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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 12 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 12 Recap


Jin-woo asks Hee-Ju to prove that she believes him and she asks how she can prove it. He asks her if she doesn’t know how to prove it and she is puzzled as she looks at him. Jin-woo leans in and kisses her taking her by surprise but she kisses him back. Hee-Ju drops the umbrella as they kiss, oblivious to the heavy rain pattering on them.

Hee-Ju tries to sneak into the house but her grandma who is sleeping on the couch wakes up. Grandma asks where she has been as they were all waiting to cut the birthday cake with her. Hee-Ju says she was out with friends. Grandma says even Sang Beom was searching for her and Hee-Ju explains that these were her school friends. Grandma is concerned as she asks why she is soaking wet and Hee-Ju says it rained out of the blue. Hee-Ju says they can cut it tomorrow when Min-Ju is awake and walks into her room. Grandma sighs as she takes the cake to put in the fridge.


Hee-Ju feels cold as she enters her room. She sends Jin-woo a text asking him to let her know when he reaches the hotel. After taking a shower, Hee-Ju checks her phone at 01:35 am but Jin-woo hasn’t replied. Hee-Ju sits on her bed and checks the phone around 2:00 am. She sends him another text asking if he reached. Around 3:00 am, Hee-Ju calls up Jin-woo but he doesn’t answer.

In his hotel room, Jin-woo’s phone is on the bedside table as it rings. Jin-woo isn’t in his room.

Since he doesn’t answer the phone, Hee-Ju takes the car keys and runs out of the house.


She notices that Jin-woo’s car is still there and walks up towards him. Jin-woo asks why is she out and where she is going at this time. Hee-Ju says she was going to go to his hotel since she wasn’t able to reach him on his phone. She asks him what he is doing here and he says he was just hanging out. She says she thought he left a long time ago. He says he doesn’t want to go back alone. She asks him to stay over.


Hee-Ju says he can sleep in the workshop. Jin-woo is surprised to hear this and asks if she doesn’t think it’s too fast since they have only been in a relationship for 4 hours. She says she is worried and can’t let him go back alone. He asks if he is a kid and she says it would have been a lot easier if he was one as she can give him a good scolding. Jin-woo asks her to get in the car so that they can hang out for 10 minutes.

Hee-Ju gets into the back seat and takes the car keys. He smiles asking what she is doing. She says she will have another sleepless night if he leaves like this. She says he bought her a cheap dinner and didn’t give her a birthday gift so he has to listen to her if he has a conscience. Jin-woo smiles and looks at the house.

Later on, in her room, Hee-Ju is unable to sleep. She gets up and goes to the workshop. Jin-woo lays awake on the couch as he hears her knock on the door. She opens the door and asks him if he is awake. He says he isn’t able to sleep and she says she isn’t able to sleep either. He calls her in and she sits beside him on the couch.


Hee-Ju comments that the couch is uncomfortable and he says it is. She says it is too firm and he says it’s very dusty as well. She says it is from the plane shavings and he says his throat is already sore. She apologises, as it is uncomfortable here. He says it was more comfortable in the car and says being her boyfriend is such a chore as she made him sleep here. He notices her grumpy face and asks if she is mad at him. She asks if he can’t say its fine and that it is comfortable.

Jin-woo says his back is hurting and his throat is sore but he is still glued to the couch because he is her boyfriend. He says that’s what matters. She calls him ‘Mr CEO’ and says he is weird. He says he is no longer a CEO and asks her to call him by some other name. She asks how ‘Ahjussi’ (Mister) sounds since it will be perfect for his age. Jin-woo says it’s only been a few hours and she wants to have the upper hand. He says he is worried about the future and Hee Ju smiles. She says she can’t think of anything else so ‘Mr Yoo’ is the best.  She asks if he wants tea and he agrees saying it might help him fall asleep since being sober keeps him awake.

Hee-Ju gets up to make tea but pauses at the door. She says she agrees with Seon-ho about Jin-woo leaving the country. Jin-woo says he won’t leave. She asks him to go anywhere taking a flight. He says he won’t go anywhere. Hee-Ju says they don’t know what will happen to him. Jin-woo maintains that he won’t leave no matter what happens.


Hee-Ju is making tea when she hears Min-Ju’s voice asking what she is doing. Hee-Ju turns around and asks why she is out of bed. Min-Ju says she needs to use the bathroom. Min-Ju widens her eyes as she notices 2 teacups and asks what is going on. She immediately starts to run but Hee-Ju catches her saying she will wake grandma up. Min-Ju asks if it is Jin-woo but Hee-Ju drags her away. Min-Ju exclaims as she is being pulled upstairs.

Meanwhile, Jin-woo recalls his phone conversation with Seon ho earlier.

In the flashback, Jin-woo asks Seon ho how much more of a wreck can be in. Seon ho says he is worried it is going to get worse. He says Jin-woo is probably the target if it is a homicide investigation. He says professor Cha is coming after Jin-woo. Seon Ho says Cha is planning on kicking Su-Jin out and taking back Hyeong Seok’s inheritance. Seon-ho says he is worried that Cha will use it to bring Jin-woo down. He says Yu-ra had met Professor Cha and asks Jin-woo whom he thinks they would have spoken about.


At present, the Memories of the Alhambra tune plays along with lightning flash and Jin-woo looks up. AR Cha appears beside the workshop table. Jin-woo recalls Seon-ho’s words, “I really don’t want to see my dear friend’s name on the news as the suspect behind the murder of another friend of mine. Is this why we founded the company together?”

The news anchors report the reopening the investigation of Cha Hyeong Seok’s death. Seon-ho watches the report as they speak about the rivalry between Jin-woo and Hyeong Seok.  The report goes on about the history of the company and Seon-ho leaves as he is told his car is ready.

The reporter says that an incident caused an irreconcilable rift between the friends.


(Flashback)Professor Cha slaps Hyeong Seok saying he won’t side with him just because he is his son. He says he won’t jeopardise the company. Hyeong Seok is frustrated as he walks out of the office. He recalls professor Cha saying Hyeong Seok is the one leaving and calling him a traitor.


Su-Jin is at her clinic when she is told Hyeong Seok has come to meet her. Su-jin is grim as he comes inside. She asks Hyeong Seok why he is here as she had told him not to come. Hyeong Seok places a ring on the table and asks to get married. He says they shouldn’t keep it a secret any longer. Su-Jin says it has only been a month. Hyeong Seok is angry as he corrects her saying it has been 6 months. She says it’s been a month since the divorce and says she doesn’t want to rush into it. He asks if she doesn’t want people to badmouth her or if she is worried about hurting Jin-woo. He says he thought she chose him over Jin-woo.  She asks for some time apart as she feels confused. He fumes as he asks if she is thinking of going back to Jin-woo.  He asks her how she dared to back out now when he has lost everything. Su-jin asks what is wrong with him. Hyeong Seok’s phone rings and she asks him to take the call.

Cha Hyeong Seok smiles saying it is Jin-woo and he takes the call. Jin-woo is in his office and calls Hyeong Seok out for drinks. Hyeong Seok asks if he is calling out of pity because he got slapped and ousted by his own father. Su-jin is shocked to hear this. Jin-woo says they should talk in person. Hyeong Seok says he is out on a date now with the woman he is going to marry. Jin-woo asks if he is seeing someone and who it is.


Hyeong Seok says her name is Lee Su-jin and Jin-woo is shocked. He says she is a paediatrician and is right here. Hyeong Seok asks if Jin-woo wants to say ‘hi’ and asks if they already knew each other. Jin-woo asks what is he saying. Su-jin’s eyes widen in shock. Hyeong Seok walks out of the room and says he will marry Su-jin. He says Jin-woo beguiled Professor Cha to oust him and Hyeong Seok seduced Jin-woo’s woman. He says they are even. He says only time will tell who made a successful choice. Hyeong Seok hangs up after asking them to go ahead and drink without him. Jin-woo is stumped when Seon-ho asks if Hyeong Seok is getting married and to whom.

Su-jin walks up to Hyeong Seok and asks him why he did that and if he is out of his mind. He says Jin-woo won’t take her back even if she wants to go back to him now.

In another flashback, Yu-ra tells Professor Cha that Hyeong Seok visited her numerous times and cried.


Hyeong Seok meets Yu-ra over drinks and asks about Jin-woo’s whereabouts. Yu-ra tells him that Jin-woo was with his friends and though they were in a loveless marriage she knows this much. She asks him why he is living out of anxiety and asks why he is so obsessed with Su-jin.


Yu-ra tells professor Cha that Hyeong Seok married a woman who cheated on her ex-husband. She says Hyeong Seok was worried that Su-Jin might do the same thing to him. She says he kept asking about Jin-woo’s whereabouts. (Su-jin shrieks as Hyeong Seok breaks a wine bottle on the wall) Yu-ra says Hyeong Seok doubted Su-jin and drank every single day leading a pitiful life. Professor Cha asks why she is telling him this. Yu-ra says Cha probably hates Su-jin more than her and says Hyeong Seok’s suspicions may have been right.


Su-jin meets Professor Cha and he asks her to sit down. She asks him why he wants to bring up Hyeong Seok’s death as it won’t help their family in any way. Cha smiles as he asks if she is worried about the family or Jin-woo. He asks her to sit as they need to talk and Su-Jin sits down. He tells her that she is no different from a whore though she acts intelligent and refined. He asks her not to act as if she belongs here and give it up. He says he will teach her how to give it up if she doesn’t know how to.

Later on, tears stream down Su-Jin’s eyes as she watches the news report stating that J-one’s split and the marriage took place within a year. It reports that Jin-woo will be questioned tomorrow as a suspect for Hyeong Seok’s murder.

At her workshop, Hee-Ju speaks with Se-Ju’s friend who says that he had received an email from Se-ju last spring. Hee-Ju is disappointed as she hangs up. She strikes out another name on the long list of Se-Ju’s friends. She starts to work on her guitar when her grandma calls her.

Hee-Ju goes out and sees the news about Jin-woo’s investigation on TV. Her grandma asks what this is about and wonders if he did something wrong. Hee-Ju says the reports are false. Her grandma wonders if he really killed someone. Hee-Ju bluntly says Jin-woo didn’t kill anyone but is just being questioned. She is irritated as she says it is constantly on the news because he is famous and they want high ratings. She switches off the TV asking them to stop watching nonsense and walks into the workshop. Grandma wonders what is wrong with her.

Min-Ju peeks into the workshop and asks what they will do if Jin-woo ends up in jail. Hee-Ju yells that Jin-woo won’t land up in jail. Min-Ju slams the door shut and runs away. Hee-Ju continues to work when she receives a call from Jin-woo asking her to come out if she hasn’t had dinner yet. She asks him if he isn’t busy since he has to attend the questioning tomorrow. He says he isn’t busy and asks her to wear something nice, as it is a date.


Hee-Ju dresses up for her date and remembers she forgot to wear earrings as she walks out. She goes back and puts on the Swarovski earrings that Jin-woo had given her for her birthday. Hee-Ju walks out of the house and doesn’t hear Sang Beom calling out to her.

Sang Beom walks into the house and her grandma says Hee-Ju went out for dinner. She talks about Jin-woo’s investigation on the news. He says Jin-woo should be investigated if he did something wrong.  She wonders if he got framed but Sang Beom says the police aren’t stupid. Grandma goes on to say how Jin-woo is going through a bad time and how she is extremely concerned for him. She says he has been having a bad time since he stayed at their hostel. She says she prays for him every time she goes to church. Sang Beom gets angry and asks why she prays for him.


Meanwhile, Hee-Ju notices Jin-woo’s car parked on the other side of the street. She calls out to him and says she will cross the street.


As she walks up to him, he looks at her without commenting and then asks what’s all this. As she gives a puzzled look, he asks her what is in her ears. She says he asked her to wear something nice. He says she looked better when she wears something plain and says he regrets asking her to dress up.

Hee-Ju’s smiles fades as she gets into the car and Jin-woo starts smiling. He asks her twice as to what she wants to eat and she doesn’t reply. He looks into her face and smiles asking if she is mad at him. She points to the earrings and says they are ones he presented to her on her birthday last year. She snaps saying she wore it for his sake and asks if that is all he has to say.


Jin-woo is amused as he says they looked pretty when he bought them. He asks her to take them off so that they can exchange them.  She calls him stingy for a rich person and asks for a second pair. He smiles and asks if she is mad at him. She is annoyed as she says she likes earrings like these. She says she wore them because she liked them and not to please anyone. He smiles saying he will buy another pair and she tells him not to. He asks why not and she says because she is already upset. Hee-Ju sits with a pouted face but Jin-woo seems to be enjoying this as he drives away.

Later on, Hee-Ju asks him why he is out when he should be meeting with his attorneys. Jin-woo says why to bother with it when he hasn’t done anything wrong. She says that he should still be prepared and he says he is prepared. They reach a police checkpoint and Jin-woo stops the car.


Jin-woo freezes as the message pops up and doesn’t drive when it is his turn. Hee-Ju notices his serious expression and asks him to drive. Jin-woo drives forward and takes out his ID.


Jin-woo ducks as a bullet hits the dashboard. Hee-Ju is startled at his sudden movement and asks what is wrong. The next bullet hits him.


Jin-woo immediately drives the car away and the police immediately pursue them. Hee-Ju is visibly troubled as she asks him where he is going. He doesn’t reply but continues to speed away. He floors it as another bullet hits the windshield this time. Hee-Ju asks him to stop the car since the police are following them. Jin-woo swerves the car and it skids to a stop with the police cars surrounding it.





Jin-woo watches as the bullet wounds disappear and the car mends itself. Jin-woo looks at Hee-Ju who is leaning towards the window. He asks if she is hurt and she says she isn’t. She asks why he did that but he doesn’t reply. The police officers surround them and ask him to get out.

At his office, Yang Ju is exhausted as he pours himself some coffee. He receives a call from Jin-woo.

Jin-woo asks Yang Ju if he opened the server. Yang Ju says they opened the servers to run a test and asks him how he knew that.

Hee-Ju talks to the police officers who ask her why he was fleeing. She apologises saying he was mistaken about something. One of them recognises him as Jin-woo and checks the ID card to make sure. He returns the ID card back to her and asks her to drive instead. Hee-Ju acknowledges and walks back to the car. The officers walk away talking among themselves that Jin-woo is crazy.

Hee-Ju walks up to Jin-woo and says that they can leave but she should drive. Jin-woo says he is fine now but she says that the police had asked her to drive. Jin-woo looks at the police car behind Hee-Ju and hands over the keys to her. As she drives, she says she thought he couldn’t play the game now. Jin-woo says he was mistaken.  She says it seemed like he was really ill. He says she was mistaken. She asks if he is sure and asks if this place is like Granada. He says it isn’t.


At the restaurant, Jin-woo looks through the menu asking what she wants to have. Hee-Ju asks if he should have stayed at home. He says that the investigation will reveal nothing. She says that he should still have a plan and he says that he does have a plan. He says he doesn’t want to play that card. She asks him why and he says it is because it’ll break his heart. She asks further into it but he doesn’t reply.

Just then, she receives a call from Min-Ju. He asks if she told Min-Ju and she says that Min-Ju has a way of finding out these things. Min-Ju is crying on the other end asking where she is. Jin-woo looks up as Hee Ju asks Min-Ju why she is crying.


Min-Ju stands on the street as an ambulance pulls away. She cries says grandma collapsed after Sang Beom told her that Se-Ju was missing and the e-mails were lies. She says Sang Beom called the ambulance. Hee-Ju is calm as she asks which hospital they had taken Grandma. Jin-woo asks her what happened.

Jin-woo drives Hee-Ju to the hospital and Hee-Ju is still on the phone. Hee-Ju hangs up and tells Jin-woo that grandma has regained consciousness. Hee-ju’s voice cracks as she says her grandma has high blood pressure. She cries silently.

Hee-Ju runs into the ER and finds Sang Beom waiting there. Sang Beom tells her that grandma is fine now. Hee-Ju asks him how he dared to tell grandma about Se-Ju. She asks who he is to intervene in their family matter. He says she can’t hide it forever. She says she has been looking for him. Sang Beom says grandma should know about her grandson too. Hee-Ju says that was up to her to decide and she would’ve told grandma when the time was right. She asks him why he jumped the gun.


Jin-woo comes in when Sang Beom says that everyone connected with Jin-woo is dead now. He says Jin-woo could have been covering his tracks instead of looking for Se-Ju. He says he is most suspicious of Jin-woo. He says no one believes him and the police are investigating him too. He says it is absurd that she still believes Jin-woo and worries about him. He asks who Jin-woo is. Hee-Ju asks Sang Beom to leave and says she won’t talk about it.

As she starts to walk away he asks if he did something wrong. Hee-Ju says she knew something like this would happen and that is the reason she didn’t tell grandma. She asks if he thinks he cares about grandma or Se-Ju more than her. She asks if he has any idea what he had done to her and asks him to leave.

After Hee-Ju walks away, Sang Beom starts to leave but stops as he sees Jin-woo standing there. Jin-woo suggests they not fight today asks him to keep walking. Sang Beom walks away.

Grandma wakes up and asks if what she heard is true. Hee-Ju assures her that Se-Ju must be fine and they will find him. Grandma asks why Hee-Ju didn’t tell her that Se-Ju was missing and Hee-Ju says she herself found out recently.  Grandma cries asking if se-Ju is dead since he has been missing for a year and starts crying. Hee-Ju says they don’t know that and they can find him.

Hee-Ju speaks on the phone with Min-Ju saying grandma is better now and asks her to go to bed as she has school tomorrow. She asks if Min-Ju will be okay by herself but Min-ju says that she is scared. Hee-Ju asks her to lock the doors and says she will be home in the morning. She hangs up as she sees Jin-woo standing next to her.

She asks Jin-woo where he has been. Jin-woo says his friend is a top ranking physician here and he will give extra care. Hee Ju smiles as she says her grandma is doing fine but the doctor wants to keep her overnight for observation. He asks if there is anything he can do. She asks him to go home as there is nothing for him to do here. She asks him to do well on his case tomorrow. Hee-Ju is called by the nurse and she leaves after asking him to go.

At her home, Min-Ju is huddled up in her blanket and crying while watching TV (100 Days My Prince). She walks to the door as she hears the bell ring. She walks out of the door and finds Jin-woo standing there. She asks him what he is doing there and he says he came to keep her company.


Jin-woo switches off the TV as Min-Ju brings him blanket and pillow. She says it gets cold when he refuses the covers. He asks her what time she has to wake up and she says 6:30 am. He notes it is already midnight and asks her to go to bed saying he will wake her up tomorrow. They wish each other a good night and she goes away. Min-Ju runs back in asking if her brother is really dead and Jin-woo goes still. She asks him again when he doesn’t reply. Seeing that he isn’t saying anything Min-Ju goes up to her room. Jin-woo stands rooted to the spot even after she leaves.

Jin-woo lies awake on the couch looking at Se-Ju’s photo among the other family photos on the shelf.

Hee-Ju comes home the next morning and she notices Jin-woo’s car outside. She immediately runs in. She sees Jin-woo standing by the dining table with a coffee mug. She asks him what he is doing here and he says he stayed the night because Min-Ju might have been scared. He says he slept on that couch and it was much better. Hee-Ju says it wasn’t necessary, as Min-Ju is a big girl.


Jin-woo learns that grandma is doing fine. She asks him what he is doing and Jin-woo says that the only thing he can make is toast. He couldn’t let Min-Ju go to school on an empty stomach. He comments that it was very hard to wake her up. Hee-Ju smiles slightly as she watches him walking around the room saying it must be tough for her to wake Min-Ju up daily.


Jin-woo asks her what it is and she says it is odd seeing him taking care of others. He says she can imagine how he feels then. He says he can make more and asks if she is hungry. Hee-Ju says yes and sits down. He asks about her coffee preference and she says she wants a latte with extra shots. As he makes coffee, she asks if it is okay for him to be here since he has to go in for questioning. Jin-woo says he has a plan but Hee-Ju still looks worried. Jin-woo passes her the coffee saying he feels he shouldn’t hold back anymore.

At the Central Police Station, a reporter reports that Yoo Jin-woo hasn’t appeared for the questioning yet.

Meanwhile, Professor Cha is giving a lecture at his class. Cha stops talking as Jin-woo enters the class and the students start murmuring. Professor Cha continues to speak but stops and says he will continue in the next class. Jin-woo waits till the students leave.


Cha asks Jin-woo why he is here instead of being with the police. Jin-woo says he wanted to meet with Cha. Cha asks how the defence is coming along and acts as if he isn’t aware of what they are coming after. He says he doesn’t want to be involved in what the company thinks. Jin-woo says he wasn’t successful in it.

Jin-woo says that they have testimonies of him meeting Su-Jin for years. He says he heard there is falsified evidence stating that Jin-woo begged Su-Jin to come back. He says there are many saying that Jin-woo constantly mentioned killing Hyeong Seok. Jin-woo says Professor Cha must have agreed to give Yu-ra a chunk of shares in exchange for her testimony. Jin-woo says there is nothing he can do if Cha has prepared it for a year. He says he will only be humiliated and end up in prison. Cha asks if Jin-woo is here out of fear to ask him to stop the investigation.

Jin-woo says no and that he is here to prove it since Cha thinks Jin-woo is insane or lying. Jin-woo says it is very easy for him to prove it to Cha. Cha laughs and asks why he didn’t prove it to him. Jin-woo says he didn’t want to. He says he didn’t want it to go that far. He says he wanted to look for some other way but he knew he was doing it the hard way. Cha asks how he is going to prove it. Jin-woo asks Professor Cha to log in to the game and form an alliance with him.

Jin-woo smiles saying Cha can find out the truth without using a police investigation. He says he didn’t do this out of the fear that Cha would meet the same fate as Jung Hoon. He says he couldn’t live with the guilt if someone died the same way as Jung Hoon. Jin-woo says Professor Cha prepared everything thinking Jin-woo had nothing to prove to the police. Jin-woo says he can easily prove he is a victim of the game but he says it would lead to the bankruptcy of J-One. He says he doesn’t want to prove it to the public because he doesn’t want the company he founded to go under because of him. He says he came here so that everything will go away if he proves it to Professor Cha.


Cha asks if he has to log in to the game. Jin-woo asks him to put on the lens and ask the company to open the servers. He says it won’t even take ten minutes. Jin-woo asks if Cha is scared he will die and reminds him that Cha implies Jin-woo is lying. Jin-woo waits as Cha calls the company.

At the company, an employee gets the lens. Another person tells Cha that Seon ho is in New York. He is told to open the servers.

At the classroom, Professor Cha is sceptical as he says he will give Jin-woo 10 minutes.

The employees at the J-one data center open the server.

Professor Cha logs into the game.


A message pops up for Jin-woo.


Joseon warriors appear all around the campus.




In-woo hesitates to accept. Professor Cha asks Jin-woo to go ahead and prove it. He smiles asking Jin-woo to kneel down and beg for mercy if he doesn’t want to be interrogated. Jin-woo says it is sad that this is what has become of them. Professor Cha asks whose fault that is.


Jin-woo accepts the request.



Jin-woo says that starting now Professor Cha and he will share the same fate. He says they will die and survive together. He asks Cha to stay with him until the end. Professor Cha is startled when he sees the lightning flash followed by rain.

Jin-woo says he will tell Cha how to be alive. Jin-woo tells Cha not to be close to him. He tells Cha to leave Seoul and delete his user ID right away. He tells Cha not to shut down the server even if he is scared since Jin-woo has to complete his quest and find a solution. He says no one is allowed to log into the game until then. He says only he and the users he allows will be playing the game from now on. He says Cha should follow Jin-woo’s instructions if he doesn’t want to go bankrupt. He tells Cha to tell Seon ho this. Professor Cha stands rooted to the spot as he listens to Jin-woo.

The memories of the Alhambra tune starts to play.



Jin-woo looks at AR Cha Hyeong Seok who appears at the other end of the classroom. Professor Cha watches in shock as AR Cha walks toward Jin-woo who stands still. Professor Cha calls out his name and AR Cha stops. AR Hyeong Seok turns around and starts walking towards Professor Cha. Professor Cha loses his footing and falls own as AR Cha Hyeong Seok raises his sword to strike him.


At the Central Police Station, the reporters wonder why Jin-woo isn’t there yet. The investigator comes out and says Jin-woo won’t be coming in for questioning.

Meanwhile, Hee-Ju walks into Ji-woo’s empty house and sits on the couch. She switches on the TV and watches the headlines which state Jin-woo didn’t attend the police hearing. Hee-Ju recalls the conversation with Jin-woo earlier in the day.


Jin-woo tells Hee-Ju that he won’t be able to see her for a while. He says he won’t be attending the questioning. She asks what he is going to do then. He says he must find Se-Ju. He says he still has a chance and that is why he didn’t leave. Hee Ju asks what is his plan. Jin-woo says he needs her help.

At present, Hee-Ju is pulled from her thoughts when the Memories of The Alhambra Tune starts playing. She gets up to go check as Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Now, my last quest begins.”

Hee-Ju walks towards AR Emma who is playing the tune on her guitar and Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “We are getting closer to the end of this story. Memories of the Alhambra.”

Hee-Ju watches in awe as Emma looks up at her and smiles.


Image Courtesy TVN


This episode was pleasant to watch as it gave ample and much-needed screen space to the lead couple.

All the scenes where Jin-woo and Hee-Ju shared screen space were a good watch as we can see a distinguishing change in Jin-woo’s emotional state from the previous episode to this. The scenes showing Hee- Ju’s supportive behaviour towards Jin-woo were well made as it goes to show that they are a well-matched couple. It was great to see the other side of Jin-woo when he took care of Min-Ju in Hee-Ju’s absence.

The part where Jin-woo brought Professor Cha into the game was interesting as the timing was brilliant. It was an ingenious way to gain back access into the company and get away from being framed.

Jin-woo’s plan sounds intriguing as he plans on saving both the company and himself. I am curious to see what favour Jin-woo had asked from Hee-Ju. The preview is interesting as it looks action packed and I can’t wait to see the upcoming episodes.

-By Soul Sword-

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