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Mr Sunshine Episode 21 Recap

Mr Sunshine Episode 21 Recap


In Eugene’s room, Ae-shin says she heard that Eugene is returning home and he asks her resentfully if she came to say goodbye. Ae-shin asks to go with him to America. She pleads with him and he asks what will happen if he refuses. She says that she knows he won’t. Eugene says that she intends to use him but she isn’t making the slightest effort. He tells her that she should say she loves him and wants to be with him instead of making a request. He says he would be blinded by the sweet lie and end up risking all. Eugene asks Ae-shin where she wants to go by using him. She says Japan and he says he resents her so much.


Takashi leaves the keys at the Hotel Lobby and Hina says its a shame that he is leaving to join the garrison army. Takashi says that everyone congratulated him on his promotion. As Takashi leaves, one of the workers tells Hina that they saw a black figure flash past the balcony of Takashi’s room. Hina tries to distract him by asking him to carry the luggage so that Takashi doesn’t miss the train, but Takashi catches on to it.  He calls all his men back and orders them to search the hotel for the rebel. The soldiers run upstairs to start the search.

Hina goes and starts ringing the one bell to Eugene’s room.

Inside his room, Eugene sees the signal and tells Ae-shin that Hina is warning him of danger. He says its probably Takashi. She tells Eugene not to worry about her as she leaves.



Ae-shin jumps over the balcony and goes into Hui Seung’s room. Hui Sung is just out of his shower and is surprised to see her. Ae-shin turns away and says she thought she would drop by as he had asked her to. He says he thought she would use the front door. She says that the front door should remain shut as Japanese soldiers are after her. Hui Seung realises she is here to hide and smiles.


Takashi knocks Eugene’s room and Eugene answers the door. Takashi says that Eugene took his time to open the door despite the ruckus outside and Eugene says that he is not a curious person. Takashi walks in and Eugene closes the door. Takashi notices Eugene’s case underneath the bed. Seeing the room empty, he says that he came to say farewell to Eugene before leaving for Japan. Eugene says that Takashi will return as a commanding officer. Takashi says that Eugene is lucky to be going back home at the right time. He says that America has saved Eugene and urges him to be an American. Eugene says he will choose his own path and asks Takashi to decide whether he wants to search the room or not. Takashi says that he is curious about the box (case) on the floor. He opens the case and smiles as he sees the Korean flag inside (the King had presented Eugene with it).

Meanwhile, the soldiers knock Hui Seung’s door. Hui Seung yawns as he opens the door and they say they are looking for a rebel. They peek inside to see a woman (Ae-shin) in a nightgown. Hui Seung menacingly asks the soldier if he is eyeing his woman. He screams at them and they walk away.


Hui Seung closes the door. He gives Ae-shin another suit (he had gotten it stitched for her measurements) and says that he thought it would come in handy. He asks her to change into it. She thanks him.

In Eugene’s room, Takashi says it is strange that an American object was found in a Joseon woman’s room and the Joseon flag was found in an American’s room. Eugene asks him not to forget the list of Joseon people in the Japanese Colonel’s room. Takashi furiously grips Eugene’s coat and asks him if he was the one who broke into the room. Eugene asks him, “So what if it is? You are Japanese and I am an American. What can you do to me?” Takashi lets go of the coat and says that the first thing he will do after returning will be tracking down Ae-shin. Eugene gives him a threatening look and Takashi asks him not to look at him like that. He says that Eugene also believes in imperialism as he fought in the war against Spain and America conquered the Philippines. He says that Japan wants to win the war with Russia and take Joseon as its prize. He says the superior country will end up disappointing the inferior.  He says America will disappoint the Philippines, England will disappoint India and Japan will disappoint Joseon. He says the people of the inferior nation, especially the young woman who was once a noble will get hurt again, both body and soul.


At the hotel, the soldiers are checking all the guests and Hina notices Ae-shin in her male disguise wearing the suit that Hina had delivered to Hui Seung. Hina immediately points out to Hui Seung and tells the worker that he looks familiar to the figure the worker had seen. Hui Seung immediately catches on and walks forward talking to the worker. Hui Seung signals to Ae-shin and hugs the guard in the pretext of laughing and Ae-shin walks past them. The guard looks at her and shouts out ordering her to stop. Ae-shin stops in her tracks with the hand on the doorknob.

Meanwhile, in Eugene’s room, Takashi says that this will be Eugene’s last chance to shoot him. Eugene says that this won’t be the last chance but it is definitely an opportunity and takes out his gun.

In the lobby, a gunshot is heard and hell breaks loose. As the soldiers run upstairs to check, Hina and Hui Seung look at the door and there is no sign of Ae-shin. They nod at each other in relief.


Upstairs, Takashi asks Eugene if he is out of his mind as he sees the bullet hole through the floor. The soldiers barge in and Takashi asks them why they are here. The soldiers say that the bellboy was wrong and that there is no suspect downstairs. Takashi yells that they didn’t look hard enough and sends them away. After the guards leave, Takashi says that he is curious to see whether Eugene will be an American man or a Joseon man the next time they meet. Eugene asks Takashi to take a guess as he has already made up his mind.

As Takashi leaves on horseback, Eugene watches from the balcony and the case with the Korean flag is on his bed.

The next day Eugene is at the legation. Do-mi informs him that a high official from the palace is there to see him. Seung-gu comes in and Eugene says that Seung-gu has been relaying messages about him. Seung-gu says that he heard from the baker that Eugene wanted to see Ae-shin. Eugene comments that they are all in it together. He asks Eugene when he is leaving. Eugene says he will leave when he wants to and asks him not to force him.


Seung-gu asks if Ae-shin will be joining Eugene. Eugene says he is already aware that her destination is Japan and not America.  Seung-gu says that he knew Eugene can’t be fooled. Eugene counters saying that Seung-gu tried to fool him. Seung-gu says that they were out of options. Eugene says Lord Go asked him to kill Takashi and he says now is the time to keep the promise.  He says that in the end that woman and he will part ways. He says, “Its either my plan fails and death do us apart or we end up parting ways because we must return to our countries.” He says that thought scared him for a bit as the thought he might change his mind. Seung-gu says that Joseon is in great debt to Eugene.


At the shop, Choon-sik is secretly working on a document and Hui Seung manages to get hold of it.  it looks like a forged document and it has the name Ae-shin Choi on it (looks like a marriage certificate). Chun sik says she had needed this and it is a forged certificate.  Hui Seung remembers his wedding letter and comments that even if it is fake, they (Eugene and Ae-shin) found each other again.


Dong mae-comes into his room to see Hotaru being held at gunpoint by a member of the righteous army. Dong mae steps in and Ae-shin (disguised) comes from the side and points her rifle at him.  Eun-san says that Jeong mun has been abducted by Japanese Swordsmen. He asks to know the location in Japan where they have taken him. Dong-mae says that just because they are dressed alike it doesn’t mean that he is behind it. Eun-san says he doesn’t trust Dong-mae.

Dong mae says that he has lost his boss’ favour because he didn’t look for the shooter (Righteous army) even after being shot in his own turf.  Eun-san asks Dong mae to help them. Dong mae refuses, saying that there are some moral codes that they follow from where he comes. He looks at the gunner (he is the one who shot Dong mae) holding Hotaru at gunpoint and says he will catch up with him later.

Dong mae says that he has something to say of his own. He looks at Ae-shin and says that she still owes him. He says its been several months since her visit.


At night, Eugene comes to the French Bakery and waits. As the curfew bell sounds, Ae-shin comes and sits across him. She says she was waiting for the curfew and apologises for being late. She says she was here because he wanted to give her an answer. Eugene writes the letters L, V, E on the flour dust on the table.  He places a ring in place of the letter “O” and says that this is his answer.  Ae- Shin remembers Eugene telling her, “Let’s do it, love, with me. Let’s do it together.”


Eugene says that they should go together to Japan. He says that he will take her there. He gives her the marriage certificate and Ae-shin reads the name “Ae-shin Choi”. Eugene says that entering Japan with her nationality is difficult and this is the safest way. Eugene says that in America, the wife takes her husband’s surname. He says when she sets foot on Japanese soil, her name will be Ae-shin Choi.


As Eugene takes the ring, his finger makes the letter “I” in its place and now it spells “LIVE”. He puts it on Ae-shin’s finger. He says that the ring means she is the wife he loves. He says that in the west, the man would go down on one knee and ask the woman in a gentle manner if she would marry him. Eugene says that if she were to go against his will or leave his side to save her homeland Joseon, he knew that he can’t change her mind. He says that he knew she is a cruel woman the moment he saw her but still he grew fond of her. He says they can pretend he went down on one knee and asks her not to be sorry, as this is his choice. He says that they leave in 2 days and that he will meet her at the train station. Eugene walks out of the bakery.


Ae-shin sits with the marriage certificate in her hand and the word “LIVE” is in place of “LOVE” on the flour dust.

In a flashback, Ae-shin says, “I thought love would be easy, but it’s quite hard. For everything I apologise.” Eugene says, “We can stop if it’s too much.” Ae-shin says, “We can stop anytime, so let’s not stop today.”

At present, Ae-shin starts to cry.

The next day at the military academy, the cadets shoot perfectly as Eugene watches them. Eugene asks them what he had taught them about shooting on the first day. The cadets say, “Aim precisely, hold your breath, pull the trigger, Bang.” Eugene says that they are all excellent shooters and this will be their last drill. Jun Young and the cadets look at Eugene.


Eugene quotes an Arabic proverb, “An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.” He says that Joseon is becoming more vulnerable every day and the army will be the first target. He says that Japan will soon take control of the Board of Marshals and close down the Military Academy first. He says that Japan won’t think much of these cadets thinking them as sheep but he says they are already excellent soldiers. He urges them to become lions and says that courage makes history. He tells them to walk forward with courage and retreat when necessary. He tells them that is how they will be remembered. He concludes the drill.


As Eugene walks away, Jun Young orders the platoon to turn left and they salute Eugene. Jun Young is teary-eyed as he salutes Eugene. Eugene is teary-eyed as he turns around and returns the salute.

At the legation, Gwan-su consoles Do-mi who is crying uncontrollably. Eugene says that they will meet again. Do-mi says that America is far away and a rich country. He says Eugene will not return as he is an American.  Do-mi runs away.


Gwan-su says that having Eugene in the legation made them feel safe. He says that if Japan wins the war, Joseon will be like a meal on Japan’s table. He talks about the treaty America signed with Joseon in 1882 where America had promised to help Joseon in case of invasion. He asks why America isn’t helping them now.


Eugene says that America and Britain lent Japan 410 million dollars and 40% of the money is being spent on the war. He says that the two countries basically forced Japan into the war and so America will never help Joseon. he says America will greatly profit out of the Russo-Japanese war. He asks Gwan-su to make sure he stays with the legation, no matter what. He adds that the legation will be the safest place and asks him to make Do-mi stay here too.


Ae-shin comes to meet Dong mae who tells her that she appeared despite him asking her not to get involved. she says that she had told him she would kill him the next time she sees him and yet they are here. He asks her why she paid him when she was going to kill him anyways. He says that the money is enough for 3 months. He says that she must come in person and pay him after 3 months. He says he must see her to make sure she is still alive.


At sundown, Eugene sits drinking overlooking the mountains and Dong mae walks up to him. Eugene offers Dong mae a drink and he takes it. Dong mae asks why he wanted to meet as they aren’t in good terms. Dongmae asks why Eugene chose this remote spot as it is the perfect spot to get drunk and fall to death. Eugene asks him to go ahead and kill him as Dong mae won’t get another chance after today. He says he is leaving for America the next day. Dong mae says that it is great news but Eugene says that Dong mae sounds sad.  Dongmae says that if he keeps this up, he might actually push Eugene. Eugene smiles. Dong mae says that it is a coincidence as Takashi had returned to his homeland as well.

Eugene says that he has to keep his promise on his way back to America. Dong mae gives Eugene a look and Eugene asks him if Dong mae thinks he would lose. Eugene says that Dongmae won’t lose anything if either Takashi or Eugene die.


Dong mae says that there will be a fireworks festival in Tokyo and the sound of fireworks will be very intense enough to muffle a gunshot. Eugene asks if Dong mae is cheering him on. Dong mae says that he has been cheering for Eugene. Eugene asks if it was since the day at the post office and Dong mae replies in the negative. Eugene asks if it started before that. Dong mae asks if he should push Eugene over to silence him and Eugene laughs. Eugene asks if it will be a death from fall or an unfortunate death. Dong mae says that he is unsure.


The next day, Eugene (packed bags) drinks coffee at Glory Hotel while Hina sits across him. He thanks her for everything. She asks if there will be fewer thefts in the hotel now and Eugene laughs. Eugene says that he will miss the hotel, the coffee and her jokes. He says that he had a sweet stay here. She asks him to come back whenever he wants and says that Joseon and Glory Hotel will always be there. He says he will.


Eugene arrives at Hanseong Station. Ae-shin walks towards him wearing a western outfit. She asks if she looks strange. He asks her what he is supposed to do. He says he is leaving Joseon again and this will be his last memory of this country. He says that if the last memory is this beautiful, it will be hard to forget Joseon.

Both of them board the train and Ae-shin sits with a glum expression. She puts her hand (with the ring) out and says she wondered how this ring would show that she is married to someone. She says she kept thinking and realised that her husband must be wearing the same ring. She holds out her hand and Eugene takes out a ring from his pocket and gives it to her.


As he withdraws his hand, she holds his hand and puts the ring on his finger. She caresses his hand and says that she loves him. Both their eyes well up as she says that she has always been in love with him. She continues to hold his hand.


In Joseon, Hotaru pulls out a tarot card, which reads “Sad Fate”. Dong mae remembers holding Ae-shin’s red skirt, cutting off her hair plaited with red ribbon, getting shot while buying red candy, the red pinwheel falling to the floor when the walls were demolished. Dong mae comments that every single moment that wrecked him was filled with redness.


Hui Seung is having a meal with his father at his house. His father says that his mother is trying to find a suitable lady for Hui Seung to get married to. Hui Seung says that he doesn’t want to get married and asks his father not to waste time searching. The father asks how Hui Seung dares to say that being the only child of the family. Hui Seung asks his father why he was blaming Hui Seung while he was the one who couldn’t have more than one child. He adds that if his father gets angry now it means he is admitting to his fault. His father says that one generation doesn’t make a difference and starts chasing Hui Seung saying he will kill him. Hui Seung gets up and starts to run around laughing.

At their shop, Choon-sik and II-sik comment that Hanseong feels empty without Eugene. They wonder if he is safe. Hui Seung is also there and he sees II-sik holding on to a pair of kid’s shoes. Hui Seung comments it must be valuable. II-sik says it’s from members of righteous army 1895 who sold the shoes to get money to flee. Hui Seung says that the things people left with them could become keepsakes. They ask Hui Seung for rent and Hui Seung walks forward and gives them the pocket watch. Choon-sik comments that he feels like Hui Sueng is going to die because of the conversation they had just now. Hui Seung tried to take it back but II-sik isn’t swayed and doesn’t allow him to take it back.

Shimonoseki Harbour


Eugene and Ae-shin reach Shimonoseki Harbour. They go in for their identity verification and Eugene switches Ae-shin’s bag with his. They send Eugene through and Ae-shin provides her document. The officer asks her in Japanese if she is really an American. Ae-shin replies in English that her name is Ae-shin Choi and she is Eugene’s wife. The officer grabs her baggage and asks how both of them have American passports despite being Joseon people. He searches the bag and comes across the tasselled ornament. The ask her to dress up using the ornament and asks her why she is here.

Eugene steps forward and says that he is the captain of the US Marine Corps. He says they are passing by Japan on their way to America. He tells them to contact the American Legation in Japan if there is an issue. He asks them to be nice to his wife unless they want to end up with broken wrists. The officer apologises and allows them to pass. Eugene takes Ae-shin’s hand and walks out.


Once they are out, Ae-shin asks to part ways. Eugene nods and Ae-shin thanks him. Ae-shin starts to leave but Eugene holds her arm. He asks her if she really doesn’t want to go to America with him. She asks him if he wants her to survive by herself and not to care for others and Eugene says he does. He asks her why she cares when Joseon can’t win against Japan. He asks her not to risk her life over a fight that she will lose. He asks her to come to America with him and says that he cannot let her go like this. He says he will find a way and that there are many options here.

Ae-shin asks if he thinks she has never thought about going to America. She says though she hasn’t been to America, in her head she has travelled there every day with Eugene. She says she has studied there and seen a zebra too. She says every night they fell asleep together and also laughed a lot. She says that though in her head she left Joseon a hundred times, she always came back. Ae-shin is teary-eyed as she removes his hand and says that they should end it here. She says she has left her motherland but he is returning to his country, America. She wishes him a safe journey and leaves. Eugene watches as she walks away.

Ae-shin walks through the street at night and she is still wearing the ring Eugene gave her. Her eyes well up and it starts to rain.

Ae-shin has directions with her which she follows as she walks in the street. 2 Japanese men talk in Japanese and say they have to share the valuables in her bag.  They find out she is a Joseon woman and try to take her bag. Ae-shin starts to fight them. Just then a man comes in and beats all the Japanese men and they run away.


The man comes towards her and holds an umbrella over her. She thanks him. He says that she has grown up. He says that he is Song-Young her father’s friend and her mother’s cousin. He is the man who had brought Ae-shin to Joseon as a newborn.

Ae-shin is taken to the hideout and Ko is there. He says that her room is upstairs and goes to prepare food.


Ae-shin hands over the deposit certificate to Song Yeong. He asks her what weapon she will be shooting with. She says it’s the Russian Bolt Action Rifle and he says its a rare weapon. He says he wishes all his comrades are armed with it. He says he will get someone else to infiltrate the Musin Society and asks Ae-shin just to stand guard. He says they will leave for Shanghai in a ship with Jeong mun in 2 nights. He asks her to rest for now.

In the attic, Ae-shin takes out the Russian-Bolt Action rifle and practices holding it. her gaze falls on the ring on her finger.



At the American Legation in Japan Eugene tells Kyle that it was so sad to hear Do-mi say in English, “Goodbye Sir.” Kyle spots the ring on Eugene and asks if he got married. Eugene smiles and asks if he would congratulate him if he was. He adds that no one has congratulated him yet. Kyle deduces that its the noblewoman and congratulates him. Eugene acknowledges and then gets serious.


The head of Musin society holds Jeong mun captive and speaks in Japanese. He tells Jeong mun that they got the Japan-Korea treaty signed with ease. He also says that  Jeong mun will now be a traitor in Joseon as he is missing from there. He tells Jeong mun to work with Japan now in exchange for money, women or title. Jeong mun says that he doesn’t wish to converse with the Japanese and bites his tongue causing his tongue to bleed. The guards run towards him and place a gag in place to stop him from severing his tongue.  The boss calls him a stubborn Joseon idiot.

Meanwhile, Hina goes to a church in the Catholic Village in Gangneung. She shows the picture of her mother and says she is Lee Yang Hwa and that she is looking for her mother. The nun says that she is finally here.


She takes Hina to the graveyard and says that a nobleman came looking for the mother a few years after she passed away. She says the man came every year to pray for her. Hina stands by the grave.

Hina walks on the seashore as the waves lap at her feet.


Dong mae walks a few steps behind her. Hina asks if he has started to tail her these days. He says he can walk in front of her if it makes her uncomfortable. He walks in front of her and turns to face her. He walks backwards as she walks forward. He asks if she wants a piggyback.


Hina’s eyes well up as she says, “I am an orphan” and she starts to cry. She sits down and calls out to her mom and starts sobbing and crying uncontrollably. He kneels next to her and says that he became an orphan years ago.  Hina continues to cry and Dong mae tells her to cry all she wants today. He says she can start afresh tomorrow. He asks her to forget her life as Lee Yang Hwa and to stop living as Hina Kudo. He tells her to carry makeup in the purse instead of a gun. he asks her to hang a beautiful painting in her room instead of a fencing sword. As Hina doesn’t stop crying, he asks her to meet a good man and buy dresses as beautiful as her. He tells her not to cry and not to bite. He asks her to dream of living a normal life.

Hina asks him why he is talking as if he is going to die. He says that it is because he is not a good man. He says that bad men tend to die first so the good can live longer. Hina stops crying and gets up.


Dong mae gets up too and Hina hugs him. She asks him not to die before she does and says she will be worse than him. She asks him not to die before her and Dong mae consoles her by patting her shoulder.

In Tokyo, Japan, a festival parade takes place on the street.

A vehicle brings in the geishas and the driver is from the righteous army. One of the Geisha is So-a from the righteous army who escaped from Joseon. Song Yeong waits outside the residence of the head of Musin society.

Inside the residence, the Geishas join the men. The head is also drinking. So-a sits next to Jeong mun who is seated at the table with his hands tied and mouth gagged.


Meanwhile, Takashi is at the parade with his wife and child who are all praises for him. His wife says that Takashi has the honour of escorting Lord Ito to Joseon and adds that Takashi will be the King. The child asks what will become of Lord Ito and Takashi says that Lord Ito will become God.


Takashi suddenly spots a sniper (masked Eugene) on the rooftop. He panics and asks the soldiers to guard his child with their life. Eugene takes aim but Takashi uses his wife as a shield and starts to move. He then asks his soldiers to find the sniper.

Meanwhile, the swordsmen pour alcohol over Jeong mun and throw things at him. The head tells So-a that he will give her a chunk of gold if she manages to bed Jeong mun tonight. So-a accepts and starts to act as if she is seducing him. She then comments that her skin is like silk but his hand is tied up. The musin society men cut open the rope and free Jeong mun’s hand. So-a whispers to Jeong mun to flip the table at the count of 3. She counts to 3 and Jeong mun flips the table. She then takes out her gun and starts to shoot at the men. The driver and Song Yeong come in and open fire.


They rescue Jeong mun and as they take him outside, more men from Musn society pour out. This time Ae-shin is on the roof covering for them. Ko helps Jeong mun and So-a onto a cart and rides away. Ae-shin provides cover for Song Yeong and she runs away as soon as some men spot her on the roof.


Meanwhile, at the parade, Eugene calmly walks on the rooftops watching Takashi panic-stricken and running on the street using his wife as a shield.  He then spots Eugene on the roof opposite him aiming at Takashi. He pushes his wife to the ground and runs away. Two soldiers help her up but she pushes them away.

Takashi and 2 of his soldiers come to a remote place and one of the soldiers is shot dead. Takashi holds the 2nd soldier as a shield but he is shot dead too. Takashi is hysteric as he points his gun in a general direction. This time Takashi is shot in his right shoulder. He loses his footing and tries to get up but is shot in his left leg. Takashi writhes in pain as Eugene walks towards him removing the mask.


Takashi is kneeling on the ground as Eugene stops near him. Takashi recognises Eugene and says that he knew it was him. He says he should have killed Eugene when he had the chance. Eugene repeats that he had already made up his mind. Takashi laughs and says that Eugene became a Joseon man in the end but Eugene shoots him dead before he could complete the sentence.

Eugene says in English, “You are wrong. I’m just an American that has many bullets left.” Eugene hears other soldiers approaching and walks away.

Dong mae sits on the tracks at the Jemulpo train station.


He then comes to the Glory Hotel to find Hina practising fencing in the yard. He leans on a lamppost and comments that he had told her not to even hang it on her wall and yet she is here practising. Hina asks him how is his quiet lady friend. He says that her name is Hotaru and walks up to Hina. She asks him how they ended up living together. He asks her who is that information for and she asks if he will buy it.

He says that before he came to Joseon he was in Fukuoka and he was on the run because one of his men had betrayed him. he says he hid in a shaman’s house.


In the flashback, we see a young Dong mae eating at a shaman’s house and a young Hotaru is thrown into the room. Dong mae’s voiceover says that there was a girl who was being kept there and that he could tell that she was living a life of agony. A man tells Dong mae that Hotaru is a virgin and 3 yen would do. Dong mae throws the man the money and the man goes away laughing.

Dong mae finishes eating and turns away from Hotaru and lies down to sleep. Hotaru removers her hairpin and stabs Dong mae in his shoulder. Dong mae doesn’t move despite the bleeding and asks her not to worry. He says he will leave tomorrow and before he leaves he will give her a present. He asks her to consider it as a payment for the food she prepared. Hotaru stares at him as Dong mae gets up and asks if she is mute. He asks if he shall kill the man for Hotaru. Hotaru writes out the word“Yes” in the blood.


In the morning, Dong mae walks out of the house and the man comes smiling. Dong mae asks Hotaru not to look and swiftly kills the man and walks away. Hotaru follows Dong mae.

Earlier in the day, Hina watches Hoatru go into the Post Office.


At present, Dong mae asks Hina to sell the information and asks why she wanted to know about Hotaru. Hina says she wondered how far Hotaru would go for Dong mae. Hina says Hotaru sent a telegram to Dong mae’s boss in Japan. Dong mae is shocked to hear this and leaves without a word.


In Japan, Ae-shin bids farewell to Song Yeong. He says he hopes to meet her again and promises to visit her. He says she has grown up well and that he has made it up to her mother. Ae-shin thanks him for protecting her. He says that Ae-shin’s parents will recognise each other in their next lives and fall in love with each other in a better Joseon many years later. He says they will live their life which they failed to do in this one. She wishes Song Yeong a safe trip. He says, “Your parents gave you this life. Let’s not die too easily.”Song Yeong leaves.


Ae-shin stands outside the photo studio holding her parents’ photograph. She is surprised as she sees Eugene walk up to the studio. She hides the hand wearing the ring behind her and asks him why he was here. He says he was hoping to run into her, as this is the only photo studio in the city. She says she thought he left. He says that he leaves in 2 hours and he had almost missed it. he says the face she is making shows that she is hiding something.

Ae-shin is awkward as he smiles and takes her hand to see that she is still wearing the ring. She says that she didn’t know where else to put it. He says that it is where it should be. He suggests that they go inside.

Inside the studio, the photographer (speaks in Japanese) says that Eugene seems to have met the person he was waiting for. Eugene asks for their photograph to be taken. The man asks about the relationship between them. Eugene says that they are married. The man leads them inside.


As they get ready to pose for the photo, Ae-shin asks why they are getting a picture taken. Eugene asks her to smile and Ae-shin smiles at him. Eugene asks her to look at the front and smile. They both smile as the photograph is taken.


In Joseon, Dong mae points the sword at Hotaru, who has a cut on her cheek. She cries as she writes out the words, “I did it to save you. She must die in Japan. Only then you can live.” Dong mae is enraged as he reads this and Hotaru cries. She again writes, “Don’t get on your boss’ bad side over her. if she comes back I will kill her. I have no regrets, so I will kill her myself and then you can kill me.”

Dong mae yells in rage and cuts a piece of wooden furniture in two. He shakes in rage as he tells her to leave and he can’t keep her any longer. He tells his deputy to have her gone before he gets back. Dong mae says that he is going to Japan and his deputy voices concern.


At the Shimonoseki harbour in Japan, the announcement for the last ferry bound for New York is heard. Eugene and Ae-shin walk towards the ferry. Eugene says that is the ferry to New York. He says its too big to pretend it’s not there. He says that they will be two and a half hand spans apart. He asks if she could come to him at least once across the sea to see him. Ae-shin has tears in her eyes as she promises to go once Joseon regains peace. She says she should leave and waves him goodbye. Eugene acknowledges and she walks away. Eugene watches her retreating figure.


Ae-shin walks a little bit and turns around to see the ferry leaving. She starts to cry seeing the ferry.

Just then, the Musin society swordsmen spot her and start to chase her. Ae-shin runs trying to lose them. Ae-shin runs through the streets with he swordsmen chasing after her. Suddenly she freezes hearing a gunshot and its Eugene who shoots at the swordsmen. The sound of the bullets are muffled by the fireworks and Eugene grabs hold of Ae-shin and both of them run away.



They manage to lose the swordsmen and Ae-shin is short of breath as she asks Eugene why he is still here. She asks about the ship and Eugene says that the ship left. He says he saw the swordsman and before he could think, he was already running… into the flame. He smiles at her. He says he saw fireworks, thanks to her. She calls him a reckless man. He says he can’t deny that. He says that there is one bullet left. She asks him to leave before its too late and says she will deal with it on her own. He says that they will do it together and says that they will use the last bullet wisely. He then pulls Ae-shin along with him and starts running.


The swordsmen are running searching for them. They spot the two of them as they run. Eugene runs up to the American Legation and shoots at one of the glass windows.  As he sees the American soldiers, Eugene gets down on his knees holding up his hands and pulls Ae-shin along with him asking them not to shoot.

Eugene declares that he is Captain Eugene Choi of the US Marine Corps and this is his wife. The swordsmen come running up behind them.


Image Courtesy TVN


Both the action scenes were a good watch as they were set in the enemy’s lair. It was satisfying to see Eugene traumatise Takashi before killing him. It turns out that Takashi is such a coward that he either has to hide behind his family name or his wife in order to stay alive. Jeong mun’s rescue was a well-executed plan  by the Righteous army.

The cadets saluting Eugene was a powerful scene as all of them were nobles and it emphasises the fact that soldiers are divided by rank and not social status. Eugene once again (he planned to leave once before too) said his farewell to his acquaintances in Joseon and this time they were a different set of people, but still, the scenes were well made and deeper than the previous one.

Eugene again reiterated that he is an American and that his moves and choices are totally personal. He comes across as one of the most persistent and unwavering male leads so far. Ae-shin on the other hand finally confessed to Eugene in the train scene after behaving like a cat on the wall all along. She also mentioned that she would come to see him if Joseon regained peace which gives more clarity to her actions. I would say that is quite a progress considering how the romance plot was progressing. It was also good that the entire scene was not just a dream sequence.

The scene where Takashi comes to search Eugene’s room was among my favourite scenes in this episode. Takashi tried everything in his power to threaten Eugene but ended up being the frustrated one. Eugene managed to help Ae-shin escape even when he wasn’t in the same room as her.

The scene with Hina and Dong mae at the beach was one of the best scenes in this episode. Hina and Dong mae share a unique bond where they are always looking out for each other. The scenes where they share screen space are always a great watch.

It was finally shown how Dong mae and Hotaru met each other. Hotaru, who has always been quiet in the corner reading tarot cards made things complicated by ten-folds for Dong mae, by just one simple act of sending a telegram.

I liked this episode as it had a thrilling end and left me wanting to watch the next episode immediately.

-By Soul Sword-

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