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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 8 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 8 Recap

(Granada, 1 year ago)

Hee-Ju runs alongside the train searching for Jin-woo. As the train pulls out of the station, Jin-woo looks outside the window and sees her running. Hee Ju finally gives up and sinks to the ground. She starts crying.

Jin-Woo’s voiceover narrates, “The day when I left Granada, I thought we would be meeting soon. Once Se-Ju came back.”

Jung Hoon sits across Jin-woo in the train and says he has answered Hee-Ju’s e-mail. Jin-woo tells him to answer all of her e-mails from now on in a manner that Se-Ju’s family won’t be worried. He asks Jung Hoon to answer them until Se-Ju is found.


In a flashback earlier in the day, Jin-woo has locked himself in the shower cubicle. He receives a call from ‘A’. A says that the address (written in Se-Ju’s notebook) that Jin-woo had asked information on belonged to a person called Marco. He says he has found Se-Ju’s whereabouts on that day. He requests Jin-woo to come to Barcelona.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “That day I left for Barcelona to find Se-Ju.”


Jin-woo walks into Marco’s residence. He recalls ‘A’ saying that Marco Han is an international Korean student aged 23. He says Marco had dropped out of school to work as a hacker and has a lot of priors.

We see a montage of Marco seriously gaming on his computer.


At Hostel Bonita, Se-Ju is engrossed in the same game (as Marco) as Min-Ju calls him to eat. She shakes her head as he doesn’t respond and goes away.


The voiceover narrates, “They got close to each other while playing online games together.”

Marco’s game is interrupted when a loud knock is heard on the door. A couple of men demand Marco to open the door. An alarmed Marco immediately jumps out of the balcony and limps down the street to escape from them.

The voiceover continues, “Marco did drugs and was chased by his creditors. It was also Marco who took the game to Cha Hyeong Seok.”

Marco gets caught by creditors and gets beaten up.


Later, Marco is seated across Cha Hyeong Seok and his men. Cha asks him if he developed the game all by himself from the scratch and Marco says he did. He says technically, there was another guy but he did everything. Marco says he came as a representative and invites Cha to Granada for negotiation. He says Cha can decide after playing the game. Cha laughs when he names the price as 10 billion won.

Marco says he will start at 10 billion and the share in profit is separate. He says he has a lot of offers and he will give Cha one day to decide since he is meeting Cha instead of J-one. He goads Cha saying he knows that Jin-woo and Cha aren’t friends anymore and he will go to J-one if Cha doesn’t decide soon. He shows Jin-woo’s phone number saying Jin-woo is in Barcelona.

At his home, Se-Ju is nervously waiting for Marco’s call and asks him how it went when the call comes. Marco boasts saying he was right about 10 billion won. He says they can get 10 times higher amount if he negotiates properly. He asks Se-Ju to pack his bags and come to Granada. He asks Se-ju not to tell his family since he doesn’t want Hee-Ju and her grandma to ruin the deal. Marco says he wants at least a 100 million.

The voiceover narrates, “The two youngsters dreamed of a jackpot.”

At the restaurant, Cha wonders if he should trust a drug addict but decides to test the game first. He asks his family to pack for Granada.

The voiceover continues, “Just like those youngsters, Cha Hyeong Seok started to dream big.”

Se-Ju smiles and he runs out of his room with his bag.

At present, Jin-woo stands in Marco’s ransacked residence. A had told Jin-woo that Cha, Jung Se-Ju, and had left for Granada a day before Jin-woo left for Granada. Jin-woo’s has said that Se-Ju called him from Barcelona train station. He says for some reason Se-Ju went back to Barcelona alone and disappeared on his way back. A responds saying that Marco has been off the grid since he left for Granada as well.

Jin-woo’s voiceover says, “And that’s it. I didn’t hear any news about them even after I left for America. However, two months later…”

(2 months later)

Jin-woo is in his hospital bed in America when he receives a call from A saying Marco has been found.

We see sniffer dogs finding Marco’s corpse in the woods.


Jin-woo is in the hospital looking at Marco’s personal details in the case files and the photos of the scene. His voiceover says the level of decomposition was too severe to determine the cause of death. Jin-woo wonders if Se-Ju has killed Marco or if Se-Ju was dead too. He recalls se-ju calling Jin-woo for help before leaving for Granada. Jin-woo wonders if he is being punished for ignoring it.

As Jin-woo lies in bed, he looks at the empty chair next to his bed. He recalls Hee-Ju sitting in the chair next to his bed in Granada. He wonders how he is supposed to tell Hee-Ju that Se-Ju is missing. He thinks he can’t do it.


Just then, lightning flashes and Cha appears inside the room with his sword. As the Alhambra tune plays in the background, Jin-woo’s voiceover says, “Actually I won’t even have the time. Because I will probably die first.” Jin-woo looks at AR Cha without moving.

(Seoul, Present day)


Jin-woo stands facing Hee-Ju inside her workshop. She is teary-eyed as she asks him where Se-Ju is and he says he doesn’t know.  He says it’s been a year but he still can’t find him. He interrupts her before she can ask further and says he doesn’t think Se-Ju is dead. He says he didn’t think it would take this long. She asks him how he could do this to her. Hee-Ju says she trusted him. She says she really thought he helped her family. She says she was grateful and seriously worried for him and says she was heartbroken by the way he left. Her eyes tear up as she yells saying she had thought about it for an entire year.

Jin Woo says he had told her not to trust him. She looks up at him as he says he isn’t as decent as she thinks. He says he told her that she might regret it later.

She pauses for a moment before asking about the buyout. He confirms that he paid for the license of her brother’s game. He explains that her brother has asked to meet at the hostel and it was the reason he had come there. He says Se-Ju fell off the grid after that.

Hee Ju weeps as Jin-woo says he was going to wait for Se-Ju but he bought the license so that Cha Hyeong Seok couldn’t buy it. He says she was naive enough to just take it. He says it might seem unfair but the contract is legal as she signed the paper herself.

Hee-Ju looks away as tears stream down her face. They hear grandma’s voice outside talking to Min-Ju. She immediately wipes her tears and runs to the restroom. Grandma and Min-Ju walk in slowly and Jin-woo steps towards them. They both freeze in surprise at first but then exclaim in happiness. Min-Ju runs over and hugs him while grandma asks why he came unannounced. Jin-woo smiles saying he just now found out that they had moved to Seoul.


Min-Ju says she was worried that he died since she read an article saying they weren’t announcing his death yet. Jin-woo says she has gotten prettier and Min-Ju agrees. Grandma says she is glad to see him good health as she was worried how he left for Granada.

Inside the bathroom, Hee-Ju turns on the faucet and starts to cry hard.

Meanwhile, Grandma asks how Jin-woo’s leg is. He says it is better but hasn’t healed completely. She feels bad for a moment and then says it is enough as everywhere else seems fine. She says he is lucky he survived the fall. Min-Ju says the cane makes him look “Hip” and explains it means “unique” when he doesn’t understand. She asks if he got a tour of the house and he says not yet. She offers to give him a tour and her grandmother asks him to stay for dinner. He tries to refuse but she doesn’t take no for an answer. Grandma wonders where Hee-Ju is and he says she went to the restroom. Min-Ju asks him to come and see her room but he says he will come some other time.


Hee-Ju is still crying when her grandma knocks on the door. She asks Hee-Ju to come out as Jin-woo is leaving. Hee-Ju splashes water on her face and walks out with a resolved expression.

She finds the workshop empty and she runs to the living room. Her grandmother comes in saying he just left and that Hee-Ju didn’t see him out. Hee Ju runs outside. Min-Ju stands with an umbrella saying he just left. Hee Ju runs in the rain behind the car but the car speeds away. She stops as the car turns around the corner. She gets a text message from Jin-woo, “We will talk some other time. Reach me on this number.”


Hee Ju immediately calls the number. Jin-woo is in his car as he attends her call. She asks him where he is going and if he is running away again. She shouts saying she wondered why he left abruptly but now she knows. She says he isn’t a CEO but a fraud. She says he only ran away because he couldn’t handle the lies. She cries as she says she was worrying about a fraud like him and nursing him instead of worrying about her own brother. Jin-woo hangs up on her.


She calls his number again but he disconnects the call. She cries hard and doesn’t notice Jin-woo’s car reversing up near her. She looks up as he rolls down the window and asks her to get in. He says they can’t discuss this in the house as she doesn’t want her family to know. Hee Ju dries her tears and gets into the car, which drives away. Min-Ju looks puzzled as she watches this.


Hee-Ju shivers in the cold as she sits sniffling beside Jin-woo. The driver turns on the heater and Jin-woo asks him for a towel. Jin-Woo passes the towel to her but she refuses. He says she will catch a cold but she still refuses.

She asks where they are going and he says to someplace quiet since they can’t talk in the rain. He says he should’ve written the e-mails. When she looks at him, he says she wouldn’t have caught on if he had written them. She asks if it was meant to be a joke. She says her brother has been missing for a year and all Jin-woo has done is lie to her. She asks if he even has a conscience. Jin-woo says his life is too messed up to even have a conscience right now. He says being desperate made him ignore other people’s feelings. He says he is sorry but that is how he has lived his life so far. He holds out some alcohol asking if she wants some to warm her up. She gives him an unbelievable look and he takes it back. He opens it and starts drinking. She looks away and cries silently.


Elsewhere at a restaurant, Seon-ho asks Jung Hoon if he is lying for Jin-woo’s sake. Jung Hoon says he isn’t lying and that he really sees Cha. He describes Cha’s appearance and says he understands how Jin-woo must have felt at that time. Jung Hoon says this happened a month ago when they became allies.

In a flashback, Jung Hoon walks into Jin-woo’s room and finds it empty. He walks in cautiously and finds Jin-woo on the floor on the other side of the bed. He calls for help.

Jung Hoon tells Seon ho that Jin-woo’s condition got worse in America and he thought Jin-woo would die. He says that is the reason he agreed when Jin-woo asked to move to Seoul since Jung Hoon felt he couldn’t handle the situation anymore.


Jung Hoon walks into the abandoned building in Seoul where Jin-woo is playing the game all by himself. Jung Hoon’s voiceover says he let Jin-woo be since he seemed much better than he was at the hospital.

Jung Hoon waits in the car while Jin-woo levels up

Jung Hoon says that standing all day doing nothing got boring. He calls up Yang Ju asking him to create an account for him as he is joining the game. Yang Ju wears the lens and logs into the game.

At present, Jung Hoon tells Seon ho that is how he started to play the game.

In a flashback, Jung Hoon fights the Joseon warriors and starts levelling up. Meanwhile, Jin Woo is at level 49 fighting many warriors at once. A message pops up on his screen.



Jin-woo turns around to see Jung hoon with his sword. He asks Jin-woo to help him level up. He says he is just at level 4 and says it takes too long to level up. Jin-woo is hesitant but Jung Hoon smiles and says he might be of help.


Jin-woo agrees







Jung Hoon asks Jin-woo for a sword and Jin-Woo throws him the assassin’s blade.


Jung Hoon smiles saying he will follow him around from now. Jin-Woo starts fighting the warriors and Jung Hoon kills one of them. Jung Hoon says he levelled up quickly by following Jin-woo around. Jung Hoon starts slacking off while watching Jin-woo do the hard work.

Suddenly a warrior sneaks up from behind Jung Hoon alarming him. Jung Hoon manages to kill the warrior. He pauses to take a breath but he is startled when he sees Cha appear with his sword covered in blood.

At present, Jung Hoon tells Seon ho that is when he started seeing Cha and he looked exactly like how Ji-woo had described.

In the flashback, Cha walks towards Jin-woo who is busy fighting the warriors. Jin-woo doesn’t hear Jung Hoon shout out a warning. Jung Hoon runs forward and slashes Cha across the back.




Cha turns around and comes at Jung Hoon. He slashes Jung Hoon on his arm. Jung Hoon falls down writhing in pain. He starts crawling out of the room slowly but Cha raises his sword. His strike stops in mid-air as Jin-woo’s knife hits him squarely on his back. Jin-woo is shocked as he slowly comes up towards Jung Hoon asking what happened. Jung Hoon is alarmed as he sees no wounds on himself and asks Jin-woo what has happened.


At present, Jung Hoon says that the stab wounds really hurt and isn’t like any other NPC. Seon-ho asks him if staying with Jin-woo for a year has made Jung hoon delusional too. Jung Hoon says he knew Seon ho would say that and says he thought the same about Jin-woo too but not anymore. He says Jin-woo is normal.

Seon-ho remembers Jin-woo saying he trusts him and will continue to entrust him with everything. He had asked Seon-ho to delay the launch of the game and cancel the showcase. When Seon-ho objects, Jin-woo says the game is crazy since even Jung Hoon can see Cha.


Seon-Ho continues to drink his tea at the cafe.

At Hee-Ju’s house, Min-Ju is reading a book when she hears the car’s horn. She runs out to see if it is Hee-Ju but it is someone else. Min-Ju crosses her grandma’s room, which is locked. Grandma asks if it is Hee-Ju. Min-Ju lies saying Hee-Ju is already back home and is sleeping. Grandma wonders where Hee-Ju went without saying anything.

Min-Ju calls up Hee-Ju once she is inside her room. Jin-woo picks up the call.  Min-Ju asks where Hee-Ju is and he says she is on her way home. He asks her to open the door, as they will be there in 5 minutes.

Min-Ju waits outside the house as the car drives up the road. She knocks on the window and Jin-woo rolls down the window. Min-Ju is surprised to see Hee-Ju asleep beside him. Jin-woo says she is sick as she got drenched in the rain.


The driver quietly carries Hee-Ju up the stairs and puts her on her bed. Jin-woo walks into the room and asks the driver to wait downstairs. As Min-Ju pulls a blanket over Hee-Ju, Jin-woo places a folder along with medicines on the desk saying Hee-Ju got a shot and she will be fine. He asks if grandma was worried and Min-Ju says she didn’t tell grandma that Hee-Ju left with Jin-woo because she was embarrassed for Hee-Ju. Min-Ju says she understands that Hee-Ju was happy to see Jin-woo after a long time, but Hee-Ju chased after his car, got in and stayed out late. Jin-woo smiles saying Hee-Ju would get upset if she heard that. He says Hee-Ju hates him right now but Min-Ju doesn’t buy it. They decide not to wake grandma since Hee-Ju will be fine by morning.

Min-Ju asks if she should get some water. He says yes and says he will leave in 5 minutes. She asks him to wake her and he refuses saying he doesn’t have anything to tell her. After Min-Ju leaves, Jin Woo sits on the bed beside Hee-Ju and recalls their earlier conversation.

In a flashback, Jin-woo’s car is parked under a bridge and Hee-Ju goes through Se-Ju’s details. Jin-woo hands her Marco’s case file. She says they should look for him since Se-Ju was with him. Jin-woo says he is dead and guesses that he was murdered. She asks why he didn’t tell her earlier as they could’ve reported him and found her brother. Jin-woo says Marco was with Se-Ju till the moment he died. He says Se-Ju would have become a suspect. He says he put in a lot of effort to erase Se-Ju’s traces. She asks if he is implying that her brother killed someone and he says that is possible. He says Se-Ju could be hiding and not missing.


Hee Ju cries saying it doesn’t make sense. She goes through Marco’s file and then breaks out into tears. Jin-woo steps out of the car to give her some space. Hee Ju continues to cry as she looks at the file and passes out in the car. Jin-woo opens the car since she has stopped crying and finds her unconscious.


At present, Hee Ju wakes up and finds Jin-woo beside her. He asks her if she is better. He explains he looked inside because she had stopped crying and found she had fainted. She gets up despite him asking her to rest. He asks her if she read everything and says he brought everything just in case. She says she read everything. Jin-woo says she can trust the documents as he found more traces than the cops.

Hee-Ju says she understands he has been trying hard to find Se-Ju till now. She thanks him for it. She says she can’t sit back and do nothing. She says she should also do something now that she knows. She agrees with him on not reporting Se-Ju missing but she can’t just sit back. As for Jin-woo, she asks him to leave her house and not come here again. She asks him to never contact her again if he has any conscience. Jin-woo nods and says, “Sure”.

Jin-woo gets up to leave and says he will ask Jung-Hoon to call if they hear some news. She says she will appreciate that and says goodbye. Jin-woo stops at the door and says Se-Ju is alive and they just haven’t found him yet. He asks her not to worry too much. She says he is making assumptions without any grounds. She says she has no hope after seeing the documents. He says there is no need for despair either. He says he might not be able to prove it but he is sure Se-Ju is alive. Jin-woo says he didn’t tell her because he thought he will find Se-Ju soon. Jin-woo says he should have come here after he found Se-Ju and says that was his plan. She asks why he had come now and says he doesn’t know. He says he had missed her. He smiles as he asks her to take care and walks out.


Min-Ju walks Jin-woo to the car. She asks him when he is going to visit again and he says he isn’t sure. She asks if he isn’t going to visit again. He says he isn’t choosing not to visit but he just can’t. He waves to her and she waves back as the car drives away.

Hee Ju clasps her hands sitting on the bed as she hears the car drive away.

On the way, Jin-woo asks the driver to pull over and get off work.


Jin-woo drives down the road and reaches the abandoned building where he plays the game. As he parks the car, he receives a message on his phone. The message is from Noh Yeong Jun who apologises for the late reply and says he received the package. He says it is very intriguing and Jin-woo smiles.

Earlier in the day, Noh Yeong Jun (Go Yu-ra’s manager) receives a call from Jin-woo. He shows it to Yu-ra who answers the call. Noh takes the call and walks away to talk privately. He sarcastically says it is an honour to get a direct call from Jin-woo.


Jin-woo is drinking in his office as he talks. Jin-woo says he is in Seoul and he heard complete nonsense that Yu-ra came from the States after nursing him. He asks if she isn’t scared of anything because people think Jin-woo is crazy. Noh says Yu-ra was waiting for Jin-woo to call at least out of anger and it’s her way of showing love. Jin-woo says he knows what Yu-ra and Noh were up to when they were in the states. He says he is sending over the delivery package rather than explaining. He says Noh will want to call Jin-woo once he sees it and Jin-woo says he is always ready to take the call. Jin-woo says they will settle the divorce within a week and that it has been dragging too long. Noh is stumped when Jin-woo hangs up.

Just then, a delivery person drops off a package for Noh. Noh is startled as he finds intimate pictures of Yu-ra and him inside it.


At present, Jin-woo smiles and takes his pills. He receives another message from Noh saying Yu-ra is very distressed and he is worried she might do something bad. He says he will call Jin-woo after they think carefully about the situation.

Jin-woo gets out of his car and walks towards the building. Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “There’s something I wanted to tell Hee-Ju if I ever got to meet her again. I wanted to tell her I was sick of seeing fake tears and tears filled with excuses (montage of Yu-ra and Hee-Ju). So the fact that she (Hee-Ju cries after Jin-woo’s train pulls out of the station) cried for me when I wasn’t there and how she looked after me while I was sleeping meant so much to me (Hee-Ju smiles at him from the sofa when Jin-woo wakes up from his sleep).”


The next day, Seon-ho and the others are in the conference room waiting. Professor Cha comes into the room and asks Seon-ho if he has time. Seon-ho says he does.

At Seon-ho’s office, Seon-ho tells Professor Cha that Jin-woo hasn’t come to work since that day. Cha asks if he is playing games after causing chaos by asking them to delay the launch. Seon-ho explains that Jin-woo wants them to continue developing the game because he wants to play.


Jin-woo is on the terrace of the building aiming his sniper rifle at the warriors. He is now level 88.

Professor Cha drinks tea as he asks why Jin-woo is being stubborn. Seon ho says Jin-woo thinks there is some issue with the game and not with him. He adds that Jin-woo claims two developers went missing in the process while gaming just like him.


In a flashback, Seon ho learns from Yang Ju that ZINU (LEVEL 88) is placed 3rd in the game. The top two players are MASTER (LEVEL 94) and MARCO (LEVEL 92) haven’t logged in for a year and Yang Ju says Jin-woo will catch up soon. Yang Ju says he has no idea who Marco is. Seon Ho asks if Jung Se-Ju is ‘Master’.

Seon-Ho explains to Cha that Jin-woo wants to reach the level the developers had reached before they died and find out what happened. Cha asks if Jin-woo is saying his son was killed by the game and not by an illness or an accident or Ji-woo. Seon-ho says Jin-woo is becoming more convinced about it now. He adds that even Jung Hoon is saying the same thing. He says he went to visit Jin-woo.

In a flashback, Seon-ho visits Jin-woo asking if his allies can see Cha Hyeong Seok. He asks to become an ally when Jin-woo confirms it but Jin-woo refuses saying it’s too dangerous.


Jin-woo says the game hadn’t allowed him to break the alliance he had formed with Jung Hoon/City Hunter after he had seen Cha. Yang Joo had tried to break the alliance too but he couldn’t do it. Jin-woo says Seon-ho will die by Cha Hyeong Seok’s hands if he becomes Jin-woo’s ally.


Seon –ho says these excuses prove that Jin-woo is hallucinating. He asks how Jin-woo expects him to get convinced when he doesn’t show proof. Jin-woo says he gave the order as Seon-ho’s CEO and not to convince him.  He says no one can understand this until they experience it for themselves. Jin-woo says he told Seon ho to help him understand his order and asks him to do as instructed.


At present, Professor Cha learns that Jin-woo doesn’t intend on proving it even after ceasing the projects that the fate of the company depends on. Professor Cha says Jin-woo shouldn’t be the CEO if he hasn’t changed after a year. He says they must bring him down in a way that the company isn’t affected. Seon-ho remains quiet.

At the building, Jin-woo has been killing warriors for 8 hours now and he has killed umpteen types of them.



Zinu defeats all the warriors


Jin-woo lies down on the ground as he is exhausted. He opens his eyes as he hears the sound of a bird. He sits up and looks at the sky in awe.

Sang Beom walks to Hee-ju’s house and learns from Min-Ju that Hee-Ju is leaving to Granada for her friend Lucia’s wedding.

Hee-Ju is packing as Sang Beom comes inside saying it’s been a month since Lucia’s wedding. At the workshop, Hee-Ju shows Sang Beom the case files. Sang Beom says he found something off in Se-Ju’s e-mails. He reminds her that he was always suspicious of Jin-woo. He says the rumours about Jin-woo murdering his friend are true. He says Jin-woo made it all go away because he is powerful. Hee-Ju says that is why she is going to Granada.


Sang Beom is against this . He says Se-Ju could be anywhere but she says she can’t just sit here. He offers to come with her but Hee-Ju says she doesn’t want her family to know. She asks him to stay back and take care of her family.

Hee-Ju’s grandma sees her off after asking her to visit an acquaintance of hers. Sang Beom drives her to the airport and helps her get a ticket to Barcelona.

Hee-Ju boards the plane and as she sits in her seat, she receives a call from Sang Beom. He says he will join her tomorrow as he can’t let her go alone. She says there is no need for that. Sang Beom is persistent and suggests reporting it to the press, as he can’t let this matter slide. Sang Beom abruptly hangs up.

She receives a call from Min-Ju and she attends it. Min-Joo is excited as she says she is in Jin-woo’s office. She says it is spacious and really nice. She says she has an audition with YD label and says Jin-woo is friends with the owner of YD label. Hee-Ju asks how Min-Ju got his number and Min-Ju says she took it from Hee-Ju’s phone.


Jin-woo walks in just then and Min-Ju hands over the phone to him. She walks out of the room to give him privacy. Jin-woo speaks into the phone saying Min-Ju told Hee-Ju is going to Granada. Hee-Ju says it is none of his business and says she had told him not to contact her family.

Jin-woo says he didn’t call because she asked him not to but Min-Ju had called him first. He didn’t come because she had asked him not to but Min-Ju had come to his office. He says he had promised to ask Jung Hoon to talk to her when they hear news about Se-Ju but he says Jung-hoon isn’t here.


Hee-Ju gets up from her seat and asks if he has heard from Se-Ju. Jin-woo asks her to get off from the plane if she can since she can’t find Se-Ju if she goes to Granada. Jin-woo says only he can find Se-Ju. Hee-Ju clutches the passport in her hand as he says he had told her Se-Ju is alive. He says he will prove it to her if she wants him to.

In a flashback, Jin-woo lies on the ground exhausted after defeating the warriors. He opens his eyes on hearing a bird’s screech. He sees a hawk flying above him. Jin-woo gets on his feet while looking up.





Jin-woo holds up his arm and a protective glove appears over it. The hawk comes and perches on his hand. Jin-woo watches the hawk as a message pops up.



Jin-woo stands rooted to the spot as he holds the Citadel hawk.


Image Courtesy-TVN


This was the best episode of the series so far. This series keeps surprising me by giving logical explanations to the mysteries when I’m least expecting it.

Jin-woo’s real reason for leaving to Barcelona abruptly was a well-camouflaged suspense.

There was actually a logical and justifiable reason as to why Jin-woo chose not to report Se-ju’s disappearance. In this episode, Jin-woo comes across as a person who cares for others despite him saying he doesn’t have a conscience. Jin-woo refused to allow Seon-ho into the game (as alliances can’t be broken) despite the risk of being branded crazy. He chose people’s safety over the profits, unlike Seon-ho and Professor Cha.

I am curious to find out why Se-Ju was in Barcelona when he called Jin-woo. I wonder if Master’s message was an old one or a recent one because it looks like Se-Ju has stopped playing for a year. I wonder why he stopped playing/levelling up.

Jung Hoon tagging along with Jin-woo to level up was fun watching as it happens every time while learning a new game from friends. The alliance being the reason why Jung Hoon is able to see Cha is a well-founded explanation.

It looks like Marco may have been killed during a duel with Se-Ju and I wonder if he will be reappearing like Cha. That seems dangerous since he is at level 92, which makes him a formidable enemy if encountered. It also will go to show that duels really do kill and it will put all the testers at risk.

It seems like Jin-woo has already figured out that Hee-Ju is a stark contrast in character when compared to Su-Jin and Yu-ra.  The scenes with Hee Ju and Jin-woo were a good watch as her reactions were realistic and their conversations weren’t over-dramatic. Jin-woo was frank with his replies every time he answered Hee-Ju’s questions. Jin-woo had previously told Seon-ho that he wasn’t going to bother proving himself to anyone but he told Hee-Ju that he would prove that Se-Ju is alive. It looks like he has decided to earn back her trust by proving what he had said.

The series has reached its half-mile mark with an awesome episode at a fast-pace and I am eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes.


-By Soul Sword-

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