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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 5 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 5 Recap


Hee Ju packs up articles to be thrown and brings it to the lobby. She looks up the stairwell and gets an idea. She goes over to Min-Ju’s room to find her still awake. Hee-Ju tells her that she is going to take a blanket to the 6th floor, as it is cold. Min-Ju says it isn’t that cold and asks why she is being hospitable towards Jin-Woo. She says she hasn’t seen Hee-Ju like this. Hee Ju brushes it off and goes outside.

Hee Ju climbs the first few steps and wonders if she is overdoing it. She then decides against giving the blanket and walks away. As she is cleaning out her office, she gets a call from an unidentified number. She wonders who is calling at 1:15 am. She hears a woman’s voice on the other end asking for Jin-woo. Hee Ju asks who is calling.


Elsewhere, a drunken woman (Go Yu-ra/ Jin-woo’s wife) speaks into the phone as her manager tried to calm some people down. She says Jin-woo isn’t picking up her call and that he has blocked her number. Yu-ra says even Jin-woo’s secretary isn’t attending the call.

Hee-Ju says Jin-woo is probably sleeping but Yu-ra asks her to wake him up. Hee Ju gives a sarcastic smile and asks who is calling. Yu-ra says she is Jin-woo’s wife. She starts yelling at Hee Ju and Hee Ju says in a low voice that she will put him on the line.

Hee Ju looks up the stairwell wondering if Jin Woo is asleep. She wonders why Yu-ra is so rude since she wasn’t like this on TV. She climbs halfway up the stairs and pauses while looking up. She jolts away as a person falls from the sixth floor’s railings right onto the ground. Hee Ju is shaken as she slowly calls out to Jin-woo.


She stands outside Jin-Woo’s room and calls out his name. She looks inside to find it empty. She runs to the stairwell and looks over the railings. She runs down the staircase and hesitates before calling Jin-woo’s name. She sees the person lying on the broken furniture on which he had fallen. She sees the shattered wristwatch on his hand. She confirms that it is Jin Woo lying motionless on the ground.

Hee-Ju runs into the dormitory and wakes the students up. She asks one of them who is a medical student to help. The students run downstairs and help as the medical student resuscitates Jin-woo. Hee-Joo’s grandma comes out hearing the commotion and is shocked to see what’s going on.


Elsewhere, Jung Hoon is walking on the road when he gets a call from Yang Joo asking if he is with Jin-woo. Jung Hoon says he is on his way back to the hostel now. An ambulance crosses him as Yang Joo says something must have happened to Jin-woo. Jung Hoon starts running.

Seoul, South Korea

The news telecast flashes the news of Neword’s CEO Cha Hyeong Seok’s death in Spain. It says he was found dead at 6 am in a park at Granada. It further states that Cha was travelling in Granada with his family after attending the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. It reports that that the investigations are on regarding his cause of death.


8.JPGIt states Cha was the co-founder of IT Company J-One holdings. It also reports that while in school for his decorate degree in 2004, Cha had founded J-one along with his current CEO Jin-Woo. It says despite representing the successful second-generation tech start-ups, the two locked horns in 2014 over management rights. It says Cha founded ‘Neword’ and was working on AR content. It says Neword released a statement stating all plans of the company were cancelled to grieve Cha’s sudden demise.

Seon Ho watches this news on TV and makes a call (Jung Hoon probably). He learns that Jin-Woo hasn’t left for Korea. He says the news is always mentioning Jin-Woo’s name. He is shocked to hear what the person on the other end has to say.

Granada, Spain

The ambulance is on its way to the hospital. The paramedics administer medicines and Jin-woo regains consciousness. Hee-Ju who is beside the paramedic asks Jin Woo why he fell. Jin Woo asks if it was raining just now and Hee-Ju says it wasn’t. He asks if she was playing “Memories of The Alhambra” on the guitar. The paramedic asks her to stop talking as Jin-Woo loses consciousness again.

Jin-woo drifts in and out of consciousness till he is taken into surgery. Later on, he slowly comes around to see Hee-ju’s grandma, Hee-Ju and Jung Hoon looking at him anxiously. After some time, he wakes up again to see a cop telling Jung Hoon and Kim Jeong-uk that they will have to take Jin-Woo to the Investigation Centre for Crime since they think it could be suicide. Jung Hoon says it isn’t possible. Jin-Woo again wakes up to see his bandaged leg and Jung Hoon who sits next to him crying.


Jin-Woo wakes up as Professor Cha runs his hand along Jin Woo’s face asking how he feels. He says he just now got here. Jin Woo is unable to speak as he blinks in acknowledgement. Professor Cha says he will go see his son now and Jin-woo watches him leave.


In a flashback we see Professor Cha slapping Cha Heon Seok when he asks why he ignores everything he says. Jin-woo and Seon Ho who are by Jin Woo’s desk get serious seeing this. Professor Cha slaps Heong Seok again before asking if he should side with Hyeong Seok just because he is Cha’s son. Professor Cha asks why he would jeopardize the company. Jin-Woo calls out to Hyeong Seok while Professor Cha reminds Hyeong Seok that Hyeong Seok is the one who chose to leave and is the traitor. Hyeong Seok gives a last look to Seon Ho and Jin-Woo before leaving.


On a rainy night, Jin-woo stands in the rain facing Su-Jin (holding an umbrella) who is crying. He asks her why she is crying, as he is the one who should be crying. Cha (holding an umbrella) walks up asking why Jin Woo is here. He asks if Jin Woo has unfinished business with his (Cha’s) wife. Seeing Jin Woo’s expression, Cha says they had registered their marriage a week back. Cha smiles as he asks if his father is doing well. Cha calls Su-Jin who walks away with him teary-eyed. Jin-Woo clenches his fists as he watches the two of them drive away in the car. Seon Ho comes in his car and calls out to Jin-Woo who is completely drenched.

As he drives down the street, Seon Ho passes Jin Woo a tissue asking why he was standing in the rain without an umbrella. Jin-woo says he could have done something crazy if Seon ho hadn’t called him. He says he might have stabbed Cha if he had a knife on him.

In the Granada Park, Jin Woo smiles as he slashes Cha many times with his sword.

At Hostel Bonita, AR Cha tries to kill Jin Woo but Jin Woo tries to defend himself while being pinned between Cha’s sword and the railing. Cha succeeds in pushing Jin Woo over the railing.

Jin-Woo hits one of the railings, which breaks his fall a bit but he is unable to hold on to it and falls to the ground. Jin-woo clutches his stab wound as he looks up at the 6th floor.




Jin Woo loses consciousness.


At the hospital, Jin-woo wakes up as he hears thunder and rainfall. He notices that his left hand and leg are broken. He writhes in pain as he tries to reach for his phone. He notices the bandage on his abdomen and remembers Cha slashing him with the sword.

At the morgue, Professor Cha looks at his son’s dead body. Jung Hoon stands next to him. Jung Hoon receives a call from Jin-woo and steps out. He asks if Jin-woo is okay and asks why he fell.

Jin-woo asks him if he is sure that Cha is dead. He asks him to check if Cha is really dead because he Cha appeared in his room with a sword. He says he had initially thought it was the game.

Jung Hoon interrupts him and says he is at the morgue with Professor Cha. He confirms that Cha is dead. He says Jin Woo had fallen at 1 am. He says Hee Ju had gone up to find the room empty and windows closed. He says no one pushed Jin-woo.

Jin-woo asks if it’s actually the game because he has stab wounds. Jung Hoon says that Jin-woo doesn’t have stab wounds. He says Jin-woo had only fractures and there was no bleeding. He says the bandage on the abdomen is because Jin Woo ruptured his intestines due to the fall. He says the bandage is to cover the scar. Jung Hoon then says Choi had called him earlier and said Jin Woo was playing the game before he got disconnected. He had said Jin Woo said Cha attacked him as an NPC. Jung Hoon had gone into Jin woo’s room and found the lenses there.


Jung Hoon says Jin-Woo wasn’t wearing the lens and the doctors even checked before surgery. He asks Jin Woo if he doesn’t remember anything. Professor Cha comes out of the morgue and Jung Hoon immediately talks about Jin Woo’s health before hanging up. Professor asks Jung Hoon if Jin-woo can talk and he confirms it. Professor says he is relieved since he thought he would end up losing both of them. Jung Hoon watches Professor Cha walk away.

Jin Woo lies in bed as he recalls removing the lens the night before. He watches the rains outside the window. He turns around to see Hee Ju walk in while speaking on the phone along with Min-Ju. She says she won’t be able to come to the workshop for a while. She says it will take about a month probably. She says the secretary is the only one here. Min-Ju notices that Jin Woo is awake and runs towards him.


She asks him if it hurts and he asks her how it looks. She says it looks like it will hurt a lot. He smiles asking why she bothered asking. He looks at Hee Ju who says she will call the nurse and goes out of the room.

Min-Ju says they were all so startled. She says he is alive now because a college student performed CPR on him. She says he hit the handrails as he fell and that slowed his fall. She says he is extremely lucky. Jin-woo comments that she sounds very excited. She says him not hurting his head is a miracle.

Jin-woo asks if she is sure he hadn’t hurt his head. He asks if it is raining outside and she says it is. She asks if he can’t see. He says he can and he is relieved that it is raining. Jin Woo checks the phone and she tells him he is not allowed to. Jin-woo days it is alright.

Min-Ju runs up to Jin-woo in the corridor and tells her that he is looking at his phone. Hee  Ju walks into the room and pulls his phone from his hand. She tells him he has many fractures and isn’t allowed to move. She orders him to stay still until the doctor comes. Jin-woo asks her why she is so angry.

She tears up as she explains that she was so dumbfounded and he is so nonchalant. He asks her if she is crying. She looks away as she says she isn’t. She goes to look for the doctor. Jin-woo asks Min-Ju if something happened to Hee Ju while he was unconscious. Min-Ju says she thinks Hee Ju likes her. Jin-woo says they had met only 2 days ago. She says her sister falls in love easily. He says it is still too much. Min-Ju says Hee Ju has been sniffling for a while probably because he was injured. She says she concludes Hee Ju likes him because of this. He says only an immature kid would think like that. She says she is highly intuitive and is sure of it.


Min-Ju asks him what he thinks of her sister since he is going to be single soon. Jin-woo smiles and says she always comes at him unexpectedly. He asks if she is going to be their matchmaker and she says her sister is way too good for him but she supports her sister’s wish. She says Hee Ju and Jin-woo would make a great couple since she is rich now too. He says he is going through a divorce suit. He says he is sick and tired of women. She asks if her sister just got dumped.

Jin-woo asks if her brother is home yet. She says he isn’t. Min-Ju frowns as she asks if he doesn’t like Hee-Ju. He smiles as she asks why he isn’t answering her. Just then, Hee Ju walks into the room and both of them go silent. The doctor walks in to check on him.

At the elevator lobby in the hospital, Jung Hoon stands behind Professor Cha. Professor Cha learns that Jin-woo’s leg may not fully recover. Jung Hoon says they are trying all options. The professor asks if Jin-woo knows about this. Jung Hoon says only he and Hee Ju heard this.

Hee Ju and Min-Ju sit in the corridor. She asks Min-Ju to leave, as she has to stay since nobody else is there. As Min-Ju gets up to leave, she tells Hee-Ju that Jin-Woo is fed up with women right now and has no intention of dating. Hee Ju is puzzled and confused as Min-Ju leaves. Hee-Ju gets a call on her phone and she says she is at the hospital.


Jin-woo is getting his dressing changed as Hee Ju walks in. She says a call had come in yesterday from his wife Go Yu-ra. He asks how Yu-ra knew he was at the hostel and she says she doesn’t know. She says it was just before the accident and she just now remembered. He asks if Hee Ju told her he was in an accident. She says she had because he was in a critical condition and Yu-ra was his wife after all. As he looks away in disbelief, she says Yu-ra is in Spain for a photo shoot and is on her way here. He curses as she says Yu-ra is heading upstairs.

Jin-woo immediately asks the nurse to stop. He asks Hee Ju if he can stand up and she says he shouldn’t even move. He asks her to tell the nurse to bring crutches or a wheelchair. He tells Hee Ju that she is responsible for this since she is the one who brought Yu-ra here. He says he is already in pain and doesn’t want to be dragged to hell. He says he is going to run away and she is going to help him. She asks if he is joking and he asks if he looks like he is joking. He asks for his phone and she hands it to him.

Hee- Ju runs behind the nurse who walks out of the room. She asks if he can be moved in a wheelchair and the nurse denies it. Hee-Ju asks if he can change rooms and the nurse asks why. Hee Ju says they have their reasons and asks it to be arranged quickly. The nurse says she will check.

Jin-woo is checking his phone as hears the thunder. He turns around to see the lightning flash. He freezes as he hears ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ tune. Suddenly a message pops up.



He puts his fingers over his eye but he is shocked as he can still see the message. He sits frozen on the bed as he hears a knock on the door. He asks who it is and Hee-Ju opens the door. He sighs in relief for a moment but is startled as he sees Cha walk up with his sword behind Hee Ju.


Hee Ju starts to say something but he yells asking her to close the door. She immediately closes the door leaving him inside. As she stands outside, she asks him what is wrong. He asks her if she can hear the sound of the guitar playing ‘Memories of the Alhambra’.

Outside, Hee Ju looks around the empty corridor and says she doesn’t hear it. She asks him why he keeps asking that. He asks if only he can hear it. He says it means he is deranged. He sees the message:




59,58… (a timer starts)

Outside, Hee Ju asks Jin Woo if he is alright and says she is coming in. Jin Woo screams telling her not to open the door. He asks her to wait for a second.

(The timer is at 36)

Hee Ju walks away from the door and is about to call Jung Hoon when she notices Yu-ra walking down the corridor with her manager (who is carrying the bouquet). Hee Ju panics upon seeing her. She immediately runs to Yu-ra and says she was the one who attended the call. She says his room isn’t here and she had forgotten Jin Woo had switched rooms in the morning. She takes them the other way towards the elevator.


Jin Woo waits for the timer to run out but when the timer is at 3 seconds, the door opens.


A patient with a cane walks in. He apologises for getting the wrong room and leaves. Cha walks into the room before the patient closes the door. Cha swings his sword at Jin-woo, who dodges the hit. Jin Woo loses balance and falls on the floor startling the patient who is on the verge of closing the door.


Jin-woo dodges again and the patient walks toward him to help him up. Jin-woo pulls the crutch from the man and limps to the door.

Just as Jin-woo is about to close the door, Cha puts the sword through the gap and cuts Jin woo’s arm.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “If there was ever a hopeless moment, it’d be right now. The moment when I must admit that I’m not in my right mind.”


Jin Woo groans in pain as he shuts the door.



Jin-woo staggers away from the room but the patient opens the door asking him to get back here. He watches as Cha walks out of the room and spots him.



Cha slashes Jin-woo

Hee Ju stands in the elevator and Yu-ra asks her for her name. Hee-Ju says she is ‘Jung Hee-Ju’. Yu-ra asks why Hee-Ju is looking after him instead of Jin-woo’s secretary. Hee Ju says Jung Hoon is with a professor who visited. Yu-ra wonders why the old man is here instead of visiting his widowed daughter-in-law. She wonders why Cha passed away so early after creating all the confusion.

As the elevator reaches the 9th floor, Hee-Ju says he is room 905. As Yu-ra and her manager get out of the elevator, Hee-Ju says she can’t accompany them since she has other errands to run.

As Yu-ra walks into room 905 she realises Hee Ju has misguided her.

Hee-Ju is walking in the corridor when she receives a call from Sang Beom. He asks if she is Jin Woo’s guardian now. She says she conned Yu-ra just now. She says Yu-ra will kill her if they meet again. Just then, she sees a wheelchair being taken into Jin Woo’s room and hangs up. She sees the other patient being helped onto the wheelchair. Hee-Ju is told that Jin-woo stole a crutch and left. The nurse says this will complicate his rehabilitation. Hee-Ju is worried as she sees he has left behind his phone.

Meanwhile, Jin-woo struggles as he limps out of the hospital with his sword. Cha follows him closely and slashes Jin-woo across the back. Jin-woo falls down.


Jin Woo limps away slowly with Cha following him.


Jung Hoon and Professor Cha enter Jin Woo’s room to find Yu-ra waiting there. She tells them that she should be next to him since she is his wife. She reminds them that the divorce hasn’t been finalised yet but Jung Hoon has already blocked her number. Jung Hoon asks her where Jin Woo is and Yu-Ra asks him the same question. She says the nurse said he ran off with someone’s crutch. She says Jin-woo hates her so much to have bolted in this condition because she is coming. She laughs saying this is like a black comedy.

Professor Cha asks if she is drunk and she says she isn’t. He says that if she isn’t drunk she shouldn’t be joking about her husband’s injury. He asks if she is wondering if she will get all that money if he dies. He asks if she is wondering whether to withdraw the divorce suit and what to tell the press. He says she looks upset that it is only a broken leg. She calls him rude and he asks why she is here when Jin-woo clearly doesn’t like her. She reminds him he is not her family. He asks if a family that didn’t last even a year is better than he who knows him for 20 years. Yu-ra says that he had disowned his own son and had come to see him only after he died. She says he and his son are family only on paper. She tells him to take care of his daughter-in-law while she takes care of Jin-woo. She says they should take care of their own families. Professor Cha stands rooted to the spot.

Professor Cha comes outside and Jung Hoon says they aren’t able to locate Jin Woo but he is sure Hee-Ju is with him. Jung Hoon says he will search for Jin-woo and walks away. Just then, Mr Kim from the embassy comes to talk with the professor.

Meanwhile, lightning flashes and it rains heavily. Jin Woo defends himself from Cha’s strikes but is badly wounded as Cha slashes him again. Jin-woo is covered in blood as he tries to get up.


As he is on the floor watching Cha approach him, Jin-Woo’s voiceover narrates, “That day, at that moment, I realized something. Cha Hyeong Seok’s death was a murder. Hyeong Seok was murdered. He bled to death after being mutilated by my sword, just like I am now. I have killed Hyeong Seok. As proof, I was about to die in the same way. Our deaths would remain as mysteries but we know that we killed each other and took our revenge. (Jin-woo closes his eyes as he waits for Cha’s final strike) the revenge we wished for every day with all our hearts…”

Cha is about to strike but stops when Hee Ju calls out Jin woo’s name. Jin-woo opens his eyes to see a teary-eyed Hee Ju sitting in front of him.


Hee Ju asks him what he is doing here. A message pops on his screen,



Hee Ju notices his foot and panics. As she gets up, Cha tries to strike Jin Woo. Jin Woo grabs Hee Ju’s hand and holds her against him.


60,59, 58 … (the countdown starts)


Jin-woo asks her to stay like that for a moment. Hee Ju brings herself to ask what is going on. He asks her to not move for a minute. He asks her not to go anywhere again. Jin Woo watches Cha as the timer is at 30 seconds. He asks Hee Ju if he is acting weird and if she doesn’t understand him. Hee Ju says she doesn’t. He asks her if he seems crazy to her. She cries as he says he thinks he has gone crazy.



Cha’s image disappears along with all of the stab wounds on Jin Woo. Jin Woo leans away from her saying he is fine now. Jin-woo faints and Hee Ju catches him. Both of them are drenched in the rain as Hee Ju looks around them. She calls out his name but gets no response.

Inside, Kim tells Professor that autopsy is underway. A couple of doctors hastily run out and Professor Cha notices them. Jung Hoon runs in and says they have found Jin-woo. The professor rushes out with the team and watches as the team gets down to work.


The professor recalls his conversation with Kim who said Jin-woo’s fingerprints were found on Cha’s neck and collar. He says Jin-woo already gave a statement saying he had grabbed Hyeong Seok’s collar. He adds that Hyeong Seok’s time of death coincides with the time Jin-woo had parted with him. He also says it is odd Jin-woo fell from the 6th floor. Professor Cha asks if he is implying that his friend’s son had killed his son. Kim says additional investigation may be necessary, as they can’t rule out Jin-woo as a suspect.


At present, Jin-woo is being carried away but Professor Cha stops him. Jin-woo whispers, “I’m sorry” before being carried away.

A police officer questions Hee-Ju. He asks what Jin-Woo was doing when she found him. She says she doesn’t know. She continues to weep as the voiceover narrates, “Some things are understood only when you go crazy together.”

In a flashback, Se-Ju travels in the train and is paranoid as he looks out of the window.


The voiceover continues, “Jung Se-Ju. I could understand why he hadn’t come back. I had an idea what he was afraid of.”

Se-Ju panics as lightning strikes and the storm clouds set in.

The voiceover continues, “Se-Ju could have been chased just like me, by someone only he could see.”

Bullets crack the train’s window as shots are fired.

At the station, Jin Woo walks on the platform searching for Se-Ju. The train leaves but Se-Ju doesn’t get off it.

The voiceover narrates, “Did Se-Ju die on that train or…”


Jin-woo is unable to Se-Ju lying unconscious behind him on the ground holding a gun in his bloodied hand. The AR gun flickers. Jin-woo looks right through Se-ju totally oblivious to the fact that Se-Ju is lying motionless on the ground right next to him.

Image Courtesy TVN


This episode showed insight on Jin-Woo and Cha’s relationship and how they ended up hating each other to the point of seeking revenge. Professor Cha seems to have a soft corner for Jin Woo and I wonder if there is a reason other than just ‘love for a friend’s son’ behind it. I am curious to see Jin woo’s behaviour now that he has figured out what might have happened to Cha (who died in the game) and Se-Ju (who might not be dead yet).

I wonder how Yu-ra managed to locate Jin-woo as only a handful of people know about him staying at Hotel Bonita.

The game never ceases to amaze me as in this episode the weather change made one unable to say whether it is raining in the game or in real. It looks like the AR characters cant open doors. I wonder if the game sees all non-players as obstacles or just Hee Ju (since Se-ju could have used non-players to sheild himself if that is the case). I am curious to see Hee Ju’s significance in the game, as she isn’t adding much value to the main plot so far.

The last scene was intriguing as we finally got to see Se-ju after the train scene. The fact that Se-ju’s body wasn’t found at the train station shows that he is still somewhere in the game. I am eager to see what the next episode has in store.

-By Soul Sword-

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