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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 2 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 2 Recap

Jin Woo walks towards Hee Ju and says he is yelling at her because she is the owner of this awful place. He says he can’t stand people who do things by halves. He calls her complacent and lazy.

He shouts saying she has to make the guest’s stay worthwhile. He says she offers ramen, a clogged toilet, room with a rat hole and windows that don’t open. He complains about the hostel having no elevator. He yells saying that he has to come down every time he has to charge the phone. He calls the place a dump. Hee Ju says in a low voice that she had asked him to stay at a hotel.

He says that he is currently working on a trillion won project. He says if he ends up losing this project then it is on her. As he walks away she apologises but says he is being unreasonable and rude. He asks why he should be polite while she mistreats the guests.  Hee Joo breaks down into tears while he walks out of the room to take the call.

Jin Woo is told that Se-ju is a minor and a contract can’t be signed without the consent of his guardian. The man says that Se-ju’s parents passed away and his sister is the guardian. He says her name is Jung Hee Ju and she runs a Korean Hostel called Hostel Bonita in Granada. He says he will text the address. Jin-woo looks at the sign saying “Welcome to Hostel Bonita”. The man asks him to stop by the hostel first if he is there. He says persuading the sister will be faster as she holds the power anyway. He tells Jin-woo that the sister knows nothing. Jin Woo watches Hee Joo crying as she squats on the table with the mop. Jin-woo looks at her and smiles. Hee Joo stares at him.


The boy who asked Jin-woo to watch the noodles walks in and Hee Ju wipes away her tears.  The boy sees the burnt ramen and complains saying he asked Jin-woo to watch it. Jin-woo walks forward and asks the boy if he (Jin Woo) was the one who let the dish burn and complained about the smoke. Hee Ju gives a puzzled look. He steps toward Hee Ju asking if she was crying because he yelled at her. Hee Ju recoils but keeps quiet. Jin Woo says he isn’t human if he had done that. Jin Woo says he is suffering from memory loss and Hee Ju gives him an unbelievable look. He realises that it didn’t work and walks out slowly. The boy asks Hee Ju what Jin Woo was going on about.

Jin Woo stands outside Hostel Bonita and exclaims that Se-Ju should have mentioned beforehand that he lived here. He looks at the Hostel Bonita signboard and realises Se-Ju had mentioned it.

(The previous day)

At the Mobile World Congress (biggest IT exposition in the world) in Barcelona, a reporter reports it commencing the previous day.  She reports that over 2300 companies from 190 countries have participated. The report continues to talk about the smart contact lens from J One, a Korean Company. The smart contact lens has ultra-high definition and replicates the human eye which makes it the perfect device for realizing Augmented Reality.


The news of Jin Woo announcing the launch date of the product plays on the television in Se-Ju’s room. The room is filled with sketches of gaming characters and CDs. Se-Ju hastily packs his things and walks out of the room.

As he walks down the street, a voiceover (Jin Woo’s investigator) relays “His name is Jung Se-Ju. He graduated from a vocational school but is unemployed now. He will turn 18 in 2 months.”

Hee Ju is doing the dishes and her grandmother is at the table when Se-Ju walks through the dining room. The grandmother asks if he is leaving and he says he is. She asks him to call her often but he walks out without a word. Hee Ju stops her work midway and follows him out.

The voiceover continues, “They are 3 siblings and he is the middle child. He has a grandmother.”


Hee Ju comes out just in time when Se-Ju takes his bicycle. She asks him to be careful and answer his phone. Se-ju cycles away without answering. She asks when he will be back and he says he doesn’t know. She asks him to at least text her occasionally but he doesn’t reply as he cycles down the street into the night.

The voiceover continues, “He left home saying he went to Barcelona to meet a friend but he still hasn’t returned.”

At present, in the morning Jin-woo sits outside the Hostel keeping an eye on it while listening to all this information from his investigator. Jin Woo learns that it has been a week since he left home. Jin-woo asks if his family is not bothered.  He gets a response that Se-Ju is a guy who has graduated. He is also told that from the e-mails exchanged, it can be deduced that his family has given up on him.

Jin Woo spots someone in a grey hoodie ringing the hostel’s calling bell. He tries to get a better view of the person. Jin Woo ducks and turns away when Hee Ju answers the door.

7.JPGHe listens to the conversation and it looks like the person is just a guest who had come after reading her blog. Jin Woo asks the investigator about Hee Ju. He is told that there is not much information on her except that she has been running the hostel since her parents passed away.

Inside, Hee Ju serves food for Min-Ju and calls her for breakfast.

The investigator’s voiceover continues, “She does a lot of things. She sells food at the hostel. She also works as a tour guide, she is a translator as well and she also works at Luthier’s workshop (guitar builders).” We see a montage of Hee Ju doing all the work.

Jin Woo asks why she does so many things. He is told that they aren’t well-off and she is the only member in the family that can earn money at present. Jin Woo asks if Cha has contacted the family yet and the investigator tells him that Cha doesn’t know that Se Ju is a minor yet. Jin Woo says Se-Ju deliberately didn’t mention it because he didn’t want to be looked down. Jin Woo says he has to find out what is going on.

In the dining room, Hee Ju serves breakfast and Jin Woo walks in slowly. He greets everyone in a loud voice but Hee Ju turns away after giving him a stare. Jin-woo greets Min-Ju again and the grandmother asks who he is. He says he stays in room 601. She warmly asks if he wants breakfast. He says he does and asks if he can pay after eating. Grandmother agrees and asks him to be seated. He strikes a conversation with the grandmother regarding the menu having just one item and she is happy conversing with him.


Hee Ju gives a sarcastic smile before serving the breakfast. He comments that seaweed soup with mussels seems delicious and granny says that it’s Hee Ju’s speciality. He thanks Hee Ju for the food but she puts the plate on the table with a glare before walking away. Jin woo’s smile fades. The boy at the table says he finds Jin Woo familiar but he can’t place him. The girl beside him agrees. Granny calls Hee Ju to sit at the table for breakfast. Jin Woo pulls the chair beside him but Hee Ju walks away and sits beside her grandmother.


They continue to chat about Barcelona. Suddenly granny wonders why Se-Ju isn’t picking up his phone. Hee-Ju says he had called her from a payphone the previous day because his phone was broken. She says he had boarded the train to Granada from Barcelona. Jin-woo leans towards them in the pretext of serving himself. Hee Ju says Se-Ju had asked her not to pick up and the train will arrive at 8:00 am. Jin-woo sees that the time is 7:20 am.

Jin Woo immediately excuses himself by thanking them for the breakfast. He offers to pay but granny says that he has barely eaten anything. Hee Ju asks dryly if he didn’t like the breakfast. He says it was tasty but he is running late. He places the coins on the table and rushes away. Hee Ju venomously stares at the coins.

While walking down the street, he runs into the waiter from the Bar from the previous night. The waiter asks Jin Woo to use the restroom today too but Jin-woo says he won’t come as he walks away. Jin-woo waits on the street and Jun Hoon comes driving a car (a Lexus). He says he took the first flight and he has rented this car. He says he hasn’t had breakfast yet. Jin-woo asks for the keys but Jung Hoon insists that he will drive. Jin Woo asks him to unpack and order some flowers. He asks the flowers to be sent to Jung Hee-Ju along with his business card.

Jung Hoon says he realises why Jin Woo flew here in the middle of the night. Jin Woo asks what he means. Jung Hoon reminds him that Jin-woo hasn’t signed his divorce papers yet and he has a lawsuit going on. Jin-woo interrupts him with a curse. Jung Hoon advises him not to do anything that might put him at a disadvantage. He says many Koreans visit this place and they might be watching. Jin Woo says that she is an important prospective business partner. He says he will use his looks if all else fails. Jung Hoon says he should persuade her as he is better looking.


Jin-woo asks him whom between the two of them should charm her. Jung Hoon says that Jin-woo is still technically married while he is younger and still single. Jin-woo says that a face like Jung Hoon has never been considered handsome ever in human history. Jung Hoon says this is why Jin-woo has a lot of enemies. He pulls out the suitcase from the back seat. Jin-woo smiles when he sees the large suitcase. He says Jung Hoon will have a hard time and drives away with a smile.

At Hostel Bonita, Jung Hoon finds out that there is no elevator and wonders how he will take the huge suitcase up.

Jin-woo drives while he talks on the phone with Seon Ho. He says Se-Ju would’ve called from the payphone before boarding the train. Seon ho is happy hearing this. Jin-woo says he will meet Se-Ju at the station as he doesn’t want to meet at the hostel.  He says Se-ju’s sister hates him because he gave her a few words of advice which made her cry. Seon ho says his advice is actually rude blunt remarks. Yang Joo interrupts asking if he will be levelling up today as he enjoys seeing Jin-woo getting crushed. Jin-woo says he will talk to Se-Ju first to find out why he turned down Cha’s offer.

Meanwhile, in the train, the announcement comes through that the Granada station is coming up and Se-Ju wakes up. He tries to wake the man next to him who just tosses over and continues to sleep. Se-Ju panics as the sky turns dark grey and it starts to rain heavily. The man next to him sleeps undisturbed.

Jin Woo reaches the station and sees that the train is to arrive in 1 minute. He waits at the arrivals but Se-Ju doesn’t come. All the passengers exit the station. Jin Woo asks the staff if there is any other exit and he is told there isn’t. Jin-woo walks beside the train and crosses the passenger who travelled with Se-Ju. He continues to walk as the train departs. Jin-woo crosses the compartment which has Se-Ju’s bag in it.


Jin-woo receives a call from Seon ho asking how it went. Jin-woo says that something really feels wrong.

At Hostel Bonita, Jung Hoon is in Jin woo’s room browsing for flower shops. Hee Ju knocks the door and allows herself in. She asks where the guest is and Jung Hoon says he will be staying with the guest. He asks for an extra bed. Hee Ju asks them to check out saying Jin-woo had only paid for a night. She also gives him a refund saying Jin Woo will know the reason. She asks them to check out by 11:00 am and not be late.


Jung Hoon asks Hee Ju to wait a moment as he receives a call from Jin-woo. Jin-woo asks Jung Hoon to go down and ask Hee Ju where her brother is. Jung Hoon says Hee Ju is right here insisting on giving him a refund and passes the phone to Hee Ju.

Jin-woo tells her that a refund is not necessary but Hee Ju says that she can’t take his money since he faced a lot of problems. She says she has given the money to his friend and adds that she hasn’t charged for the breakfast also. She says they have to renovate the room, fix the windows and catch mice so she asks him to check out. Jin-woo says she might still be angry and apologises for losing his temper.

Hee Ju says she is not angry as he had spoken the truth. She says she will also speak some truth. She says the house is worn out but she does have a conscience and that is why she is giving a refund. She returns the phone back to Jung Hoon but Jin Woo asks her to allow him to talk. She says he is the one who doesn’t allow others to talk. She yells saying he just goes on telling what he has to say. She raises her voice as she says she had asked him to go to a hotel or sleep elsewhere. She says she even warned him that it is on the 6th floor. She shouts saying he said he was fine with everything and insisted on staying but he treats her like a crook.


Jin Woo sits on a bench as he listens to her screaming at him. She says she isn’t lazy but more diligent than he is. She asks him what he knows about her life to judge her. She asks him to take his money back as he needs it. She says he wears fake designer shoes, fake luxury watches and he worries about his fake branded suitcase getting scratched. She says he expects the best service from the single room and the 100 trillion won project doesn’t impress her at all. She yells saying it just made him look pathetic and old. Jung Hoon looks extremely uneasy at this point. She says she feels sorry for him, as he is pretentious. She finally pauses to catch her breath.

Jin-woo says that he didn’t realise it earlier but she speaks eloquently. She says she also just found out that she could speak well. He smiles as he asks if his watch looks fake. She says it looks like the one in the street market. He smiles and says it is shocking. She says she is shocked too and hands the phone back to Jung Hoon. She asks them to check out of the room by and slams the door shut behind her after walking out of the room.


Jung Hoon asks Jin-woo what had happened and says he is shocked. Jin-woo says that he is more shocked because he had paid quite a fortune for this watch. Jung Hoon says he doesn’t think Hee Ju will come around. Jin Woo asks Jung Hoon to find the younger sister who is more down-to-earth.

Jung Hoon finds Min-Ju who is about to leave for school.

Jin-woo is outside the station when Jung Hoon calls him. He says Se-Ju hasn’t called Min-Ju but she said he would come tomorrow if not by today. Jin Woo asks if no one is interested in the eldest son of the family. He says he cares more about Se-Ju than they do. Jung Hoon says they are used to him going out of touch often. He asks if he should check out but Jin-woo says he will be right there.

Just then, a woman (Su-gyeong) walks up to Jin-woo after spotting him. She calls out to Su-Jin who is nearby. Jin Woo hangs up as he sees Su-jin who smiles at him. Jin-woo greets Su-gyeong as Su-jin walks towards him. Su-jin and Jin-woo say that it’s been a long time. He says he is here due to work. He looks at her baby bump and she asks if it is obvious. He says he didn’t know about it until now. She says she thought he knew and he says no one told him. Su-gyeong gives an awkward glance as he asks when the baby was due. Su-Jin says she is due in December.


Su-gyeong says Su-jin insisted on taking the train to Seville. She says they will be back tonight. Jin Woo asks if she is travelling with her sister. Su-jin says she followed her husband on his business trip but he had to come to Granada suddenly. He learns that they got here yesterday morning.

Su-jin asks Jin-woo if he is okay. She says she read the news article. Jin Woo says he has succeeded since his goal was to shock people. He says the first divorce was the hardest. He says the second one was easy. He says it had lasted a year and asks if it wasn’t enough. He says it got boring and reminds her that it was the case for her.

Su-gyeon interrupts saying it’s time for their train. He wishes them well. When asked, he says he has work to do in Granada. Jin-woo watches both of them leave.

Su-gyeon and Sui jin walk into the station. Su-gyeon says it’s been 3 years since she saw Jin Woo. She says he hasn’t changed at all. Su-Jin looks out with a sad expression.

Jin woo stands outside with Su-jin’s words (about following her husband to Granada on an unexpected trip) echoing in his ears. He takes out his smart lens and wears them.


The message pops up:


In his office, Yang Joo sees the screen come alive in his office. Seon ho wonders why he is playing the game while he has to be searching for Se-Ju.

Jin Woo puts out his hand and a weapon appears.




As he continues to swipe the screen, a new message pops up.



Yang Joo and Seon ho wonder who the new user is. Yang Joo tries to find the new user.

Jin Woo arms himself with the sword and he gets into his car.


Jin Woo confirms it and the game begins the search.


Jin Woo drives away.

Yang Joo guesses the new user to be Se-Ju. Seon ho asks why he hasn’t gone home yet. Yang Joo says it is a programmer’s instinct to try the game first. He says Se-Ju would like to try out the game first to see if there are any problems.

Jin Woo drives up the winding roads. He finally nears his destination when he sees a hologram image of a medieval guard on the ground. He lowers the window and looks closer.


Jin Woo drives further up the hill and finds more guards of Aragon lying dead on the way. He finally reaches the end of the road and gets out of his car. He hears the sound of a swordfight. He looks in the direction and spots Cha (Park Hoon) fighting the Aragon warriors. He walks closer with his sword.


Message on Cha’s lens reads:




Cha defeats all the guards and a message pops up.





Cha turns around to see Jin Woo walk towards him.

Jin woo’s voiceover narrates, “This **** is Cha Hyeong Seok. My friend and co-founder of my company. Although now he is neither.” A message pops up on the screen.



Cha is surprised to see Jin-woo. Jin Woo clutches his sword as Cha asks how he got here when no one knew about the game. Jin-woo says there is no secret in this field. Cha tells Jin-woo to step away from the project as it is over. Jin Woo says he received a call yesterday saying the programmer doesn’t want to sell it to Cha. Jin-woo says even if Cha gets the deal he would still require J One’s contact lenses to launch the game.  He says he won’t allow New Word to get their hands on it. Jin Woo tells that all the money Cha will be investing on the game will be for nothing because J One will never join forces with them.

Cha reminds him that Jin Woo isn’t the sole owner of the company to which Jin Woo responds by saying he holds the power to veto the deals. Cha asks if he shouldn’t be considering profits. Jin-woo says there are some exceptions to the profits and Cha is one of them. He says Cha will be an exception till the day he dies. Jin-woo asks Cha to quit wasting time and take care of his wife. He says Cha shouldn’t be letting his heavily pregnant wife to travel by train in his absence.

Jin Woo’s voiceover narrates, “I went up against him about 6 times in my life. Our score is 3 wins and 3 losses. The most painful loss was when he took my wife.”

A message pops up.


Both Jin Woo and Cha reject the alliance.






Cha smiles as he says he has never duelled with another user before.

Yang Joo and Seon ho watch this and Yang Joo comments that Cha is at a higher level than Jin-woo. He says Jin Woo will definitely lose because Cha has a better weapon. Seon ho calls up Cha.

In Alhambra, Cha gets ready to strike but Jin-woo holds up his hand as he takes Seon ho’s call. Cha smiles sarcastically. Seon ho asks Jin Woo to stand down and Jin Woo asks him why. Seon ho says that Cha hasn’t made contact with Se-Ju either so they are good. Jin Woo says that the jerk is provoking him. Seon ho asks him to stop being childish but Jin Woo says that his middle name is Childish. Yang Joo says that video games are all about items and not about physical abilities. He says Jin Woo will die even if Cha’s sword grazes him, as it is more powerful. He says it would be humiliating.

Jin-woo hangs up. Cha asks him if he should make the first move and runs towards Jin Woo with his sword. Jin Woo logs out exactly when Cha is about to strike.

Cha’s message reads:


Cha smiles and asks if he is backing down. Jin Woo says Cha’s level is higher and that he is a **** for wanting to fight. He asks Cha to stick around and says he will call him. As Jin Woo walks away, Cha calls out to him saying they will have to duel and he promises to go easy on him. Ji Woo walks away without responding after acknowledging him.


Cha logs out of the game and asks the person how Cha managed to come into the game and is furious as the person doesn’t have an answer. He asks the person to find out if Jin Woo has struck a deal with Se-Ju.

As Jin Woo drives down the hill, his voiceover narrates, “For the last three years, my life’s goal has been simple. Whatever Cha Hyeong Seok wants, I will take for myself. The bigger the desire is the more determined I am to take it. That’s why..”

He recalls Se-Ju saying he had met with Cha. Se-ju had even mentioned that Jin Woo was friends with Cha.

His voiceover continues, “The moment he mentioned Hyeong Seok my mind was set. That was all the reason I needed to want the game.”

Jin Woo receives a call from A. He learns something regarding Cha and a patent. His voiceover continues, “This is our 7th face-off and I will win no matter what. I will do whatever it takes to win.”

At Hostel Bonita, Jung hoon receives a call from Jin-woo asking where Hee Ju is. He says she is in the kitchen with a friend.


In the kitchen, Hee Ju is talking with her friend Sang Beom. Sang Beom says the guest in 601 was mean towards her because she is young and a woman. They trash-talk about Jin Woo. Sang Beom says the man needed a taste of his own medicine. She says he listened quietly which was weird and wonders where his temper was. Sang Beom says that is how she should handle him.


Just then, Jung Hoon comes in and gives her his business card. Sang Beom sees that Jung Hoon is from J One Holdings and instantly recognises it as the biggest investment company. Jung Hoon tells Hee Ju that his CEO wants to meet her. She asks him who the CEO is and why he wants to meet her. Jung Hoon slowly says that the man in room 601 is the CEO. He explains that the man with the fake watch and fake shoes is the CEO. Sang Beom asks if Jung Hoon was talking about Yoo Jin Woo and Jung Hoon confirms it. He asks if Jin-woo is really staying in room 601 as he can’t believe it. he asks Hee Ju if she was talking about Jin Woo earlier but gets no response from her.


At a cafe, Hee Ju looks up Yoo Jin Woo’s name on the internet. She is embarrassed that she had called his possessions knockoffs. Sang Beom tells her off for not watching the Korean news. She says she has no intention of going back. He says that Jin Woo’s wife is actress Go Yu-ra. He says the couple is getting a divorce as Yu-ra filed for it. He says its Jin woo’s second marriage and he is already getting divorced. Hee Ju wonders if he is from Hollywood. She asks Sang Beom if he wants to probably sue her for offending him. She says that will make him petty if he sues her despite having that much wealth.

Just then Jin-woo arrives in his car. He waves at her and walks towards them with a smile. Sang Beom says that it doesn’t look like Jin Woo wants to sue her. Hee Ju stands up as Jin Woo walks up to them. He apologises for being late. Hee Ju says they got here just now too. He offers to shake hands as a gesture of reconciliation and she takes his hand


tentatively. He apologises for yelling at her in the morning due to stress. She says he was right to be angry and he says he was rude. She says she was rude too. She says she doesn’t watch the news and what she said earlier was absurd.

Jin-woo says that the watch isn’t a knock-off. She says she knows now that it isn’t. They decide to forget about the morning’s happenings. He turns around and Sang Beom introduces himself. Hee Ju says he is a close friend. Sang Beum says that he is here for the meeting as well. Jin Woo says he can’t allow that. He asks for privacy as the meeting is between hee Ju and himself. Sang Beum says that Jin Woo can talk to him too as he is practically Hee Ju’s family.

Jin-woo says practically Sang Beum isn’t her family. He says he doesn’t trust people who say the word, “practically”. He says it is hard to trust even family these days. He says he is sure they would have looked him up. He says he got married twice and it didn’t work out both times. He says the first one failed because his wife and his best friend betrayed him. He says the second one lasted for just a year and his wife is demanding half of his assets as alimony. He says she is crazy about money. He says their lawsuit will take longer than the time they were together. He says it may sound harsh but it is the reality. He says he doesn’t have anyone who is “practically” his family or friend. He says he doesn’t believe in that kind of thing.


Jin Woo turns towards Hee Ju and says Sang Beom can’t be trusted with what he is about to tell her as it will change her life. He says when your circumstances change, relationships change too; especially when money is involved. He says he will discuss this only with Hee Ju. Sang Beom tells Hee Ju that he will be at the workshop. Jin Woo thanks him and Sang Beom leaves.

Once they are seated, Hee Ju asks him what this was regarding. Jin-woo explains that he is an investor. He says that within a year Granada will be famous for something other than the Alhambra. She asks what is that and he says ‘Magic’. He says from now on Granada will be known as a magical city. He says people will swarm the city like bees bewitched by magic. He says they will stay here for a month instead of just two days. He says rich people will come here instead of the Mediterranean island as money is of no object to them. He says he will give her a tip and asks her to install an elevator. He tells her to sell the whole building and buy a hotel instead. When she looks puzzled, he says the city will be swarming with people and there won’t be enough rooms.

He tells her since he is an investor, she should trust him and invest in what he tells her to. He asks her to buy a hotel and hire a manager. He says then she can do whatever she wants. He asks her what her dream is. He asks her if there is anything she wants to do if money wasn’t an issue.


She interrupts him asking how she can afford to buy a hotel when she doesn’t even have money to renovate. She says she took out loans for that god-awful place. Jin-woo smiles and says the money will come to her and she asks how is that possible. She says someone will give it to her. She asks who it is and he asks her whom does she think it is. He watches her as she contemplates before making a decision.

Jin Woo’s voiceover narrates, “This is what happened on the first day I arrived in Granada.”

A train moves down the tracks.


A very thin and miserable looking Jin Woo is in the train as his voiceover says, “That was a year ago already.” He wears cheap sneakers in place of his branded ones. It seems like he is broke. The announcement says that the next stop is Granada.

Jin Woo gets up and limps (he seems hurt) down the passage. He waits outside the restroom and he hears the thunder. He looks out to see the dark clouds moving really fast towards the train. Another man stands beside him and it’s a normal sunny day to him.

Jin-woo rushes inside the restroom once it is free. Once inside, he arms himself with his gun. The lights go out as he opens the door. Gunshots are heard as he exits the restroom and he walks across a person who is shot. He then pauses for a moment and opens the door to the coach. He instantly starts firing at armed masked men black who are swarming the compartment. The passengers scream as they panic upon seeing the crossfire.


Jin Woo starts shooting at the men but he gets shot twice. He hides behind the seats and reloads his weapon.  One of the masked figures approaches Jin Woo and he has blue eyes.  Jin-woo jumps out and fires at him. He uses one of the men as a shield and starts walking but a man hiding behind the seats shoots him again and this time Jin-woo falls on the seat. There is a man (passenger) in the far end of the coach sleeping with headphones behind Jin Woo.

The lights go out in the coach and Jin-woo ducks behind the seats.

His Voiceover narrates, “A year ago what happened to the future I predicted to Hee Ju?”

Jin Woo gets up to shoot but a bullet hits him before that and he sinks to the ground badly injured. Beside him, a passenger reads a newspaper and another passenger sleeps with his headphones in his ear. The black masked figure/man with blue eyes approaches Jin-woo aiming the gun at him. Jin Woo pulls out his gun too.


As they both point the gun at each other Jin Woo’s voiceover continues, “I got half of it right”

Both the guns fire and everything goes dark as his voiceover says, “And the other half… I got completely wrong.”

Image Courtesy- TVN


I should say that I didn’t see this coming and that is what makes this drama captivating. The time jump showing the present state Jin Woo is in and adds to the suspense. It looks like a lot of things have gone wrong and it makes one wonder what circumstances would have led to this situation.

Usually, the onlookers give Jin-woo weird glances when he is playing the game but this time (final scene) in the train, the passengers were totally oblivious to his presence. It looked like he is invisible to them and is probably inside the game. It looks like Jin Woo is in the same situation that Se-Ju was in a year ago.

The scenes with Hee Ju and Jin-woo are hilarious especially the scene where she tells him off for being pretentious and then, later on, regrets saying it after finding out his identity.

Jin Woo comes across as a cold-hearted businessman but considering how life has been treating him, he isn’t to be blamed. Hee Ju, on the other hand, has a fiery side to her. She leads a busy life trying to make ends meet. I look forward to seeing more of her in the upcoming episodes.

The first two episodes were gripping and the series is fast-paced. I am eager to see the next week’s episodes as this episode opened up various possibilities as to how the plot will develop.

-By Soul Sword-

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