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Mr Sunshine Episode 17 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 17 Recap

Everyone watch the solar eclipse as it ends and the hunters are on their way.


Ae-shin meets the queen. The queen offers her a delicacy (peaches) and Ae-shin tastes them. The Queen says that she is surprised to see a noblewoman learning English and asks her the reason behind learning the language. Ae-shin says that it was so to read someone’s name (Eugene Choi). She says that she can now read and write it. The queen says that the decision to attend school must’ve been difficult and Ae-shin mentions she had heard the word “sad endings” from Hina. She says she wanted to learn its antonym. The queen asks if she has learnt it and Ae-shin says that every ending had its own sadness so she is yet to learn.  Ae shin then says she has learnt maths, Science and geography too. The Queen expresses interest in opening a school for Korean Women. She tells Ae-shin that Hina Kudo is waiting for her at their usual meeting spot.


At the bakery, Ae-shin tells Hina that going through the queen to meet Ae-shin displays the tremendous power Hina has. Hina says that she doesn’t like to leave trails of writing so she is meeting Ae-shin in person to give the reply. Hina says that Gu dong-mae had come to give back one of Lord Go’s letters (which had been burnt) that he had retrieved.  Hina says that Dong mae had scaled the walls to save lord Go. Ae-shin is surprised hearing this.

Hina then says she has a question. She says that Hui Seung is holding a wedding letter in his hands and asks if Ae shin is holding false hope in hers. Ae-shin says that Hina has already seen her in Eugene’s room twice. Hina says that she had seen Ae-shin entering the hotel and leaving it on two separate days. She says it seems like Ae-shin had stayed there. Ae-shin gives a pause and thanks Hina for her favour. She pays for the cake and starts to leave. Hina asks Ae shin how the palace was. Ae-shin remembers meeting Eugene there and says that she nearly cried but she managed to smile.

Eugene is in his room looking at the Joseon flag that the King had presented.

At the Royal Military Academy, the training begins. The cadets (the young nobleman (Jun Yeong) is there too) are civilians who are disinterested in the training. Eugene introduces himself and they start gossiping about his nationality and name. Eugene claims that he will be a tough trainer and will train them so that they don’t die.


Eugene then shows them the weapons, a colt pistol, matchlock musket gun and the Russian bolt-action sniper rifle.

Meanwhile, Wan-ik is furious as he learns Eugene’s appointment as the Drill instructor without his consent. He is told that the Royal Military Academy is under the Emperors’ Jurisdiction and that Jeong mun was persistent to appoint him.


Just then, Jeong mun enters the room and introduces a group of men as the new interpreters. Wan-ik threatens Jeong mun who says that Wan-ik only threatens but doesn’t do anything. After Jeong mun leaves, Wan-ik leaves for the military academy.

At the Academy, the shooting training is in progress when Wan-ik walks in and stands in front of the target board. Eugene takes his rifle, aims it and shoots the target behind Wan-ik, startling him. He asks the cadets what they find so hard to do in this.


As Eugene again takes aim to fire again, he remembers Yong Ju saying that wan-ik killed Sang Wan and his wife. Eugene fires again and this time hits a tree behind Wan-ik. Eugene dismisses the class and the cadets leave commenting that Eugene is a poor shooter. Joon Young stands rooted to his spot as he observes the happenings.

Wan-Ik walks towards Eugene and says he is here to inspect the defence budget. He says that Eugene is wasting bullets. Eugene says that the ammunition is from US marine corps so its not a problem. Wan-ik says that what Eugene did now was attempted murder. Eugene says that accidents happen at shooting ranges. Wan-ik asks Eugene what Jeong mun is planning by putting Eugene in charge. He also asks if that was why Eugene easily attacked Lee se hun.  He wonders what would Allen do if he found out that Eugene is Jeong mun’s spy. Eugene says if that is how Wan-ik is going to frame him, he asks him to go ahead and give it a try.


They hear a shout and see Jun Yeong holding a rifle aimed at Wan-ik with a vengeful look on his face. He is then escorted away. Wan-ik says that it won’t be difficult to kill a Korean with an American name. Eugene says that it won’t be difficult to kill a Korean with Japanese name either. He warns Wan-ik to be careful as the Minister of Foreign Affairs keeps getting killed.


Meanwhile, at Hwawollu, Gwan-su meets Deok mun and gives him useless information on Eugene (merrily trash-talks Eugene ). Deok-mun asks if anyone is friendly towards Eugene and Gwan su says no. Deok-mun asks if there is any woman who is close to Eugene and Gwan-su pauses. Gwan su wonders about being a spy and whether he would be upto that level. This annoys Deok-mun who bangs the table and says he is wasting time. He says that wants better intel next time. He orders Gwan su to follow Eugene the next time he goes alone somewhere and leaves shutting the door behind him.

Gwan-su starts to relax but the door opens again and this time its Dong-mae. He goes over and slides open the adjacent door revealing Eugene sitting there who has been overhearing the entire conversation. Dong mae sits across Gwan-su. Gwan-su tells Eugene that he didn’t mean any of it earlier and Eugene says it looked like Gwan su was enjoying himself. Gwan-su then sneaks out under the pretext of helping Kyle with shopping.

Eugene thanks Dong-mae and asks him to put it on his tab. Dong mae asks Eugene to join him for lunch. Eugene enquires why Dong mae is being hospitable all of a sudden. Dong mae says he knows Eugene’s backstory and that he is also lowborn like himself. Eugene says he hadn’t uttered a word after learning Dong mae was a butcher. Dong mae says that out of all the lowborns he knows, Eugene is most polite. Eugene asks him not to be upset as its not Dong mae’s fault that Eugene is a better person.


Dong mae smiles and says that he had killed his parents’ killers as soon as he had come back to Joseon. he says he killed everyone who spat on his parents. Eugene says he has killed his parents’ killers a hundred times in his head. Dong mae asks if Eugene had forgiven them or he didn’t have the courage to kill them. He says that both of them have access to weapons, unlike their parents. Eugene says he made a choice. Eugene says that both of them have the luxury of making choices, unlike their parents. Dong mae smiles and saying its a choice between a gun or a sword and Eugene smiles. Eugene thanks Dong mae and leaves.

Hui Seung’s words asking her to save him echo in his mother’s ears as she sits in her home. She is told she has a visitor.


She goes out to see that the visitor is Eugene. She asks him if he feels better now that he got his revenge by telling Hui Seung everything, despite her begging him not to. Eugene says that Hui Seung already knew it and is finding answers on his own. Eugene says that he will keep the ornament but he will not forgive her. He says that she committed the sin of indifference and tells her to live the rest of her life without being forgiven. Eugene says that a child must not bear its parents sins and he will not make Hui Seung pay the price. He says her son is repenting for his parents’ sins. Eugene says that Hui Seung and his paths won’t be stopped by revenge and they will keep moving forward. Eugene says he has taken the long road and back. He says no path is easy and it will be the same for Hui Seung. Eugene asks her to root for Hui Seung. He tips his hat and leaves.

Hui Seung visits the tailoring shop and he is shown new fabrics. He asks the man to stitch a coat using his old measurements (Ae-shin’s size). Seeing the puzzled look, he says that he is planning on losing weight.


Hui Seung is in his room looking dejected with the wedding letter in his hand. He starts reading it. it says, “I, Kim An-pyeong, in the southern district of Hanseong, would like to ask Lord Go Sa-hong in Hanseong.”

He remembers seeing Ae-shin for the first time in her house. He thinks back to when Ae shin asked him to teach her billiards.

“If you do not too lowly of me, we should follow up on our discussions.”

He remembers Ae-shin thanking him when he fell on her lap feigning dizziness.

“If you would like your granddaughter, Ae-shin” Hui Seung’s eyes well up as he continues to read, “to marry my son Hui Seung with your permission.”Hui Seung starts to cry and his tears fall on the letter.

Eugene sits in his office looking at the tasselled ornament and the wooden hairpin. He thinks about the circumstances how he came to possess them and his choice not to kill Hui Seung’s parents. He slowly wraps them in the scarf as he thinks about Hui Seung.

Hina’s voiceover says that only two people in Joseon know to fence. One is the British Minister’s brother-in-law and the other being Leo, the secretary to the French Minister.


Hina is fencing with Leo, who comments that her lunges are bad today. He then kneels down and strokes her leg. He says that he must have come to Joseon to meet her and asks her to go to France with him. She strikes his hand and points her sword at his neck asking him to get lost. She says she has nothing more to learn from him.

One of Hina’s informants watches Leo walking with Ms Kang. He remembers Hina’s instruction to let her know if the two meet up the third time. She says that meeting that many times cannot be a coincidence.


Inside a room, Ms Kang inspects the cut (from Hina’s Sword) on Leo’s chin and tells him to quit teaching Hina. Leo says he will and she asks if he will take her to France. He asks her for the list of covert officers. She seems disappointed as he had told her they can go after he sorts things out with the American Missionary incident. She says that he isn’t saying who is behind all of this. Leo says that the person who wants the list will be coming to Joseon from Japan soon.


A troop of Japanese soldiers march from the warship into Joseon, under the command of their colonel (the Japanese person who spoke to Eugene in America before he had left for Joseon).


Mr Haengrang is in Ae-shin’s house with other servants. he remembers Eugene telling him that there is an informer in the house. Haengrang remembers noting one of the servants acting strangely before. Eugene asks Haengrang to find the man soon. Mr Haengrang says that if he kicks that person out, more information will get out. Eugene asks Haengrang to kick out the informer and someone else will make sure nothing else will get out.

At the training academy, Eugene trains the new recruits in holding the gun. He places small pebbles on the muzzles of the cadets’ rifles. He asks them to aim and all the pebbles fall down as soon as they move the rifles. Jun Yeong asks Eugene if he is teaching them properly as they saw how poor a shooter he is the other day.


Eugene steps forward and takes Jun Yeong’s gun. he asks Jun Yeong to place the pebble on the muzzle as he takes aim. Eugene’s shot hits the bulls-eye and the pebble is still on the muzzle. Everyone cheers and Eugene asks if he is fit to train them now. He then asks everyone to practice individually and asks Jun Yeong to follow him.

Inside the office, Eugene asks Jun Yeong how he knows the acting consul of the American Legation. Jun Yeong asks why he wants to know and Eugene says that the consul’s name was listed as Jun Yeong’s guarantor in the application form. Eugene asks if he and the consul are close and Jun Yeong asks if that is a problem. Jun Yeong asks if Eugene and the consul are close and Eugene says that they are quite close. Jun Yeong asks if Eugene if he will talk about him when he meets with the consul. Eugene says that he won’t but the consul probably knows already that the documents are forged.

Jun Yeong is shocked as he says the acting consul didn’t do anything wrong. Eugene says that the consul is an accomplice as he signed it despite being fully aware that it was forged. When asked how he knows, Eugene says that he is the acting consul. Jun Yeong is shocked and asks if he will be expelled.


Eugene says that there are two options to get Eugene to be silent; to kill him or to trust him. Jun Yeong asks why the conclusion is the same and Eugene says that Jun Yeong cant kill him. Eugene says that he wants to be a real guarantor for a foolish, young student. He asks Eugene why he is doing this and Eugene says it is because he can.

Lord Go Sa-hong stands in his yard and wonders if Eugene is the ominous black bird flying in his skies or if it is the other way round.

Su-mi comes to Ae-shin’s house and tells Haman that Hui Seung had sent a palanquin and wants to meet Ae-shin. Lord Go orders Haman to tell Ae-shin to go see Hui Seung.

Hui Seung stands in the billiards room and pushes the 8 ball into the pocket. Hina walks in saying that pocketing the 8 ball means you lose the game. Hui Seung says that it also means he can start a new one. He tells Hina to bring Ae-shin here.


As Ae-shin is in the room, Hui Seung asks to play a game of billiards. He says that the loser has to grant the winner a wish. He says this is a game he has to win. He says that the striped balls are his and starts to play. He strikes all the striped balls into the pocket continuously. Ae-shin is awestruck as he finally pockets the 8 ball and wins the game without allowing her a chance to play.

He says he won the game fair and square and Ae-shin asks him for his wish. Hui-Seung asks to end it now. He says that his wish is to no longer be engaged to each other. Ae shin is stunned as she stands rooted to her spot.

He walks forward and holds her arms. He asks her to be strong as people will speak ill of her once she walks out of the door. Ae-shin’s eyes well up as she tells him to be strong too. She thanks him for everything and says that she truly means it. He says that he believes her because he had her once in his heart.

At the hotel’s yard, Hui-Seung throws the wedding letter into the fire. He watches as the wedding letter burns.

Ae-shin is in her house as she finds the pressed flowers in her book. Haman had placed one stem of the flowers from the bouquet that Hui Seung had given Ae-shin in the book. Ae-shin holds the dried flowers in her hand and watches as they fly away in the wind.

Hui Seung’s mother meets Lady Cho and regrets the fact that things ended up like this. She says that it is not that bad for men but expresses concern for Ae-shin who will have to carry the stigma for the rest of her life. Lady Cho says that she will get through it. Lady Cho asks Hui Seung’s mother to take care of her health as she always has a cold.

Hui Seung’s mother realises that Lady Cho is implying the scarf on her neck and she removes it revealing the scar. She says it is the scar that she can never erase. She says the scar is the reason they dare not to welcome Ae-shin into their family. She says she can’t explain this further and says that she will atone for her sins for the rest of her life. They wish each other well.

Dong mae overhears the people talk ill about Ae-shin and discussing rumours about the reason the engagement broke. They also say that those who grow up without parents are flawed, regardless of their origin. They say that she will be single throughout the rest of her life. Dong mae says that finally, she has taken another step away from him.

Eugene and Gwan-su are having lunch and Gwan-su tells him that people are gossiping about the broken engagement. He says that it was probably due to Hui Seung having another woman. Eugene says that Hui Seung doesn’t have another woman. He says Hui Seung has only one woman in his heart and that will never change.


Just then, the palace security guards arrive and point their guns at Eugene, asking him to come with them. Gwan-su is relieved they haven’t come for him and Eugene asks him why he is relieved. Gwan-su says that Eugene had done the same thing previously (when Dong mae’s men took Gwan-su away) and continues to eat. Eugene asks him if it is good.

Eun san and Seung gu are having their meal and Eun San asks Seung gu where he was all these days. Seung gu says he was bored of boar meat so he had gone to coastal cities for having some fish. Eun san smiles and asks if Seung-gu enjoyed the fish. Seung-gu asks him what the matter is and Eun-san says that he will make a prediction. He says that something will be put over Seung-gu’s head soon.


Suddenly, the palace guards put a bag over Seung-gu’s head and drag him away as he yells. Eun san remembers a young Seung-gu who had vowed to be a rebel. At present, Eun san says that he has opened up the path for Seung gu and wonders if Seung gu can pull off what he wished for.

Seung gu is brought into the forest and sees Jeong mun once his mask is removed. Seung gu asks for Eun san and Jeong mun says he was the one who had arranged for the meeting. Jeong mun says that since Wan-ik’s men fill the palace, he wants Seung gu to take over as Head of Palace Security and protect the King. He gestures to the men nearby and says that they will suffer if Seung gu doesn’t agree. Seung gu sees Eugene and the blacksmith being escorted. Eugene asks what is going on.


Jeong mun says that a rifle had gone missing when the American Army had first come into Joseon. He says he tracked down the culprit and wants to interrogate the parties involved. He says someone stole the rifle (Seung gu), someone took it apart (blacksmith) and someone let it slide unpunished (Eugene). Eugene starts to say that the case was closed but Jeong mun asks if Allen would like to hear this. Eugene asks why everyone is using Allen’s name to threaten him.

Jeong mun says that it is up to Jang (Seung gu) to make the situation right by being the head of Palace Security. Seung-gu stares him down and Eugene tells Seung gu not to be rude. Eugene tells Seung gu to take the position Jeong mun is offering. Seung gu calls Eugene a coward. Eugene says that he is in no position to be audacious at the moment. He says that Seung Gu had asked him to be there for her (Ae-shin), so he is doing this for her. He says that if someone finds out about this at the legation, he will be reprimanded harshly so he asks Seung gu to accept the offer.

Seung gu looks at Jeong mun and says that 2 of his enemies are at the palace so he will accept the position. Jeong mun says Wan-ik is one and goes on to ask who is the other. Seung gu asks Jeong mun if he wants to join the list and make it 3.

Eugene remembers Seung Gu aiming his gun at the King when he walked into Lee se hun’s house. He had stopped Seung gu from firing that day.


Eugene asks Jeong mun what the head of Palace Security does. Jeong mun says that Seung gu will have to closely escort and protect the King. Eugene gives Seung-gu a look and Seung gu says that Eugene was the one who had asked him to do it. Eugene tells Seung gu not to be near him when he does it as he does not want to die yet.


Hong Pa pours Eun san a drink. She says that Seung Jae got to Shanghai safely. He tells her Seung gu won’t be around for a few days and asks her not to be surprised if he turns up looking different. She says that there is still no word from Sang-Mok (the porter whom dong mae allowed to flee).

Seung-Mok runs through the woods as he remembers Dong mae asking him if the Righteous army paid well. He had said he wanted in if they did.

In the morning, Dong mae gets ready to go out when Hotaru lays out the tarot cards. Dong mae asks for his fortune. Hotaru sees the cards and tries to put away. Dong mae sees the cards and says that they don’t look good. He asks her what they mean.


She writes out the word “Death”. Dong mae says that it can’t always be accurate and starts to leave. Hotaru tries to stop him but he says that today is the 15th and he has to go.


Dong mae is at the training centre and Ae shin comes in. She says it is the 15th of the month. Dong mae says that everyone is gossiping saying that she is a flawed woman. Ae shin steps forward and holds out the coin in her palm as payment for this month. Dong mae takes it from her and asks if she came all the way for this. She says that a promise is a promise. She thanks him for everything (Lord go’s letter) and says that he must know the reason. She says she will see him again next month and leaves. Dong mae says that Hotaru’s reading was wrong and looks at the coin in his hand. He says that she keeps giving him hope like this and clutches the coin tightly.


At the Glory Hotel, Hina introduces the peddler to the women there (Ms Kang is also there). She says that the eunuchs and court maids steal stuff and sell it outside. This peddler sells those stuff. The peddler shows a bracelet and says that it is from Greece. She says its magical and if you wear it, all your wishes will come true.

Hina draws the curtain and notices her informer standing there who nods at her. Hina buys the bracelet and looks at Ms Kang as she wonders if her wish will come true.


Hina sits on the porch looking at the bracelet. II-sik and Chooon-sik come by to drop of the sketches. She asks them about the other job and they say it is still in progress. She says she doesn’t need the sketches anymore as she feels she (her mother) is in a place Hina can’t reach. She hands out their pay and says she has added extra so that they can burn the sketches. II-sik says that they should burn the sketches respectfully. Choon-sik wonders who the lady in the sketch would be and II-sik says that it would probably be Hina’s mother.

Ae shin and Haman come to the shooting range and both of them get startled to see Eugene there. Ae shin asks him what he is doing here and he says he is here to see how she was practising. Ae shin smiles and says that she is here to see Seung-gu as he was helping her grandfather. She says that the trip is wasted as he isn’t here. Eugene smiles as he acknowledges.


Eugene stands behind her as she takes aim and starts shooting at her targets. Ae-shin misses 2 targets and says that she is trying hard to miss 2 targets out of 5. Eugene sits beside her and says that it looks like she missed. Ae shin disagrees and Eugene smiles as he asks if it is because of him. Ae-shin sits up and strongly disagrees.

Eugene asks her why she had to say it was a wasted trip. Ae-shin says that she said that in front of Haman. She says she was surprised and wondered how he knew she would be here. He says he has been visiting the pier, apothecary and today he came to the shooting range. He says he just goes and stands in places where he thinks someone would be there.


Ae-shin smiles and says that he was speaking to another woman in the palace. He says that it was so that someone else would hear. Ae-shin asks what was prettier; the plum flowers or the other woman. Eugene says that the plum flowers were prettier and starts laughing.

Ae shin grabs 2 bullets from Eugene and says that she will hit the targets with just two bullets and doesn’t need classes. She shoots both the targets and Eugene claps his hands. As she starts walking away, Eugene walks behind her saying that he is training a few nobles at the Military Academy who will be the other woman’s future comrades. He asks her if she is even listening.


All the scholars to whom Lord Go had sent the letters have gathered at Ae-shin’s house. Lord Go thanks them all and says that he plans on submitting a severe and serious petition to the King. He asks for their support. The young men ask to be allowed to lead as Lord Go may be persecuted. They say that since the country is run by a puppet King they run the risk of getting arrested. Lord Go says that he doesn’t have many days left to live and that is why he should lead. He says that his arrest will have a great impact. One by one all the scholars come up and sign up their names.


They all kneel in front of the palace with their hair down. They all wear white clothes. Eugene watches this as he rides by. Lord Go sa—hong leads them from the front. He says that after taking the supplies they will invade Joseon. He demands to know why the king of Joseon is taking the Japanese side.

Inside the palace, the King reads the petition.

Lord Go’s voiceover says that Joseon has a history of 500 years and what is happening now will become part of the legacy. He asks if the King should go down the path, which would lead to Joseon’s destruction.


Hayashi visits Wan-ik and asks him to pressure the King into arresting the leader Go Sa-hong. Wan-ik says that if they make an arrest, the peasants will start rioting. Hayashi is worried if the king will ban the Japanese currency and Wan-ik reminds him that he was the one who got the currency into circulation. This angers Hayashi who reminds Wan-ik that just because he is called Rionie he isn’t a Japanese Citizen. Wan-ik heatedly asks him to wait and Hayashi threatens to kill Wan-ik if this goes wrong. After Hayashi leaves, Wan-ik mutters about how difficult it is to take over Joseon.

Ae-shin is pacing in her room as Haman comes and tells her about the serious petition. The young servant girl runs in saying that the elders of the family are here.

Dong mae picks out some rock candy and asks the shopkeeper why he wasn’t talking to him. The baker says that he thought Dong-mae was passing by and Dong mae says he wants to buy rock candy. As Dong mae picks out the candy a loud gunshot is heard and Dong mae realises he is shot.  Everyone run away as Dong mae takes a second shot to his chest and sinks to the ground.


Dong mae looks at the shooter (looks like Seong mok whom he had allowed to escape previously) as he leans on the candy shop.


Hui Seung who is nearby comes running to him and asks him what happened. Dong mae coughs up blood and says that this was a relief. He says he thought it was that woman. Hui Seung calls for Dong mae’s men and a rickshaw. Dong mae remembers Ae-shin thanking him and saying he must know the reason. Dong mae says that he knows now that it was a sincere greeting. Dong mae goes limp as Hui Seung yells out his name.



The Japanese army arrest the English teacher saying she had passed information about Japan to the Americans. Nam-Jong tries to stop them but they threaten to kill her. The teacher asks Nam-jong to go to the American Legation and inform them.


At Ae-shin’s house, the elders of the family admonish Lord Go’s moves and Lady Cho looks solemn. They blame it on her for not bearing a son. They say that he seems to be bothered about the country more than his family. They say he should have adopted a son before doing this. Ae-shin watches this from afar.

Just then the Japanese soldiers barge in and their colonel comes riding in. Ae-shin watches him as he rides around the yard. Mr Haengrang comes and tells him to get off his horse.  The colonel says that the teacher from the school was arrested for spying. He says they are interrogating the students and says that a young lady from this house was attending here. The interpreter translates for them.


The elders ask who had attended the school and Ae shin steps forward saying that she will set it right. They say that a noble lady going to school is a disgrace. They again say that it is because there is no son in the family and Lady Cho says that now is not the time to make such a remark.

Ae-shin tells the interpreter that Japan’s way of asking cooperation in another country is disgraceful.  She says she will agree to an interrogation but she will do so at the Joseon Police Bureau and not with a Japanese soldier. She asks the interpreter to tell the man to leave now. The colonel on horseback seems to understand what Ae-shin says, as he gives a cynical smile.


The soldiers enter the house and start ransacking it. The music box and Ae-shin’s parents’ photograph fall to the ground.

Outside Ae-shin clutches her skirt trying hard not to lose her temper but Haman comes and calms her down.

A soldier comes running and says that there are American soldiers outside.

Just then, Eugene comes riding in followed by American soldiers. Ae shin watches as both the troops face each other. The colonel speaks with a heavy Japanese accent and addresses Eugene in English. Eugene remembers him back in America when he said that said Joseon and Japan were close. He had asked Eugene to visit him in Japan.


Eugene speaks in Japanese and says that the colonel has been promoted. He also says that the man’s English is still terrible. The man speaks in Korean saying he was always high up in his country, unlike Eugene. Eugene notes that the man can speak Korean. The man tells Eugene that his English never improved because he was there to study Korean and not English. He says he was dreaming of the day he will work in Joseon, his country’s colony. He says, “It’s been a while, Eugene.”


Image Courtesy TVN


The plot had an interesting twist in this episode with Eugene’s old acquaintance turning up in the Japanese army. After coming across so many characters, I had completely forgotten about the very 1st Japanese character who was introduced at the very beginning of the series.

Dong mae and Eugene discussing their contrast in choices with respect to dealing with their parents’ killers was a noteworthy scene. They chose two very different paths though they had a similar past. Eugene seems to have come to terms with his past and wrapped it away along with the tasselled ornament.

Hui Seung officially ending the engagement was a well-made scene. It was good that Ae shin finally expressed her gratitude to Dong mae.

The scene where Jeong mun recruits Seung gu was hilarious. It was funny how Eugene was smoothly asking Seung gu to accept the offer in order to save their hides. The best part was Eugene and Seung gu were hinting about Seung gu wanting to kill the King right in front of Jeong mun, who had no clue as to what was going on.

If we didn’t have a preview from last week, the last person I would’ve expected to get shot is Dong mae. He was hardly seen in the episode and was well away from where all the action was taking place (considering the army movements in this episode).  Seung Mok seems to be out of contact with the righteous army. I wonder under whose command he shot Dong mae despite him sparing Seung mok’s life earlier.

I’m keen on seeing how the plot progresses as it looks like Dong mae makes it out alive in the next episode. I am also interested to see how Jun Young’s role progresses.

-By Soul Sword-

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