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Memories of The Alhambra Episode 15 Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 15 Recap

(A few hours before Se-Ju arrived)

In the evening at Hee-Ju’s house, Hee-Ju gives Sang-Beom some coffee while Min-Ju has her food. Sang-Beom asks Hee-Ju where she had been all day. He asks her if she was helping Jin-woo hide. He warns that she might get into trouble with the police too if she does that. Hee-Ju doesn’t respond and continues to sip her coffee.


Later on, Sang Beom plays his guitar at the workshop and he receives a call from his friend in Granada. The friend calls from Alcazaba Cafe, Granada asking for Hee-Ju and claims that Se-Ju had shown up in Alcazaba Cafe the previous day.


In a flashback, a dazed Se-Ju walks into Alcazaba Cafe. The owner recognises him as Se-Ju and asks him where he has been. Se-Ju says he went home but it is empty now. He is told that his family shifted to Korea. Jose books a flight to Korea and gives him the address. He tells Se-Ju to call before going.

At present, the friend tells Sang Beom that Se-Ju turned up at the Cafe a day before and didn’t even know that his family had moved back. He says the owner wants to know if Se-Ju got home safely. Sang Beom says Se-Ju hasn’t arrived yet. Just then, Sang Beom hears Min-Ju calling Hee-Ju asking her to come out. Sang Beom says he will ask Hee-Ju to call up later and thanks the friend before hanging up.

Sang Beom comes out of the house to see Min-Ju pointing at a figure on the other side of the street. She says it looks like Se-Ju. Hee-Ju walks over to the figure and says, “Se-Ju”. Grandma also comes out of the house by then.


Se-Ju looks up at Hee-Ju and she is overwhelmed. Sang-Beom announces that Se-Ju is back and Hee-Ju is in tears as she hugs Se-Ju. Grandma holds him and starts crying asking where he was all this time. She says she is relieved he is alive.

Meanwhile, Seon-ho is in his office and Yang-Ju peeps in asking if he has heard from Jin-woo. Seon-ho shakes his head and Yang Ju goes away. Seon-ho heads into Jin-woo’s office and sees his belongings packed in a box. Seon-ho wipes the dust of Jin-woo’s nameplate and places it on the office desk. He remembers his conversation with Professor Cha at the villa.


In a flashback, Seon-ho tells Cha that he heard Jin-woo had fled from the police but will get arrested eventually. He is frustrated as he reminds Cha that Jin-woo had warned them to stop developing the game a year back. He regrets not believing Jin-woo. Seon-Ho says that both he (Seon-ho) and Professor Cha must take responsibility for this and must be held accountable.

At present, Seon ho stands solemnly in the office as he receives a call from Hee-Ju. When asked, he tells her that he hasn’t heard from Jin-woo yet.

Hee-Ju is in her home as she says that her brother is back. She says she is flustered so she didn’t ask anything yet but guesses he had taken a flight from Granada. Seon-ho says Jin-woo must’ve completed the quest. He says Jin-woo was right in assuming that Se-Ju would come back once the quest was completed. She smiles as Seon-ho says Jin-woo will be back soon too as it is all over. Seon-Ho says he will come over to Hee-ju’s house now. Hee-Ju smiles in relief as she hangs up.

Seon-ho is travelling in his car as he calls Professor Cha but Cha doesn’t pick up.  Seon-ho sends Cha a text message, “Professor, the guy who developed the game just returned home. Jin-woo was right about everything. I’m on my way to meet him now.”Just then, he receives a call from Chief Choi Jeong Hyeok.


Dr Choi Jeong Hyeok is in his office as he speaks over the phone. He asks Seon-Ho if he had heard from Professor Cha. Upon seeing that Soen-ho is clueless, Dr Choi says that he was with Jin-woo yesterday. He says he received a call from an unknown number yesterday afternoon.

(Flashback- Afternoon, the day before)

A woman walks into a restaurant near the Church and finds Jin-woo unconscious on the floor of the restroom.


She tries to shake him awake but he doesn’t respond. The woman calls up Dr Choi and says she had wanted to call an ambulance but he (Jin-woo) had asked her to call Choi instead. She says her restaurant is closed today so she didn’t know someone had passed out here.

At present, Choi tells Seon-ho that he drove down to the restaurant. He says he knew the police were searching for Jin-woo so he couldn’t take him to a hospital. He says he had taken Jin-woo to a hotel room booked under his name. Seon-Ho asks why he is telling this now while it happened yesterday. Choi says he had informed Professor Cha and Cha had come to the hotel last night.

Seon-ho asks the driver to turn around as he has to go elsewhere.

(Flashback, the previous night)

Professor Cha visits Jin-woo in the hotel room. Jin-woo sleeps as Choi explains that Jin-woo is exhibiting symptoms of shock. Cha thanks Choi for the favour and asks him to keep this (Jin-woo being found) between them. Choi says he can stay back since he is the doctor but Cha insists that he leave. Choi leaves the hotel.


At present, Choi tells Seon-ho that he left the hotel the previous night. He says he has been calling Jin-woo and Professor Cha the whole day today but has got no response. He says he is worried.


Seon-ho rushes into the hotel and knocks on Jin-woo’s room. He calls out for quite some time but no one answers the door. He calls up Jin-woo but the phone is turned off. As he calls professor Cha, he recalls his conversation with Professor Cha the previous night.

(Flashback, the previous night)

Seon-ho calls up Professor Cha asking where he is. Cha says he had just left the hospital after checking on Su-Jin. He says she will live. Seon-ho says he can’t get a hold of Jin-woo. professor Cha says going missing is much better than getting arrested and says his disappearance bought them some time to sort things out. Seon-ho asks if Cha is coming to the office but Cha says he has some things to sort out and hangs up.

At present, Seon ho stands outside the hotel as Professor Cha’s words saying he has to ‘sort things out’ echoes in his mind.

Seon-ho runs over to the reception and hands over his business card asking them for help.

Min-Ju is happy as she buys groceries and lots of meat. She tells the person behind the cash counter that her brother whom she thought was dead has come back.

Grandma is busy cooking as she tells someone over the phone that Se-Ju is back. Min-Ju places the groceries on the table and goes over to see how Se-Ju is doing.

In Se-Ju’s room, Min-Ju stands beside Sang Beom who is asking Se-Ju where he was. Min-Ju says that they are rich now and asks him what he thinks about the expensive house. Se-ju sits on the bed looking down and not responding. As Sang Beom continues to ask questions, Min-Ju observes that Se-Ju is wearing the same clothes he was the day he left the house.


Hee-Ju walks in when Sang Beom asks Se-Ju why he didn’t call and where he was. Se-ju says, “Instance Dungeon” and Sang Beom looks puzzled. Se-Ju says he was in the instance dungeon and that is why he couldn’t contact them. When Sang Beom asks more into it, he says it is a place in the game where he hid. He says only he knows where it is and it is very dangerous. He says that is the reason he hid there.

Se-ju immediately says, “I didn’t kill him. I really didn’t kill him. I didn’t kill Marco. I didn’t do anything. Believe me.” Min-Ju asks if he killed someone and Se-Ju yells that he didn’t. Hee-Ju rushes forward and sends Min-Ju and Sang Beom out.

As they walk out, Min-Ju asks Sang Beom if Se-Ju was hiding because he killed someone. Sang Beom takes her downstairs.


Hee-Ju sits down before Se-Ju who is looking down muttering, “It wasn’t me. I didn’t kill him”. Hee-Ju says she knows that he didn’t kill anyone and says they can talk some other time. Se-Ju says Marco tried to kill him with a knife and that’s why he has been on the run. He says Marco kept following him around despite being dead. Hee-Ju reassures him saying she knows that he didn’t do anything wrong. Se-Ju says that Marco suddenly disappeared and that is why he got out of there.


Se-Ju says someone would’ve completed the quest. He says he was waiting for someone to complete the quest. Se-Ju wonders who did it. Hee-Ju is shocked hearing this and asks Se-Ju if he doesn’t know who did it and Se-Ju shakes his head. She asks if he doesn’t know where he is and Se-Ju says he doesn’t even know who it is. A worried look comes back on Hee-ju’s face as she hears this.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “Se-Ju’s return finally put an end to my long lonely journey.”

Meanwhile, Seon-ho enters the hotel room using the master key. He enters the room and finds it in a mess as if there has been a struggle. Seon ho runs inside searching for Jin-woo. In the bedroom, he finds everything strewn on the floor and runs to the other side of the room. He is shocked at the sight that awaits him.



Jin-woo sits at the church waiting for Emma to appear. His voiceovers narrates, “Now only one story remains. My last story.”

He receives a text from Su-Jin that reads, “I’m sorry”. Jin-woo is about to call Su-Jin but stops when he hears the “Memories of The Alhambra” playing. He looks up and sees Emma playing the guitar before the altar. Jin-woo walks up to her.

Jin-woo says, “Hello Emma”. Emma looks up and says hello. Jin-woo says it’s been a while and Emma says likewise. Jin-woo says he has something for her. She asks if it is perhaps the key to heaven. Jin-woo confirms it. She asks him to show it to her. Jin-woo shows her the key and Emma says that it is what she is looking for. She asks if he can give it to her and holds out her hand. Jin-woo places the key on her hand and she takes it.





The guitar disappears from Emma’s hands and she gets up holding the key. Jin-woo is taken aback as Emma pulls the key apart to reveal a needle-like dagger. She plunges it into Jin-woo’s chest. Jin-woo is shocked as he looks up. The screen flickers as a message pops up.



Outside, the police car reaches the scene.

Inside the church, Jin-woo manages to hold Emma’s hand in an attempt to stop her.




Jin-woo manages to get away and falls to the ground.




Jin-woo grunts in pain as he watches Emma disappear.

The police enter the church only to find it empty. They rush out searching for him. Jin-woo sneaks out through the rear exit and gets away. As he stumbles through the alleys he shoots down the NPCs. Jin-woo comes across an NPC who is already aiming at him. Jin-woo is about to shoot him when he hears bullet sounds and the NPC drops dead. Jin-woo watches as AR Jung Hoon comes forward and shoots at the NPC.


Jin-woo runs into a restaurant and closes the door. The NPC upgrades its weapon and starts shooting at Jung Hoon. Jung Hoon slumps to the floor and the NPC comes towards Jin-woo. Jin-woo runs away. He struggles as he climbs up the stairs and goes into the restroom. Jin-woo sinks to the floor and reaches for the key that is sticking out of his chest. He manages to pull the key out of his chest.




Jin-woo’s wounds disappear and he passes out. He wakes up to see the owner jolting him awake. He passes out again and wakes up as he hears her talking in the phone to Dr Choi. He drifts back into consciousness as Dr Choi checks on him.

Jin-woo is in the rear seat as Dr Choi drives the car. The radio relays news of Su-Jin attempting suicide and being in critical condition. Jin-woo asks what it’s about but Choi switches it off after learning that Jin-woo is awake. Choi explains that Su-Jin tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. Jin-woo asks if she is dead and Choi says she is in critical condition. Choi asks Jin-woo what had happened to him but Jin-woo doesn’t respond. He remembers Su-Jin’s text earlier, which she had apologised to him.

The next time Jin-woo regains consciousness he is in the hotel room and sees Choi talking to Professor Cha.


Later on, Choi takes his leave after asking Cha to call him if something happens.

(In the Flashback, Cha returns to Seoul)

Professor Cha speaks on phone with Seon-ho who tells him that they have shut down all the servers and told him it is safe to return to Seoul. As Cha drives back, Seon-ho says Jin-woo has disappeared.

Professor Cha then visits Su-jin at the hospital and is told Su-Jin will live. Cha comments that it is a relief. Cha asks if they found a will. Professor Cha is told that Su-Jin sent a message to Jin-woo before attempting suicide. He is told the contents of the message are unknown and the police have the phone now.

Cha remembers calling Su-Jin a whore and asking her to give up the assets. He remembers Jin-woo (in the classroom) asking Cha if he thought Jin-woo had no evidence. Jin-woo had said he could easily prove he was the victim of the game but it would lead to J-one becoming bankrupt. Cha recalls Seon-Ho saying Jin-woo will get arrested eventually though he fled. Cha also recalls Yu-ra threatening to tell the police that Professor Cha had coerced her into committing perjury. He also remembers Seon-ho saying that someone should take responsibility for this.


Cha is sick with worry as he squats outside the hospital room. Just then, he receives a call from Dr Choi informing him about Jin-woo.  Cha is driving to the hotel when Seon-ho calls up saying he can’t get a hold of Jin-woo. Professor Cha says going missing is much better than getting arrested and says his disappearance bought them some time to sort things out. Soen-ho asks if Cha is coming to the office but Cha says he has some things to sort out and hangs up.

Cha snaps back to the present as he hears Jin-woo asking what he is doing here. Cha says the servers have been shut down and Jin-woo says that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. Cha says that Jin-woo will protect him and won’t let him die.

Jin-woo asks Cha about Su-Jin. Professor Cha says that she didn’t take enough pills to die. He calls her indecisive and says she lived her life in between decisions. He says she was the same when faced with death too.

Cha asks Jin-woo why he is here while everyone is thinking he is completing a quest. Jin-woo says he completed the quest but a very bad problem surfaced. He says it will affect both their lives. Cha looks at him puzzled and Jin-woo says they will share the same fate since they are allies. He says that is why he hasn’t been able to decide whether to die with Cha or survive with him. Cha says he has no idea what Jin-woo is saying. Jin-woo says that they are the bug/issue both in reality and the game. He says the two of them are like a bug in the game that causes problems.

He says they must be eliminated first in order for the things to return back to normal. Cha comments that Jin-woo is saying he cannot fix this. Jin-woo tells that Cha should get things under control first. He says he thought Cha would stop the investigation but the case got bigger. Cha explains it was all Yu-ra. Jin-woo points out that Cha teamed up with Yu-ra being fully aware of what kind of woman she is. He tells Cha not to play the victim.

Cha asks how he expects him to fix this. Jin-woo tells Cha to call a press conference. He says he can’t let Su-Jin die like this. He says Cha hated Su-Jin so much that he tried to steal her assets. He tells Cha to tell the truth at the press conference and stop the re-investigation.


Jin-woo threatens to go to the police by himself if Cha doesn’t agree to this. He says a Press Conference will be more honourable than being arrested and investigated. Jin-woo asks Cha to write everything down in his own handwriting. He says that they can hold a press conference downstairs.  He says he will call the press once Cha is done writing. Jin-woo sternly tells Cha to sit down when Cha doesn’t move.


Seeing that he has no other option, Cha sits down. Jin-woo puts the note pad on the table and tells Cha to fix things before Su-Jin dies. Cha says it breaks his heart and asks why they ended up like this. Jin-woo asks whose fault it is.

Cha recalls their conversation where Jin-woo said it is sad that this is what had become of them. Professor Cha had asked him whose fault it is.

Professor Cha takes the notepad and starts writing. He suddenly stops writing and holds his head. He says he wants to make a call first and Jin-woo asks if Cha wants to consult his lawyer first. Cha says his life is about to go down the drain so he must be cautious.

Professor Cha goes into the bathroom and locks the door. Cha calls up Director Oh Yeong-Sik and asks if he remembers what Cha had told him earlier.

Outside, Jin-woo remembers Emma asking for the key to heaven and stabbing him with it to delete the bug. He also remembers Emma failing to delete the bug.



Jin-woo remembers telling Hee-Ju not to worry as everything was coming to an end. He had said everything will be over by dawn the day after. He had promised to come over in the morning.

Jin-woo goes over and knocks on the bathroom door asking what Cha is up to. He finds the bathroom door locked. Jin-woo is taken aback when a message pops up.


A message pops up on Cha’s screen.


Jin-woo dodges a gunshot and runs into the hall. He freezes as he sees about 6 NPC terrorists in the hall aiming at him.


Inside the bathroom, Professor Cha covers his ears as he hears the gunshots and ducks behind the water closet.

In a flashback earlier (previous day), Cha receives a call from Choi saying that Jin-woo is in room 2020. Cha calls up Director Oh Yeong Sik and makes sure that Seon ho isn’t around. He then tells Yeong Sik to switch on the servers around the hotel for a test.  Cha asks if Oh Yeong-sik can open the servers exactly when he asks and Yeong-sik says he can. Cha tells him not to report this to Seon-ho since he is busy. He says he will inform Seon ho later. Yeong-Sik asks if he has to place only high-level NPCs around the hotel.


At present, Cha covers his ears and sits in the corner of the restroom. As the gunfire stops, Cha gets up and places his ears by the door calling out to Jin-woo. He asks in a voice filled with fake concern as to what is happening.

Outside, all the NPCs lie dead in the hall.


As he gets no response, Cha calls up Yeong-sik and asks him to close down the servers. Cha walks out and looks at Jin-woo’s crutch on the floor. He walks further and the NPCs disappear one by one. He heads into the bedroom and walks over to the other side.


He finds Jin-woo lying unconscious in the restroom. Cha immediately runs out of the room. He runs to the notepad and crumples up the confession he has written. As he walks toward the door, he says out loud, “You died from a panic attack. You were chased by the police and the guilt was eating you up from inside. I came to talk you into surrendering yourself, but you wouldn’t listen. That’s what happened.”

Cha stops when he hears thunder and sees a lightning flash. The Memories of Alhambra tune starts to play and it starts to rain.


Professor Cha wears a horrified look on his face as he turns around to see AR Cha Hyeong Seok standing with a sword in his hand. Cha tries to reach for the bedroom door but Hyeong Seok strikes Cha with his sword creating a gash on Cha’s back.


Cha runs into the bedroom towards Jin-woo but Hyeong Seok stabs Cha again and Cha falls down. Cha pleads with Hyeong Seok asking him not to do it, as he is his father. He says he was trying to avenge Hyeong Seok’s death. Yeong Seok raises his sword. Professor Cha closes his eyes and calls out Hyeong Seok’s name.


Seon-ho rushes into the bedroom and is shocked to find Professor Cha’s corpse in the restroom. Seon-ho is dumbstruck as he sits next to Cha’s limp body.



Jin-woo slowly regains consciousness and hears Professor Cha begging AR Hyeong Seok to spare his life.



He sees Hyeong Seok standing over Cha’s dead body. Hyeong Seok turns around and walks towards Jin-woo. Jin-woo pulls out his gun and shoots Hyeong Seok. As Hyeong Seok dies again and falls on the floor, Jin-woo whispers, “Professor”. Jin-woo’s gun and AR Cha disappear. Jin-woo gets up slowly and takes one last look at Professor Cha before walking away.

Jin-woo’s voice-over narrates, “All of a sudden, I remembered that Hee-Ju might be waiting for me. That was the only thing I could think about. “

Jin-woo takes a taxi and reaches the shop’s parking lot where Hee-Ju had parked her car. Jin-woo gets into Hee-Ju’s car and drives away.


Jin-woo reaches Hee-Ju’s house and gets out of the car. He looks up towards her window as he walks up to the calling bell. The lights are on in Hee-Ju’s room.

Jin-woo’s voiceover narrates, “She is waiting just as I expected.”


Hee-Ju sits on her bed looking at the time (12:07 am). Outside, Jin-woo brings his hand up to ring the bell. Hee-Ju looks towards the door as if she senses him. Jin-woo doesn’t ring the bell.


Hee-Ju checks the time on her phone again (12:11 am). Jin-woo looks up longingly at the window as his eyes tear up.

It is early morning as Hee-Ju is still awake in her bed (6:14 am). She goes downstairs and walks out of the door. She checks the newspaper bag and finds her car key in it. She looks out and sees her car parked there. Hee-Ju runs to the car and finds it empty. She immediately runs down the street.


Meanwhile, Jin-woo walks with his crutch into the church.

Meanwhile, Hee-Ju stops running as she reaches the end of the street. Tears stream down her eyes as she can’t find Jin-woo anywhere.


Jin-woo walks into the Church and stands in the aisle as his voiceover narrates, “My story ends here.”


Image Courtesy- TVN


This episode was really gripping and being the penultimate episode, it had its own share of twists.

Emma stabbing Jin-woo/Zinu was something I didn’t see coming and that was a good twist. I doubt that resetting the game would kill the person doing it since the point of eliminating the bug is to stop people from dying. Despite this, the game has a mind of its own and I wonder what is going to happen this time around.

It doesn’t look like Se-Ju would’ve designed the game in a way for someone to take over the role of the master only to die in his place. It is intriguing to see that Marco disappeared but Cha and Jung Hoon keep appearing.

The scene where Jin-woo confronted Cha was well-made. It looks like the only thing that stopped Jin-woo from allowing himself to be killed was the fact that Cha would die with him. Cha’s death only made it easy for him to walk down the path of sacrifice.

Professor Cha became paranoid unnecessarily as he meddled with the lives of everyone around him. It was extremely foolish of him to use the game to kill Jin-woo, who is the only person who can save him. It looks like in his hasty attempt to kill Jin-woo, he totally forgot that he wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the game without Jin-woo to protect him.

I wonder if someone will find Cha’s confession that is crumpled in his pocket.

As of now from what is shown, it looks like the servers are down and Jin-woo has to contact someone in order to open it back up again. Se-Ju is clueless as to who saved him and seems to be of no help currently as he is quite shaken up from being isolated for a whole year trying to stay alive.

This series has kept up the suspense right from the beginning up until the end. From the looks of it, it looks like anything can happen and I can’t wait to see what the finale has in store.

-By Soul Sword-

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