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Terius Behind Me Episode 17 and 18 Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 17 and 18 Recap

At his hideout, Bon gets ready to leave as he tells Ji Yeon and Do Woo that he will locate the hourglass at any cost. He asks them to locate Yong Tae.


Do Woo locates Ae-rin’s Phone near a central church in Jangin-dong. Ji Yeon looks at Ae-rin’s picture that Yong Tae had sent as proof of holding her hostage. Ji Yeon sees a cement floor, bricks and green tape and Do Woo guesses that its a construction site. Ji Yeon asks Do Woo to find a construction site near the location as she rushes out.


At the construction site, Yong Tae checks his watch and paces nervously as Ae-rin lays unconscious against a pillar. Ae-rin slowly comes around and realises to her shock that she has been abducted again. She starts yelling through the tape and Yong Tae is annoyed at her loud voice. He removes the tape and she starts yelling for help. Yong Tae says that if she keeps yelling, she will end up hurting her throat.

Ae-rin asks Yong Tae why he was doing this and Yong Tae comes to sit before her. He says that Ae-rin would make a great actress. He says that he had been generous for the first time in his life and it had got him in trouble. He says she deserves at least this much. He says they will have to wait 40 minutes for Ji Yeon and he will let her go after he gets what he wants.


Ae-rin spots Ji Yeon behind one of the pillars as Yong Tae continues talking. Yong Tae is shocked as he hears Ji Yeon call out his name. He turns around to see her pointing a gun at him. He is anxious as he asks for the hourglass. Ji Yeon holds out a handcuff and asks him to lie on his stomach. Yong Tae slaps her hand away and starts to run. Ji Yeon catches up with him and kicks him down. Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin if she is alright and Ae-rin nods while she looks at Ji Yeon admiringly.



Ji Yeon drives back with Ae-rin beside her and Yong Tae in the back seat. She asks Do Woo (through phone) why Kwon’s team is pursuing Bon. Do Woo explains that Kwon had men stationed at Star Tower. Yong Tae wonders if Bon is a NIS agent too. He remembers Bon offering to replace Ae-rin as Yong Tae’s secretary. Yong Tae wonders if Bon knows how Ae-rin’s husband died and was looking into Yong Tae.

Meanwhile, Do Woo gives them Bon’s location. He says Bon is on the bridge being chased by Kwon’s cars. Ji Yeon races down the road but has to stop because the north and south end of the bridge is blocked. Ae-rin peeks out of the car window and spots Bon speaking with Kwon. Both Ji Yeon and Ae-rin get off the car and rush forward.


Meanwhile, Kwon addresses Bon as Terius and says it’s good to meet him. She asks if he isn’t tired of running. Bon says there is something he has to do. He asks her to wait, as he will come to her when the time comes. She says he talks too much for a spy and traitor.

K/the magician comes up from behind a car and Bon notices him.

Kwon orders Bon’s arrest and all the agents rush towards him. Seeing K taking aim, Bon runs and leaps over the bridge. K’s shot hits Bon before he hits the water.

Ae-rin and Ji Yeon are shocked as they see this and they rush to the railings.

Kwon orders the agents to get in the water to search for him. She asks Kim to bring the divers.

Ji Yeon and Ae-rin look at the still waters, which show no sign of Bon. Ae-rin rushes over and gets into the driver’s seat of the car. Ji Yeon asks what she is doing and Ae-rin says that she is going to save Bon.

Ae-rin drives down and stops at a place by the riverside. Both Ae-rin and Ji Yeon rush to the water as a handcuffed Yong Tae wonders what is going on. He immediately takes his lapel pin and starts picking the handcuff. After freeing himself, he sneaks out of the car and runs away.

Ae-rin dives into the water and she swims towards Bon. She holds him and swims away as her voiceover says, “Don’t worry, I promise I will protect you.” Bon’s voiceover says, “The promise that I laughed at and brushed off, was actually kept by her.”


(Title- Missing)


At Ae-rin’s house, Bon is asleep as he gets an IV. Joon Hee’s night lamp is by his side and he is in the children’s room.


The doctor (Yoon Sang-Hyun) says that he needed stitches because it was a glancing shot and he has given Bon a Tetanus shot. Ji Yeon addresses the doctor as her brother and thanks him as Ae-rin and Do Woo look on.  She reminds him that it is a secret. Ae-rin asks if the doctor is Ji Yeon’s brother. The doctor corrects her by saying he is Ji Yeon’s handsome and talented surgeon brother. He gives a wink and Ae-rin gives an awkward laugh. Ji Yeon is embarrassed as she taps her brother and Do Woo smiles. Ae-rin thanks him and Do Woo shows him out.


Ae-rin, Ji Yeon and Do Woo watch Bon as he sleeps. Ae-rin says that she had promised Bon she would protect him and this earns weird looks the other two. Do Woo asks if Ae-rin is a good swimmer and Ae-rin says that a diver’s DNA runs in her veins. She explains that her mother and her grandmother were divers. Both of them compliment her.

Ae-rin asks about Yong Tae and Ji Yeon says that they will have to catch him again. She says they have managed to get the hourglass, so half their goal is achieved. Do Woo asks where the hourglass is.

In the next room, Joon Hee and Joon Soo play on the floor, rolling the hourglass between them. They hear Ae-rin’s voice and they come out of the room with the hourglass. Ji Yeon takes the hourglass from them and promises to buy them another one. They ask if Bon is alright and Do Woo nods. When they ask to see Bon, Ae-rin says that they can if they promise not to make any noise, as he is fast asleep. They both head towards Bon’s room. Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin to nurse Bon for the rest of the week and Ae-rin agrees.

Kwon rushes into J-International and is disappointed. She asks Kim for any gunshot victims in the hospital and about the divers. Kim says there is no news from either source. Kwon says that Terius is alive. They find the bags from King’s Bag and Kwon wonders why the bags from King’s Bag is there in J-international. She tries to make the connection between Terius, J-International and Ji Yeon. She then says that Go Ae-rin was the one who worked at both J-International and King’s Bag.

Meanwhile, at her home, Ae-rin makes porridge but finds that she is out of sesame oil. She thinks that it will taste better with it.


In their room, the twins watch Bon who is still sleeping. Ae-rin tells the kids to watch Bon while she heads to the store for 10 minutes. The kids go towards Bon and notice the cuts on his face. They decide to treat him. They put Band-Aid on the cuts and all over his hands and face. Joon Hee uses her toy stethoscope and listens for his heartbeat. Then they hear the doorbell. They wonder if it is Ae-rin and Joon Hee goes to the door.

Joon Hee stands beside the door and asks who it is. Kwon stands outside the door and speaks in an awkward sing-song manner. She asks if Ae-rin is not at home and Joon Hee says that Ae-rin is gone to the store. She asks Kwon who she is and Kwon says she is Ae-rin’s friend. She says she will only be a minute and asks Joon Hee to open the door.

Joon Hee thinks for a minute and is about to open the door when Bon places his hand over hers. Bon places a finger over his lip gesturing Joon Hee to keep quiet. Joon Soo walks up to Bon and the 3 of them stay quiet.


Kwon and Kim lean towards the door waiting for it to open. Just then, the elevator door opens and Ae-rin walks in. She is startled to see Kwon and Kim. She asks what brings them to her house.

Bon listens to the conversation from inside.


Kwon asks Ae-rin if she knows Kim Bon. Ae-rin instantly says that she hasn’t heard of such a name. Kwon says that if Ae-rin lies she could get hurt. Ae-rin, in turn, asks Kwon why she lied about hiring Ae-rin. She says Kwon came over to her house without notice, asking for a stranger. She asks to know what is going on. Ae-rin asks them to leave as her children are waiting.

Ae-rin heads over to the door and keys in the code. She catches Kwon peeking in and says that she will call the police if they don’t leave. Kwon and Kim get into the elevator. Kwon gives Ae-rin a grim look, as the doors close.

Ae-rin sinks to the floor and lets out a sigh of relief.

Inside, Bon is relieved as well. The twins hug him and ask him if he is not sick anymore. He says he is fine. Just then, Ae-rin comes in and falls down as she is startled seeing Bon standing by the door. She slowly gets up and stares at the band-aids her children have stuck on his face. As she takes him in, he is shocked as he sees his face in the mirror.

At King’s bag, Ji Yeon pries open the base of the hourglass but finds it empty. Do Woo says it must be a pen drive and Ji Yeon wonders who would’ve taken it. Do Woo says it was empty before Bon got to it. He wonders if the cleaner took it or Yong Tae’s secretary. Ji Yeon says that it is worth Yong Tae’s life. She says they have to catch him.


Elsewhere, Yong Tae is exhausted from running and stops outside a motel called Rusea Motel. He goes inside and takes a room. He is suspicious of the owner who talks into the phone. He returns the key and heads outside. He thinks that he should go to a crowded place.

Yong Tae goes to a public sauna and settles down. In a flashback, we see Yong Tae whistling as he walks down the parking lot of The Meta Palace. He gets into a car (Moon Sung Soo’s car) and removes the car perfume (hidden cam) on the A/C vent. He goes to his office and plays the footage from the night of Moon’s murder from the hidden cam. He makes a copy in a pen drive and hides it in the hourglass. In the present, Yong Tae remembers Bon jumping into the water with the hourglass. He wonders if Bon is alive or dead. He puts the towel over his face and lies down.


Meanwhile, Bon calls up Ji Yeon and learns that the hourglass was empty. She promises to catch Ji Yeon. Bon says that the magician/K shot him. He says the magician was a part of Kwon’s team and is sure that they are related. He asks Ji Yeon to be careful as the magician is back in town. He thanks her for saving him. Ji Yeon tells him that it was Ae-rin, who had saved her. Bon is surprised as he hears that.


Ae-rin sets the table and the kids smile as they see Bon join them at the table. Bon thanks her and she says its nothing. She asks him to eat, as he has to take medicines. He thanks her and says he owes his life to her. She says that people are supposed to help each other. She says he had helped her when she got lost and when Joon Hee got sick.

Joon Hee gives him some water and asks him to drink it if he finds the porridge hot. Bon smiles as he takes it. Joon Soo gives him some dried laver if he finds it bad Ae-rin praises the kids for being mature and they start eating.

After they finish eating, Bon says that he has to go to his home. Ae-rin says he can’t. She says her mission is to look after him this week. Bon says he can look after himself and is about to leave when the twins say that he can’t. Ae-rin says that they have no choice but to follow him. She asks her kids to pack their bags and they head to Bon’s house with him.


In his apartment, Bon watches as Ae-rin sets up the kitchen and her kids play on the mat with toy trains. Bon smiles at the sight in front of him.

Later on, Bon is in bed and Ae-rin gives him his medicine. She takes the glass from him and holds out a tambourine to him. She asks him to give a signal if he needs something and she will come running. Bon takes the tambourine because she insists. As Ae-rin leaves, Bon turns it over to look at it and Ae-rin comes back in asking if he needed something. He says he doesn’t and asks her if she isn’t working too hard. Ae-rin says its nothing.


He goes to bed after placing the tambourine beside him. In his sleep, he remembers Ae-rin saving him from the water. He awakes with a start and holds Ae-rin’s hand in a reflex. Ae-rin apologises as she is dabbing his forehead with a cloth saying she thought he had a fever. He doesn’t let go of her hand and asks if he is okay now. She says he is and he says he won’t forget what she did for him.


The unknown man reports to the woman in red heels that J-International. The woman (speaks in English) asks if Yong Tae has also been eliminated. The man says that K/the magician is chasing Yong Tae. He asks the woman to keep at the operation. She asked whom she should talk to from now on. The man gives her a contact and says this person will get in touch with her. He explains that its the NIS source. The woman asks if it’s the person who closed the ‘Candy’ operation. She says she liked the way he had handled the task. She calls him neat and efficient.

At her office, Kwon learns that there is no movement from Ji Yeon or Do Woo. She asks Kim to keep an eye on Ae-rin. She says she is sure that Ji Yeon and Terius are in touch without their superiors knowing. She asks for Ji Yeon’s call records.


Director Shim barges in and yells at Kwon for using force despite him asking her to be careful.  He reminds her that it is still not proven that Terius is a spy. He says he won’t forgive her if Terius is found dead. Kwon says that she is sure Ji Yeon and Terius are in touch. She wonders how Shim would feel if two of his cherished agents turn into traitors. Shim is shocked at this and walks out of her office.

Episode 18

Director Shim is in his office as he calls up Ji Yeon who is in the King’s Bag base. He asks her if she is hiding something from him and if she helped Terius. She asks why he is questioning her. Shim asks if she doesn’t trust him and says she can tell him as he has got her back. She says she will come to see him tomorrow and say everything. Shim wears a serious expression as Ji Yeon hangs up.

Bon wakes up in the middle of the night and comes out of his room. He sees Ae-rin and the kids fast asleep on the floor. He goes over and pulls the blanket over Joon Soo. He sees Joon Hee hugging Ae-rin as she sleeps. Bon slowly goes over and looks out the window using his monocular. He spots a couple of agents in the apartment premises. Bon is concerned as he looks at Ae-rin and the sleeping kids.


In the morning, Joon Soo feeds the fish and Joon Hee plays with Bon while Ae-rin makes breakfast. The kids get ready to leave for school when Bon asks if they can nose kiss. Bon brushes his nose with the twin’s nose and he comes towards Ae-rin too but stops himself. Ae-rin is awkward as she asks him to rest and takes the children down.


At the public bath, Yong Jae is shocked to see K searching for him. After K leaves, Yong Tae runs out. He wonders how they found him and realises he doesn’t have his wallet. He manages to find some clothes from the ‘clothes drop off box’ and walks away after commenting that he has hit rock bottom.


At Bon’s house, Ae-rin arranges the supplies in the refrigerator. She finds a note on the refrigerator which says, “I’m leaving for a while. Talk to Joon Soo and Joon Hee for me. Tell them to obey an order and not get in trouble. The code to my door is 1031. Feed the fish for me.” Ae-rin is worried as she wonders where he went when he hasn’t healed completely. She wonders if the nose kiss was his goodbye.

Ae-rin slowly walks around the house which is empty now except for the furniture. She walks into his workspace and sees what it looks like since it was always locked. She goes into his empty bedroom and thinks that he should’ve allowed her to care for him. She finds his phone on the chest next to his bed.

At his hideout, Bon puts up the picture that the kids had drawn of him and presented him with. He places the tambourine on the desk next to his alarm clock. He switches on his laptop and puts up the tarot cards along with other photos onto his new workboard. He starts working.


At King’s Bag, Ae-rin tells Ji Yeon that Bon has disappeared. She says she had seen off the kids and brought back groceries. When she had gotten back, Bon had already disappeared. Ae-rin asks how he could disappear without saying a goodbye. Ji Yeon says he must’ve had a reason. She says he might do that because a person whom he cares for would get into danger because of him. Ji Yeon says that Bon has a painful past.

Meanwhile, Bon holds Candy’s picture labelled ‘failure, death, flash drive’.

Ji Yeon tells Ae-rin that the person Bon loved had died. Ae-rin remembers Bon saying that a person has to suffer if they lose someone special. Ji Yeon explains that Bon’s lover was a nuclear physicist from North Korea. JI Yeon says Bon’s lover was shot during a mission to defect and Bon was in charge while she was an informant. She says that Bon had almost died too. Ae-rin remembers her kids saying that Bon had scars on his back. Ji Yeon says that Bon blames himself for Candy’s death as he feels she would still be alive if she hadn’t met him.

At his hideout, Bon remembers meeting Candy.

Ji Yeon says that Ae-rin, Joon Soo and Joon Hee mean a lot to him and that is the reason he had left. She says he had left so they wouldn’t be hurt.

Bon goes to sleep in the new hideout.


At KingCastle, Eun ha, Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol discuss Bon’s disappearance. Sang Ryeol says that Ae-rin and Bon must have gotten into a huge fight. He says Bon would’ve fled to avoid the kids and now Ae-rin is looking for a sitter.

Sang Ryeol imagines Bon fighting with Ae-rin citing that he is low paid and wants to quit. Ae-rin asks how much raise he expects and Bon says 10 dollars a day. Ae-rin says she will agree to 5 dollars. Bon doesn’t agree and Ae-rin says she can’t afford it. Bon says he will quit as they have a disagreement.

Sang Ryeol says he found Bon was out of it when he had gone over to Bon’s house. He then adds that Bon’s house was filled with children’s toys. Sang Ryeol thinks Bon was fed up and ran away. Eun-ha asks why he hadn’t reported this to them until now. Sang Ryeol says it was friendship among men. They continue to talk.

Ji Yeon meets with director Shim and tells him that Bon has left. Shim asks if she is lying because Bon doesn’t want to meet him and she denies it. Shim says that there is no way to help Bon if Kwon catches him. He asks her to let him know if she gets in touch with Bon.


Shim asks if the trustworthy channel who had given her information of Cha Jeong Il’s (Ae-rin’s husband) assassination was Bon and Ji Yeon confirms it. Shim asks if Bon has proof or video and Ji Yeon says he does. Shim tells her to protect Bon. He offers to help her when necessary. She thanks him.

She then asks him why J-International was attacked all of a sudden. She says it was before Yong Tae was identified and before the result of King’s Bag operation came out.

Shim interrupts her and says he had read Kwon’s report a few days back. He says Kwon had done a lot of research on J-International after going to King’s Bag. He asks Ji Yeon not to underestimate Kwon and warns her to be careful of Kwon.

Ji Yeon agrees and says she has to catch Yong Tae first as he is the living proof. Shim wonders where he could be hiding.

At Quiznos, Yong Tae looks longingly at the sandwiches being eaten by a couple of schoolgirls. The girls leave some of the sandwiches untouched. Yong Tae offers to clean up for them and holds on to the tray. He tucks in as he has been starving.

Back at KingsCastle, Eun ha asks Sun-mi if she is putting her child Yu ra in English school. Sun-mi seems busy with her phone and asks Eun ha what she is talking about. Eun-ha says Sun-mi told they would be migrating to the US soon. She advises Sun-mi to put her child in Prenz School even if it is far. She lists out the classes and the extra-curricular activities offered there.

Just then, Sun-mi gets a call from a detective agency. She says she will be right there. She tells Eun ha that something is wrong and rushes away in a hurry. Eun ha wonders if the problem is Sun-mi’s husband. Sang Ryeol and Eun ha think that Sun-mi’s husband is having an affair.


Later, Sun-mi rushes over to room no 1004 and furiously rings the bell. She starts yelling when there is no response. A stranger opens the door asking who she is and Sun-mi stops yelling and apologises to him. He then closes the door.

Sun-mi calls the detective and tells him off for giving her the wrong information. She says a stranger is in room no 1004 at Jangmi Hotel. The detective says he is positive he saw her husband enter the room. She again starts shouting at him and hangs up.


Later at Sun-mi’s home, her husband comes in saying that he is working late for a project. She asks if he worked away from the office this afternoon. He says he was in office the whole day and goes to wash up. Sun-mi picks up his phone in his absence. She tries to unlock it but fails.

At night, Ae-rin reads the story about a butterfly finding the golden clover. Joon Hee asks if Bon has gone on a similar adventure. Ae-rin says he has. Joon Soo asks if Bon will come back after finding the golden clover. Ae-rin says he will and asks them not to worry about Bon. She puts them to sleep.

Later on, Ae-rin sits on her couch wondering if Bon is treating his wound and taking his medicines.

In the morning, Ae-rin peeks out of her door and collects the morning supplies from the bag. She finds a candy (similar to the one she gave Bon) among the supplies. It reads, “I am watching you”. Ae-rin runs into the empty corridor and smiles.


Ae-rin places a paperboat drink in the bag and places a note on it asking how his stomach is. She also writes to him asking him to eat well and take care of his health. She puts a note on top of the bag, which says, “Mr Pigus, take what is inside.”

Bon drinks the paperboat drink.

The next day, Ae-rin finds the drink gone and a candy in its place, which says, “I am watching you”.

The unknown man speaks to Park (Yong Tae’s deputy/ driver) about Yong Tae. Park says they haven’t been able to catch Yong Tae. The man says it won’t be easy catching him and asks them to move on to Plan B.

At his hideout, Bon hears the news about Yong Tae being a wanted fugitive for fleeing after murdering his driver.

Elsewhere Yong Tae watches his photo on television as a wanted criminal. A man walking by looks at him suspiciously and Yong Tae pulls his hood down and runs away.

The King’s Bag base, Ji Yeon, Ae-rin and Do Woo watch the news too. Do Woo comments that Yong Tae is still alive but not yet caught. Ji Yeon says that he will get caught soon at this rate. Ae-rin asks if Park is dead.

At night, Ae-rin locks up the store and leaves. She senses someone following her and starts walking fast. She is suddenly pulled into the alleyway. She is about to strike the person but stops when she sees it is Yong Tae. He kneels down and sincerely apologises to her. He asks for her help. He says that he didn’t kill Park.


Ae-rin asks him to come to King’s Bag and Ji Yeon will help him but Yong Tae refuses. Yong Tae says he will trust only Kim Bon as the NIS is after him too. She says she can reach him but he has to wait until tomorrow. Yong Tae says he knows he is shameful but still gives a folded note to Ae-rin asking her to pass it on to Bon. He starts to walk away when Ae-rin calls him.

He turns around and she gives him some money. She asks him to buy food with that and asks him to call if anything happens. Yong Tae is grim as he takes the money and says he should go. He walks away hurriedly.

As she reaches home, Ae-rin puts the note in the bag.

Bon reads the note which says,

“10 pm on the 24th,

Jeongin Park.

The Payphone.

Come alone.”

Bon takes his gun and walks off.

Bon drives down the road in his blue sports car.

Yong Tae waits at the park. He calls up Ae-rin using the pay phone and asks if she passed the note to Bon. She confirms it and he asks her what time it is. She says it is 9:57 pm. He says that he wants to talk for 3 minutes. He says she doesn’t have to say anything and just tell him when it is 10 pm. She says she knows he is a fraidy-cat but she says it will be alright once he is with Bon.

Yong Tae is annoyed and asks if she is bragging about him. YongTae pulls his cap down as he notices a police officer walking towards him. The officer walks past Yong Tae and stops.

The officer is revealed to be K/ the magician.


He swiftly goes over to Yong Tae and stabs him twice. Yong Tae places his hand over the stab wound which is bleeding as K walks away. Yong Tae sinks to the floor in a pool of blood as he hears Ae-rin’s voice asking him anything is wrong. The coins for the payphone lie on the ground beside Yong Tae as he breathes heavily clutching his wound.


Just then, Bon comes down the path and breaks into a run seeing Yong Tae on the floor. He holds Yong Tae who is about to lose consciousness and asks him to stay with him. Yong Tae whispers, “Save me”. Bon says, “Don’t worry, I’ll save you for my sake.” Yong Tae doesn’t respond as Bon holds him.

Image Courtesy- MBC


Director Shim’s behaviour is getting suspicious with every episode. The reason he wants Bon alive doesn’t seem to be genuine concern. Kwon seems like she is just an agent who is barking up the wrong tree. She doesn’t seem to know much about a lot of things going on and seems to be relying only on her research and instinct.

It looks like Bon has forgotten that he has to lay low when he raced down the road in his flashy blue sports car. It was the same car he had driven when Kwon had almost arrested him. I wonder how he retrieved the car to begin with.

The twins treating Bon’s injury was adorable and hilarious at the same time.

Yong Tae is one of those antagonists who gain our sympathy. I am curious to see who has gotten hold of the flash drive with the footage of the murder.

-By Soul Sword-

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