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Terius Behind Me Episode 29 and 30 Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 29 and 30 Recap

Bon places both the flash drive and the document in the bag and closes it when Ms An comes running inside. She calls him a thief and runs to attack him. Bon knocks her unconscious in one strike. He lays her on the sofa and runs out of the room.

Bon speaks into the earpiece saying it is an emergency and asks Alice to come to the garden.

Ae-rin acknowledges and runs toward the garden after throwing her apron away.

Bon hears the footsteps of security guards coming and runs the other way.

Ae-rin nervously waits in the garden.

Bon calls out Ae-rin’s name from the 2nd-floor balcony and she sees him. Bon spots K walking towards her with a gun (with a silencer).

Ae-rin is shocked to see that the bullet has hit Bon’s arm. She starts to panic but Bon says he is okay. He asks her to get a grip. He tells her to get out of the back door and take the bag with her. She asks what about him and he says he has unfinished business with K. He tells her that she to protect the bag no matter what happens. Bon gets up despite Ae-rin calling him.

Bon jumps at K and tackles him while Ae-rin runs away. Bon and K start fighting.

Ae-rin clutches the bag to her chest and nervously runs down the corridor leading to the back door.

In the garden, Bon dodges K’s strikes. K hits Bon on the bullet wound and manages to floor Bon. Bon lies on the floor as K gets a hold of the gun and points it at Bon.

Ae-rin runs out the door but freezes in terror as she hears a loud gunshot. She turns around but remembers Bon’s words asking her to protect the bag no matter what happens. Ae-rin runs away with the bag.

In the garden, K falls down as he is shot.


Kwon stands with her team, pointing the gun at K. K gets up and runs away. Kwon asks her team to follow him while she runs towards Terius whose eyes are closed. She calls out his name and he looks up in surprise. She says he can thank her later. As Bon slowly loses consciousness, she asks Kim to call an ambulance.


(Title – Spy)

Meanwhile, Yoon’s car stops midway and Yoon asks Yong Tae to get off the car. He says he will call once they get the situation settled. Yong Tae agrees and gets off the car. He calls someone on the phone but gets no response. He is concerned as he hopes everything is alright.


At King’s bag, Ji Yeon apologises to Shim saying that she had only recently found out that Bon is alive. Ji Yeon says that DEATH Protocol means they have to keep up that Bon is dead and she was following that protocol. Shim says she should have told him. She says Do Woo and she were helping. Shim asks if they were planning to rob the Chief Secretary by borrowing equipment to open safes.

Shim receives a call just then and is surprised to hear what the person has to say. He hangs up. He tells the two of them that Bon is shot but Kwon has taken him to the hospital. Ji Yeon and Do Woo exchange a look.

At the hospital, Ji Yeon comes at Kwon asking if she shot Bon and how much she harasses him. Kwon’s agents hold Ji Yeon while Kwon says Bon is the one who had trespassed into the Chief Presidential Secretary’s residence and tried to escape. Ji Yeon says he had his reasons and Kwon asks what it was.  Kwon asks if she expects her to believe that Ji Yeon wasn’t involved. Shim says that Ji Yeon was with him and they came together.

Ji Yeon asks an explanation for the shooting. Kwon says Bon was already shot when they reached the scene. She says it was K who shot him but they lost him though they pursued him. She says she has to catch K and walks away. Ji Yeon asks how Kwon knew to be there. Kwon turns around and says she has an informant. She walks away leaving everyone surprised.

On her way out, Kwon tells Kim to check all hospitals and vets for anyone with gunshot wounds (K). After Kim leaves, Kwon dials a number and says, “It’s about time we meet, my dear informant.”


Meanwhile, the surgeon tells Ji Yeon and Shim that Bon’s surgery went well and he will recover. Shim asks Ji Yeon to inform him when Bon wakes up and says he has to go to the HQ now. She agrees and walks into Bon’s room while Shim walks away.

Bon’s hand is cuffed to the bed. Ji Yeon sits on the bed beside Bon. Ji Yeon remembers Ae-rin and calls her up.


Ae-rin is at home and is flustered when she asks Ji Yeon about Bon.

Ji Yeon says Bon is at the hospital and his surgery went well. She asks Ae-rin who had shot Bon and Ae-rin says it was K. Ji Yeon asks Ae-rin not to call her for some time, as nobody knows she was involved. Ae-rin says she has something she has to deliver to Bon and says she wants to see him. Ji Yeon says there is a way.

At her home, Ae-rin clutches the document to her chest.

At his residence, Yoon rushes to the safe and opens it. He is shocked to see both the flash drive and the document missing. He makes a call and tells the person on the other end that the list is missing. He yells asking the person to get it back.

At his hideout, K treats his gunshot wound on his leg. He receives a call from Yoon reprimanding him. As he apologises, Yoon says X will retrieve the list. He tells K to leave the country and lay low for a while.

K takes his original US passport that has his real name and limps out with his bag.


Elsewhere by the riverside, Yong Tae passes a bag (money) to his driver Park. He tells him that the Voice will find out soon that Yong Tae betrayed him. He says the Voice will also find out that Park sided with Yong Tae and made a false report. Yong Tae says he has given Park all the cash he could gather. He tells Park to go to his hometown and become a farmer just like he had always wanted to.

Park asks Yong Tae to come with him but Yong Tae says he has work to do. Park calls Yong Tae who turns around. He kneels down and says he had believed them and hurt Yong Tae. Yong Tae asks him to get up and says Park would’ve been killed if he hadn’t done what he had done. He says switching sides in order to live is the right thing to do in order to stay alive. Park’s eyes tear up as Yong Tae asks Park to go home and be happy. Park starts crying calling out Yong Tae’s name as Yong Tae walks away. Park says, “You are awesome Jin Yong Tae!” as he continues to cry.

Yong Tae runs up to Park and asks 10 dollars for the taxi. He grabs a note from the bag and runs away while Park says he had taken 50 dollars.


Meanwhile, all the members of the KIS are gathered at a restaurant for dinner. Sang Ryeol wonders where Ae-rin is and Sun-mi says that Ae-rin said something important had come up. Eun ha discusses the jumble sale, Christmas decor and gifts for the security guards. She asks the others for ideas and listens to them.

Elsewhere, K limps down the street but he notices blood seeping through his pants. He limps slowly into the pharmacy and buys some painkillers. A member of the KIS (the woman who took a picture of K with Ae-rin’s kids when they were kidnapped) is also there. She doesn’t recognise him and greets him before walking away. She stops at the door wondering that he is familiar. She suddenly recognises him. She pulls out her phone and checks the gallery for the photo of K with Joon Soo and Joon Hee.


She sneaks behind one of the racks as she confirms it is him. She sends a message in the KIS group chat that she spotted the twins’ kidnapper at the pharmacy and asks them to get here fast.

At the restaurant, everyone is vengeful on seeing the message and they hurry outside.

At the pharmacy, the woman slowly follows K, who walks out of the shop. She keeps sending updates of the location in the group as she follows him from a safe distance.

K is walking slowly down the road and is startled to see a group of KIS members running towards him yelling “it’s him”. K turns around to find another group running towards him. He stops in his tracks and Eun ha says she knows he is the one who kidnapped the kids and threatened their father.


K reaches for his pocket but two cops walk up behind Eun ha asking what was going on. K remembers Yoon telling him to leave the country and lay low. Eun ha asks the cops to arrest K. The cops advance slowly towards him. Everyone back away as the cops ask K for an ID.

K sits in the police station as Eun ha tells the police he was the kidnapper. She asks him to be punished severely and the cop says he will do what he has to. Before going out, they stare K down and walk away.


After they leave, the cops comment that there is no evidence and it is such a pain. The other cop says they should run his ID first. Before they do it, a few people in the police station start an argument. The cops go to them and sort out the issue. They turn around to see K missing. They go out to search for him.

At the hospital, Ae-rin wheels a trolley, dressed as a nurse. She holds out the ID and the guard lets her into Bon’s room.


Ae-rin stands next to Bon’s bed. Bon’s eyes are closed as he says it is not the time for his shot yet and asks who she is. Ae-rin removes her mask and smiles gesturing him to keep quiet when he reacts. She is startled when the door opens and Ji Yeon walks in praising her.  Ae-rin says she has Spy’s DNA in her blood. Ae-rin pulls out the file and shows it to Bon.

Ji Yeon is amazed that they had actually managed to get the file. Ji Yeon jumps in Joy and pats both Ae-rin and Bon in excitement. Ae-rin says she had to come in person to deliver it as Bon had risked his life for it. She asks if Bon can be free after giving this and Ji Yeon confirms this. Ji Yeon receives a call from Shim and she walks out allowing them some private time.

Ae-rin asks if Bon wants some water and Bon has a straight face when he says yes. She places the file on Bon and goes to get water. Bon takes a sip and says that getting injured has its advantages. When she doesn’t understand, he says he was upset when he saw Ae-rin wiping Yong Tae’s hair when he was in the hospital. Bon had grabbed the tissue from Ae-rin at that time. Ae-rin says that it is silly and asks if she should get some shampoo tissue. Bon takes another sip of water.


Outside, Shim asks Ji Yeon (phone call) if Bon is awake and she says he is. Shim asks if Bon has what he went there for and Ji Yeon says that is safe too. Shim says it would be dangerous to have it with her and asks her to give it to him. Ji Yeon says she was about to and says she will come right over. She hangs up and walks away.

By the riverside, Kwon is in her car with the informant. She asks the informant why she was given the information. It is none other than Yong Tae and he asks her why she thinks so.

In a flashback, Yoon orders the car to turn around. Yong Tae sends the message (to Kwon) with Yoon’s name. Kwon says she thought Yong Tae was protecting Yoon but her presence was more beneficial to Bon. Yong Tae smiles as she asks if he wanted to save Kim Bon. Yong Tae asks her why she wanted to see him.


Kwon says Bon and Ji Yeon don’t trust her. She asks why Yong Tae had chosen her over Shim to give the tip-off. Yong Tae says he hasn’t seen Shim and doesn’t know him but is sure that Kwon doesn’t work for Cornerstone. Kwon asks, “Cornerstone?”

In a flashback, Yong Tae and Park walk in a corridor. Yong Tae asks for Yoon’s plans before leaving for Switzerland. Park says Yoon is meeting Kwon over lunch. Yong Tae asks where they are meeting. Yong Tae watches Yoon leave after Kwon bows to him. He watches as Park blocks Kwon’s way and bows to her. Park holds out a tarot card and tells her he was ordered to give it to her. Kwon looks at the Tarot Card and is clueless as she asks what it was. She even turns it over and wonders what it means. Yong Tae gives a puzzled look as she asks who had given this.  Park runs away and Yong Tae hides behind the wall too. Yong Tae comments that she has no idea what the magician card means.

In the present, Yong Tae says he was right as Kwon asks him what is Cornerstone. Later on, Kwon closes her eyes at the revelation. She asks him to go to Wang Jeong Nam’s (Bon’s alias) house for now. She says it will be safer than a safe house. Yong Tae says he was about to go there only. He says he will see her again and gets out of the car.

As Kim gets into the car, Kwon tells him to look up a passport history of Max Hoffman from 3 years ago.

Episode 30

Ji Yeon walks up to Bon’s bed (looks like Ae-rin has left). She tells him she is going to meet Shim as she wants to check something. She says he has to talk with Kwon who is coming to see him. Bon says he has a lot of things to go through with her. As Ji Yeon walks out Bon asks her to be careful always. Ji Yeon acknowledges and walks away smiling.


At the NIS, Shim congratulates Ji Yeon on wrapping up King’s Bag Operation. She thanks him and Shim says he even made it look like he approved Equipment 17. He asks Ji Yeon for the evidence. Ji Yeon reaches for her bag but stops when Shim asks what she had brought from ‘his’ house.

At the hospital, Kwon walks in and asks Bon if he had taken the flash drive, which Candy had obtained. She asks if he didn’t kill Candy. Bon says though he is a suspect he won’t answer her if she interrogates him like this. She is furious when she says it has to be him but stops midway before completing the sentence. Bon sits up and asks what she means by if it is not him. Kwon says if it is not him then it has to be Director Shim. She shows him a copy of Shim’s fake-passport history.


Bon picks it up and sees Shim’s entry date into Poland. Kwon says it is the date Candy died. She says Shim wasn’t involved in Operation Candy and asks why Shim was in Poland.

At NIS, Ji Yeon remembers that the paper on the table did not have Yoon’s name but only the address. She remembers that Shim knew it was Yoon’s house by just looking at the address. Ji Yeon asks if Shim knew Yoon from college. Shim says she knew he graduated from a university in The States. Ji Yeon’s smile fades as he says she is linking him to Yoon whom he has never met before. Ji Yeon says she has forgotten the documents and says she will get them now. He asks her to go and get it. Shim’s expression is grim as Ji Yeon walks out.

Once outside, Ji Yeon recalls that she is sure Yoon and Shim know each other well.

In a flashback, Ji Yeon tells Shim about J-International. Later on, Yong Tae had told her that J-International had been wiped clean. Yong Tae had said Voice’s puppets are in the NIS. The other day, Bon’s van blows up during DEATH Protocol. Bon told her they will have to figure out who tried to kill him.

At present, Ji Yeon’s eyes tear up as it dawns on her that Shim is the NIS leak. She walks out hurriedly. Shim watches her and calls up someone. He tells the person on the other end that he has something that has to be dealt with.

At the hospital, Bon says the document (passport) could be forged. Kwon calls the agent stationed outside his room. Bon sees the agent and recognises him as the van driver who had given him the keys to the handcuffs before the van exploded. The agent says that Chief Kwon was the one who had given him the keys.


Bon is surprised as he says she was the one who tried to kill him in the first place. Kwon says she won’t be able to get the flash drive if Bon is dead. She says she is the only person in NIS who wants him alive. Bon asks her how she knew about the explosion. Kwon says she heard something strange.

In a flashback, Kwon overhears Shim telling someone over the phone to blast it as soon as it turns left into the threeway. Kwon sneaks out. Shin hears a sound upstairs but finds no one there.

At present, Kwon says she had her doubts but the van really exploded. Bon recalls the incident from 3 years back when Candy was killed and he had managed to get hold of K.


In the flashback, Bon pins K to the wall and asks him who had sent him. K breaks free and fights Bon. Bon knocks K to the ground and points the gun at him repeatedly asking who had sent him. Someone shoots Bon from behind and Bon falls down. He gets up again pointing the gun at K asking the same question. Bon is shot again and this time he falls over K and loses consciousness.


Shim lowers his gun and walks forward as K walks past him. Shim kneels next to Bon and searches Bon’s pockets. He retrieves the flash drive that Candy had given Bon. As he walks away, Bon opens his eyes just in time to see just the hazy retreating figure (of Shim). Bon loses consciousness again.

At present, Shim sits at his office. He recalls sitting at a cafe 3 years ago and walking away upon sighting a man walking towards him. The man picks up the newspaper on the table and finds the flash drive in it.

At present, Bon is stumped when he realises that Shim was the one who took the flash drive. Bon says that Ji Yeon is in danger and immediately throws a fit asking Kwon to release him. Kwon gets the keys.


Elsewhere, Ji Yeon crosses the road as she receives the call from Bon asking where she is.

At the hospital, Bon (in his Terius attire) asks if she met Director Shim.

Ji Yeon stops as a car speeds by. She says she is on her way to see Bon. She takes a step forward and a black van ploughs her down.

At the hospital, Bon calls out her name and asks what happened.

Ji Yeon is tossed upwards and comes to land on the road as the van speeds away. Ji Yeon is unconscious as a figure comes and takes her handbag away. She lies on the ground losing blood as Bon’s voice echoes through the phone.


At the hospital, Bon yells her name and Kwon asks what is wrong. Bon asks her one last question. He asks her where she got the shirt with the Gold Clover button. Kwon says it was a gift from Shim.


Bon goes over to the table and retrieves the file. He gives the document to Kwon. She takes it from him and asks what it is. Bon says it has the codenames she was looking for. Kwon opens the cover and finds the document in it. Bon says he trusts her. He says he has to go see Director Shim. Kwon gives him her ID card and asks him to use it. Bon takes it.

The other agents grab hold of Bon as soon as he walks out of the room. Kwon asks them to let him go. After Bon leaves, Kwon asks Kim to get her car.

Bon walks down the corridor as he calls up Do Woo asking him to track Ji Yeon’s phone.

In his office, Shim goes through all the things in Ji Yeon’s bag. He throws the bag in fury when he finds that the document isn’t there. He places a call to Yoon.

Yoon is furious that Shim failed to obtain the papers.

Shim learns that K has left the country. He asks Yoon to go to the safe house too. He says he will send Park.

Yoon hangs up and comments that this has gotten very, very complicated. Yon leaves his residence in his car.

Kwon walks into the Blue House and waits outside a closed door (Probably the President).

Meanwhile, an ambulance reaches the hospital carrying Ji Yeon. She is rushed into the hospital where the doctors make arrangements for her surgery.


Do-woo runs into the hospital’s ER asking for the accident victim. He spots Ji Yeon’s gurney being taken in for surgery. The nurse holds him back as he tries to go with the gurney. He stops the doctor and asks what is going on. The doctor says Ji Yeon is going in for surgery.


At the NIS HQ, Shim is packing some disks and deleting the files on his computer. Bon stands by the door and asks why he did it. Shim frees and looks up. As Bon walks forward, Shim takes his gun and points it at Bon but Bon disarms him.

Bon points the gun at Shim asking why he did it. He says Choi Yeon Kyong’s (Candy) dream was to live a normal life.  He asks why he had used her and killed her. Bon asks why Shim had hurt Ji Yeon when she had trusted and believed him so much.

Shim says that Bon, Candy and Ji Yeon had interfered with their system. Bon says Shim can’t kill anyone he wants. Shim says some people are like pawns in the chess game and must be sacrificed. Bon says then Shim should die too. Shim says Bon cant kill him and Bon fires a shot near Shim. He moves close to Shim pointing the gun at him.


Kwon rushes in with her agents asking Bon to stop. Kwon tells Shim that he is wanted for emergency arrest. She tells Bon that Yoon has disappeared. She says they require Shim to catch him and decode the Cornerstone list. She asks if Bon wants to lose everyone for getting his momentary revenge. Bon slowly lowers his gun.

Kwon steps forward and removes the gun from Bon’s hand before handing it over to her agents. She asks the agents to hold Shim. She puts the handcuffs on him and says that he is wearing a disgusting political mask. She says she will peel it off for him. The agents escort Shim away. Kwon pats Bon and heads out with Shim’s evidence bag.

Bon stays rooted to the spot as he sees Ji Yeon’s bag on the floor.

Do Woo sits outside the Operating Room and tears trickle down his eyes. He remembers the day at the park. He had asked to go to Iceland with her after King’s Bag Operation was over. He had asked her to buy the ticket for him since he spent everything on the necklace. He had walked away and she had stood there calling out to him.


Bon walks up behind Do Woo who is crying hard. Bon puts his hand over Do Woo’s shoulder. He says Ji Yeon will come back but Do Woo continues to cry as he says okay.


Ae-rin rushes in and stops next to them. She asks how Ji Yeon is and Bon says she is still in surgery. Ae-rin asks how this could happen and breaks down into tears. Bon wears a grim expression as he says Ji Yeon will be okay. Bon looks at the closed doors of the Operating Room.

Bon walks inside his apartment with Ji Yeon’s bag. Yong Tae walks up to him asking if Ji Yeon is okay. Bon says the surgery went well but she is still unconscious. Bon says she pretended to have the documents in order to test Shim. Bon says Yoon has disappeared but he will catch him. He asks Yong Tae to hide here and be a witness later. He says he will give Yong Tae his new identity after everything is over. Yong Tae agrees. As Bon walks into his room, Yong Tae asks if Bon had eaten but doesn’t get a response. Yong Te looks at sliced bread and milk on the table.

Inside his room, Bon looks at the bracelet Ji Yeon had gifted him. He remembers asking her to be careful when she had left to see Shim and she had smiled at him while agreeing. Bon is teary-eyed as he holds the bracelet in his hand.


Do Woo and Ae-rin sit by Ji Yeon’s bedside. Do Woo asks Ae-rin to stay by Ji Yeon’s side, as he will have a lot of work to do now. Ae-rin asks him not to worry, as she will protect Ji Yeon no matter what happens. Do-woo walks out of the room.


At the NIS, Kwon gives Bon his ID card and weapon. She says he is back in duty as of today. She says he will head King’s Bag Operation in place of Ji Yeon. She adds that Shim Woo Cheol will be transferred to R3 this afternoon. She says Operation Candy will be reinvestigated along with Cornerstone list.  She says Bon will be in charge of the interrogation.

Bon asks who is proceeding with the transfer and she says it is the Captain of Counter Terrorism Unit, Park Do Hoon. Bon says he will take all the documents and head to R3.


At King’s Bag, Bon is packing the documents when Do Woo walks in. He says he wants to join as a field agent. Bon says it is dangerous. Do Woo says he has passed the training course with an A+. He says he works as a computer personnel as he is even better at computers. Bon asks if Do Woo wants to work in the field because of Ji Yeon and he confirms it. Bon agrees to do it together and asks Do Woo to get ready.


Shim is escorted to the basement of the NIS. Kwon waits near the van and calls him a sly racoon. She says they will talk more in R3 but Shim says he doesn’t want to. As they put him in the van, Park Do Hoon salutes Kwon and she returns the salute. She tells him to take Shim to R3 and she will leave in her car in 30 minutes.


Park Do Hoon gets into the van and the door closes. Park and Shim look at each other.

Kwon watches the van drive away.

At King’s Bag, Do Woo says he checked all the surveillance cameras in the area during the time of the incident. He pulls up the image of a Sedan and a black van. Bon asks Do Woo to zoom into the driver’s seat. Do Woo does so and Bon looks closely finding the face familiar. Do Woo runs the facial match program and it brings a match to Park Do Hoon.

Bon remembers Kwon telling him that Captain of Counter Terrorism Unit, Park Do Hoon will be in charge of transferring Shim. Bon immediately calls up Kwon.

Kwon is on her way back in when she receives Bon’s call. Bon asks if the van with Shim has already departed. Kwon says it has and asks what is wrong.

The van is on its way with another NIS car following it. Shim and Park Do Hoon watch each other.


At King’s Bag, Bon lowers the phone and whispers ‘No’.

In the speeding van, Shim gives a slight smile.


At King’s Bag, Bon wears a troubled look.

Image courtesy – MBC


This was a great penultimate episode. The entire episode was gripping.

Yong Tae was impressive in this episode. He used his wit to easily find out the NIS leak. His generosity towards Park also shows his other side.

It is good to see the NIS agents working smoothly together. This episode was the only one so far where the NIS overshadowed the KIS (though the KIS caught K).

K was asking for trouble when he was loitering around KingCastle. I wonder if he managed to leave the country or is still lurking around.

This episode smoothly brought the plot together. The preview looks interesting and promising. I am curious to see how the series is going to conclude while Cornerstone still has its people infested everywhere.

-By Soul Sword-

Terius Behind Me Episode 31-32 Recap (Series Finale)

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