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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 3 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 3 Recap



Jin Woo walks through the crowded streets of the Alhambra marketplace searching for something. He makes sure that he isn’t being pursued and he walks cautiously before turning corners. He stops at an alley when the message pops up.


Meanwhile, its late night in Korea and Yang Joo is watching Jin Woo’s progress from his office. He munches on a midnight snack while he is at it and asks why Jin Woo had stopped walking.

As he waits for something to show up, Jin Woo tells Yang Joo that he might have figured out a pattern. Yang Joo urges him to go forward as he can log in again even if he dies. Jin-woo has a cut on his cheek (in the game) and asks him to try the game to see how hard it is. He complains that he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since he came here. He says he has been only eating Ramyeon and died 45 times already.

Yang Joo maintains that all games are like this in the beginning and he has to work his way up through the levels. He says even Cha would’ve faced it. Jin Woo asks if Yang Joo is now dissing his boss.

As Jin Woo walks forward, an arrow hits the wall just before him. Jin Woo looks up to see archers on the roofs of the buildings above him.



Yang Joo is alarmed seeing that the attack level of the archers is 500 and asks Jin Woo to flee.


Jin Woo starts deflecting the arrows with his sword as he runs through the alley. Arrows graze past him as he manages to run through the alleyways without getting hit. At one point, he spots archers in front of him too and he hides behind a wall. He takes a flowerpot beside him but an arrow pierces the flowerpot. Jin Woo is out of breath as Yang Joo asks him to calm down.

Jin Woo places the pot back and races down the alley evading the arrows but one of the arrows hits the mark. Jin Woo falls down but isn’t dead yet. Jin Woo slowly sits up and sees another arrow being shot at him. Jin Woo gives up and sits without moving. Yang Joo says he shouldn’t give up this easily and he should be more fit.

Jin Woo opens his eyes seeing that the arrow hasn’t hit him yet. Yang Joo wonders if he has paused the game. Jin Woo looks at the arrows which have frozen, just a few inches from him and the game says “UNSTABLE CONNECTION”. Yang Joo realises that the game is just buffering and asks Jin Woo to get out of the way fast.


Jin Woo gets up and swerves around the arrows. As soon as he gets out of the way arrows fall down and the game resumes. He runs away from the place earning weird glances from the passersby. A message pops up.



Yang Joo maintains that Jin Woo escaped due to the buffering. Jin Woo smiles as he walks away. After walking for some time suddenly, it starts raining and he takes shelter (Alcazaba Cafe). He realises that it is raining only in the game as the other people are unaffected by it. He puts his hand out to feel it and he logs out to check for himself. He then logs back into the game to see that it is raining. Yang Joo says the special effect is incredible as Jin Woo smiles in admiration.



Jin Woo enters the cafe and swipes the screen.


Jin Woo stops by a table of 3 pirates having a drink. He realises they are NPC (Non-Player Character) which give items or missions. Jin Woo says these characters weren’t invented but are from somewhere.




Jin Woo hesitates to talk with them as he thinks one of them might stab him while Yang Joo says they might give him a quest.


Jin Woo walks up to the pirates and greets them in Korean. They turn around and glare at him. They curse him for intruding. They laugh and continue to talk among themselves.




Yang Joo asks him to leave the place, as there will more users only after they launch the game and it is of no use to him now.

Jin Woo sits down and asks for the menu. Jin Woo says he is tired of hearing Yang Joo’s voice when Yang Joo asks him to order churros. Jin Woo hangs up abruptly and looks through the menu. He hears the sound of a guitar playing and slowly turns around to find a woman wearing a red scarf and dress, playing the guitar. He walks forward and recognises her.


He calls her by her name, “Jung Hee Ju” but she doesn’t respond.



Jin Woo says “Hello Emma” and she looks up. He stands there speechless as she smiles at him.



A young Hee Ju plays the guitar at a competition in school. Jin Woo’s voiceover narrates, “Hee Ju initially came to Granada because of the guitar. He dad who was a no-name guitarist who was overly excited as his daughter’s talent surpassed his.” We see a montage of Hee Ju winning the concert and her father clapping in pride.


At the lunch table one day, Hee Ju’s father announces that they should go to Spain. He tries to convince them as his wife and mother are against the idea. He says they will figure something out once they get there and says Hee Ju has a bright future ahead of her. He asks Hee Ju if she wants to study in the National Institute of Music in Spain.


The family packs up and heads to Spain but his Hee Ju’s grandmother is reluctant.

Jin Woo’s voiceover continues as Hee Ju’s father puts up the ‘Hostel Bonita’ board, “Their family sold everything they had and moved to Granada 12 years ago. However, only the first year was filled with hope. Upon arriving in Spain Hee Ju realised that she wasn’t a prodigy. Hee Ju’s mother collapsed in just a year and Hee Ju’s father who was nothing without his wife drank his life away for years and eventually followed her.”

Hee Ju’s father is heavily drunk while driving and collides with an oncoming car. A grown-up Hee Ju (Park Shin Hye) stands beside her parents memorial crying. She manages the household at a young age.

Jin Woo’s voiceover continues, “As the breadwinner, Hee Ju had to quit school and work. She worked very hard and didn’t even take a day off (We see a montage of all the various jobs Hee Ju works). But the odd thing was, her family’s debt kept piling up despite her efforts. (Hee Ju calculates the earnings in her Hostel Bonita office). Her dream had drifted far away and she had to survive. It didn’t seem like Hee-Ju’s life was going to get any better unless some kind of magic suddenly happened.”


Hee Joo cries sitting on the couch when she is alone at night. She cries herself to sleep on the couch. She hears the calling bell and wakes up. She sees that the time is 1:15 am and walks to the door. She answers it to find Jin-woo standing there.

Jin Woo’s voiceover narrates, “And right around that time, I showed up at her door.”




At the cafe, Hee Ju is surprised on hearing that Jin Woo wants to buy her hostel. He says he will make her a good offer. He says it has been listed on the market for 22 years but none has bought it yet. He says, as a result, her mortgage is going up. Jung Hoon gives him the agreement. Jin Woo says he doesn’t like to delay things once he decides and signs on it. As he passes the agreement to her, she asks how he had time to prepare this.

Jin Woo shows her the blank space for an amount. He says if she signs this now he will fill 10 billion won in the place. He says he will do it only if she signs it this instant. He says he will wire the amount immediately. He smiles as he says for every ten minutes that she delays, he will reduce the amount by a billion. He puts his phone on the table saying its 8:55 am. He says they will start at 9:00 am and if she signs by 9:10 am, she will be getting 9 billion won and so forth. He says if she doesn’t make a decision in an hour and ten minutes the contract will be useless as the price would be down to the market price. He says the contract is invalid if she stands up and leaves.

Hee Ju tries to make sense of what she is hearing. She asks him why he is willing to pay ten billion for the Hostel. He says timing is more important than money. He says Ten billion isn’t a huge thing for them but ten minutes is very precious. He says right now he is paying for his time. He says he can’t explain further as it is a business secret.


Hee Ju hastily reads through the contract. Jin Woo says she can leave anytime if she doesn’t like the offer. He says he will look for another building to buy. She tells him he shouldn’t and he holds out the pen asking her to sign. He says it’s better to do it quickly if she really is going to sign.

Jin Woo takes a sip of his drink as he watches her take the pen. She hesitates before signing and he smiles at her when she looks at him. She asks him if he really is Yoo Jin Woo. She says he could be a look-alike and says her father was scammed in a similar way. Jin Woo laughs in disbelief. He gives her his passport and she looks at him. He says there are a lot of videos of him on the internet. She is embarrassed as she gives the passport back to him.

He notes that she holds the pen hesitant to sign. She gets up to walk away but he holds her hand asking if she is walking away. She says she wants to use the bathroom to make a call. He smiles and agrees. She says she needs to discuss this with her family, as this is all they have and they will have nothing if they sell this. He asks her to decide soon as it is going to be 9 o’clock soon. She takes the contract and runs away.

Jung Hoon comes up to Jin Woo and sits next to him. Jin Woo says if she isn’t dumb, she will sign it within 30 minutes. Jung Hoon asks why he is purchasing that place when there are no merits to it. Jung Hoon recalls the happenings from 30 minutes ago.


While driving back, Jin Woo learns from A/investigator that Se-Ju had patented the game under his family business (Hostel Bonita) instead of his own name. Jin Woo says he has to buy the Hostel. A says Jin Woo wouldn’t need even Se-Ju’s consent as the license, core technology and patent are all registered under Hostal Bonita. A says that the owner is Jung Hee Ju.


At his office, Seon Ho also learns of the patent. Jin Woo says he will not inform Hee Ju about Se-Ju or the game since she will want to wait for him. He says he will add additional conditions once he arrives. He says he wants to buy the hostel fast. Seon Ho asks how much he will offer, as Hee Ju will be suspicious if it is too much. Jin-woo says he will offer a huge amount and reduce it to pressure her into signing. He says she will only be suspicious of him and he will be able to close the deal soon.

At present, Hee Ju runs into one of the cubicles in the restroom. She calms down and calls up her grandmother.

Her grandmother is busy bargaining in the market and her phone rings on silent in the grocery shop.

A restless Hee Juu calls up Se-Ju next. She is distressed as she realises Se-Ju’s phone is broken. She then calls up Min-Ju who is playing football in school and doesn’t attend Hee Ju’s call. She receives a message from Jin-Woo saying she has just lost 1 billion won and he is letting her know just in case she forgot. Hee Joo wonders how 10 minutes went by so fast. She thinks she just lost one billion and it is okay.


She calls up the Alhambra real estate office. The woman (Elena) there, says that they have to reduce the price of the Hostal even further if she has to sell it because the market price has dropped further. Hee Ju asks if there are any future plans to develop the neighbourhood so that the price may go up by ten times. Elena says she is sure that the land’s price won’t jump for the next ten years. She asks Elena if she can sell it if a better offer comes her way. Elena changes the subject saying Diego proposed and she is going to get married. She continues to talk about herself and Hee Ju isn’t able to get an advice from her.

She gets a new message and it’s from Jin Woo. It reads that 20 minutes have passed.

Hee Ju calls up Sang Beom. He is working at the workshop and doesn’t take her call either.

Hee Ju is frantic as no one is picking up her call and 5 more minutes have passed. She is relieved that Min Ju finally calls back. When Min-Ju hears about this, she asks if Hee Ju has sold it. Hee Ju says it is not an easy decision to make. Min-Ju starts yelling saying she has lost 2 billion. Hee Ju says Min Ju echoed her thought and hangs up.

Hee Ju straightens herself and tries to open the cubicle but it doesn’t budge. She realises the door is locked and starts calling out if anyone is outside.

Outside, Jin Woo waits for her and he gets up walking towards the restroom seeing that she isn’t here yet.

Inside the cubicle, Hee Ju climbs on the WC and peeks out. She slips and drops the phone inside the toilet bowl. She goes berserk at this point.


Jin Woo grows impatient as he waits for her. Jung Hoon says its past 10 o’clock and Jin Woo wonders if she is a fool. Jung Hoon asks if she is talking to Cha. Jin Woo asks Jung Hoon to call her up. Jin Woo gets serious when she doesn’t answer.


Jin Woo walks into the cafe and asks the owner if there is another exit to the restroom but the owner doesn’t speak English. Jin Woo heads inside and knocks on the women’s restroom calling her name. He doesn’t get a response and says he is coming in.

He opens the door and cautiously walks in. He hears a couple of loud bangs from the cubicle in the corner. The door breaks open and falls forward with Hee Joo on it. Seeing that she is lying on the door not moving, he walks forward and tries to wake her up.


Jung Hoon rushes in and Jin Woo asks him to call someone for help as she has fainted. As Jung Hoon leaves, Jin Woo holds Hee Joo in his arms and calls out her name. Hee Ju slowly comes around and asks him what time it is. He says it is 10:13. He asks her why she broke the door and she asks if she has lost 7 billion won. He asks her if she is hurt and she is teary-eyed as she asks if he can disregard the 3 minutes.


Hee Ju says she couldn’t get out because the door was locked and asks him to be a little lenient as he is super-rich. She calls him stingy when he doesn’t respond. He smiles and asks if she is okay with just 3 minutes. She looks up at him and says yes. She thanks him before fainting again. He calls her name repeatedly but she doesn’t respond.


Hee Ju wakes up at a hospital and Jung Hoon says that Jin Woo had to go somewhere urgently. Jung Hoon has the contract ready. He asks if he should come back later but Hee Ju gets up saying, she will sign it. He says Jin Woo had filled the amount himself. Hee Ju checks the amount and can’t believe her eyes as it says 10 billion won. Jung Hoon explains that Jin Woo won’t deduct the money as she was locked in by accident. He tells her to sign and says that the money will be transferred once she signs it.

When she is still hesitant to sign it, Jung Hoon says that she should sign it. Hee Ju signs it and Jung Hoon congratulates her on her fortune. He gives her the copy of the agreement. He says that she has a grace period of 6 months before vacating the Hostel. He asks her to get some more rest. Jung Hoon says that he had gotten her phone fixed and it is working well now. She thanks him. Once Jung Hoon leaves, her hands start shaking as she puts the document inside the envelope.

Just then, her phone starts ringing and it’s her grandma who asks what is the matter. Before Hee Ju can reply, she gets a message on the phone. She checks to see that 10 billion won has been credited to the account. Hee Ju rushes out of the hospital in happiness, telling her grandmother that she will explain once she is home.

On the way, Hee Ju’s eyes tear up as she tells her grandmother that they are filthy rich now. She says they don’t have to worry about money now, as they are rich. She hangs up and runs home in joy.

Jin Woo’s voiceover narrates, “ever since she moved to Granada, for 12 years, nothing good had ever happened to Hee Ju. Finally, for the first time, her life was touched with magic and…”

Hee Ju stops outside Alcazaba Cafe as she spots Jin Woo inside frozen in his spot.


Inside the cafe, Jin Woo stands rooted to the spot seeing the AR character Emma (Hee Ju) playing the guitar. He says “Hello Emma” and she looks up smiling at him. The message pops up on screen.




Outside, Hee Ju smiles and runs inside.

Inside, Jin Woo looks at Emma, who vanishes. He turns around hearing Hee Ju calling his name. She asks him what brings him here and that she had seen him from outside. She says she has received the money and thanks him. He congratulates her and says she had asked for leniency calling him stingy. She immediately says she was desperate. He says she needn’t thank him since he had only paid for what it’s worth. He says a business never wastes its money out of generosity. She still maintains that the house isn’t worth that much.


Jin Woo asks if she plays the guitar. Seeing her expression he asks her if she is good at playing classical guitar. She asks him how he knew that since she had given it up a long time ago. He asks her why she gave it up despite being a good guitarist. She asks him if he heard her play. Jin Woo notices a warrior walking down the street. He reminds her that he had told her this city would be a magical city. He suggests that she should start playing the guitar now that she has a lot of money. He says she is more charming when she plays the guitar.

Hee Ju gives a confused look as he gets going saying he has work to do. She calls him and says she wants to treat him to dinner. She says she won’t take no for an answer. She asks if he has time. Jin Woo says he will call her if he finishes early. He says there is this jerk that he has to beat up. She asks if he is going to beat someone. He smiles and says he will call her after beating him up.

Once outside, he places his sword over his shoulder and walks away. Hee Ju (can’t see the sword) sees him holding his hand in an abnormal manner but doesn’t make anything of it.

Hee Ju smiles as she looks up at the sky. Jin Woo’s voiceover narrates, “Money wasn’t the only magic that entered Hee Ju’s life that day.”

At night, Su-jin walks into the suite to find her husband Cha still awake. She asks if something is wrong and he says he is waiting to hear from someone. He asks her to sleep, as the train journey would have exhausted her. As she gets up to go to bed, he asks if she met Jin Woo. She gets serious and asks how he knew that. He says he forgot to ask about it earlier and asks where she met him. She says she met him at the train station when her sister had spotted him. He asks what the jerk had told her. She is flustered as she explains that they just said hello. He asks if Jin Woo had said anything else other than a normal greeting. She gets offended and yells at him asking what he implies by something else.


Cha slowly walks up to her and holds her hand. He says she got the wrong idea. He explains he is going up against J One again. Once she has calmed down he asks if there was anyone else along with Jin Woo and she says there wasn’t. She also says she doesn’t know why he was at the train station. He smiles at her and asks her to go sleep. Just then, he receives a call from Kim Yong Jin. He walks away as he takes the call.

Elsewhere, Yong Jin says they broke into the house but ‘he’ isn’t there. He says he hasn’t come home for long and the phone is off too. He says it seems like a traitor.


Cha asks him whom he was referring to and asks whether it was Marco who was betrayed or they.

Yong Jin says he isn’t sure. He says they only dealt with Marco and they do not know about the other guy. Cha doesn’t seem too happy and he sees that there is an incoming call from Jin Woo. He hangs up the current call and calls Jin Woo again.

Elsewhere Jin Woo invites Cha for a duel saying he is ready now.

Su-Jin tosses in her bed unable to sleep. She hears Cha go out and calls him up. Cha is already on the street when he picks her call. He says he has to meet someone. She asks whom she is meeting and he says she needn’t know that. He looks up and sees Su-jin on the balcony. He waves at her before walking away.

Cha walks all the way up to a park and a message pops up.


He finds Jin-woo waiting there for him.




Jin-woo smiles as he says he almost died trying to advance 2 levels. He says it isn’t something he would recommend. Jin-woo walks towards Cha as he pulls out the Assassin’s blade. He says he fell into the fountain multiple times to fish it out. He says this is the only time he is free, as he has to fly to Seoul the next evening. He asks Cha to bring it on.

Cha asks if everything has gone well. Jin-woo smiles as he says Cha would’ve guessed that he was screwed the moment Jin-woo had made the call. He says she called Cha to give him a chance to make up for his loss. He says Cha has lost in reality so he might win in the game saying it is a way to escape the reality. He says it is where losers become heroes. Jin Woo says Cha should’ve given up and stuck to taking care of his wife. He asks why Cha is bothered for nothing.

Cha loses his temper and swings his blade at Jin-woo who dodges it. They then start fighting.



They both end up slashing each other’s arm and they pause. Cha asks if Jin Woo remembers the last time they met alone. He says it has been a few years since they had passed by each other at various events. Cha says Jin Woo always thinks that he had stolen Su-jin from him. He says Su-Jin was miserable because of Jin Woo and Cha had actually saved her from him. He says he was worried that something might happen to her if she stayed with Jin Woo. Both of them smile at each other sarcastically. Cha continues to say that Jin Woo should face the reality. He says Jin Woo’s 2 failed marriages are the proof that he is an incompetent husband and he should learn from it. He says blaming others is what led him to another failure. He asks Jin Woo to accept that he is the problem otherwise, his following marriages will fail too.


Jin Woo calls Cha a bastard and says all traitors in the world say that. He says traitors constantly spit out excuses to hide how dirty and cowardly they are. He reminds that Cha said the same thing when he left J One citing Jin Woo as the problem. He says Cha’s new company is no different than Jin Woo’s and has nothing new to offer. He goads Cha to bring it on.

Cha lunges at Jin Woo but ends up getting a slash again. Jin Woo says Cha had taken out all the anger for his (Cha’s) father on Jin Woo in the dirtiest way by saying it was true love. He says that is an understandable excuse.

Cha comes and punches Jin Woo. They both hold each other by their necks when a message pops up.



They let each other go.



Back in Seoul office, Yang Joo is fast asleep on the couch and is oblivious to the happenings on screen.

Jin Woo and Cha continue to fight and Cha manages to slash Jin woo’s back. Jin Woo drops his sword and Cha moves forward to stab him. Jin Woo retrieves the sword just in time and stabs Cha through the heart (emitting a blue light). Cha has a stunned look on his face as Jin-woo slashes Cha repeatedly.



Jin Woo’s face is splattered with blood as he smiles. Jin-woo then swings his sword one last time cutting Cha across the chest. Cha slumps on the bench soaked in blood. A message comes up on Jin Woo’s screen.





Jin Woo gives a victorious smile and he receives a call from Jung Hoon reminding him that it is time to board his flight. Jin Woo walks away without giving a second look to Cha who is still slumped on the bench.

Yang Joo wakes up hearing his phone ring. Jin Woo is disappointed when he learns that Yang Ju had slept through the duel. Yang Joo says it is only 6:00 am in Korea. Yang Jo asks if Jin-woo really beat him to which Jin Woo says he destroyed him. Jin-woo walks down the path and doesn’t notice a statue with blue streaks on it. Jin-woo hails a cab and climbs into it.

Jin-woo finds Hee Ju and Jung Hoon at the airport waiting to see him off. Jung Hoon hands him the ticket saying he is late. Hee Ju says she had checked in Jin woo’s baggage. Jin Woo says he didn’t expect to see her here.


She says she came to say bye, as he doesn’t have time for dinner. As he remembers, she says she knew he would be busy so she didn’t call him. She is awkward as she asks if he was able to beat the ‘someone’. Jin Woo smiles and says he completely destroyed him. Jin Woo hears the last call and he tells Jung Hoon to call him once Se-Ju reaches home. Jin-woo asks Hee Ju to keep playing classical guitar before walking away. Hee Ju gives him a puzzled look.


Hee Ju asks Jung Hoon if Jin-woo will ever be back and Jung Hoon says most probably he will never be back if things go well.


An exhausted Jin Woo reaches the hotel in Barcelona. After taking a shower, he texts Jun Hoon that he has arrived and goes to sleep.


In the morning at 7:50 am, he wakes up to 16 missed calls from Jung Hoon. He is still sleepy as he takes a drink from the refrigerator and returns Jung Hoon’s call. Jung Hoon says that there is a problem.


In Granada, Jung Hoon stands in the park as an ambulance drives away. Jung Hoon says that Cha has passed away.

Jin-woo is shocked hearing this and asks how he died. Jung Hoon says Cha had a gone for a morning walk. He says Cha was dead when he was found.


(A jogger finds Cha sitting slumped on the bench. He goes over and taps him. Cha’s lifeless body falls on the bench.)

Jin Woo is told that Cha was sitting on the bench with his eyes open and was dead when he was found. Jin woo’s eyes tear up as he listens to this new in shock.

Image Courtesy TVN


This was a fast-paced and gripping episode.

The game seems to be taking a toll on the physical health of the players. The scene with the archers was one rare instance where one can be thankful for an unstable internet. The game keeps getting better and better except for the fact that people disappear or die. I wonder if Se-Ju was shot by a game character or by another player. Jin Woo has died many times by the hands of the game warriors but It looks like a different result occurs when it is a duel. I wonder who Marco is and what significance he holds to Cha.

The scene with Jin Woo stating the conditions for the purchase was a great watch. It was appealing to see Jin-woo kick into his ‘businessman’ mode after learning about the patent. Hee Ju’s reaction to his irrefutable offer was practical and sensible. She was right to be suspicious of his intentions but it was hilarious how her friends and family were of no help at the moment. The scenes leading up to Hee Ju finally signing the agreement was hilarious.

It looks like Jin Woo figures out that Se-Ju has met with somewhat a similar fate as Cha and starts to look for him. The plot has taken an interesting turn and I am eager to see what the next episode holds.

-By Soul Sword-

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