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Mr Sunshine Episode 20 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 20 Recap



At the bridge, Eugene walks up to Takashi and punches him on the face. Takashi falls down and the Japanese soldiers surround Kyle and Eugene pointing their guns. As Takashi gets up, Eugene punches him again but Major Sasaki shoots Eugene in his arm. Eugene immediately shoots Sasaki’s arm and Kyle points his pistol at the Japanese soldiers asking them to back off.

Eugene is furious as he says that soldiers fight only soldiers and asks Takashi if she (Hong Pa) looks like one. Takashi says it seems like Eugene knows who she is. He says Eugene just gave him the correct answer to his question.


Seung-gu arrives with the palace guards and is not able to bring himself to see Hong Pa’s corpse. He glances at her limp body hanging from the bridge. He yells for her to be let down saying she is his wife.

On the bridge, Eugene reasons with Takashi to show some respect and lower the body. He says that she is the wife of the head of palace security. Takashi says that Eugene keeps giving the right answers. Eugene loses his resolve and points the gun at Takashi, shouting at him to lower Hong Pa.


Seung gu watches with tears in his eyes as Hong Pa’s red hair tie/ribbon falls down.

Takashi starts to smile and Eugene asks him not to smile. Takashi says that Eugene is making a stand where he shouldn’t be. He wipes his blood off saying he will pay Eugene back for this and asks him to look forward to it. Eugene asks Takashi to look forward to it too as he will kill Takashi. Eugene says he had promised to kill Takashi but now he has made up his mind. They both stare at each other venomously.

Elsewhere, Dong mae gets down on his knees and greets his boss who is the head of Musin Society. He addresses Dong mae as his son, Sho Ishida. He asks Dong mae what he has achieved after coming to Joseon empty handed and how much blood he had shed.

Back at the bridge, Seung gu is sitting down holding Hong Pa in his lap and starts to cry. He holds her ribbon in his hand.


Eugene stands on the bridge watching Seung gu crying. He lowers his gaze as he is saddened by the scene.


At the temple, Hui Seung stands among the dead Japanese soldiers. He sees Ae-shin on the rooftop. The righteous army walks towards him after killing the Japanese.


Eun san comes to Lady Cho and tells her that Lord Go had funded the Righteous Army regularly. Mr Haengrang, Ms Haman and Ae-shin are present. Eun-san tells her that there is a safe place in Manchuria and a few Joseon people are already there. He says he can take her there. He says that Ae-sun will meet Lady Cho at Hamgyong province.


After Eun san leaves, Lady Cho asks Ae-shin if she is coming along. Ae-shin says there are some things that she should do here. She thanks Lady Cho for raising her all these years. She asks Haman and Mr Haengrang to accompany Lady Cho. She says she is grateful to both of them. Haman starts crying and asks her to join them soon. Lady Cho says she will be waiting for Ae-shin. Ae-shin cries and agrees.


Hui Seung stands on a bridge and Ae-shin comes there. He asks her if she is leaving. She thanks him for protecting her family. She says she hopes that no harm comes to him. Hui Seung says that she has finally sunk the 8-ball. He says he was worried she might become a traitor wearing his suit but he is relieved now. Ae-shin smiles and says she heard about his newspaper company. She says she doesn’t believe in the power of letters but she believes in him. Hui Seung says letters have power too but someone should document it. He says that the patriots and traitors should be written about. He tells Ae-shin to fight with the gun and says he will write about it. Ae-shin says she will root for him. Hui Seung asks her to stop by the Glory Hotel before she leaves. He says, “sometimes your ball is hidden behind the 8 ball, putting you in danger.” He asks her to come there at those times and she agrees. She leaves after asking him to take care.


Takashi walks on the street with his soldiers. He stops and turns around. He asks the wounded Sasaki as to why he started a fight he couldn’t win. He asks why he took a shot when he couldn’t aim properly. He presses Sasaki’s bullet wound and Sasaki starts to scream in pain. Takashi gives Sasaki his gun and asks him to die. When Sasaki hesitates, Takashi shoots Sasaki and kills him. The two soldiers escorting Sasaki move away in shock. Takashi looks at them and shoots the two of them too. He looks at the rest of the soldiers and says, “Now there are no soldiers in the Imperial Japanese Army who are defeated.” He walks away after asking them to clean the mess up.


Meanwhile, Dong mae sits with the head of Musin Society and Takashi joins them. Takashi asks Dong mae how his gunshot wound is and Dong mae glares at him. The head says that Dong mae’s sword never hesitates and asks if he was protecting someone. Dong mae says that such a thing never happened. Takashi asks Dong mae to pour him a drink.


Dong mae pours him a drink reluctantly. A soldier comes and reports to Takashi that all the troops sent to Jemulpo have been wiped out. Takashi is angry that they lost all the leads. Takashi tells the Head of Musin Society that he has let him down.

In her room, Hina asks Leo if he really wants to take her to France. He asks her if she is finally opening up to him. She says she will give it a serious thought. She smiles as she calls him “Mr Traitor-in-love”. He places a kiss on her cheek saying he will be waiting for her and leaves.

After he leaves, Hina goes over to the other side of the room. Ms Kang is seated in the adjoining room and has overheard the entire conversation. Hina explains that Leo won’t be taking Ms Kang to France. She says that Jeong mun has figured out that Ms Kang has been leaking information. She tells Kang to listen to her and it may save her life.


Hina walks over to her desk and Ms Kang follows. Hina takes out a gold bar and a gun. She tells Ms Kang to sell all the information about Leo and use the gold bar to buy a ticket to France or to die here (looks at the gun). Ms Kang asks why she is being given options. Hina says that she wants information and also wants to annoy Lord Lee Jeong mun.

Ms Kang says that Leo wanted information on Joseph as per Lee Wan-ik’s request. She says he also wanted a list of covert agents under the King’s jurisdiction and that the person who wants it is coming from Japan. She says she couldn’t comply, as she didn’t know their names. Hina goes over and calls her men. They come and grab Ms Kang who says that Hina promised to let her go. Hina says that she lied. The men drag Ms Kang away.

Hina gets into her rickshaw and says that she has to verify Ms Kang’s story. She asks him to take her to wan-ik’s house.


Eugene is on his way back, checking his bullet wound. He notices the red pinwheel on the roof of the apothecary. He immediately starts to run in the other direction.


Dong mae comes to his Judo centre. He finds a pouch there with many coins. He wonders why Ae-shin paid him months in advance. He then realises that she won’t be able to come for this long. He says that she is going to kill Lee Wan-ik.

A masked figure jumps over the wall of Lee Wan-ik’s house.

Wan-ik is inside his house getting his leg treated. Wan-ik laughs at how Takashi’s men died trying to pursue Ae-shin.

The physician leaves and he notices the masked figure (Ae-shin) in the house. He just walks on as if he didn’t see anything.


Ae-shin steps into Wan-ik’s room just as he puts out the lights. She points the gun at him and he asks who it is. She removes her mask exposing her face. Wan-ik recognises her immediately. She says that should have come sooner but she was a bit late.

Wan- ik remembers Ae-shin’s mother’s words, “they set off to kill you”. Ae-shin says that she is here to kill him. Ae-shin’s mother had said, “Even if it takes time, they will come for you”. Wan-ik says that he knew there was something devilish about her last words.

Eugene, Dong mae and Hina are heading towards Wan-ik’s house.

Wan-ik asks Ae-shin not to be stupid. He says that killing him won’t stop Joseon from falling apart. Ae-shin says that it will at least delay it for a day. She says she will add one more day to it. As Ae-shin fires, Wan-ik throws a pillow in between to block the shot.

The shot rings out and Eugene and Hina hear it outside. Wan-ik runs to take a gun but Ae-shin shoots him and Wan-ik falls down. Eugene comes in through the gate with a pistol in his hand.


Wan-ik curses Ae-shin as she comes to stand near him. He curses his wounded leg and reaches for the sword but Ae-shin shoots again and this time gets a clear shot. Ae-shin is teary-eyed as she watches Wan-ik die.


Eugene walks in to see Wan-ik dead in a pool of blood and no trace of Ae-shin. He scans the room and hears the footsteps. He points the gun in that direction but it is Dong mae.

Ae-shin jumps out of the wall and runs away.


Dong mae looks at Eugene and asks if he (Dong mae) has just caught the killer. Eugene says that he thinks both he and Dong mae are here for the same reason. Eugene says that luckily, the blood is only Wan-ik’s and she wasn’t injured. Dong mae says the one who is injured should become the culprit (looks at Eugene). Dong mae says he is the protector but Eugene looks at Dong mae and asks him to protect by becoming the culprit. Dong mae says he would rather witness it.


Hina comes in just then and Dong mae asks her not to look. He asks her how she got here this fast and she says she was on the way. She asks the rickshaw puller to go and get Dr Matsuyama by saying that Wan-ik called for him. She asks him to bring Chun-sik as she wants to meet him. Hina tells them to leave it to her as Wan-ik is her father and she wants to bid him farewell. Eugene says that he is guessing Matsuyama will be the culprit. Hina says that Wan-ik probably promised Matsuyama the post of Royal physician but didn’t keep his word.

When she is alone she says, “Before you leave, act like a decent father for once in your life.”

Matsuyama comes in and Hina says that Wan-ik is inside. Matsuyama is shocked after seeing Wan-ik’s body. Hina Holds a gun at Matsuyama’s head and throws a paper on the floor asking him to pick it up. Matsuyama picks it up. Hina comments that he is right-handed and shoots him in the head.


She then places the gun in Matsuyama’s right hand and places Matsuyama’s will on the desk (probably written by Choon-sik making it look like murder-suicide).


Meanwhile, Eugene is walking back as he hears a whistling of the music box tune. He turns to see Takashi standing there. Takashi says that the tune suits Joseon, as it is the tone of despair. He asks Eugene if the music box woman (Ae-shin) knows that Eugene was born a slave. Eugene asks him to find another lead as this one was sorted through a long and difficult ordeal. Takashi asks Eugene why he hasn’t sought treatment for the bullet wound yet. Eugene asks why Takashi needs treatment despite being punched just a couple of times. He guesses that Takashi has killed the soldiers who shot him and Takashi confirms it. Takashi says that someone had killed his soldiers whom he had sent to Jemulpo and wonders who did it. Takashi says he is confused because he doesn’t know whether Eugene is a Joseon or an American. He asks if Eugene has another reason to kill him. Eugene doesn’t reply.


Back in his office, Takashi adds Eugene’s name to the list that he has. He cuts out Go-sa-hong’s name.

At Wan-ik’s house, Deok mun screams in shock at he discovers both Wan-ik and Matsuyama’s bodies. He runs out calling out for Police.

II-sik and Choon-sik read Wan-ik’s obituary in Hui Seung’s special edition of the newspaper. Choon-sik says that he never thought this day would come. They commend themselves on crafting the will. The will said that Lee wan-ik had obtained money from the Japanese Doctor in exchange for making him the royal physician but had failed to do so. Choon-sik asks why Hina had asked them to craft the will in that manner. II-sik says its probably because she knows who the real killer is. He says that even Hui Seung knows who the killer is.

Hui Seung stands outside smoking a cigarette and wonders if Aae-shin will come here to hide.

Takashi learns about Wan-ik’s death and he comments that he had warned Wan-ik not to take the Joseon people lightly. When the interpreter tries to explain how Wan-ik dies, Takashi says he doesn’t want to know about a mere Joseon man’s death. He says Joseon people can do what they want as Wan-ik isn’t a Japanese man.

Jeong mun learns from Jang about Wan-ik’s death. He says that this was bound to happen. He asks Jang to tell Japan to sort it out since a traitor who betrayed his own country doesn’t deserve to be protected by laws.


Elsewhere, Lee Geun Taek (Director of Audit Bureau) and Gwon Jung Hyeon (acting director of the archives bureau) discuss Wan-ik’s death. They say that Wan-ik will be branded a traitor for generations to come. They say they shouldn’t make mistakes like this and that Wan-ik died a pathetic death. They also say that he had wanted a Ducal title and that he would have sold Joseon if he was left to live longer.


Eugene and Seung-gu lay Hong-Pa to rest on the hilltop. Eugene pours alcohol on the grave as Seung-gu arranges the stones on top of it. Seung gu has her red ribbon in his hand. He places her bow and arrow on the grave. He thanks her and asks her not to look back. He asks to leave it them from now on to sort things out on their own. Eugene stands nearby as Seung-gu bids goodbye and starts to cry.


At the foothills, Seung gu ties the ribbon to his rifle and tells Eugene that they should part ways now. Eugene stops Seung gu and says that they should go together. Seung gu asks him to step aside. Eugene says that a Joseon man shouldn’t kill Takashi. Eugene says that there is a spy reporting to Takashi. He says Takashi has a list of the members of the Righteous Army. He says that they should find the spy but they should let Takashi live for the time being.


Wan-ik’s body is brought in a cart. The cart stops after they see Hina. Jeong mun comes and asks for some privacy. He offers his condolences for Hina. She says that it is not a loss for Joseon. Jeong mun says he will take care of the burial. Hina says that Ms Kang is at her hotel and has been leaking information to Leo. She says that she doesn’t know who Leo is reporting to. She says after she finds out who that is, Jeong mun should tell her about her mother’s whereabouts. Jeong mun says that Hina’s mother is at Gangwon Province in the Catholic village. He says that she was long dead and buried by the time he had found her.


Hina says that if she finds out this is true she will kill Jeong mun. He says that he had done it so that she could live with hope. Hina is angry as says that she was barely hanging on and not living. She asks him how he could use her like this. He says that without him using her she would have given up on everything a long time ago. Hina is teary-eyed as she says that she lost both her parents today. She says that she will surely kill him and leaves.

Eugene waits outside the Post office and Dong mae comes with his men. He asks Dong mae’s help to search the Post Office. Dong mae says he has no reason to help Eugene. Eugene says that an enemy’s enemy is your friend so that makes Dong mae his friend. Dong mae agrees to help.


Dong mae and Eugene go through the documents in the post office. Eugene says that Takashi lived in New York till 1902 and yet he knew a lot about Joseon as if he was already here. Dong mae says that it must be someone who can travel freely between America, Japan and Korea. He says it must be someone who works at the Legation. He says the person who fits the description is sitting right in front of him. Eugene doesn’t react but hands over a record book and asks Dong mae to check for suspicious telegrams to and from the 3 countries.

Meanwhile, Dong mae’s men hold the chief of Post office as a hostage. Dong mae finds a telegram from a Wooden shoe seller sending 1000 Yen to the secretary of the French Minister (Leo). Dong mae says that if selling shoes were so lucrative, he should’ve chosen that profession. Eugene says that they have caught the spy.


Eugene brings Leo and produces him before Jeong mun. He says that Leo has been reporting to Takashi. He adds that there are more spies too. Jeong mun asks why Eugene is handing Leo over to him. Eugene says that Jeong mun is most skilled at blackmailing and scheming, out of all the Koreans he knows. Jeong mun says that Eugene is helping Joseon again. Eugene says that it is high time Joseon repaid him. Jeong mun asks if Eugene wants another mountain.

Eugene says that fighting in a war teaches you that you can reclaim what has been taken from you but there is no going back when you give something away. He says that a woman and a gunner he knows are doing everything in their power to protect Joseon. He asks Jeong mun not to give away anything even if it gets taken away. Eugene says that Jeong mun doesn’t even own the mountains and leaves. Jeong mun’s men come and take Leo away.

At night the King drinks alcohol and Jeong mun says that it is only a temporary relief. The King says that he had called Jeong mun for a company but his truthful words hurt him more. He says that Jeong mun’s righteousness has caused too many deaths and asks if he isn’t afraid. Jeong mun says that he is afraid of not even putting up a fight while Japan takes over Joseon. Jeong mun says that a foreigner (Eugene) had told him not to give anything away even if it was taken from him. He says that in a foreigner’s eye, it seems like they are giving in to Japan without putting up a fight.


Jeong mun says that he will fight. He asks the King to use him as a sword. He pleads with the King to fight with the people of the country. He bows to the King and the King notices the blood on Jeong mun’s robe. He says that Jeong mun has fought today too.

Takashi’s men pull out Leo from the river. Takashi says that dead bodies are all over the river and temple. He wonders if it is Eugene’s work or Ae-shin’s or both of them.


Later on, Takashi smiles as his men suspend the members of the righteous army and beat them up. Takashi walks forward and asks them where Ae-shin and Eun-san are. The members say that they do not know. Takashi shoots 3 of them dead. The 4th man asks Takashi to kill him but Takashi realises that they would rather die than give information. He orders his soldiers to cripple the men but not to kill them.

Takashi comes to Matsuyama’s office and the nurse shows him the doctor’s desk. He tells the nurse not to come in till he calls for her. Takashi comes across Hina’s husband’s autopsy report but a bag is thrown over his head before he can read it. Seung-gu (wearing a mask) strangles Takashi till he loses consciousness. Eugene (wearing a mask) picks up the autopsy report from the floor and puts it in his vest.


Seung gu drags Takashi and both of them walk out. The nurse comes in and Eugene points a gun at her asking her to pretend as if she saw nothing. She says that she witnessed what Takashi had done at the bridge. She says she will show him an exit where they can go unseen. Eugene and Seung gu (carrying Takashi) follow her.


At night, Takashi hangs by the bridge with the cloth over his head in the same manner Hong Pa was hanging. Takashi’s men come and lower him down. They find him blindfolded with a note hung around his neck. Takashi asks a soldier to read it out loud. The note reads, “The Righteous Army of Joseon spared the life of a Japanese Colonel.”

Takashi notices that the blindfold is a red ribbon and he looks up to see the bridge. He yells hysterically and starts banging his head on the ground. They hear a gunshot and Takashi scolds his men as all of them have come here.


The righteous army breaks into the prison where their comrades are being held. They kill the few guards that are there. Ae-shin, Seung gu and Eun san are among the members who come and rescue the 3 comrades who are still alive.

Takashi comes back to see his soldiers dead and the prisoners gone.

The next day, at the King’s court, the King is told that the Japanese army was attacked by rebels the previous night. The man says that Takashi is accusing Seung gu of heading the attack. Takashi walks into the King’s court fully armed. Takashi starts to complain but the king stops him from saying further. He says that Takashi is in his palace and only the King can start the conversation here. Takashi apologises for his rudeness.


The king says that he is sorry to hear about the attack last night but he says that Seung gu was guarding him throughout the night. Takashi says that it is impossible but the King asks if Takashi is accusing him of lying. Takashi asks for a thorough investigation. The King says that he may be a ruler of a weak nation but he still has the power to kill a mere colonel. He tells Takashi to stop testing his patience. Takashi stays silent and watches Seung-gu vengefully.


Later on, Seung gu tells the King that he wasn’t guarding him. The King says that doing that to the Japanese army is equal to guarding him. He says that he knows Seung-gu’s history and even back then, Seung gu was guarding him. The King says he didn’t protect them back then. He says that he won’t apologise as he isn’t someone who can apologise. He says he tortured himself for years over shame and guilt. He says he had to hide behind the face of dignity.


Eugene is at the bakery. He knows that the baker is a part of the Righteous army as he had seen the part of a map earlier with its location marked. The baker is restless and seems to be injured. Eugene asks about the injury and the baker says that he got it during baking. Eugene says that he didn’t know baking was so dangerous. Eugene says that the bakery was closed on Lord Go’s 49-day memorial. The baker says that he had to travel to get supplies.

Eugene smiles and asks the baker to tell the Lady that he is waiting to hear from her. He then remembers Ae-shin saying that they become faceless and nameless comrades of the Righteous Army when they wear western clothes and cover their faces. She had said that she wants to burn brightly and then wilt like a flame. She said that does fear death but she has made up her mind.

Eugene tells the baker that he knows her as Go Ae-shin, but he doesn’t know how the comrades know her.

As Eugene walks back, he remembers Seung-gu saying that Eugene is further than the sea to Ae-shin and yet she insists on making her way to him. He said that he hopes that Eugene will be there for Ae-shin wherever she has to go.

Eugene hears Ae-shin’s voice, “If you are looking for me, I am here.” Eugene watches as Ae-shin comes from behind a wall and walks towards him. They then walk down the stairs and Ae-shin asks him how he has been. Eugene says that he had resented her every time he missed her. She says that it would be okay if he were to forget her. She says she came to tell him this, in case he was waiting to hear from her. She says she wanted to ask him not to wait anymore. Eugene asks her how she could say that to him. Ae-shin says that her family is destroyed and Joseon is in great danger. She says that in her world there is no more futile hope or romance. She says that she can no longer walk side by side with him.


She asks to part ways now. He asks her what she will do if he stops her. Ae-shin says that she has to go and her comrades are waiting. Eugene asks if the fact that he is waiting means nothing to her. He asks if he shouldn’t have been there for her. He says that he doesn’t care anymore and asks her to go her way. Eugene says that wherever she is headed, he will go that way. Ae-shin says that she wants him to live. Eugene says that he feels like he will die if he doesn’t see her. He says that she hasn’t repaid him for anything that he has done for her. He says she dare not walk away. He says that no matter where she is, he says he will track her down and make sure she repays him. Ae-shin says that she will repay him. She asks him to come collect it wherever she may be. She says she will let him know. Ae-shin walks away and disappears into the crowd.

Eugene walks into the hotel. The receptionist tells him to go and check his room as there has been a theft at the hotel. Takashi walks up to Eugene and says that only the music box was stolen from his room. Eugene has an odd look on his face and says he will go check his room. Takashi says that he is sure nothing would be missing from Eugene’s room. Eugene says that he is the one who has lost the most valuable thing.


Ae-shin is elsewhere with the music box and is disguised as a Joseon man. She packs the music box along with her valuables and leaves.

At the Hotel, Hina confronts Su-mi. She asks Su-mi if she helped in the robbery. At first, Su-mi denies knowing anything but Hina is persistent. Su-mi then admits to taking some valuables from every room. She says that she won’t reveal the name of the person whom she did it for. Hina says that she already knows. She asks Su-mi to bring the valuables so that they can burn them.


Hina burns the valuables and Eugene comes up next to her. He gives her the autopsy report and says that this should be burnt as well. Hina takes it from him and says that she was wondering what to do with this. Eugene says that he is sorry about Wan-ik. Hina says that he had committed a lot of sins and this was bound to happen. She says he died without honour and even a country. She says he died as a father of a child who will be ashamed of him forever. She comments that it’s a sad ending.


She asks him if he met Ae-shin. He says that she left again. Hina says that his story doesn’t have a happy ending either. Hina burns the autopsy report along with the stolen valuables.

The next day, Eugene is at the Military Academy. Jun Young and his friends approach Eugene and say that they read Wan-ik’s obituary in the newspaper. They say they realised that Wan-ik isn’t the only enemy. They ask to be accepted back as they wish to plan a greater revenge for Joseon. Eugene agrees and tells them to run around the track with the gear.


The cadets start training and Eugene sits with the book, “Basic Korean Conversation.” Days pass and it looks like winter is here. The cadets train rigorously until they are able to shoot without disturbing the pebble on the gun.  They are delighted with themselves and Eugene smiles.

At the tea shop, Dong mae counts the coins Ae-shin has left him. He separates 6 coins from the lot, which means 6 months have passed and he sees that there are 3 more coins left. He looks at the stationery shop where Ae-shin used to buy supplies.


January 1904

As the curfew hours begin, Eugene stands on his balcony with coins in his hand. He remembers throwing a coin at a man who tried to see through Ae-shin’s disguise while she was leaving his room. He remembers the times he had spent with Ae-shin (when she said she liked to walk side by side with him and when she said that he is a part of her life in her wishful thinking).


At the Jemulpo Harbour, Hayashi returns and is greeted by Takashi. He brings news of the Russo-Japanese war. He addresses Takashi as Commanding Officer of the Joseon Garrison Army.

At the marketplace, the commoners discuss the spike in prices of commodities. They wonder if there is going to be a war. They also notice that many foreigners are leaving. They then discuss the rumours about Japan sinking a Russian battleship in the China Sea and the probability of a war breaking out.


Some boys collect the Special Edition from the pawnshop and distribute it in the city. Jun Young and his friends take one newspaper. It reads, “On February 9, 1904, in waters of Jemulpo Harbour, the Japanese Navy launched a surprise attack on two Russian Battleship and sunk them. They wonder why they are fighting in Joseon waters.

At night, Hina reads the Special Edition. Hui Seung stands next to her and she wonders who will win the Ruso-Japanese war. Hui Seung says that Joseon will be the one to suffer no matter who wins. Hina says that Joseon should choose to bite rather than cry. Hui Seung says that the result of the war depends upon whom America decides to side with.


Eugene comes into the legation and tells Kyle that the Russian Minister had just left Joseon and it looks like a war is going to break out. Kyle says he knows and hands Eugene the return order back to Home country. Kyle explains that additional troops from the states will be here in a few weeks as Russia and Japan have declared war on each other. Kyle says that he has been transferred to the Japanese Legation in Japan and Eugene is to return home. Kyle says he had requested Eugene’s return order, which was within his authority. He says that he can’t leave Eugene alone here as he knows what Eugene would do if he stayed back. Eugene tries to argue but Kyle firmly says that it is an order. He orders Eugene to return to his homeland and says that the picnic is over.


As Dong mae patrols the streets with his men, he comes across two of his boss’ men. They say that the Boss will be passing through on the way to Japan. They say that they have been ordered to watch Dong mae closely. They say they need to check if he is Sho Ishida or Gu-Dong mae.

Lee Jeong mun walks outside the palace.


Elsewhere, Takashi, the head of Musin Society and Hayashi stand in front of a row of Musin Society Swordsmen. The head says that they will be ousting Lee Jeong mun today.

At night, the Foreign Affairs Minister is about to leave in his rickshaw. Jeong mun comes at him and points his sword at him. He is furious as he says that the Foreign Minister has signed the Japan-Korea Treaty, which is as good as giving away the country. The Minister says that he had taken a bribe from Hayashi. Jeong mun is frenzied and says he will kill the minister. He says that if he kills the minister, they will only replace him, so he orders him to run away.


Just then, the Musin Society (Boss’ men) surrounds Jeong mun with their swords drawn out.

In a flashback, we see Hayashi and his men getting the minister to sign the Japan Korea treaty. A swordsman holds a sword at the minister’s neck as he signs the treaty. Hayashi laughs victoriously.


Elsewhere, Dong mae tells his deputy that if the boss is in Joseon, it means someone is going to disappear. The deputy advises Dong mae not to get involved as the boss is doing it without involving Dong mae. Dong mae says that it means he has lost the boss’ favour.


Jang comes running in and tells that he looked into what Dong mae had asked. He says that Lee Jeong mun was taken away by Japanese swordsmen. Jang asks why Dong mae had asked him to look into something that he himself had done. Dong mae says that he will go out a bit.  When the deputy tries to stop him, Dong mae says that he must save the ones in need, even if he ends up dying.

Hina is in her room pouring out wine while Dong mae barges in. He tells her Lee Jeong mun was abducted by Dong mae’s boss from Japan. He says they have taken him to Japan. Hina is shocked to hear this. She goes and closes the door and asks him if he is sure about this. Dong mae says that he risked his life to come here as they might get to her too. He tells Hina to stay safe regardless of what might happen to Jeong mun. Hina thinks about her vow to kill Jeong mun. She asks if Jeong mun would die if she doesn’t do anything. Dong mae says that they don’t take a person if he is going to be killed soon.


Hina says that she should get the word out. She heads to the telephone but Dong mae stops her saying it is dangerous. Hina says that she started as a housemistress but now she is a covert agent of Joseon. She says she can’t let their leader die. Hina places a call to the Palace and asks to talk to the King.


At the Palace, a worried King tells Seung-gu that they should save Jeong mun as soon as possible. He says that if Japan tries to use him as a hostage, Jeong mun would kill himself. Seung gu asks the King if he is now trying to save the Joseon people. The King asks if Seung-gu will help him. Seung gu kneels in front of the king and says he will uphold the King’s command.


The righteous army meets inside the foreigner’s cemetery. Eun san says that they have received a royal command to save Jeong mun who has been taken to Japan. Eun san shows the members the bank deposit certificate from Russia-China bank. He says that Jeong mun and he had planned to use the money to arm the righteous army. He says they have to rescue Jeong mun and get him to Shanghai with the certificate. He says they have to travel to Japan and they may not return back alive even if they take precautions. A man volunteers, saying that he has no family and that he can leave for Japan.

Before Eun-san can reply, Ae-shin offers to go. The members say that it will be tough for a woman to travel abroad. She says that they might let their guards down and that it will give her an upper hand. Eun-san disagrees with Ae-shin and says there are a lot of restrictions for a woman travelling abroad. She remembers Eugene saying that there is always a way. Ae-shin tells Eun-san that there is always a way. She says there is a way to get the certificate into Japan unnoticed.


Eugene comes into his room to find Ae-shin waiting for him. She says it’s been a while. Eugene doesn’t say anything but gives her a cold look. She says that she thought he would be pleased to see her. He says that she had lied to him. He says she had said she would let him know but had only come back after half a year.

She says that is why she is here. She says that her master has an important title and hears things quickly. She says she heard he is returning home. Eugene asks if she came to say goodbye. Ae-shin says that she will come with him. She asks him to take her along with him to America.


Ae-shin looks at him with tears in her eyes Eugene’s voiceover narrates, “She is quite cruel. Where do I lie between her passion and cruelty? I thought I was close, but I might have to go even further. One more step into the flame.”

They stand facing each other.

Image Courtesy- TVN


Though there were some great scenes in this episode, it failed to make an impact. The episode started out well and the opening scene at the bridge was really good. However, it started to lose pace towards the end.

Takashi sure did have a rough day and he lost quite a lot of soldiers. It was satisfying to see him hanging from the bridge. It was good to see Eugene and Seung-gu display solidarity as they agreed to work together following Hong Pa’s death.

I have always wondered why Eugene isn’t bothered by the fact that Ae-shin always wants to part ways with him at any given chance. It was good that this aspect was shown in the scene where Eugene and Ae-shin met outside the Hotel.

The scene where Ae-shin bid farewell to her family was emotional. On the other hand, Ae-shin asking Eugene to take her to America was unfair on her part. She comes across as a self-centred person who is narrow-minded. Throughout the series, all the leads have been watching out for her but she seems inconsiderate towards them. It is odd as to how she expects favours from everyone as if she is entitled to receive them. Joseon has managed to survive this far mainly due to the actions of Eugene, Dong mae and Hina rather than Ae-shin’s.

The list of people who wanted Wan-ik dead kept increasing but no one had attempted to kill him since the start of the series. Finally, it was good that Ae-shin was the one who succeeded in killing him. It was funny how Eugene and Dong mae were discussing who should become the culprit of Wan-ik’s murder.

The ease with which Hina covered up wan-ik’s murder was ingenious. She also showed great character in covering up the music box theft. I think this was the first time someone genuinely helped Hina when Eugene handed over the autopsy report to Hina. She can now bury her past.

A sense of desperation can be felt among the people of Joseon as we see it is mentioned more than once that they have to fight back. Even the King can be seen showing some resistance when he spoke against Takashi and gave a royal command to save Jeong mun. It was pathetic to see how the Foreign Affairs Minister was coerced into signing the Japan-Korea treaty.

Eugene seems to have developed a bond with the people (Seung-gu, the cadets etc)of Joseon and it looks like he won’t be leaving Joseon. He has already told Ae-shin and Seung-gu that he will be walking in the same direction as them.

Dong mae on the other hand, has already chosen to stand with Joseon by giving a tip-off about Jeong mun’s abduction and going against the Musin Society.

I hope the next week’s episodes are more interesting than this one and contain more action scenes.

-By Soul Sword-

Mr Sunshine Episode 21 Recap


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