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Terius Behind Me Episode 19 and 20 Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 19 and 20 Recap

2 years ago, China, Jung In Soo (Jin Yong Tae)


At night, Jung In Soo walks on the deserted street. A black van pulls up next to him and some men get out of it. They surround him and put a bag over his head before dragging him away.


Jung In Soo is tied up in a cell with the bag over his head. The unknown man/the voice holds a couple of walnuts in his hand. He then places tarot cards in front of him. He calls Jung In Soo ‘the notorious con-man’ whom the whole country is trying to catch. The man gives Jung In Soo two choices and asks if he wants to die or live. Jung In Soo says he wants to live. The man picks up one of the tarot cards and says that Jung In Soo should die in that case. The man gestures to his men and they drag Jung In Soo away as he screams that he wants to live.


At a clinic, a plastic surgeon unwraps the bandage to reveal Yong Tae’s face. Jung In Soo asks the doctor what he had done to him. The doctor places a file and a phone on the desk and leaves the room without replying. Jung In Soo picks up the file and overhears the news relayed in the background that Pyramid Company Mining Gold’s CEO Jung In Soo who had gone missing has been killed in China. He turns around in shock to see the television. The news flash says that he was dead in a hotel fire. It says he had fled to China after conning people of a million dollars and the police forces had failed to apprehend him.


Jung In Soo receives a call on the phone. The voice/ the unknown man asks if he likes the new face. The voice says that there another gift inside the file. He says it is the life Jung In Soo would never get to live if he remained as ‘Jung In Soo’. Jung In Soo opens the file to see the profile of “Jin Yong Tae”. Jung In Soo looks at the profile which says he is a bag importer. He struggles to take in the information and then asks the voice what he was supposed to do now. The voice asks him to run the errands he was told.

Jung In Soo becomes Yong Tae and arranges the bags inside the locked room in J-International. He passes on information to the woman in red heels.

The voice reminds him that Jung In Soo is legally dead.

In the present, Yong Tae is sitting on the ground by the payphone clutching his wound as Bon runs up to him. Bon holds Yong Tae asking him to stay with him. Yong Tae clutches Bon and asks him to save him. Bon asks Yong Tae not to worry as he will save him for his sake. Yong Tae passes out.


(Title- Cornerstone Mars)

Meanwhile, K reports to ‘the voice’ that he had done it. He says there is no way Yong Tae can survive after losing that much of blood.


The voice then places a call to someone and asks if they were able to reach “V”. He then asks them to go ahead with ‘Cors Project’ as planned.

At Yoo Ji Seob Obgyn hospital, Bon waits outside the operation theatre. The surgeon Yoo Ji Seob, (Ji Yeon’s brother) comes and says that he has sewed him up and Yong Tae is currently getting a transfusion as he lost a lot of blood. He is irritated as he tells Bon that Yong Tae wouldn’t have made it if they had come later. He asks to know who the man is. He says that Bon is abusing him by asking him to undertake this surgery when it was only last week that he had treated Bon. Bon apologises and says he will leave soon.


Yoo Ji Seob asks them to stay till he recovers in the empty room in the end. Bon asks him not to tell Ji Yeon as it may put her in danger. Yoo Ji Seob asks if Bon cares about how Ji Yeon feels about him. Bon doesn’t reply and Yoo Ji Seob says that he will give Bon change of clothes and walks away.

At her home, Ae-rin is worried as she wonders if the two of them are okay.


Yong Tae is sleeping on the hospital bed in a woman’s gown as he gets an IV. He wakes up and groans in pain drawing Bon’s attention. Bon is on the couch as he asks Yong Tae if he is awake. Yong Tae smiles in relief and says he made it. Bon says he saved Yong Tae because he needed him.


Yong Tae thanks Bon and asks if there is a change of clothing. Bon says that Yong Tae is at an ob-gyn and asks him to pretend that he had a C-section while he stays here. Yong Tae agrees and says he is alive and that is what matters. Bon tries to lie down on the couch when Yong Tae calls him, “Brother”. Bon sits up immediately and Yong Tae asks for water. Bon says there is no water in the Refrigerator.

Bon goes to the lobby to bring water. A woman walks up to him and asks if his child was born today too. She asks how long was the labour and Bon immediately says 7 hours. The woman goes on and says that her daughter-in-law went through labour for a whole day and had to get a C-section. She asks if the child is a boy or a girl and Bon says its a boy. The lady says if the boy looks like Bon then he will be very handsome and she goes away.


Bon gives water to Yong Tae who then asks for a tissue. Yong Tae says that Bon is the caring type. Bon pulls up a stool and sits down next to the bed. He asks Yong Tae why he had contacted him. Yong Tae says his gut told him that Bon is the only one he can trust as he is on the run too. He asks Bon to protect him. Bon says he will think about it once Yong Tae gives him what he wants. Bon asks for the evidence that Yong Tae has. Yong Tae promises to give it to Bon if he takes him to a safe place with a new identity.

Just then, Yoo Ji Seob comes in with blood splattered on his face. He wears gloves and Yong Tae looks disturbed. Bon asks Yoo Ji Seob to do it in one go so that it doesn’t hurt and walks out. Yoo Ji Seob looks at Yong Tae menacingly and Yong Tae calls out to him.

Yong Tae pleads with Yoo Ji Seob not to kill him.  Yoo Ji Seob places a cloth in Yong Tae’s mouth muffling his scream. Yong Tae continues to yell behind the cloth as Yoo Ji Seob checks his wound.

In the hall, someone clicks Bon’s picture on the phone. Bon turns to see who it was but finds no one there. He searches the hospital but finds only the woman he met earlier talking to someone in the lobby. Bon sees the news on TV which says that the Health Minister will be giving at the Elementary school on October 25th. Bon goes back in after seeing that he has lost the person.

At King castle, one of the women notes the agents outside the premises and puts up a message on KIS chat saying strange men are loitering outside building 102. Few other women and Sang Reyol also respond saying they saw the men too. Eun-ha wonders what is going on.


Eun-ha and few Mommy Cop members walk up to the agent and ask him some questions. The man signals to the other agent, who immediately gets up and walks away. Eun-ha asks two Mommy Cop members to follow the man and two of them run after him. Eun-ha asks the man as to why he was loitering in this place for past few days. The man starts to say something but immediately breaks into a run too. The other two women run behind this. Eun ha stares after them in shock wondering who those men are.


Later, Kwon learns of the Mommy Cop, Elementary school students mother police. Kim tells her that it is an actual organisation. She tells Kim not to provoke the moms and asks him to leave things for now, as it will complicate matters. Kwon asks for Ji Yeon’s call records and Kim says it is taking longer than expected. She asks him to leave. Kwon wonders what kind of women they were as they are everywhere.

At King’s bag, Ae-rin is joined by her friends as Eun ha tells them how the strange men ran away. Ae-rin looks at Ji Yeon and Do-woo who give her a look. They all receive a message at the same time and the message shows Bon standing in the Obgyn hallway. The message reads, “Isn’t this Joon Soo’s babysitter? My sister in law gave birth to a baby and he also had a son.”


Do Woo and Ji Yeon are shocked and Ae-rin is appalled as she sees the location as Yo Ji Seob’s Obgyn. Ae-rin immediately runs out and Ji Yeon follows her. Eun ha Sang Ryeol and Sun-mi wonder why Ae-rin is chasing after a babysitter and why the owner of King’s Bag is running after her. Sun-mi wonders if Ji Yeon also has a crush on Bon. She runs out and shouts to Ae—rin if she wants her to go with tag along. Ae-rin runs on the street saying she is fine on her own. Sang Ryeol comments that Bon is impressive. He wonders when Bon met a woman and have a son with her. He says he thought Bon hated children. Do Woo shakes his head as he overhears the conversation.

Ji Yeon brings up the car and Ae-rin gets in. She asks Ae-rin to hold on, as she will lose the people following them. The car speeds down the street. Ji Yeon comments that those women get information really fast.

Bon is giving Yong Tae a sponge bath and Yong Tae asks him to scrub his back.  He says even his head itches as he can’t bathe until he fully recovers. Bon says he is cleaning Yong Tae only because he stinks.


Ji Yeon and Ae-rin reach the ob-gyn and walk into the room. They stare open-mouthed at the sight before them. Ae-rin asks both of them if they are okay. Yong Tae says he almost died and is in a lot of pain. Bon asks how they found him. Ji Yeon smiles and says that KIS had found him. Ji Yeon says she heard Bon had a son. Ae-rin wonders if Yong Tae is a son or a pregnant woman and she exchanges a smile with Ji Yeon.



Later, Ae-rin and Bon talk on a terrace overlooking Namsam tower. He asks how the kids are doing and she says they keep asking when he is coming back. she asks how he can disappear like that while he was unwell. He shows her the “I am watching you” candy and says he contacted her.

Bon says he tried to hide and it is embarrassing that she found him. She asks him not to take all the burden by solving it alone. She says she knows he has a painful past. She says that he is not to be blamed as that he had fought for the country. Ae-rin says he had followed his heart and loved. She says he was responsible till the end. She says that the traitor is at fault. She says it was bad luck and asks him not to hide or blame himself. She smiles and says if he is worried, he can protect her.


Bon looks at the Namsam Tower and asks to go there and have a mojito in the near future. Ae-rin says that she had wanted to go there with her mother. She asks him how he knows but Bon doesn’t reply.

At the ob-gyn, Yong Tae says that he will talk only to Kim Bon. Ji Yeon says that there are a lot of people looking for him. She says ‘they’ know he isn’t dead because his body hasn’t been found yet. She says his only way to live is to cooperate and give the information to King’s Bag operation. Yong Tae says it is the name of her store and Ji Yeon smiles.


At King’s bag, Sun-mi cries as she thinks her husband is having an affair. Eun-ha pacifies her by saying there is no evidence. Sun-mi’s mascara and eye-liner is running as she says she paid a huge sum but they did a bad job. Do Woo feels bad for her and he comes to sit in front of them. He says he knows an excellent detective agency and asks if she wants him to introduce them. They ask how much is the fee. Do Woo says that they will need the husband’s cell phone as it will tell them everything.  Sun-mi says it is tough to get hold of her husband’s phone and Eun ha offers to help.


Elsewhere, Sun-mi’s husband stands in a stairwell and speaks into the phone in English, “All clear. Let us talk tomorrow.”


Elsewhere, Park (Yong Tae’s driver) receives a call. He asks if it is true. He says he will check and sort it out. He hangs up and checks his tablet. He sees the picture with the white handbag and its serial number asking about the mark (the message she had uploaded in the KIS chat group). Park recognises this as the bag Ae-rin had ruined. He wonders when she had uploaded the image.


At the ob-gyn, Yong Tae admits to lobbying with the bags. Bon sits on the stool while Ji Yeon paces the room. Bon asks him what the serial numbers mean. Yong Tae says he will give them the first 3 digits of all the serial numbers and they should guess what it means. He says, “926, 521, 313, 429, 745. What are they?”

Bon thinks for a moment and says they are subway station numbers. Bon explains it as Line 9, Station 26, Eonju, Line 5, station 21, Omokgyo etc. Yong Tae says Bon is right and elaborates that the serial number is the subway station number followed by the locker number and the code to open the locker. He says that first the target is given a bag and that only those who accept the deal take the dirty money in the locker.

Bon asks why they killed Moon Sung Soo. Yong Tae says it is because he rejected the Lucas Con Fighter Jets. He says the case failed lobbying and they had to implement Plan B immediately. Ji Yeon asks who gave Yong Tae the orders and Yong Tae says it is, “The Voice”. He says he has only heard the voice and hasn’t seen him in. He says he only follows instructions and runs errands.

Yong Tae says that J International is the Korean office of an international military-industrial complex called Cornerstone. He says they deal in anything that makes money and is not limited to weapons. He says the head of the Korean Office is, “the voice”. He adds that they have people working for them in politics, finance, business and even in the NIS.

Ji Yeon gets up from her seat and Bon remembers the Golden Clover shirt store in Poland. Ji Yeon says that was the East-Europe branch. Yong Tae asks if Bon knows the Gold Clover site. Bon says every time magician card appears, someone is assassinated. Yong Tae tells him the magician card refers to the killer called ‘K’ who is hired by Cornerstone.

Bon remembers catching ‘K’ in Poland after Candy was shot. He mutters that the killer’s code name is ‘K’. Ji Yeon asks what the priestess card refers to. Yong Tae says he will say the rest after they give him the sandglass. Ji Yeon tells him that the sandglass was empty by the time they got to it. Yong Tae wonders who could have taken it.

At KingCastle, the twins are playing with their friends. Joon Hee gets bored of the dolls and she takes out the flash drive from her bag. Her friends are impressed and say it looks pretty,


In a flashback, Joon Hee plays with the hourglass and notices the indent on its base. She taps it open and takes the flash drive as she finds it pretty. She puts it in her bag.

At present, all the children grab it saying they want to have a look at it. As they are fighting over it, Bon’s voiceover asks what is in the flash drive. Yong Tae’s voiceover replies that the fate of their country changes depending on whose hand it falls into.

One of the kids uses the pen drive like a piece of chalk and scribbles on the floor. They hear a woman calling all of them for ice cream and they all run away excited leaving the flash drive behind.

Episode 20

At the ob-gyn, Yong Tae writes a note- ‘King Castle, Building 204, Apartment 501’. He says this is all he gave this to V- a house, a car, a card key to a laboratory. Yong Tae says he has no idea what she does. Bon picks up the note and asks if Yong Tae has a photo of V. Yong Tae says he doesn’t as Ji Yeon takes a look.

Yong Tae says she only speaks in English. He says she is tall and looks pretty. He starts to say something else but he says that’s all he has to say earning a disappointed look from Ji Yeon.

Ae-rin walks in just then with a lot of packages. Bon asks what it is and she says she bought him things he might need. She hands him a black box and he asks what it is. She says she bought him a phone under her name. She says Ji Yeon will pay for the phone bills so she asks Bon to use it as much as he wants.


Ji Yeon’s eyes widen as Ae-rin gives a bright smile. Yong Tae asks one for himself and everyone stares him down. Just then, Yoo Ji Seob brings lunch for Bon and Ji Yeon ask why the doctor is bringing lunch. Yoo Ji Seob explains that this room has restricted access. Ji Seob puts the lunch on the lunch tray on Yong Tae’s bed and asks Bon to have it. Yong Tae tries to eat it but Ji Seob slaps his hand. He asks if Yong Tae has passed gas yet and Yong Tae says he hasn’t. Ji Seob says Yong Tae can start having gruel only after he passes gas. Bon thanks him and Ji Seob goes away laughing.

Bon sits next to Yong Tae and opens the food. He starts to eat as Yong Tae looks at it longingly. Ji Yeon says that Bon can stay here for a week and he will get seaweed soup for his birthday. This comes as news to Ae-rin. She remembers his password is 1031. She guesses his birthday is October 31st.  She watches Bon eat while Yong Tae stares longingly.

At King Castle, Sang Ryeol walks in the apartment’s parking lot with grocery bags and spots Ji Yeon and Bon walking by building 204. He wonders what Bon is doing with Ji Yeon in building 204 when he had just had a son. He remembers Ji Yeon as the woman who he saw Bon talking to a long time back at the bench one morning while Sang Ryeol was out cycling.

Sang Ryeol puts his thoughts together. He says that Bon had fled because he hated kids but he had a son this morning. Bon’s ex owns King’s Bag and they both went into block 204 together. He wonders how many women Bon is seeing. Sang Ryeol breaks his head over this puzzle.

Bon and Ji Yeon find apartment 501 empty. Ji Yeon says ‘they’ packed up because Yong Tae was involved in this and ‘they’ cut ties with him. Ji Yeon says Do Woo and she will check the laboratory and asks Bon to keep an eye on Yong Tae.

Ae-rin is watching Yong Tae and he asks her for another pillow as this stinks. She is annoyed as she says that he is the one who stinks and asks him to deal with it. He asks her to wipe his hair with shampoo tissue. He explains that he is a patient when she stares him down.

Ae-rin wipes his hair with shampoo tissue in a rough manner. He asks her to do it as if she cares and she does it slowly and unwillingly. Bon walk in and asks if Yong Tae is catching lice. Ae-rin says that Yong Tae is whining a lot.


Bon walks forward and grabs the tissue from Ae-rin. He grabs Yong Tae’s hair and roughly scrubs the tissue on Yong Tae’s hair. Yong Tae starts yelling that it hurts and Ae-rin stares at Bon. Yong Tae starts shouting that he will do it by himself. Bon asks Ae-rin to go home, as the kids will be back soon. Ae-rin smiles and leaves.

Ji Yeon brings Do Woo to ‘Tiffany and Co’ store. Do-woo asks if she is going to buy something for him. Ji Yeon smiles as she asks if there is something for men and the salesperson leads the way. She eyes a necklace before walking away and Do Woo notices this. Do Woo chooses one of the bracelets and tries it on.


Ji Yeon says it suits him and asks them to wrap it. Do Woo says he will wear it but Ji Yeon says that it is Bon’s Birthday present. She asks for a card to go with it. Do Woo is upset and he walks out of the store.

Do-woo goes to the necklace that Ji Yeon had liked and asks them to wrap it. He says he will pay for it over 6 months.


At Ae-rin’s house, Ae-rin combs Joon Hee’s hair while Joon Soo is drawing. Ae-rin asks them what they want to give Bon for his birthday. She says she will ask Santa to pass on their gift to Bon. She asks them to think about it and put it on their desk by Saturday. The kids agree.

Yong Tae is in bed and Bon is lying on the couch. Yong Tae says he was 20 when he moved to Seoul and was conned. He says he had lost the hard-earned money that he had saved for 10 years at the orphanage. He says he ended up hating everyone and started conning. Yong Tae says it stung at first but then he got used to it and the guilt disappeared. He says that is how he turned evil though it sounds like an excuse. He wonders why he turned out like this.


Bon says good is difficult while evil is easy. He says Yong Tae chose the easy way at the edge of the cliff. Yong Tae asks Bon why he chose the difficult way. Bon says that some things should be done and some things must be protected, though they are difficult. He says that’s what he decided to do. He asks Yong Tae to decide now too. Yong Tae doesn’t reply but he doesn’t sleep either.

Meanwhile, Sun-mi’s husband comes home and she sends him for his bath. She takes out her husband’s phone and runs out. (Mission Impossible theme plays in the background) She passes the phone to Sang Ryeol who wears a suit and an earpiece (in agent mode) and rushes away when she says he has 20 minutes.

In the elevator, he speaks through the earpiece and asks the person to wait by the elevator. He gets into the car and Eun ha drives away.

Ae-rin waits outside King’s Bag as the car pulls in and Sang Ryeol passes the phone saying she has 8 minutes.


Ae-rin runs to King’s Bag secret base and hands the phone to Do Woo asking him to do it in 2 minutes. Do Woo connects the phone to his system. He gives Ae-rin an EXE file asking her to upload it to a computer and listen to it. Both of them get tense as Ji Yeon walks in. The download is just 86 % done and Ae-rin explains that she left something behind in the office. Do Woo finishes the download and passes the phone to Ae-rin out of Ji Yeon’s view. Ae-rin rushes out. Ji Yeon asks Do Woo if he is dating Ae-rin. He denies it saying she knows he likes someone else.

Ae-rin hastily gets back in Eun-ha’s car. Sang Ryeol says that if they are this good, he can tell others about this agency. Ae-rin immediately asks him not to do that.

Meanwhile, Sun-mi hears the water stop inside the bathroom and she nervously calls Sang Ryeol. He says he will arrive in one minute as he is downstairs.

As her husband tries to open the door, Sun Mi holds the door handle from outside and asks him to look for an earring that she had lost in the shower. He says he will.

Sun Mi peeks out the door and Sang Ryeol hands her the phone. She runs back in. Sang Ryeol says, “Mission Complete” and starts coughing as he is out of breath.

Sun-mi places the phone back in her husband’s coat and lounges on the couch just as her husband walks out of the shower. He says he couldn’t find the earring and she wonders where it must be. She asks if he wants something to eat and he says he doesn’t. He removes his phone from the coat pocket and walks away. Sun-mi breathes a sigh of relief.


Ji Yeon meets with director Shim and tells him that she met with Bon. She smiles as she says that operation King’s Bag will be completed soon. She also tells him that they have Jin Yong Tae and Shim asks how that is possible. She says Bon is protecting him. He asks her where Bon is and she asks him to guarantee their safety as she hands over a file with mediation terms.

She says Yong Tae wants a new identity in exchange for information. He asks if she has kept this a secret and she says she has. He says he will secure a hiding place. He says he will review the terms and contact her. Shim asks her to be careful and she agrees.

Someone watches the two of them.

Ji Yeon drives back to her parking lot and notices that a black car is tailing her. Ji Yeon drives away and the car follows.

At the laboratory (where the woman in red heels killed a man), the research team wears protective gear as they take photographs and blood samples of the dead man.


Do Woo comments that it is horrible as they watch the scene. Ji Yeon asks Do Woo to get a sample and to ask the Counter-Terrorism centre to investigate. She asks Do Woo to close down the place once the researchers are done.

Ji Yeon hands over the pictures from the laboratory to Bon. Bon comments that they were conducting tests on humans. Yong Tae grabs the pictures and says he had no idea that they would do something like this. Bon says it is a sound pressure isolation room. He says it must be pathological bacteria that spread through the air. Ji Yeon says she has requested an investigation. Bon wonders what they are up to.

Meanwhile, Sun-mi listens to the conversation on her husband’s phone and she says that everything is in English so she can’t understand. Eun-ha, Sang Ryeol and Ae-rin are disappointed. She removes the earphone and Eun ha listens in. The voice says, “I completed the test on the human body.” Eun ha immediately walks out on the pretext of a bad stomach as the others ask her to translate since she is the only one who knows English. The female voice says, “We must hurry” while Sun-mi’s husband says, “I’ll prepare the documents. We can discuss in person. Bonjour cafe at 2 pm”.

Ae-rin asks what Cors Project is. Sang Ryeol says he heard Bonjour Cafe and Ae-rin says she heard 2 pm. Sun-mi figures that it is a meeting time and place. She sees that they have only 10 minutes and they rush out.

They come running to the cafe and Sun Mi spots her husband’s car. She sees a woman with her husband and screams her lungs off.



Her husband drives away as the woman in red heels gets off the car. Sun-mi starts calling her husband names. She then turns to the woman in red heels and gets hold of her hair asking since when she has been seeing her husband. The woman also catches hold of Sun-mi’s hair and they have a scuffle. Eun ha runs over with her heels to hit the woman but Sang Ryeol stops her. Ae-rin goes to stop the woman from hitting Sun-mi but the woman pushes Ae-rin away. A crowd gathers to watch this commotion.


The woman in red heels yells in English asking if Sun-mi knows who she is and if she is crazy. She asks to go to the police station. Sun-mi stops at this and asks Eun ha to translate. Eun Ha thinks for a moment and says, “How are you?” The woman shouts, “Are you kidding me? This person attacked me..”. The words start echoing in Eun ha’s ears, as she has no idea what the woman is saying. Just then, Eun Ha’s daughter Seo Hyeon walks towards them.


Sun-mi and the woman let go of each other’s hair. Sun-mi straightens herself and Seo Hyeon offers to translate. Sun-mi tries to compose herself as she asks if the woman knows her husband and Seo Hyeon translates for her. The woman asks who Sun mi’s husband is saying she doesn’t know him. Sun-mi says her husband is Lee Chul Sun and the woman says she knows him but asks why Sun-mi was asking. Sun-mi gets angry at this and says she is the wife. The woman asks so what if she was the wife. Sun-mi asks if the woman went out of the office with her husband. The woman says she did and Sun-mi is enraged at this. She is about to strike the woman but Eun ha stops her.

Eun ha asks why they met and the woman says she is a head-hunter. She says she is the member of American Headhunting Company named CnM consulting. She says she came here to discuss a possible job transfer for her husband to the US. Su-mi asks about the hotel and the woman says that they negotiated the details and his annual salary at the hotel.

Everyone is embarrassed and Sun-mi apologises while the woman is fuming. She goes over and arranges the woman’s hair and calls her beautiful. Sun-mi asks if this incident will create a problem with the contract and the woman says that she has to think about the salary. Sun-mi is worried as she continues to apologise but the woman walks away.

Sun-mi wonders why her husband didn’t say anything. Sang Ryeol says this is better than having an affair. A woman interrupts them and asks Eun ha where Seo Hyon learns English. Eun ha proudly takes her daughter and walks away.

At home, Eun ha thanks her daughter for filling in. She asks Seo Hyeon to ask any wish. Seo Hyeon says she wants to skip English class today and play games. Eun ha’s smile fades.


At their home, Sun-mi asks her husband why he didn’t tell her about the job offer. He says he wanted to wait until it is finalized. She says she has a painful past and that’s why she acted that way. She says that she even grabbed the head-hunter’s hair. Her husband says that they needn’t hire him if that is the case. Sun-mi is touched. He asks her not to go out tomorrow and asks her to stay home with their child Yu-ra.


Elsewhere the next day, Ji Yeon collects the lab reports and is told that it is the mutant corona virus. It is the same family as SARS, MERS and common flu. She is told that the corona virus attacks the respiratory system. The doctor says that MERS virus had a mortality rate of 20% but someone has tweaked this virus to increase the mortality rate to 90%. She says that Corona virus has an incubation period of 2 to 14 days. She says that the mutant virus has been manipulated to attack the lungs within 5 minutes of exposure. Ji Yeon asks for a cure but the doctor says that there is no cure or a vaccination. The doctor has more to say.

Later on at King’s Bag, Ji Yeon says Samguk Pharmaceuticals developed a vaccine called ‘Cors vaccine’ after MERS virus outbreak. She says they might apply for a patent soon. Do Woo says the company is nearby. Ae-rin finds the name Cors familiar.


At the ob-gyn, Bon learns of the man-made virus with a 90% mortality rate. He says they are planning a biochemical terrorist attack. He says they should find the time and location.


Ae-rin runs into the hideout with the laptop on which they heard Sun-mi’s husband’s conversation. She tells Ji Yeon and Do Woo that she heard the word ‘Cors Project’ in it. She plays the conversation that is in English.

Woman- I completed the test on the human body.

Lee Chul Sung(Sun Mi’s husband)- how did it go?

Woman- the injected genetic material successfully adapted. It’s time to start the 2nd step of Cors Project. How is it going so far?

Lee Chul Sung- the second step is almost done.

Ji Yeon and Do Woo are alarmed hearing this. Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin for Lee Chul Sung’s number. Ji Yeon is surprised when Do Woo says he already has the number. He says he will explain later. He says he will track the phone’s location.

Do Woo finds the phone’s current location at Seongjeon Elementary School. Ae-rin is shocked at this.

In a flashback earlier in the morning, the parents see off the kids to school. Eun-ha informs the parents that the Minister for Health and welfare will be giving a speech at the school gymnasium at 4pm. Eun ha says that a lot of effort has been put in and they all have to go. She says there is a snack bar later on too.  Sang Ryeol says he will bring the twins along with his son and Ae-rin thanks him.

Ae-rin informs Ji Yeon and Do Woo that the Minister for Health and Welfare is giving a speech there today.


Meanwhile, the Minister commences his speech at the gymnasium and Eun ha, her child, Sang Ryeol, his child along with Joon Soo and Joon Hee are present in the audience.

At the base, Ji Yeon says that the minister is their target. She says they will prevent the attack. She asks Do Woo to work from here while she calls Bon and informs the Director too. Ji Yeon leaves and Ae-rin is shocked as Do Woo says he is not positive if the bomb is there. She shouts out that both her kids are in the school gym now and Do-woo is startled. Ae-rin runs off (to the school).

Bon rapidly speaks into the phone as he rushes down the corridor saying he will go there. Bon drives the blue sports car down the road.

At the gym, the Minister teaches the children how to wash their hands. The woman in red heels watches this from the side.


Lee Chul Sung (Sun Mi’s husband) walks to the A/c vents/air ducts and readies the chemical bomb. He sets the timer to 10 minutes and speaks into the earpiece that he is ready.



The woman in red heels speaks into the earpiece asking him to wrap up and says she is leaving too. She walks out of the gymnasium.

Bon drives to the school.


Ae-rin frantically runs on the street while making a call.


Meanwhile, at the school, Joon Hee and Joon Soo smile as they repeat after the Minister.

Image Courtesy – MBC


This episode was impressive as it was hilarious and suspenseful at the same time.

Only Yong Tae and Bon can make a hospital stay seem this hilarious. The look on Bon’s face when he learnt that the KIS had managed to locate him was funny.

It was funny how Kwon who always jumps headlong into any situation, took a back step when she heard about ‘Mommy Cops’. Even Kwon doesn’t want to mess with the mothers of King Castle.

The one who got hold of the flash drive was the last person I had expected to. It was pathetic how Yong Tae’s choice to live had cost him his free will. It looks like Bon has come to terms with his past as he expressed his wish to have a Mojito at Namsan tower with Ae-rin.

I wonder what the red heels at Sang Ryeol’s apartment meant and if it was just a pair that Sang Ryeol’s wife owned. I am also curious if cornerstone has infiltrated the KIS too, as they are definitely a growing threat to the organisation.

The way the episode built up the mystery was impressive. It led me to believe that this was once again a comical scene but in the end, it turned out to be a serious turning point in the storyline. The way Ae-rin and her friends stumbled unwittingly over a possible terrorist plot was convincing and believable. The plot has gotten deeper as the story started with lobbying using handbags but now it has turned into terrorism using biochemical weapons by an organisation called Cornerstone.

This episode was interesting and the preview looks even more interesting. I am curious to see what the upcoming episodes have in store.

-By Soul Sword-

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