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Terius Behind Me Episode 9 and 10 Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 9 and 10 Recap


Terius/Bon rushes into the secret hideout, which houses weapons. He loads the gun and walks over to the parked cars. He gets into the blue sports car and speeds away.

Terius’ car speeds down the road.


Elsewhere (looks like a warehouse), Ae-rin is tied to a chair and her mouth is taped shut. She frantically looks around and tries to free herself but is unable to do so. She wonders what will happen to her kids if she dies here. She thinks that no one knows her location. The doors open and someone walks in.

Terius’ car races down the road as he tracks Ae-rin’s location. He recalls placing the heart sticker (he had taken it from King’s Bag hideout while Ji Yeon wasn’t looking ) in Ae-rin handbag earlier.

Meanwhile, Ji Yeon walks into the restaurant/meeting place and finds both Yong Tae and In Taek missing. She learns from the servers that they left through the back door.

Ae-rin is shocked to find Yong Tae standing in front of her. He removes the tape from her mouth and she asks why she is here. He pulls up a chair and sits in front of her. He quotes the story of Bluebeard saying that women who entered the forbidden door despite warnings died early. He asks if she is wondering how he found out.


In a flashback, we see Yong Tae is at his hotel suite in Milan. As he is about to have his drink, he gets an alert on the phone. He checks it to see Ae-rin in the locked room looking at all the bags.

At present, Yong Tae leans back in his chair as Ae-rin apologises, knowing that she is caught red-handed. She tries to tell him that she went in to check for a price tag to the bag she had ruined. She adds that she was curious. He says that he had asked her not to bother about the bag. They hear a loud thump and both of them give a jerk. Yong Tae straightens up to see that it’s his deputy Park Seo-Il, who had banged a long wooden plank on the floor. Seeing the plank in his hand, Ae-rin asks if she is going to be beaten with it. Yong Tae asks if she is scared and she says she is scared that it’ll hurt. Park bangs the wooden plank loudly again causing both Yong Tae and Ae-rin to jump. Yong Tae asks Park to stop it as they are talking.


Ae-rin promises to tell Yong Tae everything when he says that it is going to hurt a lot. Yong Tae asks her why she took pictures of the bags. She explains that she had taken the bag home after spilling juice on it. Yong Tae wears a look of disbelief on his face as she says that her friend is knowledgeable about bags. She then goes on to say that, there was no brand with those numbers. Yong Tae is tense as he hears her mention the numbers. He then asks her to go on. She says that she entered the room and found more bags there. She says she took the pictures so that she can show them to her friend. Yong Tae slowly asks her who her friend is. She says it’s her kids’ friend’s mother. He asks if the friend has seen the pictures. She says that she hasn’t yet as the pictures are in a USB.

Yong Tae empties her bag and removes the pen drive. She says that she also has a copy on the C Drive of her work computer. He browses through her phone and she says that she deleted everything except the pictures of her kids. Ae-rin asks Yong Tae if the bags are important enough to abduct her.

Yong Tae makes up his mind that she doesn’t know anything. He asks her why she had gone to the funeral. She says she had lied to him about something.

Outside, Terius’ car comes to a stop few feet before the men waiting outside the warehouse. He thrashes all the men who come at him. All the men are knocked out unconscious as he heads inside.

Inside, Ae-rin continues saying she thought Yong Tae would make a move on her so she had said that her husband is alive. Yong Tae is embarrassed but he gets up and turns away. Ae-rin apologises a lot for misjudging him. Yong Tae is contented as he thinks that Ae-rin finally told him that her husband is dead. They suddenly hear a commotion outside and he sends his deputy Park to check.

Park runs out with the plank to find all the men knocked out. He walks forward and comes face to face with Terius who knocks him out with just one punch.

Inside, Yong Tae is disturbed, as Park hasn’t returned. He doesn’t get a response when he calls Park. He immediately unties Ae-rin and asks her to take all of her things. After she is done taking her bag, he asks her to lead the way. Ae-rin is puzzled. He then pushes her in the front and she starts resisting while walking. She asks what if she gets hit first.


She stops and pushes him away saying that she can’t get hurt. He says that he also can’t get hurt. He then holds her in front like a shield and continues to walk. She says that she has kids and he is just a man. He silences her by placing his hand over her mouth and they start moving forward.

Outside, Terius stands beside the door with the gun as the door slides open and Ae-rin’s face protrudes out with her eyes closed. Terius is surprised seeing her but she doesn’t see him. She tells Yong Tae who is inside that there is no one there. Terius hides behind a stack of tyres as Yong Tae sends her out to check again.


Yong Tae peeks out as Ae-rin says that all the men are on the ground and guesses that someone hit them. Yong Tae instantly races out of the warehouse. Ae-rin asks him to wait for her and starts running behind him.

Terius watches as Yong Tae gets into the car and Ae-rin frantically taps on his window, asking him to take her with him. Yong Tae asks her to go back on her own and tells her that she is fired. She screams that there are no taxis here as the area is isolated.  She continues to scream as he drives away.

She mutters that she is scared and sprints away. Terius watches as she walks away.

Ae-rin is jittery and paranoid as she walks down the deserted road. She receives a call from Bon, who asks her why she isn’t home yet.

Terius walks at a distance, watching Ae-rin speak to him over the phone.

Ae-rin walks a long way and grows tired. Just then, she is blinded by the headlights of a blue sports car. Terius/Bon gets out of the car and walks towards her. Ae-rin is surprised at first but then her legs give way due to relief and she sinks to the ground. Bon helps her up and asks if she is okay. She says that she was very scared but then corrects herself that she was just a little scared. Bon smiles and says that she is very brave. She is grateful as she smiles at him.


As he drives her back, she says that she was fired. He says that it is good and she asks him how he could say that. She then explains that they are a gang and she almost got beaten but is proud that she didn’t get hurt. She then recollects Bon asking her to be careful of strangers earlier on the phone. She asks him how he sensed the danger. Bon starts to say something but she asks him if he has supernatural powers. Bon immediately says that he can look into the future. Ae-rin is shocked hearing this and immediately imagines him as a Shaman.


She shakes off the image and says that he doesn’t look the type. Bon asks her not to tell anyone about what she saw today, as it will get her into trouble. He adds that her family will land into a misfortune if she does so. Bon smiles at her expression he continues to drive.

At the apartment, Ae-rin runs towards Eun-Ha, who is standing outside the apartment and apologises. Eun-ha eyes Bon and Ae-rin suspiciously and asks if something happened. Ae-rin promptly denies anything and Bon agrees. Eun-ha gives them an assessing look and says that the kids are asleep and Ae-rin can leave them at her place for the night. Ae-rin runs over and thanks Eun-ha.


Bon and Ae-rin walk down the street carrying the sleeping kids. Ae-rin comments that Bon’s car is really nice and he says he had just bought it. She comments that he leases his place, yet he owns a car and asks if he is car poor. Bon says he earns through babysitting her kids. She remembers she was fired and says she will find a new job to help with his lease. He comments that she has kids and a mortgage but she worries about his lease. She says she does and he smiles. They walk towards their apartment.

The next day, Yong Tae asks Park the identity of the person beat up his men. When he is furious that the man isn’t in the CCTV footage, Park reminds him that it was Yong Tae’s idea not to leave any evidence. Yong Tae had asked them to find a place without CCTV so they had chosen the warehouse. Yong Tae says that Park was always bad at his job and asks him why he did his job perfectly this time around. Park apologises.

Yong Tae asks Park where “K” (killer/magician) is and Park says he has left for Macau 3 days back. Yong Tae wonders who it could have been as K is not in town. Park suspects Ae-rin but Yong Tae brushes it off saying he has already fired her.

At the Kingcastle Centre, Eun-ha plays golf while Sang Ryeol clicks Sun-mi’s pictures. They are all horrified when they hear that Ae-rin was sacked. Ae-rin remembers Bon’s warning as they ask more questions. Ae-rin says that they had decided to call it even by cancelling it out of her paycheck. As her friends are concerned, Ae-rin is determined as she says she will find a new job.

Meanwhile, Kwon learns from one of her men that they spotted Terius at Ilsongjung (meeting place) after receiving information. He also says they spotted him outside star tower. She is furious when she learns that Terius had disappeared again. The man says that Alpha 2 had chased after him, but Terius disappeared like a ghost. She orders more men to be stationed at star tower and wonders why Terius went there.

Elsewhere, Do Woo walks on the streets wearing headphones. He realises he is being followed and starts to sprint towards a building. He rushes into the restroom and comes out sporting a totally different look.


He walks out of the building and comes face to face with Terius (Terius was the one following Do Woo). Terius comments that Do Woo is well trained for someone who is not even a field agent. Do Woo asks what Terius would do if he reported him.

At the King’s bag secret base, Do-woo asks Terius why he took the sticker. When Terius doesn’t respond, Do Woo narrates all the places Terius has been to. He says he knows everything. Terius walks over to sit at a table asking Do Woo what else he knows. Do Woo says he knows Terius comes here frequently and that he lives close by.

Ji Yeon walks in just then and is shocked to see the two. Terius says that he met Do Woo on his way here. He says he likes Do Woo as he is just like Ji Yeon.


Later, Terius explains that J-International is a camouflaged defence industrial company. He says they approached Moon Sung Soo with an offer to introduce their combat planes. Ji Yeon completes the sentence by saying that they got rid of Sung Soo because he didn’t agree to their offer. She says that they approached In Taek but she missed the opportunity to take a photo of the meeting.

Do Woo says that Star Tower’s system managed to retrieve the logbook of Moon’s phone. Terius says that Yong Tae would’ve called Moon from his office. He learns from Ji Yeon that the magician left for Macau 3 days ago using a fake passport. Terius looks at the Magician’s profile. His name is listed as Steven Kim and he seems to have been born and brought up in the U.S.A. Do Woo grabs the profile saying he will look into it. Terius asks him to look into J-International as well as Yong Tae. Ji Yeon asks him where he rushed to the day before. Before he can respond, there is an alert informing someone is at the door. They rush over to the screen to see Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol in the shop.

Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol start looking around the shop.

Inside, Ji Yeon sends Do Woo to enter the shop from the outside. After Do Woo leaves, Terius suggests hiring one more person to look after the store.

At her home, Ae-rin is filling out an application when the doorbell rings. Bon is at the door. He hands out the pamphlet saying that King’s Bag is looking to hire. He tells her that she should start working soon so that she can pay him.

Ji Yeon sits in King’s bag shop as she recalls her conversation with Bon. In a flashback, Ji Yeon asks if the job is for Ae-rin. Bon asks her how she knows Ae-rin’s name. Ji Yeon says she knows that Ae-rin’s husband is dead and asks why he is concerned about Ae-rin. Bon says he pities her. Bon says Ae-rin’s late husband is a witness to Moon’s assassination. He tells Ji Yeon to be quiet about it as Ae-rin isn’t aware of anything. At present, Ji Yeon sits at the store and spots Ae-rin. As Ae-rin walks in, Ji Yeon greets her.

At the Apartment, Eun-ha tells Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol that Bon can see the future and he even warned Ae-rin beforehand. Eun-ha says she doesn’t know more about the details and asks them to keep it to themselves. Sun-mi wonders if Bon had visited their houses keeping geomancy in mind. They decide to talk to Bon later on.


At King’s Bag, Ji Yeon interviews Ae-rin. Do Woo smiles as Ae-rin says she worked as a programmer previously. Ji Yeon asks her to leave the contact details with Do Woo. Ae-rin tells her that she worked with J-International, which deals in importing bags. Ji Yeon freezes at this and asks Ae-rin if she mentioned “J-International”. Ae-rin confirms it.

Episode 10

Yong Tae enters his office with Park at his Tow carrying a bag. Park commends Yong Tae on retrieving the bag easily. Yong Tae says that the couple needed money for their son’s wedding. He says you should give them an offer they can refuse at the perfect timing. Yong Tae looks at the white bag in the table.

At King’s Bag, Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin if she had seen the bags or knows about J-International’s clients. Ae-rin wonders why Ji Yeon is interested in that company and says that she has seen the logo of the bags.

At Star Towers, Yong Tae wears gloves and opens the bag to reveal the serial numbers in it.


At King’s bag, Ae-rin says that the serial numbers are printed inside the bags. Ji Yeon asks if there are pictures and Ae-rin says she has them. Ji Yeon asks to see it but Ae-rin asks if she is hired. Ae-rin gets up to leave saying she has more interviews to go to. Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin to start work from the following week. Ji-Yeon asks for the photos but Ae-rin asks if they provide employment insurance and Ji Yeon says they do.

Ae-rin immediately sits down and hands over the picture, which she had shared in the group a few days back. Ji Yeon looks at the serial numbers while Ae-rin asks about the contact. Ae-rin says that she has seen more numbers and Ji Yeon asks Do Woo for the contract.

At home, Bon watches the kids while Ae-rin rushes in saying that she got the job. She thanks Bon and asks to eat out saying that the treat is on her. Bon agrees.


At Quiznos Cafe, Ae-rin orders from the menu. Bon helps her get the food to the table. She sits next to Joon Soo and serves the sandwiches to her kids and Bon. She is about to start eating when Joon Soo asks for her pizza. She takes a piece when Bon intervenes by taking a slice. He asks her to eat and says he will feed Joon Soo. Ae-rin starts eating and Bon comments that it looks like her kids aren’t the only ones who like pizza and sandwiches.

Ae-rin asks him to go home after they finish since she has to take the kids grocery shopping. Bon says that he will come along as he has to buy something too and she agrees.

At the supermarket, they take a trolley each with the kids in each trolley. Bon stops in between and picks up 3 bottles of milk. Ae-rin splits some items that are on an offer with Bon. Joon Soo and Joon Hee find the fish in the tanks amusing. They ask Ae-rin to buy the fish. She refuses saying that there is no space. Both of them start throwing a tantrum. Bon asks her to buy the fish but she asks him to stay out of it. Ae-rin asks the kids to stay behind at the store and walks away. Bon watches the situation.


Later on at Bon’s house, the kids are watching the fish, which Bon has purchased. Ae-rin says that he needn’t have done that. Bon says that it is nothing and he has always thought to raise some fish. She thanks him and says that they will visit very rarely. She comments that his house is very clean with almost no furniture. She asks if he lives the minimal life and he denies it. She walks around the house and opens the kitchen cabinet but Bon closes the cabinet before she looks inside. She finds it odd but the children distract her by jumping on Bon’s furniture. She runs to them and Bon watches them as she chases the kids around.


At King’s Bag secret base, Ji Yeon wonders why Terius didn’t tell her that Ae-rin worked at J-International and about the bags. She thinks Terius doesn’t trust her or wants to work alone. Do Woo explains that Terius doesn’t want Ae-rin to get involved with the NIS. He says that the reason Terius put Ae-rin here is because he wants to help her and keep her safe. Ji Yeon wonders if Bon likes Ae-rin and shakes off that idea. Do Woo watches Ji Yeon solemnly.

At his apartment, Terius is by himself as he watches the fish swim around in the tank.

The next morning, Ae-rin walks into King’s Bag and Do Woo says that she is early by 15 minutes. She tells him that he is early too and he says that he has work to do. Ae-rin goes off to dust the shelves. Just then, a customer walks in and Do Woo asks her to come back at 10.am when the store opens. The woman asks if she can look around and buy one at 10 am. Do Woo agrees. The woman asks if she can touch the bags but Do-woo says she can’t. The customer decides to leave but Ae-rin runs over and tries to sell the bags. Do Woo wears a look of disbelief as he watches her.


Elsewhere, Ji Yeon gives Ae-rin’s profile to Director Shim and says that she wants to employ her as an informant. She adds that she is the wife of the witness to Moon’s assassination. She tells him that the witness dies on the day of the assassination. She says she has proof that he witnessed the murder. He says that her doubts are more plausible now. He asks her to be careful and asks why she wants to employ the wife. Ji Yeon says that she wants to employ her as an informant and asks for his approval. He asks if Ae-rin is trustworthy and Ji Yeon says she is with an unconvincing laugh.

At Star Towers, Yong Tae checks Ae-shin’s desk and finds a document labelled, “Cocky Weirdo’s food preference”. He goes through it and finds his food preference listed. He realises that he is the Cocky Weirdo. He finds an analysis of his food preference and the frequencies. He comments that Ae-rin did not slack off in her work.

At King’s Bag, Ae-rin is bothered that the store doesn’t have customers. She worries that the owner won’t have enough to pay her if customers don’t come. Do Woo asks her not to be bothered by it. Ae-rin receives a call on her phone.

At the Apartment, Eun Ha, Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol sit across an impatient Bon. Eun ha says that Ae-rin told them Bon could foretell the future. Sang Ryeol asks if his wife will be promoted this year, Sun-mi asks him if her husband and she would have their second child while Eun ha asks him to pick a date for her brother-in-law’s wedding. Bon is taken aback by this as they look at him expectantly. He tells them that he will think it through alone at home and get back to them with answers. They offer to pay him reasonably and he walks away.


At a cafe, Ae-rin sits across Yong Tae. He asks her if she got home safely and she sarcastically says that she did. Yong Tae comments that even if she was deserted on an island, she would swim to the land. He goes on to say that he is willing to give her a second chance. He asks her to give it in writing that she will do as he says from now on and she will get her job back. Ae-rin acts as if she is surprised and asks him if he expected her to react this way. She flatly refuses his offer saying she already has another job. She says that she will pay the bill and walks away after calling him as a gangster. After she leaves, he repeats the word, “Gangster” and gives an amused smile.


At KingCastle, Sang Ryeol tells Ae-rin that she is lucky she got the job offer. Ae-rin says that she won’t work for that scamming company. Ae-rin smiles saying she is the reason they had gathered here again.

At King’s Bag base, Do Woo gives Terius the bank statements and it consists only of the sales. He says it will take time to figure out the identity of the clients. Suddenly, the alarm goes off alerting them of someone entering the shop. They watch the cameras to see Ae-rin, Eun-ha, Sang Ryeol and Sun-mi walk into the shop.

At the store, Ae-rin is concerned that Ji Yeon had told her not to come after work hours. They get down to work. Ae-rin poses with the bags while Sang Ryeol clicks photos on his phone. Sun-mi holds an aluminium foil as the reflector.

At the base, Bon, Ji Yeon and Do Woo are huddled together watching the happenings cluelessly as Ji Yeon asks what they are doing. Do Woo says it looks like a photo shoot.


At the store, Sang Ryeol clicks pictures of Eun-ha and Sun-mi too. They pose and take a lot of pictures. They upload it on their social media sites.


Back in the hideout, the 3 of them still look at the camera wondering what is happening. Bon says that he has a bad feeling about this.


The next day, King’s Bag is filled with customers. Ji Yeon and Do Woo stand in the corner wondering why Ae-rin is working so hard. Ae-rin introduces Eun-ha, Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol to Ji Yeon. Sang Ryeol comments that Ji Yeon looks familiar but he can’t place her (he had seen Terius meeting Ji Yeon one morning while he was cycling).

Bon sits outside on a bench watching Ae-rin busy selling bags. He comments that she is really unbelievable.

At Bon’s home, the kids are naming the fish. They ask Bon to name one of them. They suggest naming it “Uncle” the English equivalent to “Ahjussi”. They then start to sing. Bon gets a message from Ji Yeon saying that they need to quit their jobs and sell bags as Ae-rin sold all the bags in the store. He smiles and asks the kids what their mother is best at. They say she is good at yelling, calling old goblin, cleaning, doing laundry and eating leftover food.


At night, Bon waits outside the Apartment. He is about to go in when Ae-rin comes running calling out his name. She asks if he was waiting for her and he denies saying he was here to put out the recyclables. He says that the kids are asleep and she thanks him. He says she needn’t thank him and she holds out a gift for him. He asks if she is giving him a gift again and she asks him to open it. He unwraps it and finds a wallet. She says she had bought it before it was sold. He thanks her and she says that she has put his pay in it too for his instalment. She thanks him for taking care of the kids so that she could concentrate on her work. Bon says that she is welcome and thanks her for the gift before walking away.


At his apartment, Sang Ryeol watches the news which says that Lucas Con’s Jets Z-38 has been purchased by the government. He wonders why they chose the outdated model and is frustrated that he can’t do anything about it. He is startled when his wife yells from inside asking him to switch off the TV.

At the King’s Bag base, Ji Yeon comments that the new head chose to be on Lucas Con’s side. Do Woo says that they have to find the connection between J-International and Lucas Con. Ji Yeon says that she feels J-International is something bigger.

Kwon stands in her office with a phone in her hand contemplating.

At Star Towers, Yong Tae gets a call from one of the phones. He attends the call and asks the person on the other end not to worry. He hangs up and starts to think.

At the other end, the person hangs up. He posts the “The High Priestess” card on Aries Horoscope.


At the NIS, a person Sneaks in Director Shim’s office and clicks a photo of the file with Go Ae-rin’s name as an informant.

In the morning, the parents and children wait for the school bus.

In his apartment, Bon checks the horoscope. He comments that he hasn’t seen the High Priestess card before. He wonders what it means and keys in the coordinates on his phone. He is shocked to see that the location is KingCastle Apartments. He rushes outside.

Once outside, he sees the school bus pulling away and sees Ae-rin standing there. He notices a glare (from a sniper scope probably) on her chest and he turns around to check for the sniper. He notices a glare of what could be a sniper’s scope from one of the buildings. He feels a sense of Deja-Vu as he remembers Candy being shot by a sniper. He yells out, “Noo!” and runs towards Ae-rin, who is puzzled. He lunges at her shoving her to the ground. Everyone looks at the two of them on the ground.


Image Courtesy- MBC


This series is turning out to be really light-hearted and cheery.

This show does a great job in turning serious situations into funny ones. That was one of the funniest abduction scenes ever. Yong Tae’s reaction when Ae-rin explained what happened to his bag was extremely funny. Ae-rin would do very well as an agent judging from how she convincingly lied to Yong Tae. She tricked him into believing that she had no clue as to what was going on. Terius in a shaman outfit was the icing on the cake and that image is going to be etched in my mind for a long time.

I wonder if the High Priestess is a sign for another sniper (a female probably). Considering how the show keeps causing the serious turning points to end in a comical way, I am more curious to see how Bon is going to explain to the curious members of KIS as to why he lunged at Ae-rin.

-By Soul Sword-

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