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Terius Behind Me – Korean Drama Recap

Terius Behind Me  – Korean Drama Recap

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Genre– Mystery, Romantic Comedy

Series Review

Terius Behind Me/My Secret Terius is light-hearted drama. It beautifully combines the comical and mystery aspects of its plot.

The story follows Kim Bon (a black ops agent) who is in hiding after a failed operation. Jin Yong Tae is a mysterious and shady antagonist who has his own reasons for leading a secretive life. Both Bon and Yong Tae’s lives take a drastic turn when their paths cross with the seemingly innocent Go Ae-rin who leads the so-called “normal life”.

This series depicts in a funny way as to how civilians can easily foil internationally planned terror plots too. It also shows why the authorities choose to keep certain information confidential and what happens if the information falls into a civilian’s hand. It definitely reiterates in a hilarious way that civilians shouldn’t be taken lightly. The series has its own share of cliff-hanger endings despite its genre.

For a drama that has extremely funny content, it is awesome how the mystery plot maintains its pace without disturbing the comical aspect. Though some of the suspense can be guessed, the screenplay and the storyline make it interesting to watch. Despite the storyline being illogical or far-fetched at some points, it can be overlooked as it isn’t a full on thriller but a romantic comedy. The comical content keeps the drama cheery while the mystery aspect of the plot is gripping and keeps one hooked to the drama.

The series takes a realistic pace in developing the romantic relationships. The subtle take on the relationships is plausible and it makes the show even better.

The KIS (KingCastle Information Systems) is an organisation formed by the residents of KingCastle Apartments. Their investigating skills are amazing and believable. The portrayal of stay-at-home parents is laudable. The series draws a constant comparison between the KIS and NIS agents and this adds to the humour content of the plot.

This drama can be watched after a long and tiring day as it has a lot of scenes that are guaranteed to crack you up. This series also has a unique way of using the antagonists in comical scenes.

So Ji Sub portrays Kim Bon in a convincing way as “Terius” and “sitter Bon” which are two extreme characters. Bon’s evolution from the expressionless and anti-social person to a warm and caring person is subtle but definitely noticeable. Bon’s scenes with the twins are adorable and a delight to watch.

Jung In-Sun has beautifully portrayed Go Ae-rin, the tender-hearted mother of 7-year-old twins. Despite being extremely curious and a nosy neighbour, she is so warm-hearted and generous that she is bound to melt even the coldest of hearts. She is also determined character who always gets back up every time she is hit by adversity. Her courage and investigative skills never fail to amaze the NIS agents.

Son Ho Jun portrays Jin Yong Tae, the unique antagonist with amazing gut instincts. Yong Tae comes across as a cowardly and powerless character with a lot of secrets. He is someone who doesn’t hesitate to do anything survive. It is interesting to see his character evolve throughout the series and we get to know the reason behind his actions. Though he is the antagonist, the funniest scenes have Yong Tae in it. Jin Yong Tae is bound to grow on you as the series progresses.

I’m Se-mi portrays Yoo Ji Yeon’s character well as a caring second lead who is fiercely loyal. The way she deals with her unrequited love is commendable. A character who seems apathetic in the beginning slowly displays emotions and becomes one of the most lovable characters as the series progresses.

Kim Sung-Joo portrays Ra Do-woo, a quick-witted and genius-hacker who likes Yoo Ji Yeon. His confidence, maturity and patience where Ji Yeon is concerned is commendable. His skill-set makes him a formidable and necessary addition to the team.

The twins, Kim Bon’s various get-ups, the action movie titles of every episode and their funny takes on the scenes from action movies are added bonuses that make “Terius Behind Me” delightful, pleasant and a must watch series.

-By Soul Sword-

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