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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 4 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 4 Recap

At daybreak, Su-Jin wakes up (4:07 am) to find that Cha isn’t back yet. She is disturbed as she stands on the balcony and checks the time (4:11 am).


She asks Yong Jin (Cha’s secretary) if he isn’t picking up his calls either. Yong Jin says Cha wouldn’t have heard the phone over the noise in the bar. Su-Gyeong listens to the conversation. Yong Jin promises to locate Cha and asks Su-Jin to rest. Su-Gyeong says she thought he was sleeping.

Su-jin recalls Cha asking if Jin Woo said anything else. She also remembers Jin-woo saying that only the first divorce was the hardest. She remembers losing her temper when Cha asked about Jin-woo and Cha saying he didn’t mean it in that manner.


Su-jin is startled when Cha Hyeong Seok throws a wine bottle on the wall.

Cha yells at his father saying he won’t come back here again. He shouts, “Who would think that you are my father? Only when Jin Woo dies…”


On a rainy night, Su-jin cries while Jin-woo stands in the rain. He asks her why she is crying while he should be the one crying.

She recalls a miserable Cha Heyong Seok in tears, sitting on the couch. He holds Su-jin close and says he isn’t mad at her. He asks her to understand him since she is the only one by his side.


She recalls him the day before, saying she needn’t know whom he is meeting at this hour.

Su-Gyeong asks if she should go look for Cha. Su-Jin asks her for Jin Woo’s number as she thinks Cha would have met him the previous day. She gets angry when Su-Gyeong addresses Jin Woo as ‘brother-in-law’. Su-Gyeong asks if she doesn’t have his number and Su-Jin says she deleted it.


Meanwhile, at the park, a passing jogger finds Cha slumped on the bench and tries to wake him up. Cha’s motionless body slides on to the bench and this scares the life out of the jogger who calls for help.

At Hostel Bonita, Hee Ju’s grandma wakes up a sleeping Hee-Ju. Grandma says she dreamt that all the money from their account has been withdrawn and they are left with no money again. Hee Ju says that Jin Woo is really famous and he won’t con them. She checks the account anyway because her grandma is persistent and confirms that the amount is still there. Grandma is delighted as she says it still feels like a dream. She is teary-eyed as she hugs Hee Ju and says that she knows things were hard for Hee Ju.

Hee Ju walks into the kitchen and sees the students making ramyeon. She asks them to take the sirloin in the fridge saying it’s on the house. She also asks them to help themselves to beer, wine and snacks saying they are complimentary. She explains that she is in a good mood today. The boys thank her as she leaves.

Hee Ju drives Min-Ju to school. She rejects the bookings for next month saying they will be closing down. She discusses with Min-Ju on buying a new van, as the car has gotten old. She explains that they can afford it now and Min-Ju doesn’t seem excited but agrees. Hee Ju says she will visit the dealership when Se-Ju is back. She drives away after dropping Min-ju in school.


Hee Ju can’t stop smiling as she walks down the street greeting her acquaintances. She buys 3 different types of flower bouquets from the florist. When asked she says she is buying them because they are beautiful and because she can afford to splurge a little.


Hee Ju takes the flowers to Bellido’s Guitar Shop and places them in vases. As she admires the flowers, she looks at a guitar on the table and remembers Jin Woo saying she was more charming when she played the guitar. She also remembers him asking her to start playing the guitar. Hee Ju wonders how he knew that she could play the guitar.

Hee Ju looks Jin-woo up on the internet again. She his photo stating that he is the CEO of J One holdings. Just then, she hears the door open and thinks it is Sang Beom. She looks up and is startled to see Jin Woo who says he has come to the right place. She gets up asking how he knew she was here. She stumbles and drops her phone. Jin-woo picks the phone up and sees his photo on the screen. He gives the phone back to a visibly embarrassed Hee Ju. Jin-woo says that he isn’t photogenic and he looks much better in person. Hee Joo immediately agrees with him. He says the people at the hostel said that she would be here.


She asks him what had brought him here and he says it was a taxi. She asks why he is back in Granada. He says something led him back here. She smiles and says she was sad that he left yesterday and even her grandma regretted not being able to treat him. He asks her if she is busy now and she says she is free. He says he needs her help and asks her to come with him.

Sang Beom watches the two of them get into a taxi and wonders where she is going with Jin Woo.

On the way, Hee Ju asks how she can be of help and Jin Woo says he needs a translator. He says she will be paid for her work but Hee Ju refuses to get paid saying she will do it free of charge as she is rich too. She goes silent when he turns around giving her a look. He says he is wondering if she is the same person who charged him 50 Euros for that room. She asks him why he is back and he says he is here because someone he knows had died.

They reach their destination and Jin Woo asks her to tell the driver to wait for 10 minutes. She explains to the driver and follows Jin-woo to a building. Jin Woo rings the bell and Su-Gyeong lets them in.


As they climb the stairs, she asks him if the deceased friend is here. He says that the person is at the hospital. He mentions Su-jin as his wife and then corrects himself saying it’s the other man’s wife and her sister staying here. He says the family was here for vacation but the friend suddenly died. She realises Jin Woo had mentioned his wife and he explains that she is not his wife anymore.

He rings the bell to the apartment and saying the wife is pregnant and she fainted. He asks Hee Ju to help with the language barrier with the doctor. He says both women must be anxious. Hee Ju agrees to help. Su-gyeong opens the door and breaks down into tears the moment she sees Jin Woo.


Once inside, he introduces Hee Ju and says she will help with translation. Su-Gyeong wonders how this could happen, as Cha was fine when she saw him before she went to bed the previous day. Jin Woo asks if she informed her family. She says she told her brother but couldn’t bring herself to tell her mother. She cries saying her mother is crying a lot as she found out from other sources. He asks about Su-Jin and Su-Gyeong says she is resting in her room.

Su-Gyeong brings him into the room saying the nurse has gone to bring medicines. She says they couldn’t find an English-speaking doctor. Jin-woo watches Su-jin’s sleeping figure and asks if she should be hospitalised. Su-Gyeong says the doctor advised her to rest at home. She says she can’t go to the hospital because of Su-jin. Jin-woo says he is going to the hospital now. She asks if he is leaving now and he says his taxi is waiting downstairs.

He heads into the living room where Hee Ju is waiting. He asks Hee Ju if she will be okay by herself and she asks him not to worry. He says she just needs to stay till the employees from Barcelona come. He says he will head to San Carlos Hospital. She says it is the biggest hospital in Granada and says its 10 minutes from here.

Su-gyeong comes to the living room and thanks him for dropping by. As he is about to walk out he hears Su-jin’s voice asking what he said to Cha last night that he ended up dead. Su-Jin says that she knew something bad would happen since they ran into Jin-woo at the station. She is hysteric as she asks Jin-woo if he wanted this to happen. She yells asking him what he had said to Cha that had made him die. She asks why Jin Woo had called him out instead of her.


Su-Gyeong tries to stop Su-jin from accusing Jin Woo. Su-Jin cries as she says Cha always wanted to reconcile with Jin-woo and that he lived in agony. She says he always cried and drank. She yells that they were not always happy. Su-Gyeong drags Su-jin inside and asks her why she is unreasonably being rude to the person who is there to help. Su-jin cries uncontrollably.


In the living room, Hee Ju looks at Jin Woo. He asks her if she has a boyfriend and she replies in the negative. He asks if she is going to marry Sang Beum and Hee Ju says he is just a friend. He says even if she has the plan to, he advises her not to get married. He says he knows because he has gone through it twice. He says marriage really sucks. He asks her to take care of them and leaves.

Hee Ju stands on the balcony and watches Jin woo’s taxi drive away. She remembers him telling Sang Beom that he has been married twice. He had said his wife and best friend had betrayed him.

Jin Woo reaches the hospital and Jung Hoon is waiting for him. As they walk in, he tells Jin Woo that a person from the Consulate is here. He says that he was out on a walk earlier and saw a police car and an ambulance in front of the park.

In a flashback, Jung Hoon walks across the park. He sees Cha’s limp body being moved and tries to get closer. He says he knows the person when he isn’t allowed closer.


Jung Hoon tells Jin-woo that Cha didn’t have a passport on him so he had to identify him. He says he also informed Neword. As they continue to walk, Jung Hoon wonders how he had died with no external wounds. He says even the wallet wasn’t stolen. He says the police ruled it as sudden death due to stroke or heart attack.


Jin Woo looks at Cha’s body in the morgue. He remembers fighting him yesterday. He walks out of the morgue and finds Kim Jeong-uk from the consulate waiting to speak with him. He says it’s an honour to meet Jin-woo. He goes on to say that, Jin Woo’s number was the last call made from Cha’s phone. He asks if Jin Woo would be fine with answering a few questions for the police. He adds that the police don’t suspect Jin Woo but they want to make a report and also an autopsy.


Jin-woo says he met Cha at the park last night right before heading to the airport. He says he will testify if he needs to.

In Seoul, Yang Joo is deep in thought as Seon ho speaks to Jin Woo over the phone. Seon ho says Jin Woo unnecessarily mentioned meeting Cha at the park. Jin-woo says it is better to be honest since they will find out anyway and he doesn’t want to create any suspicions.

Jin Woo is at an outdoor cafe listening to Seon Ho who says he is worried about the articles spreading rumours again.

Seon Ho asks Jin Woo to return to Korea, as articles about Cha will soon be out. He asks Jin Woo to be in Korea before the news leaks.

Jin Woo refuses to come.

Seon Ho says that the fact that Cha, Su-Jin and Jin Woo were in Granada at the same time would seem weird. He says there are a lot of rumours surrounding the 3 of them.

Jin-woo says he will take care of it himself and hangs up.


Seon Ho is left hanging as Jin-woo cuts the call abruptly. Yang Joo wonders how the timing could be perfect. He says Jin Woo had called him up at dawn said he had completely destroyed Cha. He asks if Jin Woo had really used physical violence on Cha while playing the game. He says Jin-woo could get sued for assault or accidental homicide if that is the case. Seon ho asks how he could say that and Yang Joo says the way Jin-woo spoke makes him uncomfortable. Seon Ho goes silent.

At the cafe, Jin Woo recalls the conversation with Kim Jeong-uk earlier at the hospital. Kim told Jin Woo that the doctor said Cha could’ve died due to excessive bleeding. The doctor said the corpse didn’t have much blood left and it looks like all his blood drained out. Kim finds it weird, as there are no external wounds. He says the autopsy will check for injection marks and if it is positive, it will become a murder case. He says the probability of that is very low.


A street musician playing his guitar brings Jin-woo back from his thoughts. The music is the same one that Emma/Hee Ju played in the game. He listens to the music and seems mesmerised by it. Jung Hoon comes and sits across him. He asks if he should book a flight ticket for Jin Woo to Korea. Jin-woo asks for the song’s name and Jung Hoon says that it is the famous song called “Memories of the Alhambra”.

Jin-woo asks if that is the significance of “Memories of The Alhambra” (game). Jung Hoon says only the experts can play the “Memories of The Alhambra”. He then imitates the note but Jin Woo stops him saying he looks like a fool. Jung Hoon takes out some change to support the street artist. Jin-woo asks him since when he started to pay for stuff as Jung Hoon always downloaded things illegally.


Jung Hoo walks up to the artist and gives him the coin. He intently listens to the full piece and claps for the artist. He turns around to see that Jin Woo is gone.

Jin-woo walks to the park bench where Cha had sat down the previous day. The bench is cordoned off with using crime scene tapes. Jin Woo remembers slashing Cha in the game the day before. He puts on the lens and logs into the game.




He turns around to see Cha covered in blood, slumped on the bench still holding his sword. He remembers the doctor saying that cha had died due to blood loss but had no external wounds. Jin-woo slowly approaches Cha. Jin Woo touches Cha and the AR image flickers.


Su-jin’s voice asking what he had told Cha that ended up in him dying echoes in his ears. Jin Woo remembers asking Cha if he seemed unwell because he knows he is screwed. He had called Cha a traitor. He said that ‘Cha taking out the anger that he had on Cha’s father on Jin-woo’ was a decent excuse. He remembers winning the duel against Cha.

At present Jin Woo is distracted by a dog which tries to cross the crime scene but carried away by the walker. Jin Woo crosses the tapes and walks away. He stops when a message appears.


He looks around but sees the bench empty. He is shocked to see Cha, still covered in blood standing a few feet in before him. Cha swings the sword and Jin-woo instantly brandishes his sword and kills Cha in one strike.







Cha’s AR image falls down and vanishes. Jin Woo is shocked as he looked around.

Yang Joo walks in the corridor and a colleague comes up asking if he has seen the tabloids regarding Cha’s death. She keeps asking if it is real and he cuts her off when he receives a call from Jin Woo.

Jin Woo walks in the park as he asks Yang Joo if the game can programme a user’s data automatically. He says that a dead user’s image cropped up as NPC. He asks him to find out if it is a part of the game or if Se-Ju is playing with him.


After he hangs up, he receives a call from Granada station asking if he left his bag (Se-ju’s bag) behind in the train. Jin Woo says he didn’t take the train but he is told that his number was found in the lost bag. He asks from where the train came from and she says it runs from Barcelona to Granada. Jin-woo immediately says that he will come and collect it.

Hee Ju is at home making porridge for Su-jin. Sang-beom is on speakerphone and he doesn’t approve Hee Ju making porridge.  She says she feels sorry since Su-jin lost her husband while being pregnant. Sang Beum says he finds Jin Woo suspicious since he is taking care of his ex-wife after her husband died and is also asking Hee Ju to care for Su-jin. She says he is paying his respects and that is the right thing to do. Sang Beum says it is none of her business and she only sold the house. He says she is not his secretary.  She asks why he has an attitude today.

Sang Beum says he doesn’t like Jin-woo. He wonders why Jin Woo stays here despite being rich. He also asks why Jin Woo is snooping around her, buying her property and asking her to be an interpreter. He says Jin Woo is hitting on her.


Hee Ju starts to contradict him but Jin-woo says from behind that it was never his intention. Hee Ju is awkward as she turns around. Jin Woo admits to snooping around her since he is here again. Hee Ju hangs up the call and gets up. With an amused expression, Jin-woo asks if Sang Beon is going to run over here. Hee Ju says he always talks like that and adds that though he sounds grumpy, Sang Beom is quite a klutz.

Jin Woo hands over a bag to Hee Ju saying he was asked to give her this. Guessing he has been to the apartment, she takes it from him and arranges the tins on the table. He says she needn’t have cooked porridge but thanks her for the efforts. She asks if Su-jin is doing well and he says she will get better. he starts to say that he is sorry to hit on her again but she closes her eyes in embarrassment asking him not to say that again. Jin Woo smiles as he asks her if he can use the computer.

Hee Ju takes him into her office and switches on the CPU of her desktop. He says he needs something with better performance. She suggests he should use her brother’s computer as it has a hi-tech spec.

As they walk into the kitchen, he asks her where her family is. She says they are at home. He asks if her brother is home and she says she was expecting him today but he isn’t back yet. He asks if he hasn’t called and she says he hasn’t. She adds that he is always like that and she has no idea what he is up to. She says he will be glad to hear that she sold this place. She says he will be over the moon when he knows it was Jin Woo who bought it and Jin-woo gives a slight smile. Hee Ju pauses for a moment and says that the house is a little messy. He smiles as he says he didn’t expect the house to be spotless. She gives an embarrassed smile and takes him in the house. Jin Woo’s smile fades as he follows her.


Hee Ju’s grandma is watching TV and she is delighted to see Jin Woo. He apologises for the late hour and asks to use the computer. Grandma goes over and pulls him into a hug after thanking him. Hee Ju sheepishly looks on as Jin Woo awkwardly looks at her. Grandma hugs him again saying he is very generous and the Gods have rewarded her for the troubles she went through. Jin Woo says he only paid what it was worth. She hugs him again and pats him saying it feels like a dream but this time Hee Ju intervenes saying Jin Woo is a busy man. Grandma loosens her hold as he smiles awkwardly.


Min-Ju apologises for asking him to do the dishes, as she didn’t know he was famous. He says it is okay to not know. She asks why he is divorcing Go Yu-ra and says she likes her. He smiles as he says she packs quite a punch. Hee Ju leads the way to Se-ju’s room as Jin-woo politely declines grandma’s offer to make coffee.


Once inside, they see that Se-Ju’s room is messy with papers and wires all over the floor. Hee Ju picks some of them up. She shows him to the computer and he switches it on. She says her brother loves video games so he uses a high spec computer. Jin-woo asks for Hee Ju’s phone as he is out of battery. She unlocks the phone and hands it over to him. He says she is handing it over too easily. She says it is fine as there is nothing in there. He says he could see everything in it. She asks him to go ahead as there is nothing in it. He smiles and says he will take a look at it. Seeing her standing, he says his work is confidential. She immediately goes out of the room to give him privacy.

Jin-woo locks the room behind her. He checks Hee-ju’s message conversation with Se-Ju on her phone. He takes screenshots of it and mails the conversation. He then looks through the books and papers.

He recalls the staff at the station saying there is a memo inside the bag when he had gone to the station. She gives Jin-woo Se-Ju’s bag and the note having Jin Woo’s name and contact details. It also has a ticket from Barcelona to Granada. She says the bag was returned here due to the ticket.


Jin Woo searches the bag hastily inside the restroom. Seon Ho tells him (over the phone) that Se-Ju had got on the train. Jin Woo says Se-ju didn’t get off at Granada as he was at the station when the train arrived. Seon ho wonders if Se-Ju had got off before Granada. He asks if someone was chasing Se-Ju. Jin Woo recalls Jung Hoon saying earlier that Cha had sent everyone including Kim Min Seon (security team) to Barcelona the previous day.

At present, Jin Woo searches the room as he remembers Se-Ju saying he had turned down Cha’s 10 billion offer. Se-ju had seemed jittery when he had asked to meet at Hostel Bonita. He remembers being told that Cha’s death could turn into a murder case.


Jin Woo finds a contact number (Marco) in one of the books and clicks a picture of it on his phone. Jin-woo then searches the computer.

In the living room, Hee Ju is packing some items when her grandmother says Jin-woo is taking a long time. Hee Ju says he is working and grandma can talk to him the next morning since he will be staying on the 6th floor. Grandma wonders why he isn’t staying at the hotel and she says he said he felt comfortable here. Grandma says she will make a grand breakfast for him and retires for the night.


Hee Ju gets down to packing but she hears Jin-woo calling her. As she comes into the room, he gives her phone back thanking her. He tells her not to let others use her phone that easily. She says she won’t but it is alright. He says ignorance may be bliss but she may regret it. Seeing her puzzled expression, he says someone will take advantage of her and asks if she doesn’t know how scary the world is.


She smiles as she thanks him for his concern. He smiles as he says she is asking for trouble. He asks her not to trust him too much as he is not as decent as she thinks. He says he is worried that she might hate him someday. He wishes her a good night before walking out of the room. Hee Ju doesn’t understand what he meant by what he said.

Jin Woo walks up the stairs as he calls up ‘A’, asking him to look into the Barcelona address that he is sending. He says the tenant’s name is Marco. Jin-woo explains further that Jung Se-Ju is missing and he had disappeared on the way to Granada. He says Cha had contacted someone else and wants A to find who it was. A asks if Cha’s death is related to the game. Jin Woo says he doesn’t know, as everything is a mess. He says he wants to know why Jung Se-Ju turned down 10 billion dollars. He figures out that Se-Ju is in trouble.


Jin Woo lies in bed and recalls Seon Ho asking if they hastily signed the deal. He wonders if they should’ve waited for Se-Ju to come before he went ahead with the deal. He remembers Seon ho saying he has a bad feeling about this.


Just then, he receives a call from Professor Cha (Cha Hyeon Seok’s father). Professor Cha asks if he is still in Spain and Cha says he is on the way to the airport.  Professor Cha says he isn’t bothered about that woman as she might be secretly delighted by the news of Cha’s death. He says she must be punching numbers on her calculator. Professor Cha asks if Jin Woo had seen Cha at the hospital. Jin Woo says there were no visible wounds. He says only an autopsy will reveal the cause of death. Professor Cha calls his son a fool. He says Cha had emptied two bottles of wine before heading out and hadn’t slept for 2 days. He says Cha Hyeon Seok had recently come to him and thrown a tantrum and is causing trouble even now. Jin-woo says he will stay here till Professor Cha gets here. Professor Cha thanks him. Jin-woo wishes him well and hangs up.

Just then Jin-woo hears the thunder as lightning flashes outside the window. He hears the ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ music playing. Jin-woo walks up to the window to check and hears two loud knocks on the door. He opens the door and asks who it is since it is dark and he can’t see much.

Jin Woo notices a sword in the person’s hand. A lightning flash lights up the place and he sees it is Cha.


He is still covered in blood just the way he was on the bench. Jin Woo calmly walks over to the desk and calls up Yang Joo. He asks him to check his monitor.

Yang Joo is driving as he takes the call. He says he can’t check the monitor now.

Jin Woo says that Cha is back again. Cha walks forward slowly as Jin-woo talks in the phone. Jin-woo asks Yang Joo to check how Cha can show up whenever he wants. He stops talking when Cha swings the blade at him and cuts Jin-woo on his arm. Jin-woo drops the phone and falls on the desk. He mutters what is happening as he is wounded for real this time. Yang Ju can’t make any sense out of the words Jin-woo is mumbling.



Jin-woo gets up and tries to duck out of the way but Cha’s sword cuts him on the abdomen. Jin-woo clutches his bleeding wound as he falls on the bed. A message pops up.




Jin-woo dodges every time Cha tries to strike and slowly makes his way out of the room. In the room, Yang speaks through phone asking if Jin-woo is still there.

Cha’s AR version flickers as he follows Jin Woo out of the room. Jin Woo moves out of the way, as the sword hits the railing. As Cha swings at Jin-woo, Jin Woo pulls out his sword and blocks Cha just in time. Cha pins him on the railing as Jin-woo defends himself using the sword. Jin Woo tries to maintain his stance but Cha pushes the sword , making Jin Woo lean further over the railing.


Meanwhile, it’s 1:15 am and Hee Ju is still packing (to move out) when she gets a call on her phone. She attends the calls saying it is Bonita Hostel. She listens seriously to the person on the other end.

Hee Ju walks to the stairwell and looks up. She doesn’t find anyone there. She climbs the stairs slowly wondering if Jin Woo is still awake. She suddenly stops to look up and moves away in a jolt, as a figure falls from the 6th floor and lands on the ground floor with a thump. Hee Ju is horrified as she clutches the phone to her chest at what she had just seen.

She shivers as she slowly brings herself to look down past the railings. She is teary-eyed as she looks up at the 6th floor and calls out in a shaky voice, “Mr Yoo”. She is appalled as she sees Jin-woo lying motionless on the ground floor.


Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode got the mystery and thrill deepening in a chaotic way.

I wonder how long Jin-woo is going to keep the knowledge of Se-Ju’s disappearance from the unsuspecting Hee Ju. I guess Jin Woo thinks Se-Ju was chased by Cha’s men and that Cha’s reappearance is just a technical issue with the game. Judging from the situation, it looks like he can’t keep the game’s existence a secret much longer.

It’s unlucky that both Se-Ju and Cha had called up Jin-woo right before they disappeared/died. It seems like there is more to Jin Woo and Cha’s story than what has been shown already and it will have a significance to the plotline. The timings of certain incidents are always emphasised on the show and it looks like they will hold some significance in the later part of the show.

I wonder if Jin-woo is unable to log out of the game since he was able to see the ‘AR Cha’ at the park only after he wore the contact lens. I am curious to find out when and why the game crossed over to real life as Jin-woo came out unscathed after the duel with Cha the first time. I wonder if (like Cha’s case) Jin woo’s injuries from the stab wounds of Cha’s sword show up on the medical exam (since he was wounded for real) or only the injuries from his fall will show up.

It seems like the players who lost in the duel keep reappearing (that is one ghastly game-glitch) till they are successful in killing their opponent. It also looks like Se-Ju isn’t in a similar situation as Cha but he seems to be on the same boat as Jin-woo since Se-Ju was also running away from being chased by someone (another player probably?).

This series is moving at an extremely fast pace despite it being in its 2nd week. The plot is thrilling to watch and definitely keeps one hooked. Though the genre is fantasy and it is still very early to expect answers to the strange occurrences, I hope we are shown a pattern that leads up to these events in the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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