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Mr Sunshine Episode 18 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 18 Recap

The Japanese Colonel addresses Eugene. Eugene notes that the colonel can speak Korean. The colonel explains that he was learning Korean all along and not English. He says that is the reason his English never improved. He says he was dreaming of the day he would work in Joseon, his country’s colony.

Eugene remembers the man telling him back then, that he wouldn’t be welcomed in Joseon. Eugene gathers that the colonel has been in Joseon all this while. The colonel asks Eugene if he is angry and Eugene says that they will talk later as they have to submit reports before sunset.

Eugene looks at Ae-shin and tells her to come to the legation. He asks her to bring the people who escorted her to the school too. She asks for an explanation and Eugene says that the American teacher was taken by the Japanese. He says the American Legation is questioning everyone involved. He asks two of the soldiers to escort Ae-shin and Haman. Ae-shin speaks in English and says that she will come by herself. The colonel is surprised to see her talk in English.

At the Hotel, Hina teaches Su-mi to pronounce the words on the welcome board, “Welcome to Korean empire”. She says she intends to rebel a bit, as the Japanese will not understand English. One of the female guests tells Hina that Dong mae was shot and was taken to the hospital. Hina is appalled by hearing this.


Dong mae’s men rush him (Dong mae is barely conscious) to the hospital. Hui Seung tells Dr Matsuyama that he tried to stop the bleeding but half an hour has already passed and there is a lot of blood loss. Dong mae remembers Hina saying that Matsuyama works for Wan-ik.

Matsuyama tells everyone to clear the room and asks the nurse for the anaesthetic to perform the surgery. Dong mae refuses the anaesthetic saying that he may not wake from it. He asks his men to stay beside him and kill the doctor first if he doesn’t make it.

Matsuyama takes the bullets out while Dong mae is conscious. Dong mae passes out due to the pain. Matsuyama then nods to Hui Seung.


At the American legation, Eugene serves coffee for Ae-shin and Haman. He sits across Ae-shin and comments that her English has improved. She asks him if Stella was really arrested by the Japanese. He tells her not to be afraid, as they don’t intend to question her. Ae-shin says she is not afraid, as she knows what they will do. Eugene says that the Japanese would’ve taken Ae-shin as a hostage to stop her grandfather from protesting. He says she will be safer at the American Legation. Ae-shin says that Stella will suffer instead of her. Eugene says that Stella is an American and no one has the guts to harm an American. Ae-shin asks if the Japanese colonel and Eugene are acquainted. He says that they were neighbours in New York but seems like he didn’t know anything about the man except his name.

Ae-shin says that her room was ransacked. She says she hid everything but is worried about her stitched notebook which she had left on her desk. Eugene asks her what was that and Haman jumps up saying she thought Americans knew everything. She pulls out the notebook from her robe. Ae-shin is delighted as she goes forward to see the book. Haman says that she couldn’t leave it behind as it has Eugene’s name written all over the pages. This catches Eugene’s interest as he gets up to see the book curiously.


Ae-shin is extremely embarrassed as she snatches the book from Haman asking if Haman could read it. Haman says she figured it out because every time she wrote the name Ae-shin would say, ”Eugene Choi… Eugene Choi”. Ae-shin is embarrassed and Eugene starts smiling. Ae shin sees Kyle who says, ”Eugene Choi”. A-shin stops Haman from talking. Eugene gives a smug smile and says, “That is my name”. Eugene says that he will let her rest and goes out of the room smiling. After he leaves, Ae-shin asks Haman if she had really said the name out loud and Haman starts to mimic her and Ae-shin closes Haman’s mouth.

Outside, Eugene asks Kyle about the teacher. Kyle says that she is holding out well. He says Allen is protesting against Japan. He asks why the Japanese took the lady. Eugene says that Ae-shin’s grandfather tried to turn the king against Japan. Kyle says that is epic and says that would be the last line (of the poem).

Hina comes to the hospital and Hui Seung asks her not to worry. Hina continues to walk without pausing.


Dr Matsuyama sends an urgent letter to Wan-ik through the nurse. He asks her to deliver it discreetly. He is shocked to see Hina there. Hina speaks in Japanese and says she heard he had operated on Dong mae. Matsuyama says that Dong mae will wake up soon. She asks him if he has asked whether he should kill Dong mae or not in that urgent letter to Wan-ik. Matsuyama says she has no right to question him even if he did. She shows him the autopsy report (fake) and says that Wan-ik doesn’t possess it anymore. Matsuyama says that this doesn’t change anything as it is now in his hands. Hina says that its a fake. She chuckles and says that if he wants to live another day he has to make sure that Dong mae lives. She asks him to keep the report and walks out.

The nurse asks what she has to do with the letter and Matsuyama asks her to shut up as he is reading the report.

At night, Eugene returns to the hotel and Hui Seung also entering at the same time. He learns from Hui Seung that Dong mae was shot. Hui Seung says that surgery went well but Dong mae is unconscious. Eugene asks Hui -Seung to rest and says that he has to head out soon.


Hui-Seung says Eugene is busy yet he found time to visit Hui Seung’s parents’ house. He asks if his mother had unleashed her anger on Eugene and Eugene says she did. Hui Seung says that now would be the time to apologise. He apologises for everything his family did to Eugene’s. He apologises for his mother’s behaviour towards Eugene and everything else.

Eugene says that he heard Hui-Seung broke off the engagement but he says he won’t apologise for that. Hui-Seung says that he has nothing to apologise for since Ae-shin had chosen a life of her own and not Eugene. He says Eugene was not the reason the engagement broke. Eugene says that he hopes it is true.

Hui Seung remembers Ae-shin saying that she was risking everything she has for him and that there is no going back. She says she has no regrets.


Hui Seung asks Eugene how far he is willing to go for Ae-shin. He asks if Eugene will risk everything for her. Eugene says he won’t. He says he must not lose anything. Eugene says that through and through he must be a loyal American soldier. He says that is the way he can protect Ae-shin.

They hear the cheers from the Japanese soldiers inside the hotel.

Hina watches as the Japanese troops toast to the empire of Japan. They ask for more drinks. Hina orders the women to work in the kitchen and asks the men to serve the drinks.


She takes the drink and serves it at the major’s table and apologises for being late. The major asks her to sit on his lap and serve the drink. Hina says that he gets drunk easily and asks if she should take him to the room. He pulls her onto his lap and asks if she is suggesting a private party. Hina says that she doesn’t drink with morons. She says he may know to harass women but she doubts he has the ability to pull out his sword. The other men start laughing but the major is furious.

As he gets up, Hina draws out a sword and says that if he beats her in a fight, she will accompany him to his room. The soldiers throw him a sword and he tells Hina that women should only work with kitchen knives. They start to fight.

After the first few lunges, Hina manages to slash a button of his coat. The soldiers ask him not to go for her face, as she is pretty.

Eugene and Hui Seung walk in just then and watch the happenings.


Hina and the major fight again and this time Hina loses her footing. The colonel sitting at a table in the corner watches this. Hina then pours the drink on the floor and starts fighting again. This time the major slips on the spilt drink and falls down. The man tries to get up but Hina holds the sword at his neck. The other soldiers point their swords at her. Hina smiles and asks if they are ganging up on her. The colonel asks the soldiers to lower their weapons.


He steps forward and tells Major Sasaki that it’s a shame for a Japanese soldier to take out his sword to fight a woman. Sasaki is taken away and the colonel apologises on his behalf. Hina says it was fun and says that she even won. He holds out his hand and introduces himself as Colonel Takashi Mori. He compliments her on her swordsmanship. Hina takes his hand and introduces herself.


Takashi then goes over to his troops and toasts saying that the army’s defeat is their empire’s defeat. He tells them never to lose. They all start cheering loudly for Japan as Hui Seung and Eugene look on.


Meanwhile, Mr Haengrang catches the spy (Dol-soe) in Ae-shin’s house. He interrogates the servant (Dol-soe) and his father. The servant tries to lie his way out but Haengrang doesn’t buy it. He threatens to kill Dol-soe the next time he sees him near the house. He asks the servants to kick Dol-soe out.

Outside the palace, the nobles are still kneeling. Lord Go is exhausted as he continues to plead with the king. He picks up the axe and asks the King to chop off their heads with it if they are wrong.


Hayashi comes and stands in front of Lord Go. Lord Go asks him to move away as he is blocking his way to the King. Hayashi walks into the court.

Inside the court, Jeong mun says that everyone in Joseon looks up to Lord Go. The other officials ask the king not to be swayed just because Lord Go once taught the King. Hayashi says that he has to report this to the mainland and is deeply upset about the Joseon people insulting Japan in this manner. The King orders the guards to lock the protestors up.

The guards come out and arrest everyone as the crowd watches helplessly. Hui Seung is shocked as he watches Lord Go also arrested along with everyone.

Hui Seung rushes back to II—sik’s shop. He tells them that he will publish a special edition before he even prints the first issue. He asks the two of them to gather 2 boys and asks them to go to the printing shop. II-sik seems offended as he asks if Hui Seung is ordering them or asking for a favour.


Hui Seung writes out, “March 21st, 1903, Special Edition. Today, Lord Go Sa-hong and his fellow scholars who were requesting a ban on the nationwide circulation of Dai-ichi notes at the palace were sent to jail as per His Majesty’s order.”

A boy runs on the streets handing out the newspaper to everyone and the news of Lord Go’s arrest starts spreading. The newspaper falls into the hands of Jun Yeong. The other cadets seem worried if they will get arrested too. They wonder if they should quit. Jun Yeong remembers Eugene saying he is the acting consul. Jun Yeong says that they need to hurry, as things aren’t looking good.


He says that the can get access to bullets by obtaining the key. He says that they can practise more at night. He asks one of them to tail Wan-ik. He says they will make sure they can get their hands on the keys to the firearm storage.



At the palace lock up, Seung-gu is introduced as the new head of security. Seung-gu visits Lord Go and bows to him. He tells Lord Go he had to accept the position. He says that he had to climb roofs but now people open doors for him. Lord Go asks him if he is going to protect the King who locked him up. Seung gu says it his first day here and he isn’t sure whether to harm him or protect him. Lord Go says that there are 2 traitors in the cell. Seung gu tells Lord Go about the Japanese soldiers ransacking his house. Lord Go asks if Ae-shin is safe and Seung gu says that Ae-shin is in the safest place in Joseon where Japanese soldiers cannot invade.

At the Legation, Ae-shin runs her hand over Joseon on the Globe and comments how small Joseon is. Eugene comes into the office and knocks to draw attention. Ae-shin smiles seeing him. He sits her down and tells her to trust him. He says that what he is going to say now is not that serious. He tells her that her grandfather has been locked up under orders of the king.


Ae-shin says that she has to go. Eugene says that he made her sit down because he knew she would say this. He says that her safety is the priority and Lord Go would want that as well. He says that sometimes not doing anything will remedy the situation. Ae shin says in a low voice that she can’t sit comfortably without doing anything. Eugene says that he is glad Ae-shin is comfortable here. He says that American Legation receives all the intel first so they can help.

Ae-shin learns from him that Seung-gu is visiting her grandfather. He tells her that Seung-gu is also in a safe place. Ae-shin asks him what he means by that.

At the Palace, Jeong mun introduces Seung-gu to the king. He says that Seung-gu is quiet, unfriendly and skilled shooter. The King says that he can distinguish between friends and foes because he has enemies everywhere. The King asks Seung gu why he, as the head of security, has the eyes of the enemy. Seung gu is silent and Jeong mun intervenes saying that Seung gu is close with Lord Go. He says Seun-gu can’t hide his feelings and that’s why Jeong mun trusts him. Seung-gu tells the King that Lord Go Sa-hong did nothing wrong.


The King says he is aware of that. He says the Japanese army entered Joseon on the pretext of protecting the Japanese merchants. He says they are warning him by barging into his mentor’s residence. He says its dangerous for Lord Go to be protesting out in the open. He also adds that his rage is powerless but his people’s rage is powerful. He says Lord Go who is locked up will bring out the power.


In Jingogae, all the traders put up posters that say they won’t accept Japanese bills. The Japanese gather with the notes at the Japanese legation and are told that the minister has left for the day. Takashi sees this and says that it’s too early for government officials to call it a day. Takashi asks Sasaki to bring the American teacher. He says that he will interrogate her.

Eugene walks down the stairs of Glory Hotel as he sees Takashi sitting at a table with the American Teacher Stella. Takashi tells Eugene that he is interrogating her and asks if Eugene would join them. Eugene asks if this was the only way Takashi could get him to talk to him. Eugene sits down and asks Stella if she is all right and Stella says she is.


Takashi says he doesn’t harm civilians and Eugene says that yet they have swordfights with women. Takashi asks him if the Joseon woman (Ae-shin) has told him anything. Eugene asks Takashi to continue his interrogation. Takashi goes on to say that, Stella has stirred up the students to harbour anti-Japanese sentiment. Stella says that she had said that Japan is no better country though they have progressed fast. She adds that Joseon’s sovereignty lies with Joseon alone and no country can deprive them of it. Eugene says that she is right.

Takashi says that it is incitement. He asks her to do her job as a missionary. He says that Jesus can part a red sea but he stands still watching as the war goes on. Eugene says that Takashi just made a huge mistake as Takashi can’t go to heaven now. Takashi laughs loudly hearing this. He asks Eugene when will he be buying him drinks as promised. Eugene says thanks to him, he has been very busy. He says he will buy the drinks once he gets time. Takashi tells Stella to leave, as America is Japan’s ally. He then asks Eugene if they can have drinks this evening. Eugene refuses saying he has plans this evening and leaves with Stella. Takashi doesn’t look happy as Eugene walks away.


Eugene goes to the legation and gives Ae-shin some food. He says that his sources say the King locked up Lord Go to protect him. Eugene asks if it is boring to be locked up and Ae-shin says she is having fun exploring the objects in his room. She says she is fascinated by the fountain pen Eugene uses and the round map. Eugene says that its a globe and points out Joseon. She says she has seen it and says America is 2 handspans away from Joseon (measures it on the globe). She says it will be hard to return once you get there. Eugene says if you measure with his hands its just one and a half hand span and he can return quickly. She takes the Russian nesting doll and says that it too fascinates her. Eugene says that its Matryoshka and Joseph had left it for him. She says its cracked and says he must have been upset. Eugene smiles as he opens the doll revealing the smaller doll inside. Ae shin takes the doll and sits down inspecting it closely.


Eugene says that Joseph still thought of him as a kid. She says that she does too. She says that it is really fascinating and opens up the smaller dolls. Eugene asks if she could look at him that fondly. Ae shin continues to open it till the last doll. Eugene says that she will be released. He says he would love to let her go now but tells her to go home tomorrow. He says he can’t take her home, as he has to work at the Military Academy.

The next day Eugene comes to the Military academy and finds many white pebbles (used while training) on the Shooting Range’s ground. He learns that a few students had come by to practice at night. The officer says that Korea’s future is bright as the cadets are so enthusiastic. Eugene asks the officer if he had given the cadets the key to the firearm storage. The man says he did. Eugene asks to see the key. After inspecting the key Eugene says that Korea’s future isn’t so bright anymore (they have made a copy of the key).

At the hospital, Hotaru sits by Dong mae who is still unconscious. She draws out the tarot cards. As she draws out the third card, Dong mae places his hand over her hand. Hotaru starts crying and rings the bell and his men come rushing in. As his deputy calls for the doctor, Dong mae mutters that it was the porter (Seung-Mok).

Dong mae’s men search the streets for the porter Seung muk. The curfew bell rings just then. Seung-Mok is standing next to the bell ringer who tells Seung muk to tell them that he is the bell ringer and they will believe him because of the uniform. Seung muk agrees and leaves.

Eugene stands outside the shop seeing Hui Seung’s blank name board with a flower tucked on it. Hui Seung says that it will be the only flower on the path he has chosen and it also is the sign of his newspaper company.


At Hui Seung’s desk, Eugene asks him if he knows how Takashi Mori got promoted this fast to hold such a high rank. Hui Seung says that there is a Shogun noble family with the Mori surname. He says that if Takashi is from that family then he must be from the 2nd most influential family after the royal family. Eugene remembers Takashi saying that he was always high up in his country, unlike Eugene. He says that the Mori family supports the Seikanron movement(supports invading Korea). He says the conservative Japanese supporting Seikanron believe that controlling Korea will bring peace and order in the country. Eugene says that Takashi’s 1st move looks like he is from the Mori family. Eugene says that considering Takashi is here, a war may soon break out.


At Jemulpo harbour, Hayashi is leaving for Japan. He tells Takashi that he will come back with an important document that will be recorded in history as the Japan-Korea treaty. Takashi tells Hayashi that Joseon will sign the treaty with the blood of its people.

Wan-ik brings Takashi to the Japanese restaurant saying it has authentic Japanese food. He curses Takashi in Korean when Takashi doesn’t respond. Wan-ik says that Hayashi wasn’t cooperative and says that he hopes to work well with Takashi. He says Joseon people are easy to control.


Takashi speaks in Korean as he says that a man who wishes to sell his motherland must make more effort. Wan-ik is shocked that he knows Korean. Takashi says that Joseon has survived despite invasions from China and Japan. He says it is because every time there is an invasion, commoners risk their lives to protect their country. He says that they call themselves the Righteous Army. He says they are descendants from the members of the Righteous Army in 1852 who joined the organisation in 1895. He asks Wan-ik what those members children will be doing now.

Wan-ik says that if those rebels are that powerful, he would have been dead by now. Takashi laughs and says they are thinking of the consequences. He says that he doesn’t want to face the same humiliation as his ancestors. He says that the Joseon people would again try to stop the treaty, which Hayashi will be bringing. He says that they have to work on destroying Joseon’s spirit first. He warns Wan-ik to not get in his way or be rude to him. Takashi calls Wan-ik a Joseon man and says that he despises rude Joseon people, especially lowborns.

As Wan-ik returns in his rickshaw, he remembers Takashi’s words to annihilate Joseon’s spirit. He realises that is the reason they had gone to Go-sa hong’s house. He asks the rickshaw puller to take him to the palace.

At the palace, Wan-ik tells the King that they will soon receive money from Japan as Hayashi has left for Japan. He then tells the King to release Go Sa-hong as he is old. He says if something bad happens to Lord Go, then the people’s rage on Japan will turn on the King. The King says he will agree with Wan-ik this once and orders Jang (Seung gu) to release Lord Go.


Once Wan-ik is out, he tells his deputy that Go Sa-hong should not die in the palace. He says he should die by Wan-ik’s hands. He adds that the people of Joseon should fear him and not Japan. He sees Seung gu pass by and wonders who he is. Wan-ik is told that Jeong mun is getting his people into the court. He asks for Seung-gu’s name.

Seung Gu escorts Lord Go as he returns home. He asks not to be disturbed and goes inside. Ae-shin is teary-eyed and sees Seung gu standing in the palace guard uniform.

Haman takes the medicine to be brewed for Lord Go and cries saying that she is being punished. Mr Haengrang says that it is a relief that they got to brew it sooner.


Outside, Ae-shin notes that Seung gu’s hair is shorter. He says that a huge weight has been placed on him. He says that no one wanted to protect the King so the job had come to him. She says that he can’t come to the hut for some time. Seung gu says that the hut will be empty. He says he had cleaned all traces of her. He asks her to come for it if she had left something behind. She says she will come by sometime. He asks her not to come as he has nothing more to teach her. Ae shin is grim as he tells her not to do anything as he says. He tells her not to stop even if he asks her to. Seung gu says that she has put up well with the rough course of life. He says that he is no longer her master. He says he has another job to do now. He asks her to smile and wish him well. Ae-shin says that she wishes he stayed safe. Her eyes well up as she says she is grateful for everything. Ae shin cries as she bows and wishes him well. Seung gu also bows and thanks her.


At the hotel, Hina pours Takashi a cup of coffee. He asks her about the newspapers. She names two newspapers and says that there is one nameless newspaper that prints special editions. Takashi says that it is run by Kim Hui Seung. He comments that the hotel must be difficult for a young widow to manage. She says it takes a lot of time and effort and says she misses her husband. He says her clothes are too loud for someone who misses her husband. She says he must have checked up on her and he says that her records don’t exist in Joseon. He says that she enjoys luxury because of her Japanese husband and her Joseon supporter erased her records. He calls it shameless. She asks if that is all he is capable of finding out or is she that influential. She asks if she can put the coffee on his tab.


Once inside her room, Hina is disturbed as she paces the room. She empties the contents of a box and takes out a small packet with white powder (seems like poison). She has a determined look on her face.

Ae-shin and Haman come to the shooting range to find soldiers there. One of the guards come up and says that they are here as guards for Wan-ik. Deok mun is also there and Ae-shin greets him. Wan-ik comes and says that she must be Lord Go’s granddaughter. He asks what job a noble lady has on this rough terrain. Ae shin doesn’t respond and Deok mun asks her to greet Wan-ik. Ae-shin tells Haman to tell wan-ik that her grandfather is weak and wishes to eat boar meat and she is here to get some.  As Haman starts to say, Wan-ik interrupts asking Ae-shin if she avoiding him because he is a man or because he is a lowborn.


Ae shin says that he must have a good use as the King has given him a title regardless of social status. She says that she just keeps her distance from him and doesn’t look down on him. She asks Haman to say that she hopes he understands. She also asks Haman to check if Gunner Jang is in. As Haman starts to relay it again Wan-ik laughs loudly. He says that she is just like her grandfather. He asks to leave and says that the trip wasn’t wasted.

As he walks away, Wan-ik remembers Takashi talking about the children of the members of the righteous army.  He asks Deok mun how old Ae-shin is and he says she must be 28 or 29 years old. Wan-ik remembers Deok mun saying Ae shin was born in Japan in 1875 and her origin was uncertain.

Back home, Wan-ik gets his leg treated and remembers the members of the Righteous army that he had killed in 1875. He says if that fool had a child then it would be the same age as Ae-shin. He wonders if Yong-Ju had given him fake names.


He calls Jang and asks him to obtain the list of the Joseon people who lived in Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan in 1875. He says he wants even the dead people’s names. He asks it through telegram.

At the hospital, Dong mae walks around slowly and asks about Seung-Mok. His deputy says that they are searching the whole of Hanseong. He says they will find and kill him. Dong mae says that he will die out of frustration before that. Dong mae asks the deputy to spread rumours saying he is alive. He says the shooter will show up again then. He asks his deputy to feed Hotaru. As the deputy goes out Hui Seung enters.


Hui Seung calls Dong mae a troublemaker and says that he was worried for him. He says its good to see him alive. Dong mae says that it is a long lie. Hui Seung says that it is true. Dong mae says that he still hasn’t decided whether to halve Hui Seung horizontally or vertically. He says Hui Seung is weakening his resolve. Hui Seung asks why he bothers since the engagement is void. Dong mae says that it is because this is how he is.

Hui Seung says that this is why he got shot. Dong mae says that he didn’t do anything and was just buying candy. Hui Seung asks if Dong mae was stealing. And Dong mae asks if he won’t leave and Hui Seung says that he just got here.

Hui-Seung asks Dong mae if Hotaru is his sister. Dong mae says that she is not and that they just live together. Hui Seung asks if she is his wife. Dong mae gives a venomous stare and says Hui Seung knows whom Dong mae likes. Hui Seung says that he has saved Dong mae’s life and asks how Dong mae could say that when he had just now broken off the engagement. Dong mae asks Hui Seung to leave. Hui Seung says that Dong mae’s temper shows that he is much better. He comments that Dong mae looks sweet when he sleeps and pats Dong mae before leaving.  Dong mae says that Hui Seung makes long speeches when he lies.


Hui Seung is at Hwawollu meeting with Takashi. Takashi talks in Japanese and says that his research says Hui Seung had studied in Japan. Hui Seung says his research says Takashi speaks Korean well and asks him to talk in Korean. Takashi says he is looking for a newspaper to print pro Japanese articles. He hints at providing funds for Hui Seung’s company. Hui Seung says that he is the second richest person in Joseon and the rent is how he shows off. Hui Seung even turns down Takashi’s offer to turn him into an aristocrat. Hui Seung’s smile vanishes as Takashi places a gun on his desk and says that he could let Hui Seung live. Hui Seung looks at the pistol through his glasses and starts laughing. He says that Takashi should research better as he will get nothing by killing Hui Seung.

Hui Seung then asks Takashi when he will call the beautiful girls who work here. Takashi looks annoyed as Hui Seung starts talking in a loud voice. He claps and shouts out that Kim Hui Seung is here. He then continues to drink a lot. Takashi stares at Hui Seung.

Ae-shin searches for something in her room. She remembers the Japanese soldiers ransacking the house. She hears Haman calling out to her.


She goes out to see that the interpreter from the Japanese Legation is there. He tells Ae-shin that once of the Japanese soldiers had stolen something from Ae-shin. He says that Takashi wants to give it back to her and will meet her in Glory Hotel at noon. Ae-shin says that she has not lost anything. She says that even if someone had stolen her belongings, they should come and return it by themselves. She asks how he dared to ask her to come. She asks him to relay that message. After he leaves, Ae-shin tells Haman that she wants to go to the pharmacy.


At the hospital, the head of the Post Office gives the telegram from Japan’s Police Bureau (with the list of Joseon people ) to Dong mae. Dong mae sees Go Sang-wan, Kim Hui jin listed in the telegram. He remembers the names as he had seen them on the shrine at the temple. Jung says that they thought whether to give it to Wan-ik or Dong mae and decided to come to Dong mae with it.

Dong mae says that Jung’s men were not around when he was shot. He says that next time they should choose Dong mae over Wan-ik. He reminds them of the signatures he had taken from them. Jung and the post office head laugh nervously as they agree with Dong mae.

At the Military academy, Eugene asks if anyone managed to keep the pebble on the rifle. Jun Yeong is the only one who raises his hand. Eugene comments that the midnight practices have paid off. Eugene asks them to give him a round of applause. Jun Yeong asks if he can use live bullets and Eugene says no. Eugene asks if there are any more questions and one of the cadets ask him how a Joseon man like him became an American. Eugene says that it must be due to a fact that he is a lowborn.


The cadets are shocked as they look at their servants who are carrying their stuff. Eugene starts laughing and says that soldiers are divided by their ranks and not social status. He says that he is the boss here. He says that if they don’t want to train under him, they may leave. He asks them to even get him fired.

Just then, Takashi walks in and Eugene dismisses the class. Takashi says that it is a waste of bullets for a lousy lot like them. He comes to Eugene and asks him to join him for a cup of coffee.


Takashi and Eugene talk over a cup of coffee at The Glory Hotel. Takashi asks how the training is and Eugene says that they are enthusiastic. He says that he trains them to use weapons. He says he tells them not to be afraid even though the enemy may seem indestructible. He adds that the enemy might be more clueless than they think. Takashi says that he is sick of battles that he barely has to try to win. Eugene says that he needs to get some sleep and says he is heading upstairs. Takashi wishes him sweet dreams.


Eugene takes few strides and stops as he hears the music box playing. He turns around to see the music box on Takashi’s table. Takashi asks Eugene if it looks familiar. Eugene asks Takashi what it is. Takashi takes the music box and walks forward. He tells Eugene that one of his soldiers had taken it from a noble lady’s house. Eugene says that it is embarrassing.

Takashi says that the music box belongs to Eugene. Eugene wears a grave expression as he stands there.


Ae-shin is travelling in her palanquin and Dong mae blocks her way. Ae-shin asks them to lower the palanquin. He asks for some privacy and his men drag Haman and the others away. Dong mae opens the palanquin door and holds out his hand to help Ae shin out. She doesn’t take it and comes out on her own.


Ae-shin asks him what he is doing and Dong mae asks her where she is headed. He says that he will give her one last chance. Ae-shin says that he isn’t making sense. He asks her why she keeps making such choices. He mentions her dangerous choices like becoming a flawed woman after breaking off her engagement and becoming a target after wielding a gun. He asks her not to do anything. He asks her not to go to school and learn English. He asks her not to get involved.

Ae-shin calls him presumptuous. She says she doesn’t regret any of her choices; be it letting him live or becoming his target. She asks him if knowing her secret identity makes him feel more of a man. Dong mae says not yet and adds that he intends to become a man of use to her from now on. He says he shouldn’t, but he doesn’t care if he makes the whole world his enemy and even if he makes her his enemy.

Dong mae walks up to Ae-shin and in a flash, cuts off her hair. Ae-shin is shocked as she stands frozen to the spot.


Image Courtesy-TVN


Takashi Mori is a preferable antagonist as compared to Wan-ik who is just a traitor. This makes the plot more powerful.  He doesn’t underestimate the enemy and plans his moves well. The scene at the hotel with the music box was a powerful one as it was the first time an antagonist earned a reaction from Eugene, who always has the situation under control.  Takashi managed to figure out Eugene and Ae-shin’s relationship within such a short span of time, which Wan-ik was unable to do though he tried hard.

Eugene made it clear that he has to remain a loyal American soldier in order to protect Ae-shin. With Joseon’s power slowly crumbling he is going to need all the power he can gather to see this through.

It is satisfying to see that the Japanese also hate Wan-ik equally. I wouldn’t mind if he ends up dying at the hands of the Japanese.

On a lighter note, the scene where Haman showed the stitched book with Eugene’s name was one hell of an embarrassing moment for Ae-shin and it was really funny. The look on Kim Tae-ri’s face in that scene was priceless.

It looks like Dong mae will go to any lengths to protect Ae-shin. It is apparently considered a disgrace in Joseon to cut one’s hair. In such cases, the women are confined to their houses and do not go out. I guess Dong mae cut Ae-shin’s hair to protect her (so that she dosnt venture out of her hosue). From the preview, it looks like Ae-shin goes out in her male disguise (which the Japanese are still unaware of).

The scene where Seung-su and Ae-shin wished each other well was well made.It was nice to see Dong mae back to being normal and getting annoyed with Hui Seung as usual. Hui Seung started printing his newspaper and it has already caught Takashi’s attention. Meanwhile, Hina has poison with her and that is interesting.

At the end of the episode, nobody seems to be safe.  Ae-shin has been identified as Eugene’s love interest and as Sang-wan’s daughter. All the 5 leads have at least one person hot on their tracks who want them dead. The next episode seems to be action packed and I am eager to see what it holds.

-By Soul Sword-

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10 thoughts on “Mr Sunshine Episode 18 Recap”

  1. On episode 18, does anyone know where to locate the Wooden World Geography Globe, circa two foot in diameter as shown in Mr. Sunshine’s office, with city names shown across the world? (See pic. “Its been fun to study them.”)


    1. I have no idea Stephen. When i saw the globe I just thought it was one among the beautiful props made for the scene. Hope someone helps you to find where its available 🙂 – Soul Sword


      1. Thanks, Soul Sword. You may indeed be right about not being a prop, but a really nice prop. I didn’t see anything similar on a Google search. but I’lll keep looking.

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  2. Thanks, Soul Sword, but I am interested in the floor mounted wooden globe — with topographic and geographic details from that time as shown in pic of the two when discussing the trip to New York, as measured in distance of their respective hands.

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