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Terius Behind Me- Episode 27 and 28 Recap

Terius Behind Me- Episode 27 and 28 Recap

Ms An shows Ae-rin out through the other door and asks her to use this door after sunset. As Ae-rin leaves, she says she will see her next week. Ms An shuts the door behind her as Ae-rin walks down the path.

Ae-rin comes to the street and searches for Ji Yeon but doesn’t find her. Ae-rin hears footsteps behind her and she senses someone following her. She walks fast and the figure follows her. Ae-rin breaks into a run on the deserted street. She stops by the corner to put on her earpiece but a muzzle of a gun is placed at her temple. Ae-rin freezes in shock and begs the person not to kill her.


Meanwhile, Ji Yeon gets out of her car. She walks a few steps towards the main gate wondering why Ae-rin is taking so long. She speaks into the earpiece asking Ae-rin if something happened. She asks Ae-rin to cough as a signal.

Ae-rin drops the earpiece and begs the person not to kill her as she will do anything he asks. The person still fires. The gun is actually a toy bang gun with a flag. Ae-rin turns around to see Bon holding the toy gun. She calls out his name and takes the gun from him.


Bon asks her if this is Sangam-dong. He asks her if she is scared and she nods. Bon tells her that what she is about to do is more dangerous than this as she will never know when a gun will be pointed at her. She says she knows. He asks her if she must do this despite knowing it. Ae-rin looks at him and says ‘Yes’. She says she cleared the interview and will be joining the next week. She says Ji Yeon and Do Woo are helping her. She says she knows Bon will also help her as he is always looking out for her. Bon says that if that is what she wants then he will make sure to protect her. Ae-rin says she trusts him.


Ji Yeon drives up to them and is worried as she asks how they found each other. She asks them to get in. As they get in the car, Ji Yeon asks about the interview. Ae-rin starts telling her in an excited way but she notices Bon in the back seat and she mellows down. She just says she passed. Ji Yeon praises her. Ae-rin says she couldn’t have done it without KIS’ help. Ji Yeon says she is glad they used a KIS connection. Bon asks about the connection. Ae-rin says that she had a referral from Eun-ha’s father-in-law.

Ji Yeon says Ae-rin got the job without NIS connections so it is safer. Bon asks if he is a loner as Ji Yeon and Ae-rin are getting along well. Ae-rin and Ji Yeon smile as they put on their seatbelts while Bon wears a solemn expression.

At KingCastle, Ae-rin and Bon exit the elevator and Ae-rin is about to go into her apartment when Bon stops her. Bon says that he thought about this and there are two danger points when she is in this disguise. Firstly, he asks her if she will be able to hide her identity until the end. Secondly, he asks if she will be able to escape unhurt if her identity is found out.

Ae-rin asks him not to worry because she isn’t a real agent, to begin with. She says she is really a housewife. Bon says agents get training. He says they will start training tomorrow. Ae-rin gives him a puzzled look and Bon says they will start with basics and gives her a stare.

(Title- Mission Impossible II)


The next day, Ae-rin struggles as she runs slowly on the track. Bon overtakes her easily in a few strides and tells her that there is a prize if she catches up to him. Ae-rin pants as she tries to keep up with him.

Bon sits on the steps waving a snack box and Ae-rin is exhausted as she reaches it. She lays on the steps beside him as she gasps. She takes the snack gratefully and asks how he knew she ate it every day.

As she opens one and starts eating. He reminds her to not get involved if something dangerous happens. She asks if she must run away and says this is the 37th time he is saying it. Bon says he will keep on saying it. She says she will do well and asks him not to worry. Bon asks if she is good at acting and she says Yong Tae had told her she deserves the Best Actress Award. She says she was even able to fool a swindler like Yong Tae and even locate King’s Bag office. She calls Bon ‘Mr Worry’ and asks him not to worry. Ae-rin smiles as Bon wonders if he is Mr Worry.

At the NIS, Shim says he wants to terminate King’s Bag operation. Ji Yeon is stumped when he asks if she is attached to the operation because of Bon’s death. He adds that she has to stop both for her sake and Bon’s sake. Ji Yeon asks for one month’s time. She says she needs time to get organised. Shim agrees to give her a month’s time.


As she is about to leave, Shim says that Kwon mentioned Bon’s security safe in Switzerland. He asks Ji Yeon if she knows anything about it. Ji Yeon says she doesn’t know about it and it is the first time she is hearing of it. He asks her to leave and Ji Yeon walks out.

Shim mutters to himself that she is definitely hiding something.

Outside, Ji Yeon wonders how Kwon found out about Bon’s safe.


Later, Yoon meets Yong Tae with tickets to Switzerland. He says they can go together next weekend and retrieve Terius’ stuff. Yoon says Yong Tae’s house and title will be determined once the safe is opened. Yong Tae agrees.

Bon is at his apartment when he learns of this and he says it is such a short notice. He hears the doorbell just then and hangs up. Bon looks through the peephole to find Eun ha, Sun-mi and Sang Ryeol at the door with fruits and groceries. As he opens the door, they yell “Surprise!” and barge in.


Bon tries to block their way but they dump all the items on him and coolly walk in. They tell him that all KIS executives have gathered for a party here to celebrate Bon’s return. Bon suggests eating out and he will pay. They refuse to take no for an answer and start to make themselves at home. Sun-mi asks Bon to soak the vermicelli while Sang Ryeol picks up the LP record. Eun ha is concerned of the scanty furnishings. Bon is dazed when Eun ha calls up Ae-rin asking her to bring a foldable table on her way back.


Later, a sumptuous meal is before them and Ae-rin is also at the table while Bon looks on. They compliment Bon’s knife skills. They call Bon to join them. Bon joins them and they say they have a lot of catching up to do. They start eating. Sang Ryeol talks about the terror plot at the school and KIS cleaning the place up. Ae-rin looks at Bon. Bon unenthusiastically acknowledges earning a disapproving look from everyone. Ae-rin acts as if she is coughing and whispers to Bon. She asks him to act interested or they will catch on. Ae-rin says he didn’t hear it clearly and Bon asks them to repeat it. They repeat what they said and Bon acts surprised and interested. They continue to narrate incidents like Sun-mi’s husband leaving, Ae-rin losing her job and K striking Eun ha.

Eun ha then asks for the truth and everyone goes silent. Eun ha asks who is the real one and Bon asks what she is talking about. They confront him about the mother of Bon’s child and Ji Yeon. Bon says Ji Yeon is his old colleague. He says he was helping her find an apartment close to the store. They ask if she was a shaman too and Bon confirms it. Bon says he and Ji Yeon are the best and that she is the Queen Fairy. They get excited when he says Ji Yeon is very good. Ae-rin starts smiling.

At King’s Bag, Ji Yeon wonders why her ear is itching and Do Woo says someone must be badmouthing her. Do-woo walks up to her and asks if they can catch falling leaves, as the weather is nice. He takes her out.


They go for a walk and the trees are lined with beautiful autumn colours. Do Woo says spring bothers women while fall bothers men. Ji Yeon asks if he is a man too. He asks if she noticed just now. She says she always thought of him as a kid but now he is all grown. Do Woo says you fall in love if you catch a falling red leaf. Ji Yeon says she is too old for these childish activities. She says for 20 years she dyed her fingernails with garden balsam and left it on till first snow in the hopes of marrying her first love. She says it is all a lie.


Just then, Do Woo picks up a red leaf, which has fallen on Ji Yeon’s head. He swiftly puts the necklace (he bought it from Tiffany & Co) around Ji Yeon’s neck, surprising her. He says he is paying for it over 6 months. Ji Yeon asks him if he is crazy. Do Woo asks her to thank him if she is grateful and not call him crazy. He says she chooses the wrong words at times and Ji Yeon smiles and thanks him. Do Woo reminds her that she had asked to go to Iceland after King’s Bag operation. She asks if she had said that and he says she said that in a taxi while drunk.

When Do Woo brought a drunk Ji Yeon home in a taxi some time ago, Ji Yeon had said she was sick of Bon and everything. She said she had wanted to go far away after King’s Bag Operation. He had asked her where she wanted to go and she had said Iceland.

Ji Yeon remembers this and at present Do Woo asks her to take him with her. He says he has spent all he has on the necklace. He asks her to buy his ticket too and walks away despite Ji Yeon calling after her. Do Woo smiles while walking away with the red leaf. Ji Yeon smiles as she touches the necklace on her neck.

At Bon’s apartment, Sun-mi asks when the twins are coming back. Ae-rin says she can’t bring them now as Bon has another job and doesn’t have a sitter. Bon says he works in sales at an insurance company. Eun ha says she will help him sell policies if required. She says she will recommend him at all meetings she presides, Sun-mi says she will inform her dad’s company and Sang Ryeol says he will inform his buddies. Eun-ha offers to take turns watching the twins till Ae-rin finds a sitter. They all ask her to bring the twins back. Eun ha says that it takes a whole village to raise a child and isn’t something you can do alone. They all raise a toast and Bon joins them. He watches all of them in wonder.


Later at her home, Ae-rin thanks Eun ha as she got the job only because of her. Eun ha asks Ae-rin to update her if she finds anything new. Eun ha asks about the flash drive. Ae-rin says it was her husband’s and he was working on a book. She says the thug had threatened them not to publish it. Ae-rin says he sent threatening videos to the publishers. Eun ha asks who was Moon and Ae-rin says he was the Chief publisher. She says he was threatened too but he is fine and well. Eun ha is relieved hearing this and starts cursing the thug. She asks about the man kidnapping the twins even after Jung Il dies. Ae-rin says the thug didn’t know Jung ll had died when he kidnapped the kids. She says the book won’t be published and they don’t threaten her anymore.

She asks Eun ha not to worry. Ae-rin then says she has an appointment. Eun ha makes a face at the odd hour and asks Ae-rin to go. Ae-rin makes a face indicating Eun ha should go and Ae-rin has the appointment at home. Eun-ha smiles giving her a knowing look and Ae-rin says it is not that. Eun ha doesn’t buy it.


The team (Ji Yeon, Do Woo, Bon, Yong Tae, Ae-rin) assembles at King’s Bag. Yong Tae says they are going to go to Switzerland to retrieve the contents of the week next weekend. Ji Yeon asks what are the contents of the safe. Bon says it is a secret. Ji Yeon says they don’t have much time and the day Yoon leaves the country is their D-Day. She says they must get the important documents and evidence from the house.

Ji Yeon asks if Ae-rin is ready to go into the house to find the layout. Do-woo gives Ae-rin smart contact lenses. He says they can see what Ae-rin sees if she wears them. Yong Tae says Do Woo should have given him lenses too instead of glasses as it covered his handsome face. Bon asks him to shut up.

Ae-rin says Ms An is sharp-eyed as she asked her to even tie up her hair to show her ears. She says she will wear the lenses in case of emergency. Do Woo gives her the heart stickers and asks her to put it in Yoon’s room. He asks her to hide it properly as they also use the stickers and they will figure it out immediately if they see it. Bon asks her to leave if she finds anything suspicious.

Yong Tae says that among everyone, Ae-rin is best in this line of work. He winks at Ae-rin and Bon sees it. He gets up asking if Yong Tae has something in his eyes. He holds Yong Tae who resists and starts blowing into his eye.


Later Ae-rin and Bon walk back. Ae-rin asks if Bon’s code name is Terius and he confirms it. Ae-rin asks if she can have a code name for herself and thinks what she can choose. She asks Bon to name her. Bon says ‘Alice’ and she asks if it is from Alice in Wonderland. She asks why and he says it is because she entered a real wonderland.

Ae-rin enters Yoon’s residence and Bon’s voiceover says Alice is entering the residence.


Ae-rin walks in looking suspiciously at even the plants and trees inside the residence. She takes a few steps into the garden and looks up at the house. Ae-rin is wearing the lenses and all the images are splayed on the screen back at the base and Bon’s tab.

Ae-rin walks in and greets Ms An. She turns her head all around giving a good view of the interior.


Ae-rin is dressed in the maid uniform and Ms An says that she will be working only in the kitchen. She says Ae-rin will be fired if she leaves the kitchen. She asks Ae-rin to ask questions to her seniors. Ae-rin greets the two senior maids standing beside her. Ms An walks out but comes back and helps herself to a spoon of honey powder kept in a jar beside the door before walking out.

After she leaves, the maids tell Ae-rin not to touch the honey powder or she will be in trouble. Ae-rin remembers Sang Ryeol saying a helper was hospitalised for 2 weeks after touching Ms An’s food. Ms An puts a large amount of garlic in front of Ae-rin and asks her to peel it by the end of the day. She says new recruits work only with ingredients for the first month.

At King’s Bag, Ae-rin and Do Woo watch Ae-rin peeling garlic and she has already peeled 2 bowls. They wonder what it is.

Bon is in his car and he says it must be garlic.

Ji Yeon and Do-woo feel sleepy seeing the amount of garlic she still has to peel.


Ae-rin’s shoulder starts to hurt as she continues to peel the garlic and she groans in pain.

Back at the base, Ae-rin says Ms An is meticulous and made her peel garlic all day. She says she will be fired if she gets caught leaving the kitchen. Ae-rin says she got tips from other maids. She says only Yoon can go to the second floor. She says all the doors are locked and it opens only when Ms An cleans it. Ji Yeon realises Ms An cleans the second floor. Bon says An is trustworthy and that is the reason Yoon kept her for a long time. They wonder what to do and suddenly it strikes Ae-rin.

Episode 28

At work, Ae-rin sneaks out of the kitchen and opens the cupboard with cleaning supplies.

In a flashback, Ae-rin asks Do Woo if he has any miniature cameras.

At present, Ae-rin is pleased with herself as she fits the camera on the vacuum broom. Ms An walks up behind her and asks what she is doing.


She pushes Ae-rin to the side and goes toward the cupboard. Ae-rin explains that she has a personal interest in vacuums and wanted to see what is used in a big house like this. Ms An menacingly asks Ae-rin to do only her job. She asks Ae-rin to follow her into the kitchen.


Ae-rin stares wide-eyed as the senior maids bring in a large number of spring onions. Ms An asks her to prepare them. She says that the green onions must not rip and Ae-rin nods. Ms An walks over to the pot of honey powder and has a spoon of it. She turns around and catches Ae-rin looking at her. Ae-rin runs over to the spring onions and starts washing them.

Ji Yeon, Do Woo and Bon watch Ae-rin clean the green onions. Ji Yeon wonders if she stuck the camera properly on the vacuum. Do Woo notices the vacuum moving. Bon also sees the footage.

Ms An opens Yoon’s library and starts vacuuming. Do Woo spots a Schwitz safe (German company which makes strong safes) in the library.


Bon says he must be hiding something in there. Bon asks if Do-woo can open the safe. Do Woo zooms in and says he will need Yoon’s fingerprint and equipment to unlock the digital lock. Ae-rin wonders if they should ask Doctor Park and Do Woo says Park will be okay if he asks.

Do-woo meets Dr Park who gives him an equipment that will crack the code. He asks Dr Park about the heart stickers and Park says there is no record in the ‘in and out’ records. Park asks Do Woo if he is sure it was developed by NIS and Do-woo says he is sure. Do Woo says someone snuck them out and asks Dr Park to check them again.


Do Woo asks Park to keep it a secret and walks away. Park doesn’t notice Kwon who walks up to him from behind. She smiles as she asks him what was the discussion between him and Do-woo. Dr Park is flustered.

Ae-rin gets off work and Bon waits for her outside. Bon calls her Alice and says she did a good job. He says they went forward by two steps. Ae-rin asks if they got the floorplan of the second floor. Bon says they found out something even more important and Ae-rin says ‘mission cleared’ with a smile.

They start walking when Ae-rin gets a series of stickers on her chat. Bon asks who is it. It is Yong Tae asking to meet Ae-rin over dinner today. Bon leans over and sends an angry sticker (which flips the table over in rage).


In his room, Yong Tae looks at the sticker and comments that she is colder than he thought.

Meanwhile, Ae-rin says that Bon must be fond of this sticker. She reminds him that he had sent one to her before too. Bon remembers the day he had sent that sticker by mistake. Bon tells Ae-rin he likes the sticker. Bon says he will treat her to dinner today as she did a great job and Ae-rin agrees.

Later on at Bon’s home, Bon is cooking but Ae-rin is constantly telling him how to do it. Bon decides he has had enough and asks her to go sit down while he cooks for her. Bon cooks as she goes to sit at the table.

Bon places dinner on the table and Ae-rin tastes it. She says it tastes really good and starts eating. Bon says a meal made by your mother tastes the best in this world. She says a meal made by someone else comes second best. Ae-rin says that is why it tastes delicious – because it is made by someone else. Bon smiles as they start eating. Bon serves a piece for Ae-rin and asks her to eat her fill. He says this is the first meal cooked in this home. Ae-rin thanks him.

Yoon calls up Park (Yong Tae’s driver). Park tells Yoon that Yong Tae didn’t do anything suspicious today and he will keep giving updates. Park hangs up and turns around to find Yong Tae standing behind him. Yong Tae says Park shouldn’t be doing this.

In his library, Voice/Yoon opens the safe and there is a lot of money in it along with documents. He places another document in the safe.


Back at the base, Ji Yeon tells the team that it’s their last chance to wrap up Operation King’s Bag. Bon says it is their only chance and Do Woo says he has the equipment to dismantle the safe. Bon says he will open the safe. He says no one there will know his face once Yoon leaves for the trip.

Yong Tae says he will leave for Switzerland at 7 pm along with Yoon. Yong Tae says the safe will hold the records of bribes and real names of those involved. He says that the list Ae-rin saw had month date and aliases. Ae-rin lists names as Peter, Dorothy, Ethan and Yong Tae says those are aliases. He says the document in the safe will link the names to actual people. Yong Tae says Ethan is Moon Sung Soo.

Ji Yeon says they have to get the document and Yong Tae says the flash drive too. She says that will be enough to get an arrest warrant for Chief Presidential Secretary. Bon puts together the plan. He says Ae-rin will get to the terminal box in storage and cut the LAN connection. Ae-rin continues that Ms An will call for a technician. Ji Yeon says Bon will visit as a technician with the equipment. Do-woo says they should do this at 5.30 pm. He says that is when calls that come in are scheduled for the next day. Ji Yeon says they will say Bon was in the area and dropped by.

Ae-rin says that Ms An shouldn’t be taken lightly. She says Ms An only allows people whom she knows. Yong Tae asks if Ms An doesn’t have any weakness and Ae-rin says Eun ha’s SWOT analysis says she has a weakness for handsome men. Ji Yeon smiles and asks Bon to use his looks.

Yong Tae says that he should probably go to Yoon’s house. Ji Yeon’s smile fades as he asks her what he has to do. Bon cuts in saying he is the one going in as it is dangerous for anyone else. Yong Tae says Bon will fail. Bon says it is a 51% success rate. Everyone seems unconvinced.


Bon goes as the technician “Bu Cho Rong” to Yoon’s residence. Ms An asks for the usual person. Bon says he was in the area and says she can get it fixed tomorrow if she wants but it would be an inconvenience to her. Bon turns to leave but Ms An asks him to wait. Bon removes his cap (slow motion with background music) and glasses.


Ms An stumbles as she is awestruck seeing him. Bon holds her hand to steady her. He then says he is leaving but Ms An says he can’t. He smiles and asks if she requires his service. She says yes. She closely watches Bon as he works. After some time he gets up and says he fixed it. He asks if there are any other PCs or TVs. He explains that he has to set the password on every device since he changed the set-top box. She says there is one on the second floor. She gazes at him when he drinks the orange juice that she gave him, in an enticing way (George Michael’s Careless whispers plays in the background).

Ae-rin peeks from behind a door and watches the scene unfold. She hides in the kitchen when Ms An asks Bon to follow her. Bon gestures to Ae-rin (who is wiping a table) before heading upstairs. Ae-rin thinks that the rumour about Ms An making misjudgements around handsome guys is actually true.

Ae-rin puts on her earpiece and Informs Ji Yeon and Do Woo (who are out in the van camouflaged as transporters) that Terius is headed upstairs.

In the van, Do Woo comments that Ms An has low standards and Ji Yeon hits him on his head.



Ms An shows Bon into the library. She stands close behind him and watches Bon. She looks away when Bon turns around. Bon starts to cough.

Ji Yeon tells Aerin “Now”.

Bon waits and suddenly they hear a sound of glass shattering. Ms An excuses herself and rushes away. Bon gets to work.

Ae-rin stands next to the broken honey powder pot.  The other maids get terrified seeing the broken bowl and tell Ae-rin she is done for. Ms An walks in and is shocked to see the broken vessel. She starts yelling asking who did it. Ae-rin apologises.


Bon places the equipment on the safe and says it is set.

Do-woo says it will take time depending on the lock mechanism.


Elsewhere, Kwon and Shim cross each other while walking. Kwon tells him that Do Woo had borrowed Equipment number 17 from the tech team. She asks him if they were working without his knowledge. She says she suspects King’s Bag is scheming something.


Shim walks into King’s Bag and finds it empty. He finds a paper with Yoon’s address written on it. He gets frustrated that they planned this without reporting to him. He also recognises Bon’s handwriting. He immediately calls up Ji Yeon.

Ji Yeon attends his call and is shocked to hear that Shim is at King’s bag. He asks her where Bon is.

Do-woo lets Bon know that Shim is looking for him at King’s Bag. Bon asks Do Woo and Ji Yeon to go to King’s Bag and see what is going on. He says Alice and he will wrap up here.

Do Woo and Ji Yeon drive away.


Yoon and Yong Tae are on the way to the airport. Yoon receives a call and sounds surprised. Yong Tae gets serious as Yoon asks them to turn the car around. When Yong Tae asks into it, Yoon says that they can go to Switzerland a few days later. Yong Tae takes his phone and sends a text but Yoon’s driver sees this.

Bon takes Yoon’s fingerprint from the kit after the code is cracked.

In a flashback, we see Ae-rin giving Do-woo Yoon’s glasses. Doo Woo lifts the fingerprints off it.

Bon places the fingerprints on it and the safe opens. Bon takes Yong Tae’s flash drive out of the safe. He then takes the document which Yoon had placed in the safe. He opens it to see the name list connecting the aliases to the real names. He speaks into the earpiece that he found it. Just then an alarm sounds.


Ae-rin who is sweeping the mess asks what is going on when the alarm goes off. Ms An immediately runs out of the room in a hurry. Ae-rin wears the earpiece and asks what is going on. Bon says the safe had a mass sensor. Ae-rin says that the police and security will be coming soon.

Bon places both the flash drive and the document in the bag and closes it when Ms An comes running inside. She calls him a thief and runs to attack him. Bon knocks her unconscious in one strike. He lays her on the sofa and runs out of the room.

Bon speaks into the earpiece saying it is an emergency and asks Alice to come to the garden.

Ae-rin acknowledges and runs toward the garden after throwing her apron away.

Bon hears the footsteps of security guards coming and runs the other way.

Ae-rin nervously waits in the garden.

Bon calls out Ae-rin’s name from the 2nd-floor balcony and she sees him. Bon spots K walking towards her with a gun (with a silencer).

Bon is shocked and he jumps from the balcony landing near Ae-rin. K Pulls the trigger but Bon pushes Ae-rin to the other side. Bon and Ae-rin fall on the ground between the bushes.



Ae-rin is shocked to see that the bullet has hit Bon in the arm. She starts to panic but Bon says he is okay. He asks her to get a grip. He tells her to get out of the back door and take the bag with her. She asks what about him and he says he has unfinished business with K. He tells her that she to protect the bag no matter what happens. Bon gets up despite Ae-rin calling him.

Bon jumps at K and tackles him while Ae-rin runs away. Bon and K start fighting.


Ae-rin clutches the bag to her chest and nervously runs down the corridor leading to the back door.

In the garden Bon dodges K. K hits Bon on the bullet wound and manages to floor Bon. Bon lies on the floor as K gets a hold of the gun and points it at Bon.


Ae-rin runs out the door but freezes in terror as she hears a loud gunshot.


Image Courtesy MBC


Ae-rin’s idea of fitting a micro cam on the vacuum was brilliant. The scenes inside Yoon’s residence were hilarious and interesting.

The lunch party at Bon’s house was heart-warming. It was also funny how the KIS executives narrated all the bad happenings and Bon was connected in one way or the other to each and every one of it.

The scene with Ae-rin explaining the contents of the flash drive to Eun ha was hilarious. True to her nature, Eun-ha ended up questioning every word Ae-rin uttered and yet Ae-rin managed to convince her.

So it was Park who was tailing Yong Tae. I am curious to see what

The scene with Ji Yeon and Do Woo was a good watch as Ji Yeon who was always insensitive towards Do Woo finally showed an inclination towards him.

It seems like Shim is using Kwon’s name to get information about Bon’s safe.It looks like Shim is the NIS connection to Cornerstone as he saw the Yoon’s address at King’s bag. Though we do know that Bon is safe, this drama keeps up the mystery aspect of the plot as it heads into its final week.

-By Soul Sword-

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