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Terius Behind Me Episode 15 and 16 Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 15 and 16 Recap

Ae-rin stumbles down the stairs. She comes up to a door with a security code and is startled when the power comes back on. She keeps her ear against the door and listens in. The voices on the other side say ‘she is gone’, ‘Ae-rin is gone’.  She immediately slides open the door and is shocked to see the secret base.


She walks into the room and the 3 of them come into her view. She is flustered as she asks, “What is this?” and Bon goes over to her and pulls her into a hug. Ae-rin starts yelling asking what he was doing while Ji Yeon is shocked.

Bon turns along with Ae-rin blocking her view from the work-board. He gestures Ji Yeon and Do-Woo to remove the pictures on the work-board (her husband’s picture is there on it). They immediately turn it over and remove the picture. Bon drags a yelling Ae-rin saying they can talk outside.


Ae-rin sits with the three of them at King’s Bag Store. Do Woo asks Ae-rin if she really found out their hideout using the electricity bill, masking tape and glow-in-the-dark powder. Ae-rin nods quietly.

In a flashback, Ae-rin buys the glow-in-the-dark powder and some masking tape. She pours the powder inside the entrance of the shop. Later, an unsuspecting Ji Yeon walks on it before heading to the base.

At present, Do Woo says that he is speechless while Ji Yeon wears an unbelievable look on her face. Do Woo says he is impressed. Ji Yeon says it is Do Woo’s fault as he suggested making the picture. Do-woo says it makes him happy while Bon asks them to give Ae-rin and him some space. They both walk away.

Do Woo and Ji Yeon walk into the hideout and watch through the CCTV surveillance. Ji Yeon says they have to make Ae-rin sign the confidentiality agreement and kick her out.


At the store, Ae-rin gives a smile and tells Bon she is glad he isn’t a bad person. She speaks to herself saying that she is always right about these things. Bon reminds her that she couldn’t trust him just 14 hours ago. Ae-rin says she is easily influenced by what others say and Yong Tae had said strange things about Bon.

Bon tells her that this place is a hidden headquarters for a secret operation of the NIS. Ae-rin is curious hearing this and asks what operation it is but Bon says that is a secret. He asks her not to tell anyone about this and she says she knows.

Ae-rin says Ji Yeon had employed her because of J-International and Bon had spied on her due to the same reason. Bon confirms it while apologising. She asks if he babysit her kids for the same reason. Bon says that in the beginning, it was, but now he really means it. She says she will believe him.

Inside the base, Ji Yeon wonders what Bon and Ae-rin are talking and asks Do-woo if he can’t switch on audio. Do Woo proudly switches the audio on. They hear Ae-rin asking if she can continue to work in king’s Bag.

In the store, Ae-rin says that she can continue to do her job but Bon says she can’t because it is dangerous. He says that knowing secrets can be dangerous. She asks him if that was the reason he asked her not to tell anyone about seeing Moon Sung Soo at J-International. Bon immediately jumps out of his seat and stands up with a startled look. He looks around before walking out and gestures her to follow.

Inside the base, Do Woo and Ji Yeon realise there was a witness who saw Moon visiting J-International and it was Go Ae-rin. Ji Yeon is angry that Bon hid an important information.


Ae-rin runs after Bon on the street as he walks fast. She asks him what the matter is and he tells her not to tell Ji Yeon or Do Woo about seeing Moon at J-International. She asks if they aren’t on the same team. He says they are but they have information that they don’t share. He says that he is doing this for her and asks her not to ask more questions. She agrees and he suggests going home, as it is late.

She asks him why he rented the apartment under another name. He says he is a runaway and someone is looking for him like crazy. He says he needed a fake identity. She asks why he became a runaway and he says he will say that later. She says it is alright if he doesn’t want to say and apologises for asking an uncomfortable question. Bon says that he will tell her when the time comes and she agrees.

At his apartment, Bon is by himself as he plays the record player. He goes to sleep on his recliner as Ae-rin’s voiceover narrates that it had been a while since the runaway had such a peaceful night.

At her home, Ae-rin lies on her couch saying it was such a long day. She goes to sleep as her voiceover says that she who was suspicious of the runway too was having a peaceful night.

The next morning, the Ae-rin brings the kids to the elevator and holds Joon Soo who tries to run over to Bon’s house. Joon Soo yells out asking Bon to feed all the fish. Bon opens his door and asks them to have fun at kindergarten.


The twins run over and hug him. Ae-rin apologises that they woke him up. Bon says that he always wakes up early. The elevator comes to their floor and Ae-rin shows Bon that she is using the bag he gave her saying she will use it well. They all wave to Bon from the elevator and the kids say they will see him at the playground later. Bon waves back as the elevator door closes.

At King’s Bag, Yong Tae places a bag on the counter and asks Do Woo for more colours in the range. Do Woo heads over to bring the bags while Yong Tae looks at Do Woo’s back profile and hair (looks like he made the connection to the man in the elevator). Yong Tae buys all the bags.


As Do Woo is about to bill it, Yong Tae addresses Do Woo as ‘cutie’ and asks for his name. Do Woo asks why Yong Tae is calling him that. Yong Tae apologises and says that he will be a regular here so he thought they should know each other. They introduce each other and Yong Tae starts to leave. Do Woo asks if Yong Tae won’t wait to see Ae-rin. Yong Tae says that he came to check something else today and heads out.

Outside King’s Bag, Yong Tae drops the shopping bags and makes a call. He asks the person to track the name, Ra Do Woo. He asks the person to contact their NIS source as his gut says it is them. Yong Tae watches King’s Bag from far as the voiceover says the time for another fugitive to arise was nearing.

Ae-rin and Ji Yeon meet over a cup of coffee. Ae-rin asks if Ji Yeon wants her to quit as soon as possible but Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin to stay on. When Ae-rin says that Bon had asked her to quit, Ji Yeon says that she is the team leader and asks Ae-rin to watch the storefront. Ae-rin thanks Ji Yeon.

Ji Yeon asks if Ae-rin can testify seeing Moon Sung Soo outside J-International. When Ae-rin hesitates, Ji Yeon says they will offer her protection. She says J-International is a defence industry lobby broker. She says they bribe people and parties. Ae-rin nervously grabs some water and starts to drink it. Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin to continue befriending Yong Tae and work as an informant in King’s Bag.

Ae-rin looks up at the word informant. She says that only selling bags was included in her job description and Ji Yeon says that she will give her a 20 % raise. Seeing that Ae-rin is hesitant, Ji Yeon offers to increase it further by 10% and Ae-rin agrees. Ji Yeon asks if Ae-rin can drive and Ae-rin freezes for a moment before saying yes. Ji Yeon agrees to the deal.

In her room, Ae-rin looks at her driving licence and says that she should have practised when she could.

At his hideout, Bon loads a gun. He receives a message from Ae-rin. He sees the sticker and sends back one in reply.

Ae-rin is surprised that he knows to use stickers. She asks if he is at home or at King’s Bag and he says no to both. He asks why she was asking and she writes that he is a great driver. Bon wonders if she wants to practice.

Later on, Ae-rin watches her car being towed away. Bon drives in and asks what happened. She says that she had neglected the car for a long time and something went wrong. She says they will practise some other time but Bon says that they can use his car.



As Ae-rin gets in, she asks if he bought another car (Range Rover). He says he likes cars and that it’s his second friend. Ae-rin asks him not to worry as she has the DNA of a good driver. She says her mom and dad were car racers in Jeju Island. He stares at her as she says she doesn’t use the side-view mirror and adjusts only the rear-view mirror. She familiarizes herself with the pedals and asks Bon for the key. He smiles as he says that the car starts with the button.

He asks her to put the foot on the brake and she starts the car after doing so. She wonders why the car isn’t moving. Bon is nervous as he asks her to shift the gear into drive. She asks him to relax and enjoy the drive while chiming in if he thinks she needed coaching.  She then switches the gear and drives off slowly.


At the traffic signal, Bon asks her to change lanes in the next signal and Ae-rin says that he is rushing her. The lights turn green but she takes a long time to move forward and the horns start honking from the cars behind. The car moves forward at snail’s pace and after some time, Bon asks her to use the right blinker and change lanes. She switches on the left blinker and Bon loses his patience as he says that it is the left blinker that she turned on.

She slows down and Bon asks her why she is slowing down for changing lanes while she should be speeding up. He asks her to check the side mirror and change lanes. She says she can’t do those many things at once and asks him to check for her. He wears a look of disbelief on his face as he checks and asks her to change the lane. She asks if she should do it now and as she hears another car’s horn, she swerves the other way saying she can’t do it.


Bon yells at her asking if she will keep going straight. She asks him not to speak so loudly. She says she has a lot of things on her mind and he is making things worse. He says she had asked him to chime in whenever he thought she needed coaching. Ae-rin asks if she is really that bad that she needs endless coaching and he confirms it instantly. She looks at him and Bon is tense as he holds the wheel asking why she isn’t looking forward. Ae-rin is scared now and Bon holds on to the car’s handle.

It looks like they have come quite a long way when Bon asks her to take a right at least at this intersection.

Later on, he asks her to get off the high way at least this time. She asks him to take a long nap and asks him not to worry. He asks her if she thinks he can take a nap. He says he will sleep at home.


Bon yells out her name as she continues to drive straight missing another exit. Ae-rin is worried as she asks if they will end up in North Korea at this rate. Bon lets out a deep sigh as she says she will take a U-turn in Panmunjeom (the border). Bon wearily asks why she has to go all the way up to Panmunjeom to take a U-turn.

Ae-rin says that she didn’t know that Bon was so talkative. She asks him to listen to some music and relax. She swears on her life that she will take the exit at the next interchange. She says she got the hang of driving now. Bon switches on the radio as the song starts to play. Bon has no hope as he asks her to take the next exit. Ae-rin finally manages to take the exit.

Later at the cafe, Bon has some ice cream while Ae-rin drinks juice. She asks if he noticed how perfect her parking was and Bon gives her a look. She says she thought he didn’t like ice cream but Bon says he does. He is pouting as he eats the ice cream. She comments that his taste matches with that of the twins.

Bon asks her why she is learning driving all of a sudden. She is nervous as she starts to tell him.

Later, Bon stands outside a closed door and talks on the phone with Ji Yeon. He asks if she is out of her mind. He says that a week ago she had wanted Ae-rin to resign. Ji Yeon says that she needs Ae-rin, now that the circumstances have changed. Bon asks her not to use Ae-rin as she is having a hard time. Ae-rin walks up behind him. Ji Yeon says that she will see to it that Ae-rin doesn’t find out about her husband and hangs up.


Ae-rin taps Bon’s shoulder and he turns around. She says that he is the one having a hard time as he can’t even sign a contract under his real name. She says he has to live in hiding and has someone chasing after him. She says Ji Yeon told her that the woman who visited their store is after Bon. Ae-rin asks Bon not to worry, as she will protect him at any cost.  Bon smiles slightly and Ae-rin asks him why he was smiling. Bon says he is very grateful.

Director Shim and Kwon are at target practice. Shim misses many shots while Kwon hits all on target. She comments he is getting old and he says that she could be on the field even today. Kwon says that she was better than Shim even 30 years ago, both in intelligence and in completing missions but Shim was always recognised more. Shim says that she was bad in politics. He says she is ambitious but not flexible. She says she works hard and isn’t interested in politics within the organisation. Shim says as a friend and colleague that Operation Candy was the only operation she failed in and she hasn’t gotten over it. Kwon says she hasn’t failed yet and she has to catch Terius and everything will be over. She says she knows that he wants to hide operation King’s Bag but she says she will find out on her own. She continues to shoot.


Meanwhile, Ae-rin is walking towards the cafe’s exit and Bon follows her. He spots Sun-mi in one of the cubicles passing on a note to a man whose back is turned towards Bon. Bon walks away as Ae-rin calls him.

Ae-rin comes back to King’s Bag and reports to Ji Yeon about what all she saw. Do Woo is also present. Ae-rin says there is a black SUV in front of a convenience store on the back road. She says a woman from a cafe across the street checks from time to time. Ae-rin mentions the woman who came by earlier and Ji Yeon says their names are ‘Kwon Young Shil’ and ‘Kim Jin Hoon’. She asks Ae-rin to memorise them. Ae-rin says that Kim checked around in the morning and then disappeared. Ji Yeon asks her to call Bon once the guards leave. Do-woo says that Ae-rin is really good and Ae-rin is proud while Ji Yeon smiles.

At KingCastle, all the parents wait for the children (Sun-mi isn’t there). They all stare at Bon who walks towards them and Sang Ryeol says he is too handsome. They discuss that Bon seems to be babysitting the kids again. They wonder why Sun-mi is late nowadays. Just then Sun-mi rushes in.

Just then, the bus comes in bringing the kids. The twins run towards Bon and Bon lifts them up. The parents are jealous as they see him carry the two kids and walk away.

At home, Bon has a race with the kids in cleaning the house. He smiles as he sees the kids put back their toys. They watch TV while having snacks. They go over to feed fish. Bon asks them not to feed the fish too much as they will become fat and they will have to do push-ups.

At night, Ae-rin walks home after work and she is being followed. She realises that she is being followed.


Episode 16

Ae-rin starts walking faster and then she starts running. The follower also starts running.

Ae-rin runs into the convenience store and hides behind one of the shelves. Ae-rin calls up Bon and says that someone is following her and she is at the convenience store. Bon says good job as he stands right behind her. She is startled as she asks what is going on after realising he was the one who followed her.


He says she ran faster than him knowing she was being followed and hid in a bright and crowded place. He commends her on calling him. He repeats what to do in dangerous situations. She completes the sentence by saying she shouldn’t get involved but has to run away, call the police and ask for help no matter what. She has to think of Joon Soo and Joon Hee and not get involved. He asks her to pick something so that he can treat her for doing great.

They drink coffee in the store and Ae-rin says it is tasty because Bon had bought it for her. He asks if Yong Tae had contacted her recently and she says he hasn’t.

Meanwhile, Yong Tae is in his office when he receives the fax on Ra Do-woo and Ji Yeon. The document shows them as Secret Agents of the NIS. He comments that he was right. He heads into the room housing the bags. He looks at all the bags while the voiceover says “Jung In Soo”.


At the base, Bon reads Yong Tae’s real profile and finds his name is Jung In Soo. Do-woo says that Jung In Soo was declared dead two years ago. Ji Yeon says he is using another identity and name. Bon says Yong Tae was made to do it so that it is easy for them to use him and get rid of him.

Bon says he will approach J-International the following day. Ji Yeon suggests using Ae-rin as she works better than expected. Bon asks an update on Kwon and Ji Yeon says that Kwon is still watching the place. She guesses that Kwon wants to weaken them psychologically.

Bon asks for information on KingCastle. Do Woo says that 43 households have moved in since the priestess card showed up as it was an auspicious day and the apartment complex is large. Bon asks him to let him know if he finds anything strange and Do-woo agrees. Bon says he has to go somewhere and leaves abruptly.

Bon is with Sang Ryeol at King Castle and he says that Sun-mi is acting strange these days. He says she keeps looking at her phone too and is busy always. Bon asks if Eun-ha and Min Joon’s mother get along. Sang Ryeol explains that Min Joon’s mother was the big shot before Eun ha. He says they had a power struggle while Sang Ryeol and the others sided with Eun ha. He compares them in terms of family background finance etc and says Eun ha outranks Min Joon’s mother. He says that the two were competitive even about their children’s education. He comments that their competitiveness is beyond imagination. Sang Ryeol says that it is pointless because his son is superior to others in every way. Bon says Sang Ryeol is a role model and holds his hand while Sang Ryeol is flattered.

Eun ha and Sun-mi rush in as they are late and join them. Bon tells them that he will tell them their fortunes, which they had asked. He says this is the last time and he won’t do it again. The 3 of them agree and look at him curiously.

Back at the base, Ji Yeon says that Bon is spending too much time with the housewives and Da woo says that female hormones increase in men as they get older. She says Bon isn’t like that but Do-woo says she doesn’t seem to know much about Bon. Seeing that she disagrees, he says that people can change. She says Bon feels like a stranger nowadays.

At King castle, Bon hands over the fortune to Eun Ha saying it is the wedding day. He tells Eun-ha to take care of her mother-in-law as the new family member will take all the money. Bon passes the fortune to Sun-mi saying there is no child between the husband and Sun-mi. He asks if she is really living with Yu Ra’s father and Sun-mi is tense hearing this. Sang Ryeol says Yu Ra looks like a copy of her father. Bon passes Sang Ryeol’s fortune saying he will have his second child and Sang Ryeol is startled. Sang Ryeol is upset that if his wife takes maternity leave, he will have to go out and make money.

Seeing that all 3 of them are upset with their fortunes, Bon says he is giving the amulet free of cost.  He asks them not to open it as it will bring bad luck and walks away. They mutter that what he says is false but they take the amulet.

As they head out separately, Sang Ryeol wonders how they will have a second child while he had a vasectomy. He wonders if his wife is with another man. He shakes off the thought and walks away.

Sun-mi mutters that she was scared to death and decides to place the talisman under her pillow.

Eun ha decides to visit her father-in-law the next day and orders some rice cakes.


Sang Ryeol announces that he is home and walks in. The red heels (the ones the mystery woman wears) are among the other shoes beneath the rack. As he goes inside and the sound of glass breaking is heard from inside.

Elsewhere, a man receives the email that J-International was exposed. He calls up someone and lets them know that J-International was exposed before giving the order to start the cleanup.


The next morning at Star Towers, K/ Magician is shredding documents in J-International.

Meanwhile, Yong Tae rides the elevator to his office.

K opens the drawer and sees all the cell phones.

Yong Tae reaches the 29th floor.

K loads his gun and overturns the hourglass as he walks forward and waits by the door.

Yong Tae reaches his office and pauses before swiping the card to enter the office. After some time he swipes the card and the door unlocks. He walks in and notices some shredded papers on the secretary desk. He notices something is off and tries to walk out when his office door opens.


He turns around to see K standing with his gun in his office. Yong Tae realises that it’s the ‘cleaner’ as he sees his office is a mess with everything shredded and broken.


Yong Tae immediately holds out his hand asking K to stop. K shoots at him but Yong Tae ducks and manages to scramble out of the office. K chases after him but Yong Tae yells and runs amidst people and takes the elevator. K tucks his gun in his belt, as there are people around and loses Yong Tae as the doors have already closed. He takes the next elevator.

Yong Tae is terrified as he runs out of Star Towers pushing everyone out of the way. He shoves a woman who is about to take the cab and gets in. He urges the driver to start driving. K reaches the entry just when the cab speeds away.

K makes a call saying he lost Yong Tae. The voice on the other end says they will track him and asks K to retrieve the bags first.

K goes into the locked room after shooting the lock. He walks in and opens one of the bags to see the label “King’s Bag” instead of the serial numbers. He mutters that the bags changed. He examines the bag and throws it on the floor with rage.


Yong Tae waits nervously in the bank and is told by the official that there is a problem with the bank’s digital lock. He says it will take some time. Yong Tae smiles and says he will come some other time and starts to leave. The bank manager says that it will only take 10 minutes. Yong Tae says it alright and leaves.

As he exits the bank, he receives a call from Park. Yong Tae attends the call after thinking twice.

At J-international K holds a visibly shaken Park at gunpoint. Park asks Yong Tae where he is.

Outside the bank, Yong Tae throws the phone and hails a cab.

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon walks into King’s bag. Do Woo says that Ae-rin has left on a surveillance tour. Ji Yeon says Ae-rin is worth every penny.

Ae-rin is on the street looking out for the guards and she wonders why the guards aren’t there yet.

Yong Tae who is in the cab notices Ae-rin as his cab drives by. He asks the driver to pull over to the side. He walks up to her and greets her with a smile. He asks to go out for some tea and she immediately refuses. He says he has to talk something important. Ae-rin remembers Ji Yeon asking her to befriend Yong Tae. She agrees to give him 30 minutes and he asks her to get into the car. She gets in and the car drives away.


At the store, both Ji Yeon and Do Woo wonder why Ae-rin isn’t back yet. Ji Yeon receives a call from Ae-rin. She hears Yong Tae asking her to listen clearly if she wants Ae-rin to live.


Yong Tae is at a warehouse and he identifies himself as he continues to talk. He says he knows they are from the NIS. He says that J-international has been cleaned up and the documents are all gone. He says he was generous to that woman (Ae-rin is tied up and unconscious) but now he is about to be killed. He yells furiously into the phone that he is about to be killed. Ji Yeon says that they can protect him.

Yong Tae says he can’t trust her as The Voice’s puppets are hiding in the NIS too. She asks what is ‘ The Voice’. Yong Tae says he can take care of himself and says she has one hour’s time. He tells her to go into J-International office and bring out the hourglass. He says he will kill Ae-rin if the hourglass isn’t there in an hour and hangs up.

Ji Yeon receives a picture of an unconscious Ae-rin and Do-woo is worried.


Bon gets a call from Ji Yeon explaining the situation. He says he will go but Ji Yeon says she will. Bon says he will go since a cleaner came and things may go bad. She tells Bon that the hourglass contains something worth bargaining for with his life. Bon says he will get the hourglass and he asks her to locate Yong Tae.

Bon loads a gun and leaves in his blue sports car. He parks in the basement and walks into Star Towers. A woman (Kwon’s agents) reports that Terius is in the building. All the agents rush in.

Kim rushes into Kwon’s office and reports that Terius is in the building heading to J International. Kwon wonders why he is going there and asks the Charlie team from King’s Bag to come to Star Tower. She asks Terius to be brought alive and asks the Vega team to standby. Both of them rush out of the office.


On her way out, she bumps into Shim who asks if she is going to get Terius. She asks him to get out of her way.  He holds her and tells her that he had a soft spot for Terius. He asks her to bring him in but not treat him harshly. She frees her hand and says she will do what she feels fit.

Bon cautiously steps into J-International and looks at the place. He finds the door to the locked room open. He walks in and figures out that these aren’t the bags, which Ae-rin had seen. Bon finds the hourglass on Yong Tae’s desk. He turns it over to find a square carved into the base.


He tries to pry it open but he gets a call from Ra Do Woo. Do Woo asks him to exit the building fast as he got a tip saying NIS agents are all over Star Tower. He says it must be Kwon and Bon hangs up as he rushes out with the hourglass. As he opens the door, he spots the agents running towards him and Bon takes off in the other direction.

Bon runs down the circular staircase but is pursued by agents from both the directions. As the agents come toward him, Bon jumps out of the staircase and lands on the ground floor. He runs away as the agents lose him on the staircase.


Bon runs through the corridor but is surrounded by agents again. He fights them and gets away. Bon reaches the basement parking lot and gets into his car. As he moves forward a NIS van blocks his way. Bon reverses his car and drives away with the NIS van hot on his tracks.

Another NIS van comes toward him but Bon takes a turn and gets out of the parking lot. As Bon drives out of star towers, Kwon catches a glimpse of him as she is in her car driving towards star towers. She also starts pursuing Bon. She contacts the situation room and asks for satellite tracking.


Bon’s car races forward with 4 NIS vehicles following him closely.

In the situation room, the officer watches the surveillance camera and reports to other agents that Terius is moving towards Sunwa Bridge. Team Vega gets ready and reports to Kwon that they are by the North end of the bridge. She orders them to stop his car and arrest him at all cost.


Bon’s car speeds over the bridge while the NIS follows him closely. The Vega team stands armed blocking the bridge midway. Bon’s stops the car as he is surrounded from both sides.



Kwon and Kim get out of their car pointing their gun at Terius’ car. Bon watches Kwon approaching through his rear-view mirror. He takes the hourglass in his hand and gets out of the car.


Kwon and Terius face each other. She says it is good to see him and he says it has been a while. She asks if he isn’t sick of being on the run and he says he has something he has to do. He asks her to wait and says he will come to her when the time comes. Kwon says he talks too much for being a spy and traitor.

Terius notices K/Magician standing behind one of the NIS cars with a smile.


Kwon orders Terius to be arrested and the agents run forward. Bon sees K pointing his gun at him and runs to the side. He jumps on top of a car and leaps into the river before the agents can get to him but K’s shot hits him.

Bon hits the water. He loses blood fast as he sinks but he holds on to the hourglass.


Image Courtesy- MBC


This week’s episodes were intriguing as it comprised elements of comedy, mystery and action in it.

The scene where Ae-rin takes Bon’s car for driving practice was hilarious as it shows that giving driving lessons can make even a calm person like Bon yell and lose his patience. It was also where Bon actually spoke more than Ae-rin compared to all other scenes and it was enjoyable.

It was funny how easily Ae-rin explained finding out the secret base at King’s Bag. Though the scene has been made from a humorous point of view, it makes me wonder if Ae-rin is extremely competent or the NIS agents are incompetent as they underestimated her.

It looks like Yong Tae had an ulterior motive to buy the bags from King’s Bag. It was a good move from his side when he switched the bags in the room to escape from the claws of the NIS. The scene where he escapes from K was thrilling and well made.

The relationship between Shim and Kwon is shown repeatedly and I wonder if prejudice is the reason Kwon is with the Gold Clover.

The visuals of the car chase on the bridge were appealing and well made.

The way the plot has smoothly taken a serious mode without losing continuity or its existing comical background is impressive. This series always has a way with cliff-hanger endings which makes one await the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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