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Mr Sunshine Episode 16 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 16 Recap

Ae-shin apologises to Hui Seung and says that she hopes he meets another woman who is better than she in all aspects. She says that a broken engagement is frowned upon for women but not a flaw for men. Hui Seung says that he has been with more than enough women. He adds that he had figured out a long time ago that there was another man in Ae shin’s heart but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Hui Seung takes out the wedding letter and tells Ae shin that it was sent by his father. He says that he has made up his mind to do something very bad. Ae shin is shocked hearing this.


Meanwhile, inside the house, Lady Cho tells Lord Go sa-hong that Hui Seung has brought the wedding letter in place of his butler. She says he is kneeling with Ae-shin in the yard. She says that he would be having a modern outlook as he has been abroad. Go sa Hong remembers Hui Seung saying that Ae-shin is not to his liking. He also remembers Ae-shin saying that she likes another man. Lady Cho asks Go sa hong not to entertain them and asks to give them an earful.

As the night falls, Ae-shin and Hui Seung are still kneeling outside. Ae-shin asks Hui Seung what he meant by doing something bad. Hui Seung asks her why she didn’t trust him to go through with their arrangement that they had come up with. She says that she had to stop the letter at any cost and he calls her reckless. He says that they have to take time in breaking it off. She asks if he didn’t mean marriage when he said ‘something bad’.


Hui Seung says that there are two ways to look at flowers. You either put them all in a vase or set out to meet them on a path. He says he chose to do the latter and it will be unpleasant for him as there will be no flowers on his path. Hui Seung says that he will break off the engagement and says he is being punished for making her wait too long. Ae-shin apologises to him and he asks her to worry about herself. He says she will be frowned upon once the engagement is broken off. She says that is what she wants. He asks her if she will give him more time.

He says he is working on something and once that is done, he says he will make her a flawed woman. He asks her if he has her trust and she nods. Hui Seung smiles sadly and says that this is how he gets her first approval.

Hui Seung’s butler comes running and asks why he hasn’t returned home yet. Hui Seung tells the butler to inform his parents that he has returned to the hotel. He asks to keep what he saw here as a secret.

As the butler leaves, Ae-shin asks Hui Seung to leave as well. Hui-Seung says that Ae-shin’s punishment will be prolonged if he leaves now. He says elders like a good excuse. He calls one of the maids and tells her to let everyone know in a loud voice once he passes out. He asks Ae-shin if she could catch him and he passes out and falls on Ae-shin’s lap. Ae-shin holds him and the maid shouts out that Hui Seung passed out.


Lady Cho comes out and says that a man shouldn’t be this feeble. She asks Ms Haman to go to the pharmacy and asks Mr Haengrang to carry Hui Seung.

Once Lady Cho leaves, Hui Seung opens his eyes slightly and Ae-shin thanks him. Hui Seung closes his eyes and smiles.


Haman and Haengrang sit across Hui Seung who has bought dinner for all of them. He says that he can’t stand hunger. He asks them to eat and Mr Haengrang asks if he is sure of not seeing the doctor. Hui Seung says he is fine and asks him to tell Lord Go that he got the medicine and was carried back to the hotel. Haengrang says that Lady Cho won’t believe that, as he isn’t strong enough to carry Hui Seung. He says they should say Haman carried him and they laugh. Haman says that she should really give Hui Seung a piggyback ride.

Hui Seung asks if she pities him that much. She says it isn’t like that but she feels that they have all (Ae shin, Hui Seung and Eugene) been drawing all the short straws. She says that they all look lonely in her eyes. The 3 of them go silent and start eating.


Meanwhile, Eugene oversees the soldiers as they deliver the school supplies to the school. Eugene looks around (probably looking for Ae-shin) and sees the advertisement that Ae-shin had written on the school’s entrance. The teacher comments that the noblewoman (Ae-shin) has very fine handwriting and passionate in learning. She says that the student has even visited the legation to run an errand. Eugene says that he remembers and asks if she hasn’t come today. The teacher says that Ae-shin hasn’t come for a while.

At the apothecary, Eugene checks the empty Chameleon Plant Drawer.


Eugene stands in the Hotel Lobby with herbal medicine as Hui Seung walks in with the marriage letter saying that he almost met Eugene at the pharmacy. Hui Seung says that what is bad news to him will be good news for Eugene. He says that he now knows about Eugene’s tragic past. He says he won’t apologise to him yet. Eugene says he wasn’t expecting an apology. Hui Seung asks if it’s because of Hui Seung’s blood. Eugene says that it is because Hui Seung will apologise someday if not today. Hui Seung goes on to say that unlike before, he now knows something about Ae-shin before Dong Mae and Eugene found out about it. He says he won’t tell Eugene about this as he wishes that Eugene be the last one to find out.


Hui Seung take his keys and waves to Hina who comes down the stairs as he goes up. He gives the medicine saying it is for a footbath and asks her to give it to Su-mi. She asks what about herself and Eugene thinks for a moment and says she can take half of it. Hina smiles and apologises for bringing him to meet Hui Seung. Eugene asks if Jeong has something over her as she always seems to be helping him. Hina calls it a symbiotic relationship and Eugene remembers Ae shin asking Hina to escort her out of the hotel. She says Eugene would’ve been curious seeing Hina and Ae-shin’s understanding. Eugene says he was startled seeing that neither of them flinched seeing each other. Hina tells Eugene that Ae-shin is getting married soon and that is a wedding letter in Hui Seung’s hand. Eugene says that he often forgets that Ae-shin is engaged. He leaves after thanking Hina.

Eugene sits in his room and remembers the conversation with Ae-shin at the beach the other day. Ae-shin says that she never found the engagement real. She says she might be disavowed if she broke off the engagement. She says she would then head to Shanghai. She says there must be something she could do from Shanghai and maybe work with her father’s comrades there. Eugene asks what about him and she says that he would have probably returned back to America by then. She says that Eugene was never a part of her “What if” scenario but says that he is now. She says that is enough.

At her home, Ae-shin reads Eugene’s old letter, which says, “Exchange of names, handshake, hug. What comes next must be longing.”

Eugene stands on his balcony and sees Seung gu walking into the Hotel with a rifle. Eugene invites Seung-gu in. Seung gu stops to remove his footwear but he sees Eugene has his shoes on and chooses to leave his footwear on as he walks in. Eugene smiles to himself. He asks Seung gu if he is here to see whether he is still alive. Seung gu says he is on an errand. He hands over Eugene’s rifle saying that Eun-san asked him to pass it on. Eugene says that it is upsetting to see where he had drawn the line.


Seung-gu says that Jeong-mun and Eun-san are the most cold-hearted people. Eugene asks why Seung-gu was running their errands and Seung-gu responds saying he is a gentle soul. Seung gu says that Eugene had left behind an unfamiliar gun and Eugene says that it was his gift for Lady Ae-shin. He says he taught her how to use it. Seung gu says that there would have been nothing to teach as she had a great mentor.

Seung gu tells Eugene that Ae-shin has been learning gunnery for 10 years. He says that she used to make long trips from her house just to learn from him. He says that she would trip on rocks and scratch herself on branches but she never complained. He says that her road to him (Eugene) will also be that rough. He says she says Eugene is further than the sea and yet she insists on making her way to him. Seung gu is grim as he says that he knows how difficult it will be and he had also tried to stop her by scolding her. He says that he hopes Eugene will be there for her wherever she wants to go if she wants to.

Eugene says that Seung gu was against their relationship. Seung gu says that even if he isn’t, many will disapprove of the relationship. He says he would rather be the good guy. He says he feels bad for Ae-shin and Eugene.


Eun san is at the log bridge and Ko brings him the last bottle of beer that Eugene had brought. Eun san says that he only got to enjoy the last bottle. Ko says that Eugene will bring more when he comes and Eun san says he doubts it. Ko asks if the beer is expensive and Eun-san says he guesses so. He says that Eugene had brought them out of sincerity and he can’t put a price on that.

At Ae shin’s house, Lord Go asks Mr Haengrang if Ae-shin really likes another man. He asks him who it is.


Lord Go reprimands Haman and Haengrang for being in this together. Ae-shin asks him not to blame them as they were just following orders. He tells Ae-shin that is high time she followed others wishes. He asks her to get married and live under her husband’s protection. Ae-shin says that she wishes to live on her terms. Lord Go says that he doesn’t believe she has another man and that she is lying to stop the wedding. He asks her to bring the man to him if she wants him to believe it. He says he wants to know if that man is as reckless as her. Ae-shin says that this has nothing to do with him and is a decision she made on her own.

She says that she has trained to live without a shield and doesn’t intend to use him as a shield. She says that she wants to give him her heart as long as she lives. Lord Go says that Ae-shin will be confined to the residence until she brings the guy. He says he won’t even send her for classes to Gunner Jang.

As ae-shin walks out of her grandfather’s room, she gets dizzy and Haman says that she should have eaten. Ae-shin says that she doesn’t deserve to eat and apologises for putting Haman and Haengrang through that. She asks them not to tell her grandfather even if he asks (about Eugene) and they agree.

Haman and Haengrang visit Eugene at the legation and say that Ae-shin told her grandfather that she loves another man. Haengrang says that Ae-shin has said she won’t get married. Eugene remembers what Hui Seung had said and understands he had meant this. Haman says that Lord Go wants her to bring the man and Ae shin isn’t budging. She says that one of them might fall ill at this rate. Haman asks Eugene to tell Lord Go that he has nothing to worry about as their relationship isn’t serious. She asks him to say that he will leave soon.


Eugene goes to visit Lord Go and Lord Go asks why an American is visiting. Eugene says that Lord Go had asked for him. Lord Go understands what Eugene means and asks for privacy. He also calls for Ae shin. Lord Go asks if Eugene is the man Ae-shin had spoken about and Eugene says he is.

In Lord Go’s room, Eugene kneels in front of Lord Go. Ae shin comes up behind Eugene and kneels beside him. Lord Go asks Eugene if it is true that Ae-shin has him in her heart. Eugene says that it is true. Lord Go asks if Eugene feels the same way about her and Eugene says he does.


Lord Go asks how a Joseon man can become an American and asks if he betrayed Joseon. Eugene explains that he left Joseon to survive and he joined the U.S army to become an American. He says he wanted to survive and he did. He says he returned to Joseon because he was deployed here.

Lord Go asks Ae-shin how she dares to bring an American whose army had invaded Joseon before. He asks Ae-shin if she wants to die with Eugene. Ae-shin is teary-eyed as she says that she wants both of them to live. She says she is trying to live. Lord Go says that she is being absurd.

Eugene tells him that America did invade Joseon but he wants Joseon to be safe. Lord Go doesn’t believe Eugene and calls him an American soldier. Eugene says that he had met Lord Go a long time ago. Lord Go had said that a slave’s eyes should be on the ground and the sky is too high for a slave. He had said that if a slave looks or aims high, they tend to die young. Eugene says that it was an advice a nobleman gave him before he left Joseon. Eugene says that they have met again now.

Lord Go is furious as he asks Ae shin if she knew about Eugene’s origin and Ae-shin interrupts him by saying that his origin is not his fault. She says that every step towards her would have been extremely difficult for him to take. She says that she realised how far it must have felt only when she decided to run to him. Ae-shin asks Eugene to leave. Eugene bows to Lord Go and leaves.

After he leaves, Lord Go asks Ae-shin how she could humiliate him like this. He asks why she had chosen this man out of all. Lord Go says that he would have killed himself a long time ago if he had heard his granddaughter would say this to him one day. He says that she cannot stay with Eugene even if she breaks off the engagement. Lord Go says he won’t allow Ae-shin to be with Eugene until he dies. He tells her not to get married and grow old by her own. He says she will be excruciatingly lonely for the rest of her life. He says that is the outcome of her choice. Ae-shin agrees to do what he says.

As Ae-shin comes out of her grandfather’s room, she sees the guards by the closed gate. She goes to the back and jumps over the wall. She runs into the woods. Eugene hears her and turns around to see her running towards him. Eugene runs towards her and they stand facing each other. Ae shin is short of breath as Eugene says that she asked him to leave. Ae-shin says that she didn’t think that he would be this fast. He says that he thought he was expected to be fast.


Ae shin says that she didn’t even get to say goodbye to him. He asks her if that was why she ran here jumping over the wall. She says that she didn’t know when she could see him again. Eugene goes and brings Ae-shin’s shoe that has fallen behind when she ran. He puts the shoe on Ae-shins foot as she starts crying.


She asks him to understand her grandfather. Eugene says that he is grateful that he got to see her again. He says that Ae-shin takes after her grandfather as he has always wondered who had taught her to be a wonderful person. He asks her to get back and says, “I’ll see you again soon.” Ae-shin is teary-eyed as she asks him to get back safely and she runs back home. Eugene watches her retreating figure.

Eugene returns to his hotel room and looks at his reflection in the mirror. Eugene looks at his nametag on his uniform.

Ae shin is in her room and she remembers the day she had gone to the sea with Eugene.


In the flashback, Ae shin and Eugene walk by the seashore as she says she has imagined a moment like this too. He asks if she means coming to the beach and she says she means walking with him freely.

She says that one day they can be walking on a street they are familiar with and go all the way to New York where Eugene lived.

In her imagination, we see Ae-shin in New York City dressed in Western clothes. Eugene joins her as she walks on the street. He offers her his hand and she takes it.


Ae-shin’s voiceover asks if a man and woman can walk together side by side there. She asks if no one would stare at them. Eugene says that everyone would stare at them, as they look lovely together. Ae shin laughs.

The two of them visit the harbour and go for a drive in the car. They have a picnic on the stairs of a building and Ae shin sees a zebra on the lawn. Later, Ae shin is at the university with other students.


Ae-shin’s voiceover says that she can study there. Eugene asks her what she wants to study. She says she wants to study how vast the world is, if the earth is truly round, how the stars rise and set. She says that she would walk to where he is after class. Eugene asks what he would be doing and she says he would be looking at her. He says he would be waiting by the fountain. She says Eugene will be waving at her (Eugene sits by the fountain and waves at Ae-shin). Ae shin says that she will blush for a moment but the happy feeling lasts a long time.

They visit the New York Music store.


Ae-shin’s voiceover says that one day they visited the music store and listened to the melody that echoes the street. Eugene asks what they do after that. She says that the sun went down and they parted ways.

Back in the beach, Eugene stops in his tracks hearing this.

In New York, Ae-shin tells Eugene that she heard this is what lovers in New York do when they part ways. She comes up to him and gives him an air kiss and says goodbye. Eugene says let them not say that. He says ‘See you’ would be better. Ae shin says “See you again”.


At present, Ae-shin sits in her room and cries hard as she remembers Eugene in the woods saying, “I’ll see you again soon”. Ae-shin in New York says, “See you again” and in present, Ae shin starts sobbing sitting alone in her room.

In her room, Hina is looking at a photograph of her and her mother. She curses Jeong moon who had told that he will give information on her mother. Su-mi says that there is a rickshaw waiting for her outside.


Hina visits the Queen of Joseon at Gyeongseong Palace. They exchange pleasantries. She says she has summoned Hina so that she can know what is going on outside the palace. The queen asks why Japan wants their currency to be circulated in Joseon. She says that she is concerned about the King. Hina explains that the currency issued by the Japanese bank ‘Dai-Ichi’ is worthless outside Joseon. She says that if they continue to circulate, Japan will gather Joseon’s money and goods leaving Joseon coffers empty. She says that Dai-Ichi will eventually become the central bank of the Korean Empire. The queen learns that Japan wants to control the Joseon economy. She says she wants to build a school as men can’t be the only ones worrying about the country’s future. The queen says that the foreign affairs minister, Lee-wan-ik has the tongue of a venomous snake. She says she is concerned about the discussion that will take place today regarding the bank bills.


At the Kings court, the Jeong mun says that the government’s stand remains the same with respect to the bank bills. He says it is an infringement of sovereignty as Japan had issued the notes without Joseon’s approval. Wan-ik reminds the court that the Japanese warship is already here. He says that they have to protect the innocent. He says they will be doomed if Japan brings in an army and declares war. Jeong mun requests the king not to allow it. The King agrees with Wan-ik and orders the ban on Dai-Ichi bank notes to be lifted on a condition that the funds and issuance of its notes will be inspected annually. Jeong mun is shocked and Wan-ik thanks the King with a smile.


Meanwhile, the Chief of police is brought before Dong mae. Dong mae says he knows Wan-ik had ordered Jung to get him to name Go-sa hong. He asks why Wan-ik was after Go sa–hong. Jung is scared as he says that he doesn’t know and Dong mae menacingly asks if Jung had tortured him without knowing the reason. When Dong mae threatens to kill him, Jung mentions a letter. He says that he had heard from the director of the post office that Lord Go had sent letters to a bunch of people.


Dong mae’s men bring the director of Post Office and throw him next to Jung (who is bleeding). The man says that Mr Haengrang had posted letters to all the scholars in the country. He says that Lee Wan-ik had asked him to burn all the letters. When Dong mae asks if he had burnt all the letters, the man says that he had kept one of them as insurance. Dong mae implies that now would be a moment where the letter would prove useful. Both the men are terrified and agree. Dong mae gives them blank papers and asks if he should cut off their hands and take their handprint or they would do it by themselves. The men agree to sign and they place their handprints on the paper. Dong mae says that they better keep their lips sealed as he doesn’t know what will be filled in the papers.

Later on, Dong mae has his food with Go sa-hong’s letter next to him. He wonders if it runs in the bloodline.

The baker at Jingogae is refusing to accept Japanese currency from a Japanese man. The baker spots Dong mae and greets him. Dong mae says that he isn’t coming to the shop. The baker keeps inviting Dong mae into the shop. Dong mae holds his sword at the baker’s neck and asks him why he is talking to him. The Japanese man runs away seeing this. The baker starts laughing and thanks Dong mae for chasing the man away. He says that what Dong mae did seemed real. Dong mae brings the sword closer and says that it is real. The baker is alarmed and falls to the ground. Dong mae says that a joke is enough to scare people and wonders why he bothers to unsheathe his sword.


Eugene walks into II-sik’s shop as a young man walks out of it. Eugene tells them that he got paid today and he has come to pay them a hefty price for their work. They say they don’t want his money but they ask for his signature. Eugene says that forgoing such an expensive sum for his signature sounds very risky. II-sik says that they crossed perilous mountains (on the way to Hamgyong) while a tiger said that it would eat them up. Eugene is amused as he asks if a tiger had talked. Choon-sik says that they should have threatened him using the bullets he bought from them.

Eugene smiles and asks what’s the document they want him to sign. II-sik says that the boy who had left just now was born into a noble family. He says that 6 years ago 5 righteous noblemen tried to get rid of Lee-wan-ik and boy’s parents died after being framed as instigators. He says that he and his siblings were struggling to make a living. The boy wants to join the military academy to protect Joseon. They say that they are proud of the boy, as he wants to protect the country even after what it had done to him. They say that he needs a new identity as only people from the noble families can join the Military Academy. They say the boy needs a guarantor.

Eugene asks if he is supposed to sign a forged document. They say that it has been forged well. Eugene says that they will be caught. II-sik says that none of them wants to join the Academy so they won’t be caught and it sounds unconvincing. Choon-sik calls Eugene a chicken and both of them laugh.


Meanwhile, the 4 noble boys walk on the street. Two of them discuss where they can buy guns. The boy who was in II-sik’s shop responds that they can get guns from the Military Academy. He says that the guns there are owned by the government. He says that he has found men who will forge the documents so that he can enter the academy. The other boys wonder if they can participate in the drills while this boy says that they must do it no matter what.


Jeong mun meets Eun san and says that he is working on removing Wan-ik’s people from the palace starting with the interpreters. He says that they are looking to replace the head of palace security and the head of guards should be without family and Wan-ik shouldn’t be able to bribe him. he mentions Seungu’s name but Eun san says that Seung gu won’t accept it. He then remembers that Seung gu had said there has to be a country for him to rebel against. He says that Seung gu might welcome the idea.

Eun san then asks Jeong mun what had happened with Eugene. Jeong mun says that he had used Eun san’s name to persuade Eugene to join the military academy. Eun san calls him shameless and Jeong mun says that he has heard that already.

Lord Go walks in the yard at night and Mr Haengrang is with him. Dong mae leaps over the wall and comes to stand in front of Lord Go in the darkness. Haengrang stands between them once he sees Dong-mae and shouts out to the other servants. All the servants surround Dong mae with lighted torches. Ae shin tries to go near but Haman holds her back. Lord Go asks who he is and Dong mae says that it is not important. He says that he is here to deliver something. Dong mae hands the letter over to Lord Go.


When asked why he has this letter, Dong mae says that none of the letters was sent. He says that they were burnt. Lord Go asks why he should believe the words of a Japanese man. Dong mae says that someone is trying to harm the Go family. Dong mae says that he is on someone’s payroll and says that he is a Joseon man today (Ae shin had given him a coin). Dong mae walks away.

Inside the house, Haengrang says that he had posted the letters. He says it is becoming dangerous and asks Lord Go to be careful. Lord Go says that they have already seen through his plans and his life is in danger anyway. He also says that if Dong mae hadn’t brought him the letter, he would’ve thought that the scholars hadn’t replied. He says that there is still hope. Lord go asks to meet Seung gu in secret.

In, Ae-shin’s room, Haman wonders why Dong mae had jumped over the walls. She tells Ae-shin that he would’ve probably come because of the money Ae-shin is paying for Su-mi.  Haman says he came to ask a larger sum from Ae-shin’s grandfather. Ae-shin says that wouldn’t have been a problem. Ae shin asks Haman to call the peddler as soon as the day breaks. She remembers Hina saying that many people owed Dong mae money. Ae-shin says that she can think of no one else as she takes out a paper.

The peddler gives Ae-shin’s letter to Hina. The letter says that Gu Dong-mae had jumped the wall and given a letter to her grandfather. She wants Hina to use her ties with Dong-mae and find out what it was about. Ae-shin says she is concerned about her grandfather. She says though Hina and she are not on the same side, she is asking this as a favour. Hina wonders if Ae-shin expects her to know everything.


Hina hears a knock on her door and Dong mae comes in. He says that he will buy her an outfit for protecting Hotaru. Hina remembers Ae-shin breaking a vase over Suzuki’s head. She tells Dong mae that she had someone else’s help. She says she has a lot of dresses and asks for something else. Dong mae says he has nothing a lady would like and Hina asks him why he scaled Lord go’s wall. Dong mae says that Hina knows everything. He asks her who is asking for the information and Hina says it is Ae-shin. Dong mae tells her to ask Ae-shin to come to see him and then he will tell her. Hina asks him to tell her and then she will decide whether to tell Ae-shin or not. Dong mae asks if the engagement is over. Hina asks if he wishes it to be over and Dong mae says no, as Ae-shin will be further away then. She says she thinks it is over as Hui Seung looked very gloomy just like Dong mae when he left.

The wedding letter is on a desk in his hotel room and Hui Seung is visiting his parents. His father scolds him for taking the wedding letter and not coming back. His mother asks him for the letter. Hui Seung says that he will tell that later but firstly, he says he wants to start a newspaper company. His parents are taken aback and his father says that he hadn’t given him finance. Hui Seung says that he has been extorting funds from people listed in his grandfather’s ledger. His parents seem to be unaware of the ledger. He says that he is using the money well.

Hui Seung then says that he wants to break off the engagement and asks both of them to annul the engagement. His parents are enraged and his father says that Hui-Seung has to have a son to carry on the family name. His father asks him why he wants to cancel the engagement that his grandfather arranged. Hui Seung says that his grandfather gave him precious things that others will never experience in their lifetime. Hui Seung says that out of all the things his grandfather gave him, the marriage was what he wanted the most and that is the reason he should not claim it. His mother asks him why he wants to break of something that he wants the most. He says it is because he knows everything about what his family did to Eugene. He says he knows everything that his parents tried to hide from him.


He looks at his mother and says, “Please mother, please save me once more.” (He refers to her saving his life when she was held hostage by Eugene’s mother while she was pregnant) Hui Seung’s mother is devastated as she starts crying.


Hui Seung sets up his writing desk in a part of II-sik’s store. The desk nameplate says Chief Editor Kim Hui-Seung. He puts some flowers on the desk. He goes and places a flower on the empty nameplate outside the shop, as he hasn’t named the company yet.

Hui Seung goes gambling. He informs the women (Ae-sun and Ms Kang are also there) gambling there that he is starting a newspaper company that prints the truth. He says he will listen to the information personally. The women are immediately excited and say that they will visit the shop. Ae-sun says she wants to know a truth and asks about Hui-Seung’s engagement. She says it’s a pity that Ae-shin doesn’t paint or do embroidery but reads philosophy books that men read. Hui Seung says that he can’t embroider either and says that they have something in common. Everyone starts laughing.

Hina interrupts the game and whispers something in Ae-sun’s ear. Ae-sun is shocked hearing the information and says she has to go. As she runs away Hina explains that the reservation that Ae-sun’s husband had at the hotel was cancelled and he had to go home. Hina says that they seem to be short of a player and offers to fill the spot. She spills the drink on Ms Kang who is startled. She calls Ms Kang (Jeong mun told Hina Ms Kang is probably an internal spy) to her room to give her a change of clothes.


In her room, Hina offers her dresses and Ms Kang refuses saying that she has many. She asks if she wants some French Liquor while she waits and Ms Kang says that she doesn’t drink. Ms Kang takes an interest in Hina’s fencing blade. Hina says that she thrusts the blade a few times just for show. Ms Kang says that fencing is a charming sport and she is interested in the Western culture. She says you can aim directly at a vital point and take someone down swiftly and accurately (Hina had said the same words to her French fencing instructor). Hina smiles and mentions that only two people in Joseon can fence. One is the British minister’s brother-in-law and the other is the French Minister’s secretary, Leo. Ms Kang frowns hearing this and Hina asks if she should request classes for Ms Kang. She says neither man would refuse Hina’s request and asks whom she prefers. She says she has taken a few classes herself. Ms Kang is hostile as she says she can take care of classes on her own and leaves saying she is unwell. Hina says that jealousy is the cause of Ms Kang’s sickness.


The Queen’s maidservants visit Lord Go and say that the Queen wants to meet Ae-shin. She asks him to send Ae-shin to the palace tomorrow. Lord Go asks why the Queen wanted to see Ae-shin and he is told that the queen wanted to know about the teachings at the new school. She says that Hina Kudo had recommended Ae-shin to the Queen. Lord Go is annoyed that everyone knows about Ae-shin studying at the new school. He asks the woman to tell the queen that Ae-shin isn’t the right candidate. Lady Cho interrupts and asks him to send Ae-shin as it’s the Queen who wants to meet and not every girl Ae-shin’s age would get this opportunity.

As Ae-shin (in the palanquin) and Haman travel to the palace, Haman notices something wrong with the sky (a solar eclipse).

The King is jittery and says that it is dark outside. Jeong mun says that there is a solar eclipse happening today. The King says that it is an ill omen and says that the heavens are upset because Wan-ik is here. Jeong mun says that it is just a natural occurrence. A guard announces Eugene’s arrival. Jeong mun says that the candidate for the instructor for Royal Military Academy is here and the King is glad.


King Gojong appoints Eugene as the foreign instructor of the Royal Military Academy. They present Eugene with the Joseon flag and Eugene accepts it. Jeong mun prompts Eugene to thank the King and he does reluctantly. The King asks Eugene to do his best to train the soldiers. Eugene says that Jeong mun had just asked him to fill the position. The King laughs and says that Eugene’s presence is comforting. Jeong mun prompts Eugene to thank the King and Eugene stammers as he does.

The King says that Eugene had refused the position before and asks why he is accepting it now. Eugene says that Lord Jeong mun had offered him a mountain. Both the King and Jeong mun are surprised. Eugene had actually accepted the position for keeping his loved ones safe. The King asks if a mountain was enough to change Eugene’s mind. Eugene says that it was a big mountain. The King says that he can’t figure Eugene out.

Ae –shin is escorted into the palace. As she walks, she notices Eugene walking towards them.


Eugene addresses the maid, “I am Eugene Choi, Captain of the U.S Marine Corps. The Emperor appointed me as an instructor of the Royal Military Academy.” The maid says that she wondered who he was.

Eugene tells the maid (actually speaking to Ae-shin), “I plan to work hard. I could be training someone’s comrade. I hope that my sincerity gets through.” Ae shin lowers her gaze and the maid says that he is honourable. Eugene continues, “Fancy running into you here. You are so beautiful that it took me by surprise. These are plum flowers. The crest of the Korean Royal Family. I wish I could see this flower all year around. What a silly thought.”

The maid says that it’s a pity the flower blooms only in spring. Eugene says, “It was a pleasure to meet you like this.” The maid says that she too feels the same thinking that Eugene is referring to her.


For a moment, the maids vanish and we see Just Ae-shin and Eugene standing there. Ae-shin is teary-eyed as Eugene watches her. Eugene then gives them the way and they walk past him. Ae-shin tries not to cry as she walks past him.

Hotaru is in Dong mae’s room with her tarot cards and Dong mae watches the eclipse.

Hui Seung is in his room watching the eclipse as the shadow of the eclipse falls on the wedding letter.

Hina stands on the terrace of the Hotel watching the eclipse.


Lord Go sends the letters to the scholars through Seung gu and the gunners. Lord Go says that he trusts them and the gunners say that this is nothing compared to the grace Lord Go had shown them. Seung gu says that they will be back soon and they bow and leave.

As Hina, Dong mae and Hui Seung observe the total solar eclipse, darkness spreads through Joseon and the hunters set out to deliver the letters.


Image Courtesy-TVN


This episode brought out the best in Hui Seung who is portrayed as an unassertive character. He did quite some honourable things like telling Ae-shin that he would break off the engagement and also the talk with his parents. The scene where he visited his parents was the best of the episode as it showed the inner struggles he had faced so far and how vulnerable he feels. It is also shown that he actually is putting the funds from the ledger to a good use. I am curious to see the contents of his newspaper.

The scene where Ae-shin and Eugene speak to Lord Go was well made, as the 3 of them who are strong characters expressed their feelings in a hostile situation. Ae-shin and Eugene held their ground while they stood up for each other. Lord Go’s reaction was expected as he learnt of Eugene’s origin. It is ironic how Joseon nobles tend to accept favours from low-borns but their prejudice kicks in once they get their jobs done.

It is surprising to see Eun san displaying a sense of guilt and remorse after being so cold-hearted all along.

It was funny how at the court Eugene used the ‘big mountain’ as a reason for changing his mind when in reality he was actually joining as an instructor to protect his loved ones. The scene where Choon-sik and II-sik were asking Eugene to sign a forged document was hilarious and I wonder if it is going to get them all into trouble.

There is a new character (played by Jang Dong-Yoon) introduced in this episode. With the romance plot at a standstill, I am expecting progress on the political aspects of the plot in the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul sword-

Mr Sunshine Episode 17 Recap

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