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Terius Behind Me Episode 13 and 14 Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 13 and 14 Recap

Bon is about to walk out when Ae-rin addresses him as, ‘Wang Jeong Nam’. Bon stops walking and turns around slowly. Ae-rin is shocked that he responded and thinks that it must be his real name. Bon calls her name and walks towards her but Ae-rin moves away.

Just then, Bon’s phone starts ringing on the table and Ae-rin sees that the caller is Yoo Ji Yeon. Bon is about to reach out for the phone but Ae-rin attends the call and puts it on speakerphone. Ji Yeon asks when Bon is coming over and she says that Ae-rin left long ago. Bon leans over and cuts the call.


Ae-rin asks him if Bon knows her boss and asks who he is. Bon says that she has misunderstood him and apologises to her. He says he never intended to lie to her. He says there is a reason for it and knowing the truth won’t do her any good. He says his name is ‘Kim Bon’ and asks her to believe him.

When asked, he explains that Ji Yeon is his longtime friend and he learnt that she had recently opened the bag store. Bon says he recommended Ae-rin to Ji-Yeon as she was looking to hire a worker. He asks to be excused and apologises.

Ae-rin says she is unsure whether to believe him or not. She asks him to get out of her house for now.

Bon stands in the corridor outside Ae-rin’s apartment wearing a gloomy look while Ae-rin stands inside the house.


Bon walks over to King’s Bag base and Ji Yeon (looks like she is about to leave) asks him why he is late.  He sits down and she walks over asking him what’s wrong. Bon says it bothers him that he can’t speak the truth. He says Ae-rin figured out his undercover identity. He wonders who told her that and Ji Yeon comments that Ae-rin is a sharp woman. She asks if he had underestimated Ae-rin and Bon says that she knew about criminal records which aren’t easy to find. She asks how he is going to make it right. Bon says that he feels like he betrayed her trust and that Ji Yeon’s call makes it harder to fix.

Ji Yeon says that it is the nature of their job and asks him not to be bothered much. She reminds him about Poland and asks him not to get involved with that woman. She says he will end up ruining the operation and get hurt. She asks him to quit the sitting job.

Bon says he can mind his own business. She reiterates that Bon approached Ae-rin to get information on her husband. She says they even got the information on J-international. She asks him to settle things now. Bon asks her not to advise like it is easy because it is not her business. Ji Yeon takes her bag and walks out slamming the door.

Bon closes his eyes as he reflects on her words, “Did you forget what happened in Poland?”

In the flashback, Choi Yeon Kyeong walks on the street in Poland with a smile on her face. Terius follows a few feet behind her. She smiles as she turns around and clicks a photograph of him.


Elsewhere, Terius watches as she draws a smiling emoji on the sand and he looks away as she looks up and smiles.

Elsewhere, Choi Yeon Kyeong holds his hand and leans on him as her voiceover says, “When I am in Seoul, buy me a Mojito at Namsan Tower.

We see a montage of Choi Yeon Kyeong being shot and Terius screaming, “No!”

In the present, Kim Bon opens his eyes.

Bon walks into his apartment. He looks at the fish and remembers the kids naming them. They had decided to call one of them “Uncle” and he had said he liked it. He recalls buying a kids mat and placing it in his house for the kids to play in. He had even set Joon-hee’s toy dresser in his house and Ae-rin had thanked him. bon looks over to the side and sees the kid’s bookshelf with books. He remembers Ae-rin arranging the books in it while thanking him.


Bon stands in his house, which is now furnished with Joon Hee and Joon Soo’s toys and things. He recollects the kids loved to come over to his house and Ae-rin had to carry Joon Hee out once as she didn’t want to leave. Bon is dejected as he lies down on the mat and remembers Ji Yeon asking him to stay away from Ae-rin.

Ji Yeon is at a bar drinking and calling Bon a fool and an idiot. She is heavily drunk as Do Woo finds her. She asks him who he is and he says he is the knight in shining armour. He helps her up and walks her out.


Do Woo piggybacks her down the street. Ji Yeon addresses Do Woo as Kim Bon and asks who he thinks is pretty; Yeon Kyeong or her. Do Woo says Ji Yeon is prettier. She then asks who is prettier; Go Ae-rin or her. Do-woo again says Ji Yeon is prettier. She laughs and says he is finally seeing things straight.  She then says he has a lot of grey hair. Do Woo corrects her saying it is blond and says she is cruel for asking for another man while on his back. He continues to walk down the street.

Meanwhile, Ae-rin is sitting on her couch (looks like she hasn’t slept) and is surprised to see that it is already 5 am. She walks over and puts her ears against the door, listening for any movement in the corridor.

She walks back after hearing no sound and her voiceover narrates that he moves around like the hands of a clock, rain or shine. For the first time, he didn’t move.

Later on, Ae-rin asks Eun-ha to find a new sitter for her. When Eun ha asks if bon is quitting, Ae-rin says that it turned out that way. Eun-ha wonders what had happened.

Ji Yeon walks into King’s Bag with a hangover. She finds coffee from Barista Rules on her desk. She immediately calls Do Woo who says that he is working offsite today. She thanks him and he asks her to thank him in detail. She thanks him for the coffee and hangs up. Do Woo comments that she really is clueless.

Ae-rin comes to work and Ji Yeon asks her to have a seat. Ae-rin sits and Ji Yeon asks her not to be angry, as she didn’t intend to deceive her. Ae-rin acknowledges her and asks her about Bon’s real name. Ji Yeon says that Wang Jeong Nam is the real name. Ae-rin remembers Bon saying his real name is Kim Bon. Ji Yeon asks if Ae-rin will quit working, as she now knows the truth.


At KingCastle, the neighbours discuss that something is up between Ae-rin and Bon. One of them says that they have moved in together. She says her sister-in-law stays on the floor below Bon’s house. She heard a commotion and went up to complain. She found Joon-Soo and Joon-Hee running out of Bon’s apartment. Sun-mi wonders why Ae-rin hadn’t told this to her while Sang Ryeol says Bon helps Ae-rin a lot. The neighbour says that Bon and Ae-rin got rid of Ae-rin’s husband so that they could date. Sun-mi finds it possible while Eun ha and Sang Ryeol silence them.


At a restaurant, director Shim meets Ji Yeon and says that someone has been through the report on Go Ae-rin. Ji Yeon guesses it’s Kwon and Shin compares Kwon to a hyena seeking information. He asks Ji Yeon to be careful and says he will up his security as well. She reports to him about J-International using bags to lobby people. She says she has information on the bag used to lobby In Taek. She says she will find the bag Moon Sung Soo’s bag soon and he commends her.


Meanwhile, Kwon looks at Ae-rin’s picture (taken when she had posed with the bags from King’s Bag) which was obtained from Go-Ae-rin’s tags from social media. She is told that the pictures are from King’s Bag and It’s near KingCastle. Kwon is interested after hearing the name of the store and its location. She looks at all the pictures they have uploaded on social media. Her deputy fills her in on more information and she feels Eun-ha (Galaxy Shim) holds the key to a lot of information.

Eun-ha, Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol rush into King’s Bag. Ae-rin asks them to look after the store for some time as she has some work. Eun ha is disappointed but agrees. After she leaves, they wonder what is up.


Bon sits across Ae-rin at a cafe and asks why she wanted to see him. Ae-rin says that it took a lot of courage and pondering. She says that she wanted to believe him but she made her decision after what Ji Yeon had told her this morning. She thanks him for everything. She asks him to stop picking up the twins and watching them. Bon apologises for making her uncomfortable. He says he will do as she wishes and thanks her. He says the twins made him laugh a lot and she apologises.


Kwon comes to King’s Bag with her deputy. She is greeted by Eun-ha. She asks for Ae-rin but recognises Eun ha and asks if she is Galaxy Shim (Eun-ha’s Instagram ID). Eun-ha says she is and Kwon says that the Instagram posts brought her here. Eun-ha is proud of herself. Kwon says she wants to buy a bag and speak to Go Ae-rin about a job offer. This catches Eun-ha’s interest and she asks Kwon to sit. Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol are curious about Kwon.

Bon walks out of the cafe and notices Yong Tae’s car parked on the street. Bon wonders why he is back in the area again.

Yong Tae sits inside the car with the woman in red heels and gives her a security card, which she had asked for. She takes the card and gets out of the car.


Bon sees the woman walking away and he runs after her but the woman has already walked away. He stops in his tracks as he hears Yong Tae call out, “Sitter!”.

Yong Tae wonders out loud what Mr Wang is doing here and this earns a reaction from Bon. Bon asks why he did a background check on him and Yong Tae says he was curious. He guesses that Ae-rin gave Bon an earful and holds out his business card asking Bon to find him if Ae-rin fires him. He says he is lenient with people having criminal records.


Bon steps forward with a serious look and Yong Tae takes a step back. Bon takes the card and says he will definitely give him a call. Yong Tae is startled as he says he thought Bon is going to hit him. Bon watches as Yong Tae gets into his car and drives away.

Yong Tae watches Bon through the side view mirror. He mutters that Wang Jeon doesn’t look the type with 6 criminal records is strange. Yong Tae wonders if Kim Bon is his real name.

Bon puts the card in a zip-lock cover and wonders if Yong Tae is his real name.

At King’s bag, Kwon learns that a young woman and a younger man run the place and Eun ha is here because she is Ae-rin’s friend. Kwon wonders if they are Ji Yeon and Do Woo. They fill Kwon in about Ae-rin’s job and Sun-mi says that Ae-rin’s husband passed away recently. Eun-ha says Ae-rin had worked at J-International until recently but quit because the company was strange. Sun-mi says that the CEO is very handsome and rich while Sang Ryeol says that neighbour-sitter is more handsome.


Just then, Ae-rin walks in. Kwon asks the others to leave while she talks with Ae-rin. Eun-ha asks for Kwon’s business card as they had given her a lot of information. Kwon hands out her business card that has her name as “Chairwoman Kim Tae Hee from Rose L”. They seem convinced and they leave. After they leave, Kwon holds out her hand to Ae-rin who takes it.

Park walks out of J-international after turning on the security system.


Do-woo sits in the corridor on the floor below watching Park leave. As Do-woo hacks into the CCTV system, he recollects Bon saying that Aae-rin had found a file on Jin Yong Tae’s computer named ‘Jin’s Menu’. Ji Yeon had said it was a list of English name and numbers. Do Woo goes over to the door wearing a cap and starts to hack the security system.

Meanwhile, Park gets a call and he starts to casually walk back to the office.

Do Woo is in the middle of cracking the security code when he spots Park coming towards him. Park spots Do-woo too and Do-woo starts to run. Park chases after Do Woo but Do Woo is too fast for him and Park gives up. Do Woo heads into the elevator and pulls his cap lower as the doors close.

Later, Yong Tae reprimands Park who says that the man could be a random thief. Yong Tae says he has a bad feeling about this as the cameras in the corridor have been stopped. Park suggests reporting it to Yong Tae’s superior. Yong Tae is strongly against it and asks Park to get out. Yong Tae wears an agitated look as Park leaves.

Episode 14

Kang Ryeol brings Ae-rin’s twins along with Seung Gi after school. Joon Hee asks Sang Ryeol for Bon. Sang Ryeol says that he has no idea and is visibly tired trying to answer questions about Bon. He chases the kids in to wash up as he wonders why Bon quit without a word. He walks into the bathroom to see Seung-gi’s hair wet and soapy. Sang Ryeol sends the twins out and helps Seung gi clean up.

In the living room, Joon Hee whispers something in Joon Soo’s ears and they both run out.

Bon is at his apartment working on the work-board thinking Yong Tae is the key. He hears the doorbell and goes over to the door with a gun. He looks through the peephole and is suspicious as no one is there. He hears Joon Hee’s voice calling out to him and he drops the gun in the bin.


Bon opens the door and both the kids rush in and hug him. Joon Hee asks him why he hasn’t picked them up and asks if he is sick. He says he isn’t and the kids run inside the house saying it is dark. Bon draws the curtains as the kids eat ice cream. Bon lets them know that he can’t pick them up from now on. They think he is quitting because of them and promise that they will be quiet from now on.


Joon Soo holds out a folded paper to him and says that it is a gift. Bon opens and sees the drawing and asks who is in it. Joon Soo says it is Bon. Joon Hee has written ‘uncle’ on the other side of the paper. They ask if he likes it and Bon says he likes it a lot. Joon Hee walks over to the refrigerator and puts the picture up using a magnet, saying her mom puts it up like this.

At Sang Ryeol’s house, he walks out after washing Seung gi’s hair to find both Joon Soo and Joon Hee missing. He is worried as he wonders if they were kidnapped again. He receives a call from Bon and is relieved to hear from him.

Sang Ryeol joins Bon at his apartment as the kids play. He looks around to see the children’s stuff in Bon’s apartment. Sang Ryeol comments that the rumours he heard are true. He explains that they think Ae-rin and Bon were an item and they killed her husband. Sang Ryeol says that Bon should be thankful since he had defended him and Bon holds Sang Ryeol’s hand thanking him.

When asked why he was quitting, Bon says he has his reasons. Sang Ryeol says that the kids will have to jump houses for a while till they get a good sitter.  He then tells Bon that a chairwoman came to recruit Ae-rin. He mentions that her name was Kim Tae Hee from Rose L and Bon is shocked. Bon stands up as he thinks it is Kwon’s alias.

At King’s Bag, Ae-rin is selling bags while Kwon watches. Kwon thinks that this can’t be a fake store as there are a lot of customers. Her deputy asks her if she has the wrong information as neither Do-woo nor Ji Yeon are present. She sternly silences him.

After the customers leave, Ae-rin rushes over to Kwon and tells her about ‘King’s Bag Club’ for customers. Kwon seems to be convinced that it is just a regular store.

Bon comes running towards King’s Bag while Do Woo reaches King’s Bag. Do Woo is startled seeing Kwon inside taking with Ae-rin and he hides behind the bush. He calls Ji Yeon and lets her know. Ji Yeon says she will be there soon.


Inside the store, Ae-rin says that she saw a flyer asking for applicants and she got a job offer here. Kwon asks if she is often managing the store alone and Ae-rin confirms it. She asks Kwon about the new job offer and the perks, as she will be quitting this job soon. She says she is a single mother and insurance is important. Kwon smiles nervously. She picks up her phone and speaks into it as if she got an important call. She then walks out saying they can discuss this later. Ae-rin runs behind her and asks if she can contact her using the phone number on the business card given to Eun Ha. Kwon asks her to do so and Ae-rin shows her out.

Bon comes running and hides behind another bush. He overhears Kwon and her deputy discussing Ae-rin isn’t suspicious.

Ae-rin spots Bon hiding behind the bushes and looking at Kwon. She wonders why he is hiding.

Kwon tells her deputy to make a new report on Ae-rin and asks him to get information on her late husband too.

Ae-rin watches as Bon runs to the secret base and Ae-rin follows wondering where he is going. Do Woo comes out from behind the other bush and starts running.

Ae-rin loses Bon and wonders where he disappeared.

Inside the secret base, Bon calls Do Woo asking where he is.

Do Woo enters the store and says he is just now entering the store and that Ji Yeon will soon be there too. He says he will send Ae-rin home and close the store. He is startled when Ae-rin comes up behind him asking who is on the phone. He says it is none of her business and asks her to go home. Ae-rin acknowledges.

Ae-rin walks up to the place where she saw Bon disappear. She notices that they have received some mail and checks them out. She finds envelopes the electricity bills. She is shocked to see that the bill is 2350 dollars. She wonders how the monthly bill can be so huge.

Ae-rin stands outside the building and wonders if any other office is connected to King’s Bag. She wonders what caused the electricity bill to be this huge.

Later on at Eun ha’s house, Eun ha says she finds the chairwoman (Kwon) suspicious since she had asked about Ae-rin’s late husband’s health and previous work experience. She says that no one picked up on the number on the business card either. She adds that the company doesn’t exist even on the internet. They wonder who she must be.

Kwon is at her office and her deputy gives her the report. Kwon sees the report on Ae-rin’s husband’s death and notes that the cause of death is cardiac arrest.

At their home, Ae-rin is in bed with her kids and Joon Hee asks if Bon can continue to pick them up from school. Ae-rin says he can’t because he is busy with work. The children say that Bon is always home and that they visited him even today. She says that they shouldn’t barge into his house and that he won’t like it. They say his house was dark and they opened the curtains and had fun.


Ae-rin lets out a sigh and asks the kids if Bon is a good or bad person. They say in unison that he is a good person.

Later, Ae-rin sits at the table with the handbag, which Bon gave her on the table. Her voiceover says, “My confusion about him made me rethink everything.”

She remembers the previous sitter calling Bon a spy. Ae-rin’s voiceover says Bon was spying on her family.

She remembers asking him how he knew she would be in danger (after the abduction). Ae-rin’s voiceover says that it was possible that he was always watching her.

She remembers Bon picking her up in his blue sports car when she was stranded in the middle of nowhere. Her voiceover says that may be why he turned up so soon.

She remembers all the men lying unconscious on the ground when she had come out of the warehouse. She thinks that person who beat them up could be Bon.

She remembers him being startled seeing the gun. She wonders if he was startled not because he hadn’t seen a gun before but because he used them.

Ae-rin wonders if he is a policeman (montage of Bon as a cop), a killer (montage of Bon as Leon) or if he is with the NIS (montage of Bon as James Bond).


At King’s Bag base, Ji Yeon says Kwon has read the report she gave director Shim. She says KIS sent them away today but they have to be careful from now on. She asks Bon not to come to King’s bag for some time. Bon says he is bothered by the fact that Kwon was interested in Ae-rin’s husband’s death. Ji Yeon asks him not to worry as she will be firing Ae-rin soon and she won’t have anything to do with their operation anymore.

Back in her house, Ae-rin wonders if Do Woo was taking orders from Bon earlier in the day when he sent her home. She thinks she is sure that Do Woo, Ji Yeon and Bon are working together.


At the base, Bon hands over Yong Tae’s business card and asks Do Woo to run the prints. He says he will get to Yong Tae first, as Yong Tae has all the information related to Moon Sung Soo’s assassination and the priestess card. He says he knows it won’t be easy, so he needs leverage.

Bon says that according to the KIS, Yong Tae is also under a different identity like Bon. Ji Yeon asks where Do Woo was earlier in the day. He says that he got into trouble while trying to sneak into J-International during lunch. Bon and Ji Yeon are surprised and Ji Yeon asks why he went without her approval. He says tracing accounts take a long time so he thought he could break in and take the file.

Bon asks him if he thinks Bon hadn’t thought about that option. Bon says he didn’t do it because of Ae-rin. He says if they take the information from the computer, Yong Tae will suspect Ae-rin. Do Woo says that he wasn’t able to make it in and they might not make anything out of it.

Do Woo recalls Ji Yeon suggesting wrapping up King’s Bag operation while Do-woo was bringing her in a cab when she was drunk. She had asked to go somewhere far as she was sick of Bon and everything. He had agreed to wrap up King’s Bag operation.

At present, Ji Yeon asks if he left behind a trail and he says he didn’t.


Meanwhile, at night, Yong Tae is in his office looking at the footage in the elevator. He looks at the build of the man in the elevator and finds him familiar. He receives a call and he says that he had given the woman what she had asked for. He asks what the woman is preparing. The person on the other end (male voice) threatens Yong Tae and asks him not to ask questions if he wants to live. Yong Tae apologises and agrees. The person on the other end hangs up. Yong Tae takes an hourglass and turns it over.


Elsewhere, the woman in high heels uses the security card and enters a door labelled ‘staff only’. It looks like a medical facility and she stands outside a room with a male patient. She presses the dials outside the room which increases the concentration of the gas (poisonous probably). She watches till the patient dies coughing blood.

Ae-rin goes to King’s Bag and tries to open the door but notices the tape on the door. Ae rin had seen Ji Yeon draw down the shades earlier and she had placed the tape on the door. Seeing the tape intact, she deduces that Ji Yeon and Do Woo are still in the store. As the lights are out and no one is in the store, Ae-rin realises that there must be another place inside the store. She opens the door.

The alarm sounds inside the base and Do Woo says that it is Ae-rin. They wonder why she is here.

Ae-rin goes over to the mains and switches off the power plunging the entire store into darkness. This cuts off the power supply inside the base too.

Ji Yeon and Bon wonder if it is a blackout. Do Woo says he will switch on the emergency source.


Ae rin has a satisfied smiles on her face but she notices footprints (glowing in the dark) leading up to the picture that Do Woo said he had taken. She looks at the picture and remembers Do Woo saying the end of the corridor leads to somewhere else. She tries to pull the picture but it doesn’t budge.

She notices it easily tilts and she turns the picture slowly. She is scared out of her wits when the secret door opens. She walks into the dark doorway and is nervous as she finds a staircase leading downstairs. The footprints lead down too and she wonders what this place is.


Back in the base, the power comes back and Ji Yeon asks Do Woo to check the surveillance camera to see what Ae-rin is doing. He asks her to wait for the system to reboot. Bon and Ji Yeon wait for the system to reboot.

Elsewhere, someone sends an email saying ‘J-International is exposed’.


Back at the base, the system reboots but Ae-rin is not in the store. The 3 of them wonder where she is and the door slides open.

Ae-rin stares at the hideout as she steps in. She walks up and the 3 of them come into her view. She asks them what this is. She is extremely flustered as she stands. Bon calls out her name and walks over to her. He pulls her into his arms and holds her in his embrace. Ji Yeon is shocked and Do Woo looks on. Ae-rin stands confused in Bon’s arms.


Image Courtesy-MBC


This episode was quite serious compared to the previous ones.

Yong Tae seems to be in too deep in the conspiracy web as he is being threatened by his superior. I wonder how much of the work he does willingly, as he comes across as a coward and a pushover.  I’m curious about his real identity and as to what will happen to him now that a mail has been sent that J-International has been exposed.

The woman in red heels was revealed to be a killer and I wonder who the victim is and why he was killed.

Bon, Yong Tae and Kwon find each other equally mysterious and they are always hot on each other’s track, which is interesting to watch. The tables keep turning and that makes the plot intriguing.

Ae-rin seems to be unlucky with jobs as she always lands up in fake companies (J-International, King’s Bag, Rose L). It was hilarious how Ae-rin was scared out of her wits seeing the secret door and yet her curiosity got the better of her and she chose to walk down the dark stairs. She always chooses to put curiosity before  safety.

Eun Ha and Bon both found Kwon asking about Ae-rin’s late husband suspicious. It would be a delight to watch the KIS work alongside Bon, Ji Yeon and Do Woo.

Be it the names of the episodes, the settings, Kim Bon’s looks (Leon, James Bond, Jason Bourne etc ), this series deserves praise for smoothly incorporating the content from the all-time-favourite action movies in a humorous way.

The last scene was interesting as it makes me curious as to how the plot moves from here now that Ae-rin has found the secret base at King’s Bag.

-By Soul Sword-

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