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Terius Behind Me Episode 11 and 12 Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 11 and 12 Recap

Bon wakes up as the alarm goes off at 5 a.m. He goes over to the window and looks outside using the monocular. He finds a hooded person with a guitar case and walking in the premises. He doesn’t recall seeing this person before.


At Ae-rin’s house, Ae-rin gets the kids ready for school and they head out. Joon Hee complains that she has to feed the other dolls. Joon Soo runs over to ring Bon’s doorbell but Ae-rin stops him in time saying that Bon must be fast asleep. She takes both the kids and walks toward the elevator.


Bon stands on the other side of the door as Joon Soo loudly asks Bon to feed the fish. After they leave, Bon says in a low voice, “Okay”.


He looks at the fish and feeds them. He then checks the horoscope on the laptop and finds ‘The High Priestess Card’ on Aries. He keys in the coordinates and finds the location to be King Castle Apartment. He remembers seeing a person with the guitar case earlier and gets suspicious. He runs out of his apartment.

Bon reaches downstairs in time to finds the school bus pulling out and Ae-rin waving to the kids. He notices a glare (from a sniper scope probably) on her chest and he turns around to check for the sniper. He notices a glare of what could be a sniper’s scope from one of the apartments. He feels a sense of Deja-Vu as he remembers Candy being shot by a sniper. He yells out, “Noo!” and runs towards Ae-rin, who is puzzled. He lunges at her shoving her to the ground. Everyone looks at the two of them on the ground. Ae-rin looks at him in shock. Bon looks at the glare from one the windows.


Meanwhile, inside that apartment, a woman uses a hand mirror (which caused the glare) to do her make up.

Outside, Ae-rin is still on the ground with Bon over her. She asks him if he is ill and he says he isn’t. She looks at her friends staring speechlessly at the two of them. Ae-rin slowly wiggles out from underneath him and goes to stand with her friends.

Bon slowly gets to his feet. Sun-mi seems very impressed and compares the scene to a movie while Sang Ryeol asks him what he meant by screaming ‘Nooo!’. Bon explains that he had seen a bee around Ae-rin and didn’t want her to get stung. He says that he has to get going as he was in the middle of a workout.

As Bon runs away, Ae-rin thinks that she is taken aback by the things he does at times. Eun-ha calls Ae-rin and says that they need to have an emergency meeting.


At KingCastle headquarters, Ae-rin sits across Eun-ha, Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol. Eun ha asks if Bon likes Ae-rin and Ae-rin denies it. Eun-ha asks Ae-rin to explain Bon’s behaviour. As Ae-rin starts to speak they all listen in curiously. She says that Bon is a strange person. She says he wakes up every morning to go running, buys sliced bread and he nearly fainted when he saw a toy gun. The friends find all these behaviours normal but Ae-rin persists that she finds him strange though she can’t explain why. As she continues to talk to her friends, Ae-rin’s voiceover says, “I want to know you more Bon. What is your identity?.”

Back in his apartment, Bon sits down and wonders in embarrassment, if he was acting too sensitive. He then pulls himself together and wonders why the coordinates pointed to KingsCastle. He looks at the High Priestess card. The horoscope reads, “Sometimes what is important isn’t obvious to the eyes.”


At Star Towers, Yong Tae hangs up the call after telling the person on the other end that he will meet them there. He goes to stand by the window and the monitor on his desk displays the Aries horoscope for the day.

At King’s Bag, Ae-rin arranges the bags as Do Woo unwraps the new stock. He sarcastically thanks her for the sales. Ae-rin says that she wants her boss to succeed and Ji Yeon rolls her eyes. As Ae-rin walks over to the other side, Ji Yeon asks if her sitter is trustworthy. Ae-rin says that her sitter likes kids and Ji Yeon disagrees. Ae-rin becomes silent but Ji Yeon manages by saying that most men don’t like kids. Ae-rin asks Ji Yeon how she knew that her sitter is a man but Do Woo interrupts by saying that he had seen the sitter on the street once. Ae-rin seems convinced and walks away as Ji Yeon and Do Woo exchange looks.


Ae-rin is about to place a purse over the picture which is a switch to open the secret door. The purse drops on the picture and makes it slant. Both Ji Yeon and Do-woo are alarmed as she tries to straighten the picture. Do Woo runs over to her and straightens the picture himself. He then strikes a conversation with her and talks more about the picture. Ji Yeon whispers from behind asking him to stop as Ae-rin continues to look into the picture. Ae-rin touches the picture but Do-woo brings her away talking casually.

Ae-rin asks about the black handbag bag that used to be on display earlier (she had seen it when her handbag’s strap was broken) and Ji Yeon had said it wasn’t for sale. Do Woo says it was stolen and they had to install new security systems because of it. Ae-rin vengefully comments that she wishes to see the face of the thief.


Bon is at a Shaman’s house with his neighbours’ fortunes. The shaman asks him why he wants three fortunes read, that too of other people. Bon gives him the fee and asks for the fortune.  The man offers to read his detailed fortune but Bon says he doesn’t need it. Bon is about to leave when the Shaman says that he sees blood. Bon asks him not to say more and walks to the door. The Shaman shouts again that he sees a lot of blood and Bon says that he won’t hear it. The Shaman yells after him, “I have never been ignored like this in my 40 years of career. I know what you did last summer!”Bon is walking outside when he hears the sham shout, “I know it all. I know your identity!”. He stops for a second but walks away from the shaman house- Mount Gyeryong’s Master Kang.

Back at KingCastle, the neighbours discuss Bon’s strange behaviour. Eun-ha asks Sang Ryeol to stay close to Bon and find out more. Sang Ryeol acknowledges her with a salute.


At Kwon’s office, she looks through the file on Ae-rin, which one of her men (who had broken into the director’s office earlier) had bought from Director Shim’s office. She asks the man to look into King’s Bag and Go Ae-rin. Kwon wonders who Ae-rin is.

At King’s Bag, Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin about the serial numbers on the bags at J-International. Ae-rin says that the serial numbers were different and Ji Yeon asks her to recite the numbers. Ae-rin is surprised to hear this and says she doesn’t remember them. Ji Yeon asked if she was lied to and Ae-rin explains that she had said she saw more numbers but hadn’t said she remembered them. Do Woo starts laughing. Ae-rin asks Ji Yeon why she is so interested in J-International. Ji Yeon says it is personal interest and walks away. Ae-rin follows her and says that she has a new idea for promoting the store. She goes on to say that, they can print their store’s name on grocery bags and give it as gifts to the customers. Ji Yeon loses her patience and asks Ae-rin not to work so hard. Ae-rin asks if she can start printing and Do Woo slowly shakes his head from behind the counter. Ji Yeon takes the bag from Ae-rin and asks her to go out and buy lunch.


Elsewhere, Yong Tae discusses something with a mysterious woman (wearing red pencil heels) over a cup of coffee. He passes a black folder to her and she agrees to it. She opens the black file and checks the contents. She lightly taps her heels.


Later, Park drives Yong Tae who asks to go to King’s Bag. As he gets out of the car, Sun-mi, who is walking down the street, spots him. She wonders why he is here.

At King’s Bag, Ji Yeon sees Yong Tae walking up to the store. She recognises him from the meeting place when he had come to meet In Taek. She immediately tells Do Woo that he is the CEO of J-International and Do Woo says that he feels the CEO wants to come inside. She says it is an emergency and makes a call.

Bon is driving when he receives Ji Yeon’s call. She says Yong Tae is at King’s Bag and Bon asks how he came to know about the place. He says he will be there shortly and turns the car around.


Yong Tae stands outside King’s Bag. Ji Yeon is tense as Yong Tae walks into the store. Sun-mi sneaks inside the store behind Yong Tae. She immediately takes out her phone and messages in the group chat that Yong Tae is at King’s Bag.

At her home, Eun-ha’s eyes widen while Sang Ryeol wonders why he went to Ae-rin’s workplace. Ae-rin is buying lunch when she sees the message. She gets annoyed and runs back to the store.

At King’s Bag, Ji Yeon asks Yong Tae how she can help him but he asks to meet Ae-rin. Sun-mi immediately messages that he is asking for Ae-rin.

Meanwhile, Bon goes into the hideout using the other door and watches the happenings through the CCTV cameras.

At the store, Ji Yeon says that Ae-rin has gone out. Yong Tae goes over and sits down waiting for her. He asks who the owner is and Ji Yeon says she is. He asks her how much she pays the staff and she says that it is a business secret. He comments that it is a useless secret to have. He asks her where she gets the bags from and she again says it’s a business secret. He says that he is asking because he too deals in bags and they could share information.

Bon listens to the conversation and wonders if Yong Tae came over knowing something.

At the store, Ji Yeong stiffly responds to Yong Tae’s questions. Yong Tae asks if there is some meaning to the name, ‘King’s Bag’.

Inside, Bon says that it is the operations code name.


Meanwhile, Sun-mi comes and sits down saying that King’s bag means a bag for the Kings. Yong Tae asks who she is and she says she is Ae-rin’s friend. Sun-mi asks if he is here to see Ae-rin and Yong Tae says he is here to buy a bag. He snaps his finger at Do Woo, calling him. Do Woo says he is Mr Ra. Yong Tae asks if they get incentives and Do Woo says that they do. Yong Tae asks them to pack all the bags in the store. Ji Yeon is shocked and Sun-mi immediately messages that he has bought all the bags in the store.

In their homes, Eun-ha and Sang Ryeol are shocked too, seeing this message.

Ae-rin rushes into the store screaming out Yong Tae’s name. Yong Tae waves to her saying, “Long time no see, Ms Go.”

Bon watches this with a calculating expression.


Ae-rin sits across Yong Tae in a cafe. She asks him what he was doing by buying all the bags. He says that he is an indecisive man. He asks her why she is upset as he had done it for her. He says he bought them as she gets an incentive for it. She heatedly asks him why he is bothered about her incentive. He says it is awkward to say that he sent her off without giving her a paycheck so he asks it to be left at that.


At King’s bag, Bon is seated in the empty store as Do Woo and Ji Yeon complain that Ae-rin is causing them too much work. They say it took them half a day to arrange the store and now again their stocks are empty. Bon comments that Yong Tae doesn’t seem to find King’s Bag suspicious. They ask Bon if he came to see Ae-rin. Bon asks why he bought the bags but they don’t have an answer to that.

Meanwhile, the neighbours have lunch at Quiznos and discuss if Yong Tae has feelings for Ae-rin. The women feel that he had bought the bags because of his feelings but Sang Ryeol doesn’t think is possible.


At the store, Bon says Yong Tae is a man hard to read. He asks for the buyers’ list (J-International) and Do Woo says that the buyers are relatives of acquaintances. Bon asks him to look into it thoroughly. Ji Yeon says she already gave a report but Bon says they are probably fake profiles. Bon says he has to go and leaves abruptly.

On the street, Yong Tae asks Ae-rin to get into his car and she asks why would she do that. He says he didn’t know what to have for lunch and came here to ask her. She is angry as she says that she was fired ages ago. He asks her to at least help with the menu even though she doesn’t want to eat with him. He mentions 3 noodle dishes.


From a distance, Bon watches the two talking.

Ae-rin mentions a Chinese restaurant close by, where he will get all the 3 dishes. Yong Tae says that it’s a good choice. Ae-rin addresses him informally and sternly asks him not to come to see her again. She thanks him for the sales and walks away.  Yong Tae snaps his fingers and the Jaguar’s boot opens displaying all the hang bags he had purchased. Ae-rin is astonished as she sees the bags and he asks her to pick some bags.


Bon comes up behind Ae-rin and asks to go eat lunch, as it is late. Yong Tae asks if she eats lunch with the babysitter. Bon says that they even have dinner together. Yong Tae suggests that the 3 of them have lunch together. Ae-rin is about to refuse but Bon agrees. Ae-rin is flustered as she asks why they are eating together.


At the restaurant, Yong Tae and Bon stare at each other while Ae-rin gets ready to serve. Bon asks Yong Tae why he is in this area. Yong Tae wonders why Bon is questioning him. Bon asks why he had come all the way to KingCastle just to buy a bag. Yong Tae wonders if Bon had seen him at the store and says that he had come to see Ae-rin. Ae-rin freezes as he says he wanted to talk to the job offer.

Ae-rin says she is not going to come back and serves Bon some noodles. Yong Tae asks what about him and asks if she is discriminating him. He says he is hungry too and Bon pushes the bowl of Jjajangmyeon noodles towards Yong Tae. Yong Tae says he wants cold noodles (it is near Ae-rin). Bon holds the bowl of cold noodles and lifts the bowl while putting his thumb in the cold noodle soup. He places it in front of Yong Tae and sucks his thumb clean. Yong Tae is sickened by this and says that he knows why Bon works as a sitter. Bon says that this is nothing.

Bon asks if he can take the secretarial position Yong Tae offered to Ae-rin. Yong Tae says he isn’t sure while Ae-rin panics, asking what would happen to her children. Bon smiles and says it was a joke. Yong Tae wonders what Bon’s intentions are. Bon thinks that Yong Tae came to King Castle for a different reason. Yong Tae thinks Bon bothers him in a weird way.

Episode 12

Ae-rin and Bon walk back and she asks if he was uncomfortable. He says he enjoyed the meal but she doesn’t buy it. Bon says he has to tell her something but Ae-rin says she has to go now and asks if they can talk later. Bon sees Do Woo and Ji Yeon watching and asks Ae-rin to go. Ae-shin rushes off to the store.

As they drive back, Yong Tae asks Park to look into Ae-rin’s neighbour, Bon. Yong Tae says he has a weird feeling about him.


Later on, Sang Ryeol and Bon sit at a table while the kids play. Sang Ryeol asks Bon a series of questions and Bon is distracted as he answers them. He asks if Bon is in his 40’s and if he was born in Seoul. Bon replies in the negative. He then asks if Bon likes sports, books, sliced bread and Ae-rin. Bon says, “Yes” in an offhanded way. Sang Ryeol gives a smile while Bon realises what he had just said and corrects himself saying, “No”. Bon asks why he is suddenly asking him that. Sang Ryeol asks how it feels to roll on the ground like that.

Bon remembers Ae-rin asking him why he pushed her to the ground. He had apologised to her but she had said it was fine. She had warned him that the KIS would investigate him thoroughly because of it. She had warned him to be careful as they will try to get the information at any cost.

At present, Bon gets up and say that he has to go somewhere and Sang Ryeol is puzzled.

Bon, Sang Ryeol and their kids are at a Kid’s cafe. Bon explains that Joon Hee wanted something. Joon Hee points out a night lamp which she claims will help her sleep better. Bon says that they will buy a soft toy along with it too. They have snacks and go on rides. Bon and Sang Ryeol join the kids on the slide too. Sang Ryeol takes a photo of Bon and the kids on the slide and sends it to Ae-rin.


At King’s Bag, Ae-rin is dusting the shelves when she sees the photo. She smiles at it and Do Woo who is nearby watches it too. She shows him the picture saying they are twins. He comments that the sitter (Bon) seems to be enjoying it more than the kids. Ji Yeon gets annoyed hearing this. Do Woo says that it seems like the sitter has 10 kids and Ae-rin says that he hasn’t been married. Ji Yeon can’t believe her ears and asks them to clean up. They get back to work.

At the cafe, Sang Ryeol browses through the photos and is startled when Bon peeps into the phone asking him to delete it. Sang Ryeol says Bon looks great in photos but Bon deletes the photo. He then serves Sang Ryeol a drink.

Bon says he will tell information about himself as Sang Ryeol wants to know. Bon says he was born in Daejeon and that he is 38. He says he worked as Mount Gyeryong’s Master Kang (the shaman Bon visited earlier). He says he doesn’t do that anymore. He says he has earned enough that he doesn’t need a job anymore. He asks Sang Ryeol to report this to the KIS and Sang Ryeol agrees. Sang Ryeol then realises what he said and awkwardly says he won’t do that. Bon asks Sang Reol to pass on the gossips and news from KIS to him as a favour. When Sang Reyol hesitates, Bon says that people get closer when they share secrets. Sang Ryeol says that sharing secrets and enemies makes friends close. Bon says it is embarrassing and takes Sang Ryeol’s hand. He says considers Sang Ryeol as a role model and Sang Ryeol is flattered.

Later on, Sang Ryeol reports to Eun Ha. He says that Kim Bon is clean and nothing is suspicious. She finds it difficult to believe but takes his word.

At Ae-rin’s home, Bon is dozing off on the sofa when Joon Soo comes and wakes him up saying that Joon Hee is acting strangely. Bon goes and sees that Joon Hee is in pain. He touches her abdomen and she yells in pain. Bon suspects it to be appendicitis and carries her to take her to the hospital.


As he is about to leave the apartment premises, he runs into Ae-rin who is coming back from work. Joon Soo runs up to her and hugs her. Ae-rin realises that something is wrong and Bon explains the situation before rushing to the hospital with Ae-rin following him.

Bon reaches the hospital carrying Joon Hee. Ae-rin carries Joon Soo and runs in behind him. Bon asks a doctor to look at her. The Doctor examines Joon Hee and suggests taking an X-ray. Ae-rin goes with Joon Hee for taking an X-ray while Bon and Joon Soo wait outside.


Later on, Joon Hee lies on the hospital bed and says that she is feeling better. Bon holds Joon Soo who is fast asleep in his arms. The doctor comes up to them and shows them the X-ray. He shows some white particles in the X-ray and says that it is poop. He says Joon Hee will be okay after an enema. He asks Ae-rin to change the child’s diet when they go home. Joon hee covers her face in embarrassment. Bon lets her know that she is alright and Ae-rin smiles.


Later on, Ae-rin sits next to Bon in the waiting area. Ae-rin says that he must be tired but Bon says that he is alright. Ae-rin says that it is okay to say it if he is tired sad or sick. Bon says that he has lived this way all this while. He again says that he is alright. She smiles and thanks him for bringing Joon Hee to the hospital. He says that he did what had to be done and says she needn’t thank him. He asks her to be careful around Yong Tae as he had abducted her and she doesn’t know anything about him. Ae-rin says that she doesn’t know anything about Bon either but she says that he is someone she wants to trust. She says she thinks he won’t lie to her and Bon thanks her for that.


Ji Yeon reaches her apartment and notices a man waiting there. She walks slowly and notices another man by the corridor. She stealthily approaches him and knocks him down. She takes a look at his phone and finds Ae-rin’s picture on the screen. She is stumped seeing this.


At the NIS, Kwon is furious when she learns that the information provided in Ae-rin’s profile is fake. Kwon wonders why Ji Yeon submitted a fake report to the director. She is also told that someone attacked Charlie 2 and Kwon wonders if Ji Yeon set up a trap on purpose.


At the King’s Bag base, Terius asks Ji Yeon to speak up fast. Ji Yeon says that there is a leak at the NIS. She says that she submitted a report on Go Ae-rin to the director. Bon is frustrated hearing this but she says that she had given fake information in the profile. She says she had written her own address and adds that ‘they’ had sent some people to stake out. She wonders how the information is leaking as it was submitted only to the director.

At the NIS, Director Shim walks down the corridor and crosses paths with Kwon. He tells her that he expects to see results soon as he gave her all the support when she was hot on pursuing Terius. He wishes her good luck and walks away. Kwon calls him a snake behind his back.

At the King’s Bag base, Bon shows Do Woo and Ji Yeon the website that puts up the tarot cards. He says that the organisation is named ‘Gold Clover’ and they ordered the assassination of Mr Moon. He tells them about the magician and the Tarot Card. Ji Yeon asks Bon how he found out about the website.

Meanwhile, Ae-rin is in bed with her kids and asks them about their day. They tell her that Bon has a big scar on his back and he said that he had bled a lot.

At the base, Bon holds the gold clover button in his hand and watches the high priestess card on the site.

In a flashback, we see Bon getting shot in Poland. He falls over the magician who pushes him away. Bon clutches the gold clover button, which he had pulled off from the magician’s shirt. Ji Yeon’s vehicle pulls in and she runs towards him with her team. She holds his hand and begs him not to die as they transport his unconscious form to the hospital. She cries holding him.

Bon is hospitalised as his voiceover narrates that as Ji Yeon already knows, he was taken to R3 after his emergency surgery. He says that operation Candy had failed and Yeon Kyeong had died.


Terius is tied to the chair in R3 and is semi-conscious. His voiceover continues that what had made him suffer more was that he was framed for killing Yeon Kyeong and betraying the NIS. Kwon walks towards him and sits down in front of him. She asks him where he hid the last file that Candy had given. She venomously asks him under whose orders he ran away after Candy died. She asks who shot Candy and him. She asks if he killed Choi Yeon Kyeong and Terius looks up. His voiceover narrates he found a reason to escape that time.


Terius sees the same gold clover button that he took from the magician on Kwon’s shirt as well.

At present, Bon places the gold clover button on the table. He says the magician and Kwon were wearing the same Gold Clover button. Ji Yeon asks if Kwon had something to do with Candy’s murder.

In the flashback, Bon says something and Kwon goes closer to him to listen to what he has to say. Bon ask her to step aside or she will end up getting hurt. He then opens his eyes and headbutts her. Kwon is thrown off her chair and is knocked unconscious. Terius moves to the wall and bangs the chair on the wall breaking the chair. He frees himself and manages to escape.

Ae-rin’s kids’ voiceover says that Bon is very strong.

In the flashback, some agents come and help Kwon up and she starts yelling at them to get him. Terius goes to his hideout and retrieves one of the fake passports. As he walks through the airport, his voiceover narrates that he went back to Poland after escaping from R3. He says he wanted to find a lead on what was going on.

Terius walks through the streets and stops outside a shop which has shirts with gold clover buttons on them. He looks at the shop’s name that reads, “Gold Clover Tailor Shop”. His voiceover says that he had found an important piece of the puzzle.


Terius sees the Polish man who had followed Candy inside the Gold Clover shop.

His voiceover continues saying that it wasn’t North Korea who had targeted Candy.

The man looks outside the shop but Terius hides out of sight. He holds the gold clover button in his hand and walks away.

In the present, Ji Yeon is shocked as she learns from Bon that it’s neither North Korea nor the South who had targeted Yeon Kyeong. Bon says it was another party who didn’t want peace between both the sides. He says they were doing it for profit and ordered her to be killed. Ji Yeon deduces that the same people had ordered the hit on Mr Moon.

Do-woo asks about the high priestess card and Bon says that it means they are up to something new. Bon says that he doesn’t know why the coordinates point towards King Castle apartment. He says that even Yong Tae showed up there.

Meanwhile, the woman in high heels walks on the street (probably apartment premises).

Do Woo says the priestess implies it is a female killer or that their target is a female. Bon says he is sure something will happen there but isn’t sure what exactly. Do Woo says that he will investigate all the residents and incidents in the neighbourhood.

At Ae-rin’s home, the kids call him Thunderman. Ae-rin smiles and asks them to sleep. Both the kids kiss her good night. Ae-rin smiles at the thought of ‘Thunderman’.

At Star Towers, Park gives Yong Tae the report on Bon. He comments that Bon has a fancy resume. He notices that bon had worked for the government. He asks Park to take the file and get his car ready. Yong Tae comments that it is interesting.

At King’s Bag, Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin to go home so that she can the sitter can get off work. Ae-rin says that Ji Yeon is a good person as she worries about even the sitter. Ae-rin receives a call and asks the person on the other end what he wanted now.


Ae-rin comes to meet Yong Tae at a cafe. She tells him that he will have to compensate her for the time she had wasted. He says if what he says isn’t important then he will pay her 1000 dollars. He says that his hunches are right and he was intrigued by one person recently.

At Ae-rin’s home, Bon tucks the kids in and switches of the night lamp.

At the cafe, Yong Tae says that the person’s name is Wang Jeong Nam and he is 40 years of age. He has 6 criminal records of theft. Seeing that Ae-rin is clueless, he says that Kim Bon is Wang Jeong Nam. Yong Tae says that he doesn’t usually bother about other people. He says he did some digging because they are close. He says she should be grateful. He passes the document to her and asks her to check for herself. She opens the document and sees a copy of the lease agreement. The name of the resident is listed as Wan Jeong Nam. Yong Tae smirks as she looks at him.

As Ae-rin walks home, she tells herself that Bon wouldn’t do that.

Bon waits for Ae-rin at her home with a gift. Ae-rin comes in with a grave look and Bon asks if something is wrong. He asks her if there is something on his face as she continues to stare at him. She apologises for being late and asks him to leave. He asks her if something is wrong and she says it is just a headache. Bon gives her the gift and congratulates her on the new job.


Ae-rin opens the box and finds the black handbag from King’s Bag. She recognises it as the black handbag, which she had seen earlier at King’s Bag. Do Woo had said it was stolen. She recollects Yong Tae saying Bon had criminal records. Seeing her expression, Bon asks her if she hadn’t received a gift before. Ae-rin remembers Bon having a costly car and Yong Tae saying that he even stole cars.

Bon says that she can feel touched after he leaves. He is about to walk out when she addresses him as, ‘Wang Jeong Nam’. Bon stops walking and turns around slowly. Ae-rin is shocked that he responded and thinks that it must be his real name. Bon calls her name and walks towards her but Ae-rin moves away.

Just then, Bon’s phone starts ringing on the table and Ae-rin sees that the caller is Yoo Ji Yeon. Bon is about to reach out for the phone but Ae-rin attends the call and puts it on speakerphone. Ji Yeon asks when Bon is coming over and she says that Ae-rin left long ago.

Ae-rin is alarmed as she wonders why her boss is calling Bon. She remembers Ji Yeon asking a lot about her sitter. Bon is grim as he picks up the phone. Ae-rin asks him if Bon knows her boss. She asks him who he is. Bon stays rooted to the spot.

Image Courtesy-MBC


It is nice to see Bon displaying emotions finally. It is funny how no one seems to take Yong Tae seriously. He is supposed to be the antagonist and yet the scenes with him are the funniest ones.The scene at the Chinese restaurant with Bon, Ae-rin and Yong-Tae was well made and is one of the most enjoyable scenes so far.

It’s hilarious how the bags at King’s Bag keep getting sold out. Their business is turning out to be more successful than their operation.

It looks like Bon has taken a criminal’s identity to obtain the lease, as he is definitely not a thief who steals cars. Ae-rin seemed more disturbed by the fact that Ji Yeon knows Bon and was reporting her activities to him than him being a thief.  The fact that she came straight to Bon to confront him rather than going to KIS (as she always did when she was suspicious of Yong Tae) shows that she doesn’t fully believe what Yong Tae said.

I presumed Yong Tae would consider Bon’s suspicious activity as a threat to his work but it is funny that he went with the document to Ae-rin. It is amusing that he considers Bon as a threat only on a personal level.

The woman in red heels is mysterious but I won’t be surprised if she is a comical addition to the existing plot. The only serious part of the series is Terius’ past. I am curious to see how the show connects the past with the present, as there doesn’t seem to be even a hint of seriousness in the present happenings except for the Tarot card assassination. KingCastle’s coordinates appearing on the Tarot card is interesting and it hints that we may be seeing some action soon.

-By Soul Sword-

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