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Memories of The Alhambra – Korean Drama Recap

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Memories of The Alhambra

Genre- Action, Suspense, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Melodrama

Cast: Hyun Bin, Park Shin-Hye

Series Review

“Memories of The Alhambra” is a swift-paced series. It follows Jin-woo, the CEO of J-One holdings as he starts playing an AR game ‘Memories of the Alhambra’. He plans to obtain the licence of the game once he learns that his archrival also intends on purchasing it. Little does he know what’s in store for him once he starts playing it. Jin-woo unknowingly walks down a path of no return and realises that he has no option but to see this through till the end.

The series nailed the fantasy and suspense aspect of the story, as they were amazing. The game which starts as addictive and interesting begins to become deadly and spirals out of control really fast.

The AR game was definitely the highlight of the series and it was enjoyable to watch. The game’s concept is well conceived and the gameplay is thrilling. It makes the viewer want to try out the game too.

This drama has a fascinating way of unravelling the suspense using the editing. There are umpteen numbers of flashbacks in every episode and the editing adds only to the suspense of the storyline without creating any confusion. There are some unclear aspects with respect to the timeline but that doesn’t affect the plot.

The romance is slow to develop and it was significant only in the later part of the series. The part played by the romantic line in this series was unexpected but essential to the plot considering the way it progressed. The romance and the main storyline don’t cross paths often and they are like two different parts of Jin-woo’s life.

Hyun Bin portrays Yoo Jin-woo, the CEO of J-One Holdings. Jin-woo comes across as a self-centred and haughty person at the start of the series. As the series progresses we find out that 2 failed marriages and betrayal from his best friend have made him that way. Throughout the series whether in the AR world or the real world, he is unflinching when faced with accusations and adversity. Jin-woo is portrayed as a gallant and frank person which makes the character even more appealing. His scenes with Hee-Ju’s sister Min-Ju are my personal favourite as it shows Jin-woo’s warm side and every scene with the two of them are well made making them a delight to watch.

Hyun Bin has given a stellar performance as Yoo Jin-woo. This series is totally a hero-centric one and he is totally convincing in his role of the determined and unyielding Yoo Jin-woo who stops at nothing once he puts his mind to it. Jin-woo is a character who has both warm and a cold side to him and Hyun Bin has nailed every emotion wherever the scene demands it.

Park-Shin Hye portrays Hee-Ju, the eldest child of the family who becomes the sole breadwinner after her parent’s death. She literally raises both her younger siblings Se-Ju and Min-Ju. Though she cries too easily and is a highly sensitive person, her behaviour is rational in any given situation. She is considerate with Jin-woo whenever he is vague with his explanations (which is always). The scenes with Jin-woo and her in the later part of the series are well made. Her relationship with Jin-woo mainly focuses on how a loved one’s support can make an impact on one’s life while going through a tough time.

Kim Eui Sung portrays antagonist Professor Cha Byung-Joon in a compelling way that makes it very easy for us to dislike the character. Professor Cha is one hard-hearted character who leaves the viewers astounded when its revealed as to what great lengths he can go to, in order to get his way. He is insensitive and has absolutely no consideration towards the people around him.

The significance of the supporting cast came later on in the series and my personal favourites were Jung Min-Ju, Seo Jung Hoon and Park Seon Ho. They added more emotion to the series.

Though the ending scene was abrupt and unsatisfactory, I am glad that it wasn’t a tragic ending but a hopeful one leaving a strong possibility of a happy ending.

This series is gripping and one cannot help but come up with theories throughout the entire show. The screenplay sets our mind thinking of the various possibilities that could have happened and that is what is expected out of a fantasy series. The storyline is intriguing as quite a few times the viewer is left wondering as to when the fantasy has crossed over into reality. Memories of Alhambra is a treat for people who are interested in both Gaming and Korean Drama. The visuals in this drama are appealing. This is one of those series that have to be seen in order to be appreciated to its fullest.

-By Soul Sword-


-By Soul Sword-

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