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Terius Behind Me Episode 21 and 22

Terius Behind Me Episode 21 and 22

At King’s Bag base, Do Woo finds the phone’s current location at Seongjeon Elementary School. Ae-rin is shocked at this. Ae-rin informs Ji Yeon and Do Woo that the Minister for Health and Welfare is giving a speech there today. Ji Yeon says that the minister is their target. She asks Do Woo to work from here while she calls Bon and informs the Director too. Ji Yeon leaves and Ae-rin is shocked as Do Woo says he is not positive if the bomb is there. She shouts out that both her kids are in the school gym now and Do-woo is startled. Ae-rin runs off (to the school).

Bon rapidly speaks into the phone as he rushes down the corridor saying he will go there. He drives the blue sports car down the road.

Ji Yeon is tense as she drives down while trying to call someone on the phone.

At the school, Minister Yang Seung Halk’s speech commences. One of the security guards gets a call but he doesn’t answer it.

Ji Yeon tells Bon over the phone that the security isn’t picking up her call.

Bon asks Ji Yeon to give him a call when she gets there and says that the terrorist will be at the air vents maintenance room. He says he will take care of the terrorist and asks her to go to the Minister.

Ae-rin runs frantically on the road as she calls Eun ha.

At the school gym, Eun ha’s phone rings on silent. The woman in red heels/ V watches as the audience follow the minister demonstrating how to wash hands properly.

Meanwhile, Lee Chul Seung (Sun Mi’s husband) walks up to the air vents and readies the chemical bomb. He sets the timer to 10 minutes and speaks into the earpiece that he is ready.


The woman in red heels/V speaks into the earpiece asking him to wrap up and says she is leaving too. She walks out of the gymnasium.


The security in charge, Kim Woo Jin finally attends Ji Yeon’s call. She warns him of the possible terror attack and asks him to move the minister to someplace safe. He acknowledges. Kim Woo Jin goes over to the minister and interrupts the speech as he whispers to him.

Meanwhile, Eun ha is shocked as she listens to Ae-rin over the phone. She asks Ae-rin not to worry about the children and hangs up. She frantically urges Sang Ryeol to ring the emergency bell. Sang Ryeol is unsure as he rings the alarm.

The minister tells Kim Woo Jin to evacuate the children safely as the alarm sounds.

V is walking in the corridor as the alarm sounds. She turns around and walks back.

The countdown is at 9 minutes.


At the gymnasium, Eun ha gets up and asks everyone to be calm. She asks everyone to go out one by one with their children. The minister watches this and he tells Kim that they should leave too.

The woman in red heels/V reaches the gym to see the Minister being escorted out.

All the parents hurriedly escort their children out with Eun ha and Sang Ryeol leading the way.

Bon and Ji Yeon reach the school amidst the commotion and they run into each other. He says there might be a bomb and asks her to be careful and they split up.

V walks into the gym as the timer is at 7:47 minutes.


Ae-rin rushes into the school and desperately searches the crowd for her children. She then hears the twins calling out to her and she finds them with Eun ha. She runs over and hugs them asking if they are alright. They say they are fine and Eun ha tells Ae-rin to get out of this place fast.

At the gymnasium, V walks towards the Minister with a menacing look on her face. She knocks down the two security guards by the minister’s side easily. The minister watches helplessly in recognition as she takes out a lethal injection from her bag.  She holds his neck and is about to plunge the needle in when Ji Yeon strikes her and V falls down.


Meanwhile, Bon reaches the air vents when the timer is at 5 minutes. He looks at it when Lee Chul Seung creeps up from behind. They start to fight.


At the gymnasium, V gets up and tackles Ji Yeon. Ji Yeon holds V in a chokehold and gestures the minister to go out. V manages to break free and swings a knife at Ji Yeon who ducks. V immediately throws the knife at the minister. The knife sinks into the wall a couple of inches from where the minister is walking, startling him. V runs towards the minister with Ji Yeon close behind her.


At the vents, Bon and Lee Chul Seung are still fighting. Bon notices that he doesn’t have much time and he knocks Lee Chul Sung down in two strikes. He goes over to the bomb, which is at 2 minutes. He calls up Do Woo and tells him that there is no button to stop the timer. Do-woo asks Bon to open the no 12 tool bag.

Bon finds a pair of glasses in it, which transmit the images to Do Woo when he wears it. Do Woo directs him accordingly and Bon cuts the wires in the order he is told. Do Woo then says that one of the wires will cause the bomb to explode while the other will speed up the timer. He says Bon will have to see how its connected behind the ampoule in order to find out more. He says it will explode if Bon touches it so he isn’t sure. Bon asks how Do Woo would have designed it if it was him.


Based on existing data Do-woo asks Bon to cut the blue wire and Bon cuts it. This speeds up the timer making both of them tense.

Ji Yeon takes a hit to the shoulder and V knocks her down before running away.

The minister is walking down the corridor and to his shock, V comes up in front of him. She holds him by the neck and is about to plunge the needle in.

Bon’s hands are shaky as he tries to decide between the wires.

Ji Yeon comes up from behind and cuffs V’s hand which holds the injection. She pulls V to the side and drags her away.

Bon decides upon the green wire and snaps it. He turns it around to see the timer which comes to a stop at 2 seconds.

Do Woo breathes a sigh of relief as he asks Bon how he chose the green wire. Bon says that green is Joon Hee’s favourite colour.

Outside, the Counter-Terrorism unit arrives with the bomb squad. Do-woo informs Bon of this.


Ji Yeon cuffs an unconscious V’s hand to the railing. Ji Yeon speaks into the earpiece asking Bon to clear out and that she will take care of everything.

Bon cuffs Lee Chul Seung to a pipe and leaves after asking Ji Yeon to take care.

Ji Yeon escorts the minister outside.

Bon goes the other way as he sees the Counter Terrorism unit coming towards him.


At the gym, Ji Yeon introduces herself to Park Do Hoon (Captain of the Counter Terrorism Unit). He says that Director Shim has despatched them. She tells him that V is tied up in the corridor while Lee Chul Seung is in the air vents. Park Do Hoon says it’s a relief that the minister is safe and says he doesn’t see her teammates around. He asks how she managed this alone. Ji Yeon says that Do Woo had dismantled the device but he had to return to the headquarters. Do Hoon commends her on her work and asks her for any evidence she had collected. Ji Yeon passes the lethal injection to him and asks for permission to speak with the minister before she leaves. He asks her to keep it short.

Do Hoon tells his subordinate to contact Disease Control and Prevention (DCP) and tell them it’s a potential level one hazard. He asks them to call him once they get here. He then gives orders that the area to be cordoned off after the DCP arrives. He tells them to block all roads for a radius of 15 km.

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon goes over to the minister who is seated in the gym. She asks him if he is hurt and he says thanks to her he isn’t. She asks him if he knows why he was targeted. Minister Yang Seung Halk says that he has met V before. He says she was known as Clara Choi and she had wanted him to buy a newly developed vaccine. He wonders how she could do something like this and vows to make her pay dearly. Ji Yeon asks which company had made the vaccine and the minister says it’s a pharmaceutical company “Case”.

Ae-rin walks with the kids as she asks them if they were scared. The kids say they are fine and she hugs them. She is startled to see Bon standing behind her. She asks him if he is coming from the school. He says he was worried for them so he had to drop by to see them in person. She says she is glad he is well and he thanks her for the tip. She says she had to do something as it was for the kids.


The kids rush forward and ask him if he enjoyed his adventure as they hug him. Joon Soo asks him not to go away and stay at home. He says he will be back soon and asks them to listen to their mother. They agree. He tells Ae-rin he has to leave and starts to walk away. Joon Soo calls out asking for a nose kiss.

Bon steps forward and gives them both a nose kiss. He then comes to a stop in front of Ae-rin. He pulls her in for a nose kiss. Ae-rin is surprised as he brushes his nose against hers before walking away. The children wave to his retreating figure. Ae-rin stands rooted to the spot as she absorbs what had just happened.


Bon walks away and rubs his nose with his hand. He receives a call from Ji Yeon.

Ji Yeon says that “Case Pharmaceuticals” are behind the terror attack. Lee Chul Seung is being escorted as she speaks to Bon. She says Cornerstone had initiated both Lucas Con and this. She says that the terrorists were apprehended and there is no way out.

Just then, a few gunshots ring out. Ji Yeon turns to see Lee Chul Seung slumped on the ground. She is shocked by seeing that he has been shot dead.


K is on the rooftop as he trains his rifle on “V” who is escorted by the agents. He pulls the trigger instantly killing “V”.

Ji Yeon watches V fall dead and the other agents pull out their guns.

(Title- DEATH Protocol)

Bon asks her what was happening.

Public watches the newsflash reporting that there is an increase in the sense of fear despite the government stopping the terror attack. It also reports that the health minister refused to buy the vaccine against the virus.


At his hideout, Bon and Yong Tae watch the news, which reports that the minister has agreed to import Case Pharmaceutical’s “Cors Vaccine” to calm the public fear.

Bon comments that the public sentiment is bad. He says they should feel safer now that the bomb was diffused but it is the exact opposite. Yong Tae says that the media is playing a part and it is a strategy.


At the NIS, Ji Yeon reports to Shim. She says that Clara Choi (V) was Lee Chul Seung’s handler dispatched by Cornerstone. She says he is Sanguk Pharmaceutical’s industrial spy who was stealing technology for Cors vaccination and selling it to Case Pharmaceuticals. Ji Yeon adds that the virus at the school had only a 20% mortality rate and it wasn’t the one with 90%. She guesses that the 90% mortality rate will be used for a worldwide issue to boost the vaccine sale.

Shim looks at pictures of Clara Choi and Lee Chul Seung. He asks why Minister Yang was the target. Ji Yeon says Minister Yang refused to buy the vaccine but was forced to import it in the end. She confirms that Cornerstone is behind Case Pharmaceuticals. She says Yong Tae had met with Clara Choi.

Shim says that the safe house will be ready by the next day and asks her to move Yong Tae and Bon there. He asks where Ji Yeon had got the tip-off from. Ji Yeon hesitates.

At KingCastle, Ae-rin shows Sun-mi a picture of her husband Lee Chul Seung walking with V/Clara Choi at the airport.


In a flashback, we see Do Woo photoshop the picture of Lee Chul Seung and Clara Choi together. Ae-rin says she is worried Sun-mi will be hurt. Do Woo says it is better than Sun-mi finding out the truth (that her husband is a terrorist). He says he himself did it so no one can say it was photoshopped. Ae-rin thanks him.

In present, Sun-mi stares at the picture in shock. Ae-rin says that a talented private investigator found this. She says Sun-mi’s husband was seen leaving to the US with the woman in red heels (V). Sun-mi starts wailing as she hears this. Eun ha says that she would’ve pulled out all of V’s hair if she knew this was going to happen. Sang Ryeol wonders what would happen to Yu-ra, their child. Eun ha shouts that he should’ve gotten a divorce if he had an affair and he shouldn’t have run away like this.


At NIS, Kwon learns that Lee Chul Seung’s phone had wiretapping software from the NIS. Kwon wonders who was monitoring the terrorist. Kim says that 5 partial prints were lifted from the phone. One had belonged to the owner. He tells her about the rest.

In the flashback, we see Sun-mi, Sang Ryeol, Ae-rin and Do Woo handling Lee Chul Seung’s phone.

At NIS, Kim names Bong Sun-mi, Kim Sang Ryeol, Go Ae-rin and Ra Do Woo. Kwon sees that Sun-mi is listed as Cohabitant.

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon tells Shim that Sun-mi and Lee Chul Seung didn’t have a marriage license. She says that Han Yu Ra was Sun-mi’s child from her ex-husband.  Ji Yeon says Lee Chul Seung pretended to settle in with Sun-mi to avoid suspicion at work. She says Sun-mi has unwittingly helped him get a favourable image. When Shim asks, Ji Yeon confirms that Sun-mi has no idea who Lee Chul Sun was. She says Do Woo had checked even the digital files.


Kwon sees the footage of Sun-mi grabbing V by the hair on the street. She comments that these women know no fear as Sun-mi grabbed a terrorist by the hair. She says the more she finds out about them, the stranger they seem. Kim says that Sang Ryeol was with special forces earlier so he tried to check if he had ties with terrorism. Kwon asks where he was posted.


Meanwhile, Ae-rin asks Sun-mi is she wasn’t married to Lee Chul Seung. Sun-mi says that her divorce had made her vary, so she had wanted to wait and see. She starts wailing asking why he had to leave her. They try to make her stop crying but it doesn’t work. Then Sang Ryeol says that he also had kept a secret. Sang Ryeol says that he was a cook in the army and he had fed the Special Forces. The women give him an awkward look hearing this. Eun ha adds that the “S University” that she graduated from wasn’t the prestigious university they thought of. She says it is Seowon University. Eun ha says that everyone has a secret. Sang Ryeol asks Ae-rin about her secret. Eun ha says that they already know everything about her and brushes it off.

Ae-rin holds Sun mi’s hand and asks her to stop crying. Sun-mi thanks them for sharing their secrets to make her feel better. Eun ha asks if Sun-mi will find a job like Ae-rin and Sun-mi says she will ask her dad for money. To everyone’s surprise, she says that her father is super rich. She says tomorrow is a fresh start and she seems very happy.

Sang Ryeol, Ae-rin and Eun ha walk back. Sang Ryeol says that Sun-mi will be fine. They both ask Ae-rin how she knew about such a huge thing (terror attack). Ae-rin explains that she overheard agents talking in their walkie-talkies. She says she heard them mention the school name and terror. She says she immediately called Eun ha to alert her. They say she is awesome. She continues to walk when Sang Ryeol asks about Bon and his secret girlfriend’s baby.

Ae-rin laughs as she remembers Yong Tae in the women’s gown. She says she saw a woman with a sturdy build. Sang Ryeol mumbles as he wonders about King’s Bag CEO. He then mutters that he should protect Bon’s privacy. Eun ha notices this and asks him what he knows. Sang Ryeol says its nothing and swiftly walks away.

At NIS, Shim says that it is still a fact that Do Woo had put the spying software on the phone. Ji Yeon apologises and says she is responsible for it. He says Ji Yeon hiring Ae-rin as an informant is a cause for this. Ji Yeon says Ae-rin’s tip-off helped them to prevent the attack. Shim says he doesn’t like a civilian being involved in their affairs, as the information should be monitored according to rules and protocols.

At her office, Kwon doesn’t believe it when Kim says Ra Do Woo was at the school diffusing the bomb along with Ji Yeon. She says she is sure that the person who helped Ji Yeon at the scene is Terius.

Episode 22

At the hideout, Yong Tae sits in the tent as he watches Bon do push-ups. He asks Bon how he fights so well and Bon says that he is a natural. Yong Tae calls him a show-off. Bon gives him a stare and Yong Tae starts to lie down slowly on the pretext of saying he hasn’t healed yet. Bon continues to do his push-ups.


At the NIS, Shim asks Ji Yeon if she has Moon Sung Soo’s bag that Yong Tae has. She says that Yong Tae will give it once he is settled in and feels fine with the new identity.

At the hideout, Bon asks Yong Tae for the bag and Yong Tae repeats himself saying he will give the bag when he feels safe. He asks if Bon doesn’t grasp this but Bon says he knows Yong Tae can switch sides at any moment.

In a flashback, Yong Tae empties all the original bags and places it in the boot of his car.

Bon asks if Yong Tae is sure he isn’t being traced and Yong Tae says he is sure.

In a flashback, Yong Tae runs away from the public bath wondering how they tracked him. He then remembers Park bringing him a package. Park opens the package and they both look wide-eyed at the expensive watch in it. Yong Tae says he must have done something to deserve it. He immediately wears it.


26.JPGYong Tae realises that the watch has a tracking device on it. Yong Tae exchanges some money for coins and walks out of the shop. The cashier recognises him as the murder suspect and calls the police.

Yong Tae narrates this to Bon and says he is sure he wasn’t followed as he left the watch in the sauna. He says it’s just the two of them here and Bon won’t report him to the police. Bon immediately takes out his phone and takes the call. Yong Tae is startled and goes over to Bon saying that they can discuss the bag. Bon tells the person on the other end that they have the wrong number and hangs up. He asks Yong Tae what he was saying and Yong Tae says it is nothing. Yong Tae says he will nap and goes back into the tent.

Ae-rin wonders how Bon is doing and calls him up.

Yong Tae is getting ready to sleep while Bon works on his laptop. He takes Ae-rin’s call and she asks if he is eating regularly. She asks how both their wounds are and he says they are fine. She wonders whether she should believe him or not. He asks about the kids and she says they are fine. He asks if she is fine and she says she is.

Yong Tae overhears this and lets out a sigh. He takes the tambourine by the side and shakes it wondering what it was. He shakes it so vigorously causing too much sound that Bon tells Ae-rin they will talk later and hangs up. Bon asks him what he wants and Yong Tae says he wants food as he is hungry. Bon throws a packet of sliced bread at him and Yong asks him for at least some jam.

Bong goes over and tries to pull the bread away from Yong Tae. Yong Tae clutches the bread and says he will try to relish it. Bon goes back to sit down, Yong Tae asks if he could have some ketchup but gives up asking when he sees Bon’s expression.


Elsewhere, the voice asks how the attack failed and is told that Kim Bon got involved. The voice asks if it is Terius and the man confirms it. The man tells the voice that he can relax as they got what they wanted. He says they made it look like Clara and Lee Chul Seung’s personal mission. The voice says that they should take out Terius soon.

At her office, Kwon looks at Ji Yeon’s call records. Kim says she had Wang Jeong Nam’s number frequently. Kim says it belongs to the person staying in apartment 803 of KingCastle Apartments. Kwon remembers Ae-rin’s apartment is 804. She says they have to go there immediately.

Kwon and her team barge into apartment 804 only to find it empty. She says Terius has left already, Kwon notices the children’s toys lying around the house. She remembers Sang Ryeol and Sun-mi saying that the sitter is handsome. She also remembers Ae-rin saying she doesn’t know anyone called Kim Bon. She realises Ae-rin lied to her.

Meanwhile, Ae-rin returns to the apartment and finds Bon’s apartment open. She thinks he couldn’t have returned and heads into the apartment to check.

Ae-rin finds Kwon and her team standing inside the apartment. Ae-rin asks Kwon why she was here. Kwon walks up to Ae-rin and says that she had underestimated her. She says Ae-rin had hidden Bon in the next door and lied to her. Ae-rin is shocked hearing this and Kwon orders her agents to arrest Ae-rin immediately. Ae-rin resists the agents who grab her and screams as Kwon says she has to interrogate her. She orders the agents to take Ae-rin away.


Ae-rin is nervous as she sits in the interrogation room.

Kwon is satisfied with herself as she watches Ae-rin from another room. She says that they will be able to catch Terius now, as she will use Ae-rin as bait. She asks Kim to call up Ji Yeon.

At King’s Bag, Ji Yeon is shocked as she hears what Kwon has to say.


Shim barges into Kwon’s office asking why she arrested an innocent civilian. Kwon says Ae-rin is guilty of hiding Kim Bon- a wanted suspect. He asks her for evidence and Kwon says she is the evidence as Ae-rin lied to her. She says Ae-rin works at King’s Bag run by Ji Yeon and that connection is enough. Shim demands her to let Ae-rin go. Kwon says she will let Ae-rin go only if she tells her where Kim Bon is.

At King’s bag base, Ji Yeon is worried as she speaks to Shim. Do Woo asks her if it is a problem after she hangs up. Ji Yeon says Kwon is in charge of the case and Ae-rin is guilty of hiding Bon when she said she didn’t know anyone named Bon. Do Woo asks if they can’t do anything about it and Ji Yeon doesn’t reply. Do Woo asks if they should inform Bon but Ji Yeon says that it is time for the twins to get off school. She asks him to call Sang Ryeol and asks him to take care of the children as neither Bon nor Ae-rin will be able to be there. Do Woo gets down to it and Ji Yeon calls up Bon.

Bon is grim as he listens to Ji Yeon and says they will think of a solution. Yong Tae learns from Bon that NIS’S Kwon has taken Ae-rin to use as bait to capture Bon. Yong Tae says that if the woman is from cornerstone, she would do anything to Ae-rin to get to Bon.

Outside the hideout, Bon calls up Ji Yeon and says that he thinks he will have to call for DEATH protocol. Ji Yeon asks if it is necessary and he says that he can’t put Ae-rin and the children at risk over him. He says this is all he can do. Ji Yeon says she understands.

Ji Yeon goes to Shim and reminds him that he had said he would do anything for Bon. She says it is urgent.


Bon walks under a bridge onto a court. He is surrounded by agents. Shim and Ji Yeon walk up to him. Shim says it’s been a long time and Bon apologises for calling him like this. Shim asks Bon to do well this time if he is really sorry. He asks him not to make it worse like last time. Bon asks about Ae-rin and Shim says that she will be released soon as she was used as bait to capture him. Shim asks Bon to worry about himself as Kwon might do something to him this time.

Shim gestures Ji Yeon to arrest him. Ji Yeon hesitates as she stands with the handcuffs but Bon smiles at her. She puts the cuffs on him and they escort him away.


Ae-rin is escorted by Kwon and her agents. She sees Bon being escorted towards her. She reacts seeing him but he shakes his head gesturing her to keep quiet. Shim hands over Terius to Kwon. He tells her that he won’t forgive her if she does something useless again. Kwon says that she is devoted to her duty and she never does anything useless.

She grabs Terius but Ji Yeon doesn’t let go. Shim gestures Ji Yeon to let go and says ‘Ladies First’. They let Ae-rin go first but she is still shocked at seeing Bon in cuffs. She looks at him as she crosses him but Bon walks away looking straight ahead and not even glancing at her. Ae-rin watches Bon being escorted inside by Kwon and her agents, followed by Shim, Ji Yeon and their agents.

Ae-rin is worried as she walks alone on the sidewalk and she hears Ji Yeon call her name.


She turns round as Ji Yeon comees up to her.  Ji Yeon asks her if it was tough and says that Ae-rin did well. Ae-rin says she was worried if she got him in trouble. Ji Yeon says Ae-rin got into trouble because of him. Ae-rin says that Bon isn’t well. Ji Yeon says that Bon will come out of this fine. She reminds her that it is Bon’s birthday today and Ae-rin had even got him a present. She asks Ae-rin to wrap it up nicely and Ae-rin nods slowly. Ae-rin thanks Ji Yeon when she says that the twins are with Sang Ryeol. Ji Yeon asks her to carry on and walks away after waving goodbye.

Kwon speaks on the phone saying she has Terius. She asks the person not to worry, as she will deal with him too.

At the hideout, Yong Tae lights a candle over the bread loaf and blows it out.


In the flashback, Yong Tae is lying down as he asks Bon if he is going somewhere. Bon says that Ji Yeon will take Yong Tae to a safe house. Yong Tae asks about Bon and Bon says he will come to see Yong Tae after he is done. Bon asks Yong Tae to do as Ji Yeon says and smiles slightly before walking away.

At present, Yong Tae comments that out of all days it had to be today. He says that he has a bad feeling about this and wonders why.


Ji Yeon walks into the interrogation room and sits opposite Bon. She says he will be taken to R3 soon and asks him to keep his word. Bon nods slightly. As Ji Yeon walks out, Bon asks how Ae-rin is. Ji Yeon pauses as she smiles and says she got away. Ji Yeon closes the door behind her.

Bon is escorted into a black van.

In a flashback, we see Ji Yeon in a van with Shim and Bon explaining that they will use ‘the exploding transportation van’ as DEATH protocol. Shim asks Bon if he memorised the route from headquarters to R3 and Bon says he did.


Shim shows a picture and says that the van will stop over a particular manhole. He says he will order the agents to evacuate when the van stops over it. He says they will blow up the van then. Ji Yeon says Bon has 10 seconds after the van stops before it explodes. She asks if he can get through the floor and into the manhole in 10 seconds and Bon says he can. He says Kwon won’t give up until he is dead and this is how he can protect the people around him. Shim reminds him that he has 10 seconds.

In the present, Bon is in the van which is on its way to R3. Bon closes his eyes and judges the route the van is currently on and the distance to the manhole. Ji Yeon travels in one of the cars along with Kwon. Kwon sees Ji Yeon checking her watch and Kwon pulls out her phone. She presses a few keys on the phone and holds it up before putting it away. Ji Yeon is extremely worried seeing Kwon.


Meanwhile, Bon waits for a left turn and after that, he waits for the van to stop in 500 meters. The van suddenly comes to a stop but Bon knows that this is not the spot. Bon opens his eyes and looks around.

In Kwon’s car, Ji Yeon also knows that this is not the spot and asks out loud why they stopped.


The van explodes into a ball of flame right in front of them. Ji Yeon tries to get out but Kwon holds on to her. Ji Yeon frees herself and gets out of the car. She tries to run to the van but 2 agents hold her back. Ji Yeon cries as she calls out Kim Bon’s name. Kwon gets out of the car watching the scene in front of her.

Ae-rin and the kids come home and the kids run towards the fish. The notice “Uncle” fish dead and they start crying.


Ji calls out Bon’s name as the agents hold her.


Ae-rin gets worried as she sees the dead fish and senses that something is wrong.

Image Courtesy- MBC


This episode was fast-paced and didn’t have even a single dull moment.

Bon and Ae-rin’s ‘nose-nose’ was a pleasant surprise, as I didn’t see that coming. Ji Yeon stole the show in this episode both as an agent and a well-wisher.

Lee Chul Seung’s death was neatly tied up in the end. It was thoughtful of Do Woo to have done what he did to lessen Sun-mi’s hurt. The scene with everyone telling their secrets to make Sun-mi feel better was hilarious.

Yong Tae’s instinct has always been right. He seems to have a bad feeling probably about the safehouse. I wonder if he is going to get captured as well.

Cornerstone succeeded in getting what they want in both Cors Vaccine and Lucas Con cases. This series does a good job of throwing the suspicion back and forth between Kwon and Shim. I am curious to see the explanation as to how Bon survived the blast.

-By Soul Sword-

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