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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 13 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 13 Recap

(The day before the questioning)

Yang Ju hastily walks out of J-One and down the street.

Meanwhile, Jin-woo is having a sandwich at Subway. Yang Ju walks in and is wary of the surroundings. He declines Jin-woo’s offer to buy a sandwich as he looks around. Jin-woo asks if Yang Ju isn’t allowed to meet with him. Yang Ju says it is just too close to the office. Jin-woo asks if he will be put on watch-list if seen with him and Yang Ju says he is just being cautious.


Jin-woo asks Yang Ju to make more weapons and items and says they will be reopening the servers for the showcase. Yang Ju asks why he wants to play the game instead of meeting with the lawyers. Jin-woo asks when the weapons will be ready. Yang Ju says he is busy with the showcase and says he will be fired if he gives the game access to Jin-woo. He says CEO Park is scary these days. Jin-woo asks him to do it for the sake of their friendship.

Jin-woo says it is a matter of life or death for him and Yang-Ju laughs asking him not to exaggerate. Jin-woo says he isn’t and that he doesn’t want to die. Yang-Ju takes Jin-woo’s sandwich and starts munching on it. He says he will do it and Jin-woo thanks him. Yang-Ju says Jin-woo should take responsibility if he gets fired. He asks Jin-woo to start a new company and give him the director’s role. Jin-woo agrees to do so if he gets out alive.

Yang-Ju continues to eat the sandwich as Jin-woo receives a call from Hee-Ju. Jin-woo hangs up after saying he will call back in some time. Yang-Ju asks Jin-woo as to what is his relationship with Hee-Ju. He says Hee-Ju visited Jin-woo alone in the hotel room and asks in a low voice if Jin-woo is dating her. Jin-woo asks if he should answer that question. Yang Ju drops the sandwich and Jin-woo asks what’s wrong.


Yang-Ju loses his composure as he says that Emma is his favourite character. Jin-woo smiles and asks what is his point. Yang Ju says seeing Emma is the only thing that brightens up his day. Jin-woo asks if he owes an apology or what. Yang Ju is distressed as he eats the sandwich. Jin-woo asks if Yang Ju hasn’t deleted Emma despite him asking him to do so. Yang-Ju continues to eat and Jin-woo asks if he wants more food. Yang Ju yells saying he does.

Later, Yang-Ju stands outside subway with a depressed look. Jin-woo walks out saying people will think Yang-Ju really got dumped. Yang-Ju says he feels like there is a huge void in his heart. Jin-woo smiles as he gives a large packet of sandwiches for Yang-Ju’s team. Yang-Ju says they always talk about Jin-woo.

As Jin-woo walks away, Yang-Ju calls out and tells him that there is a special feature programmed in Emma.

In a flashback, Yang-Ju converses with Emma.




Yang-Ju’s voiceover says he had initially thought that Emma was a healer who boosts recovery if you converse with her.


Just then, 2 testers enter the room duelling. Yang Ju tells them off and asks them to take it outside.  Emma looks at the 2 players and their weapons vanish. They wonder what happened when a message pops up.



At present, Yang-Ju’s tells Jin-woo that no duels can take place within 20 m radius of Emma and weapons disappear. He says Emma is at Alcazaba Cafe for peacekeeping purposes since it is a meeting place for users. Yang-Ju says it makes sense since he had used his sister as the model.

At night, Hee Ju crosses the street and gets into Jin-woo’s car. As he drives down, he asks her about her connection with Alcazaba cafe.


In a flashback we see Hee-Ju serving churros to customers at Alcazaba Cafe. Hee-Ju’s voiceover says she worked there part-time before the owners changed. Hee-Ju plays the guitar at the cafe as people listen.

At present Hee-Ju says she occasionally played the guitar there but it was before she gave up playing. She asks why he is asking about the cafe and Jin-woo mentions Se-Ju. She says Se-Ju always dropped by the cafe to get an allowance from her. She then asks him why he came outside instead of meeting with his lawyers. Jin-woo says he needn’t be bothered as it is a meaningless investigation and the rumours aren’t true. She says he has to be prepared and he says he has been preparing.

Jin-woo recalls the time when he went to the Alcazaba Cafe for the first time.



Jin-woo stands outside the Alcazaba Cafe.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Alcazaba Cafe. From the beginning, I was able to guess that the error began from here. The place where it rains and thunders every day and where ‘Memories of The Alhambra’ is played. (Jin-woo tries to converse with Emma after he enters the cafe) To be more specific, it could’ve started with Emma.”

In a flashback, Se-Ju and Marco meet at Alcazaba Cafe. Se-Ju says he should take 70 % while Marco takes 30%. Marco bangs his glass on the table startling Se-Ju. He warns Se-Ju not to mention it again and threatens him. Marco tells Se-Ju to leave since Hyeong Seok will be in Alcazaba Cafe soon and walks away.


Se-Ju follows Marco to the restroom and says he might not sell the game. He says he deserves 70% since he was the one who created everything. He says Marco won’t get any money if Se-Ju decides not to sell. Se-Ju says that he wants to meet Hyeong Seok too. Marco is vicious as he agrees and asks Se-Ju to stutter all he wants in front of Hyeong Seok.

Se-Ju sits at the Cafe and the AR pirates are at the other table. Emma is playing the guitar and it is raining. Marco comes and sits across Se-Ju. He takes out a knife and stabs an unsuspecting Se-Ju. As Se-Ju writhes in pain, Marco says he had warned Se-ju not to act up. Marco tells Se-Ju to keep quiet or he will kill him in front of his sister (Emma). Emma looks at the two of them.


Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “The moment he stabbed Se-Ju with a real knife in front of Emma…”

Marco watches as an AR ripple comes as a wave throughout the whole place (glitch) and the AR pirates along with Emma are frozen in their spots. Marco looks around and wonders what is going on asking if it is a lag.


Se-Ju staggers out of the Cafe and tries to get away. Marco follows Se-Ju who falls down. An AR grid passes through the entire place crossing both of them. Marco pulls out the knife once again and asks Se-Ju if he is going to report to the police. As Marco walks towards him, Se-Ju panics and takes out his gun. He shoots Marco in the abdomen and Marco gets wounded for real. He clutches his abdomen and yells saying Se-Ju shot him with a real gun. Se-Ju is alarmed as he says he doesn’t have one and the AR gun disappears. Se-ju runs away while Marco takes his AR gun and follows Se-Ju.

Meanwhile, Hyeong Seok waits at Alcazaba Cafe as Emma plays the guitar in the background. Cha grows impatient as Marco isn’t there yet.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Perhaps Emma is the only witness. The last person who witnessed how those two people vanished from the world.”

(The day of questioning)

In Jin-woo’s room, Hee-Ju looks closely at Emma who plays the guitar. She remembers Jin-woo asking her for a favour. He had asked her to go to his hotel and meet Emma. As Hee-Ju looks at Emma, a message pops up.




Hee-Ju says, “Hello Emma”. Emma stops playing and looks up at her smiling.

Jin-woo’s voiceover says, “We will still have a chance if they restart the server and I can continue with the quest.”


Meanwhile, inside Professor Cha’s classroom, Professor Cha requests for an alliance.



Professor Cha asks Jin-woo to go ahead and prove it.

Jin-woo’s voiceover says, “But the problem is I didn’t die back then because I was lucky. But will I be able to survive this time?”

We see a montage of the injuries (in real life) sustained by Jin-woo and Jung Hoon getting killed.

At present many Joseon warriors (NPCs) appear all around the campus.

Professor Cha is startled when he sees the lightning flash followed by rain.

Jin-woo says he will tell Cha how to be alive. Jin-woo tells Cha not to be close to him. He tells Cha to leave Seoul and delete his user ID right away. He tells Cha not to shut down the server even if he is scared since Jin-woo has to complete his quest and find a solution. He says no one is allowed to log into the game until then. He says only he and the users he allows will be playing the game from now on. He says Cha should follow Jin-woo’s instructions if he doesn’t want to go bankrupt. He tells Cha to tell Seon ho this. Professor Cha stands rooted to the spot as he listens to Jin-woo.

The memories of the Alhambra tune starts to play.


Jin-woo looks at AR Cha Hyeong Seok who appears at the other end of the classroom. Professor Cha watches in shock as AR Cha walks toward Jin-woo who stands still. Professor Cha calls out his name and AR Cha stops. AR Hyeong Seok turns around and starts walking towards Professor Cha. Professor Cha loses his footing and falls down as AR Cha Hyeong Seok raises his sword to strike him.


AR Cha stops as Jin-woo shoots him. Professor Cha trembles as AR Cha falls beside him dead once again. He watches in shock as the AR image fades away. Jin-woo shoots a Joseon warrior who appears beside him. Jin-woo tells Professor Cha to call his TA and tell him to park the car nearby. He says he will protect Cha till he leaves the building and gets away. Jin-woo starts shooting the warriors who appear in the classroom. Professor Cha watches in wonder as he sees Jin-woo walk around without a limp. Jin-woo hands Cha’s phone to the professor asking him to make the call if he wants to live.

The TA arrives and escorts Professor Cha into the elevator. Jin-woo tells him to take the highway and drive out of Seoul. He tells him to take Cha to the villa in Pyeongchang without making any stops. Jin-woo walks away leaving behind a shaken and speechless Professor Cha. Professor Cha removes both the lens and puts it in his pockets.

Professor Cha is about to be escorted to his car when a lot of Joseon warriors appear.


Cha is frozen in terror as only he can see the warriors. He tries to duck when they try to strike. The warriors drop dead they are hit by bullets. Cha looks up to the direction of the gunshots and sees Jin-woo firing with a sniper rifle from one on the windows. Jin-woo clears the path for Cha up to the car but one of the warriors slash Cha on his arm. Cha screams in pain as he gets into the car. He pleads with the driver to drive fast. Cha watches as Jin-woo clears the path for the car all the way out.


The driver asks Cha if they should see a doctor on the way but Cha asks him to continue to drive. Cha clutches his hand and watches the wound, which hurts for real.


Inside the classroom, another warrior appears and Jin-woo shoots him with a pistol before walking out.

Cha’s car crosses a toll booth. Cha winces in pain.


Cha recalls Jin-woo saying that starting now Professor Cha and he will share the same fate. He said they would die and survive together. He told Cha to stay with him until the end.



Professor Cha notices that his wounds disappear. Cha asks the driver to stop by the rest area. Cha calls J-one and tells them to delete his user ID. He is asked if the server should be shut down. Cha tells them to keep the servers running. Cha says he will talk to Seon Ho and orders them to keep the servers open. Cha remembers Jin-woo walking without a limp while fighting. He recalls Seon-ho saying that he had checked the surveillance cameras in Granada but Jin-woo was walking around with a limp. Seon-ho had said it was Jin-woo’s delusion as he was too immersed in the game. Cha also remembers seeing the AR version of his son almost killing him before Jin-woo shot him dead


Earlier in the classroom, Cha asks Jin-woo how this is possible and Jin-woo says he had asked himself the same question every day for the past year.

In his car, Cha is distressed as he realises what he has done.

Meanwhile, Yu-ra is at a shoot. During the break, she sees the news that reports Jin-woo hasn’t attended the questioning. She wonders what kind of trick he is trying to pull and her manager says Jin-woo is probably scared.


At the Central Police Station, the detective answers the reporters and says Su-jin will be attending the questioning as a testifier. He says he can’t tell more details.

Su-Jin is in the interrogation room when she is told that Jin-woo won’t be coming in for the questioning. She is told that she won’t have to confront him today.


Elsewhere, Yang Ju and his team are having lunch. They wonder why Jin-woo hasn’t come for the questioning and wonder if he will get arrested. Yang Ju sneaks away as he gets a call from Jin-woo. He asks Jin-woo what he is doing and it is all over the news. Jin-woo asks him where the high-level players are since he needs to level up fast. Jin-woo walks down the stairs and is about to get into his car when a warrior comes at him. Jin-woo kills the warrior but the blade nicks his neck. As Yang Ju starts to protest Jin-woo reminds him that he is doing this to stay alive. Jin-woo says that Yang Ju won’t become an executive if he dies and drives away.

Jin-woo stops at a traffic signal and all of a sudden, a dozen Joseon warriors surround his car. Jin-woo receives a call from Yang-Ju who sends him a map with high-level players. The warriors come very close to Jin-woo’s car. The traffic light turns green and Jin-woo speeds away.


Seon-Ho arrives in Seoul and immediately heads over to visit Professor Cha after asking his secretary to reschedule his meetings.

Seon-ho enters the villa and sees Professor Cha sitting in the corner holding a phone. He tells Cha that he is aware of the happenings and asks Cha what is going on. He asks why Cha is here after cancelling his classes.


Professor Cha says he ran away because his son is terrifying. He says Hyeong Seok was so terrifying that he was scared out of his wits. Seon-ho is shocked as he asks if Professor Cha saw Hyeong Seok too. He is upset as he asks if Jin-woo was saying the truth. Professor Cha asks how could he ever say that Jin-woo was right. Seon-ho is perturbed as he asks if he should shut down the servers. Cha asks him to leave the servers open. He says Jin-woo made his choice and said he will sort it out in his own way. He asks Jin-woo to be left alone.

Seon-ho is disturbed as he suggests Cha to shut down the re-investigation. He says everyone is talking about it and they should take care of it first. Cha says it is too late for that and says he has shot himself in the foot.

Hee-Ju’s grandma watches the news telecast about Jin-woo as she lays on the bed. The report says Jin-woo was spotted on the streets and he didn’t appear at the police station. Hee-Ju walks in to give grandma the pills and grandma comments that Jin-woo must have really lost his mind.

In her room, Hee-Ju goes through one of her books that has a lot of images on it. She then calls up Jin-woo but doesn’t get an answer. She remembers her conversation with Jin-woo the previous day (in the car). She says it seemed like it hurt for real and Jin-woo says she was mistaken. She asks if this place is like Granada and he says it isn’t. Hee-Ju puts on her coat and heads out.

As Hee-Ju starts driving, she calls up Yang-Ju and asks for Jin-woo’s location since the game tracks the users logged into the game. Yang-Ju says Jin-woo is in Myeong-Dong. She asks if she can find Jin-woo if she goes there since they are just the ones on the game now.

Hee-Ju drives to the location.



She parks the cars and gets out.


Hee-Ju follows the path.



Hee-Ju follows the directions that lead up to an eatery. She walks into it and finds Jin-woo sitting at a table. She walks over to him as he says he knew she was coming. Hee-Ju’s eyes tear up as she sees his wounds bleeding. He reminds her that he told her not to login unless she was in his hotel room since it is dangerous. He asks her if she is ignoring his warnings. She looks away as she cries silently. The people around them click pictures and Jin-woo asks her to sit down since they are being watched. He says people recognise him.

Hee-Ju sits down immediately and Jin-woo orders another glass. He says he is glad she is here and says he is on a break. He asks her to keep him company, as he will take an hour to recover. Hee-Ju wipes away her tears as Jin-woo asks if her grandma is fine. She says grandma is fine. Jin-woo says finding Se-Ju is not easy as he is just level 95. He says it is tough to level up since he is a high-levelled character. As he pours another drink one of the NPC soldiers appear. Jin-woo moves Hee-Ju out of the way and shoots them.

Hee-Ju is shaken as he tells her to log out. She logs out immediately.


Jin-woo tells her not to login unless she is around Emma as they don’t know what might happen. Hee-Ju asks him how he can live like this. Jin-woo says this is the only way. He asks her not to worry as he is the highest-level user now and they all tremble when they see him.

He then asks if she got to know Emma more. Hee-Ju replies in the negative saying it isn’t easy as she disappears after talking one sentence and reappears only after a long wait. He says she is programmed to appear randomly. He asks her to take her time with Emma as he won’t be done soon too. Hee-Ju says she has no idea what to ask or look for. Jin-woo says he doesn’t know either. He says Hee-Ju will have a better idea as to what Emma will want to hear.


Hee-Ju says the bracelet and ring on Emma’s right hand felt awfully similar. She says she has seen it before. She says it belongs to Fatima. When Jin-woo asks into it, Hee-Ju explains that ‘The Hand of Fatima’ is at the Alhambra. She says it is right above the first gate called Gate of Justice. She says she knows about it since she was a guide there. She says Se-Ju must’ve got the idea from her guide book.

In a flashback, Se-Ju is at Alcazaba cafe playing a game. Hee-Ju gives him some money and asks him to go straight home. She asks why he has her guidebook and he says he has to create an item. As she asks more into it, he says she will see it later as it is going to be awesome. He walks away with a smile.

At present, Hee-Ju tells Jin-woo that the hand of Fatima was the motif for the accessory. Jin-woo asks what is the meaning of the illustration. Hee-Ju says Fatima is Mohammed’s daughter and Islamic people believe that Fatima’s hand is the key to heaven. She says there is a legend about the Gate of Justice. She says that on the day, the Key of Heaven meets the Hand of Fatima, the gate will open and the palace will crumble. Jin-woo asks if she mentioned a key.

Hee-Ju says there are two illustrations on the Gate of Heaven that is ‘the Hand of Fatima’ and ‘the Key to Heaven’. Jin-woo recalls seeing the illustration of the key on the ‘Gate of Justice’.  Jin-woo takes out the key which he retrieved from the dungeons.





Jin-woo goes still and Hee-Ju asks what happened. Jin-woo asks her to repeat what the legend says and she repeats it. Jin-woo wonders why he thought that Se-Ju would be there in the dungeon.

Jin-woo’s voiceover says, “Se-Ju wasn’t locked up in the dungeons of the Alhambra when he sent me the hawk. He led me there so that I could find the Key to the Heaven that he hid in the dungeon.”

We see a montage of Jin-woo obtaining the key after the dungeon quest.


Se-ju runs through the woods with Marco following him. Marco shoots at Se-Ju but Se-Ju manages to duck away. One bullet hits Se-Ju and he takes cover behind some rocks. Marco starts using his assault rifle and fires at Se-Ju. Se-Ju uses two pistols and fires blindly in Marco’s direction but he runs out of bullets. Marco stops firing suddenly.




Se-Ju gets up to check.

Back at Alhambra Cafe, Hyeong Seok’s secretary tells Hyeong Seok that Marco isn’t answering the call.

In the woods, Se-Ju comes up next to Marco who lies limp on the ground.

At the Cafe, Hyeong Seok takes the phone and calls Marco.

In the woods, Se-Ju is horrified to see Marco dead since a bullet has hit him right on the forehead.


At the cafe, Hyeong Seok throws the phone on the table but Se-Ju answers the call. He stutters on the other end as he says Marco can’t come as there has been a problem. Hyeong Seok asks who this is and remembers Marco mentioning a kid who had worked as an assistant with him.


Hyeong Seok loses his temper as he asks what the problem is but Se-Ju is flustered as he says he himself doesn’t know. Hyeong Seok asks him to tell Marco that he will wait for exactly an hour and the deal is off if he doesn’t show up. Se-Ju says the deal can’t go through. Hyeong Seok is menacing as he threatens to kill both of them if Marco isn’t here in an hour. Se-Ju hangs up while Hyeong Seok is talking. Hyeong  Seok tries calling again but doesn’t get a response. He tells his secretary that he has been tricked.

Se-Ju finds Jin-woo’s number in Marcos’s pocket. Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Se-Ju couldn’t trust anyone then.”

Se-Ju sends an e-mail to Jin-woo titled, “Memories of The Alhambra”. It starts to rain and Se-Ju panics as he gets up. He is startled to see AR Marco standing there. He yells asking why Marco keeps showing up when he died. He yells asking him not to shoot but AR Marco aims the gun at him.

AR Marco shoots at Se-Ju in the train, which is pulling into Granada. Jin-woo waits on the platform unable to see Se-Ju lying unconscious on the ground. Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “He thought he might die soon, whether it was in the game or in real life. That’s why he hid on his own as he waited for the hidden key to be handed over to Emma. The quest ends with her.”

At present, Hee-Ju asks Jin-woo if the information was helpful. Jin-woo says that he just needs to do his part now. Later on, Jin-woo receives a call from Yang Ju saying he is sending over the special items. He says that Seon ho is looking for Jin-woo and asks if they have spoken.

Jin-woo calls Seon ho as he walks out of the eatery. Seon ho is tense as he says Yu-ra has again caused trouble. Jin-woo turns around to see a couple of police officers standing outside the eatery.


Inside the eatery, officer Park Dong-Jin asks Hee-Ju if she was with Jin-woo since she was there in the photos. She asks what this is about. Jin-woo walks in just then and he pushes the door against the wall before running away. Hearing the sound the cops pursue him immediately.

Hee-Ju runs out just in time to see Jin-woo running and the cops chasing him. She is worried as she looks at the police car driving away.


Image Courtesy- TVN


Though this episode wasn’t very eventful, it did have a couple of revelations.

Emma being a peacekeeper was an interesting disclosure. It is ironic that the entire glitch started when a real weapon was used in her presence. The game did originally have penalties programmed if the players tried to harm each other in real life (both Jin-woo and Cha dropped a level each after causing physical harm to each other during duelling).

The scene where Professor Cha was nearly killed by AR Hyeong Seok and the NPCs was gratifying in a funny way. The NPC’s were able to scare the life out of him and he ended up being huddled in a corner. I wonder what irreversible damage he has already done and if Yu-ra has anything to do with it. It is bad enough that Jin-woo is being chased by NPCs and he has the police on his tail as well.

The time frame of Se-Ju travelling from Granada to Barcelona (after Marco’s death) and then back to Granada (after calling Jin-woo) isn’t clear and I guess an explanation will be there in the upcoming episodes. I wonder if Se-Ju had gone to Barcelona just to meet Jin-woo or if he had some other reason.

The Master’s Key and Emma being a part of the puzzle that was waiting to be solved were intriguing to watch. I am curious to see what exactly “The palace will crumble” means in the game and if it opens the gate to where Se-Ju is hiding. The pirates in the game had a long conversation with Jin-woo. I wonder if Emma will have more to say after receiving the key when Jin-woo reaches level 100. I hope Hee-Ju has more part to play in the game now that she is logged in.

The preview to the next episode is interesting and I am eager to watch it.

-By Soul Sword-

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