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Mr Sunshine Episode 19 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 19 Recap

Dong mae cuts off Ae-shin’s hair with his sword. Haman is horrified and calls out to Ae-shin but Dong mae’s men hold her down. Ae-shin sees the cut-hair with the ribbon in Dong mae’s hand. She unsheathes Dong-mae’s sword and holds it at his neck. She asks him if he wishes to die by her hands but Dong mae stands still without saying anything. She says he shot down her generosity, he shot her down as she ran and now he is humiliating her in public.


Dong mae remembers talking about hurting Ae-shin when he was at the temple. He had wondered if it had pained her.

Dong mae asks Ae-shin if she is in pain. He says that she should have left him for dead back then. He says he ended up with hope because she saved him. He says that hope made him cut off her hair. Dong mae says that what happened is her fault. Ae-shin says that if she were to go back to that moment she would still save him. However, she adds that she would kill him the next time she sees him. She asks him not to dare to worry about her. She tells him to think of her as a noble fool who lives in luxury.


Hina puts her hand over Ae-shin’s hand and asks her not to further create a scene. Ae-shin lowers the sword. Hina remembers Dong mae saying that he had shot a blackbird so that it wouldn’t fly again. She tells Dong mae that he isn’t able to ground his Blackbird. She takes Ae-shin, saying that they need to go to someplace private. Ae-shin pulls the cut hair from Dong mae’s hand and walks away with Hina.

Dong mae sees the ribbon in his hand that she left behind.


Once inside, Hina takes out Eugene’s Kerchief (which he had given her a long time back) and uses it to tie Ae-shin’s hair. She says that maybe Ae-shin was meant to have it, as she never imagined that it would be used like this. Ae-shin says she will return it to Hina. Hina says that it is Eugene’s kerchief and it is meant for Ae-shin.

Hina says that she has had her hair dragged, pulled and snipped as well. She says Ae-shin must have grown up with people brushing and oiling hers. She asks Ae-shin how she plans on saving Joseon if she thinks that cutting off her hair is the end of the world. She says that this is why Ae-shin should have carried handkerchiefs instead of guns. Hina says that 3 men have lost their way because Ae-shin decided to wield a gun. Hina says that Joseon will end up in Japan’s hands and Ae-shin won’t be able to stop it.


Ae-shin looks at Hina with contempt and says that they all live in different worlds. She says that in her world, she cherishes Joseon, her family and the hair given by her parents. She says she doesn’t know how Hina lived her life but Ae-shin says she is doing her best in hers. She tells Hina not to patronize her.


At Glory Hotel, Takashi says that the music box is Eugene’s. Eugene says that it would be odd for it to be found in Ae-shin’s house. Takashi says that Eugene’s reaction is odd. The Japanese interpreter comes in and informs Takashi that Ae-shin said she isn’t missing anything. He adds that Ae-shin had said that Takashi had to come to her and return in case she had lost something.

After the interpreter leaves, Takashi asks Eugene how the music box was in Ae-shin’s house. Eugene says that she could have bought it without knowing it was stolen. Eugene says that his room was ransacked many times and asks Takashi to be careful too. He says the thief was one of Takashi’s men. Takashi says that Eugene can’t have the music box as he said it was stolen. Eugene says that he never expected to and walks away.


Inside his room, Eugene is unsettled and he hears a knock on his door. Su-mi is at the door and she tells him that Ae-shin had been repaying a debt to Dong mae because of the document Su-mi had given Eugene. She says that Dong mae had cut off Ae-shin’s hair in Jingogae. Su-mi says that she came to Eugene because no one else in Joseon can go up against Dong mae. Eugene wonders why everyone keeps infuriating him. He tells Su-mi not to worry.

Ae-sun comes to the bakery and learns that Dong mae had cut off Ae-shin’s hair and the news has spread all over Hanseong. Ae-sun comments that Ae-shin is quickly joining the modern trend.


At Ae-shin’s house, Ae-sun tells Lord Go about Dong mae cutting Ae-shin’s hair. She then starts bad mouthing Ae-shin saying she has been humiliating the family. Lord Go stops her and reprimands her. He tells her that she should have seen if Ae-shin is alright instead of coming to him first. Ae-sun tries to talk but Lord Go summons Mr Haengrang.

Eugene comes towards Hwawollu to find Lord Go already there hitting Don mae with a broom. Dong mae stands still as Lord go hits him. Lord Go says that if Dong mae ever comes near Ae-shin again, he will show how butchers are treated differently from nobles.


As they leave, Mr Haengrang notices Eugene and greets him before leaving. Dong mae winces as he places a hand over the bullet wound. He notices Eugene and asks him to add to the beatings as well. Eugene asks Dong mae why he had done it. Dong mae says that Wan-ik is gathering information on Ae-shin. Eugene says that he came here to fight Dong mae but says they can call it even.

As Eugene is about to leave, Hui Seung walks in and punches Dong mae on his face.


Hina sits on the stairs speaking to herself. She says the handkerchief is in Ae-shin’s hands and someone will be crying. She wonders which of them will end up in deep sorrow; a comrade (Eugene), a companion (Hui Seung) and Dong mae.

Eugene walks away as Dong mae falls down after being repeatedly punched by Hui Seung.


At Ae-shin’s house, Haman tells Ae-shin that the hair will grow back and she should stay out of Lord Go’s sight till then. Lord Go walks in and removes the kerchief from Ae-shin’s hair, revealing the short hair. Ae-shin apologises profusely to Lord Go. Lord Go says that it is nothing but hair and even the King has cut his hair off. He says that he is grateful that she is still alive. Ae-shin’s eyes tear up as he goes out.

Wan-ik sits in his office thinking about the name Hui Jin (Ae-shin’s mother) said. Deok mun comes in and says that the Police haven’t received the telegram from Japan. Wan-ik deduces that the telegram must have been intercepted. He says that the list would have had names that he would recognise.


He asks for Ae-sun’s uncle’s name and Deok mun says it was Sang wan. Wan-ik remembers Hui Jin mentioning Sang-wan’s name before Wan-ik had shot her dead. He wonders if he had killed Ae-shin’s parents. He then asks Deok mun if Ae-shin had really broken off her engagement.

Hui Seung walks into the hotel to see his father and Wan-ik sitting at a table. His father calls him to join them. Hina comes in and Wan-ik calls her to join them too. Hina tells Wan-ik to have his coffee and leave before she brings in a new batch (poison).

As she starts to walk away, Hui Seung holds her and asks her to not to leave him alone with them as he is in a foul mood. Hui Seung says that the one on the right is his father. Hina says that she isn’t in a good mood either as the one on the left is her father.

Hina and Hui Seung join their parents at the table. Hui Seung’s father discusses Hui Seung being unemployed and hints at a job at the railways. Wan-ik says that being a millionaire in a rising country is better than being a billionaire of a falling one. They both laugh.

At the Hotel’s yard, Hina asks Wan-ik if he forgot that she could poison him. Wan-ik asks her to poison Takashi as soon as she can. He also tells her not to get close with Ae-shin (he had seen Hina meeting Ae-shin at the bakery when he was passing by). He tells Hina that he was the one who had killed Ae-shin’s parents. Hina stays still as he walks away.


After he leaves, Hina staggers from the shock and holds her hand to her chest. Eugene walks in and asks if she is okay. Hina says that she was on a blind date with Hui Seung. Eugene says that he doesn’t remember Hui Seung to be that breathtaking. Hina says he was. Eugene asks for a favour and says it is tricky. He asks her to hand out the wrong key today. She asks whose room he wants the key and Eugene says Takashi Mori’s. Hina says that she will give him the master key. Eugene thanks her.

Eugene comes into Takashi’s room and finds the music box in a drawer. Eugene also finds a list of Joseon mobs in the drawer and it has Go Sa-hong, Hwang Eun San, Jang Seung gu and Lee Jeong mun’s names in it. He hears the sound, warning Takashi coming back to his room. Eugene places everything back and heads out through the balcony.


Takashi walks into the room and feels something strange. He checks his drawers and sees the music box and the list in the drawer.

Takashi comes running to the Hotel Lobby to find Eugene just walking in. He says that he didn’t see Eugene on the way back. Eugene says that they are on different routes and takes his key from Hina. He asks dinner to be sent to his room.

After Eugene heads upstairs, Takashi asks Hina if there is more than one way leading up to the Hotel. Hina says that there is a way to the rear entrance using the alleyway.

Eugene goes to his room and writes out all the names on the list out of his memory. He thinks hard and is able to write out the whole list.

Dong mae is on his balcony with Ae-shin’s hair tie and he sees his men running through the streets. He heads to the Judo Centre after learning from his deputy that Takashi mori who is from the Kazoku family is there. Dong mae’s deputy says Takashi Mori is there because of business issues. He says Joseon people and Japanese fight a lot over the currencies. He says Joseon people always end up getting arrested so they stopped coming to Jingogae. He warns Dong mae no to speak in Korean as Takashi is fluent in Korean.


At the Judo centre, Dong mae introduces himself as the manager of Musin Society’s Hanseong branch. He says he heard Takashi had turned Jingogae into a mess when he was not around. Takashi says that people aren’t accepting the Japanese bank notes. Dong mae says that they don’t accept it because they can’t be converted to cash.

Takashi calls Dong mae a lowborn who had betrayed his own country by becoming a hunting dog for the Musin society. Dong mae says that he heard Takashi is a soldier from a noble family. He says he hates both the nobility and soldiers. He warns Takashi not to set foot on his turf again as its common for foreigners to lose their lives here. Takashi again calls Dong mae a lowborn swordsman. He says that he is the most powerful man in Japan and no one in Joseon can give him orders. Dong mae says that he is loyal to Musin society and not to Japan. He calls Takashi a mere soldier. Takashi draws out his gun but Dong mae holds Takashi’s hand and flips him over disarming him.


Dong mae winces as he holds his chest and Takashi is groaning on the floor. As Dong mae’s men run in Takashi reaches for his gun but Dong mae says that picking up the gun is admitting defeat. He tells Takashi to remove his boots while going out as his men wipe the floor. Takashi gets up slowly after Dong mae leaves.

Hong pa shoots an arrow across the river. Eun san stands with a note in his hand with a solemn expression. Ko loosens the tie to the boat. Eun san remembers Eugene saying that all he wanted was Eun san to live a long life and Ae-shin to stay alive.


Eun san says they have to hurry and Ko has a large baggage tied to his back. They head into the forest.


As Eugene and Hong Pa see the empty boat drifting towards them, Eugene asks her to go to a safe place too. Hong Pa says that if she goes into hiding, they will find out that Eun san ran away. She says she is waiting for someone (Seung-gu) and wonders if he has found another woman. Hong Pa thanks him and leaves.

Eugene remembers Eun san asking him to eat slowly while he was on the run. He remembers drinking with Eun san and Eun san stopping Seung Jae from shooting Eugene.


Wan-ik catches one of Jun Young’s friends who was tailing him. He confronts the boy and the boy says that Wan-ik had killed 5 righteous noblemen 7 years ago. He says he wants to avenge them and the commoners. Wan-ik says that Takashi was right in saying that the descendants of the righteous army members are currently seeking revenge. He squats next to the boy and asks him when they planning to make the move and also how many of them are there.


Hui Seung opens the door to his hotel room and finds Hina there. she delivers the new suit from the tailors’ shop. He invites Hina in. She mentions Hui Seung’s parents wanting him to get married as she walks in. She asks what his father said about her. Hui Seung asks if she will marry him if his father liked her. Hina asks if she will marry a man who gets a suit made for another woman. Hui Seung says it is for a friend And Hina comments that the friend will look good in it. Hui Seung asks if she knows something. Hina remembers Wan-ik saying that he had killed Ae-shin’s parents. She tells Hui Seung that she knows too much for her own good.

Meanwhile, Ae-shin takes out the gun (looks like the storage room) that Eugene had gifted and holds it as he had instructed her. She also loads the bullets in it and takes aim.


She then walks out of the room to find the red pinwheel on the wall. She comes near it and Eugene comes riding. He stops as she smiles at him and asks him how he has been. Eugene is serious as he says that her hair has gotten shorter. She says it did. She feels her hair and asks if she looks handsome. He says she looks strong and brave. She smiles and says that she was expecting to hear something else; a word starting with “I”. Eugene says, “I missed you”. Seeing her expression he says that must not be it and she says its not even close. He smiles slightly as one of her maids call her. Ae-shin waves to him and Eugene waves back saying, “See you again”. She looks at him as he rides away.


Its a rainy night as Jun Young tries to open the firearms storage with the duplicate key. He jumps as he hears Eugene’s voice asking if he having difficulties. Jun Young asks Eugene how he knew. Eugene says it must be after training hours and before curfew ended. He says he knew Jun Young would choose a rainy day to avoid people. Eugene asks if he had joined the academy to get access to firearms and Jun Young goes silent. Eugene says that Jun Young’s plan is clumsy and he didn’t know that Eugene was standing right behind him. He says Jun Young cannot assassinate anybody. Jun Young asks Eugene not to stop him and says his friends are waiting for him. Eugene and throws him the keys and says he will go with him. The boy asks him to not get involved but Eugene says that he is just headed the same way. Jun Young picks up the keys.

Jun Young drops the rifle as he walks and Eugene walks behind him. He then reaches a place and his friend is waiting for him. Eugene holds Jun Young back and says that the friend’s Left shoulder is drooping. It must be a fracture or a dislocated shoulder. He tells Jun Young that they have been busted. Jun young doesn’t believe him. He starts to walk but the friend shouts out asking them not to come out as Lee Wan-ik is watching. He yells that he didn’t give out their names and asks them to run. The boy is shot instantly.

Jun young starts to scream but Eugene closes Jun Young’s mouth and asks him to pull himself together. Eugene tells Jun Young that his friend had sacrificed his life to save his friends. He tells Jun Young to get out alive and save the others. He asks Jun Young to think like soldier and Jun Young nods.

They return to the firearm storage and his friends meet him there. They enquire about Eugene and the gunshot. They slowly realise that their friend is dead. Eugene says that doing something without passion and nothing else will make them lose precious things. Eugene says he won’t stop them when they get their revenge after building their skills. He asks them if they will run away or survive no matter what. All the 3 boys break down into tears.

Wan-ik prods the dead boy and says he never expected the boy to do this. Deok mun is holding an umbrella for Wan-ik as they speak. He says he has to use his last resort and asks Deok mun who is the head of the Railways. Deok mun says that its a man named Park-Gi-Jong who is Hayashi’s puppet. Wan ik asks to arrange a meeting with Park Gi-Jong. He says they would need the railroad if Japan were to have a war with Russia. Wan-ik says that he will destroy Deok mun’s wife’s family. He asks Deok mun to make a choice as to where his loyalty lies.


The next day, Wan-ik comes into Lord Go’s house with Park Ji-gong and labourers. Haman shouts out to Lord go who comes out and asks him why he is here. Wan-ik tells Lord Go that he can actually help Joseon. He puts out the map of Hanseong and draws a line across it. Park Gi-Jong says that the minister of foreign affairs has changed the routes of the railroad that they are planning to build. He says that the railroad will pass through Lord Go’s residence and so the land and the surrounding areas belong to the government. Lord Go says that wan-ik won’t get anything out of threatening him.

Wan-ik signals to the labourers and they start demolishing the walls. Lord Go is shell-shocked and clutches his chest as the walls fall. Wan-ik smiles as he watches the demolition. Lady Cho comes running and holds Lord Go. Ae-shin comes running to see Wan-ik say that he will be back tomorrow and by then the house should be empty.


Ae-shin is furious and is about to follow Wan-ik but Lord Go orders the servants to lock Ae-shin in the shed. Ae-shin starts to protest but the servants gather around and drag her away. Ae-shin glares at Wan-ik’s retreating figure as she is dragged away.


Lord Go meets with tenant farmers and says that its high time he should sever ties with them. He gives them the documents of plots on which the railway line isn’t there and tells them to take the plots. He says he has differentiated between those who worked for 20 and 30 years. He tells them not to sell the land to the Japanese at any cost, even if they are threatened. He asks them to preserve Joseon by giving it to their descendants. They all bow to him and cry.

At Deok mun’s house, Deok-mun hits Ae-sun saying the only reason he lived with her despite her not producing an heir, was because of Lord Go’s fortune. He tells her to go claim her rights or steal the papers. He says he doesn’t want to lose to tenant farmers. Ae-sun refuses to go.


He tries to hit her again but stops after hearing Lord Go’s voice. Deok mun is flustered seeing Lord Go and Ae-sun straightens herself. Deok mun says that she was talking back to him and he was disciplining her. Lord Go asks how he dares to hit a woman. He says that he thought the couple would sort out the problems between themselves and had come here to ask Deok mun to treat Ae-sun with care. Lord Go takes Ae-sun with him stating that Deok mun will not change and goes out of the house. Deok mun mutters that now his options are narrowed down.


Dol seo meets with Dong mae and says he was kicked out of Ae-shin’s house as he spied for Dong mae. He says that Lord Go is dividing his wealth between farmers and servants. He says he had worked for 20 years with that family and produces a paper and asks to be paid handsomely for it. He says its a receipt for a donation to the funds of war. He says he found it on the floor on the day the Japanese soldiers ransacked the house. Dong mae comments that Dol Soe is very smart as if he had shown it to anyone else it would have been worth nothing. Dong mae smiles and says that it seems he (Eugene) threw Dol seo out and wanted Dong mae to silence him. Dol soe doesn’t understand but Dong mae’s deputy slits Dol soe’s neck, killing him.

Mr Haengrang watches from outside and remembers Eugene saying that someone else will take care of Dol soe once he is kicked out.


Dong mae sits in Lord Go’s room and Eugene walks in. Lord Go says that Dong mae does anything for a price and gives him a document (looks like plot papers) asking him to protect Ae-shin at any cost. Lord Go says that Eugene doesn’t want Joseon to fall, hence asks him to kill the Japanese colonel (Takashi).


Dong mae asks why he has to protect while Eugene gets to kill. Lord Go says, “A man who will provide protection by any means necessary and a man who will not allow any mistakes along the way. That is the difference between the man who scales the wall and the man who enters through the door.”

Eugene asks why Lord Go wants Takashi to be killed but not Lee Wan-ik. Lord Go says that Lee Wan-ik can die at the hands of a Joseon man. He says that however if a Joseon man happens to kill a Japanese soldier, it will give Japan a reason to attack Joseon. He says that is the reason he wants an American soldier to kill Takashi. Eugene says Lord Go is being very cruel to him. Lord Go says that he intends to be the blackbird flying above Eugene.

Once outside, Dong mae says that Lord Go has got both Dong mae and Eugene far away from Ae-shin by making Dong mae a protector and Eugene a killer. He says Lord Go is a cruel old man.

Eugene’s voiceover narrates, “It didn’t matter which of the 3 would end up in the deepest sorrow. We lived our own lives, but we were destined to reach the same place. I love you.” He looks at the red pinwheel, which has fallen among the debris of the demolished wall.

Ae-shin is locked up in the shed.

Eugene’s voiceover continues, “So my dear, stay alive. Eventually, no one’s ending will be a happy one.”


In the morning, Lady Cho comes into Lord Go’s room. She finds him on the bed with an envelope (looks like a suicide note) beside him on the desk. She tries to wake him up by yelling his name. The servants gather around outside.

Lord Go’s voiceover narrates, “I want a simple funeral bier, but serve plenty of food at the funeral. The wake will be for 5 days and accept all visitors and mourners regardless of their origin. There is no one who didn’t help me throughout my life.”

Ae-shin gets up at the shed door opens. Haman tries to tell Ae-shin that Lord Go is no more but she isn’t able to.


Ae-shin comes out to see all the servants mourning Lord Go’s death. Ae-shin holds the photograph of her parents in her hand.

The women of the house sit in the mourning clothes inside the house. Ae-shin tries to go out but Haman stops her saying that there is no place for a woman at a funeral.


In a flashback, Lord Go goes into the shed at night and speaks to Ae-shin. He tells her that the shed door will stay shut till tomorrow as he knows Ae-shin will run out tonight and wield a gun. He says that since even her father wasn’t like this, she must take after her mother. He gives Ae-shin the picture of her parents. He tells her to forgive him for what he had told her that day. (Ae-shin had told him that she would die rather than get married and Lord Go had asked her to die). Lord Go asks Ae-shin to live and not die.

In the present, Ae-shin cries hard as she remembers Lord Go’s words. Haman holds her as Ae-shin breaks down into tears.

Eugene rides up to the demolished wall and sees the mourners. Eugene watches Wan-ik enter the house.

Just then, there is an announcement that the Emperor has come. Everyone bow as the King (in mourning clothes) comes with his royal guards. Seung gu and Lee Jeong mun accompany him.


Wan-ik watches in astonishment as the King kneels down and bows. Eugene watches as the King pays his respects. As the King walks across him, Wan-ik says that it is ridiculous enough for a King to come to an old man’s wake but he even bowed twice on his knees. He says that the other countries would mock and belittle Joseon.


The Emperor hits Wan-ik with a horsewhip across his face. Wan-ik curses as it leaves a gash on his cheek. Wan-ik curses the King in a low voice. The King fires Wan-ik and says that it is his royal command. Wan-ik points his stick at the King and says that he won’t need a post in a nation that is going to fall soon.

Seung gu grabs the stick and wan-ik falls down. Seung gu holds the stick close to wan-ik’s neck and Wan-ik threatens to kill Seung gu. Seung gu asks Wan-ik to come for him as he will be waiting. Eugene watches the entire scene from outside.

Lord Go’s funeral procession takes place but Wan-ik is on his horse blocking the way. He orders his men to attack the people in the funeral procession. Lady Cho cries as the men in the procession get beaten up. Wan-ik smiles as he watches this.


Eugene walks around Ae-shin’s broken house as the voiceover says, “the house was trashed and the family scattered. Lady Ae-sun and Lady Cho went to their families in Namwon.”

Eugene sees the empty chameleon plant box at the apothecary, as the voiceover continues, “Lady Ae-shin. She disappeared that day and no one has heard of her since.”

Do-mi and Su-mi sit on the staircase. Do-mi says that Eugene has been skipping meals a lot. Su-mi says he must be concerned about Lady Ae-shin and her family. She tells Do-mi to take care of Eugene.


Hina comes and sits next to them. They greet her and sit back down. Hina learns from Su-mi that the evil Lee wan-ik destroyed Ae-shin’s family and caused Lord Go’s death. Hina asks if even at this young age Su-mi finds Wan-ik evil. Do mi says that most of them curse him and some want him beaten to death. Hina smiles and asks them to get back to work. Do mi bows to Hina and both of them leave.

Hina tries to light her smoke but her match breaks. She starts to cry silently.


Takashi commends Wan-ik for getting lord Go out of the way. He says that the Joseon people have become quiet now. Takashi says that Ae-shin has disappeared. Wan-ik says that she will come for the 49-day memorial, which is tomorrow. He asks for some good men in order to capture Ae-shin. He says once she is captured they can capture everyone including Jang Seung gu. Takashi says that one end is sorted and asks if he should sort the other end. Wan-ik smiles at him.


At the riverside, a man points a gun at Hong Pa, asking her to take him to the kiln site. She says its across the river and tells him that pointing a gun is not necessary. She asks him to pay for the ride.

At the middle of the river, she stops rowing. She says that she is checking the current and tells him this is the deepest part of the river. She pushes him into the river and falls with him.

Hong pa manages to come back (looks like she killed him) and pulls herself out of the water. She is shocked to see Takashi and his deputy waiting for her.


Hong Pa looks at the line of Japanese soldiers standing at the riverside. Takashi walks forward and shoots Hong Pa who falls into the river. Takashi says that he should have asked her about Ae-shin’s whereabouts first before shooting her. He asks his men to bring up the body and check if she is dead. Sasaki asks if they should burn the body. Takashi says he didn’t get an answer to his question and wonders if he should ask in a different way.

Dong mae tells his deputy that he will go to the Jemulpo temple. He refuses when his men offer to accompany him. just then Dong mae gets serious as another group of Japanese men walk towards them dressed in black.

Dong mae and his men bow to the leader and address him as boss. The man says its been a long time and calls Dong mae as, “Sho Ishida, my son.”

Elsewhere, the tram comes in and it stops as a body (Hong Pa) is hung from the bridge (tied by her hands) in the tram’s path. Everyone panics as they wonder who it is.


Takashi and his men sit on the bridge and he says that powerless Joseon’s history is visible from here.

At the legation, Eugene holds the nesting dolls in his hands as Kyle tells him that the Japanese soldiers have hung a Joseon woman’s corpse over the bridge. He says that it is Hong Pa and Eugene rushes out.

Seung gu comes riding in with the palace guards and Eugene comes riding with Kyle. Eugene reaches the spot first and Takashi says that he wondered who would be the first to come to the spot.


The 49-day memorial takes place at the temple. Hui Seung and Lady Cho are present along with the elders of the family. After the ceremony, Hui Seung walks down the stairs to find the Japanese soldiers walking up to them. Hui Seung walks towards them and they demand to know where Go Ae-shin is. Lady Cho asks Hui Seung what they want. Hui Seung says that they are looking for someone they shouldn’t be looking for. He speaks in Korean and asks them to run away when he gives them the signal.

The elders say that Ae-shin keeps causing them trouble. They try to run away but the Uncle is shot dead. Hui Seung is shocked and asks everyone to run away. More shots ring out as the Japanese soldiers run towards the mourners.


Hui Seung shields himself from the rain of bullets and gets out of the way. The Japanese soldiers chase after them and start shooting all the mourners dead. Mr Haengrang starts hitting some of the soldiers with a broom. Hui Seung tackles a soldier who points a gun at Haengrang.


The Buddhist monk hands out weapons to the other monks. Lady Cho starts shooting arrows at the Japanese soldiers. Haman comes and strikes a Japanese soldier who is holding Mr Haengrang down. Haman throws a stone at a man aiming for Lady Cho. Lady Cho shoots an arrow at him but he shoots Haman before falling down. Haman falls and Haengrang runs to her. Another soldier aims for Haengrang but Hui Seung shoots him down.


Lady Cho yells Hui Seung’s name as she sees Japanese soldiers come up behind Hui Seung. She stands rooted to the spot as she sees the soldiers taking aim. Haengrang jolts Haman who isn’t responding. Hui Seung stands still as 3 soldiers point their guns at him. Hui Seung looks down with a resigned look.  A fresh round of shots are heard and this time the Japanese soldiers fall dead.

One by one all the Japanese soldiers who are shooting the mourners are shot dead. Eun San removes his mask and members of the righteous army start shooting.


Hui Seung turns around slowly to see a masked figure in male disguise firing shots from the roof. It is Ae-shin.



Two characters stood out in this episode. One was Lord Go sa-hong and the other was Wan-ik. Lord Go always came across as a practical person. He was quite ahead of his age considering how liberal he was towards the women in his family. His reaction to Ae-shin’s short hair was one such instance. It was also wise of him to divide his wealth among the tenant farmers. He also took care of all his duties and responsiblities before dying.

The demolition scene was tragic, as Lord Go couldn’t do anything about what was going on despite being one of the most respected men in the society. Lord Go’s death had an impact on the King as he finally fired Wan-ik.

Eugene seems to be the go-to person in case someone doesn’t want to get blood on their hands. The US army had sent him on an assignment to kill Taylor and now Lord Go wants Eugene to kill Takashi. Dong mae, on the other hand, has a father figure who has turned up now. I wonder what role he has to play.

Hina seemed extremely distressed seeing how cold-hearted Wan-ik is and his reputation among the people.

Wan-ik destroyed the Go family in just one stroke. His plan to use the railway line to threaten Lord Go was a shrewd plan. He immediately got down to action when he felt a little threatened by the Righteous Army. His plans sure are fool-proof.

At the 49-day memorial, it looked like the righteous army took their own sweet time in returning fire. It seemed like they were prepared for an attack at the temple but by the time they started firing almost everyone was dead.

A voiceover hinted that there is no happy ending for anyone but survival is important. I hope that there is a purpose for them to survive as we know how the history goes. I would like to see them avenging the dead as all the characters who died were from the Joseon side.

-By Soul Sword-

Mr Sunshine Episode 20 Recap

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