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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 7 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 7 Recap

Hostel Bonita

Hee Ju’s Grandma wakes up from her sleep at 12:15 am. She notices Se-Ju’s room open and rushes inside eagerly but is disappointed to see Min-Ju dancing inside. Min-Ju says she couldn’t sleep with her grandma’s loud snoring. She even shows recordings of grandma snoring when grandma doesn’t believe her. Grandma wonders where Se-Ju is since it has been many days.


Hee-Ju lies on her bed watching the red roses (that Jin-woo sent) in the vase. Grandma walks in and asks her if Se-Ju had wished her for her birthday. Grandma is irritated when she learns that he didn’t send her even a message. She says Hee Ju raised Se-ju but he is ungrateful. Hee-Ju says she sent him an email and it has been read. She reassures grandma that he is all right since he read the message. Grandma is still angry since he hasn’t replied. Hee-Ju says she will send him an email again the next day.

Grandma asks why Jin-woo abruptly leaves every time. She calls him cold-hearted and asks if all rich people are like that. She sighs wishing his leg should heal fast and walks out of the room.

Later on, Hee Ju tosses in her bed as she is unable to sleep. She receives an email and checks her phone. The mail is titled, “Hee-Ju, it’s me”. She is glad and relieved as she reads the e-mail.

Seoul, 1 year later

A young man walks into ‘Subway’ eatery. The waiter asks him if he is looking for the restroom and the boy confirms it. He walks into the restroom and pulls an invisible lever. He looks up in amazement. He is wearing the smart lens and has discovered the weapon. A message pops up.



The other men in the restroom stare at him as he clutches something in the air. As he walks out, another tester walks in and asks him where he found the sword. Tester 1 tells him to go into the restroom.


Tester 1 walks up to the town square and a warrior jumps down from its pedestal. A message pops up.



The warrior strikes him critically.


At J-One, Yang Joo and his team watch the tester’s progress on the screen. Yang Joo says every country will be like Granada soon. He says the weapon will be in the restroom and the first duel at the town square (Gwanghwamun Plaza for Seoul). Seon-ho asks the warrior to be more menacing and Yang Joo makes the changes. He shows him the versions for Japan and China too.

Seon-ho is briefed about the corporate partnership where gamers can acquire gold coins when they buy a particular sandwich at subway. The gamer’s health and recovery will go up once they eat the sandwich. Seon-ho is told that 5 franchises have confirmed their participation. His secretary walks up to him and reminds him that he has to be at Cha’s memorial service at the Church at 2 pm.

Yang Joo comments that time flies and says it’s already been a year since Cha’s death. Seon ho asks him if he is sure that there are no problems with the game and asks if it will be ready for the showcase. Yang Joo confirms it.

While they drive down to the memorial service, Seon ho memorises the speech, which his secretary hands over to him.


At the church, Seon Ho sits next to Professor Cha and apologises to Mrs Cha for being late. He sees Su-Jin (with her baby) and her sister seated behind them bowing their heads in prayer. Later, Seon ho gives his speech. He starts by thanking everyone who is present for coming. He says he had met Cha 17 years back in a college classroom. He says an engineering junior had walked in during the break and asked them all to invest in the technology he was developing. He had given a presentation saying he will return a billion won 10 years later if they all invested 100,000 won. Seon ho says he was persuaded by the junior’s courage and had given him 100,000 won from his emergency fund. He says he was the only one who had invested in Cha Hyeong Seok and Cha had kept his promise. He said Cha had turned the money into a billion won in ten years. He says Cha had an insight.


The Church door opens just then and Seon ho stops talking. Seon ho is shocked as he sees Jin-woo walk into the church with his cane. Su-jin’s mother wonders who had invited him as Jin-woo limps in despite the disapproving glances from everyone. Jin-woo sits down and Seon ho continues with his speech. Jin-woo looks around and spots Su-jin. Professor Cha comes and sits next to Jin-woo saying he didn’t think Jin-woo would come. Jin-woo said he wanted to make it today since he wasn’t able to come for Hyeon Seok’s funeral. Professor Cha asks him how he is doing. He says he heard Jin-woo is drinking a lot and Jin-woo says it isn’t much for him to be concerned.  When asked about his medication, Jin-woo says he is trying to stop. Professor Cha says Jin-woo should make an effort and Jin-woo says he is trying.

As the service continues, Seon-ho joins them. He asks when Ji woo got back and Jin-woo says it’s been about 3 months. Seon-ho says he had spoken to Jung Hoon who hadn’t told him this. Jin-woo said he had asked Jung Hoon to keep it a secret. Seon-ho asks why but Jin-woo doesn’t reply.


Professor Cha asks if Jin-Woo still hallucinates and Jin-woo says he doesn’t. When asked if he is okay, Jin-woo says he has to be okay since no one can live while hallucinating. Professor Cha says they should catch up later and Jin-woo says he is going back to work as of today. He says he has been quietly observing for the past few months and things are going haywire in the company due to his absence. He says the Director (Seon-ho) is ignoring all the instruction given to him and making decisions on his own. He says the director is making the CEO look like an incompetent lunatic who is incapable of making sound decisions. Seon-ho raises his voice in an attempt to contradict Jin-woo and everyone turns around. Professor Cha says they will talk later at the office and both of them walk back to their places.

Professor Cha asks Seon-ho if he didn’t know Jin-woo was back. Seon ho says Jung Hoon had always maintained that Jin-woo’s condition wasn’t improving. Professor Cha’s wife asks what is going on and he says it is none of her business. Su-jin turns around and looks at Jin-woo. Professor Cha sees the two of them looking at each other. Su-jin sees Professor Cha looking at her and turns away.

Jin-woo asks a little girl who is sitting before him as to how to make a cross since he hasn’t done it before. He thanks her as she teaches him. Jin-woo gets up to leave. He turns around and looks at Hyeong Seok’s picture. He makes a cross.



Jin-woo stares at the bloody image of AR Cha standing with a sword at the altar. Cha steadily advances towards Jin-woo. Jin-woo is stone-faced as he takes out an AR gun and points it at Cha.


Jin-woo shoots Cha



AR Cha drops dead in the aisle. The rest of the people are totally unaware of this as they continue to listen to the mass.


Jin-woo makes a cross as the AR Cha disappears. Jin-woo makes a cross and walks out of the church as the mass continues.

At Jin-Woo’s office (which is being cleaned), Jung Hoon is on the phone with Seon ho saying Jin-woo had returned 3 months ago. He says Jin-woo wanted to start work from today.

Seon ho yells at Jung Hoon as he asks what Jin-woo was doing in Seoul for 3 months without receiving treatment nor coming to work. Jung Hoon says he played the game every day without even sleeping.


Jin-woo watches the testers play the game at the town square with a grim look on his face. He shoots down the assassins leaving the testers confused.


Back at J-One, the team wonders who shot the gun and who was ZINU.

Meanwhile, Ji-woo drives away after killing the 3 assassins and leaving behind 3 confused testers.


At J-One, two employees walk to the elevator while discussing the tabloids reporting that their boss is brain dead. He says the boss (Jin-woo) was suicidal and tried to commit suicide numerous times in Spain. The female employee doesn’t buy it but the male employee says Jin-woo tried to kill himself whenever he had a chance. He says this time Jin-woo had succeeded and the female employee is sad. He says Jin-woo should hold on till the game releases otherwise the stock prices would plummet.


Jin-woo asks him not to worry about the stocks as he stands behind them.  The man is shocked as the woman greets Jin-woo in delight. Jin-woo says he will be alive till the stock option event and walks into the elevator using his cane. He calls them into the elevator but they refuse. The woman asks if he is all right pointing to his foot. Jin-woo asks them to be careful of the stairs or they might end up like him.

Everyone is awkward inside the elevator and Jin-woo asks if they have all been well. He lists the rumours which stated that he was crazy, he was dead, was a murderer, he had attempted suicide and asks which was most popular. When they don’t reply he says it must have been the one where he was crazy or where he was a murderer. He exits the elevator and walks down the corridor past everyone’s prying eyes.

Jin Woo walks into the office and Jung Hoon has it ready. Jin-woo sits down and Jung Hoon asks the Virtual Assistant “J” to play Yu-ra’s interview footage before walking out. Jin-woo plays the video. The show pulls up a picture Yu-ra had posted on social media from LA with the text, “I will stay by your side forever.” The show says Yu-ra uploaded photos of herself nursing her husband after he was receiving treatment in the States. It also says J-One released a statement saying Jin-woo isn’t in the States and Jin-woo hasn’t even met Yu-ra. They wonder if Yu-ra is faking it and play Yu-ra’s interview from the airport.


Yu-ra asks the reporters if the company knows everything about their marriage and asks who gave that announcement. She says ‘they’ are being cruel and ruining her husband’s life. She cries as she says she will fight until the end to protect her husband. She says she can’t say more and walks away.

The show further reports that Yu-ra will file a defamation lawsuit against the company and predicts a messy fight.

Jin-woo switches it off and leans back in his chair. He takes his medication and curses.

Meanwhile, the testers and programmers look around puzzled as a message appears on their screen.




Jin-woo walks into the R&D department and all the testers greet him. Jin-woo asks for Yang Joo and is told he is in the office. Before walking away, Jin-woo pulls out his AR gun and asks them to improvise it as the trigger reacts slowly. He brings out another sniper rifle and says he wants it improvised as well.

A programmer points out that only users above level 70 can use that weapon. Jin-woo asks them all to work on it and walks away leaving them astounded. They figure out that Jin-woo is ZINU.

Jin Woo walks into Yang Ju’s office and finds it empty. He receives a call from Yang Ju who is in the restroom due to a stomachache. He asks why Jin Woo has returned all of sudden after asking him to keep it a secret. He says Seon-ho was very angry. Jin-Woo asks for alcohol and Yang Ju says there is some behind his desk that he received as gifts. Jin-woo hangs up after finding the drinks.

He pours himself a drink and as he starts drinking, he hears the “Memories of the Alhambra” playing. He pulls out his gun and turns around but stops seeing Emma (Hee-Ju) in the red skirt playing the “Memories of the Alhambra” on the guitar. Jin-Woo lowers his gun and looks at AR Emma.


Yang Ju walks in asking why Jin-woo startled everyone. Jin-woo asks what that is and Yang Ju asks if he is referring to Emma and if he had logged in. Yang-Ju walks towards AR Emma and says she is his favourite character. He says she is his ideal type. Yang Ju then switches other dress modes for Emma. It has a sexy black dress and an elegant white dress. Jin-woo asks how far Yang Ju is going with this and Yang Ju says he has some R-rated outfits too. Jin-woo sighs in disbelief.

Yang-Ju then says due to portrait rights they will have to delete all NPC’s from Granada. He says it is sad to see Emma go, as she is the only Asian NPC in the original game. He says she will be a hit in Asia if they station her here and male users will go crazy on her. Jin-woo asks if he is insane and Yang Ju says he is dead serious. Jin-woo asks Yang Ju to erase her. Yang Ju says they have to meet her and pay for her portrait rights.


Jin-woo says that is not possible. Yang Ju says Seon ho knows her and she lives in Seoul. Jin-woo asks if he didn’t hear what he said and asks him to erase her. Yang Ju persists saying she is his favourite character and Jin Woo asks “So?” Yang Ju is dejected as he walks over switching it off. He says he had even increased the intimacy levels for her and she speaks nicely.

Yang Ju comes to sit across him commenting that she would look pretty in person too. He asks what she is like and what she does in Granada. Jin-woo says he doesn’t know as they haven’t been in touch.

Seon ho rushes into Jin-woo’s office and curses as he sees Jin-woo drinking. Seon-ho tells him off for saying earlier that Seon ho does whatever he wants with the company. He points out to Jin-woo drinking and asks if this is ‘work’. Jin-woo says he was complaining because he felt ignored. Seon-ho says no one ignored him. Jin-woo says that was how he felt and he has become petty. He wonders if it is inferiority complex and says this is how Hyeong Seok would’ve felt when he left the company. Jin-woo says he now knows why Hyeong Seok kept picking up fights.


Jin-woo says he started hating Seon Ho. He says he wants to work but can’t since he is always drunk. He says he is leaving everything up to Seon Ho. Seon ho asks if Jin-woo is here to say he is watching him and Jin-woo smiles as he nods. Seon ho calls him unbelievable and asks why he had to fool him while Yang ju knew about him. He says Jin-woo gave up on the treatment and the company. He says Jin-woo is always drinking, taking pills and playing games.

Jin-woo says he tries hard to restore balance in his life. He says he is on a battlefield every day seeing blood, getting stabbed, killing others and worried about dying. He says he needs pills to be able to do that for 365 days. He tells Seon ho that he still sees Cha every day and he couldn’t bring himself to tell Professor Cha about it. He says that the rumours about him attempting suicide are true.

We see a montage of injured Jin-woo, standing with his sword against the railing of a hospital’s terrace as Cha advances with his sword.

Jin-woo says the server wasn’t an issue and he continued to see Cha even in America. He says he still hung in there and is proud that he is still alive today. He says the crazy have their own logic and a crazy world has its own rules.

In a flashback, Jin-woo kills Cha numerous times when he appears in his hospital room. As he lays down in his bed, Jin-woo remembers every time that he had killed Cha and earned points.

At present Jin-woo says though Cha was a vision, Jin-woo kept gaining points according to game rules.

3 months ago

Choi Yang Ju receives a call from Jin-woo. Jin-woo asks Yang Ju to open up a secret space for him which is invisible to others in the game. He gives Yang Ju a location.

Elsewhere in an abandoned house, Jin-woo waits. Yang Ju texts him asking to go ahead but warns him that he doesn’t know if it would work. Jin-woo gets up as 4 Joseon Assassins appear before him.



Jin-woo pulls out his sword. Jin woo’s voiceover narrates that this is why he came to Seoul. He says only levelling up could keep him safe.

At his office, Jin-woo explains that he needed the gun since the sword wasn’t enough and he couldn’t run physically.

We see a montage of Jin-woo fighting the different warriors and levelling up over a period of 3 months.





At the office, Seon Ho asks if Jin-woo has been levelling up all this time. Jin-woo says he isn’t scared of Cha since he has a gun now. He says it is just annoying that he has to kill him every day. He says he may look crazy but he hasn’t given up on life yet. He says he is living his life the best he can day by day. He asks Seon ho not to worry and smiles.

Jin-woo’s smile fades seeing a lightning flash. It starts raining and the music starts to play. Jin-woo indicates the door and says Cha is standing there. Seon ho isn’t able to see him. Jin-woo asks if he wants to hear another strange story.

Jung Hoon waits outside the office.

Cha walks towards Jin-woo raising his sword. Jung Hoon walks in and slashes Cha from behind. Seon Ho is startled as Jung Hoon asks if Jin Woo is alright.



Seon ho is shocked when he learns that Jung Hoon sees Cha too. Jin-woo smiles.

Professor Cha sits in the church after the service is over and receives a call from Soen-ho who asks him not to come to the office since Jin-woo has left. Seon ho says he sent Jin-woo home since he was drunk and says he has gotten worse than before. Seon ho hangs up after saying he will call again after talking to Jung Hoon.


Su-Jin walks up to Professor Cha with her child and asks him to have dinner with them. He says he may join them next time. He asks her to go home as the kid looks tired. Su-jin comforts the baby when he starts crying.

Jin-woo is on his way back when he receives a call from Jung Hoon. Jung Hoon says Seon ho had dragged him out for dinner. Jung Hoon asks how much he can tell him. Jin-woo says that is his choice but Seon-ho will think Jung Hoon is crazy too. He then asks Jung Hoon about how Hee-ju is doing. Jung Hoon says she has set up a guitar workshop recently. He says she had asked him to drop by but he hadn’t got a chance. He asks if Jin-woo will join him. Jin-woo asks if he has to go to Granada and Jung Hoon laughs saying its Ilsan. Jin-woo asks if she is in Korea and Jung Hoon says she moved back a while ago with her family. Jin-woo says he had stopped reading e-mails for a while. Jung Hoon says he had even told him in person but Jin-woo was drunk at that time.

Jin-woo hangs up and looks through the emails. He opens one, “Se-Ju, I finally have…”

In a flashback from a year back, Jin-woo and Jung Hoon are in the train to Barcelona. Jung Hoon says he has replied to Hee Ju’s email (to Se-Ju). Jin-woo asks Jung Hoon to answer all of her emails from now on. He asks him to make something up so his (Se-Ju) family doesn’t worry. Jung Hoon asks until when he has to do that. Jin-woo says till they find Jung Se-Ju.


Meanwhile, Hee Ju writes an email, “Se-Ju, I am relieved now that you wrote back. You should have written to us sooner. We were so worried about you.”

Hee-Ju tells her grandma that Se-Ju responded to her e-mail saying he is travelling with his friend.


Hee Ju writes in her mail, “Grandma is happy because she thinks travelling with your friend is better than staying in your room. She even told me to give you some money since you are travelling. We are rich now. Let me know if you need more money.”

Later, Hee Ju is at a cafe in Seoul as she sends an e-mail, “Se-Ju, I am in Seoul now. It is snowing so much here. I am looking for a house in Korea. (Sang Beom sits across her at the cafe) remember what I wrote the other day? Sang Beom keeps suggesting to open a workshop together in Korea. I’m thinking about it.”

Sang Beom points out to J-one saying it is Yoo Jin-woo’s company while driving. He says Jin-woo is probably still in America and he is hearing a lot of rumours about him.

Back in Spain, Hee Ju finishes packing, “Se-Ju, we have finally done packing our stuff. We packed up everything in your room just as you asked. Grandma is throwing a fit because it hiked up the moving fee.”



Grandma and Min-Ju are excited as they see the beautiful house that Hee Ju has bought for them. Hee Ju’s mail continues, “I’ll send photos of our house. I’m sure you will like it too.”

Hee Ju vacuums while Min-Ju rushes down the stairs, as she is late for school. Hee- Ju follows Min-Ju saying she will drop her off. Hee Ju’s mail continues, “This is our life now. After Min-Ju leaves for school, our great-aunts come over. We are turning the storage into a guitar workshop. I’ll go into partnership with Sang-Beom. I’m really nervous Se-Ju. The only thing that has been troubling me is…”

Hee Ju holds ‘World Economic’ in her hand and its cover has Jin-woo on it headlined, “J-One in crisis. Endless scandals about Yoo Jin Woo.”

Hee Ju’s e-mail continues, “… that no one is happy except for us.”

At night, Hee-Ju texts Jung Hoon. She greets him and asks if he is okay. She asks if they are still in States and asks if Jin-woo’s health is improving. She waits for a reply, which doesn’t come. She gives up and is about to walk away when she receives a message. Jung Hoon’s reply is cordial as he greets her and says Jin-woo is showing improvement. He says he will give him her regards and asks her to watch out for the seasonal cold.

Hee Ju writes a reply saying she was worried after reading some bad articles but deletes it. She asks how his leg is but deletes that too. She finally types thanks and asks him to take care. She sends the message. She gets a reply, “Thank you”.


Later, Hee Ju poses in front of the guitar workshop’s name board, “Emma”. Hee Ju’s email says, “Se-Ju, I finally have my own workshop under my own name ‘Emma’s Workshop’. I hope you can see it soon.”

At present, Jin-woo stands in the rain holding an umbrella looking at the signboard of Emma’s workshop. He starts walking back to his car.

Hee Ju comes back home carrying groceries and she calls out asking how she can be of help. He turns around and says long time no see. Hee-Ju stands rooted to the spot as he walks slowly over and holds the umbrella over her. He jokes that it would have been cool if he ran over to cover her but he says he can’t run. He asks if she has been well and she says he is.


Hee Ju invites him into the house. As they come into the workshop, Hee Ju says Min-Ju has gone for private tuition and her grandmother has gone to visit her relative. She asks him to have seat while she puts the groceries in the fridge.

Hee Ju rushes over to the fridge and hastily puts everything inside. She goes to the bathroom and towel dries her hair. She straightens herself before heading out. Hee Ju slowly walks towards the workshop. She asks if he wants some coffee and he says yes.

As she makes coffee, she says when she texted Jung Hoon recently and he made it sound like Jin-woo is in States. She says she didn’t know he was in Seoul. Jin-woo says it’ll get noisy if word gets out that he is in Seoul. He smiles as he says Hee-Ju she knows whom he meant.


Jin Woo congratulates her and says her workshop looks great. He asks how the business is and she says she sold 3 guitars so far. He asks if it’s just 3 and she says it takes one month to make one so it’s considered a lot. He asks if this will be profitable and she says he gave her a lot of money so she is doing what she wants to do.

Jin-woo wonders if he should learn the guitar since he is unemployed right now. He asks her if she gives lessons. Hee Ju walks over to the kettle with the mugs without replying. Jin-woo walks towards her saying she has changed a lot and seems more composed. He asks if she has matured a lot over the year. She is stiff as she says she is still the same.  Jin-woo says she isn’t as cheerful as she used to be. She says she grew up.

Jin-woo asks if all of her family are doing well. She says her brother hasn’t returned yet which worries her. She says he had promised to come to Seoul once they had moved but he hasn’t come yet. Jin-woo asks if he isn’t in touch with her. Hee-Ju is serious as she says he sends her e-mails regularly. Jin-woo says she has nothing to worry about since he will be back soon. He says guys at Se-ju’s age don’t think about family much and he will be back when it gets boring or if he needs more money.

Hee Ju asks why Jin-woo is pretending. She says she thought he is here to talk about that and Jin-woo asks about what. She says she is talking about the e-mails from Se-Ju and goes on to say that Jin-woo is the one sending them.


She says Se-Ju kept sending e-mails while travelling and she didn’t think much of it at first. She is teary-eyed as she says the e-mails didn’t sound like him but she thought who else would write like Se-Ju. She says she spoke with her friend in Granada and found the Hostel is still there. She says he had bought her Hostel in a hurry but it is in an abandoned state now. She says Jin-woo’s visit to the hostel was odd but she didn’t think anything of it because of the money.

Hee-Ju says Se-Ju always researched games and J-one is launching a new game. She says she doesn’t know why she didn’t figure it out earlier. She says she didn’t tell her grandmother as it would worry her. She says she didn’t ask Jung Hoon because she was scared. She says she wanted to meet with Jin-woo but couldn’t reach him. She says she was reading only bad rumours about him.

Seeing that he isn’t responding, Hee Ju asks him if he wrote the e-mails. Jin-woo says he didn’t write them but he told Jung Hoon to write them. He says he didn’t want her to be worried. She asks him where Se-Ju is and he says he doesn’t know.  He says it’s been a year but he still can’t find him. He interrupts her before she can say it and says he doesn’t think Se-Ju is dead. He says he didn’t think it would take this long. She asks him how he could do this to her. Hee-Ju says she trusted him. She says she really thought he helped her family. She says she was grateful and seriously worried for him. She says she was heartbroken by the way he left. Her eyes tear up as she says she had thought about it for an entire year.

Jin Woo says he had told her not to trust him. She looks up at him as he says he isn’t as decent as she thinks. He says he told her that she might regret it later.


Image Courtesy – TVN


This episode had quite a few revelations that made it very interesting.

Professor Cha’s concern over Jin-woo has always seemed suspicious but it looks like Seon-ho’s attitude has changed over the year too.

Now that there are more testers I wonder when one of them is going to try the “Duel” option.

The logical explanation which proves that Jin-woo wasn’t hallucinating was well made. Jung Hoon being able to see AR Cha is an interesting development and I am eager to see his role in the game. Becoming invisible to others and levelling up in an isolated place was an ingenious move from Jin Woo.

Though killing every day takes a toll on him, it was good to see Jin-woo not feeling threatened by the game anymore. Park Seon-ho didn’t look pleased to see that Jin-woo isn’t hallucinating. I wonder if Jin-woo has already sensed hostility towards him and if that is the reason he came back to work.

I am glad that Hee Ju finally figured out that Se-Ju is missing. I am curious to see her reaction now that she has confirmed his disappearance.

It was great to see a lot of clarifications being made with respect to the plot and it makes the plot stronger and gripping. The upcoming episode looks promising.

-By Soul Sword-

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