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Mr Sunshine Episode 15 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 15 Recap

At Eugene’s office (after dressing Hui Seung’s wounds), Eugene says that a place where a woman lives alone and people come and go freely must be a shaman’s house. Hui Seung states Yong-Ju must be a Shaman. Eugene clarifies that Kim Yong-Ju might be hiding in a Shaman’s house. Hui Seung says that it will be difficult to locate Yong-ju as there are 43 active shaman houses in Hanseong. Eugene says that he knows someone who can find Yong Ju before dawn.

Dong mae’s men search every shaman house and find Yong-Ju who holds the shaman as a hostage (at gunpoint). He threatens to kill her if they come forward. Dong mae’s deputy thrusts his sword at the shaman (killing her) spearing through her stabbing Yong Ju too in the process. Both Yong Ju and the Shaman fall to the ground.


At the kiln site, Eun san orders Ae-shin to kill the person crossing the river; whether it is her boatman or not. Ae shin asks him why she is chosen to do this. Eun san explains that Seung gu is not a cold-hearted shooter. He says that a skilled gunner should do the job. He adds that the shooter will be aware of classified information that an armed American was here at the Righteous Army Commander’s base, in case Eugene got out alive. He says that she fits the bill.


Ae shin says that Eugene’s path has always been righteous and correct. She says that if he comes here it must be for protecting Eun san and not for harming him. She says that is the reason she will stand her ground. She takes the rifle from Eun-san.

Across the river, Hong Pa asks Seung-gu if he is not going. Seung-gu says that both Eugene and Ae-shin will do what they have to do. He says all he can do is believe in both of them. She asks what will happen if things get worse. He says that if it does, it should happen before it is too late. Ae-shin points the rifle at the entrance and sees Eugene through the rifle’s scope. She remembers the first time she had seen him on the rooftop and when she had shaken hands with him on the very same entrance. We see a montage of all their meetings. As Eugene walks across the entrance, Ae-shin is teary-eyed as she aims the gun in his direction.


Eugene and Eun-san stand facing each other on the log bridge. Eun-san asks what had happened to the man (Seung-Jae) he had sent to kill Eugene. Eugene asks if Eun-san is only concerned about that man. Eun-san repeats his question. Eugene asks what Eun-san would have done in his situation. Eun-san says that Joseon is under attack and America is egging Japan on while acting fair and square. He tells Eugene that a gun is aimed at him currently. Eun-san gives Eugene 2 choices, to either die here or leave Joseon and live.

Eun-san asks Eugene how he can trust an American while Joseon people themselves are deserting Joseon. Eugene says that he doesn’t care about who rules Joseon or about a greater cause. He says that he just wanted two things. One was Eun-san to live a long life and the other was Lady Ae-shin to not die.

Ae-shin watches them as she listens to the conversation from above.


Just then, Seung Jae brings an unconscious Yong-Ju and lays him on the ground. He tells Eun-san that Eugene had caught Yong-Ju and handed him over. Eun san asks why he is giving Yong-Ju to them. Eugene says that they can deal with him by themselves, as they are all Koreans. Eugene says that Koreans call him an American and Americans call him Korean. He says he doesn’t know which path he will choose from now on. He throws the rifle over to Eun-san and says that this is Eun-san’s last chance. Ae-shin is startled seeing this.

Eugene says that he will not be running away from Joseon again and hence asks Eun-san to shoot him. Eugene says that this is how he will repay Eun-san. Eugene says that there are 3 guns pointed at him anyway.


Eun san asks Eugene to leave. Seung-Jae points the gun at Eugene’s head and says that they shouldn’t let him go as they have already lost too much. Eun-san lowers Seung-Jae’s gun and asks Eugene to leave (despite Seung-Jae voicing his concerns). Eun-san looks the other way as Eugene wishes him a long life. Eugene says that they will never meet again and he leaves.

Eun-san comes into the kiln site and tells Ae-shin to go now that her job is done. Ae-shin says that she had thought a lot about where she had seen the two of them (Yong-Ju and Seung-jae). She remembers the photograph, which Eugene had shown her. She asks if the injured man had killed the missionary. She asks if he was the one who had killed her parents too. Eun-san asks if Seung-gu had been a bad mentor by neglecting to teach her to not ask questions.


Ae-shin says, “Don’t ask questions. Don’t look back on failed missions. You must accept disgrace. Run if you are caught. Get caught and you die. Die and you’ll be forgotten.”

Ae shin asks Eun-san if that is the reason she shouldn’t know how her parents died. Eun-san tells her that Yong-Ju was the one who had killed her parents. He asks her if she is going to kill Yong-Ju after knowing this. She says that he should’ve told her sooner if that was a viable option. Ae-shin says that an American (Joseph) had died by his hands and another (Eugene) had put his life on the line. She says that a girl who lost her parents (Ae-shin) must step back in agony even though her mortal enemy is just a few feet away. She says she hopes Eun-san’s decisions bring better results than her fury. She passes the gun back to Eun-san and leaves.

Eugene sits on the floor of his hotel room.

Ae shin sits on the floor of the apothecary seeing the empty Chameleon plant drawer.


Lee Jeong-mun learns from Eun-san that Eugene had handed over Yong-ju to them. Eun san requests the missionary’s honour to be absolved but Jeong mun says that the case is closed and they can’t go back on their word. He says that they will deal with this secretly to preserve the nation’s dignity. He asks if Eugene had demanded this and Eun san denies it. Eun-san says that he is acting on his own accord. He explains that Eugene’s just cares for the missionary’s honour to remain intact and this is their chance to repay his kindness. Jeong-mun asks if that is Eun-san’s plan to win Eugene over. Eun-san says that he had already won Eugene over but he hadn’t realised it. He says he has lost Eugene now.


Wan-ik and Deok-mun learn from Jung (Chief of Police) that they have lost Yong-Ju. Jung says that it is hard to get to Yong Ju as Lee Jeong-mun himself is leading the questioning. Deok-mun wonders if Yong-Ju will name Wan-ik but Wan-ik says that he doubts it. He says that Yong-ju will die soon and just asks them to let him. Wan-ik asks who had caught Yong-Ju. Jung says that it’s very odd as Japanese swordsmen had caught Yong-ju and handed him over to the US army. Wan-ik comments that though he spends a lot of money he can never get the men to do their jobs. He wonders what trick Eugene uses to get the help he needs.

Elsewhere, Yong Ju is being tortured and Jeong mun asks him if Wan-ik is the one pulling the strings. Yong-ju asks to be killed and Jeong mun says he might be spared if he talks. Yong ju refuses to talk and Lee Jeong-mun sentences him to death. He says that Yong-Ju will be found as a corpse before that and leaves.

Yong-ju is puzzled and then sees Seung-jae limp into the room. Yong-ju comments that they had sent Seung-jae to kill him. Seung-jae tells him that this isn’t over as Sang-wan will be waiting for Yong-ju on the other side. Seung-jae stabs Yong-ju to death.

Revised statements from the Joseon court are put up in the city. Eugene watches as the people read the statement and comment that Joseph wasn’t the murderer but it was the pro-Japanese. The statement says that the American missionary has been vindicated and he will be rested at the cemetery for foreigners in honour of him helping Joseon,.

In a flashback, Eugene kicks open a door (probably shaman’s house) and catches Yong-ju by his coat. He repeatedly punches Yong-ju and asks him why he was lurking around Ae-shin’s house instead of fleeing the country. Yong-ju says he wanted to tell the truth that he hadn’t killed Sang wan but only ratted him out. He tells Eugene that Wan-ik was the one who had killed Sang-wan and his wife. Yong-ju claims that Wan-ik had said he wouldn’t harm them and he had believed him. He says Wan-ik would’ve killed Yong-ju’s wife and children if he hadn’t betrayed Sang-wan.


Yong-ju says he didn’t have a choice but Eugene corrects him by saying he had. Eugene says that Yong-ju’s comrades had families too but they hadn’t made the same decision. Eugene says that till now Yong-ju’s inside information has been the cause of death of others’ parents. He says that Joseph was like a parent to him and punches Yong-ju hard.

In the present Eugene watches as Wan-ik passes by in the rickshaw.

At the court, the King appoints Wan-ik as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.  As Wan-ik accepts the appointment, the King sees the image of Ito Hirobumi (Prime Minister of Japan) standing behind him. He is taken aback as he sees a vision (the consequence of his decision) of the Japanese soldiers filling the court in place of Korean soldiers. The Japanese Flag flies high behind Wan-ik. King Gojong is extremely disturbed and clutches the armrest as he sees the image Ito Hirobumi giving him a victorious smile.


Later on, King Gojong paces the room as he tells Jeong mun that Ito Hirobumi was at court today with all his soldiers. He says that he is going to get nightmares at night. He says that he shouldn’t have turned his back on Russia and wonders if America doesn’t have any pity at all.

Hina is in the hotel’s yard with her fencing sword as some men bring Gui-dan (the maid whom she had fired and had given false testimony against Dong mae) after catching her at the train station.  Gui-dan yells that she only wanted to leave. Hina comments that Gui-dan has packed a lot leaving for behind a sick mother. Gui-dan says that she needn’t answer, as she doesn’t work at the hotel anymore. Hina says she asked just to see if she should be merciful or not before ruining her life for good.  Gui-dan asks what she means by ruining her life and Hina slashes her sword across Gui-dan’s cheek.


Gui-dan starts screaming and Hina says that this is what happens when a stupid girl goes bad. She tells Gui-dan that this is a mark for her to remember. Gui-dan screams as she asks what she had done to deserve this. She says that everyone in Joseon hated Gu Dong-mae. Hina says, “I don’t”.

Dong mae is released and Eugene stands outside the cell. Dong mae thanks Eugene and offers to buy him a drink next time. Eugene says that many people helped, Kyle, Domi, Hina, Dong mae’s men, a young master and a young lady. Dong-mae says that he will repay them someday but he has important business to deal with right now. Eugene watches as Dong-mae walks away.


Dong mae gets back and sees that around 4 of his men have died from bullet wounds. He orders his deputy to burn them with honours and enough money for the afterlife.

Dong mae returns to Hwawollu and the Japanese man (who arrested him) is waiting there. He holds out Dong-mae’s sword and says that Hayashi had asked him to return it to Dong mae. He asks Dong mae to take it with a bow. Dong mae says that he had met with Hayashi who had told him that he is sending him a gift. Dong mae says he didn’t think he would send it so soon. The man is surprised to hear Hayashi wanted to gift something to Dong mae.

Dong mae explains that he had wanted to kill the man as soon as he got out and Hayashi had sent the man as the gift. In a flash, he unsheathes the sword from the man’s hand and slashes it across the man’s throat, killing him.


At the hotel, Hina watches Hotaru (fortune-teller) run down the staircase. Hotaru runs over to Dong mae walking into the Hotel and hugs him. Dong mae comforts her and nods to Hina who is watching from the window. Hina nods back in acknowledgement.


Meanwhile, Hui Seung is playing the piano in the background and Hina walks up to him. She comments that he hasn’t found a place to work. Hui Seung says that he had found a place he liked but it is already taken. She asks if he has lost weight because he decided not to have ill intentions. She says though he was away for a long time she asks him to take his rightful place and ask the other person to leave. Hui Seung says that he hadn’t intended to return at all. Hina asks if he wants a change of room. Hui Seung denies as the room’s terrace has the best view of the moon. Eugene is on his way out and acknowledges them before leaving.


Hina explains that today is Joseph’s funeral. Hui Seung says that he should play something sad and starts playing a tune on the piano.


At the foreigners’ cemetery, Joseph’s funeral takes place with state honours. Eugene stands by Joseph’s grave as his voiceover narrates, “Dear great and noble one. My home. My hero. My father.” Everyone from the legation is present and Eugene kneels by the grave and scatters sand over the coffin (Covered with the US flag). His voiceover narrates, “I bid thee farewell”.

We see Joseph’s gravestone which reads “Joseph Willington Stenson 1848-1903 The Jesus helper, Son of dreams, Rest In peace”.

Later on, Eugene is alone at the grave and pours the rice wine (Joseph had brought for Eugene) over the grave. He sits down next to the grave. He drinks the rice wine as he mourns Joseph’s death.


At the temple, Ae shin hands over the note with Joseph Stenson’s name written in English to the old lady. She tells the woman that she wants to light a candle for him. She tells the lady that the man believes in God. The lady says that all the deities must know each other as well. She agrees to light the candle.

At the apothecary, Ae-shin checks the empty drawer. She hears the door open and Eugene’s voice asks, “What news are you waiting for?” She turns to see him standing in the apothecary. He is resentful as he says that she had tried to shoot him and asks if she was waiting for some bad news. Eugene says that he hated her so much. He asks her if she is okay and she asks if he is worried about her. He says he is used to people always saying that he didn’t belong with them (both Joseon and America). Ae shin holds out her hand says, “You are with me.” When he doesn’t move she say, “Walk towards me”.


He asks her if he should take the hand that tried to shoot him. Ae –shin walks forward and says that she is taking the hand of the man who knew that and had still stepped into the crosshairs. Ae-shin holds out her hand. Eugene holds her hand and pulls her into an embrace. Eugene’s eyes well up as he holds Ae-shin in his arms.


At night in the hotel, the red pinwheel is on the balcony in the rain.

We see the pocket watch in Hui Seung’s room.

Dong mae sits in the training centre with the coin that Ae-shin had given him.

Hina sits in her room says that she was the one who had received the handkerchief and wonders who is crying tonight. She holds Eugene’s kerchief in her hand.

At Wan-ik’s house, Deok mun says that he hadn’t expected to kill Suzuki who was Hayashi’s trusted man. Wan-ik says that Suzuki must be the gift from Hayashi. He says that Hayashi is siding with Dong-mae. Deok mun asks what they should do now. Wan-ik remembers Dong mae piggybacking Hina and says that he might have someone to turn to.



Just then, Dong mae walks in and Wan-ik asks Deok-mun to go outside. He asks Dong mae to say what he has to say and leave. Dong mae asks if Wan-ik hates him for not naming Go sa-hong at the Police Bureau. Wan-ik asks if Dong-mae is trying to scare him. Dong mae asks Wan-ik if he is scared. Dong mae then says that he had told Hayashi an interesting story after leaving the Bureau. He says he told Hayashi he had procured the King’s secret deposit document and had given it to Wan-ik. He had also said that wan-ik and Lee se-hun had tried to profit from it. Dong mae says he told Hayashi that after things had got messed up, Wan-ik had put all the blame on Lee se hun.

Wan-ik gives an unbelievable laugh and says Hayashi wouldn’t have believed him. Dong mae says that he had just planted a seed of doubt in an imaginative mind. He then leans forward and gives Wan-ik Hayashi’s message, “Fools who are neither Japanese nor Joseon will, in the end, become Japan’s weakness.” Wan-ik gets agitated hearing this as these were the same words Hayashi had used when Wan-ik had previously visited him. Dong mae then congratulates Wan-ik on his new appointment and asks him to take care of himself.


II-sik (back from Hamgyong) is outside the legation and the guard mistakes him for Gwan-su and sends him inside. Once inside, he hands over most of Joseph’s belongings to Eugene. Eugene goes through the stuff and smiles as he sees the box of ointment. Joseph’s voiceover narrates that the medicine was quite expensive for a poor missionary. II-sik says that he is glad to see Eugene smile. Eugene thanks II-sik for the work. He notices the name “Song Yeong” on the lid of the box containing the items. Eugene requests II-sik to keep all the findings as a secret. II-sik says that it will be expensive and Eugene nods.

Eugene remembers Seung-jae telling him that fining the truth would be a treat to their organisation. He had also said that Eugene shouldn’t know any of their names. Eugene also remembers Yong-ju saying that he had lied to Lee Wan-ik and had requested Eugene to destroy the photo. Eugene’s voiceover reads the lettering on the back of the photo, “When the plum trees bloomed, Song Young, Go Sang-wan, Kim Yong-ju, Jeon Seung-jae together. Tokyo, Spring of 1874.” He burns the photograph along with the box.


II-sik reaches his shop and finds Choon-sik and Hui Seung there. Hui Seung asks to rent some of their space so he can place a desk and write there. Choon-sik says that Hui Seung’s presence will make their customers uncomfortable. Hui Seung even offers to take customers when they are out. Just then, two ladies come searching for Hui Seung. II-sik is delighted to see the women. II-sik immediately asks Choon-sik to bring the contract.

At the bar, Hui-Seung drinks and says that he had studied medicine, law and literature a year each and then quit studying altogether. Eugene and Dong mae sit across him silently as he continues to say that he is curious about everything and is a good listener. Eugene points out that Hui-Seung has been talking all evening and still hasn’t told what he is going to do. Hui Seung says that he is going to print a newspaper. Dong mae says that he hopes Hui Seung prints obituaries. Eugene says that Hui Seung will become bankrupt as his headlines are terrible and Dong mae agrees. Hui Seung says that he will print truth and facts using just the Korean language. He continues to drink as Eugene asks Dong mae if he isn’t hunting for anyone.  Dong mae says that he is looking for the one who coughs and immediately Hui Seung chokes on his drink and starts coughing.


Dong mae smiles as Hui Seung gets up to leave on the pretext of catching a cold. Eugene holds him back and says that Hui Seung never pays for the drinks. Hui Seung says he knows and Eugene asks if he isn’t ashamed. Hui Seung bows and thanks them for the drinks and walks out. Eugene thanks Dong mae for the drinks. Dong mae tells Eugene that he has important business to attend to and he leaves too. Eugene finishes his drink.


The three of them end up walking together on the street and Hui Seung comments that the moon is bright. He tells Eugene and Dong mae that he isn’t walking with them. Dong mae clarifies that no one is walking with anyone. Hui Seung mentions that spring is here as he sees the petals from the cherry blossom tree falling. He says that everything he likes is here. Dong mae asks him to leave him out of it. Hui Seung says that he loves useless things like spring, flowers and the moon.

Hui Seung asks Dong mae if he can cut a flower petal in half. Dong mae says that he can cut Hui Seung in half and asks if he prefers to be cut horizontally or vertically. Hui Seung says that Dong mae is cruel and asks Eugene if he can shoot a flower petal. Eugene asks if it is before or after Dong mae slices it in half. Hui Seung says that he dies every day between an American and a Japanese. He says that the cause of his death today is beauty. The 3 of them stand and watch the petals falling.


It is spring as the trees are in full bloom and the river starts to flow again.

At the school, Ae shin writes out an advertisement for the school, asking for new students. Nam Jong says that her writing is as good as Han Seok-Bong’s. Ae shin says that she is flattered. Nam Jong says that Ae-shin’s writing looks like a man’s and runs away before Ae shin could strike her.

Eugene finds Ae-shin’s letter in the chameleon plant drawer, which reads, “spring has come and I wonder how you’re doing. I use spring as an excuse to ask how you are doing. I’m well. How are you doing?”

Ae shin reads Eugene’s response, “I want to ask you something. What does a plum tree flower look like? I’m using a flower as an excuse to beg you to meet me.” Ae shin wonders why he chose this flower out of all of them.


Ae-shin and Eugene meet near a plum tree by the riverside. She explains that the plum flower is the crest of the royal family in Joseon. She says it appears in a lot of historical documents. She asks him why he is asking about this flower. He says he wanted to know what her father and his comrades had celebrated, as the flower was mentioned (when the plum trees bloomed) at the back of the photograph.

Eugene says that he didn’t want the names and faces to become public so he had burnt the photograph. He apologises to Ae-shin for burning the photo. She says it’s alright as she has it in her heart.

Ae-shin asks what they should do now. She asks what comes after a handshake, a hug, longing and flower gazing. Eugene says fishing. Ae-shin says that she wasn’t expecting that and Eugene says he said what came first to his mind. She asks if he is good at fishing. He smiles and says that he is captain of the U.S Marine Corps and spent many days on the ship. She bets on who will catch more fish. He asks if betting comes after fishing. She says grilled fish could be next and he laughs.


They go fishing. Ae shin gets excited as the fish takes Eugene’s bait and asks him to reel it in. She holds the fishing rod and pulls it up losing the fish. Eugene says that it was too soon. He then asks her why she is grabbing his hand. She immediately takes her hand away. He asks her if that was why she had asked to come fishing. Ae shin laughs and denies saying that he is funny. He says that it is too bad and reaches out to take her hand. He holds her hand and says that it was his reason for suggesting fishing. Ae shin is surprised but then smiles as they hold hands.


Ae shin’s voiceover narrates, “The clear, long lake on an autumn day, flows like a shard of green Jade. Where lotus flowers bloom, we docked our small boat. To see you, I tossed a bait over the wall. Someone saw me from far away and I was embarrassed for half a day.” Ae shin finishes writing the poem in her room. The book on her desk says Heo Nan- Seol-Heon’s poems.

Hui Seung’s father catches a glimpse of Eugene at the Glory Hotel while walking with his servant.

He rushes home and tells his wife of this new discovery. Hui Seung’s mother is appalled on hearing this.

At the legation, Do mi runs up to Eugene and says that a guest is waiting for him. Eugene sees that it is Hui Seung’s mother.

Inside his office, Hui Seung’s mother places the tasselled ornament on Eugene’s desk and says that his mother had left this with him as a keepsake. She says she has come to return it to him. She says she is not here to ask for forgiveness but asks him not to tell Hui Seung about what happened that day. Eugene says that she is basically asking for forgiveness. She says that it is a burden that she and her husband had to bear. She says all Hui Seung did was being born into the Kim family. Eugene asks what he had done wrong by being born under the same roof as a slave and she goes silent. He asks her how she hopes her son to not suffer after making Eugene’s life hell. She asks him to make her pay for everything throughout her life and even after she dies. She pleads with him to keep the events of that day from Hui Seung. She even says that she will kneel in front of him and he says that it is not necessary.


She says that she has never kneeled before anyone and kneels down and bows to him. Eugene remembers the day they had made his mother and father kneel. Hui-Seung’s mother begs him to leave Hui Seung out of this.

Eugene sits in his hotel room looking at the tasselled ornament. He hears a knock on the door and sees Hui Seung at the door. Hui Seung is drunk and he asks Eugene to help with the wound. He walks in and Eugene says he never allowed him to come in. Hui Seung sits down and his gaze falls on the tasselled ornament.


He asks Eugene why he was having his mother’s ornament. Eugene says that it is the mother’s ornament and asks Hui Seung when was his birthday. He says he wants to know the date of his parents’ death as he had lost track of time running for his life without sleep. Hui Seung is grim as hears the pocketwatch ticking very loudly in his ears. He says that he was born on 17th April 1871. He asks Eugene if there is anything else he wants to know. Eugene says that he knows more than Hui Seung right now.

At night, a sad Hui Seung meets with one of the old servants of the Kim household. The man starts to bow but Hui Seung stops him.

Dong mae is passing by and he sees Hui Seung and the servant. When the servant leaves, Dong mae walks behind him. The servant is terrified seeing Dong mae. Dong mae asks the servant what the conversation had been about.


We cut to the scene where Hui Seung asks the servant to help him get his facts straight. He says that he has to accept the consequences no matter what he hears. The servant tells Hui Seung that the slave child’s parents had worked for Hui seungs’ grandfather. Hui Seung’s grandfather had wanted to sell the child’s mother. He had ordered them to beat the father to death. When he had ordered the child to be beaten up, the mother had held Hui Seung’s pregnant mother hostage and saved her son. He says that the mother had jumped into the well after knowing her son had gotten away.

Hui Seung remembers Eugene telling him that everyone thinks their problems are bigger than the others. He had said that Hui Seung shouldn’t say he is hurt when a man whose heart is torn apart was standing in front of him as it would be a shameful thing to do.

The servant says that the boy saw all that. He adds that the boy had run away to a foreign country and come back as a man of a powerful country. Hui Seung stops the man from saying further and thanks the man. Hui Seung has a tormented look on his face.

After hearing this, Dong mae comments that Eugene was born a slave and says that he had no idea that the two (Hui Seung and Eugene)shared a tragic past. The man asks for the money Dong mae had promised in exchange for the information and Dong mae says he will pay a lot.

Hina comes in a rickshaw and meets Lee Jeong mun, who says that their officers had failed them. They said they couldn’t protect the missionary. He suspects an internal spy as the route was leaked and they had prior knowledge about the letter. He says that one of the officers had come back dead with the missionary and he is investigating the other two. Hina learns that Ms.Kang (the lady who had stopped Hui Seung from chasing Yong-ju) a frequent visitor to her hotel is one of the officers. Jeong mun says that she had followed the missionary from the Hamgyong station to Jemulpo Harbour.


Jeong mun asks Hina to bring Eugene to meet him. She guesses that Jeong mun has gotten himself on Eugene’s wrong side and denies. Jeong mun says that he will inform her about her mother’s whereabouts. He says that he has found her mother and she asks him if he had found her mother a long time ago but had chosen not to tell her.

Hina brings Eugene to a room where Jeong mun is waiting and apologises to Eugene. She says that she has to rely on any gossip she hears and leaves. Jeong mun says that Eugene has decided not to leave and Eugene says he has no reason to leave. Jeong mun says that he wants Eugene to take on the role of a drill instructor at the Royal Military Academy. Eugene says that he has already refused the offer. Jeong mun says that Eugene is the only person who fits the role. Eugene calls him shameless.


Jeong mun says that Lee wan-ik will try to control the Board of Marshals now that he has become the Foreign Minister. He says he needs someone Wan-ik can’t mess with. He says that he needs an American who can at least pretend he is on Joseon’s side. Eugene says that Jeong mun wanted him dead because he was an American and asks why he should care. Jeong mun says that he can help Eun san and the others live another day. Eugene says that even if he agreed, he wouldn’t be glad doing the job. Jeong mun says that he will be glad if Eugene doesn’t come with bad intentions. He says he will grant anything that Eugene wants; whether a title or land.


Eugene says he would like a mountain. He says that there is a mountain in the valley of Ghanghwa. Eugene remembers his mother saying that she wishes to be a flower in the next life. She had asked him to live in a big house and said she will bloom in the garden. Eugene’s voiceover says, “You bloomed like this here. Shall I build a house here?” he walks on the mountain where the flowers have bloomed.


At Ae-shin’s house, Go Sa-Hong looks at Sang wan and his wife’s picture. Lady Cho comes and tells him that she heard he wasn’t eating or sleeping well. She hands him some tea and apologises for being a bad daughter in law. He says he wants to marry Ae-shin off now. She says she will meet with Hui Seung’s mother.

Hui Seung’s father seeks the blessings of the ancestors as he is sending a formal letter to Ae-shin’s family requesting marriage.

Ae shin learns about the letter from Lady Cho and she says that she is not ready yet. Lady Cho says that she is old fashioned and cannot let things go like this. She says that there are other reasons why Ae-shin meets Gunner Jang. She says she has noticed the mysterious scars and wounds on her body. She says she won’t go easy on Ae shin anymore. She says she has to protect everyone as the lady of the family. She says that they will rush the wedding once they receive the letter.


A servant stops Hui Seung who is on a rickshaw and shows him the wedding letter. Hui Seung takes the letter from the servant and says that in some cases, the groom-to-be can deliver the letter.


Ae-shin tells her grandfather that she knows he will be enraged hearing what she has to say. She says that she will not get married. She says she will live alone. Go sa hong says that is the most absurd thing he has heard. She says that he should have thought about it before sending her to gunner Jang. She says she can’t live her life doing embroidery and calligraphy as she has come too far. She says she cannot go back. Go sa-hong says that no woman of noble-birth lives alone without getting married. He says it is against Joseon’s code of conduct and asks if she wants him to put up with people talking ill of her family. She says she will give up everything and live as an outcast. Go sa hong says it is same as killing herself.

Ae shin says that there is another man in her heart and she will walk alongside him. She says she won’t marry anyone. Go sa-hong is furious and tells her that he would be okay with anything but this. He says that she should have given some other excuse but not this. He blames this on her being outgoing.  He says that Ms Haman and Mr Haengrang should have been strict with her. He orders both of them to be locked in the shed.

Ms Haman and Mr Haengrang are locked in the shed and Haman is anxious. Mr Haengrang says that Lord Go is furious and he says that they should conserve their energy. He asks Haman to sit down as it will be a long fight.

Hui Seung enters Ae-shin’s house to find all the servants murmuring. He sees Ae-shin kneeling in the courtyard. Hui Seung kneels down next to her. He says that he doesn’t know what she had done but says that he will take the blame along with her.


After some time, she asks him to leave but he says that it is tolerable. He tries to make her laugh but fails. She says her sin cannot be shared and asks him to leave. He asks what she had done and she says that she had told her grandfather that she doesn’t want to get married. Hui Seung’s smile vanishes hearing this. Ae shin says that she told her grandfather that there is another man in her heart. She tells Hui Seung that he was right in guessing that there was another man. She says that she is risking her everything for him. She says there is no going back and that she has no regrets.

Ae-shin apologises to Hui Seung and says that she hopes he meets another woman who is better than she in all the aspects. She says that a broken engagement is frowned upon for women but not a flaw for men. Hui Seung says that he has been with more than enough women. He says that he had figured out a long time ago that there was another man in Ae shin’s heart but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Hui Seung takes out the wedding letter and tells Ae shin that it was sent by his father. He says that he has made up his mind to do something very bad. Ae shin is shocked hearing this.


Image Courtesy-TVN


This episode was like a mini-finale as it was quite an eventful one. It looks like Ae-shin has parted ways with the righteous army at least for now and Yong-Ju has met with his end. The King knows now that he has provided Japan with a golden ticket to enter Joseon by naming Wan-ik as the Foreign Affairs minister. Ae-shin finally said that she would stick with Eugene while it looks like he will be joining The Royal Military Academy as a drill instructor. He even asked for a mountain with flowers (that his mother said she would be born as) to build a house on as he doesn’t intend to leave Joseon.

This focal point of this episode was Ae-shin as she stood up to Eun-san and her grandfather. Her character evolved quite fast as she confronted Eun-san at the kiln site. She immediately spoke her mind to her grandfather the moment she learnt of the wedding letter despite knowing he would be furious. I like that she chose to fight her own battles though she has many well-wishers.

At the kiln site, Eugene made himself clear that his intentions are purely personal and not political. Though his choices are for personal gain, he seems to always choose the righteous path.

The scene at the apothecary was my favourite of this episode. Eugene and Ae-shin have overcome the social barrier that was the elephant in the room with respect to their relationship. It looks like Eugene finally felt a sense of belonging (which has always been an issue) when Ae-shin offered him her hand. As usual, the dialogues were great in this scene and it was an emotional one.

Dong mae doesn’t disappoint when it comes to seeking retribution. He even managed to get Hayashi to send Suzuki to his doorstep as a gift. It was amazing how he got Hayashi to side with him by twisting the facts and telling a tale considering that he hadn’t even seen the King’s secret document.

It looks like Wan-ik will soon be approaching Hina to obtain control over Dong mae, as he is under the impression that Dong-mae and Hina are a couple. I am curious to see how Hina will handle this. Hina seems to show weakness whenever there is a mention of her mother.

Now that Hui Seung and Dong mae have found out about Eugene’s tragic past and this will have an effect on their relationship with him. They seem to have moved from the bar to the streets and it was hilarious to see the 3 of them flower gazing.

With Song Young’s name always cropping up and an internal spy in the righteous army, I expect to see new developments in the plot in upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

Mr Sunshine Episode 16 Recap

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