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Memories of the Alhambra Episode 11 Recap

Memories of the Alhambra Episode 11 Recap

Hee-Ju runs out of J-one and gets into her car. As she is driving, she calls Jin-woo twice but he doesn’t answer the call.


Hee-Ju rushes home and finds a box underneath her bed. She calls the contact number on the Alhambra Palace pamphlet that’s inside the box. She speaks to Diego on the other end asking him for a favour. She asks him to find a person who has gone into the dungeons. She says she will explain it later and asks him to find the person fast. She hangs up after he agrees.


Jin-woo fights the corpses but ends up getting attacked badly. Jin-woo falls down and resigns himself to his fate as the corpses advance on him with axes. Suddenly Jin-woo looks up as there is light coming from the end of the tunnel.




An exhausted Jin-woo looks up as the AR torches, corpses, his sword and even his wounds disappear. Two officials walk up to him with torches saying that this is a restricted area.




Hee-Ju is sick with worry as she receives a call. She starts crying when she hears that they found Jin-woo and he is alive. She thanks them and hangs up. She is crying as her grandma walks into the room and asks her what is wrong. She says it is nothing but continues to cry and her grandmother consoles her.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Hee-Ju got me out of the dungeon. Her phone call saved me.”

Back at the dungeons, Jin-woo is asked how he got here but he doesn’t reply. A man asks if he is Korean and if he knows Hee-Ju. Jin-woo gets up and walks away.

Jin-woo’s voiceover continues, “But Hee-Ju’s chance of meeting her brother again is gone.”

Jin-woo slowly gets up and walks away without responding to the people around him.

Seon-ho sits in his office struggling to make a decision as Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates the will, “If one of us dies or if you can’t reach us, shut down the server first. That means the game is flawed. Not right now though. If you close the server now, I won’t be able to find Se-Ju.”

As Seon-ho checks his watch, he receives a call from Hee-Ju saying that she was able to reach Jin-woo. He gets up as he hears that Jin-woo got out.

Meanwhile, Jin-woo walks through the park while killing the warriors mechanically. He walks past the bench on which Cha was found dead. The archers shoot arrows that closely miss him, but he still continues to walk across the park. Jin-woo walks into the hospital and slashes the warriors who are waiting for him there.


Seon-Ho runs into the J-one data center and orders them to turn off the servers. He asks them to shut down all the servers for Granada and Seoul. The servers are shut down. The AR weapons and NPC’s disappear all around Seoul as the testers and developers wonder what happened.

At the hospital, Jin-woo is the on verge of killing another NPC when it disappears.


Jin-woo realises Seon-ho has shut down the servers. At J-One there is utter confusion as the server is disconnected.

In Seoul, Seon-ho asks them to keep the servers offline until the error is sorted. An employee asks if there is a fault in the game but earns a stare from Seon-ho. Seon-ho walks out of the room.

Jin-woo starts to walk but discovers that he walks with a limp again. A nurse who is passing by asks if he needs help.

An officer who walks towards him asks if he was the one who had called asking them to look for someone at the train station. At the morgue, Jin-woo is shown Jung Hoon’s body. Jin-woo looks at Jung Hoon sorrowfully and holds Jung Hoon’s hands tightly as tears stream down his face.


Hee-Ju, Seon ho and his team walk into Granada Hospital. Seon-Ho comments that he is always in Granada only when something bad happens.

As they walk in, they see Jung Hoon’s grief-stricken mother crying. She says she had asked Jung Hoon to resign but he refused and ended up like this. Seon-ho walks forward and offers the family his condolences. Jung Hoon’s mother accuses Jin-woo saying he had killed her son. She yells saying Jung Hoon was to be married in a month but Jin-woo dragged him here and killed him. Hee-Ju watches as Jung Hoon’s mother claims that Jin-woo had murdered Jung Hoon and calls him a lunatic. She then screams hysterically asking to see Jin-woo and is escorted away.

After she leaves, Seon-ho asks about Jin-woo. He is surprised when he is told that Jin-woo has disappeared in the morning and they have been looking for him. Seon-ho says he will see Jung Hoon first. He asks Hee Ju to wait here.

Hee Ju checks Jin-woo’s hospital room and finds it empty. She tries calling him and the runs over to the Alcazaba Cafe. She doesn’t find him there either. She walks to the park and calls him again seeing that he isn’t there. She types a text asking where he is and that she is in Granada. She writes that she is worried about him and asks him to call her. She writes that she misses him. She cries as she waits for a response.

She receives a call from Jin-woo. A tired Jin-woo is travelling in a car as she asks him a series of questions about to his health. He asks why she came all the way to Granada when he asked her to stay home. He asks if she was expecting to see her brother. He says she wasted her time since he couldn’t find her brother and adds that Jung Hoon is dead. He says he couldn’t complete the quest. He says the worst case scenario has come true.


Hee-Ju says she called the Alhambra asking them to look for him. She cries as she says she was worried he would die too. She says she will look for Se-Ju since he is her brother. She pleads with him asking him to stop and get some rest.


Jin-woo says the game is not over and says he is not done yet. Hee-Ju asks him where he is and that she will come to meet him. Jin-woo hangs up. He makes another call as the taxi travels across the bridge in Seoul.

Seon-ho comes out of the mortuary and asks the team to find Jin-woo before anything else happens. As Seon-ho sits down, he is told that cerebral haemorrhage was the cause of Jung Hoon’s death. Seon ho says Jung Hoon wasn’t wearing the lens when he had died. He is told that the spot where Jung Hoon was found dead wasn’t where he logged out. He is told that the death wasn’t due to the game but just an accident.


Seon ho receives a call from Han Jeong-Uk (the director of the data center). Han says Jin-woo is demanding them to put the servers back up. He says he doesn’t know what to do. Seon-ho calls up the data center and asks when Jin-woo had called. He is told that Jin-woo called up a few minutes back asking the server to be put back on. Seon ho tells the person to keep the servers shut down as the issue isn’t resolved. He asks the person to ask Jin-woo where he is the next time he receives a call.


Jin-woo walks into the data center and yells that he asks the server to be put back up. Seon-ho is alarmed as he hears Jin-woo’s voice through the phone. The employee says Jin-woo is here.


Professor Cha is at a meeting meanwhile, where they discuss that there are no issues with the game. He is told that there are no problems in the lenses either. He is told that 100 testers logged in every day for the past 3 months but no one reported any errors except for Jin-woo. Professor Cha asks why they shut down the server. He is told that Deon-ho wanted to make sure that there isn’t a one percent chance of an error. He is told Seon-Ho will decide what to do next when Jin-woo returns. Just then, a secretary walks in and says that Jin-woo is back from Spain and on the way up here.

At the Data Center, Jin-woo demands the servers to be put back immediately. When he is refused he reminds the employee that he is the CEO and the employee gets on to restarting the system. Seon-Ho hastily asks Jin-woo to be put on the phone. Jin-woo tells Seon-ho that they are not putting up the server. Seon-Ho asks Jin-woo why he went to Seoul.

Jin-woo says he has to level up urgently but Seon ho shut the servers down. This earns him awkward glances from his employees. Seon ho says he shut it down because of Jin-woo’s will. Jin-woo says he hasn’t failed the quest yet and it isn’t finished yet.


01:40:39 LEFT

Jin-woo fights the corpses as he walks through the dungeon.

01:15:09 LEFT


Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates that he didn’t fail the test and he reached the end of the dungeon. He says he just couldn’t find Se-Ju.


Jin-woo comes across a grill gate blocking the way. He tries to open it but it doesn’t budge. Jin-woo walks around and finds a gold key gleaming on the other side of a gate.


Jin-woo reaches through the grill and takes the key.




Jin-woo says he couldn’t find Se-Ju but Se-Ju had left something behind. He says he has to be level 100 to use it. He says this quest might lead to another one. Seon Ho says that Jin-woo has really gone mad though he didn’t want to believe it. Jin-woo says he is not crazy. Seon-ho says Jung Hoon died following Jin-woo. He says Jin-woo ran away and is only talking about the quest. Jin-woo says he has to finish the quest because Jung Hoon was dead and he would’ve died for nothing if the quest is incomplete.

Seon-Ho says no one can see the quest and there is no proof.  He says he waited out of loyalty despite it making no sense. He says he even shut down the server but he points out that Jin-woo couldn’t prove a thing. Seon-Ho is exasperated as he says Jung Hoon died of cerebral haemorrhage and not the game. He says it is a relief that there is nothing wrong with the game. He says Jin-woo couldn’t find Se-Ju and he just proved that everything was his delusion. Seon-Ho tells Jin-woo to give up and just accept it.

Jin-woo says that he won’t accept it and he won’t give up as he wasn’t done yet. Seon-ho says he is no longer on Jin-woo’s side. He says the only problem was Jin-woo is crazy and addicted to the game. He says Jin-woo will end up ruining the company.


Jin-woo yells at the employee asking him to start the server. The employee is about to start it when Seon ho yells asking him not to. Jin-woo watches as the employee doesn’t start the server. Seon-ho tells Jin-woo that he shouldn’t be making any decisions since he is too dangerous. He asks the staff to be put back on phone.


Jin-woo puts the phone away and orders the employee to move away. He holds the employee by the neck as Seon-Ho yells through the phone.

Professor Cha walks into the Security Area’s Restricted Entry. He sees some employees helping Jin-woo on to a chair and others lifting up the employee who seems hurt. The employee explains that Jin-woo started throwing around punches when they refused to restart the server on his demand. He says Jin-woo is probably sick since he collapsed suddenly. Professor Cha asks if the employee is hurt and calls for a doctor. Cha asks to talk with Jin-woo alone.

Once everybody leaves the room, Cha calls out Jin-woo’s name and Jin-woo comes around. Professor Cha gives Jin-woo two tight slaps across his face. He asks if this is what he gets for trusting and waiting for Jin-woo. He says Jin-woo just proved that he is crazy to the entire world by going there. He says no one can shield Jin-woo now. He says he disowned his own son and daughter-in-law by choosing Jin-woo.


Professor Cha leans forward and tells Jin-woo that he is extremely angry that his life became a complete failure. He is saying everyone is taking turns turning his life into garbage. He tells Jin-woo to stop giving orders to his employees since no one will listen to him anymore. Jin-woo watches with a look of disbelief as Professor Cha says he will soon be fired. He asks Jin-woo to remember that he was the one who betrayed their trust. Jin-woo is crestfallen as Cha calls Jin-woo a traitor.


Jin-woo recalls Professor Cha using the same words on Cha Hyeong Seok the day he had left the company. Jin-woo watches Cha who looks at him angrily.

Cha walks out and tells the team that Jin-woo is awake now. He tells them to take Jin-woo to his office. He receives a call from Seon-ho. Cha tells Seon-ho that he had warned Seon-ho it would be a waste of time. He says they will gather the board members. He tells Seon-ho to stay in Granada since he is very loyal and will find it tough to make a decision. He says they will decide on their own and hangs up. The employees watch as Professor Cha walks away.

A newsflash reports Jung Hoon’s death and says he was accompanying Jin-woo for personal reason. It also reports Jin-woo entering a restricted portion of the Alhambra Palace. It says he refused a police investigation and returned to Korea. It reports that J-one maintains that Jin-woo was lost during his tour and his secretary’s death had nothing to do with this. It reports that there is fluctuation in stock prices as J-one is holding an emergency meeting at 2:00 pm for Jin-woo’s dismissal. Su-Jin watches the news which blames Jin-woo’s health condition for the dismissal.

At the meeting, Professor Cha reads Jin-woo’s medical reports. He says Jin-woo was taking psychotherapy for 8 months. He says his condition has worsened. He says Jin-woo refused further treatment and returned to Korea, which lead to worsening of his symptoms. He says it made Jin-woo lose his ability to function in the society. He says the doctor has advised Jin-woo to receive treatment and be hospitalised.


Professor Cha states all these reasons and requests Jin-woo’s dismissal. The board votes on it. The person presiding the meeting says 11 out of 13 board members have participated in the meeting and 9 of them have voted for the dismissal. He says the request of Yoo Jin-woo’s dismissal has been passed. They move over to appointing the next CEO.

The newsflash reports that the new CEO is Director Park Seon ho- one of the founding members of J-One.  It says he joined Jin-woo and Cha Hyeong Seok as founders of the company. It adds that Seon-Ho is in charge of the growth and financial management of the company.



Jin-woo wakes up in the hospital (Granada) and finds Jung Hoon crying beside him. Jin-woo asks if he is dying and Jung Hoon wipes his tears saying he isn’t. Jin-woo asks why Jung Hoon was crying.

Jung Hoon walks into Jin-woo’s hospital room in America and finds him unconscious on the floor beside the bed. He calls the nurse for help. Jin-woo wakes up to find Jung Hoon crying again.


He asks Jung Hoon if he likes him saying it is starting to become corny. Jung Hoon goes silent and denies it saying he has a girlfriend.  Jin-woo asks him to resign and go back. Jung Hoon says he will do so if that’s what Jin-woo wants. Jin-woo says he would want nothing more than wanting Jung Hoon to resign and head home. Jung Hoon says he won’t go alone because he is confident Jin-woo will get better. Jin-woo asks him what kind of a man he is. He says Jung Hoon is crying like a baby and it’s embarrassing. Jung Hoon cries harder as he wipes his tears saying these aren’t tears. Jin-woo turns his head and closes his eyes.

In the present, Jin-woo wakes up in his bedroom. The IV fluids drip on the floor and a lot of empty alcohol bottles lie around the room.


Hee-Ju and Yang Ju come into Jin-woo’s house.  Hee Ju stands by the door while Yang Ju goes inside. Jin-woo is drinking as Yang Ju comes in. When Yang Ju addresses him as boss, he reminds him that he isn’t their boss anymore. Yang-Ju says the secretary team had given him the card to Jin-woo’s place. He adds that Seon ho had sent him over since he couldn’t reach Jin-woo. He tells him that Hee-ju is here.

Yang Ju goes outside and tells her that Jin-woo is awake. He says he has to use the restroom and tells her to go meet Jin-woo. Hee-Ju walks into the living room and sees a lot of bottles on the floor. She takes a couple of them and puts them on the table. She starts to tidy up the room and hears Jin-woo ask if she found something. She turns to see him standing by the door saying she got back this morning and says she met with Se-Ju’s friends. She said she even went to Barcelona. She said Seon ho helped a lot by asking the Barcelona Branch to aid her. She says all she can do now is wait.


Jin-woo says Seon-ho will do better than Jin-woo because he is not crazy. Yang Ju comes and suggests going out for a meal but Jin-woo refuses to go. Hee-Ju says she is hungry too and wants to eat. Jin-woo asks the two of them to go ahead and that he doesn’t want to come. Jin-woo goes into his bedroom and shuts the door.

Yang Ju asks Hee Ju what she wants to eat as they head out. Hee-Ju asks him to go and she walks back into the house.

Jin-woo is in his room drinking as Hee-Ju knocks and walks in. She says it is her birthday today. She says she skipped on her grandma’s seaweed soup to see him on her birthday so he can buy her a meal. She takes the bottle from him and asks him to get ready while she waits outside. Jin-woo asks her what is their relationship. Hee-Ju stops at the door and he says birthdays should be celebrated with loved ones. He asks if she is his girlfriend. He wonders if he proposed by any chance and says he is sure he didn’t. He asks if she is swayed by Min-Ju’s crazy ideas.



She says he is being mean and asks if they have to be in a relationship to celebrate her birthday. She asks if he can’t just celebrate her birthday with her. Jin-woo wishes her a happy birthday. He says he knows she is worried about him and he is grateful for that but says he isn’t in the mood for it. He says he will treat her next time. He says goodbye and pulls the blanket over himself.

Hee-Ju says he ruined her birthday last year and asks if knows that. He asks if he did and she says yes. She says she had run to the train station after hearing he is leaving. She says he didn’t know that and he says he didn’t know. She says she wanted to say goodbye but the train had already left. She says he wouldn’t know that and he asks how he could know that.  He says that’s why he shouldn’t ruin another birthday. He asks her to go and have fun. He says he is going to sleep. He lies down as Hee-Ju walks out.


It’s 11:04 pm as Jin-woo wakes up and checks his phone that has 8 missed calls. Jin-woo hears the TV outside and goes to the living room. He is surprised to see Hee-Ju there who says it’s good that he is awake. He comments that she is still here. She says she was waiting for him to wake up. She gets up and says that her birthday isn’t over. She asks to go have dinner as she is still starving.

She says she regretted leaving him alone last year and that is the reason she stayed this time. She says if she has to enjoy her birthday with her boyfriend she can be Jin-woo’s girlfriend. She asks what’s so hard about it. She says she can do better and gives a warm smile.


Later at an eatery, Jin-woo sits across Hee-Ju who complains that they had very few options since he woke up late. She says he should feel bad for ruining her birthday every year. Jin-woo looks at her without saying anything and Hee-Ju asks why he is looking at her like that. They start to eat. Hee-Ju asks him to stop giving her the silent treatment and say something. Jin-woo continues to eat and doesn’t say anything but Hee-Ju smiles.

After dinner, Hee-Ju stands outside the shop and speaks to her grandma saying she will be home soon. Jin-woo says that she should go home since it is late. Hee-Ju says she will take a cab. He reminds her that he is her boyfriend for the day and he can’t let his girlfriend take a taxi home late at night.  He asks her to get in and holds the car door open.

As they drive down, Hee-Ju asks him to say something since he has been awfully quiet. She feels like she dragged him out here and he is making her feel guilty. Jin-woo smiles and she says she only said it to drag him outside for a meal. She says he can forget about being her boyfriend.


He asks if she is dictating their relationship. He wonders if he got dumped in just one hour. Hee-Ju immediately says she didn’t mean it that way and he says he is flustered. He says she can’t say that after playing with his heart. She asks him if it’s his heart that he is talking about. He asks her not to be formal as he is no longer a CEO.

Hee-Ju gets a call from Seon –ho and he asks for Jin-woo since she was at Jin-woo’s house. She hands the phone to Jin-woo but Jin-woo says he will call Seon-Ho later as he left his phone at home. Hee-Ju passes the message to Seon-Ho but Soen-ho persists saying it is urgent. Hee-Ju asks Jin-woo to take the call.

Seon-ho is in his office as he gets a call from Hee-Ju. He receives the call and it is Jin-woo talking on the other end. Seon-ho asks if Jin-woo is never going to take his calls. Jin-woo asks what this is about and Seon-ho advises him to leave the country as soon as possible.


Su-Jin drives up to a parking lot. She walks into Professor Cha’s office/ study. Cha has the petition to reopen Cha’s murder case on his desk. Su Jin asks him why he is bent upon re-opening Cha Hyeon Seok’s case when last year he was the one who buried it. Cha says the company had filed the petition and is not his decision. He says the board suspects foul play since the death and circumstances indicated that way too. She says she also suspected it but Professor Cha was the one who buried it and she asks what he is doing now. Cha says back then he had a reason to protect Jin-woo but now he doesn’t.


Seon-ho tells Jin-woo that Professor Cha didn’t consult him on this either (reopening investigation on Hyeon Seok’s death). He says the investigation has already begun and articles will begin to come out soon. He says they will question Jin-woo and soon it may turn into an interrogation with Jin-woo as a suspect. He says Professor Cha is after Jin-woo.

At Cha’s office, Su-Jin asks Professor Cha if kicking Jin-woo out wasn’t the ending but the beginning. She figures out that he fired Jin-woo so that he can go after him. Cha says it hurt him to do so but he has let Jin-woo go at the right time.


Meanwhile, Jin-woo asks if Seon ho is asking him to leave the country. Seon Ho explains that if an investigation begins, Jin-woo’s social reputation can’t be recovered and people will think he did it. Jin-woo says people already think he killed Cha. Seon ho is enraged as he says rumours and investigations are totally different. He says they can’t initiate an investigation without proof.

Jin-woo says if Seon-ho is worried about it, then he believes Jin-woo has done it. Seon ho says he is giving advice because he knows Jin-woo didn’t kill Hyeong Seok. Jin-woo says Seon ho wouldn’t be asking him to run in that case. He says it’s easier for Seon ho to believe it and is safer for the company. Seon ho says he hopes Jin-woo doesn’t ruin himself more than this. Jin-woo says he is already ruined too much. Seon ho says that he is worried this isn’t the end. He says there is one more thing he is worried about. He says he thinks Cha is going to kick Su-Jin out.

At his office, Professor Cha asks Su-Jin to sit. She tells him that bringing up Hyeong Seok’s death won’t help their family in any way. He asks if she is worried about the family or Jin-woo. He asks Su-Jin to sit down.

Meanwhile, Seon ho says he is sure that Professor Cha wants to take back Hyeong Seok’s inheritance. He tells Jin-woo that he is worried Cha will use it to bring Jin-woo down somehow. He says Professor Cha met with Yu-ra a while back.

In a flashback, Yu-ra says Cha Hyeong Seok visited her many times during the last year. She says she even bought him drinks when he had visited her and cried.

At present, Seon ho asks whom does Jin-woo think Yu-ran and Cha spoke about. Jin-woo listens to Seon ho as his voiceover narrates, “After failing the quest, the aftermath is flooding to the point that I can’t handle.”

Jin-woo turns around and looks at Hee-Ju who is sitting in the car. Seon ho advises him to leave the country before police subpoena him and the press finds out. Seon ho says that he really doesn’t want to see his dear friend’s name on the news as a suspect for the murder of another friend of his. He asks if this is why they founded the company. He says one of them died, one of them got kicked out and that is why he is the CEO now. He asks if Jin-woo thinks he is happy.


Seon ho holds back his tears as he says he will make it look like Jin-woo has gone for his treatment and not run away. He says he will try to persuade Cha as they need time. He requests Jin-woo to leave Korea till that time. He says this is his last advice to Jin-woo.

Jin-woo recalls Cha slapping him earlier and Su-Jin saying that Cha believes Jin-woo had killed his son. She had said she feels they might be next and warned him to be careful.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “I’m surprised I haven’t hit rock bottom. I am still falling. I don’t know how much deeper I will fall.”

It starts to rain but Jin-woo doesn’t move. He hears Hee-Ju’s voice asking him not to stand in the rain. She walks towards him with an umbrella. He recalls her running alongside the train last year.


Jin-woo’s voiceover continues, “I tried my hardest but nothing has changed from last year.”

Hee-Ju asks him if something bad has happened. Jin-woo says Seon-ho asked him to leave again. She is worried as she asks him where he is going again. Jin-woo asks her if he has ever told her about his family and she says he hasn’t. Jin-woo says his parents died when he was young. He says he doesn’t have siblings. He says he doesn’t have a wife or children. He is disheartened as he says the friend whom he cherished as a brother dies as an enemy. My secretary who was like my brother also died. Jin-woo says that the man whom he looked up to as father turned his back on him. He says the company he founded had abandoned him too. He says he really doesn’t have anyone by his side.


Jin-woo says everyone followed him and trusted him before all of this but no one believes him now. He says they want him to either accept he is crazy or that he killed Hyeong Seok but he can’t because neither of them is true. He says he doesn’t want to leave because it would mean he is accepting it. He says he won’t leave even if there is one person who believes in him.


He asks Hee-Ju if she still believes him. Hee-Ju says she believes him. She reminds him that she said she will believe him. He asks her to prove it to him that she believes him. She looks puzzled as she asks how she should prove it. He asks if she doesn’t know how and she looks confused. She is taken aback as he leans in and kisses her.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Nothing has improved compared to last year. I’m still a miserable defeated soldier. I’m falling at a faster speed. But unlike last year, I didn’t leave and Hee-Ju is with me.”


Jin-woo kisses her again and this time Hee-Ju returns his kiss. The umbrella falls out of her hand as they kiss in the rain.

Image Courtesy –TVN


The last part of the episode was deep-seated. The part where Jin-woo speaks about  having no family to stand by him was an emotive scene. Jin-woo’s steely resolve is admirable since he doesn’t give in to others forcing their views on him no matter how bad a situation he is in.

Though we haven’t seen much of Hee-Ju in the story, she is the one who has saved Jin-woo for the third time now and he wouldn’t be alive if not for her. She is also the only person other than Jung-Hoon who didn’t leave despite Jin-woo pushing her away.

Hee-Ju and Jin-woo both took a different decision compared to what they did on the same day last year. It will be interesting to see what impact these decisions will bring in their lives as compared to last year.

The scenes with Seon-ho conversing with Jin-woo were a good watch as it shows Seon-ho trying hard to balance between his care for Jin-woo and his level-headed thinking. .

As for the game, reaching Level 100 seems like a mountainous task now. Finding Se-Ju seems like a never-ending task and I’m curious to know how Se-Ju survived on his own although he is the developer. I wonder if he is being held captive somewhere in the real world and the game is just breadcrumbs that serve as a trap for Jin-woo.

It looks like Jin-woo is bringing Professor Cha into the game. Though I doubt Cha will be eager to join in, I wouldn’t mind him being chased around by the NPCs so that he is kept busy and away from ruining the lives of people around him.

-By Soul Sword-

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