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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 6 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 6 Recap

It’s raining as a drenched Hee Ju solemnly walks back to Hostel Bonita holding her umbrella. Her grandma comes up to her and says she was worried Jin Woo would end up in a vegetative state. She says she is relieved that he woke up. Hee Ju says she will wash up first before eating. Her grandma asks why is she soaking wet and if she didn’t use her umbrella.


Hee Ju goes into her room and her grandma follows her asking why she is back so soon. Hee Ju says Jin woo’s wife is there to care for him. She explains they aren’t divorced yet and her grandmother leaves after saying she didn’t know that.

Before heading into the bath, Hee Ju pauses and recalls what happened earlier at the hospital.

In the flashback, Yu-ra had grown impatient waiting for Jin-woo to return and decides to leave. As she walks out, the doctors come rushing in with Jin Woo (who is unconscious). Yu-Ra is shocked seeing the state Jin Woo is. Hee Ju slowly walks down the corridor. She sees Yu-ra speak into the phone saying Jin Woo must have hurt his head since he has been acting weird. Yu-ra asks if she should drop the suit. She is told to stay by her side and wonders what will happen to her schedule. Seeing Hee Ju walking past her she hangs up.

She forbids Hee Ju from entering Jin-woo’s room and asks how much she got paid to lie to her. Yu-ra asks Hee Ju to not get greedy over some money and asks her to go home. Jung Hoon walks in and hears their conversation. Hee Ju says she is not following. Yu-ra shoves Hee Ju using her phone saying she knows what people like this look like.


Jung Hoon calls out to Yu-ra and asks her to be respectful. He asks her not to be rude to someone who is helping and Yu-ra kicks him. As he buckles in pain, she walks away ramming into Hee Ju deliberately. Hee Ju stares wide-eyed at Yu-ra. She asks Jung Hoon if he is alright and he says it is fine. He says Yu-ra is always like that and asks Hee Ju to go home. He says he will call her later.

At present, Hee Ju walks out of the room.

At the hospital, Jin Woo wakes up to see Yu-ra who says she is here for him. Jung Hoon comes in and Jin Woo asks him if this is just a dream. Yu-ra’s smile fades. Jin Woo lets out a curse as Jung Hoon says it isn’t. Yu-ra says he seems to be fine and Jung Hoon asks if she isn’t getting late for her photo shoot.


A lightning flash grabs Jin Woo’s attention. Jung Hoon and Yu-ra continue to argue. She says she is worried because Jung Hoon is by Jin-woo’s side and he asks her to think who should actually be there. Jin-woo gets tense as he sees another lightning flash.

At night, Hee Ju tosses in her bed unable to sleep. She remembers Jin-woo pulling her towards him and asking her to stay like that for a moment. He had asked if he seemed crazy to her. She gets up and goes to the kitchen. As she pours herself a drink, she hears someone at the door.

She goes over slowly and opens the door to find Jin-woo standing outside with a crutch. It looks like he has gotten here using a car.


He asks her if she is still awake. She asks if he drove here all by himself. He says he had told her to take responsibility for dragging that woman into this. He asks her how she can ditch him and come home without taking responsibility. She says she thought she wouldn’t be of much help. She asks if he really had run away from his wife. He asks for his stuff and especially his lens case. She asks him to wait inside but he says he will wait in the car since it is safer. As she walks up the stairs, she calls up Jung Hoon.

Jung Hoon says he had come down briefly while Jin Woo was sleeping and that was when he had disappeared again. She asks what she has to do and Jung Hoon asks her to play along. He says the doctor said he is suffering from stress-related ideation. He adds that Jin Woo hallucinates a dead person with a sword. She asks if the man is Cha. Jung Hoon confirms it and says Jin-woo had a seizure after she had left.

Earlier, Jung Hoon and Yu-ra run inside the room to see Jin-woo fallen on the floor. The nurse says he had suddenly fallen down and isn’t responding.

Jung Hoon tells Hee Ju they had to give Jin-woo a sedative before he fell asleep. He says provoking him will worsen the condition and asks her to play along. Hee Ju walks into the room and sees the lens case.

Outside, Jin-woo waits in the car as the lightning flashes and it starts to rain. Jin-Woo lowers the window and puts his hand out to check. He raises the window swiftly.


Jin-Woo hears the “Memories of the Alhambra” playing. Cha appears in front of the car with his sword and Jin-woo locks the car.

Hee Ju runs down the stairs and reaches the car. It isn’t raining. She notices the car door locked and Jin-woo staring straight ahead. She knocks on the window.


Jin-Woo stares fixedly at Cha. He signals her to wait. Hee Ju looks at the blank space in front of the car.



AR Cha disappears and it stops raining.

Jin-woo lowers the glasses and thanks her for the lens. She asks him to put on a jacket and he raises the glass before she could complete the sentence. Jin Woo logs into the game.





Jin-woo gets ready to leave. Hee Ju knocks on the window saying she will drive. He says he will be fine. She is persistent saying he doesn’t know his way around. He says he does and wishes her a good night. She starts yelling asking how she could sleep and asks if he is messing with her. She says she will be worried and asks why he isn’t listening to her. She says she feels bad for Jung Hoon and wonders if he gets paid well. She says anyone who works for Jin-woo will go nuts. She says he might meet with an accident since he was given a sedative. She asks him if he is in his right mind now.

Jin-woo is calm as he says he had told her he is crazy. He asks if she has a condition too. He asks if she can only blurt out her thoughts when she is angry. He says she can become a rapper. Hee Ju says she is very serious. She asks him to nullify the property contract and take the money back. She asks why he showed up in her life and put her on a roller coaster. She says she was extremely thrilled for a day when he decided to give her 10 billion. She says he fell at her hostel and got injured. She asks what will happen if he gets into an accident and dies. She says she can live with that and asks why he is torturing her.


Hee-Ju says was fine without the money. She says her family can live comfortably with a tenth of that money. She asks him to nullify the contract and get this burden off her chest. She says she will let him go then.

Jin-woo says it’s between the companies and he can’t do that. She says he can open the door then. Jin-woo unlocks the door saying he would be grateful if she tags along. He says he was scared to go alone anyway. She says she will drive but he asks her to sit in the passenger seat saying that would be more than enough.

On the way, Hee-Ju asks him how he knows the way to the destination without even a GPS. A message pops up on his screen.


They reach the destination. Jin-Woo limps over and tries to open the shop’s door. Hee-Ju says they close at 7:00 PM. He asks if she knows the place and she says everyone knows each other here. He asks her to call the owner. She asks if he wants to buy antiques and takes out her phone. He says yes and she calls the owner. She says the owner is probably at the bar and can’t hear his phone.

Hee-Ju is startled when Jin Woo breaks the door and asks her to explain to the store owner on behalf of him. Hee Ju stands anxiously outside as he heads inside.


As Jin Woo walks inside, a part of the store lights up. An NPC talks to him, “Hey! You are being chased by someone, aren’t you? Welcome to Armas, The best weapon shop in Granada. I think I may be able to give you what you need. Would you like to buy a weapon?”


Jin-woo looks around as weapons appear on the shelves of the entire store. Jin-Woo reaches for a weapon.



He tries to collect Hero’s spear but he gets the same message. The NPC asks him to choose a cheaper weapon.


Outside, Hee Ju calls up the store owner. She says that one of her guests smashed his store by mistake.

Inside, Jin-woo is still unable to get a weapon, as his level is low. He moves to the next weapon.



Jin-woo picks up the dagger.


The mannequin says, “Good choice. It will be helpful for a beginner like you.”

Jin-woo checks other weapons.




Jin-Woo picks it up



Jin-woo keeps practising and it hits the wooden wall.

Outside, Hee-Ju hangs up saying she will wait here. She walks into the store seeing him swinging his arm. She asks what he is doing and he says he is practising throwing a ninja star. Hee Ju walks out of the store and calls up Jung Hoon.

Meanwhile, Jin-woo hits the bull-eye. The target disappears and ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ starts to play. As a lightning flash, Jin Woo turns around to see Cha standing there.




Jin-woo throws 3 Ninja stars and 2 of them hit Cha. A message appears when he tries to throw the next one.



The Assassin’s blade appears in Jin-Woo’s hand. Chas walks towards Jin Woo.

Hee Joo tells Jung Hoon that she will send him the location. Hee-Ju hears a bang inside the store and is about to head in when the store owner comes running. Hee-Ju looks awkwardly at him.

Jin-woo is inside a room and locked the door. The countdown timer starts. Jin-woo opens the door.


Jin-woo is equipped with the Dagger of Wind. He sinks the dagger into Cha’s back.



He equips himself with the Assassin’s blade as Cha walks slowly towards him. Jin-woo stabs Cha in the chest and Cha sinks to the ground.






Jin-woo looks at the blood pooling around Cha and his voiceover narrates, “I killed Cha Hyeong Seok again. It’s my second murder.”

Hee-Ju walks in and opens the door to find him standing there.


Hee Ju says the owner is here and Jin-woo asks her to choose something. Later on, Jin-woo rests in the car as Hee Joo carries a large package. She puts it in the rear seat and gets into the driver’s seat of the car. She suggests going to the hospital but he says he isn’t going there. She asks where he is going and he says he doesn’t know. He says he doesn’t want to die but it feels terrible to kill.


It starts raining as Cha stands in front of the car.

Jin Woo says there is no point in killing as there is no way out of this. He asks her to just drive as he feels more at ease when he is inside the car. Hee Ju starts driving and sees that Jin-woo has fallen asleep when she stops at a traffic light. She covers him with a jacket and continues to drive.

In the morning, Professor Cha visits the park where Cha’s corpse was found. He remembers Kim’s words saying Jin-woo can’t be eliminated as a suspect. He remembers Jin-woo apologising to him before being carried off inside.


He recalls Su-Jin apologising to him earlier for not taking better care of Cha. He says that she shouldn’t have done something like this in the first place if she had a conscience. He asks why she is apologising after doing everything that she wanted to. He says Cha and she had promised to live their lives making up for everything. He says one ended up dead and the other will be handicapped for the rest of his life. He is anguished as he says his only son lost his friends, his company, his father, his honour and became an alcoholic. He blames Su-jin for Hyeon Seok’s death in a foreign country. He says he knows it isn’t Su-Jin’s fault for both Cha and Jin-woo ending up this way but he says he can’t bring himself to console her. He says he doesn’t feel sorry for her.

Professor Cha says Hyeong Seok’s family should decide whether or not to carry out a detailed autopsy. He says the result might point towards Jin-woo. He says Su-Jin and he are Hyeong Seok’s family. He asks her what she wants to do.

At the park, Seon Ho meets Professor Cha. He says he got here an hour ago and he visited both Jin-woo and Hyeong Seok. He says Jin-woo has an anxiety disorder. Cha asks if he has eaten and walks away after saying this is the place where Hyeong Seok was apparently found.


Professor Cha and Seon-ho sit in a cafe. Professor Cha says that there will be articles soon and the reporters won’t care to write the truth. He says he already spoke with Su-Jin.

In a flashback, he tells Su-jin that an autopsy won’t bring Hyeong Seok back to life. He says it isn’t certain if the results will reveal the cause of death and it will raise suspicions of his mysterious death being a murder. He tells her he had heard enough of rumours about the 3 of them and says he is sure this will be worse. Si-jin says she doesn’t want an autopsy.

At the cafe, Professor Cha tells Seon-ho that there won’t be an autopsy. He says he doesn’t doubt Jin-Woo so there isn’t a reason to do the autopsy. Seon-ho remembers Yang-Joo saying Jin-woo had said he completely destroyed Hyeong Seok. Yang Joo had wondered if Jin-woo had used physical violence. Seon-ho recalls Jin-woo on a rainy night saying he would’ve have stabbed Hyeng seok if he had a knife on him.

Seon-ho hesitates but agrees with Professor Cha. Professor Cha says they should cover everything and leave. He asks Seon-ho to measure Jin-woo’s condition and get rid of Yu-ra. He asks Jin-woo to be sent to States once he is recovered. He says Jin-Woo should try physical therapy though the doctors said there is no hope. Seon Ho says he will arrange everything and they start to eat.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Just like that, Hyeong Seok’s death was swept under the rug. And while I was asleep after taking the pills, they all left Granada. Su-Jin, Professor Cha, even Yu-ra and Hyeong-Seok.”

Jin-woo sleeps on a large four-poster bed somewhere. Su-jin and her sister leave in a car. Professor Cha evades crowd of reporters and leaves. Yu-ra yells into the phone saying they moved her husband to an unknown location without her knowledge. Hyeong Seok’s body is moved.


The voiceover narrates, “Meanwhile, I voluntarily took medicine to help me sleep ever since I found Hyeong Seok wouldn’t appear when I was asleep. Sleep was my safe haven. To shut out my fears I kept on sleeping.”

One day, Seon ho wakes Jin-woo up and says he has to return to Seoul as work is piling up. Jin-woo nods in agreement. Seon ho asks if there is anything he has to tell him and Jin-woo asks him what was this about. Seon Ho says he is generally asking.


Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “No one asked what happened between me and Hyeong Seok that day. If they had, I would’ve answered that I had killed Hyeong Seok but no one dared to ask me that. Maybe they feared the truth.”

Jung Hoon tells Seon-ho that it’s time to leave and Seon ho says he will keep in touch before walking away.

Jin woo’s voice-over continues, “Seon-ho left too. And the next time I woke up (He sees Hee Ju sleeping on the sofa next to the bed.) it was just the two of us again.”


Seeing that she is cold, he gets up and switches off the AC. He puts a blanket over her and walks out of the room with his crutch. He checks for pills and finds them empty. He walks out hearing splashing in the swimming pool.

Jin-woo finds Min-Ju on an inflatable ring. She waves to him in joy saying its been a long time since she saw him awake. He says he couldn’t go back to sleep. She says his doctor cut him off the sleeping aids. She asks if he isn’t seeing ghosts now. Jin Woo asks why she isn’t in school and she says she had to nurse someone. He asks if it is he and she says yes. She says she loves this place and the pool is the best. She asks if she can bring her friends over tomorrow.


He smiles as he sits down saying it looks like she is vacationing and not here to nurse someone. She says she is here to switch shifts with Hee-Ju but there is nothing for her to do. She says Jin-woo wanted only Hee-Ju. She says he wouldn’t let Hee-Ju go and asked her to stay. Jin-woo is puzzled as he asks if he did that.

In a flashback, Hee Ju wipes his forehead and gets up to get a new towel. Jin-woo, who is asleep, holds Hee-Ju’s hand and asks her where she is going. She says she will be right back and he asks her to stay, as he is scared to be alone. She says she will stay and sits next to him. She passes the towel to Min-Ju asking to wash it.

At present, Min-Ju says he kept saying that. She says Hee-Ju couldn’t do anything because of Jin-Woo and hasn’t been able to go home too. She asks why it must be Hee Ju and Jin-woo dismissively says he doesn’t know. He says he himself is clueless as to why he behaved like that but Min-Ju doesn’t buy it. Jin-woo says he has to figure out why he said that. Min-Ju says he is trying to charm Hee-Ju and he is good at it since he says he is saying things that make a woman’s heart melt.

She calls him ‘the master’ and says the nickname suits him well. As he gets up to leave, Min-Ju says she doesn’t like Go Yu-ra anymore. She says Yu-ra came to Bonita hostel.

In a flashback, Hee Ju answers the door one night to find a drunk Yu-ra standing outside. She shoves her way in and pushes Hee-ju on the floor. She says she had warned Hee-Ju to stay away from Jin-woo. She throws her bag on Hee-hu’s desk breaking the things.


Min-Ju tells Jin-woo Yu-ra wanted to know where Jin-woo was. Jin-woo asks if Yu-ra hit Hee-Ju. Min-Ju says Yu-ra pushed Hee Ju but other guests intervened before she could smack Hee-Ju. She says Yu-ra tried to kick Hee-ju too. Min-Ju says she hates Yu-ra now and asks why Jin-woo had married her. She says they would never make a good couple. He says he doesn’t remember why he married her and says he did it in the heat of the moment.

Jin-woo opens the room’s door and sees Hee-Ju’s sleeping form. He hears the door open and walks out. Sang Beom walks in asking if Jin-woo remembers him. Jin-woo says he remembers that Sang Beom is “practically” family. Sang Beom unpacks the things he brought and Jin-woo tells him Hee-Ju is sleeping. Sang Beom says she must be tired as it has been days. He says Jin-woo looks fine now. Jin-woo says he is better. Sang Beom asks if he can take Hee-Ju out today since it is her birthday. He said he was worried she would spend her birthday here. He says her friends even postponed her party since she said she couldn’t come. Jin Woo agrees that she should celebrate.


Sang Beom says that Hee-Ju isn’t Jin-woo’s personal nurse. He says she is a gentle soul and she beats herself over it since he got injured. Jin-woo says she needn’t have done that and Sang Beom says Jin-woo kept asking for her. Jin-woo says it must have been the medicines talking. He says he probably mistook Hee-Ju for his secretary. Sang Beom adds that she could barely sleep and Jin-woo asks if he was a nuisance. Sang Beom says Jin-woo was in critical condition so it was understandable. Jin-woo says he is better now, so she can leave. Sang Beom says he is glad.

Meanwhile, Hee-Ju wakes up and finds Jin-woo missing. She runs to the bathroom and sees it empty. She runs into the living room and finds him there. She walks up to him and says she thought he went out by himself again. He wishes her a happy birthday and says Sang Beom told him. Sang Beom comes and says he came to pick up Min-Ju and asks her to come too. He says he has informed all the friends too. She says she already told she couldn’t come but he says that Jin-woo had also agreed to it.


Jin-woo says she should go and he would have bought her a gift if he had known. She says it is all right. She tells him she is not going. He tells her she needn’t be here anymore as he is fine. He says she can go. Sang Beom asks her to leave and says they can’t cancel again. Hee-Ju says she will wait for Jin-woo’s secretary. Jin-woo says he is really okay now.

As Hee-Ju heads to the car with Sang Beom and Min-Ju, she hesitates saying that he shouldn’t be left alone. Sang Beom lets out a curse as he tells her Jin-Woo is not a child and he seems fine. He says he isn’t deranged anymore like the doctor said. She looks up at the house as Sang Beom starts the car.

Jin-woo sits on his bed and looks at the empty chair where Hee-Ju had slept. He makes a call and says he wants something to be sent.


Jin-woo lays on the couch and tries to sleep. He opens his eyes as he hears a sound. He gets up and looks around in a paranoid manner as his voiceover narrates, “When the drugs wore off, my anxiety began again. (Jin-Woo searches for pills) I was better off sleeping but I ran out of medicine. (He finds the alcohol empty) they got rid of my alcohol too. (Jin-woo clutches the blanket as he lies in bed) is this a mental sickness? Even if there were no signs, I could feel that it was about time he would show up.”

At her home, Hee-Ju gets ready for her party. She dials Jin-woo’s number on her phone. She says she is checking in and he says everything is fine. She asks if Jung Hoon is there and he says he isn’t back yet.


Jin-woo has locked himself inside the shower cubicle as he speaks to her. He says he had sent Jung Hoon on an errand and he will be back soon. He says he is watching TV and she asks if he isn’t bored.  She asks if he is fine and he asks if she will come back if he is not. She immediately asks if he isn’t fine. He smiles and says it was a joke. He asks her to have fun. She says he will bring him some food but he asks her not to come. She tries to talk but he asks her not to come. She asks him why and he says he is hanging up.

As Hee Ju walks out, she hears the bell. She finds the florist Raul with a large bouquet of red roses and a card. She accepts the bouquet and he leaves. She checks the card which reads, “Happy Birthday. With sincere gratitude – from Yoo Jin-woo.” She wonders if he sent flowers after hanging up on her. She smiles as he looks at the bouquet.


Jin-woo sits in the shower cubicle and sees a lighting flash. The ‘Memories of the Alhambra’ tune starts playing. Cha appears in the bathroom with the sword. As he moves closer, Jin-woo leans on the wall. He asks Hyeong-Seok as to how long he will be following Jin-woo. He asks if they can stop now as Cha doesn’t reply. Jin-woo says he wants to stop. He asks if Cha will be happy only after killing him. AR Cha looks at him without responding. He asks until when must they fight.


Jung Hoon walks into the house and looks for Jin-woo. Jung Hoon finds Jin-woo sitting in the cubicle with his phone. Jung Hoon opens the cubicle and asks what he is doing. Jin-woo says he is better now and asks to go back as he wants to stop bothering people. Jung Hoon suggests they go back next week as Seon-ho will send flight tickets. Jin-woo says he wants to go by train to Barcelona since he doesn’t know what he will do on a flight. He says he wants to leave today.


At night, Hee-Ju’s friends sing the Birthday song as she blows out the ‘27’candle. She thanks her friends for the gifts and they start drinking.

Meanwhile, Jung Hoon drives down the streets with Jin-woo in the rear seat.

At the party, Jin-woo notices that her friends are conversing among them and she walks out of the eatery unnoticed. She calls up Jung Hoon.


Jung Hoon informs Jin-woo that it is Hee-Ju’s call. He asks if he should briefly explain. Jin-woo asks him to give her a call when they get there saying they had to leave on an urgent matter. Jung Hoon says she will be disappointed. He picks up her call and she says she is checking in. He tells her everything is fine and she says she will bring some delicious food later on. Jung Hoon puts her on mute and tells Jin-woo that they should tell her. Jin-woo doesn’t respond. Jung Hoon continues the conversation.


Hee-Ju’s smile fades as she learns Jin-woo is leaving. She asks when he is leaving and then starts to run. Sang Beom wonders where she is going. Hee-Ju breathless by the time she reaches the main road and hails a taxi.

Jin-woo and Jung-Hoon board the train. Jung Hoon asks if Jin-woo wants some coffee and walks down the coach.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “I fled from Granada in fear.” He looks out of the window and sees Hee Ju rush into the station.


He leans in and looks at her running on the platform as his voiceover continues, “I couldn’t even afford to think about some else’s feelings. However…”

Hee Ju runs alongside the train, which departs. From his window, Jin-woo looks at her running as she almost catches up to his coach but the train speeds up. She is teary-eyed as she stops running and the train pulls out of the station. She sinks to the ground and starts crying. Jin-woo is grim as he turns away.


Image Courtesy –TVN


If the genre of the drama wasn’t revealed as fantasy, it would have definitely had me convinced that Jin-woo is hallucinating everything. It is good that Jin-Woo doesn’t waste his time trying to explain to others how he got into this state. He quickly catches on to the strange occurrences and tries to sort it out on his own which makes one feel sympathetic towards him.

I wonder if Yang Joo checked his monitor when Jin-woo put on his lens and browsed the armour shop. I am curious to know if the AR Cha shows up on Yang Joo’s monitor while Jin-woo is wearing the lens.

Jin Woo’s injuries are the ones that are a result of his fall and not from the game’s weapons. His stab wounds weren’t there when he got out of the game. I hope we are given an explanation as to how Cha bled to death (as game injuries don’t hurt the person in real though he lost the duel) unless there was someone else who has actually murdered him (without external injuries) after Jin Woo left. Since Cha’s autopsy has been denied, I suppose some kind of logic to his death will be revealed at least towards the end of the series. I also wonder if emotions like revenge, guilt and remorse play a part in the game.

The scenes with Min-Ju and Jin-Woo are a delight to watch. She is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise serious plotline. The scenes with professor Cha are a good watch as he puts both Su-jin and Yu-ra in their place.

I really wonder when Hee-Ju is going to start looking for her brother. It’s sad that nobody even misses the boy and hasn’t considered even a possibility that he might be in trouble. Hee-Ju’s character proves time and again that she is a stark contrast to Su-jin and Yu-ra.

On a lighter note, the game has a cool range of weapons at the armoury and it was frustrating to see the message saying Jin-Woo’s level is too low to use them. I hope we get to see more game progress in the upcoming episodes.

It appears that the action shifts to Seoul next week with the game being launched and people duelling. I am curious to see why Hee Ju moves to Korea (if it has something to do with Se-Ju) and how Jin-woo fared after leaving Granada.

-By Soul Sword-

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