae. Seung Jae asks Eugene why he has that photograph and Eugene asks him why he tried to kill him. Seung Jae says Eugene’s investigation is a threat to their organisation as it got closer to the truth. He says that Eugene isn’t supposed to know any of the names he had just listed and they decided to get rid of Eugene.

Ae shin reaches the apothecary and Hong Pa is waiting for her. She says that the leader wants to see Ae shin.

Eugene asks Seung Jae if the organisation is the Righteous Army. Eugene asks if Eun san had really given the orders to kill him. Seung Jae says that its for a great cause. The man asks Eugene for a favour in Sang wan’s place. He asks Eugene to distance himself from Ae-shin for her safety. He says that though he had aimed to kill Eugene today, he says it might be Ae shin who points a gun at Eugene’s head tomorrow. He asks Eugene what he would do then. Eugene asks Seung Jae not to worry as he knows Ae-shin won’t fail the mission. He says he won’t let her miss. Eugene says that it might happen today as he will head to the kiln site now. Seung Jae tries to hold him back and asks him to catch Yong Ju. Eugene says that he has already caught him and heads out.

Ae shin meets Eun san at the kiln site. He says that they need her help with something. She says that he had never asked her why she buys broken bowls. She says she has wondered if Eun san was a comrade but asks if he is the leader. He asks her if she is surprised that the organisation is being led by a lowborn man.


Eugene takes his rifle and starts walking across the river. Hong pa shoots an arrow with black cloth tied to it across the river.

Eun san tells Ae shi that he had sent a man to the hotel but he had failed the mission. He says that right now someone is crossing the river. He tells her to kill that person whoever he may be. She asks him if the person crossing the river is the American man. Eun san says that, though his intentions are good, the man will put Joseon in jeopardy. Eun san asks her to kill whoever she sees at the entrance; whether its her boatman or not. Ae shin stands silent as the snow falls.

Eugene walks across the frozen river with his rifle.


Image courtesy-TVN


This was a fast-paced episode with a lot of happenings.

The story took a serious turn with Eugene investigating Joseph’s murder and many things falling into place. It was nice to see all the 5 leads working on the same side.

Dong mae’s steely resolve during the interrogation showed how determined he can be. He didn’t give in though the Police resorted to all the methods to try to get him to name Go sa hong. It is a shame that Ae shin has no idea regarding the things that Dong mae has done for her so far. He just comes across as a hooligan in her eyes. I am keen on seeing Dong-mae’s actions once he gets out as he has got quite a few scores to settle.

Eugene’s investigating skills are amazing. He confronts everyone upfront and is like a human lie detector. Eugene confronting Wan-ik at his house and Matsuyama at the hospital are among the best scenes in this episode.

It looks like Eun San isn’t the leader of the organisation. He seems to be taking orders from Jeong mun. It is also implied that the King’s deposit has been sent to Shanghai and will be used for buying more weapons. So it looks like the righteous army is working for the King. I wonder why the Righteous army hasn’t been ordered to assassinate Wan-ik who is the biggest threat to Joseon. They seem to be more keen on covering their tracks than handling their real enemy.

The scene where Ae shin recited the contents of the letter to Eugene was a moving one. It was a contrast to the plot’s progress in the episode.

The scenes where Hina and Ae shin interact with each other are always a great watch. This duo was unexpected considering the way the series started off but it is nice to see how the two of them handle situations together.

The way in which Kyle handled Allen was incredible as the man even ended up refusing to meet with Wan-ik as a result of it. It was awful how the King turned his back on Joseph the moment he learnt that the letter had fallen into Wan-ik’s hand.

Hui Seung’s presence was a refreshing change to the seriousness in the episode. He was omnipresent whenever there was trouble on the street.

I hope the upcoming episodes are as interesting as this one.

-Soul Sword-

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