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Terius Behind Me Episode 23 and 24 Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 23 and 24 Recap

Inside the van, Bon closes his eyes and judges where the van is. He gathers that there is a right turn followed by a 200-meter drive.


Ji Yeon travels in one of the cars along with Kwon. Kwon sees Ji Yeon checking her watch and Kwon pulls out her phone. She presses a few keys on the phone and holds it up before putting it away. Ji Yeon is extremely worried seeing Kwon.

Meanwhile, Bon waits for a left turn and after that, he waits for the van to stop in 500 meters. The van suddenly comes to a stop but Bon knows that this is not the spot. Bon opens his eyes and looks around.

In Kwon’s car, Ji Yeon also knows that this is not the spot and asks loudly why they stopped.

Just them, the van Bon is in explodes into a ball of flame right in front of them. Ji Yeon tries to get out but Kwon holds on to her. Ji Yeon frees herself and gets out of the car. She tries to run to the van but 2 agents hold her back. Ji Yeon cries as she calls out Kim Bon’s name. Kwon gets out of the car watching the scene in front of her.

Ae-rin and the kids come home and the kids run towards the fish to feed them. The notice “Uncle” fish dead and they start crying. Ae-rin rushes forward to see.


Elsewhere, Ji Yeon meets Director Shim. She is teary-eyed as she says she doesn’t understand how this happened. She says she should have stopped him from using DEATH Protocol. She blames herself for agreeing to it despite knowing it was dangerous. She breaks down into tears and Shim asks her to stop crying. He says no one could have foreseen this.

Ji Yeon remembers Kwon texting someone. She says she is sure that Kwon is behind this. She vows that she will make Kwon pay for this. She starts crying again and Shim goes over to console her.

At her home, Ae-rin is in bed with her kids. Joon Hee asks what they should do as ‘Uncle’ is dead. Joon Soo asks if he had fed ‘Uncle’ too much. Joon Hee says Bon had told them not to feed the fish too much. Joon Soo says he feels bad. Ae-rin says they can bury ‘Uncle’ in the garden tomorrow. She asks them not to worry and go to sleep.

After the children go to sleep, Ae-rin sits beside them, as she isn’t able to sleep. She wonders what happened to Bon. She takes her phone to call up Ji Yeon but doesn’t, since it is too late.

The next morning, the twins bury ‘uncle’ in the garden as Ae-rin looks on. Joon Hee places a doll sticker on top of the grave to keep ‘uncle’ company. Joon Soo places a jellybean in case ‘uncle’ gets hungry. The 3 of them walk away.

At the hideout, Yong Tae watches the news on the virus and the vaccinations being administered to all the citizens. He switches off the TV and Ji Yeon walks in. Yong Tae asks her where Bon is and she is grim as she says Bon died. Yong Tae is shocked hearing this. She asks him to pack his things, as they will move to the safe house in the afternoon. Yong Tae asks if he is still safe and if she can guarantee his safety. She says that the Director will back them up. He asks if the Director is trustworthy and Ji Yeon says he is.

Ji Yeon says she will crush Cornerstone no matter what happens but she says she needs his help. She says she will do it even if it is only to restore Bon’s honour. She leaves after saying she will come for him in the afternoon. Yong Tae is unsettled after she leaves.

Yong Tae remembers Bon saying good is difficult while evil is easy. Bon had said that sometimes there are things that are to be protected even if they are tough and that is why Yong Tae has to make a decision now.


Meanwhile, Ae-rin treats her friends to a homemade lunch for taking care of Joon-hee and Joon Soo. They are glad as they help themselves. Ae-rin says that Bon will be returning soon and requests them to take care of the kids for some more time. Sang Ryeol wonders if Bon broke up with Ji Yeon while the others are glad to hear this. Eun ha asks Ae-rin if she is taking the kids to take the Cors Vaccine today. Sang Ryeol says that the NIS was impressive. He re-enacts a scene from a movie (MI4 –Ghost Protocol) where the Bomb is deactivated within seconds to explode. Sang Ryeol says that the stock prices of Case Pharmaceuticals are sky-rocketing because of Cors virus.


Elsewhere, the voice (Kim Byung-Ok) is pleased as he laughs seeing the share prices of Case Pharmaceuticals go up. He receives a phone call confirming that Terius has been eliminated. He hangs up and continues to laugh at his achievement.

Ae-rin enthusiastically walks inside King’s Bag. She notices the serious look on Ji Yeon and Do Woo’s faces as she is asked to sit down. She asks if something is wrong. Ji Yeon slowly says that Bon is dead. Ae-rin is shocked as she looks at Do Woo who doesn’t say anything. Ji Yeon’s eyes tear up as she says that the operation has failed. Ae-rin is still as the information sinks in and Ji Yeon continues to talk.

Later, Ae-rin walks into Bon’s apartment and looks at the fish tank. She remembers the children saying he had asked them not to feed the fish too much. She sees the floor and remembers Bon playing there with Joon Hee. She looks at the door and remembers him giving nose-nose to the kids.

Ae-rin sits in her house and recalls her conversation with Ji Yeon earlier in the day. Ji Yeon says that she is thankful as Ae-rin gave information on J-International which led to Yong Tae’s capture. She says that the Director doesn’t want her involved anymore since the terror attack. Ae-rin immediately says she understands what Ji Yeon is getting at and says she will quit. She thanks Ji Yeon and Do Woo for all their help.


At present, Ae-rin lies down on the couch and puts her hand over her eyes as she cries saying it’s so hard. She says she pushed herself every day to get here and it turned out like this again. She thanks Bon in her mind, as she was able to cheer up because of him. She wipes her tears but still continues to cry.

The next day, Ae-rin feeds the children breakfast. She asks them if they will like to live on Jeju Island with grandpa and grandma. They agree at first but then Joon Hee asks what will happen to kindergarten and her friends. Ae-rin says they will stay there for a short while. She says she misses her mom too and her eyes tear up. Joon Hee asks her not to cry but Ae-rin says that it is just her eyeballs sweating. She asks them to continue eating and says they can go to Jeju Island.


(Title- The Blue Night Of Jeju Island)

At her home overlooking the sea in Jeju Island, Ae-rin dabs some powder over her face. Her mother asks her to hurry up.


Outside, her father readies her children for school while her mother readies the fishing nets. Ae-rin gives her mother a choco-stick and says that she has put more in the fridge. Ae-rin’s mother says that she has the best daughter in the world. Ae-rin asks her dad to take the children to kindergarten safely. She rushes to work but the kids ask her for ‘nose-nose’. She smiles as she gives them both nose-nose and hurries away after waving to her parents. Ae-rin’s mother remembers her waving in the same fashion as a teenage girl and wonders how Ae-rin is still the same. Ae-rin’s father takes the children to kindergarten.


Ae-rin works at a cafe with sea view. She makes coffee for a regular customer and goes over to her boss after serving it. Ae-rin says she is thinking of learning latte art, as it will attract more customers. The boss is disinterested as she says she is running the cafe only as a hobby. She says she doesn’t want more ideas that will bring in people and end up making her exhausted (same lines that Ji Yeon had said while Ae-rin worked there).

At NIS, Shim is angry with Ji Yeon as he learns Yong Tae has disappeared. He asks her why she is telling him now.

In a flashback, Ji Yeon walks into the hideout to pick up Yong Tae but finds the place empty. It looks like Yong Tae has taken everything and left.


At present, Ji Yeon apologises to Shim. Shim says they have lost a crucial witness and also the bag which he says he had. Shim says they have to drop the operation but Ji Yeon doesn’t want to. He says they can’t identify the military-industrial complex called Cornerstone. He adds that the voice who heads the Korean office has no face. He says Yong Tae would’ve lied about the bag and calls him a delusional freak who spews conspiracy theories.

Ji Yeon says he isn’t. Shim asks how can she guarantee that, as Yong Tae is a conman. Shim says that Ji Yeon didn’t bring a single piece of evidence. Ji Yeon says Yong Tae took everything and ran away.


Elsewhere, Yong Tae is dressed in a suit as he walks down a corridor.

At the cafe, Ae-rin is cleaning the table when a schoolboy walks in and orders 2 drip-coffee. As she bills it, the boy says that the person had asked her to deliver the coffee to the chair outside. He then runs out before she can stop him. She comments that they don’t do deliveries.

Ae-rin takes the coffee and walks down to the stairs leading to the beach.


She walks a few steps and stops as she sees the figure sitting on the bench watching the ocean. She approaches him slowly as he looks familiar. She recognises Bon as she gets closer and drops the coffee on the sand in shock. Bon turns around to look at her. Her eyes tear up as she sees Bon get up and give her a slight smile. Ae-rin stands rooted to the spot as Bon walks up to her and holds her in his arms. He asks her how she has been. Bon says that she had moved further than he had thought. Ae-rin doesn’t respond but continues to look at him.


Bon and Ae-rin sit at the cafe. Ae-rin says she deliberately got a job by the sea as looking at it eases her mind. Ae-rin asks him if he is hurt anywhere and asks if he is pretending to be okay. He asks her not to worry as he is okay. Ae-rin asks him what had happened.


In a flashback, we see Bon in the van as it comes to a halt. The agents escorting him get off the van and go away. The van driver (agent) throws the handcuff’s key to Bon and tells him that the van will blow up soon. He asks Bon to find a way to survive and exits the van too. Bon immediately takes the key and gets out of the van.


He sees a car come to a stop next to the van (probably for the agents who got off the van). Bon runs away while the car races away and the van explodes. Bon sees Ji Yeon cry out as he watches the explosion from the side. His handcuffs fall on the ground as he runs away from the scene.

In the present, Ae-rin thanks him for being alive. She asks him how he found out she was here and he asks if she had forgotten what he does for a living. She asks if he has met Ji Yeon and he says he hasn’t yet. Bon says he had come to see Ae-rin before anyone else. Ae-rin’s raises her eyebrows as he says he wanted to tell her first that he was alive. Ae-rin smiles and he returns her smile.


Episode 24

Bon drives down the road that hugs the coastline and Ae-rin is beside him. She puts her hand out to feel the breeze and he asks her if she is good at driving now. Ae-rin says she is because she had a great teacher. He asks her how long she plans to stay in Jeju Island as she says she isn’t sure as she has been here for quite a while. She says her parents like seeing her kids around. Bon asks who takes care of the kids and Ae-rin says her dad does. She says he stays home all the days.


At her home, her mother tells off her father for lying down instead of watching the children. Ae-rin and Bon walk in just then and the kids run and hug him. Bon greets Ae-rin’s parents. Ae-rin’s mother asks her who Bon is and she says that he was the sitter when Ae-rin was working. Ae-rin says he had come to Jeju Island and he stopped to see the kids. Ae-rin’s mother whispers that he seems very affectionate. Ae-rin’s parents greet Bon warmly as he introduces himself as Kim Bon.

The parents ask Bon to stay for dinner and they discuss a lavish menu. Bon says he is fine with rice and dried laver. Ae-rin’s mother asks Ae-rin for equipment to catch octopus and abalone. Bon says he will just eat rameyon. Ae-rin’s mother notices he is uncomfortable and asks him to peel some murex (sea snail) shells while he waits. Ae-rin runs back with the equipment and nods at Bon before following her mother. Bon sits next to her father who peels the shells.

Ae-rin and her mother walk with the equipment towards the sea and her mother asks Ae-rin if Bon is a full-time sitter. Ae-rin says that Bon does very important work. Her mother comments that Bon is a good person and Ae-rin agrees. Ae-rin says she wants to catch a lot of abalones and eat well tonight. They both walk towards the sea smiling.

At the house, Ae-rin’s father teaches Bon the technique to shell murex. Joon soo does it easily. Bon does the first one and is happy with himself.



At the Bluehouse, the Voice stands rolling walnuts in his hand. He stands by his desk, which has the nameplate reading ‘Yoon Chun Sang’. A man comes and calls him saying it is ready. Voice/ Yoon Chun Sang leaves.


The Voice/Yoon Chun Sang meets Kwon and Minister Yang for dinner. He says the country regained stability due to the minister’s quick measures. Yang says that the process wasn’t ideal but still he wants to do everything he can to reassure people.  Yoon Chun Sang tells Kwon that she did an important job. He comments he had no idea that NIS’ counter-terrorism was this good. He says he feels he can depend on them. Kwon says that both her agents and she were just performing their duty. He smiles and says he hopes they continue their work.


Shim sits in the next cubicle eating alone as he overhears the conversation.

At Ae-rin’s home, Bon looks at the lavish spread before him. He first takes a spoon of rice and then helps himself to many servings of the seafood. Ae-rin looks at him eating and smiles. Ae-rin’s dad asks if Bon was starving but her mother silences him. Ae-rin’s father asks Bon to eat up.


Later, Bon has had his fill and thanks Ae-rin’s mother for the food. He offers to do the dishes but she refuses. She asks Bon to have breakfast before going tomorrow. She says she will make seaweed soup and sea urchins. Ae-rin speaks for Bon as she says that Bon can’t sleep anywhere since he is sensitive.

The kids remind him that he had promised to take them to the beach the next day. Ae-rin’s father asks if Bon feels their place is shabby. Ae-rin’s mother asks Bon to stay someplace nice for the night and come for breakfast in the morning. Bon says that he will stay the night and have breakfast with them. Ae-rin says he will find it uncomfortable but Bon says he is used to being awake during stakeouts so he will be fine.


At night, Ae-rin and her parents are unable to sleep due to Bon’s loud snoring. Ae-rin’s mother says that Bon is snoring as if it is his own house and asks Ae-rin why she said Bon is a sensitive sleeper. Ae-rin says Bon must be tired and her father says that Bon worked all day.

In the flashback, Bon plays with the kids while Ae-rin’s dad sleeps. Just then, a woman (probably a neighbour) comes asking for Ae-rin’s mother to help pick tangerines. Her father says she has gone to catch octopus so Bon offers to help. Her father says they can’t ask guests to do it but Bon insists. He comes back later with a small basket of tangerines which the woman gave as a token of appreciation for his help.


Later, another woman comes asking for Ae-rin’s mother. This time she wants help picking seaweed. Bon offers to go this time too. Ae-rin’s father is eating tangerines when Bon comes back with a bowl of seaweed, which the woman gave for his help. Ae-rin’s father says they can have seaweed in the morning. The woman who came first returns asking Bon to help repair the roof and Bon goes along with her.

At present, Ae-rin and her mother hit her father for making Bon work after he travelled so far. Ae-rin’s father says he works very well. Her father asks what Bon’s work was. Ae-rin’s mother says that Bon works for the government but doesn’t get paid. Her father asks if Bon is jobless and Ae-rin looks at Bon who is fast asleep. She smiles at him.

Elsewhere at a restaurant, Yong Tae sits waiting for someone. Yoon Chun Sang/Voice’s secretary comes and sits across him. He says ‘he’ is not ready to meet Yong Tae yet. Yong Tae asks if the information he passed wasn’t enough. The secretary warns him that Yong Tae won’t get another chance. He pushes a phone towards Yong Tae saying ‘he’ will contact him soon. Yong Tae asks him to tell the voice that he will really do things properly this time.

At Jeju Island, Bon buttons up Joon Hee’s coat while Ae-rin helps Joon Soo put on his shoes. Ae-rin asks if Bon slept well. Bon yawns and says he slept badly as he was tossing and turning. Ae-rin gives him a look and says she noticed him tossing and turning. They then head to the beach.

At the beach, Bon opens the boot of the car and takes out 2 brand new cosy jackets (from The North face) that he had bought for Joon Soo and Joon Hee.  Ae-rin and Bon put the jackets on the twins and Joon Hee says it is very warm. The kids run towards the beach and Ae-rin runs behind them.


Bon and Ae-rin sit on the beach while the kids play on the sand close by. Bon asks if her father isn’t from Jeju Island and Ae-rin confirms it. She says her father was visiting Jeju Island. She says he fell in love with her mother at first sight and married her. Bon comments that it must be fate. She says her mother had wanted to leave the island get married to someone on the mainland but she had to move back to the Island when her father’s health started failing. She says that was when Ae-rin was born. Ae-rin says her mother was very happy when Ae-rin got into Seoul University because she would lead a life different from hers. Ae-rin says she also ended up the same way in the end.

Bon asks if she regretted coming to the Island. Ae-rin says it is unfortunate that she isn’t returning after being successful. Bon says she came back with Joon Soo and Joon Hee. He says they are precious. He asks her what she calls successful if it’s not them. Ae-rin thanks him for saying that. She says a lot of things have happened and it was tough for her. She says she couldn’t break down because of the twins. She says there was no time for her to be sad so she gave it her everything.

Bon says he knows that and he could see that. He says he is sure other people noticed it too. He says he always kept a distance from others while in hiding. He adds that it was tiring and lonely. Bon thanks her for sharing her energy with him. He asks her to stay here and cheer up with the kids while he goes to catch the bad guys. Ae-rin nods her head in agreement. Bon says he will catch them this time for sure.



At King Castle, Eun-ha, Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol discuss Ae-rin. Eun ha wonders if she is well. Sun-mi wonders why Ae-rin quit her job at King’s Bag. She says that the store was closed today. Sang Ryeol blurts out that Ji Yeon is the woman he had seen with Bon at the park the other day. He says he also spotted them together at the apartment the day Bon’s child was born. He says Bon is dating Ji Yeon, his child’s mother and Ae-rin. Sun-mi says Bon looks like he could date a lot of women. Sang Ryeol asks what about him. Sun-mi says if he comes with her to a surgeon, he might not look like a praying mantis.


Do Woo walks down the street and he feels like he is being followed. He walks into a store. He totally changes his look when comes out the other door but comes to a stop when he sees Bon standing in front of him. Bon smiles at Do Woo who is startled to see him.


At the King’s Bag base, Ji Yeon hugs Bon asking if this is not a dream. Bon says it is really him. Ji Yeon is teary-eyed as she says everything was a real mess. She says Bon died, Yong Tae disappeared and their operation was about to be shut down. She hugs him again saying she can’t believe that he is alive. Do Woo looks the other way.

Ji Yeon asks him what happened and he says that the van driver had given him the key just before the van exploded. He says he has to find out who wants him dead and who wants him alive.

Meanwhile, in Jeju Island, Ae-rin gets a call from her real estate agent that her apartment is sold. She says she will come over the next day. She looks at the sea before heading inside her house.

The next day, Ae-rin comes to the real estate office and greets the buyers (a young couple).


Meanwhile, Eun ha finds a heart sticker in her fridge while she takes out drinks. Bon hadn’t found the last one when he had collected the stickers. She removes it and places it on the table. The workers move the bed panel. They say they will have the drink after moving the panel. Eun ha finds Yong Tae’s flash-drive under the bed.

She plugs it into the laptop and opens the files. She opens the video clip and is horrified seeing Moon Sung Soo’s murder. She recognises K from a photo she has of him talking with Joon Soo and Joon Hee some time back (one of the neighbours had taken the picture). She is shell-shocked at this discovery but closes the laptop when her son comes running. He snatches the flash-drive and says it is Joon Hee’s. She grabs the flash drive back from her son saying he can’t have it.

At the real estate office, Ae-rin is about to sign the deal when she receives a call from Eun ha. She steps out and takes the call.

Elsewhere, Park (Yong Tae’s driver) is meddling with the receiver and K asks him not to touch it. Suddenly, in one of the frequencies, they hear Eun ha speaking to Ae-rin (the listening device on the heart sticker that Eun ha placed on the table). This grabs K’s attention.

Eun ha tells Ae-rin over the phone that she saw a video of the man who kidnapped the twins killing a person. She says she is still in shock from watching it.


K shoves park out of the way and listens in closely.

Eun ha is tense as she asks Ae-rin why Joon hee has such a scary thing and asks if it is Ae-rin’s. She asks Ae-rin not to worry and that there are a lot of details about Ae-rin’s dead husband on the flash-drive too. She says there are files on Ae-rin’s entire family. Ae-rin is shocked hearing this. She asks Eun ha to bring the flash drive over to Ae-rin’s place as she is nearby. She says they will talk in person and Eun ha agrees.

K finds the name Eun ha familiar and takes out the file with her profile (the report Kwon had got on the attempted terrorist attack). He takes a picture of her profile with her photo and swiftly walks out.

Ae-rin apologises to the buyers and says that she can’t sell the apartment. The realtor says she can’t do that but Ae-rin apologises again and leaves.


Bon walks into his hideout and is shocked to see it empty. Yong Tae has fled with all of Bon’s things. Bon opens the secret door and is relieved to find his weapons and equipments still there. Bon sits down and curses Jin Yong Tae. Bon loads his gun when he hears a continuous metal clicking sound as a person walks into the hideout. Bon takes a few bullets with him and walks stealthily towards the door holding the gun. The clicking noise of metal is heard continuously as the figure approaches Bon who stands behind the wall. Bon points the gun at the person who stands in front of him. His eyes widen in surprise as he sees who it is.





Ae-rin walks down the street wondering why the files had information on her husband. She wonders how Joon Hee came to have the flash drive and remembers Joon Hee playing with the hourglass. She remembers Ji Yeon saying Yong Tae’s hourglass was important.

Ae-rin calls up Joon Hee and asks if she had taken anything out of the hourglass. Joon Hee says she took out something like a pencil and played with it at Eun-ha’s house and it disappeared later on. Ae-rin tries to be calm as she hangs up.

Ae-rin connects Moon Sung Soo’s death with her husband’s as he was at the Meta palace too. She finds a complaint online from residents of Meta Palace that strangers visit their parking lot.

She remembers Bon saying that it could be more dangerous if she knows a secret. She remembers the doctor saying her husband died due to a heart attack. Ae-rin heads towards King Castle.

K checks his gun as he walks through the apartment’s parking lot.


Eun Ha is tense as she runs towards Ae-rin’s building. She turns around nervously to see K walking towards her.

Ae-rin turns the corner into the King Castle premises.


Image Courtesy – MBC


Director Shim seemed keen to close down the operation as soon as he found out Bon was dead. He didn’t seem interested in finding out why the plan had failed. For a person who showed so much concern while Terius was on the run, Shim showed no worry at all when Terius had died. It looks like he sanctioned King’s bag operation with an ulterior motive to kill Terius.

Though the Voice’s face was visible in the previous episodes, this episode finally gave him a name.

Yong Tae’s behaviour after learning about Bon was true to his cowardly nature but he thought about Bon’s words before making a decision. It doesn’t look like Bon’s secret room is password protected. I wonder why Yong Tae chose to leave behind Bon’s weapons and equipment when he could have very well taken them.

It looks like Ae-rin figured out that, her husband was murdered and that Bon had kept this information from her. Despite that, it was reckless of her to not inform Ji Yeon that the flash drive was found as she should know by now that it isn’t safe to keep things to herself.

Jeju Island and the scenes with Bon and Ae-rin’s family was a delight to watch.

This week’s episodes were intriguing and I expect the upcoming episodes to be as interesting as these.

-By Soul Sword-

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