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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 9 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 9 Recap

In the aircraft, Hee-Ju (on the phone with Jin-woo) gets up from her seat asking if Jin-woo has heard from Se-Ju.

Jin-woo asks her to get off the plane since he is the only one who can find Se-Ju. He says he can prove that Se-Ju is alive. She asks him how he knows it and he says he received a message. He asks her to meet him at his office since he can’t explain over the phone. She says she is on the plane and asks him if he lied to her about something else too. Hee-Ju asks if there is some other reason that he doesn’t want her going to Granada. She tells Jin-woo that it is all the more reason for her to go there. Jin-woo says that he is just asking her not to go because it is a waste of her time and energy. Hee-Ju hangs up on him and Jin-woo stops talking.


Outside his office, Min-Ju is dancing and Jin-woo asks her to be sent in. Min-Ju goes in and asks Jin-woo if Hee-Ju left. Jin-woo sits at his desk putting some documents inside an envelope. He says he asked her not to go but she is stubborn since she doesn’t trust him. Min-Ju asks how he lost Hee-ju’s trust. Jin-woo says it is alright since he will just follow her as he has to do something important. Min-Ju has a mischievous smile as she asks him what it is and he smiles saying she doesn’t have to know. She asks if he is going to propose to her. Jin-woo goes silent as she says he can propose to Hee-Ju now that he is divorced.

Jin-woo says he wonders what kind of thoughts go through Min-Ju’s head. She points the document in his hand saying those are divorce papers and she already read them. She says Yu-ra has already signed them and only Jin-woo should sign it now. Min-Ju says she is relieved and asks when she will be reading the articles. She asks him why he isn’t saying anything and he says he is baffled. He says he doesn’t get baffled easily but Min-Ju is really something.

Jin-woo calls his secretary and asks her to take Min-Ju to YD as he has given them a heads-up.  Min-Ju asks if he already spoke and he says she asked him to recommend her. Min-Ju is overwhelmed as she says she likes him a lot and that he is her type. He says it is just a recommendation. He tells her to rock it as it will make him look bad if she dances badly. He smiles as she leaves. Min-Ju stops at the door and thanks him profusely. She says she hopes the proposal goes well before walking out.

Jin-woo looks at the divorce papers. It has a note attached to the document saying Yu-ra hasn’t agreed to it but she has signed it. Jin-Woo signs the divorce papers. Seon-Ho peeks in and says he heard Jin-woo had come to work for a change. He asks why Jin-Woo is going to Granada. Jin-woo says he is on a mission. Seon-ho asks if it is about the game. Jin-woo says it sounds ridiculous but it is important.

Jin-woo walks into Yang-Ju’s office. He asks Yang-Ju to prepare some special items and not weapons. He asks for all the items since he doesn’t know what he will be going up against. Yang-Ju shows him a partnership product which is a health potion costing 1000 gold coins that boosts the health bar immediately. He also shows a lighter that emits a raging flame when switched on. He asks for the items to be sent to him.


As Yang Ju walks away, Jin-woo gets a call from Hee-Ju. He asks her if she got off the plane.

Hee-Ju is in the airport as she asks him where she should go. Jin-woo smiles as his voiceover narrates, “I’m sure all of you remember that this story began when Se-Ju reached out to me. However, he vanished on the train. Him getting on the train in Barcelona was caught on camera but nothing on him getting off at any station. (Montage of Se-Ju at the station) Whom did Se-Ju fear? Someone who Hyeong-Seok sent or Marco’s gangster friends? I keep racking my brain but only my delusions make sense. (Montage of Jin-woo at the hospital and Cha appearing before him) a lunatic’s crazy delusions. From here on these are my delusions. What I think happened to Se-Ju that day, a year ago”

In the woods at night, Se-Ju goes through Marco’s pockets. Marco lies lifeless on the ground as the message appears on Se-Ju’s screen.



Se-Ju finds a paper with Jin-woo’s contact number on it. He remembers Marco saying they should approach Jin-woo if Cha doesn’t agree to the deal. In a flashback, Marco tells him they will negotiate between two companies since Jin-woo and Cha hate each other. He says both of them will offer a better price trying to beat each other.

Se-ju takes Jin-woo’s contact number and runs away leaving Marco (who has taken a bullet to his forehead) behind. Se-Ju heads over to Marco’s room and is tense as he sends an e-mail to Jin-woo titled “Memories of The Alhambra”. He sees a lighting flash and gets up to take his bag.


Se-Ju looks up to see AR Marco standing before him



Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “I bet Se-Ju went crazy like me.”Se-Ju is traumatised as he stumbles over the furniture.



Se-Ju asks AR Marco as to why keeps reappearing despite him being dead.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Se-Ju must’ve been a lot more terrified than I was. Marco’s level is much higher than Hyeong-Seok’s. He even has a gun.”

Se-Ju starts yelling asking Marco to go away. Marco pulls out the gun.


The sound of gunshots echoes and Se-Ju sneaks out splattered in blood. He holds his gun as he staggers out. Marco walks out of the room following him. Se-Ju turns a corner just as Marco fires. Marco’s bullet hits the wall as a woman walks past it totally oblivious to it and Marco.

Se-Ju manages to get a ticket to Granada once he is inside the railway station. He calls up Hee-Ju from a payphone. He is flustered as he tells her that his phone is broken. She says she is worried and asks where he is. He says he is coming to Granada by train. She says she will expect him in the morning. She asks him to be safe and Se-Ju says he misses her. Se-Ju hangs up before she can say more.


Hee-Ju wonders what is wrong with him and if he is growing up.

At the station, Se-Ju dials Jin-woo’s number and Jin-woo picks up after a few rings. He starts talking to Se-Ju but he stops when he sees a lightning flash. It starts raining.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Se-Ju wanted to meet me to ask for help. He believed that experts at my company could sort out this problem.”

On seeing Marco standing nearby with his gun, Se-Ju blurts out that he wants to meet at Bonita Hostel Granada. He drops the phone and runs away. Marco follows Se-Ju and starts shooting at him. Se-Ju stumbles over suitcases as he dodges the bullets. He runs on the platform but trips and falls down. Marco uses an assault rifle to fire at him but Se-Ju manages to get away.

Se-Ju boards the train and closes the door. Marco aims at Se-Ju but the train pulls out of the station.




AR Marco disappears.

The next morning, Se-Ju wakes up to the announcement saying the next stop is Granada station. Se-Ju tries to wake his co-traveller up but the man doesn’t wake up. Se-ju freezes seeing a lightning flash and hears the Memories of Alhambra tune.


Se-Ju opens his cabin door to find Marco standing with his gun. Se-ju takes out his gun but Marco shoots him before that. Se-Ju points the gun at Marco but Marco continues to shoot him.


Se-Ju’s co-traveller wakes up when the train pulls into Granada station. He is shocked to see Se-Ju propped against the seat motionless. Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Had Se-Ju lost that duel, his body would’ve been found on the train just like Cha Hyeong Seok and Marco. But Se-Ju had vanished.”

(another scenario)

Se-Ju dodges bullets as he runs out of the cabin and closes the door.


As Se-Ju struggles to walks down the coach, Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “The fact that he vanished means that he survived the duel.”

Se-Ju gets off the train.


Se-Ju crawls on the platform unable to walk and falls down. People walk past him and so does Jin-woo, who is searching for Se-Ju. Se-Ju lies on the floor unconscious as Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Se-Ju might have been there that day. We probably couldn’t see him.”


At the abandoned building, Jin-woo lies on the ground after reaching level 90. He opens his eyes on hearing a bird. He gets up and sees a Citadel Hawk flying over him.




Jin-woo puts out his arm and a glove appears over it. The hawk flies down and perches on his hand.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “It took me one year to prove this delusion.”

A messenger from master has arrived. Jin-woo takes the message and the hawk flies away.








Jin-woo stands looking at the countdown timer as a car pulls up into the parking lot. Jung Hoon gets out of the car and walks towards Jin-woo brandishing his sword. Jung Hoon notices all the warriors on the ground and Jin-woo standing rooted to the spot. Jung Hoon comments that it looks like a killing field and asks if Jin-woo had stayed up all night again.


Jin-woo throws Jung Hoon a pistol (PP*4) after he finds out that Jung Hoon is at level 48.



Jin-woo asks him to level up and become 50. He says Jung Hoon should be able to use a gun in order to come with him and says he will give Jung Hoon 5 hours to level up. Jung Hoon asks him how he is supposed to level up but Jin-woo asks him to hurry since they have to catch a plane and go to Granada. He says they have to find Jung Se-Ju.

Hee-Ju’s grandma comes out and is surprised to find Hee-Ju back. Hee-Ju says she didn’t go because the trip will be exhausting. Her grandma follows her in asking if she got a refund for the ticket.

Hee-Ju vacuums the workshop as her grandma tells her off for blowing off money as it were nothing. Hee-Ju says she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to make the guitar on time so she got off the plane. After grandma walks out, Hee Ju recalls Jin-woo asking her to wait at her house and he will meet her there. It is 12:40 pm as she vacuums.

It is almost 2:18 pm and there is no sign of Jin-woo. Hee-Ju calls Jin-woo’s number but it gets forwarded to voicemail.

Later, Hee-Ju continues to work and she checks the clock to see that it is 4:05 pm.

At 6:43 pm, Hee-Ju paces inside the workshop as she waits. She gets a call from Min-Ju. Min-Ju asks if she really didn’t go to Spain and is excited as she says she met the CEO of YD on Jin-woo’s recommendation. She says the CEO said she has good potential. Hee-Ju asks Min-Ju why she was causing Jin-woo an inconvenience and tells her off for stealing his number.


Min-Ju asks if Hee-Ju isn’t going to meet him. She says Jin-woo has gone all the way to Granada to meet her. Hee-Ju says he told her that he will come to their house and asks Min-Ju how she knows this. Min-Ju says she will give a hint on why Jin-woo wants to meet Hee-Ju. She says the word starts with “P” and has two syllables. Min-Ju hangs up laughing.

Hee-Ju wonders what Min-Ju means and she receives a message from Min-Ju saying the word starts with “P” and ends with “E”. Hee-Ju loses her temper and asks Min-Ju what she means by the message. Min-Ju says that Jin-woo is probably going to propose to Hee-Ju. Hee-Ju gives a look of disbelief and asks her what she means by that.

Min-Ju tells her to act as if she doesn’t know this and says Jin-woo is officially single. She says that is why he might propose. She adds that he might have also bought a ring.

Hee-Ju asks if Min-Ju is saying that Jin-woo is coming to her house to propose to her with a ring. Hee-Ju stops in mid-sentence as she sees Jin-woo walk into the workshop. Jin-woo asks if he should have brought a ring. He adds that he didn’t know she would be expecting that. Hee-Joo is speechless as she stands rooted to the spot. He asks her if he should go get one.


Hee-Ju hangs up and asks him to come inside. He smiles as he asks her to wait and says he will buy her a bouquet of flowers at least. Hee-Ju asks him to come inside in a snappish manner. He laughs as he comes in.


Hee-Ju asks him what he had told Min-Ju that has her talking nonsense. Jin-woo says he didn’t tell her anything. He says in Min-Ju’s eyes it would have seemed like Hee-Ju was expecting something. Hee-Ju asks if he is seriously thinking that. Jin-woo says it is wishful thinking.

Jin-woo apologises for being late. He says he can’t talk for long as he has a flight to catch. Hee-Ju asks where Se-Ju is and Jin-woo says he is going to Granada to meet him. He says he has to go there to be sure if Se-Ju is there. On learning that Se-Ju had called Jin-woo to Granada, she asks him to show it to her. Jin-woo says he can’t since it isn’t a phone call or an e-mail. He says Se-Ju sent a message using the Game ID in the game he had made. Jin-woo says Se-Ji would have contacted him for a reason so he is going there. He says he will give her a call once he finds Se-Ju.

Hee-Ju reminds him that he said he will prove it to her. He says he can’t do it here since she will have to wear the lens. He says he will tell his people from work so that she can see it from here. He gives her Yang Ju’s business card and asks her to contact him. Hee-Ju asks him what he is doing and he had made her get off the plane.

Jin-woo says he doesn’t have time. He says he loses the chance to meet Se-ju if he doesn’t finish the quest within 48 hours. He says 12 hours have already past. Jin-woo says Yang Ju is in charge of the game and can explain it better.

Sang Beom walks in just then and Hee-Ju is startled when he punches Jin-woo hard on the face. Jin-woo falls on the floor and Hee-Ju yells at Sang Beom. Sang Beom tells Jin-woo he wanted to sue him but he would rather beat him up to a pulp. Sang Beom says he will be on the news if he beats him up. Hee Ju tries to pull Sang Beom away but he pushes her away. He says he never liked Jin-woo since he had met him. He says Jin-woo made Hee-Ju take care of Jin-woo after giving her money. Hee-Ju again tried to pull him away asking him to stop it. Sang Beom pushes her away again.


Sang Beom asks what kind of scam Jin-woo has planned again. Sang Beom moves forward to hit him again but Jin-woo stops him with his cane. Jin-woo says this isn’t the way to greet someone and says he knows very well that Sang Beom doesn’t like him. He asks him to stop, as he has to go to the airport. Sang Beom steps forward again and Jin-woo again stops him with the cane.

Jin-woo calls Sang Beom a weird man who always claims to be like Hee-Ju’s family. Sang Beom takes a guitar to hit Jin-woo while Hee-Ju yells. Jin-woo is too quick for him and strikes Sang Beom with his cane. He pushes the guitar away, which slams into the desk in the corner of the room. Jin-woo says that all he does apart from eating all day is wielding swords. He warns Sang Beom not to come at him since he will get hurt. He says he doesn’t do battles in real life.

Hee-Ju’s grandmother comes in hearing the commotion. She notices blood on Jin-woo’s neck and yells at Sang Beom. Everyone is quiet.


Hee-Ju’s grandmother shoves Sang Beom outside the house asking who he thinks he is to beat up their guest. She says he is taking advantage of their hospitality and asks him to leave. Sang Beom says she doesn’t know the whole story and that he had his reasons. She says she knows and chases him out.


Inside, Jin-woo is on the phone asking the luggage to be taken to the airport since he won’t have time to drop by the hotel. Hee-Ju brings the first aid box and asks him to take a seat. He refuses saying he is getting late but she is persistent asking why he doesn’t listen to others. She asks him to stop being pretentious and sit down. She asks him what makes him so high and mighty. She says it will just take 5 minutes.


As Jin-woo sits down he asks if Sang Beom left. Hee Ju takes a cotton swab and says he probably might have. Jin-woo asks who exactly Sang Beom is as he claims to be family. He asks if Sang Beom is her betrothed. He turns around to see Hee-Ju glaring at him. She asks him to turn around. Jin-woo says he doesn’t approve of Sang Beom and that he lacks battle skills too.

Hee-Ju cleans his wound as she says bragging about being good with swords is childish. Jin-woo says he still doesn’t approve of it and asks her to think wisely. Hee-Ju says she never thought of Sang Beom that way but she should now that Jin-woo is so concerned. He asks if she must do the opposite of what he says. Jin-woo says if she chooses a spouse out of spite, she will end up like him.

Jin-woo looks at the broken guitar on the floor and asks her how much it costs. She asks him not to worry about it. She puts the plaster as he says he will put in an order for one since he wants a custom-made guitar. Seeing that she doesn’t reply, he asks if she refuses certain customers. He asks if he is that hopeless that he is not even worthy to buy a guitar.

A teardrop falls on his suit and he turns around hearing her sniffling. She moves away as he asks her why she is crying. She says she doesn’t know. She asks if he is playing the game to find Se-Ju and if Se-Ju really contacted him after he reached a level. She asks if she will be useless even if she goes to Granada since she can’t see anything. Her voice cracks as she asks if she should stay here and watch him through the monitor. She asks if he is saying that is the only way to see if Se-Ju is alive.

Jin-woo asks if he still seems insane to her and Hee-Ju says yes. She says she will still believe him and give him a chance. She says she will wait here till she hears from him. Jin-woo asks her why she trusts him despite him supposedly being a fraud. She says she will live in misery otherwise. Jin-woo says he could be fooling her again. Tears stream down her face as she says that trying not to get conned by Jin-woo is more distressing anyway.


Hee-Ju turns away cursing and he says that is his line. She says he doesn’t own the phrase. She asks him why he keeps tormenting her. She asks why he popped up in her life making it hard for her to hate him. Jin-woo slowly reaches out and wipes the tears from her cheek. Hee-Ju looks at him in surprise and he takes his hand away as they hear a door open.

Jin-woo’s taxi pulls away as grandma watches. Hee-Ju joins her on the street as they watch the taxi turn the corner.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Although Hee-ju did not come with me, it was obvious that this journey was the most crucial moment of both our lives. (Jin-woo’s flight takes off.) We took the plane to Barcelona and moved to Granada by night train. It was to follow the route that Se-Ju had taken a year before.”


Jin-woo sits on a bench at the Barcelona station waiting for the train while Jung Hoon buys some snacks. The Memories of the Alhambra tune plays following a lightning flash. Jin-woo sits still as he sees AR Cha appear on the track right in front of him. Jung Hoon runs from the shop towards Jin-woo.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “And just like any other journey, Cha Hyeong Seok was there as well.”

The Day Before

Seon Ho peeks into Jin-woo’s office and Jin-woo says he has an important mission in Granada. Seon-ho asks him to have lunch along with him and Professor Cha. Jin-woo says he doesn’t have time now and that he will meet Professor Cha when he gets back. Seon-ho tells him off for giving more importance to a game than the real life. He says this is not the time to be playing a game. Jin-woo texts Hee-Ju saying something came up and asks her to wait for him at her home.



At the restaurant, Seon-ho asks Jin-woo not to trust him or Professor Cha. Jin-woo says he can stay only up to 2:00 pm. Seon-ho says they can’t stick by Jin-woo if he isn’t willing to change. He says Professor Cha is even capable of cutting out his family. Jin-woo asks if he is about to get kicked out and Seon-ho goes silent. Jin-woo asks Seon-ho how he expects to be a CEO with such a weak poker face. Seon Ho says Professor Cha has changed a lot since things haven’t been easy for him too. He says that Jin-woo wasn’t around too.

Seon Ho is surprised to see Su-jin led towards their table. Su-Jin is surprised to see them too. Seon ho learns that Professor Cha has invited Su-Jin to join him for lunch. Professor Cha walks in and Su-jin tells him that she didn’t know Jin-woo and Seon-ho would be there too. He asks if she will be awkward and she says no.


They sit down and start having lunch. Professor Cha asks Jin-woo if the divorce is final and Jin-woo confirms it. Professor Cha is glad to hear it and says he thought they would never be rid of her. Professor Cha suggests that Jin-woo and Su-Jin should get back together. He says they should get back since both obstacles Hyeong Seok and Yu-ra are out of the way. Su-Jin’s hands start shaking and Jin-woo doesn’t reply.

Later on, Jin-woo is washing his hands in the restroom when Seon-ho walks up to him saying he didn’t know that Su-Jin would be coming. Jin-woo says this wasn’t a business lunch and it looks like Professor Cha has already made up his mind. Jin-woo tells Seon-ho that his life depends on Seon-ho now and he should trust him.

Seon ho tells Jin-woo not to go to Spain and that he should be visiting the executives now. Jin-woo says he has to find Se-Ju as that is life-goal.

As Jin-woo drives back, he receives a call from Su-jin. He pulls over and takes her call. Su-Jin says that Professor Cha had said that during lunch to insult her. She says he has been humiliating her for the past year and that he hasn’t even embraced his grandson even once. She says Jin-woo has no idea how much Cha hates her and her son. Jin-woo asks if something happened while he was away. Su-Jin says there is no need to explain all that now. She says both Jin-woo and she are living in hell.


Su-Jin says she called up to warn him that Professor Cha doesn’t cherish Jin-woo. She says Professor Cha doesn’t trust Jin-woo and in fact believes that Jin-woo has murdered Cha Hyeong Seok. She says Professor Cha denied the autopsy because of his pride. She says he didn’t want his decision of choosing Jin-woo over his son to be wrong. Jin-woo listens quietly as Su-jin says she also knows why Cha Hyeong Seok was afraid of his father. She says she is scared of Professor Cha too. She warns him to be careful, as they both might be next.

Jin-woo recalls in a flashback, when Cha Hyeong Seok, Seon Ho and Jin-woo had gone for drinks. A drunk Cha starts saying that he doesn’t have a brother and that he is lonely. He starts crying and Seon-ho complains that Cha always starts crying when he drinks. Jin-woo starts laughing.


At present, Jin-woo stares at AR Cha without moving from the bench and has a drink. Jung Hoon comes running and sees Cha advancing towards Jin-woo. Jung Hoon pulls out his pistol to shoot Cha but Jin-woo shoots Cha before that.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “I desperately hope that this will be the last journey with him.”

Cha drops dead and disappears. Jung Hoon walks up to him as the train pulls into the station.


They board the train and Jung Hoon says he booked all the 4 tickets in the cabin so it will be just them. He says the place is small and Cha won’t come. He says Jin-woo can sleep peacefully. Jin-woo lies down as Jung Hoon goes out to buy more beer.

At night, Jung Hoon is asleep But Jin-woo is awake. His voiceover narrates, “I can’t fall asleep. The closer I get to Granada, I get more nervous than excited. Where did Se-Ju call me from? I can’t even imagine how he would look now.”

In the Morning, Jung Hoon wakes Jin-woo up saying they will be arriving in Granada in 5 minutes. Jin Woo steps out of his cabin.



The train pulls into Granada station. Jin-woo is in the train’s restroom washing his hands when he hears a knock on the door. Jung Hoon says they have arrived in Granada and says he will wait on the platform.

Jung Hoon stands on the platform waiting for Jin-woo. He hears the thunder.


Jin-woo is in the restroom when a message pops up.


He hears continuous knocking on the door. Jin-woo takes his pistol and walks towards the door. He opens the door and instantly shoots Cha who stands on the other side.

Jung Hoon takes out his weapon too but stops when a message pops up.


Jin-woo steps over Cha to walk out but stops when he sees a lightning flash.

Jung Hoon looks confused as a message pops up.


Inside, Jin-woo sees Cha’s corpse still on the ground. He sees the message:



Jin-woo turns around to see an AR masked figure pointing a gun at him.



Jung Hoon walks towards the train but he falls down as an arrow from the archers pierces his shoulder.

Jin-woo recoils as he gets shot.


Jin-woo runs into the restroom. He is about to lock the door but the terrorist puts his gun through the door opening and starts firing.

Jung Hoon lies on the platform writhing in pain.




The train’s door slides shut and Jung Hoon runs to the door tapping on it. The archers fire more arrows at him. Jung Hoon hides behind the pillar shielding himself from arrows. Jung Hoon breaks the arrow on his shoulder and takes out his pistol. He starts firing at the archers.


Jung Hoon browses for weapons when warriors come at him suddenly. Jung Hoon falls down startled. He starts shooting at them.



He arms himself with a sword and manages to kill the warrior.


More warriors come towards him. He takes out his phone and dials Jin-woo’s number.


Jin-woo is still holding the restroom door when he receives the call. Jung Hoon is desperate as he asks Jin-woo for help. He says he is shot by an arrow and it hurts for real. He says the place is crazy and all NPCs are swarming on him. Jin-woo asks where he is right now but Jung Hoon just asks him to save him.

Jin-woo hangs up and shoots the terrorist’s hand. He opens the door, shoots the other terrorists dead and walks out. He tries to open the train door but finds that the doors are locked. Through the window, he sees Jung Joon fighting the warriors on the platform. He is helpless as the train starts moving and he calls out to Jung Hoon. Jung Hoon falls on the ground writhing in pain as the warriors attack him.


Jin-woo picks up his phone and dials a number. As the phone keeps ringing, Jin-woo looks up with a serious expression.




Jin-woo looks to his side and sees a terrorist beside him pointing a gun at him. Jin-woo stands rooted to the spot as the terrorist fires at him. The bullet stops just a few inches from Jin-woo. Jin-woo stares at the bullet which is frozen in mid-air.




As the train continues on its way, all the AR images disappear as Jin-woo looks on with a grim and miserable expression.



That was one astounding ending.

The scene with Jin-woo and Hee-Ju at the workshop was hilarious and really an embarrassing moment for Hee-Ju. It is adorable to see how Min-Ju says almost anything to Jin-woo and it doesn’t offend him.

Considering how little Hee-Ju knows about the game and the situation, she sure showed a lot of patience and maturity while hearing what Jin-woo had to say. The romance plot is subtle but growing at a steady pace.

It was good to have a peek into Jin-woo’s theory as to what might have happened to Se-Ju. I wonder how much of it is correct. He seems to be having a sense of guilt since he wasn’t able to help Se-Ju when he reached out to him.

Professor Cha is callous and calculative. He seems to be capable of doing anything in order to gain power.

Jung Hoon didn’t lose in a duel but was attacked by NPCs. I guess the result would be different from Cha and Marco. I hope Yang-Ju’s special items come in handy in the upcoming episodes. The last scene was easily one of the best ending scenes and it makes me eager to see the next episode.

-By Soul Sword-

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