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Terius Behind Me Episode 31 and 32 Recap (Series Finale)

Terius Behind Me Episode 31 and 32 Recap (Series Finale)

The van transferring Shim speeds down the road with sirens blaring. Inside the van, Park Do Hoon says, ‘Now!’. The van immediately swerves to the right deviating from the route. The NIS sedan follows them too but the 3 black cars parked in the corner move forward and block the sedans way, cutting it off from the van. The van speeds away.


The driver gets down from the NIS sedan but is shot dead instantly. More agents get out from the sedan and they start returning fire. Crossfire ensues and both sides see casualties.

Inside the van, Shim and Park Do Hoon smile slightly at each other.

At King’s Bag Do Woo calls the transport team on Bon’s orders. Do Woo Tells Bon that Park Do Hoon has fled with the transport van. Bon asks Do Woo to despatch the SWAT team and connect to the satellite.


Do Woo locates the van near the tunnel. Bon says they will make the escape inside the tunnel. Do Woo says all the guards and people related to cornerstone died during the gunfight. He points out that the SWAT Team has just arrived.

The SWAT Team surrounds the stationary transport van in the tunnel. They open the doors to find the van empty. They report that Park left the vehicle and fled.


At King’s bag, Bon asks Do Woo to check the surveillance cameras in the vicinity. Do Woo finds that there are no CCTV Cameras in the area and even the ones there are broken. He says they fled from a tunnel that can’t be located from the satellite. Bon says this protocol was planned in advance. Bon says Shim must already have a way to fly abroad and a hideout too.

Shim reaches a mansion (hideout) which is heavily guarded. Yoon’s secretary greets him and takes him in. As they head in, Park Do Hoon orders the guards to expand the area of protection and increase control.


Inside the mansion, Shim sits across Yoon and takes the folder on the table. Yoon’s secretary explains that the folder contains Shim’s forged passport, cash and key to an apartment abroad. Yoon asks his secretary if he is also coming along with them. The secretary says he will be coming as an escort. He says they will be leaving in a boat from Incheon port in 4 hours. He says they will go through Chine and fly abroad.

At King’s Bag, Bon thinks hard and says they have to find the safehouse before Shim goes abroad. Do-woo says they can’t search every house to find it. Bon calls up Yong Tae. Yong Tae asks if Bon has any leads. Bon says Yong Tae is the one working for Cornerstone and he should be finding the leads. Bon asks if he knows about a safehouse. Yong Tae says he will give Bon a call if he remembers something as he can’t remember anything now.

Do-woo says he is searching for family and friends of Shim and Yoon. Bon says they won’t be with their family. He says they won’t be able to locate them this way. Just then, Kwon walks in with Dr Park. Park is excited as he sees the latest equipment. Kwon says Park can track Shim. Bon and Do-woo are surprised.


Park says he had gifted Shim with a pen on his birthday. He says the pen tracks Shim’s location and records his voice. He says it was equipment number 25. He says forgot to tell Shim how to use it. He hands the device over to Bon. Do Woo says Shim might still have the pen if he didn’t know it was a NIS equipment. Park says the pen has to be activated in order to locate it. Kwon gives a look of disbelief when Park says the top of the pen has to be pressed for it to activate. Bon asks Do Woo to keep a track of the device in case it gets active.

At the hospital, Ae-rin cares for the unconscious Ji Yeon. Ae-rin holds Ji Yeon’s hand and asks her to promise that she will get up and be normal again.

At Bon’s house, Yong Tae stands facing the window. He receives a call from a restricted number. He wonders why Yoon is calling him. He picks up the call. Yoon says it took time to sort out the business. He says he wants to finish the work in Switzerland. He asks Yong Tae to join them at the three-way intersection, Jung-ro at 5 pm. He says a car will pick Yong Tae up.

Yong Tae agrees and hangs up. Yong Tae wonders if Yoon doesn’t know that Yong Tae betrayed him. Yong Tae calls Bon and says there is an emergency.


At King’s Bag, Bon asks Yong Tae, who sits across him, not to do it as it may be a trap. Yong Tae says they might not be able to catch them if not for today. Kwon asks Bon why Yoon is after the safe. Bon says he will explain later. Yong Tae says they should do it even if they don’t win. He says there is no other way.

Kwon asks Yong Tae to meet them. She says the team will stake out and shadow him. Do-woo says they might disappear if they notice the NIS. Kwon asks him to use satellite location on their vehicles. Bon says they failed to trace the convoy too.

Do Woo gives Yong Tae a heart sticker and asks him to keep it. Yong Tae asks if it has a location tracker and Do Woo asks if Yong Tae doesn’t trust him. Yong Tae takes the sticker and sticks it in his hand.


Yong Tae asks them to figure out the safe house using him. He says he knows Bon will protect him. Bon has a serious expression.

Yong Tae reaches the intersection and waits. He notices the agents around him. He sees Kwon, Do Woo and Kim in a car nearby. Yong Tae checks his watch and it is almost 5 pm. Bon steps out from behind a building. He stands a few yards behind Yong Tae.


Bon looks around and notices that it is an open area and they could shoot from anywhere. Bon realises that is their goal. Bon immediately says that it is a trap and walks towards Yong Tae. Bon calls out Yong Tae’s name and he turns around.

On one of the roofs, a sniper trains his scope on Yong Tae and pulls the trigger.


Bon freezes as Yong Tae is shot. Bon runs forward and holds Yong Tae before he falls down.

Do Woo and Kim get out of the car and run towards them. Kwon gets out of the car and curses.

Many agents dressed as civilians pull out their weapons and stand around Bon and Yong Tae trying to locate the shooter.


Kwon orders them to chase the shooters and the agents clear the scene. Bon holds Yong Tae who says, “Brother, did we fail?” Bon yells for an ambulance. Yong Tae loses consciousness as Bon tells him to wake up. Blood trickles down Yong Tae’s hand past the heart sticker. Do Woo and Kwon look on helpless. Yong Tae’s words, ‘I know you will protect me. Am I wrong?” echoes in Bon’s ears as he holds Yong Tae. Bon whispers, “I’m sorry” as Tears trickle down Yong Tae’s closed eyes and he goes limp in Bon’s arms.


In a car on the way to the harbour, Yoon curses Yong Tae for daring to toy with him. Shim sits beside him.

In a flashback, Yong Tae messages Kwon as Yoon orders the car to turn around. Yoon’s driver notices him sending the message.

At present, Shim asks Yoon not to be angry, as Yong Tae must have already been taken care. He says they were able to slip away from the NIS because of Yong Tae. Shim says he had proved useful despite being disgraceful. Yoon asks Shim for a pen and his passport. Shim passes Park’s pen to Yoon. Yoon presses the pen to write and unknowingly activates it.


Do-woo gets back to his car and notices the pen’s tracker active. He takes the tracker and runs towards Bon.

In the car, Yoon writes out a number on Shim’s passport. He asks Shim to call that number once he reaches Edinburgh.

Bon sees off the ambulance with Yong Tae in it. Do Woo comes running towards him and shows him the tracker. Bon immediately starts to run. Do Woo tells Kwon he will send the location to her. Kwon asks one of the agents to call the tactics team. She asks Kim to follow Bon’s car.

Bon and Do-woo are in a car and Do-woo tells Bon the location on the freeway. He says they are probably heading towards Incheon Harbour. Kwon’s car follows Bon’s.

Bon’s car reaches the harbour and notices a couple of cars parked there. He asks Do Woo to hold tight and rams his car into the car closest to them. Yoon and Shim hear the sound and they get out of their car (which is the other one). Bon gets out of his car and instantly shoots down all the men who get out of the car he rammed. Do Woo gets out of the car with his gun. Yoon and Shim sneak away as their men fend off Bon.


Bon takes cover behind his car and sees Do Doo behind the car with his weapon ready. Bon asks Do Woo to stay here if he doesn’t feel confident. Do-woo says he can do it. Bon runs after Yoon, his secretary and Shim. Just then, one of the men who was shot aims his gun at Bon. Do Woo shoots the man down. Bon turns around hearing the gunshot. He sees the man whom Do Woo has shot and nods at Do Woo (who holds the gun) before running away.

Yoon’s secretary notices Bon chasing after them. He turns around to shoot Bon but Bon shoots him first. Bon stops next to him and aims his gun at Yoon and Shim shouting out for them to stop. Both men stop running and turn around.


Shim pulls out his gun and holds Yoon in front of him pointing the gun at Yoon’s head. He says if Yoon dies all the information about cornerstone will be gone with him. He says Yoon is the Korean head and he should stay alive. Bon says that to Shim a colleague is just someone whom he uses for his benefit. Shim says he only lived for the organisation. He says he couldn’t control the pendulum once he had to move it for the organisation. Bon says it is too bad that the organisation wasn’t the NIS. He shoots Shim’s hand that holds the gun and Shim falls down. Yoon looks at Shim and then looks at Bon.


Kwon and Do-woo come with their team. The team surrounds Yoon and Shim as Kwon walks up to them. She orders them to be taken away. Yoon and Shim are escorted away. Kwon pats Bon and walks away with Do-woo. Bon stands there fixed to the spot.

Yoon waits in the vehicle. Kwon says she will accompany Shim in the transport vehicle. She tells Shim that they will be going to R5 this time. She says he knows how they deal with suspects who try to escape during transit. Shim gives her a wry smile.


Shim sits across Yoon in the van. Yoon gives him a vengeful look.  Kwon sits beside Shim and two armed members of the Tactics team sit across her. The van drives away.

Bon is still standing where Kwon had left him.

(Title – New King’s Bag)

One month later

Bon and Ae-rin stand near Yong Tae’s memorial. Ae-rin places flowers on the memorial.


Ae-rin addresses Yong Tae and asks how he has been. She says he is no longer being chased now. She asks him to rest in peace. Bon says they should leave and walks out. Ae-rin waves to the memorial and leaves.


As they walk back, Ae-rin asks Bon what is there in the Switzerland safe. Bon says it is a secret. Ae-rin presses saying she is curious. Bon says it contains one of the tricks of the great conman, Jung In Soo (Yong Tae). Ae-rin realises that there never was a secret safe in Switzerland.

Bon smiles and says he has to meet the kids. Ae-rin says she will head over after the interview. She asks him to take good care of the kids and he says sure he will. They both smile and walk away.

At KingCastle, the parents wait for the school bus. Sun-mi spots Bon walking towards them. Everyone’s attention turns towards Bon as they admire him. Sun-mi says Bon’s has become better looking. Eun ha says Sun-mi can’t get sick of Bon’s looks. Sang Ryeol says even he will look good in that suit and this annoys Sun-mi. One of the mothers gives Bon a drink. Sang Ryeol asks for one but she pushes him away. He reminds her that she has a husband.


The bus arrives and all the kids run towards their parents. Joon Hoo and Joon Hee run towards Bon and hug him. Bon takes both the kids and runs away with them. Sun-mi sighs and says all houses need a guy like Bon. Eun ha offers to look for a sitter and Sun-mi thanks her. Sang Ryeol asks her how her shop is doing and Sun-mi says it’s doing well. He says he is proud of her, as she no longer leaches of her dad. She says she will work hard and pay back what she owes her dad. They all head home.

The kids run into the apartment and Bon asks them to wash their hands. He watches them as they wash their hands. They sit at the table and he asks them to take their time eating. He then looks at them and Joon Hee feeds Bon a piece from her lunch. Joon Soo does the same too. Bon asks what they should do after this.


Later, Bon styles Joon Hee’s hair using the toy styling tools while acting as a stylist. She asks him if she can pay by nose-nose and he says yes she can. Next, he plays Doctor with Joon Soo. Joon Soo too pays by nose-nose.


Bon then reads a story in a boring way that makes the kids feel sleepy. Bon uses an app called Living Fairytales where the fairytales come on screen with Joon Soo and Joon Hee’s pictures. After sometime when they have ice cream, Joon Soo asks him to keep it a secret from Ae-rin. Bon says that they should brush their teeth in return and they agree. Joon Hee asks if they can play at Bon’s place later on and Bon agrees.

At Bon’s house, the twins feed the fish. Bon asks them to feed the fish when he isn’t around. Joon Hee gets serious as she asks if he is going on an adventure again. Bon says he is. The twins are disappointed hearing this but Bon says he will come back. He asks them to take care of their mom. They agree and hug him.

Meanwhile, Ae-rin walks into the office where she has come for the interview. The office is empty and she finds it suspicious. She opens one of the doors and she finds someone behind the desk but facing away from her. Ae-rin knocks on the door. Hearing no response she comes in closing the door behind her.


Ae-rin calls out saying she is here for an interview and bows. The chair swirls around and Kwon says, “Welcome”.

Ae-rin is startled seeing Kwon.

Episode 32- Last Episode

Bon stands with the twins and a plant with a congratulatory message on it. They head inside.


Sun-mi stands behind the counter. She is excited to see them. Bon gives her the money plant wishing she makes a lot of money. She places it on the counter. Bon says he will order a little later and Sun-mi says it is on the house. Bon and the kids have pizza and sandwiches. Ae-rin comes in and joins them. Bon smiles when Ae-rin says her interview went well.

At night, Ae-rin washes her face as the kids brush their teeth as promised to Bon. They tell her that they can have a lot of ice cream if they brush their teeth well. Ae-rin smiles slightly hearing this.

Bon is at his apartment smiling as he looks at the fish.


Eun ha, Bon, Ae-rin, Sang Ryeol and Sun Mi gather at the KingCastle book cafe. Sun-mi asks Ae-rin why she was fired from Yoon’s residence in just a few days. Before Ae-rin can reply, Eun ha says she is glad Ae-rin was fired. Eun ha says she heard from her father-in-law that the family was involved in some corruption and the family is broken now. Sang Ryeol praises Eun ha for knowing stuff that wasn’t on the news. Eun Ha also says Ms An Da Jung went back to Russia. Bon is interested in this and Eun ha asks if Bon knows An Da Jung. Bon says Ae-rin had spoken about Ms An and Ae-rin plays along. Sun-mi comments that Ae-rin is unlucky with her work.

Sang Ryeol reminds Eun ha and she tells Ae-rin that Mommy Cop caught Joon Hoo and Joon Hee’s kidnapper a month back. Bon and Ae-rin are shocked hearing this. Eun ha says they sent him to the police station but he vanished after some time. Eun ha says they will catch him again. Bon warns them that the kidnapper is a dangerous man and asks them to call the police if they see him.

Eun ha says she didn’t think he was such a coward. Sun-mi says Ae-rin was attacked and Ji Yeon was in a hit and run.  Ae-rin says Ji Yeon is doing better now. Eun ha suggests visiting the hospital one day. Sun-mi says the hit and run driver should be arrested and Bon says he has been arrested. Everyone’s eyes turn to him. They immediately ask who it was. Bon says he doesn’t know that much. Eun ha says Bon has a lot of information and Sang Ryeol suggests that he should join the KIS as a regular member. He says Bon will be leaving for the US soon even without being a KIS member.

They say that is why they bought him a Christmas present. Eun ha places a gift box on the table. They ask Bon to open it. Seeing Bon’s expression, Sang Ryeol asks if he is going to cry.


Bon finds a framed picture that Sang Ryeol, Sun-mi, Eun ha and Ae-rin had taken in King’s Bag. Ae-rin also shows him the four-colour scarf that they all knitted together. She says Eun ha knitted the red, Sun-mi knitted the yellow, Sang Ryeol had knitted the blue and she had knitted the green. Sang Ryeol says it’ll suit the fortuneteller and puts the scarf on Bon. They admire the way it looks on him. Bon thanks them.


Sang Ryeol asks Bon if he can have the nose-nose. Everyone is awkward but Bon gets up and gives Sang Ryeol nose-nose as slow music plays in the background. Sang Ryeol is beside himself in joy as Eun ha wonders what is wrong with him.

At the hospital, Do Woo helps Ji Yeon on to the wheelchair. Ji Yeon directs him on which way to go. She asks him to go out but he says she can’t go out yet. Ji Yeon complains that it is suffocating and asks for fresh air. Do-woo takes the wheelchair near the windows and asks her to look out. She says he is nagging her.


She spots the red leaf stuck on the window and asks why the leaf is still there. Do Woo asks if she doesn’t know O.Henry’s ‘The Last Leaf’. He says he had put it up there so Ji Yeon would wake up. He says it is the same leaf he caught at the park. Ji Yeon remembers Do-woo picking the red leaf which had fallen on her head. Ji Yeon smiles and says she thought Do Woo was good at engineering but he is a literary person too.

Bon and Ae-rin walk in just then. Bon asks if it is okay for Ji Yeon to be sitting. Ji Yeon asks what Bon was wearing on his neck. Ae-rin asks if it looks good. Do-woo touches the scarf and says he doesn’t get Bon’s sense of style. Bon says it is a style married women like. Ji Yeon and Ae-rin laugh as Do Woo backs away. Ji Yeon says Bon is going abroad for work. Bon says he will see her when he gets back.

Bon and Ae-rin walk up to Bon’s blue sports car. Bon asks her to get in and she asks if he isn’t going to the airport. He asks her to be his hired driver. He asks her to drive the car from the airport to Bon’s hideout. Ae-rin asks how he will pay her and he says she will know once he gets in. Ae-rin asks if it is that hard for him to ask her to see him off. Bon asks her to get in.


As the sports car races over the bridge, Ae-rin’s voiceover says, “Have a safe trip. Don’t get hurt.”

Bon’s voiceover says, “I won’t. I am Kim Bon.”

The aircraft takes off from the runway.

A year later, Warsaw, Poland

K walks out of the airport carrying a guitar case. He looks at his watch and walks away. He enters one of the buildings and shoots a security guard who spots him. He goes to the balcony and assembles his sniper rifle.

Bon sits with a sniper rifle by the window in the vicinity.


K trains his scope on his target who is talking to a man. A warning comes through his earpiece asking him to stop as he has been spotted. K immediately tries to spot the other sniper. He looks around and spots Bon by one of the windows. K realises that Bon already has his rifle trained on him.


Bon pulls the trigger. The bullet hits K squarely on his forehead killing him instantly.

At the building’s entrance, the man who is talking with the target nods at Bon before heading inside.

Bon leaves the rifle and walks away. Bon walks through the streets of Poland.

Elsewhere, a man packs some bio zucchini from his greenhouse. He gets a courier. The man is Park (Yong Tae’s driver) and he opens the package to find a drip coffee mug with a drip coffee maker. Park closes the box and reads the ‘from address’. It reads, “A rare cafe with a handsome man that’s hard to come by”. Park Smiles.


Elsewhere, a person brews drip coffee with a similar machine. It is Yong Tae.

Outside, two women read the cafe’s name, “Handsome man’s Cafe” and go in to see the handsome man.


Once inside, one of them asks Yong Tae for a menu. He says there is no menu and this handsome man will take the beans he specially roasted, grind them and make drip coffee. He asks them how is the cafe’s name and says his real name is ‘Wang Mi Nam’.

A Year Ago


In a park, Bon and Yong Tae sit on a bench. Bon asks how he is and Yong Tae says he can get around. Bon says Yong Tae was stabbed, shot and even got a plastic surgery. He observes what a life Yong Tae has. Yong Tae says his life isn’t as dramatic as Bon’s.

Bon gives Yong Tae his new ID card that his name as Wang Mi Nam. When Yong Tae asks into it, Bon says it is Wang Jeong Nam’s (Bon’s alias) little brother. He asks what Yong Tae thinks about it. Yong Tae says that true to the name Wang Mi Nam he is handsome but he says Bon didn’t put much thought in choosing the name. Bon asks him what kind of life he will lead with this name. Yong Tae says he will lead an ordinary life.

At present, Yong Tae looks at the two women clicking pictures of the rich coffee. He comments that it is a bit boring but this kind of life isn’t bad either. He wonders what the others are doing. He asks the women to post a lot of photos on their blog. The women smile and agree. Yong Tae drinks his coffee and marvels at his coffee.


At her home, Joon Hee asks Ae-rin to hurry up. Ae-rin does her face while the kids wait. She tells them that they are all grown up and they start school next year. They walk out.


At the NIS HQ, Director Kwon Young Shil sits at her desk. Kim gives her a sales report. Kwon smiles saying she had asked her to sell just two per day but she is overdoing it and smiles. She hears a knock on the door.

Do Woo and Ji Yeon visit Kwon. Kwon asks if they have finished holidaying and ready to return. Ji Yeon says she has healed completely. Do-woo says he can vouch for her. Ji Yeon and Do Woo give Kwon inaugural presents which they bought from Iceland.


Kwon eyes the present and asks if it is safe to accept. Do-woo smiles and says he can vouch for it. Kwon thanks them and asks why they were holidaying together. Ji Yeon and Do-woo smile at each other but they don’t answer.

Ji Yeon changes the topic by asking why King’s Bag store is still open. Kwon says it will be used as a secret base during emergency operations. She says Ae-rin is doing a bit too well and Ji Yeon says that is typical of her. Do Woo asks if the noisy KIS women are doing well.


At King’s Bag store, Ae-rin and her friends are talking about their kids. Sang Ryeol speaks about his newborn baby. Eun ha asks him not to worry as they will raise the child together. Sang Ryeol then shows them the red heels that he bought as a gift for his wife. He says red shoes are her favourite. Eun ha sees Kim Tae Hee (Kwon’s alias) the chairwoman, walk into the store. Sang Ryeol explains that they are voluntary promoters and they are not having fun. Kwon says she didn’t ask and asks him to move.


Later on, Kwon sits with them and Eun ha asks her to join KIS as she has moved into the complex recently. Kwon is surprised as they knew she moved in. Eun ha says they got a tip-off and explains that it is KingCastle Information Systems. Eun ha says they have great abilities and they are a great source of information. Kwon says she will think about it. They then get up to leave saying it is time to pick up the kids.


When Ae-rin and Kwon are alone, Kwon says it must be nice to have such good friends. Ae-rin says they are a good support network. Ae-rin asks why Kwon is here. Kwon gets serious and calls her Alice. Ae-rin gets tensed as Kwon says she has an important mission for her. Kwon hands an envelope to Ae-rin. Ae-rin’s hands tremble as she takes the envelope from Kwon.

Later, Ae-rin is nervous as she sits at a restaurant. A man places a bag next to her while he leaves the restaurant. (Mission Impossible Theme plays in the background) She turns around and picks up the bag. Aerin finds clothes and a pair of sunglasses in it.

Ae-rin walks out of the restaurant wearing the new clothes, which totally changes her look. She puts on the sunglasses and walks away.



Ae-rin approaches a subway locker and opens it. She finds a note with 8:00 pm followed by a location coordinates written on it. Ae-rin takes the case from the locker and walks away.

The location turns out to be Namsan tower. Ae-rin stands by a table with the case on it. A waiter walks up to her and serves two mojitos.


Ae-rin remembers Bon asking to have mojitos at NamSan tower later on.

Ae-rin looks around and spots Bon standing a few feet away from her. Ae-rin is surprised as she smiles. Bon walks up to her.


Bon asks if she missed him. She says she missed him a lot. She says it was hard not having a sitter. Seeing Bon’s expression, she says she was kidding. She asks if he got the job done and he says he did. Bon says they finally get to drink Mojitos at NamSan Tower.

Bon asks what the suitcase is. Ae-rin says it’s a mission from Kwon. She says she is supposed to open the case with the person whom she meets here. They open the case together. They find a note with the words “Operation Breakfast at Tiffany’s” inside. Bon opens the envelope and finds tickets to New York. There is a note that reads, “Pretend to be married and go to New York”


Ae-rin opens the small gift box from Tiffany and Co, which is inside the case. Ae-rin looks at Bon who asks if they should put it on. They take their rings and try it on. They look at the rings on their finger. Bon says this mission should be exciting. Ae-rin says she is nervous. Bon asks her not to worry. He says, “Terius is behind you”. Ae-rin smiles at Bon who returns the smile.

They toast their Mojitos and smile at each other. They look at the view of the illuminated city before them.


Image Courtesy- MBC


That was a pleasant and satisfying ending to the series.

The action sequence at the harbour was impressive and well made. We got to see Terius in action and why he is known as the best out of the lot.

The scene at the book cafe where Bon keeps blurting out information when Eun ha and the others speak was hilarious. It was funny how KIS wants to recruit the director of the NIS and it looks like they succeeded too.

Ae-rin finally landed in a stable job and it looks like she is performing exceedingly well in it.

Bon avenged Candy in the end by killing K. He softened up to Yong Tae by calling him his little brother. The name choice for Yong Tae was adorable. Bon’s scenes with the twins are delightful to watch and we got to see them again in the finale.

Yong Tae being alive was a good suspense since his “Death” was really convincing. Yong Tae finally got a fresh start and has started to live a boring life but on the right side of the law this time.

Ji Yeon and Do Woo looked rejuvenated after their holiday in Iceland and it was nice to see that they got together in the end.

Every loose end from the earlier episodes was tied up smoothly. Long epilogues are always worthwhile and Terius Behind Me had a nice and lengthy epilogue. All the characters were given screen space to show how they went about their lives.

Terius Behind Me was an entertaining drama from the beginning until its end and definitely worth watching.

Series Review

Terius Behind Me/My Secret Terius is light-hearted drama. It beautifully combines the comical and mystery aspects of its plot.

The story follows Kim Bon (a black ops agent) who is in hiding after a failed operation. Jin Yong Tae is a mysterious and shady antagonist who has his own reasons for leading a secretive life. Both Bon and Yong Tae’s lives take a drastic turn when their paths cross with the seemingly innocent Go Ae-rin who leads the so-called “normal life”.

This series depicts in a funny way as to how civilians can easily foil internationally planned terror plots too. It also shows why the authorities choose to keep certain information confidential and what happens if the information falls into a civilian’s hand. It definitely reiterates in a hilarious way that civilians shouldn’t be taken lightly. The series has its own share of cliff-hanger endings despite its genre.

For a drama that has extremely funny content, it is awesome how the mystery plot maintains its pace without disturbing the comical aspect. Though some of the suspense can be guessed, the screenplay and the storyline make it interesting to watch. Despite the storyline being illogical or far-fetched at some points, it can be overlooked as it isn’t a full on thriller but a romantic comedy. The comical content keeps the drama cheery while the mystery aspect of the plot is gripping and keeps one hooked to the drama.

The series takes a realistic pace in developing the romantic relationships. The subtle take on the relationships is plausible and it makes the show even better.

The KIS (KingCastle Information Systems) is an organisation formed by the residents of KingCastle Apartments. Their investigating skills are amazing and believable. The portrayal of stay-at-home parents is laudable. The series draws a constant comparison between the KIS and NIS agents and this adds to the humour content of the plot.

This drama can be watched after a long and tiring day as it has a lot of scenes that are guaranteed to crack you up. This series also has a unique way of using the antagonists in comical scenes.

So Ji Sub portrays Kim Bon in a convincing way as “Terius” and “sitter Bon” which are two extreme characters. Bon’s evolution from the expressionless and anti-social person to a warm and caring person is subtle but definitely noticeable. Bon’s scenes with the twins are adorable and a delight to watch.

Jung In-Sun has beautifully portrayed Go Ae-rin, the tender-hearted mother of 7-year-old twins. Despite being extremely curious and a nosy neighbour, she is so warm-hearted and generous that she is bound to melt even the coldest of hearts. She is also determined character who always gets back up every time she is hit by adversity. Her courage and investigative skills never fail to amaze the NIS agents.

Son Ho Jun portrays Jin Yong Tae, the unique antagonist with amazing gut instincts. Yong Tae comes across as a cowardly and powerless character with a lot of secrets. He is someone who doesn’t hesitate to do anything survive. It is interesting to see his character evolve throughout the series and we get to know the reason behind his actions. Though he is the antagonist, the funniest scenes have Yong Tae in it. Jin Yong Tae is bound to grow on you as the series progresses.

I’m Se-mi portrays Yoo Ji Yeon’s character well as a caring second lead who is fiercely loyal. The way she deals with her unrequited love is commendable. A character who seems apathetic in the beginning slowly displays emotions and becomes one of the most lovable characters as the series progresses.

Kim Sung-Joo portrays Ra Do-woo, a quick-witted and genius-hacker who likes Yoo Ji Yeon. His confidence, maturity and patience where Ji Yeon is concerned is commendable. His skill-set makes him a formidable and necessary addition to the team.

The twins, Kim Bon’s various get-ups, the action movie titles of every episode and their funny takes on the scenes from action movies are added bonuses that make “Terius Behind Me” delightful, pleasant and a must watch series.

-By Soul Sword-

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